Saturday, June 30, 2012

Theme 78 - Secret

From @maruwahna: Like a child hiding candy from the predators, his face had that glint exclusive to a secret. Stop hiding,his eyes said. Wouldn‘t tell the parents, too smart for that. He would ask the sister to buy him goodies,effective blackmail,effective immediately. He knew her enough to know her secret. Caught. Again,the glint.

From @ThePheno_Menon: He told Maya everything. She did not react for a moment. Then the dam burst and tears flowed all the way to the ocean. Heartbreak sounded across the hall like glass shattering. He wished he had kept Laila a secret.

From @NumbYaar: Victor was like an open book. He was the drinking partner anyone could count on and his entire life was out there on facebook. Yet, he had a secret known to one or two. But then secrets have their ways. Soon the whole world would know about it. Too bad you still don’t know it.

From @karthikisthin:

His unkempt hair and foul breath could be attributed to his just waking up but it couldn't explain his shame.

He pulled the blanket and shuddered on seeing the body next to his.

That's all it was - a body. Some body he knew. Some body he did. He had saved the body's number as "sfgsrghtfh"

From @RuthSaldanha: ‘Tell Me!!!’ he screamed into her face. She sullenly watched his arm swing, connecting like a gunshot. Sensed blood before pain. Slowly, licked it off. The stench of fear thickened in her nostrils. She found herself fading, jerking back with his growl, ‘Why won’t you tell me?!?’ With a smile she said, ‘It’s a secret’.

From @OyeShake: I thought, at first, it would go away. It was just a phase that’ll pass. Then came the time when I realised I had been into it for far too long. It wasn’t a phase. It was the truth. It was a secret. I wanted to share it. I wasn’t willing to pay the price.

From @leztah: There’s something I must tell you. I’m dying of a caffeine overdose. Ever since I saw you, I can’t stop thinking about you. So I stay up every night, trying to infiltrate your mind. Y’know that saying, if you can’t sleep it’s because you’re in someone else’s dreams? It is true.

From @bassyc:  They wanted to keep it secret. None realised their lament when that secrecy killed the relationship in the long run. They just sigh now.

From @vivekisms: A promised not to tell anyone. A told B. B promised on his mother's life. B told C. C promised in the name of some god. C told D. D decided not to promise and let it all out eventually.

From @pallavipinakin: “I want to know the inner folds of your thoughts, the creases of your past, the hidden corners of your soul,” he said. “I want to know all of your secrets. Tell me everything.” So, she did. When she was done, he said sadly, “No mysteries left now. I’m afraid this is it for us.”

From @mizarcle: That’s where you reside, deep within the folds of my heart, where echoes don’t tread. That’s where you’ll always be, afraid to come out, afraid to be ridiculed, to be dismissed. That’s where I will hid you, my dirty little secret forever and ever.

From @AskThePankazzzz: His hands clumsily into her clothes, taking off the layers. Letting her reciprocate with all the passion. That night, they wanted to devour each other. They did. Lost into each other only to find themselves. Together they lay, comfortable in their nudity. They were no more a secret to each other.

From @Writoholic_Gal: The words... Tempted to be spoken, the lips sealed with the promise. Eyes beheld with tears, her secrets unveils as she blinks. World withheld within, the mercy never given, she died every day within. Wished upon the stars, for wishes to be fulfilled that were kept as a secret and never revealed.

From @fukat: They were friends for a while now..though she always wanted more but never knew of his intentions..then one night, over some conversation and much alcohol, they shared their passion..she never heard from him again..all she has now is the memory of that night, a secret she would have to die with..

From @kaloladeep: Inserted  a hard-drive to computer, Searching the secrets that I hide from her, Set the properties to “unhide”, Looked out all folders with “IMP”, ”secret” & “porn” for the material that she was expecting, Result “not found”, Forgot to check the readable folders just verified hidden one, Silly is she,  and Secrets Still remain Secrets.

From @divya_moorjani: That voluptuous inviting space between your ears and shoulders, on the side of your neck. That vicinity which rallies the obdurate nerves when you laugh or tilt your head. I feel like touching the crimson violet lines, my soul itches to feel your alabaster skin to my fingers. I guess…It’ll always be a desirous secret.

