Thursday, July 5, 2012

Theme 83 - Mystery

From @tamannadahiya29: She was in love with his smile. She loved the beauty of his soul that reflected in his eyes. He was an enigma. Yet, she loved him from a distance. He was everything she wanted and the only thing that could never be hers. She never understood the mystery of life. She loved him, nevertheless.

From @ThePheno_Menon: It was an odd story of hers. Not like Dorian Gray. Or Benjamin Button. But it was quite queer. No man ever returned home after making love to her. They all went missing like safety pins. The mystery of her privates swallowing her paramours was known only to her.

From @AbhiandNow:

“Tonight, we’ll celebrate,” he said to the liquor bottle.

2 days later while looking at the same bottle lying on the terrace, owner asked, “Have you seen Mistriji?” A frail boy shook his head.

“Where has he disappeared leaving his dream project?” Owner thought while looking down towards a garbage tank giving really foul smell.

From @FateMarfatia:

“Let’s enjoy this moment and go with the flow”, He pleaded. She obliged.

Their mysterious relationship served two purposes. His venereal appetite and Her emotional yearning. One unbeknownst to the other.

“We’ll cross the bridge when we come to it”, He retorted. She submitted.

They went with the flow.  The bridge was left far behind.

From @Oxymoronic_Me: The girl looked at the huge mysterious box in consternation. She had never seen anything like this. She opened it, not heeding her father’s warning. Pulling her brothers arm, she entered the wondrous box that hung from a think rope. Just as she was inspecting her surroundings, she heard a click. The lift started moving.

From @QuratZafar: An eon ago, a space ship landed on barren earth and millions of tiny organisms crawled out. The Red Planet was in danger and life had to be conserved.

Millions of year later, the people of earth were striving to solve the mystery of existence of life on Red Planet.

From @Writoholic_Gal: Every man looked at her with eyes full of lust, the way she carried herself in a red veil that evening with mascara spread across her eye lashes, every man wanted her.

Yet, she kept her lips sealed, picked the best man and danced with him till dawn, disappeared without a word... Hearts wondered...

From @writingchalk:

He leapt in joy. Under the Christmas tree was a shiny, Red Rudge bicycle.

“Thanks dad!” He hugged him really hard. Father just smiled and nodded his head.

He took the cycle out.

Mother said, “So sweet of you dear.”

Father replied, “... YOU didn’t get it for him?”

They both stared at each other.

From @randomWhiz: She had grown up on murder novels. So much was her love towards understanding the darker side that she took up criminal psychology. Her first ever case, she was excited. The crime scene was covered in 2 inch thick blood. She fainted. No mystery there. Just a phobia.

From @vchatting: Living together; lonely……,corroding within…. Restless inside, silent outside. What is left?  A social facade, loosely tied in intertwined routines, polite smiles… Mysteries of the heart and mind, who can tell……? How did the warmth dissipate? When did the pain start settling in?  Can’t we forgive? Forget? Begin afresh…… Be in love?  Just once, again?

From @karthikisthin: Strapped onto the roller-coaster ride, he looked around as the ride teetered uphill, leading to the inevitable free fall. Sitting next to him, his mother smiled her reassuring smile. "It’ll be okay son." She handed him a purple box. He opened it. The surgeon never found the clot. The lobotomy sealed the box for good.

From @RiddhiAswani: He theorizes about it, meaningless words to demystify a burning question.  Logic and science constantly battle with faith and belief. Wars are ignited, hate coloring his words. In his never ending quest to discover his true purpose on this green earth, man engrosses himself in the search for his beginnings. And often ruins his NOW.

From @JaaTeri:

"Where am I?" I thought. I was scared as hell.

The road was too narrow to drive with plants and bushes around. It felt unusually cold. Suddenly, a man with a cloth wrapped around his waist appeared from nowhere.

"Go back. You can't drive into a cemetery after midnight."

"Cemetery!" Wrong turn. Mystery solved.

From @ScribblingOn:

She: You're so unpredictable. You're a mystery to me.
He: I'll always remain a mystery.
She: No, I'll solve this one. I'll solve you.
He: You won't be able to.
She: No, I will. I love mysteries.
He: We'll see.
Till today, she waits. So much for falling in love with the mysterious.

From @ChaaluChapaati: Who are you talking to on the phone? Why did you shave today? Where are you going tonight? Why do you look at me like that and look away? What do you see when you see me? One day you’ll tell me the answers to all those questions. Or maybe I don’t want to know.

From @madrasmad: There’s something about her. She can tell your future merely by opening pages of your favourite book. Everyone is mesmerized by the way she draws them into her prophecies. How does she do it? She lost her eyesight when she was 7. She could no longer see the present. She could see only the future.

From @anjana_murali: She used to wait for someone at the same spot since the last fifteen years. Today, when he walked the path, there was a huge procession there. After a few minutes he found out why. His mystery woman had gone ahead to become a lottery winner and her family had come to take her back.

