Friday, July 20, 2012

Theme 98 - Charm

From @ankitt08: We met somewhere for it was our fate, and at that event we were elected the Charming ones. You are the most charming one I ever met. Now that you are not here, I just wish to have a chance to be charmed by your charm again.

From @roshd: She WAS mad at me for being late yet again. Her eyes were blazing and if looks could kill I should have been six feet under already.  "I swear I don't do it on purpose just because I think you look even more beautiful when angry." Whew! That was close.

From @karthikisthin:

Tightly clasping the oval pendant with her left hand, she began writing.
Siddharth had taken his first steps yesterday. Her paycheck was due tomorrow. Vaibhav was opening up about his past flings finally. Her sprained ankle was healing nicely.
 “Alright, pens down every one.”
She gripped it harder. Maybe she’ll graduate on her third attempt.

From @pallavipinakin: She turned her broken heart into a pendant, threaded a silver chain through it, and hung it around her neck. Decided to wear it forever. Her lucky charm, a glimmering reminder to stay away from doomed matters of the heart. Then he walked in, and the pendant transformed. Once again, her heart began to beat.

From @AnOddYellow:

Oh Dear lord, where is my prince charming?
Oh, why do these human make up fairy tales and make it difficult for me,
Everyone wants a Prince charming.
God please send me My Charming man soon.
This one too, how do I create this fantasy charmings.
This is it.
Girls, there is NO Prince charming.

From @ponderpuffman: He was 30 minutes late. She turned the other way when he sat down. They spoke silence for a while.  Suddenly he banged his head on the table. She turned. Leeches wriggled out of his mouth. She controlled her smile. He then thrust his hand inside his throat and removed his heart.  She smiled.

From @RootKanal: Transfixed, he looked at her and nodded listlessly as she poured her heart out. He knew every expression that would appear on her face before she even thought about emoting them. He was smitten. She sighed and cursed the hold she had on him. They would never communicate.

From @Greyllusionist: charm, n./v.: Still trying to recover from the whirl you've sent my thoughts into. Touch me. Let's bring it down to reality. Drain. Show me your dark mean side. Let me believe that you're a bitch too. That's the only cure.

From @ScribblingOn: Flipping the pages of her memory book, she halted at her favorite part. Him. Chewing on her pen, she stared at the piece of paper. Sliding into a trance, she kept scribbling. Setting the paper on fire, she mused-"Being charmed by words is lethal", as a tear dropped into those flames devouring his name.

From @FateMarfatia:

The conjurer’s scar was more alluring than his tricks. Pulling rabbits out of a hat or sawing women into half had ceased stupefying spectators but his mysterious scar evoked interminable curiosity.

He revelled in it.

“When I trick them into seeing this scar disappear, they will behold the greatest magician!” He exclaimed.

He was wrong.

From @QuratZafar: Every now and again, I take out your old letters. They rustle as I reverently unfold them and trace your firm, slant handwriting. Smudges of ink where your tear dropped when you were sad take me back to a time where only you and I exist. These emails, they lack the charm; they lack the soul.

From @tazeenzafar: His friends said he had lost his charm. He himself could not believe the life he was living. A few days back, he could get any girl he wanted, and now he could not even properly talk to woman. They wondered what was wrong with him; a month later they realized it was love.

From @shantusharma:

"You were exercising your heart out yesterday and here you're binging on ice-cream today?"

"Yeah, I want to be strong, look good and I don't want to miss out on the second most charming thing that life offers- eating."

"What's the first thing?"

"Sex. Told you I want to look good and be strong... "

From @vagabondinact: A little charm, unhinged, went unnoticed, as she slithered it the loops of her pants, the exotic brass and steel belt entwined, together with little charms.  Hopping into the already overcrowded bus, pushing her way in, her unhinged charm, hinged itself to his watch.  He didn’t even have to charm his way into her pants!

From @maruwahna:

I had a wonderful time tonight , did you?
Yes, Anisha .
The boat ride cuddles were romantic. What say ?
I looked amazing tonight,right?
Yes,Anisha .
‘night then .
‘night , Anisha. I love you .
A simple smile as the eyes met . The charm worked perfectly .
The eyes met,again .

From @TandooriCutlet: He was running late. Slightly out of breathe, he reached the counter and handed his ticket across.  “Sir, you’re very late.” “Well, take me out to a firing range and shoot me”, he said, eyes crinkling as he smiled. She blinked twice, supressed a grin and checked him in. Bag, baggage and oodles of charm.

From @writingchalk:

Today was his day. Outside edges flew over the slips, inside edges went past the stumps, he was bowled off a no-ball and an easy chance was spilt by the opposition’s best fielder.

He was finally dismissed for 100. Walking off to thunderous applause, he smiled – and instantly, about 100 women at the ground swooned.

From @AskThePankazzzz: She: Will you ever leave me? He: Never. She: How so sure? He: You fought & left your place, your people, your life because of me. So, you see, I'm your bad luck charm.

His reason was invalid. It made absolutely no sense, but the conviction he said it with, made her fall for him. Again!

From @AlienatedWind: He would covince her to stay when she tried to leave. He cheated on her. Not once or twice, but many times. Yet he justified every time how he wasn't at fault. He persuaded her of his love. With her eyes closed, she would fall in love again. That was how strong his charm was.

From @bitchwanti:

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Why do you blabber like Rajdhani express? Articulate, breathe, pause, punctuate! That is effective communication, Alok", she said.

"Look at Snape. Now that's what you call charm. In the slow, meaningful press of every syllable. Creepy, but charming", she said slowly.

From @The_Buffmaster: The gushing water from the shower stopped. The door slid and steam vaporized, as she came out in an untied satin bathrobe. Water droplets rolled from her wet hair to her bare shoulders and further, down under. Walking ahead, partially exposing her bosom and spreading her tantalizing charm, she neared him and kissed his lips.

From @anushreekejriwa: She fell for his eclectic charm and gave her body and soul to him. They were passionately in love with each other. With every failure, he lost his fame and thereby his charisma. People asked her to leave him, she said "he has nothing to lose, he can only gain and grow".

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