From @anjana_murali: It had been a year since she had left him forever, but her memory continued to haunt him. He took up tasks like cleaning the house to while away his time and it was during one such task that he found her secret suitcase, hidden- containing her precious diaries written over the last forty years.

From @my_summer_eyes:

He folded the letter. He knew she was dying to meet her secret lover. Kissing his wife, Susan, he left.

That evening, she arrived in the park. He was standing with his back towards her. She placed her hand on his shoulder. He placed a revolver on her temple.

“Hello Susan. You disloyal bitch!”


From @anushreekejriwa: He belonged to an orthodox family and killed his first born daughter, she was buried in the backyard and a rose bush was planted. He told everyone that his wife gave birth to a stillborn. The bush bore beautiful red roses, everyone would admire its beauty but its root secretly cried in silence.

From @drun007:

Ani: I will tell you a secret but you must not tell anyone.
Varun: No, I won't.
Stretches her hand out : Mother promise?
Varun: Mother promise.
Ani: God promise?
Varun: God promise.

Watching the kids in the playground brought back childhood memories. It was always the promise that mattered more than the secret.

From @Greyllusionist: Underneath the pillow. On the kitchen top. In the ripples of the bedsheet. At the doorstep. On the window pane. Those foams in the bath-tub and the mist on the mirror. In the corner of your lips. On the lids of my eye. You've left it everywhere! Now how do we keep this a secret?

From @NeelSheth: He always found her mysterious; never asked her anything. Loved her unconditionally for who she was. Last night was special though; she made the most passionate love to him; woke up early in the morning, made his breakfast and left home. He woke up, switched on the TV…breaking news “Female suicide bomber kills 55”

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“People are jealous of you two. How do you manage to be so much in love after all these years?” ,her friends asked.
“That’s a secret we don’t reveal”, she winked.
“No, not today. Today I have to be with the wife”, he whispered into the phone.
Yes, Ignorance was her secret.  Or adjustment perhaps.

From @writingchalk:

“Where are you taking me?” He didn’t answer. “Is it a surprise?” she asked. He nodded slowly.

Her eyes sparkled. A surprise after 50 years of marriage?

They stopped at a cemetery. He took her towards a grave. “What…” before she could complete, he pointed at a tombstone, which had her name inscribed on it.

From @LaressaGomez:

“Don’t let go!” he begged, as he clung to her fingertips and looked up at her silhouette against a blinding sky.
“Don’t look down!” she cried.

Her listless eyes now fixed on him, as the tempestuous surf whirled beneath.

“All these years—why didn’t you tell me?” he murmured.


“I’m under oath.” she whispered.

From @bitchwanti:

In the silence if the night, the sky speaks to earth. In the morning, there's a trail of dew to mark the rendezvous.

There's beauty in the unknown. Just like sleepy secrets let out in the aftermath of an explosion. Known, yet forgotten. Consigned to a secret compartment. Sacred. Worshipped. Most beloved.

From @lucidillusions_:

Capiche ? She nodded. Little girl smiled. "It's our little secret."

She whispered it in Jude's ear. Jude went in and brought a cookie. Her tears disappeared at once, big grin now. Jude couldn't do anything but smile at her innocence. Jude stood as her six year old neighbour walked away.

From @ScribblingOn: Being born to orthodox parents, Sonali was married as she completed her graduation. After a lavish wedding to a stranger, came the much anticipated first night. He devoured her like an animal feeding on meat. The next morning everybody knew her secret: Her stained past.

From @tunnvi: He strode down the street in his blue suit with the flaming red cape flying behind him. They made way for him, everybody stunned. And he exclaimed “It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s me Superman. It’s me Kal El, it’s me Clark Kent”. There, he let the cat out of the box.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Theme 77 - Debauchery

From @par7h: They met in a crowded place. Made eye contact, exchanged smiles, spoke briefly, the plot thickened and they danced. She thought she finally found love, someone to rely on. Only later to discover he strictly endorsed debauchery. Amused she was to find out that birds of same feather actually flock together.

