Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Theme 139 - Shadow

From @punvati: A cloud drifted over the sun. Vishnu started, glanced about uneasily, took a bullet to the head and crumpled gracelessly to the ground. If life were a movie, portentous music would have played. A kilometer away, a farmer sat down. A sigh, a weary smile. Finally, some respite from the heat. A slow, joyful lilt.

From @rainandpeace: She shut her eyes as the shooting star she wished upon was engulfed by the dark folds of the night. She wished he was thinking about her. Her whole body –each molecule-yearned for him. But, she wept profusely whilst being in the silent company of nobody but the shadows that were her very own.

From @shruti_says:
The room looked like the aftermath of a paint-bomb explosion and Anna sat crying in the centre of it.
“What happened? Why is there paint all over the place?” she asked wiping her daughter’s face.
“I was trying to make her pretty but she keep moving and copying me.” Anna said pointing at her shadow.

From @deescjockey: He kissed like an expert; he had all the right moves; he know how leave a girl breathless. She had nothing to complain about, and yet she knew she could never inspire the same passion he had for his first love. She was living with the shadow of the man she once knew he was.

From @alwaystranquil:

Pfff  goes the cigarette tossed in the puddle, aftermath of our very own Mumbai rains.  The Chai still feels warm inside.
“ Bhaiyya Andheri Chaloge ?? She chirped. Drenched and helpless.
He lets her on board. Chuckles.
Darkness enshrouds. The Shadows stretch, beyond, into the unknown.
The rain resumes its never ending patter.  Pfff goes another Cigarette.

From @swordfish19: I must smoke after lunch. However, it’s too hot here near the equator at that time of the day. So, I stand below an elm tree near my factory enjoying the fag in its shade. Or shall I say I used to? They cut the tree recently. Now I smoke in the open.

From @roshd: How could she explain why was content to remain in the background like his shadow while he hogged the limelight ? That she loved him very much? That she lived for his smile? That he was an incurable romantic who treated her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world? That he made her happy?

From @ponderpuffman:

The beach was baking us that day.
Disconnected Mai was dripping away under the straw hat. Shirtless Papi was melting away on a dune.
Her shadow was cold and formed hibiscus patterns while his was a warm kaleidoscope.
Excited to see my shadow, I turned swiftly.

I realised, a shadow cannot have a shadow.

From @NumbYaar: The rising sun brought pain. The anklets tied tightly to his legs and the excruciating light through the windowpanes made his heart sink in resentment. He hated his relatives and their remarks on his mental illness. In the earth’s shadow, he found comfort.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: She ran as fast as she could. She ran as far as she could. She ran for as long as she could. She ran till she didn't drop dead. The damn thing wouldn't budge. Like a ravenous monster, it chased her no end. She wouldn't get away with this one. The shadow it was called.

From @vagabondinact: Each night she missed him. Her whole being ached in his absence. Knowing that he would return with the morning sun, stay the day long with her was not alleviating enough. At times he was leading her, at times he followed her, but what she treasured most were the moments when he was upon her.

From @absoluteme:

He lived in a world-Black and White and Hand-made
His tools-candle light and lithe fingers and imagination

Butterflies fluttered and wildlife came alive and barren walls started telling stories
Tales were woven and unfolded and thrown as mesmerising silhouettes

The world moved to colours and hues and tones
He lives on in shadows

From @TheScotchGirl: Sarah left him because she was just not that into him. She didn’t want waste her time; it just didn’t work that for her. James on the other hand was floored by her. He killed himself. She attended his funeral, yes. But she couldn’t get rid of that feeling she was being shadowed.

From @Greyllusionist: shadow, n/v.: You cover me as the clock ticks and when you are tired I switch places... engulfed within, we draw imaginary lines and live two different lives... giving up on our individual existence. I wonder if you would allow me to merge the same way in reality, ever...

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