Friday, July 13, 2012

Theme 91 - Scream

From @the_pandit:

“Scream for me, love.” He said.

Her eyes widened and the muscles in her neck strained against his hand as he tightened his grip. He knew she couldn’t scream but he asked, anyway.

Her eyes rolled in their sockets and as he finally let go, she shuddered with pleasure.

Sometimes people are into weird shit.

From @NumbYaar: She hated living with a drunkard male chauvinist. Alas! She had no choice. To channelize her frustration, she would occasionally scream into a jar. One day he came home drunk again. He took out his belt to hit her. As he lashed out the belt, its tip hit the jar and broke it.

From @ThePheno_Menon:

20 odd men. Young, not more than her own age maybe. We can see her being molested, even undressed, and humiliated beyond comprehension on the roads of Guwahati. People are outraging on Twitter and Facebook and the media are all shouting out against this shocking incident.

But do you hear her screams?

From @jumidas1:

She screamed out loud. She wanted to move away, move out of the room. But fear had her paralyzed. The servant was in the next room but he didnot hear her; her loud screams were silent. Fear had taken away her voice.

She stood there, screaming silently.

The cockroach kept staring at her nonchalantly.

From @miffalicious:

The sense of abject fear, as if everything that she had ever dreaded was coming to get her. Then, there was the sense that she was moving, and moving fast.

She opened her mouth. Felt herself convulsing, jerked upright.  The same dream, and the same reality, a soundless scream of a mute.

Deafening silence.

From @MixelRandy: Her eyelids drooped. In the darkest corners of her mind, she could hear the faintest hints of sound. Scrape. Screech. She knew she had to stay awake. They always chose Friday night. The maestro materialized in front of her eyes, clad in black. Behind him she could see the entire chorus. “No…please…anything but the violins…PLEASE!”

From @ponderpuffman:

on city’s wet concrete scales he wandered
absorbing ancient architecture and midnight breeze
one turn and he was placed in darkness
tattered, hurt, regretful and maddening screams engulfed him
he didn’t know that screams from the past often lurched in alleys
waiting to deliver themselves
he thought of Her
Her abandonment
and left a scream

From @FateMarfatia: The ride was speeding up a ramp. Heart palpitating. Like that of a trapeze artist, about to leave the comfort of his rope. Like a skydiver’s, crouching at the edge of a plane, ready to jump. And then it plummeted. Seconds after the adrenaline kicked in, mine was the loudest scream echoing in the vastness.

From @bitchwanti:

He put his ears to the wall. He hadn't slept in a while because of the screams. With his heart in his mouth he knocked at her door. "Is everything alright here?"

"Been trying to crack this glass, but it just won't relent", she replied. "Is there a perfect scream?" he asked.

Mistake. She screamed.

From @ishajalan: It was 11, but my grandma hadn't got up yet. It was strange, for she was an early riser. Mom tried to wake her up;turned her face. It was all purple. And it was then thatIi heard the loudest scream ever. Grandma had gone. But, that terrible scream goes on to live, within us.

From @eklavyagupte: The interplay between my words and your screams was the ultimate orgasm ever.  It didn't last that long and a few months later, even that got tedious. Silence interspersed with screams was the new black. The words had lost out. It was time to finally sleep.

From @CruciFire:

“I've been in this industry for close to 10 years now. I wanted to be a Social Media Expert but this is much better. I've always been a big fan of Jason hence the mask. I source the most authentic knives from Rampur.”

*Phone rings. Picks up.*


From @writingchalk:

He pushed the garlic bread away.
“But yesterday...”
“Chalo let me put a tikka on your forehead.”
The sandalwood paste dropped to the floor.
Before she could complete, she noticed two bite marks on his neck.
She opened her mouth, but couldn’t find her voice...

From @ChaaluChapaati: The signal turned green and red and green again. And then red again. She thought about her day. About the insensitive comment he had made, and it played in her head, again and again. She thought about all those goals…still left unaccomplished. As the hope drained from her, her thoughts seemed louder than the traffic.

From @punvati: Her shriek echoed through the empty rooms; the kind that’d spur a buff Bollywood hero into action. The kind that’d cause a camera to rapidly zoom onto curtains flapping at the window of a bedroom with ominously disheveled sheets. It spoke of unmentionable horrors.

He sleepily stepped out of the bathroom and squished the bug.

From @roshd: They were all around her. Twenty lecherous men. Have to call them men. Animals are more civilized. They grabbed, groped and molested her. On a busy street in full public view. She screamed for help but none was forthcoming. Not even from the decent-looking man videographing the ‘episode’. It would be breaking news soon.

From @anjana_murali:  The huge market crowd saw Marc come to Gia and convey something with his eyes causing her to scream in joy. The reason, she said was that her husband had got a job and had wanted her to scream out loud for him. Why? They asked, to which she said “I am his only voice.”

From @sagarsion: San was standing outside facing the wall again. He kind of liked the idea. His pranks were plans of his escapades. He liked the recognition he got, feel of heroism. This time it was miss brigenza, who had punished him last week. His bruises were soothed by a scream, thanks to rubber-lizard.

From @Monathais:

"Tongue felt cold and hot in the same time.
Lips were shining oily with sweetness.
Throat was singing with moans of pleasure.
Suddenly the buttery cornucopia got smaller.

Greed had just emptied it.

Last drops were slowly sliding down the valley.

I screamed.

My dress had been ice-creamed."

From @kunalbaidmehta: The weather was lovely so I decided to drive to work. I thought Friday the 13th should be enjoyed but what was in store made me scream. No traffic lights working in the morning and complete chaos all around. Now driving for two hours  in the evening and yet not home. Friday the 13th curse is here!

From @sinpinklove: Treated as a liabitity by parents, written off completely by society , a failure in life , he hid himself in his room. He had written his Final CA exam for the twenty-eighth time this May. With shivering hands he entered his seat number . When the screen changed to "Pass" he couldnt even scream with joy.

From @Thats_so_Sana: She lay there on a bed. The silence was eloquent. Then suddenly, her scream shattered the serenity, triggered a hustle. He was stuck. And was rushing to her in a shiny swanky car, wading through thick traffic, myriad of emotions. "Congratulations! Twin girls! The three ladies are fine", announced the doctor the moment he reached. :)

From @karthikisthin: He clutched at his bedsheet; his knuckles were white. Excruciating pain was the only way to label his ordeal. Amul learnt that life can be unfair on multiple counts.
As his father lashed his leather belt at his back blaming him instead of his genes, all this mute boy could do was scream with his eyes.

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“Why are you doing this? What wrong did I do to you?”

She was trying to find a way to run. He moved closer with the dagger in hand. Those cold, dark eyes were scary.
“Remember the girl your brother raped and murdered? She was my sister.”

The scream remained stuck in her throat.

From @GayatriiM:

There were cobwebs all over, spiders were running amok . Shyla couldn't fathom how she got trapped here. It was pitch dark. She tried to scream but her voice seemed caged in a sound proof wall.

Helplessly, she released a long sigh and concentrated on slate in front of her A,B,C.....

Her mother was weeping inconsolable in a corner. Dementia had made her brilliant daughter prisoner of her own mind.

From @The_Lie_Lama:

"Sweet, lemme get some firewood, or we might die of hypothermia. Don't worry, I'll not go far, just shout for me if you're scared. I'll reach back in a minute".

An hour passed, sigh, the power of supernatural, scream is what she wanted to, scream is what she couldn't.

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