From @SugarsNSpice: It was one of those wild nights.  Revelry was all around. Some celebrated freedom, others’ welcomed ‘real’ life. I was giving my fare-well to naivety by indulging in debauchery.  Inebriation was something that always made him lose. Today marked the beginning of his devastation, but I was incapacitated. He ruined it all, even the love. 

From @bassyc: His debauchery has reached its heights. He tries his best not to dream about those nights with the ex, but in vain. He looks over the shoulder and sighs for the girl sleeping beside, unalarmed, happy, content.

From @Writoholic_Gal: It poured on her as he touched her, the touch wasn't to her body... But her soul.

He hugged her whole night, swept through her hair, kissed her... But in the morning left her a note 'I loved you, but I lied'

From @m_saik: Resting on her foam cushioned mattress, fingers holding an unlit davidoff, she sipped Jack Daniels drowning in Beethoven's ninth symphony and let out an ecstatic sigh. Hiding behind the silk curtains, clasping a butcher's knife,he waited for her to close her eyes. Blood was his sensual indulgence. Both gave debauchery their own sweet meaning.

From @teejavus:

Jude wakes up to her finger tracing his lips. "The dinner was yummy," she whispers, "now time for my dessert.". She nibbles his ear and hears him let out a soft sigh.

He pulls her closer and they exchange a passionate kiss. Everything else that followed was too overwhelming for mere words to explain.

From @anushreekejriwa: She doesn't remember to how she reached these dirty by-lanes but can clearly recall the horror of her uncle entering her at the age of four. She was blamed and lived a tainted life. As she matured she could see lust in every mans eyes and with trying circumstances she succumbed to debauchery.

From @kaloladeep:

Person1: Hey dude are you going to that party tonight?
Person2: No dude, I don't want to be a part of all that drunk drama and debauchery, which turns out to be nothing and brutal scene with no pants and shame.
Person1: Ok, then pick you at 9?
Person2: Yeah sure, 8 would work!

From @NumbYaar: He sat on twitter looking at his timeline waiting for the topic for the day’s #55wordstory. He had been quite active with the stories earlier, but he was yet to contribute since the stories resumed after a long break. Suddenly the word ‘debauchery’ appeared. 'Screw this shit' he thought. 'I’ll wait for tomorrow’s topic'.

From @neelsheth: Their smell was the scent of Marijuana; touch was his Ecstasy. Their smile gave him a high; kiss enlightened him. Melting with their bare flesh gave him cold turkey. He was addicted to them; they were his drug. It wasn't just the sensual indulgence for him; Debauchery to him was a way to attain Nirvana

From @Oven_Tikka: Her eyes glittered with excitement as she tossed back the tequila. She’d lost the number of drinks she’d had. All she wanted was raging hangover the next day, the result of a night of flamboyant, debauchery. She didn’t want to be able to think about what she was doing, walking through the monastery gates tomorrow.

From @sinpinklove: Miraya had a red box delivered at her place.A smile crossed her face.She opened it slowly. Feathers,silk ties,a blindfold,scented oil,honey,chocolates,lace , a box of her favourite flavoured condoms and two tickets to Mauritius.A wave of pleasure engulfed her as she let out a sigh.

From @AskThePankazzzz: He was always high on whatever he could burn, smoke, inject, snort or pour down his throat. Even every women he could go inside, was his dose of ecstasy. Yes, everything! To the world, it was a life of debauchery. To him, debauchery was the world. And living life any other way, a blasphemy.

From @vivekisms: On one hand he wanted it all, the fame, the riches, the greed, the sloth and the lust. On the other, all he wanted was some peace and quiet. The battle did not rage. There was no war to be fought inside the head. He knew who he would pick. The glint in his eye came back as he snorted another white line.

From @Crucifire:

He drank. He fucked. He snorted.  Society wouldn't let him be. This is no place for nice guys, they had once said.  Nights of intoxicated debauchery ate away at his decayed conscience.

He died of cancer weeks later. His soul was infected.  A fallen angel.

From @BoozeSexSundry: I recall the involuntary pout of your lips as I feel a caress below my naval. I recall what your crookedly symmetrical teeth felt like. How your trembling body felt below me. And for everytime a client pays me by the hour, I feel like I’m one client closer to maybe seeing you again.

