Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Theme 143 - Noise

From @dineshkaulgud:

What does it sound like?’ said Varun. 

‘Varun, It sounds like being trapped inside a closed drum in a waterfall or like you are in a room of angry firecrackers surrounded by fish sellers fighting to catch your attention,’ said Ritesh.

‘In that case, thank God, I’m deaf,’ guffawed Varun.

From @deescjockey: Engrossed in thoughts of seeing his wife after 5 years and the child whom he'd never met, the soldier is disturbed by the wailing of a kid in the adjoining room and the mother's incessant yelling. The hotel manager, afraid to offend a solder, tells the woman to vacate. You know where this is going...

From @swordfish19: He loved the sound they made. It was music to his ears. He could discern from a distance whether it was a Junkers or a Hurricane or a Spitfire.  But, now, he lay in a hospital bed, with two stumps for legs.  The silence was deafening.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Rajeev: "I am buying lots of noise making crackers for my son Sid. After all Shor Na Machaya toh Mazaa Nahin Aaya"
Sail: "That is good but ask him to be careful. I still feel sad for Rahim. After last year's incident, the deafening sound of silence is the noise that bothers him a lot."

From @roshd: Friday night. I come home late. My boys, seated on the couch, are watching Hancock on TV. Not my scene. I take off my tie and shoes and glare. They pay no heed. I let out a loud yell, leap on the couch and take both down.There’s noise and chaos. Now I’m at home.

From @dumbcharades:

Little Lilly adjusted her new hearing-aid as she sat one rainy evening with her dad, "I love the sound of rain."

Her dad nodded, "Doesn't take much time for a sound to turn into a noise."

"What's the difference?"

"Well, for grownups, usually what we want to hear is sound; rest is noise."

From @JaaTeri: He began his act. No song played. Only faint music could be heard. At a corner stood his guru, thumping foot and clapping to convey the music to the child. Moved, the audience stood and applauded with watery eyes. One man's music can be another's noise. For this deaf kid, it was neither.

From @vivekisms: We were supposed to be happy together. Happily. Then it all began to change. The plans. The caresses. The love. Your voice is now noise. Cliched? Yes? And that's all we have become. Like the noise.

From @Greylllusionist: noise, n/v.: You lie there, somewhere, deep down in my mind, but evident, even if mildly as there are several other thoughts, conflicting in the background, constantly buzzing with something perennially undecided between them, striving to inhibit you to rule my senses. Yet, there exists some resonance that shivers me up every now and then...

From @CruciiFire:

“Why aren't you starting something of your own?”
“What if your Dad doesn't approve of her?”
“Why is that colleague behaving like an ass?”
“Do you have any friends left?”
“Which idea are you proposing dude?”

I plugged my ears but they wouldn't stop.

From @tweettabulous:

One needs to be really strong here. We aren’t allowed to speak or even use sign language. If caught the punishment is severely shocking.

They believe a silent environment can help heal. I know I shouldn’t be in,  I’m perfectly alright.If only, I hadn’t told anyone about the loud voices in my head…

From @laalfirangi: "I can't afford to hear you & make my life's decision. I can't let you take control. You were my life, operating word being 'were'. You lost your chance. I deserve my happiness and a better life. Much better than what would've been with you. Once a sweet song, everything you say now is mere noise."

From @AbhiandNow:


He smiled, for finally doing what he wanted. He dreamt about that moment for what seemed like an eternity. It was finished; the torture was over, just like the way he planned.

He would finally be able to sleep peacefully, without the constant late night bickering of his now dead neighbours.

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