Sunday, September 16, 2012

Theme 147 - Collect

From @MsTitli : Everytime they met, she used to take home everything they used and bought. From empty bisleri bottles, chocolate wrappers and flowers, she even collected the movie tickets to cherish the moments. He always teased her for behaving like a kid. But these collectibles made her feel closer to her love, and their lovely memories.

From @Chocophiliac:

"Hey, do you remember the nights we spent together staring at the sky?"

"Yeah...and I wish we did something other than just lying idle over there!"

"...but our silence used to speak the unsaid, right?"

"Isn't it doing the same even now?"

They're still lying there, staring at the sky, recollecting old memories. Silent.

From @MinolAjekar:

She cannot believe it is her reflection in the mirror, she looks like she could walk the ramp at Bridal Week.

Getting over him was hard, but not letting go would have led to insanity. She was marrying a nice guy.

Her phone rings, she answers it, “ Will you accept a collect call from......”

From @tweettabulous: Tall, lanky, impish smile. Regular elevator rides became our serendipity. We ended up taking the same salsa classes. Maybe it was fate’s way of bringing us closer. From strangers to dance partners to best friends. He became the reason for my smiles. Beautiful memories amassed. I know he still manages to make me smile… from up there.

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