Friday, July 27, 2012

Theme 105 - Sin

From @Dimaagi_keeda: He died at a young age of 36. His sin? Like All great musicians, he sold his soul to the devil for becoming the greatest ever, the greatest there ever will be. One man who  fought for and united a Nation, Bob Marley. RIP

From @AskThePankazzzz: 1.Sloth 2.Wrath 3.Greed 4.Gluttony 5.Lust 6.Envy 7.Pride. She read, and wondered, as to how 'TRUST' was not not on the list of Seven Deadly Sins.

From @TheScotchGirl: He in the elevator, coming down from the 33rd floor.She gets on the 20th.

She scans him head to toe as he is the only one that stays out with a pierced chin. Her lips turn up slightly as their eyes meet. She hits 15th, the pool floor. They both get off at the 15th.

From @riddhiaswani: 

They dragged her in, rough hands leaving bruises on her skin. Lascivious eyes devoured her, judge and jury nothing but salivating hyenas with piercing eyes. She could read their thoughts, her punishment spelled out in those soulless depths.

"What charge? What sin?" asked the booming voice of her pervert judge.

"Being a woman," she replied.

From @swordfish19:

“Let us see,” said Chitragupta to the new soul “you have led quite a virtuous life. There are the odd sins…like there was this time when you used to kill flies…”
“…but that was a harmless thing..I was a kid then…”
“It wasn’t harmless for the flies. Don’t worry though, Heaven it is, this way….”

From @shruti_says: 

They were best friends but also fierce rivals. From examination scores to the number of facebook friends, everything was a competition.

It was her last move. She took a sip of the coffee and placed her tiles on the board.


Thank God for plurals and triple word scores! She couldn’t be beaten at scrabble.

From @ponderpuffman: 

He crosses his legs and lights up a cigarette.
He collects his thoughts for her genuine curiosity – “Who are you? I want to know you. Tell me everything.”
He silences his fears and ignores his thumping heart.
He bends towards her and looks straight in her eyes. With a soft whisper, he answers.
“I am...”

From @jumidas1: She realized she has committed enough sin to last a lifetime. She can afford to sin no more. She put away the regular and picked up a diet coke instead.

From @slokabs: There’s a saying in Hindi - “Sau chuhe khaake billi chali Hajj ko” – which mocks a cat that seeks salvation by turning holy after spending its whole life eating mice! Paritosh had not heard it. He polluted the holy Ganges, like many others, with his frightful sins. Was he purified? He’d know on Judgement Day!

From @_Nehu: It was because of them we are here. The world would have been the simple place to live if Adam and Eve did not had that sinful apple. Their greed to know more, their lust for future, tossed the world all around. Our origin was sinful and our karma?

From @writingchalk:

Lustful sex with one goddess wasn’t enough for him.
His greed wanted more. And he got more.
But gluttony gave way to sloth. He passed out – of sheer exertion.
The goddesses left him for better men. How he envied them!
His pride was hurt, his wrath sought vengeance.
But God passed His final judgment.

From @MinolAjekar

The neon strip, the bright lights, the water fountains, the hotels, the casinos, the gamblers, the shows, the showgirls, cabaret dancers, burlesque dancers, call girls, escorts, hookers, drag queens, mafia, Godfather, cops, murder, death, food, gourmet food, street food, Trump-tower, tigers, snakes, love, sex, rock and roll.
Welcome to Vegas darlings, the original Sin City.

From @Sugarsnspice: "It's a sin", shouted her conscious. He was everything she desired, but not single. He came close to the disoriented her. Before she knew, they moved towards a dark terrain, where lust overpowered love.  She fought herself to trust the instincts . Today he is her only best friend. Ironically, married are they, to different people.

From @ushfajk:

The door opened and slow footsteps echoed.

“Close it slowly! They might wake up.”
They tiptoed across the hall.

“Open it!”
“Why me?” He looked worried

“Because we agreed before!”

“Here’s your share. But seriously are we committing a sin?”
“Just shut up and eat the chocolate, buddhoo ... before mom wakes up...!”

From @roshd:

“Master the law says she should be stoned to death because she has committed adultery”
“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.
The mob of cowards quietly dispersed leaving the woman with the Master.
“ So no one condemns you anymore?”
She shook her head.
“Neither do I. Go and sin no more”

From @DMysticFille_

“You’ll rot in hell for your sins!” She wailed and cursed her son’s killer.

He began to walk away in all his might. His pallid face blushed with stains of blood. The ghastly thoughts of his assaulted daughter haunted his mind every minute. His heart, a graveyard of memories, finally lay satiated with immoral morality.

From @karthikisthin:  He inhaled a remorseful breath. Staring at the marble floor, he caught his own reflection.
He felt a tremor through his body and felt his throat tightening. He looked back at his reflection and whined. His tail curled between his legs, he laid his wet nose against the floor.

He considered breaking a vase unforgivable.

From @absoluteme:
“Let’s start! English. One word. Three letters...
You. What are you? Okay... Bad. Horrible. Angry. Dog. Mouth. Watering. Greedy. Err?
Slow. Sleepy. Extra lazy? Cool. Celebrity. Mmm... Arrogant. Eyeing something, somebody? Jealous. Eating. Hogging.
Hmph! What are you trying to say, man?”
“OK! Cancel all. Sun. Okay, break it. Remove ‘U’. Eyes. One. I? Add...”

From @Crucifire

He slides his hand over Sonali's slim waist thinly veiled by the light blue saree she is wearing.
“Are you crazy, Arun?”
“I am, for you!”

*smells her long tresses and kisses her nape*

“This is so wrong”

*she turns around and smooches him*

“Gauri is waiting at the altar... GO!”

From @krishna_marathe

She whipped out her iPhone and dialed-up her past.
“Hey sorry! I called by mistake. I wanted to call someone else but…”
“And I was waiting for this mistake. How’re you? Or wait. Meet me for coffee.”
She decided to go to mass this Wednesday to confess the sin she was about to commit.

From @JaaTeri

Killer: Didnt I tell you last time, I wouldn't murder anymore. I want to live with respect.
Agent: I will pay you double of what you got last time.
Killer: Okay. This would be my last contract.
In the path of sin, change is not easy.

From @Greyllusionist sin, n./intr v.: I was present there when you sinned against me which you presumed to be supposedly behind my back. They say witnessing a sin counts as a sin too... but what do I call this?

From @maruwahna

Om bhur bhuvahaswaha ,the revoltingly fresh faced priest chanted mantras to please Him.
A few miles away, om bhur bhuvahaswaha, chanted Anisha , from the confines of her home.
Ananya was a low caste , she couldn‘t go to the temple. Ananya didn‘t care. She rang the sacred bell. She had sinned, but was sure He wouldn‘t mind.

From @TheFraudMallu

She was his teacher but he wasn’t sure if it was Mathematics or her beauty that made him sit through hours of learning. His eyes were watching her lips and moving down to her naked skin against the red blouse. Suddenly her hands touched his fingers and she said “The formula for Sin = Opposite/Hypotenuse”

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