Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Theme 155 - Gesture

From @krishna_marathe: They met at the party. He remembered her as the woman who knew what she wanted. She wanted to walk away; she did. Silver lining from clouds reflected in her tresses now. She smiled and hugged him...tight. it wasn't a gesture, it was SOS.

From @slokabs: The traffic cop directed the unruly traffic with his hands.  A woman coyly winked at someone across the road. He waved and nodded!  Another woman scorned, pretending to slap a rickshaw driver on almost getting hit. Nayan’s view from the pavement was abruptly blocked by the white van marked “Sunshine school for the deaf and mute”.

From @swordfish19:

Karim stood stranded under the awning of a shop and watched the rain fall heavily. He was just two blocks away from office.
“Would you care to walk with me?” A man with a large umbrella asked him.
“Thanks” beamed Karim.
Outwardly, a nice gesture, but little did Karim know that he was a pickpocket.

From @xmanishaa:

They met. Fell in love. Were happy. Everything fell apart suddenly. Cancer came in their way.
He loved her a lot. Never made her feel like they would ever part.
She always remembers him while putting the reddest of roses on his grave.
A small gesture made him feel loved while being in heaven.

From @roshd: The couple was seated at the next table at the restaurant having a rollicking conversation, laughing uncontrollably. Her eyes were moist with mirth and she was glued to each word coming from him. I felt like such a retard sitting there, watching them, yet not understanding a word of their beautiful sign language.

From @deescjockey: The woman placed the padded ring on her head and another labourer started piling the bricks over it. She had five more trips to make to the first floor of the building under construction. Her two-year-old picked up a broken brick and started toddling along with her. She laughed at the useless but well-meaning gesture.

From @bright_eclipse:

Hello. You are gorgeous. I am sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I adore your beauty. I am usually not an extrovert... but the frown on your beautiful face was very disturbing... so I thought of sharing a little bit of my happiness...

The mute boy went on and on. The blind girl simply didn’t care.

From @tweettabulous: My friends called me stupid. But I couldn't let go of him.  He was married. There's no future they said.But he managed to soothe the mayhem of my soul, bring happiness to my mundane life and provide tranquility to the mind. His daily messages kept me sane... How could I give it up?

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