Monday, July 2, 2012

Theme 80 - Lust

From @karthikisthin:

The raindrops raced against each other to reach the bottom of the window. With his face against the cold pane, he traced his finger against the drops from his side of the window. His chequered towel was ready.
He twirled his finger around the telephone cord as he breathed into the receiver… “Mmm... Don't stop...”

From @ThWanderingSoul: In the depths of darkness they struggle to breathe, they who fell into lust's bewitching trap. Walk away only to walk back. Love left them with the seed of lust to nurture. The poison spreads it's branches in their forlorn hearts, slowly consuming the remnants of love. Helpless, they let it.

From @NumbYaar: The little girl sat playing on the floor right besides a rocking bed. Unperturbed by the creaking sound or the carnal act, she was meticulously placing one lego block on another. Her mother went about earning her daily bread, serving as a vent for lust. Ironically though, she was totally oblivious to the emotion.

From @Writoholic_Gal:

That night they met in the bar, unaware about the thoughts that crossed each other's mind... Both searched for a body than a soul.

They laid naked together, sharing the same bed, the same thoughts, how much they needed a body to fulfill their desires that always left unsatisfied... A new one every time...

From @pallavipinakin: “Give in,” the voice whispered. “You know you want to. It'll be worth it. Give in – everyone does. You don’t have to tell.” He gave in. It was a night of eager tongues, broken buttons, breathless cries, glistening skin, entangled legs. The morning after tasted bitter, metallic, sour. Like sickness. Like regret. Like an end.

From @MinolAjekar: Dimples, perky nose, the irritation in the eyes when her hair fell over it. Sexy undertones in her laughter, legs that went on for miles and breasts which deserved haikus written for.

Mouth which he wanted to devour, entirely. He coveted her with every inch of himself and people have married for less, so?

From @lucidillusions_:

He was sitting across the bar. It had been a while since she had an one night stand. She finally went up to him, took him home. What began as a quest to quench her lust, led to something she has cherished for over a year now.

She smiled looking out of the window.

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“Finally, we have it all! To the wicked plans!” She laughed.Glasses clinked.“Why aren't you drinking?”,That's when it hit her. He calmly saw her body contort in agony and then become suddenly still.

In his lust for money, there was no place for any other feelings.

From @anjana_murali: Kiara was known for being ridiculously beautiful but along with that she was famous for polishing money off old and rich fools. The paparazzi went crazy pondering upon what she would do with the money she amassed. They went ahead and termed it as “greed money”. She preferred to call it “lust money”.

From @AskThePankazzzz: She wanted to feel him on her soul. He wanted to touch a little below her neckline. She wanted to take away all his pangs. He wanted to get rid of both their pants. She wanted to be within him. He wanted to be with her. In her. Theirs was a love-lust relationship!

From @sinpinklove: Lusty long legs and sexy blue eyes, she sat on the barstool enjoying her drink unperturbed by the surroundings.The moment he saw her, he knew she was the one - his loving wife , the mother of his kids.He approached her with confidence.She smiled back seductively, "$ 50 for an hour."

From @FlirtingKaapi: His skin slick with sweat, eyes undressing her, hard lips that make her forget her world, hard muscles against her soft belly, were her poison. This mesmerizing effect had to fade for the soul had fled. She had to cut this thread of attachment and not return for it with a different body, every day.

From @My_Summer_Eyes:

He’s a kid. He lusts for that toy. Acquires it. Soon throws it away.
He’s an adult. He lusts for that girl. Acquires her. Soon they part.
He’s a corporate slog. He lusts for money. Acquires bags full. Soon loses his night’s sleep.
He grows old. He lusts for love. But can love be acquired?

From @vchatting:

Priya, had gone to Patna due to Uncle’s transfer. Uncle was visiting them tonight for dinner. Excited, like any 12 year old, she asked him about her dear friend. He suggested going on a stroll to talk?

In that dark lane, he tried what she didn’t quite understand…  She fled , crying, confused, feeling........ defiled.... forever.....!

From @kunalbaidmehta: July was around the corner and the ritual was about to begin. It was the same pattern every year. Nishil would get the tickets for the semi-finals  and sit back and enjoy the seeds. He loved watching the seeds battle out at Centre Court for the Wimbledon title while lustfully enjoying the strawberries and cream.

From @Crucifire:

She let his fingernails trace her slender, smooth back.
He was intensely passionate.
He pulled out.
Palm covering her mouth, he entered again.

*Muffled scream*

A line of blood streamed down her breasts and pooled in her navel. He laid her down beside three others with the letters L, U, S carved into their chests.

From @neelsheth:

They always seemed happy; today even happier. 50th anniversary; yet their eyes sparkled every time they looked at each other.

I asked "what's the secret of your marriage?"

"6 days of love, one full of lust; our policy" they said with the naughty grin...

..and whispered today is the day to say "I lust you"

From @bitchwanti: She looked up at the sky, hoping to catch glimpse of a bespectacled boy on a broom stick, waiting to be whipped away to a magical word. Where a flick of the wand could open locked doors! Oh how she longed to unlock the doors to that boy's heart she so lusted after.

From @tunnvi: They were friends. One drunken night, one crazy make out session, yet they remained friends. They went on to date other people, fell in love, got their hearts broken, yet remained friends. One rainy evening, one peg of old monk, all memories flooded. They did it, they were friends. They knew what it was, lust.

From @drun007 : He was always right. Most importantly, he could never be wrong.  He looked down upon everyone.  No one else did their job right.  He was the self-proclaimed sole contributor in his organization.  He loved calling the shots.

The lust for power left him with nothing he could call his own.

From @maruwahna: Our guy was different. Though the peer group lusted for women,booze and speed , he had the blue blooded engineering course he longed for. Spent two years locked in a room , social existance be damned. Got in ,yaay.Slogged for four years. Then spent time regretting his unconventional lust.Sigh.

From @RiddhiAswani: The bodies writhed; entangled, consumed, senseless. Pheromones were a living, breathing entity, permeating every cell, every molecule. Concentration focused simply on each other, even as others in the pit coveted, longed and dripped venom. The scientist stepped back, readjusted his spectacles, clinically making a note on his board. The cobras heedlessly continued their mating dance.

From @Oven_Tikka: She stared at the dusky eyed girl in the mirror and liked what she saw. Limpid eyes heavy with unspoken promises, full lips painted a delicious red, a tiny diamond glittering on her nose and the barest hint of a cleavage sparkling with body glitter. She smiled. Today she was ready for lust. Not love.

From @writingchalk: “In any right-angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Understood?” I didn’t answer. She bent over, close to my ear. “UNDERSTOOD?” I said, “YES…”

Who cares about squares when there’s two huge spheres staring you in the face? It was so distracting…

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