Thursday, July 19, 2012

Theme 97 - Watch

From @servantofkrsna:

"They say that a woman who's not loved by her husband, never gets her due from her children either.", She said with a sad smile, staring up to the heavens.

"Just wait and *watch* , maa. I'll prove them wrong."

From @tazeenzafar: She looked at the broken watch and remembered it all. She remembered leaving her family for him, she remembered all the promises he had made to her about their life together, and then, she remembered the night he had beaten her like an animal. That was the night the watch had broken.

From @UnendingQuest:

She looked like a Goddess of Love and Purity; gracing down the stairs.
He was awestruck. He wanted to turn it into a fairytale. He pondered, and as she advanced to last few steps he shouted, "WATCH YOUR STEP"
She trembled and twirled, landed in his puffed arms. Then, they lived happily Ever After.

From @bhytu:

The jailer boomed at the gate keeper.
"Yet again three prisoners escaped from here. Were you sleeping? Didn't I ask you to keep a watch?"
"I did,sir."
 He stammered.

From @FateMarfatia:

The sound of Shakuntala’s feet, killing the deathly silence of the night. Running away from her despicable existence. From her husband.

Suddenly, a gang of prowlers, made her stop in her tracks.

Run? Fight? Plead?

Miraculously, a distant siren bellowed a warning warding off trouble.

Shakuntala looked up at the sky, “Father, was that you?” 

From @AnOddYellow: She sat and looked at him, stared at the beauty and wished and sighed. Her friends thought she was in love. Her eyes followed him everywhere he went and his hand was the center of her attention. Masculine and strong with the best watch adorning it. Oh! How she wanted to own that beauty.

From @anjana_murali: She left her house in a hurry, afraid that she would be late. She juggled past the various people on the road effortlessly, with years of practice. Finally she reached and then to her dismay found out that she had to wait. After ten minutes, she was back on routine. On her 9.31 ladies local.

From @karthikisthin: The toddler clutched her heels and giggled uncontrollably. The baby sitter pressed the toy and the oinks evoked peals of laughter, again. A tasty aroma wafted into the room. She checked her wrist; it’d been 2 minutes since she’d added the masala to the noodles. When she returned, the toy was missing; the pulse, gone.

From @shruti_says:

Grandpa’s desk had always been sacrosanct. Anita ran her hands over the polished wood and felt a tear trickle down. The box was in the top drawer. Inside was a note and an emerald studded pocket watch nestled in silk.

“Dear Anita,

This is everything my grandfather had when he left the palace.


From @dholudancing: I saw a guy waiting for someone, smart, charming but restless. I kept watching him and unknowingly became a part of his wait but unlike him, I was not patient to wait any longer. Then, finally I got to see what I was waiting for, my bus. I forgot I was waiting for that too.

From @The_BuffMaster:

2.34 A.M.

Sleep was conquering him. His mind was getting heavy, and even heavier were his eye lids.  There was a turbulent storm of thoughts whirling in his head. It had been fourteen long hours. He thought of quitting, but his subconscious mind convinced him not to.  Perils of a last day preparation they were.

From @sinpinklove: Her NRI neighbour got her two huge boxes of assorted chocolates, those innocent looking oreo cookies called out to her, the panipuriwala below her building gave her a warm smile, someone at work treated everyone to samosas and ice-cream.Her mind was playing games the moment she decided to watch her weight.

From @ChaaluChapaati: Daya could walk this route with his eyes closed. Night vision was his specialty anyway. SINGHS would be followed by the BANSALIS followed by KAKKADS. The Kakkads had that big dog at the gate that started at his whistle every night. Daya always smiled at him. After all, it was just him and his stick.

From @3nvinyatar: Rain pelted into his exposed face. The thin plastic barely shielding him as he walked by the fence.Lightning threw his tense features into sharp relief. His searching eyes, pursed lips, hands clenched around his rifle. Night or day, sun or rain, Christmas or Diwali, they stand at the borders, keeping a silent watch.


From @drun007:

Atul glanced at his watch for the nth time.  I knew that only 25 minutes had passed.

He paced up and down the corridor, restless.  Wanted to smoke real bad, but did not.  Fear, anxiety, thrill, hope.  A myriad of inexplicable emotions is all I saw, of this dad to-be.

From @CruciFire:

9:37 am - Do you love me?
10:45 – No sms yet... are you angry Anu?
10:50 – Need time Raj
2:30 pm – Love is so complicated - Anu's FB
4:10 – Yes or No?
5:30 – 'In a relationship with Vishal' – Anu's FB
6:15 pm– Watching my world crumble – Raj's FB

From @MinolAjekar:

I watch the birds fly.
I watch the rivers flow.
I watch the sun rise and ebb.
I watch the moon wax and wane.
I watch the flowers bloom and the leaves change color.
I watch people walk and times change.
Thanks to Max whose seeing eyes let me watch all the time.

From @maruwahna:

Seven am , she leaves her shoulder length hair open , throwing on a pair of ancient denims and  a white top with a hint of cleavage .

Bye papa , she cooes, giving him a hug . Bye Anisha, be careful , he says, watching from the corner of his ey
as she leaves.

From @AskThePankazzzz: 11 am in his new wrist watch: Two men in Black coats blabbered. A man, then hit the table with a hammer & said, "Divorce granted". He couldnt make out a word, & stood there watching Dad leave in another car.. He was 8, too young to understand that his world has fallen apart in an hour.

From @anushreekejriwa: He lost his business in a bet and stopped wearing his watch. His wife asked to why did he do so. He said "the watch reminds me of the good times in the bad times and deters me from working hard. I will wear it the day I get it all back".

From @parekhit: Lying on the bed, he was a frail comparison to his yester years. Wrinkle skinned, deep hollow eyed. She sat by his side and held his hand, with love. He knew that the time had come. Slowly and painfully he slid his watch and passed it on to her. He didn't need it anymore.

From @bitchwanti: The sky on the easter horizon turned a faint grey and then with a splash of faint pink the sun came up. It traveled overhead and men lined up for lunch. The dipping of beacon of light marked the hour of evening snack. As it turned in, the sky a deep black

From @roshd:

I was really mad at her for arguing with me in front of everybody in the supermarket. The iciness during the drive back was arctic. I drove like a maniac and swung into my stilt parking slot.

“Watch out!”, she yelled.

And that’s how I got that awful dent on my new car. Very Unhappydent.

From @shantusharma: She agreed to come out with him after much persuasion and all he could manage was this one crowded mall. After randomly wandering for some time, they found this secluded spot when he put his hands on her waist and started to lean on her. Then he saw. A CCTV camera was lurking on them.

From @Scotchaholic: He got a mail from his father. It says, "Got the gift son." A Rolex. Only he knows how hard it was for him to buy that watch, gift it to dad, and not keep it for himself. Anyway, his heart is happy now. Mind, not heavy.  Wallet, penniless. And his wrist? Still, without a watch.
From @writingchalk:

As he walked down the aisle, he realised this was going to be a memorable day for him.

He thought of his life. The world was his oyster. He had no responsibilities – not a care in the world.

But today...?

At the end of the aisle, there was a noose. The executioner said, “It’s time.”

From @namansaraiya: A text would light up his day in November. Closer to a year, on a calm summer afternoon, there was another meeting. Coffee, gloom and make-believe. A closer look into the screen of her mobile phone, of a familiar, happy time. Hold my hand, and let's watch this together. Like old times. Of strange tides.

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