Friday, September 14, 2012

Theme 145 - Strangers

From @simbly_menon:

He could never stop staring at strangers. It was an obsession, a compulsion almost. Some people ignored him, some stared back. Some winked, but that was rare.

Anterograde Amnesia does that to a person.

From @shakwrites: It was the first time their eyes had met. The two little girls. One, strapped to the car seat her mother had chosen. Other, strapped to her mother’s helpless back. Each safe in the only versions of life they knew. They then smiled at each other. A lamp of familiarity sparked and lit their space.

From @ponderpuffman:

As he comes inside her, a tear pours out of her.
As she dismantles his chest, he merges her two breasts.
As he breathes himself in her, she breathes herself in him.
As they become one creature, the bed-sheet muffles them.

Then on his pillow, he dreams of aquariums while she dreams about someone else.

From @dineshkaulgud: I sat in the train compartment, surrounded by strangers. I could feel the tears threaten to make an appearance – how could he do this to me?My head hurt as the train hurtled towards the horizon. The old lady looked kindly at me, ‘Beta, are you ok?’ She looked like my Grandmother. I smiled.

From @indianidle: She was newly promoted today, this thing came as a surprise as she came office today. She was shocked. Her pay was raised, she had got a new cabin. But when she looked towards her closest bunch of friends they stared in disgust like strangers. She sighed and thought,”Corporate!”

From @shantusharma: They knew each other for two years. One day, he asked her out. She readily accepted to come. But somehow, she couldn't make it on that day and apologized sincerely. Her apology didn't go down well with the boy. Now, more than two months have passed. They don't know each other anymore.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo:

Strangers. Instant attraction. A whirlwind affair. Inseparable. Broke off their engagements. Eloped. Good money. Lavish house. Great car. A lot of travel. Two beautiful kids.

Instant attraction. To someone else this time. Another whirlwind affair. Cheating. Lying. An empty flat for bored nights. Caught. Fights. Screams. Shouts. Blame. Hurt. Strangers.

From @JaaTeri: He despised pavements and zebra crossings. He walked on the road. He didn’t care that a vehicle could knock him down. He didn’t care because he trusted strangers. He knew they are waiting for him. Waiting to hurl abuses with ‘strangerly affection’ and still do everything to avoid hitting him. He was a proud jaywalker.

From @roshd: They sat next to one another but could easily have been in different continents such was the iciness between them. Talking directly to the counsellor without acknowledging the other’s presence. Such indifference was only possible between strangers. Or, as in this case, a couple who knew each other so well that they end up in the family court.

From @bwoyblunder: That person who willingly guides you while you’re backing up your car. That person who lets you have his seat in a bus. You would call him a stranger. But he’s not strange, he’s just like you. The people you claim to know, might be stranger than him, just see them when they are alone.

From @monathais:

“What a cleavage!“
„What dark eyes!“

“Your round knees make my knees melt!”
“Your restless fingers make me gulp!”

“I wanna lick that drop of sweat!”
“I wanna jump in your lap!”

“Be mine!”
“Take me!”

The two strangers in the train compartment had no idea their thoughts had already started to make passionate love.

From @vivekisms: You were just another stranger to me. Someone whose name I did not know. Someone who might have just forgotten me by now. I do remember your wrist, as you quietly slipped your watch on it and left, right after we had sex.

From @tweettabulous: Torrential downpour.  Crazy traffic.  I saw her standing under a tree soaked to the bone. She was too pretty to be left alone…I neared her, rolled down the window and asked if I could drop her home.She leaned in and cheekily said, “My mother warned me about getting into cars with strangers.”

From @minolajekar:

Do I really know him? I know how my black thong sends him in frenzy. But do I really know him? I know he loves his peanut butter toasts for breakfast. But do I really know him?

Well he currently rocks my world and I will try and live without really knowing him.

From @Greyllusionist: We fell in love and grew old in it, together. It was such a proverbial relation at all stages. Contempt, an obedient child of familiarity; we had to grow apart, inevitably… finding comfort in the pillows and closeness in the mirror, counting days for the roof to split and walls to build. Take care…

From @AbhiandNow:
Coffee is amazing. But coffee houses are even better, because that’s where I saw her. Sitting just across the table, she was sipping her brew and I was too.

A coffee, that’s all we had in common and the smile as well. Mine was for her, while hers was for the guy standing behind me.

From @Crucifire:

“Jack, Milky Way Galaxy. You?”
“Sia, Andromeda.”

“This Venus pub is cool but Saturn is the real deal.”

“Have we met before?”
“You feel the same?”

A million years ago on Earth.
“Back from office Sia baby”, screamed Jack as he picked her up and smooched her.

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