Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Theme 109 - Privacy

From @RuthSaldanha: ‘Next Station, Dadar’. I grasped my bag closer. 80 people in a compartment for 50. Triple that number would get in. Squeezing closer, pressing in, invading space. Bodies sweaty, flush against each other. Spooned together more intimate than 2 lovers – or six. Yet, no eye-contact. In my mind, I am alone. Here, I have privacy.

From @krishna_marathe:

She hid only to be sought.
Her face changed when she was distraught.
Emerging frequently from her niche hollow,
She ran only when she wanted to be followed.
Inviting trouble, drama and emotional arson
She knows she’s not really a private person

From @swordfish19: “Come sir, here no one will see you or hear you, the walls are sound proof” A woman, garishly made up, was sitting on the bed. He started undressing, eyeing her. She will do he thought, feeling his member pulsating slightly. Outside, the tickets for the peep show were being sold. There were five slots.

From @TheScotchGirl:

Jade: Yo, did you see a blue pouch?
Sam: Err no.
Jade: Alright (with an alarm going off in her head)

Sam leaves for class.
Jade (On Phone): Fuck I can’t find it Joe, just hope Sam hasn’t seen it!

Sam: Well your roomie’s a bitch!
Jade: Y would she take it?
Joe: Go figure

From @MinolAjekar:

He permeates every inch of her in the most intrusive way. He invades the innermost sanctum of her life without knocking or prior permission. 

He was everywhere, he never left her alone, and now she was sleep deprived, he was overtaking her dreams too.  This falling in love left no room for solitude. Sigh!

From @writingchalk:

Teeth, brushed. Breakfast, had. Paper, read. TV, watched.

If the events of last night were anything to go by, this was a very mundane morning. Nothing was happening.

She checked Twitter. Saw a picture and this tweet: THATZ ME GIVIN HEAD TO MAH GF! LOLZ!

She laughed... then realised. It was her boyfriend. And her.

From @PeaceOVent:

The train was crowded, there were screaming book sellers, shouting fruit vendors. Inane peddlers of trivial wares.

Ann stood at the door, oblivious. Today she was an ocean of calm. Today he had left her for another soul, or was it just another body?

The train halted over a bridge. She jumped. Into another ocean.

From @pranavvk: Me: Is it too much to ask for some privacy? I am finally free from the internet, facebook, email, phones, socializing, meetings.  All I want is some time to myself, some time to think and ruminate on my life. I thought I finally had privacy and some me time. Him: Zombie!!!.... RUN for your life!!!!

From @shruti_says:  The credit card advert was telling him how money couldn’t buy everything. What did they know…Ajay looked at Rhea as he pulled the curtains across the window. He shuddered as he was reminded of the cramped room he used to share with his brothers. Money had bought him what he craved the most - Privacy

From @visualization: The temperature was on the rise. He started feeling hot. Cooling himself was a priority. So he goes to the washroom with water and soap. All he had was a desire and hope. After getting caught with foam on the bone, the ill effects of No Privacy was clearly shown.

From @ChaaluChapaati: I think he had a recent heart-break. His tweets sound like that. Also, he’s a Scorpio – November born – so vengeful. Maybe that’s why he keeps posting Gotye videos. Just like me, he loves rain, Murakami novels, Goan food and Mad Men. I feel like I know him inside-out. But he doesn’t know who I am.

From @slokabs: Karan was distraught. He had lost his first tennis match in years. He regained his composure just in time, climbed onto the stage and collected his certificate. “Winning and losing are all part of the game”, he said stoically in his speech.Once home, in the confines of his room, he could let himself cry.

From @roshd: It was 11.30 pm and his two sons were fast asleep beside him. Even his  father was snoring on the couch. Shekhar caressed wife Reena’s cheek and shook her awake. He held her as they walked into the kitchen . In a 10x10 Mumbai chawl the lack of privacy was no hinderance to their love-making.

From @vagabondinact:

Status Update: 6.37 pm: am so happy…he finally asked me out! Yeeeee*blush*
                       7.05 pm: Dinner it is at 9!!!  sooooooo gladJJ.My lovelies, what should I wear*nervous*:P 
                       8.55 pm:  haven’t decided which shoes yet..byes..soooo loonggg...
                       9.41 pm :  @Trident, with …. u know whoJ;)

Timidly she says after a while, I am a very private person!

From @maruwahna:
“LOL yaa, I also totalllyyy love pink heels <3 .So hott they are!“ .
Someone peeks.
“I need an easy friend,
I do with an ear to lend“, says Kurt Cobain on youtube.
Someone peeks.
“Hehe, yeah, Saurabh is so adorable<3.We should totally date! “
Someone Peeks.
Mummy, do you mind ? says Anisha, thoroughly irritated.

From @ponderpuffman: I see white waves of mist around – constantly changing its form. It seems as if I am floating – no burden, no responsibilities.  Suddenly out of nowhere a glowing white elephant glides in. Our eyes meet. I see my reflection in him. He places his warm trunk on my forehead. He hides this thought from me. 

From @CruciFire:

“As you can see behind me, thousands of Indians from across the globe, working in online security companies, detective agencies, home security companies, private security agencies have descended onto New Delhi for the 4th edition of this convention which will go on from Jan 7th-9th.

Ramesh reporting from 'Privacy Bharatiya Diwas' for NDDTV”

From @namansaraiya: He stood in front of the class and narrated the story of his life he had lived over the last couple of months. It was dark, gloomy and there was no ray of hope. Everyone clapped at his character sketch assignment. She sent him a text later in the day. "What about my privacy, moron?"

From @TheFraudMallu:

She said “I know nothing about your thoughts”
“What about them? Nothing worth..” he asked and moved towards the bed
“I feel deprived” She retorted
“I can’t explain” He said as he stripped
“Sorry for barging into your privacy” She frowned
“It is more about solitude” he said as he walked naked into the shower.

From @JaaTeri:
Actor: "Look at those homeless people. They live and die on the street. They are like me."
Secretary: "Mam, the interview is..."
Actor: "No privacy. The magazines, the TV, it's all out there. You know what makes us different?"
Secretary: "You are the best in.."
Actor: "They can live without a care for the world."

From @vchatting:

Date : 5th Sept,1999 -Something strange happened when I saw her today, I still don't like her but ...
" What're you doing with my diary?"
 "Told you, don't touch my things. At 13, I've still no privacy, with a stupid elder sister like you! "
"Shut up! Wait till I tell Dad, about you and 'her'!"

From @rohanvbapat_ : He literally pushed his father out of the door and shut the door with a bang. Sigh of relief, free to do whatever he wanted. He had no complaints with his parents but still kinda liked this feeling which he wasn't mature enough to name, the feeling to which grown ups refer to as "privacy".

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