Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Theme 154 - Disgrace

From @slokabs: She walked like a princess, twirled like a dream. The audience watched, awestruck by her beauty and poise. Suddenly, without warning, her bustier gave way. Grasping it just in time, she scurried backstage. The audience murmured in disbelief. No applause, no sympathies. One dark moment had brought the curtains down on her illustrious modeling career.

From @roshd:

“This Peter turned out to be a disgrace even in death”
“Why is that? What happened? How did he die?”
“Well, he fell from grace.”
“Yup. Lily refused to marry him”
“Grace Apartment is the 12 storeyed building where Lily lived”

From @purplebrains: We are all guilty of having disgraced our ten year old selves. In having forgotten and sold off our many dreams, wishes, hopes and faith, we became what we had tried to deny. Becoming skeptical of rainbows and imaginary friends, we no longer remain children of any God. Therein lies our punishment for each sin.

From @tweettabulous:

We longed for it. It came. It blew our minds. It taught us beautiful lessons.
It gave others hope. The world went gaga over it.
His immense talent was the talk of the town. New Superstar.
We were proud. We had finally made something “different”
Till the videos came out and it reeked of plagiarism.

From @PeaceOVent: She danced to the tune of the beats. She moved like she was being tamed by a snake charmer. Everyone was riveted. All eyes were on her. Then the song ended. The patrons came to her and threw Rs 10 notes at her. The life of a bar dancer.

From @eklavyagupte: The freedom speech that you delivered was incomplete without your head on our shoulders. Yet you chose to run away the exact moment when we needed you the most. You told us that heavyweights fight for power and that lightweights fight for freedom. I am sorry to say you were nothing but a disgrace.

From @rajaet: Amidst the market ,she clutched the cleaved penis in her hand. Hands and clothes, flushed in blood. The dead manhood-less body of the man did not completely satisfy her vengeance for the disgrace he brought upon her.
The people around could only talk about how disgraceful was it for a woman to be so gutsy.

From @mitchellez: She knew pure love. She had known it since she was six. She had accepted Him as her spouse and was not afraid to say it out loud. She abandoned her family, riches and fame. She sat among sages and danced on the streets. She was in love with Gopal and her name was Meera.

From @deescjockey: 'Honour' might sound like an abstract thing to you, growing up in your pretty little homes with nothing to ever question your sense of who you are. You never spent your days scraping your life together, an abstract idea of honour the only thing keeping you sane. Of course, my disgrace means nothing to you.

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