Saturday, September 1, 2012

Theme 136 - Change

From @TheScotchGirl: She could not believe her mother wasn’t going to think about her! Dad had passed away, what just 2 years now & she’s already engaged WTF! How could she do this to me or Dad!  She had no choice; she had to accept this slimy Mr Mehra as her step-father. She felt unsafe & exposed.

From @The_HappyNoodle: That space under your feet is now ominous. I can’t remember what you moved like. Some say like a storm, and some say death. But I remember the bends in your brain, your stillness, and your absence. And the way you wrapped yourself in sheets like a cocoon, waiting for change. Are you still waiting?

From @swordfish19: We went fishing once. At one point, I slipped on the river bank and my clothes got soiled. Having no change of clothes, we decided to head back immediately. On the way, we had tea at a roadside stall. After taking our change we realized that we had a flat. We had a spare though.

From @tanyachopra08: “What would it take for me to truly be bold with my dreams?” she thought to herself.  She was 24 and it was the most difficult phase of her life yet. She was fancy, single, and footloose. Beautiful. Still her inner world was a contrast. Unrequited love, wonderment, emptiness! All she needed was... A Change!

From @flirtingshadows: “To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” An old friend, whom she longer was in touch with, had shared this with her. But it was a litmus test for her. To gauge the state of her mind. Her mantra for life.

From @roshd:

I looked at him on the hospital bed looking sick.
"Relax man it's only a bad case of food poisoning"
"Just hope so. The pain is unbearable"
Incorrigible hypochondriac, I thought. "You worry too much.Time to change.Let go"
That night he was operated for an ulcer. He is OK. Maybe I've gotta change.

From @dasCapital:

“Look in the box there.”


“The dashboard, then.”


“There isn’t any in the wallet?”

“No, baba.”

“Sorry Bhaiya , aage badho. Change nahi hai.”

“Behen ke *****, Teri maa ki *****, Behen****. 5 min se khada kar rakha hai. Nuksaan kara diya bho***ke.”

The light turned green.

Change , as they say.

From @NumbYaar: Rajiv had 2 minutes to his interview. He had been hoping to get the job for a while. And finally when he was close to achieving what he so badly wanted, he was running from pillar to post. He hated his helplessness. If only autowallahs carried change.

From @PeaceOVent:

The cool breeze enticed her. Marine Drive was home. She had come there to end the internal struggle.

It was time for a life makeover. New job, new haircut. If she was lucky, new love.

From @absoluteme: People come to me with aspirations and confusions, hopes and reservations. I get to know them as they stand bare whispering prayers and curses to forces unknown. I give them refuge and audience, and change-the one thing they all seem to want. I, on the contrary, think it's over-rated. I am an 8x10 fitting room.

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