Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theme 156 - Romance

From @aaroo4: “Please don’t tell Earl about my illness. We have made plans to go to Venice this month end, ride on the gondola during sunset under the bridge of sighs. It is said your love will be eternal if you do. I want to die cherishing the romance, the 60yrs of togetherness” she told her doctor.

From @Pscripturient: The doctor’s waiting room boils with pain and joy. Open bottles of chemistry, the cackling of impatient phones, and heartbeats of their anxious fortnightly meetings. He pretends to work on a dead phone; she reads a magazine upside down. They are both here to talk of broken hearts. A new romance is in the offing.

From @swordfish19: We reached Mirik and walked by the lake, our hands held together. She wanted a horseback ride, but I wasn’t up to it. So we took a boat ride instead. A dense cloud of mist had gathered on the lake. We could barely see beyond a couple of feet. Our hands were still locked.

From @quratzafar: The air is thick with romance and it feels right. He with his peppered hair and haphazardly buttoned sweater, a book lying beside him...but does he feel it?

Nah, he's in love with my sister.

From @wannabesanyasin: Two whole years. She might have called her a friend but it certainly wasn't just that. She saw her. Hugged her real tight. Looked into her eyes. Tears trickled down. Their breaths merged and she started shivering. She held onto her, tightly.  As the alarm cried out loud, she found herself romancing, in her dreams.

From @flirtingshadows: Dear Ganapati, Thank you for helping me rediscover the joy and romance called Bombay. I’ve relished the food, prayed with fervor and reveled in the devotion. But I loathe the cacophony we subject you to, as we celebrate your arrival, presence and departure. Promise you’ll do something about it the next year? Much love, Me.

From @roshd: It was the fairytale wedding of the century. Heir to the throne marries the beautiful 18year old girl. What killed the romance? The return of his ex-girlfriend or her unreal expectations? The truth crashed in the tunnel chased by the paparazzi. He remains the heir. She has long since been canonized ‘The Queen of Hearts'.

From @dneha: "Romance is a delightful playlist of lovers. Each story has its own peculiar OST. Each lover/maestro immortalizes his tune with her. 2002– Talk Tonight by Oasis, 2005 – Fake Plastic Trees by Radio head, 2010 – Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone. She leaves them with a nonchalantly honest 29 yrs by The National (2002-present)"

From @monathais:

Her sweet tongue was circling the words, while her lips honeyed them out in a musical string.

Les plantes de l'amour - les aphrodisiaques et leurs usages.

The man in the front row was undressing her with his eyes. His heart had been conquered.

Her striking beauty was hiding in the Romance language she spoke.

From @slokabs:

Sunshine, flowers, butterflies and birds;
Darkness, candles, soft and special words;
From see to sense to touch to feel;
A sense of belonging, every lover's dream!
Happiness in conversation, comfort in silence,
Solace in togetherness, a divine confluence;
Maybe a kiss or a hug or simply a fleeting look;
Each time, the emotion, privately understood!

From @asteroidosmic:

"Let's blast it."
"No! That will only create more debris."
"Let's deflect it."
"With an impactor"
"We've never tried this before. How big an impactor? What if we fail?"
"Sorry we cannot fund you."
The asteroid hit Jupiter. Our silent, ever vigilant guardian. Of course it remained unaffected, big fat giant that it is.

From @whiteness: They met in painting exhibition. They exchanged smiles and got acquainted quickly. They decided to have a conversation over coffee, in restaurant they touched each others' legs and behaved casually as if it happened accidentally. They discovered that they both love classic films and European languages. By evening, they had drinks and then kissed goodbye.

From @nishantways: He goes to the beach often these days. Alone, you can say. There are lots of couples walking the beach, hand in hand. He doesn’t envy them. He has someone with him always. Up there. He smiles at her. She romances with him every moment. Can he be alone? No, he can’t. He is never.

From @ponderpuffman: Summer Insufficient words. Fulfilling silences. Curious touches. Playful distances. Purposeful hurts. Accidental cares. Attentive ignorances. Carefree gestures. Pleasant abuses. Awkward pleasantries. Winter Delicate trust. Robust hope. Secret whispers. Loud affections. Forever breaths. Momentary arguments. Rains One umbrella. Infinite cups and saucers. Long poems. Short naps. French songs. Unexplainable vows. Same love. Different kind of romance.

From @absoluteme: The skip in her stride The chuckle in her laughter Did you notice it? Her desk got tidier You could hear her hum all the time So apparent! She started loving kids She even complemented the canteen cook! When inquired, she just smiled shyly. But she went overboard when she wore pink glasses to office!

From @Greyllusionist: romance, n.: You called in for the flowers and candles and the aromas for the evening. I came absolutely empty handed to the twinkle of your eyes, sparkle of your smile and the scent of your sweat.

From @vivekisms: He couldn't leave him. He didn't expect him to leave his wife. The situation was strange and yet there was love. No morals. No judgment. Just the idea of a walk on a beach. Accidental touching of fingers. Or maybe not. Just.

From @tweettabulous: Every time I rose in love. There's no falling I believed. Some affairs were casual, others meaningful passionate ones, few were short-lived just for the heat of the moment and the rest provided solace to the soul.

Each in their own way have made me who I am today.Books how much I cherish thee.

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