Friday, September 21, 2012

Theme 150 - Freedom

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: They clicked instantly. She talked, he listened. She expressed, he took it all in. She – the kid, he – the grown adult. She made mistakes, he forgave. Time after time, day after day. Then things changed. Now, her freedom still lies in him. His is her absence.

From @krishna_marathe: She spoke loudest of Freedom when she knew he was listening. He loved her; he set her free.  She misses the vast cage of his heart.

From @Chocophiliac: From one ruler to another, from stranger to her own, from woman to men and woman again, from clamorous through the silent, from corrupt to the anti-corrupt, from crooked to someone worse; she has been used as a slave since her birth. What she wanted was mere freedom. What she always got was thralldom. Outrage!

From @wistyloony: The match had already begun & here he was, stuck in a meeting, unable to see it despite the many hardships he had gone through to get ONE ticket. Who decides what will make us happy? Why couldn't Nature grant us magical powers? Or, atleast the freedom to live as we wanted to?

From @aaroo4: He barked; his paws went at the door scratch scratch. She opened half an eye, shushed him and went back to sleep. He continued, jumping on the bed every now and then, whining & barking. “Stop it; Misty” she mumbled dragging herself off the bed to open the door. He bolted inside, came out happy.

From @dineshkaulgud:

“He sat under the tree. The sun shone. A gentle breeze weaved through the forest. Thoughts assailed him – Is there an end? What is Life? Will I find the truth?

He shook his head, he needed to focus. Breath in, out; in, out. He suddenly realised that nothing is permanent. He was free. Enlightened.”

From @flirtingshadows: To color his hair blue and tie a ribbon around it. To paint her nails silver and purple and scarlet. To let go of all what they held dear. To give up in a heartbeat all what they had worked towards and start afresh. They dreamt of all that and more. They dreamt of freedom. 

From @swordfish19:

The convict was taken to the center of the maze by the warden of the penal colony.

“If you can get out of this maze within three days, we will release you. If not, we will still release you, but by hanging you. Your freedom is guaranteed. Here’s a canteen and some food….”

From @TheFraudMallu: He confessed to her about the other woman in his life.  Hurt, she gave him the freedom to be with the one he wanted to be with, wishing she was the one. He chose his freedom and walked out of her life. Pain held back and life shattered, she lost her freedom to his memories.

From @nabilazaidi:

Chained by your memories.
Fire in the games we play.
You left. Came back.
Came back to leave and not be back again.
I stood there, waiting.
But someone took me away.
Away to a place called green grey and gay.
But I walked back.
Searching for you in the dark.
Only to be chained again.

From @_Nehu: She was brought up as princess. She travelled world, shop without worrying princess. She was living in golden cage, not allowed to wander on street, hanging out with friends. She is forced to marry someone with more restrictions. She envied us. Freedom was all she wanted, but didn’t have courage to fight back

From @IndianIdle: Some 60 years ago they fought for us to free us from the clenches of the British. They never knew that after these many years people will be under the wrath of their own people. One of them  said,” we gave freedom to the country, but these politcians are making it freedumb”

From @vchatting:

At 23, she was the Rockstar , the world aspired to be.
But in the long lonely nights, when her work did not claim her, she yearned for love,  a lover maybe, some carefree moments of just nothingness, the ordinariness of a commoner. She missed the anonymity and freedom, all  others seemed to own ...

From @Greylllusionist:

We were adults. We could have done whatever we felt like. Walked around naked. Invent new words. Make love on top of an airplane. Wear each other’s sweat. Wander on an island gifting each other to the sea and expect it to gift back.

Then came a word, hypothesis and that’s not how it is…

From @Crucifire:

I gave them good grades. I gave them my first salary.
For them, I gave my dedication. I gave them my nights. And weekends.
I gave her undying love. I gave her a ring.
I gave them a grandson.

I gave up my dreams.

Free will was a farce. Freedom was never mine.

From @absoluteme: She will tell you that it tastes like monsoon breeze, candy floss and lemon drops. That she no more tries to tame the twirls in her frizzy hair or control the words tumbling out of her mouth. And all this while she'll be laughing hysterically through her salty tears. She has relieved herself of judgments.

From @bright_eclipse: Today, while complaining about my cold Vada-pav, I saw him digging the garbage. Shabby clothes, rough entangled hair and bruised skin adorned him. He picked up some rubbish and took a bite. He relished his snack. I didn’t. I thought of offering him some food. But I couldn’t. He was free. I wasn’t.

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