From @AskThePankazzzz: Bold with her thoughts. Blunt with her tongue. Transparent, she was. Still a secret. She could slowly fade into nothingness, as soon as she started meaning 'everything' to someone. She was a mystery for everyone. Even herself. Something in her eyes always screamed. It was the silent unrequitted love, perhaps. She was life, maybe.

From @numbyaar: Suresh lay dead in a pool of pepsi. Besides him was an open book and a packet of chips. There were rope marks on his neck but no rope around. The windows were shut and there seemed to be no chance for anyone to have entered the room. Well, go ahead. Solve it yourself.

From @sinpinklove: He unzipped her dress and let her hair open.He ran a finger from her collarbone to the hollow between her breasts. He slowly cupped her breasts as he planted a kiss on her neck. She took a deep breath and sighed his name. She was no more a mystery.

From @BoozeSexSundry: He is a mystery; Sitting isolated on an empty bench, away from the people he makes his projects with. And he occasionally stares at me. And occasionally at the guy beside me. He seems hurting. And confused. He’s a mystery to himself. And also to the guy who came out to him.

From @maruwahna: Alone , sitting on the swing and singing to herself . Wondering why 11 wasn't pronounced as  onety one . Cold winds sweep , and Bob the Builder smiles . She smiles back . She holds his pinky and disappears into the darkness , never to be seen again. Wondering where the words went after she erased them from her book . Never knew .

From @chinmaynaik07: Her wishes, always humble. And to her surprise, Santa always knew of them. One day though a girl from school almost ruined it, by some grown-up talk. But she covered her ears and ran away. Now she is sixteen but still gets elated by Christmas gifts. How Santa knows, still a mystery... Or is it?

From @rumna:

Poets, philosophers, biographers. Painters, of course. Art critics, by default.  Students, teachers, mentors, guides. All have taken a stab at solving the one mystery that has never quite satisfactorily been answered. The feelings expressed by a woman. The Mona Lisa smile. Is it the painting that’s difficult to verbalize? 
Or is every woman an enigma?

From @fukat: Theirs was an arranged marriage. He was shy, she, rebellious. He loved her smile, she loved to annoy him. Years went by, journeying life's trials together, they raised a family. Now, 25 years later, he sees her smile and is still just as mysteriously in love with her as on the day they first met.

From @wistyloony: The silver wrapped package on the table glinted & mocked her resolve. She wasn't supposed to open it until midnight but the mystery was getting to her. Her fingers drummed the table & time seemed to crawl. The clock struck midnight & then some. She lay asleep in the chair & her package sat forlorn.

From @Crucifire:

Is this better than the previous ones?
Have you been liking my stories?
If yes, why have you not been commenting?
Have you shared it with your friends?
Retweeted it to your followers?

Clear the mystery for me, will you, Dear reader?

From @shantusharma: It was 4 P.M. when I got a message from my wife, "Get home before it starts raining." I thought it a better idea and drove back in order to beat Mumbai traffic and rain. At home, she was waiting ready, “Let’s go to chaupati on bike. It will rain today.”

Inside I wondered, “Women!”

From @The_Buffmaster: Her thirst for random curiosity never quenched. Every night in her naive innocent mind, there were unanswerable questions. Besides her bed was a scratch pad, where she kept noting them and slept. In morning she would find answers. A staunch and disguised mystery, an orphan girl dwelling all alone in the woods, carried with her.

From @roshd: She was the Mystery woman of Bollywood, the new Greta Garbo. No interviews, no grandiose announcements or event appearances. Some in the media mocked and ridiculed her. Actually her motto was simple- Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

From @lucidillusions_:

Sadie was lying on her bed, listening to music on her headphones and nodding her head to the beat of the music. She opened her eyes and got startled seeing Jude lying in front of her and staring at her.

"How are you so beautiful ?"

"One of those mysteries of the universe,", she winked.

From @punvati:

He grew up wanting to live the Enid Blyton mysteries he devoured. Later, the mysteries of science and religion of the world fascinated him. An inferno of potential, one day he would have stunned the world. Preempting all that, as he stood on the ledge, the mysteries of the heart led to his downfall.


From @NeelSheth: Even today he wasn't sure whether he had slept at all or not. She wasn't beside him, yet he could smell her in the air, feel her sweat on his flesh. Insomnia did that to him, maybe hallucination or was it just the reality of his life?

From @mizarcle: What he saw in her was a mystery. His children wondered why he would taint his wife’s memory by leaving all his money to the gold digger. In reality, all she offered was something no one had. She listened to him when no one else did. Her undivided attention wasn’t a mystery.

From @FlirtingKaapi:

He asked, "What does mystery say to you?"

She said. " That it is always around me. Surprising me with its presence in varied ways. Mystery is that unfinished story that makes me a curious cat. It haunts as well as hugs me. And, what does it say to you?"

He replied," That it is you."

From @bitchwanti: Anya dug deeper and deeper. The tiny fingers clutched the twig fiercely. Little pieces of stone came undone. "This mystery has to be unravelled today", thought Anya. "Where do this ants go through these cracks in the wall? Do they have a home with dining tables and miniatures chairs?" she wondered aloud.

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