Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Theme 153 - Fall

From @aaroo4:

“Listen to me carefully- close your eyes, and fold your arms on your chest” he instructed her.

“Ok, now what?” she asked impatiently.

“Now, remember, no questions”, he said in a tone that meant business.

“Hmm” she mumbled.

“Just let go & fall backwards”, he said.

“What the …”she stopped herself, landing  into his arms.

From @swordfish19: It was a strange day. First there was snow. Then it rained, turning the snow to sludge. Then there was hail, large pellets of it. We stayed indoors. Then, just before night fell, the power went off in our suburb. It was as dark as the inside of an infidel. We fell asleep somehow.

From @MsTitli: Aadi was the perfect guy for her. They were best friends until Aadi realized his part of love.Today after 30years of marriage, he still gives her a rose everyday saying "a rose for my beautiful rose". She never aimed at falling in love, she wanted to rise in love, and she rose!

From @slokabs: It was storytime for class 3-D of Sunshine High. The teacher was animatedly relating to her students the story of Hitler. Some listened intently, some pretended to. She didn't notice little Abhay's head lilting sleepily. "And thus, he fell, only to rise!", she completed the chapter. At that precise moment, Abhay’s forehead hit the table!.

From @deescjockey: Grandpa sighed as I wheeled him around the ruins. "I shot some of my best scenes right here. You won't believe how young girls fawned upon me..." We did this every year, visiting the old studio, reliving his days in the limelight. This visit in 1972 was to be our last.

From @visualizashan:

I fucking hate when your questions question my answer to your question. I hate when my sensible explanations don't make sense,when you move your face away when I try to kiss you.  May be you no longer have the value and respect that you once had for me.

Today's word is 'Fall' not 'Hate'.

From @tweettabulous:

He was known as the King of the share market, had amassed a huge empire with grandeur assets.His judgments were trusted blindly. Friends would entrust their hard money with him. He’d always given them profits.That autumn brought sheer misfortune. He filed for bankruptcy and was forced to sell his possessions.

TIME:  The Fall.

From @roshd:

“OK I’m an unemployed drunkard but your mother’s no angel. D’you know what ‘work’ she did? She was a whore”, he spat on her as she sobbed.

Ravi hugged and kissed  his mother.

“I’m even more proud of her now. If you’re still here after one hour I’ll strangle you to death you worthless pimp.”

From @MinolAjekar:

It was meant to be casual. Booty call. Friends with benefits. No emotionality. Fun and games and sex.  A plus one for those hard times.

Falling in love was not the plan of action, in any way or form.

From @vivekisms: He was forewarned. He was told. He had gone through it before. And yet it happened. Once again. Yet. Logic was shown the window. He fell in love. One more time.

From @ladycardiidae: "This is my fall from grace," she said. It was the death of her self-respect. The last of it. "I let them undress my conscience," she said, as she gathered her belongings into a tethered carton. As she stepped out of the 9-5 whirlpool, there arrived a blue envelope which pushed her back into it.

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