Sunday, September 2, 2012

Theme 137 - Sex

From @TheScotchGirl: Could it just be her or was she suddenly just needed some TLC. She didn’t have a boyfriend, was not dating.  Men in her office - MEH! She dialled her chuddy buddy; she could always be open with him. He listened and asked her what he always wanted to. “Night cap at my place tonight?”

From @QuratZafar: I’ve tried but lust never quenches thirst. Whenever I attempted to lose myself in another woman, whenever I burrowed my face in her hair, it was your scent that snaked to my heart and caused a physical pain. What do I do, Anita? Each part of my body clamors for you.

From @Greyllusionist: It was the first time we met, I was there for a job interview. "Come inside.", you said when I knocked at the door. We both knew there couldn't be anyone better, as I gave just the right response you were looking for, every time, as you questioned with your each move, on the table.

From @JaaTeri:

We were into a discussion on designing a questionnaire.

"In the profiling section, we should replace 'Gender' with 'Sex' and provide options as 'Had' and 'Never Had', I joked.

"Sorry, I didn't get that. Speak louder," said the smart girl.

"Sex. HAD or NEVER HAD," I repeated.

"Oh. Had. Had," she blurted out.

From @PeaceOVent:

She was sexual. Kinks interested her. She had read the Kama-Sutra, fascinated and repulsed in the right places.

'Bondage. What would that be like?'
'S&M, I could try that.'

'Having a threesome would be so exciting.'

Truth was she couldn't trust anyone enough to touch her like that. Pop goes the cherry. Well, not yet.

From @filmyPurna: On paper,she was a scorpion,the starsign which was supposed to be best in bed.Practically,she was 23 and had zilch experience.Her mom thought she was hot.A prude,marriage would unravel many secrets,would it live upto the hype,or would it be marital rape.

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  1. Only 6 entries? Can't blame anyone, I too failed to come up with a decent story on this subject. I guess we're still not very comfortable writing meaningfully about sex.