Saturday, September 22, 2012

Theme 151 - Brazen

From @aaliznat:

"I've been stuck for 2 days now thinking of an adjective that would be perfect for her open, fierce, I don't care what you think I will do my own thing personality."



"Use brazen."

"Its an anagram for a zebra with an n."

"So, the stripes have changed, that's all."

From @MsTitli: They were caught by a cop near the highway in a car. They were scared and the cop was shouting from the top. Out of anger and fear, he acted brazenly and roared, go find out your son and daughter first then search for others, and drove away!

From @roshd:

All the cute guys were self obsessed and the plain guys were well... boring. So unlike her jijaji. She was getting tired of decking up to meet prospective grooms coming home to 'interview' her.

"Maasi wants to know what she should reply to that engineer-boy's folks". Her mom called out, "Tell them to f**k off"

From @kunalbaidmehta: Having always been a topper Derek didn't want to miss it this time either. But this time it was different. He was caught cheating. Instead of being brazen about it, he broke down. The death of his mother a month back didn't allow him to prepare and his first attempt at cheating had fallen flat.

From @aaroo4: “Look at her, man- standing tall, defending herself against those hooligans. She is my kinda girl” Max beamed. “Gah, she is just being stupid, going to get hurt or scared & come back with her tail tucked between her legs” Carl smirked. “Take that, they retreated. She truly is awesome, my brazen gal” purred Max. 

From @minolajekar:  She walked tall and proud and looked into their eyes. It was like she was peering into their soul. They were the criminals here, making her parade nude, for what a biological accident of inferior birth. She could hear cries of brazen whore, but she walked taller and prouder.

From @mitchellez: She laughed at his face. He was not man enough to take her on. He drank, lost his control and bruised her with words or whatever he got his hands on. “What do you know about love, you prostitute?” He’d ask. She had had enough but decided to brazen it out, “It hurts,” she said

From @Crucifire:

2 years of their relationship and all he could muster was a 1st base, once. He was desperate. And restless.  Tonight was his birthday.

She came over, sat on his lap and let her shawl fall to the floor.

Red lingerie held up her soft, supple breasts.

He was at peace.

BraZen moment it was!

From @bright_eclipse:

He sat. She swung.
He cleared his throat. She pointed at the glass of water.
He drank. She burped.
He spat on her. She guffawed.
He offered her his kerchief shyly.
She removed her t-shirt and winked at him seductively.
6months later, the Shy Pervert and the Brazen Bitch tied the knot.

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  1. Interesting. Good to see all these sentiments unfold. May be I could contribute sometime. =)