Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Theme 148 - Touch

From @flirtingshadows: He was wary of her touch. Her voice was a caress, her breath, a relief. But her touch was altogether a different matter. It made him flinch and squirm and recoil. Her aged, gnarly fingers, which had kneaded a dough too many, had lost their maternal touch. She ached to reach out. He, to escape.

From @Chocophiliac:

She was sitting on the bean bag, enjoying her daily routine of late night TV shows. I went and sat next to her, kept my chin over her shoulder and wrapped her in my arms. My breath was starting to break. Unexpectedly she turned around and kissed me.

Touch? She touched my soul that night.

From @dopeywriter: Akash was the breadwinner of his family. Death of his father had turned him into a man overnight. He had conviction in his mind yet naive at heart. The day he professed his love for Radha was the day he was into pieces. There's a price one has to pay for loving village khap's daughter.

From @MsTitli: I couldn't hold back my tears when I saw her. She looked like an angel, her  little lips, cute eyes, pink face and her aroma made me kept her adoring. I took her in my arms and touched her gentle hand. She immediately responded by holding my finger. Here I felt my world complete.

From @tweettabulous:

It’s considered taboo to date your lecturer. Ours was such a “hottie” and I secretly lusted after him.
College trip to Goa and he was our guardian. While partying on the cruise, totally drunk I decided to tell him how I felt.

I looked at him sexily and uttered, “zara zara touch me touch me…”

From @absoluteme: You choose "it" yet scream and run away. You hide, breathless and anxious. You poke and make noises. You giggle so hard you feel the insides of your tummy. You run so hard your legs feel like spaghetti. Your hair is all sticky yet you celebrate. And then it touches you and you become "it".

From @JaaTeri:

"Something was different," he thought. "It was not like other times. She held my hand. She hugged me. She touched me! This feels special. Has she fallen for me finally?"
After a while he blurted out, "I must stop thinking too much."
He hurried out of the room as people turned to look at him.

From @CruciFire:

The intentional brushing of her arm on the stairs.
The playful tap at the back of her head during lunch.
The frisky twisting of her ear on the way to the washroom.
The quick peck on her cheek while leaving the conference room.
The delicate pinching of her waist when no one's watching.
Our foreplay.

From @ponderpuffman:

She was someone else’s. He was no one’s.

They lazed on a terrace where fireflies bloomed.
As stars gazed at them, with crickets they whistled a tune.
They weaved stories with weed. They sipped each other souls.
As it rained, lips glued.

They drifted, but with a touch that was held on for a lifetime.

From @numbyaar: The peon stood there shaken as he was being scolded for placing a tea cup touching the mouse pad. Ankur had become highly irritable off late. He would lose his temper on the most trivial of reasons. All he needed was her touch again. But he couldn’t let anyone know, he was a man.

From @looonytoon: A tiny head was hanging out frm 'gateway-to-world'. "kheechna mat, tear baithega". Perspirated n exhausted she tried her best push but as tummy gets toneless n it was her 4th. "chal abhi idhar aa, support dat tummy with a fist". Stuck shoulder slipped. She said "pls let me touch the baby!!"

From @Whiteness: Orangey bulb in the room made her skin look luminous. “I have come here to feel the human touch” he said, caressing her legs. “Everyone says that I’ve got smooth legs, It’s a god’s gift... can you please massage my back? I’m tired.” She said with a sigh. He was reminiscing while in noisy train.

From @whackydjavi: She read to him every night. Her voice soft as only a mother’s can be.His head resting in her lap. Her book cradled on her knees.The lights turned off so he could sleep.Her fingers did the reading for her. Her eyes could never see.Thank you God for the gift of Touch.

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