From @ JaajaBong: A lion knows nothing of debauchery. It is called pride. A rabid dog knows nothing of debauchery. It is called a habit. Nature knows nothing about debauchery either. It is called a fjord.

Man, however, invented debauchery to tame his own kind, fearing fierce retribution from a mysterious power he could never prove as absolute.

From @Writingchalk:




The grunts got louder. “MOANNNNN! COME ON! DAMN IT BITCH!”


The legs of the bed were about to give way. “Baby, be careful."



Shutting an over-packed suitcase had an orgasmic feel to it.

From @pallavipinakin: By the time they were done, not a hint of hope, not a whisper of love, was left. Their violence had broken all spirit. They had raped the land bare, pillaged its past, fucked its spirit, and toasted its ruin. The wreckage was complete. Their pleasure in the annihilation, in their own ruthlessness was…sheer debauchery.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Theme 76 - Map/Maps

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: Questions everywhere, all the time. Not an answer she had. She knew not what her destination was. She knew not what the path was. She knew not who she was. She couldn’t have known – till she saw that one face. That one face that made it all worthwhile. The one face that made life worthwhile.

From @AbhiandNow: The leeches were hanging out of his body and the caterpillars were crawling all over his feet, he had some of them for lunch. Even though he was walking above, what his ancestors said was a treasure mine, he was searching for the entry to a cave that was highlighted on the map as ‘Food’

From @aiwekuchbhi: It wasn't any predictable story. They believed in love. A couple who never fought,never cheated, never suspected and never had to lie to each other.they had their guilty pleasures.they made videos of them together and remembered only good times. They had *Partial Amnesia*. True love even when their brain map had deceived them.

From @zainity: It was his idea to have ol’ drive thru weekend, without any gadgets. I’d carefully packed all the obsolete items; map, compass, radio… and more of sack-snack. We lost our way. A whisper came from the driving seat, ‘Hon, by any chance did you carry along the phone?’ I smiled and turned on the GPS. 

From @vchatting:

"You've got to have a map of your life, like I know, 10 years from now, I'm going to have this much bank balance, house, married, two kids, you know, it's all planned."

When she saw him today she couldn't believe, he was the same person. Sitting distraught and broken at his wife's sudden death !

From @TheBigDowg: Make yourself comfortable. Smile at  your co-passengers. Follow the path of passion. Ignore the pot-holes of tears. Take the flyover above misunderstandings. Avoid the roads flooded with hate & anger. Don't be afraid to take emotional U-turns. Pay the required health toll. Hit cruise-control on the sexual highway. Welcome to life, enjoy the drive.

From @aaroo4:

“5 steps left, 4 steps right and then walk straight ahead 6 steps”
Careful, that is the dog’s bowl stool. Take 1 step left and keep going ahead.
“Am i there?”
Almost… last 6 steps.
Phew, finally. This is tough. How do…?*she chokes*
Its ok love, i know the layout of this house by heart.

From @maruwahna:  Nine pm that day , lost in a bad part of town , his ego not allowing him to ask the eager people for help. Anger escelates into arguments and he sleeps on the couch that night.

Next day , a cute voice on the phone tells him to take turns . He obliges . He sleeps on the bed with her,content.

From @bitchwanti: She walked the crowded lanes of Dharavi, camera in hand. Now clicking a tangle of wires,of the pigeons snoozing on tin roofs. A woman pulling her kids along the street,one sitting in a desolate doorway,lost to the world. In her camera she captured a map of existences, utterly unknown, yet fascinating.

From @wekneweachother: If you peel off my skin and lay it as evenly as possible on a study board, you will see scar-marks, moles, patches of body hair, dents and very rarely, some blood. My skin has been a traveller, protecting my body through thick and thin. There’s a whole lifetime of geography wrapped on my body.

From @anushreekejriwa: She thought the way through her husbands heart was through his stomach. She excelled as a cook but never got love in return. Her husbands heart was in the palms oh his mistress. Helpless she mapped her way to become a famous chef and now men want to find a way to reach her.

From @sinpinklove: Miraya loved chocolates and anything to do with it. Jay was an artist. He painted the world map on her body with hot melted chocolate and then erased it all with his cold ticklish tongue. She learnt her geography in a way she would never forget. Now it was her turn.

From @vivekisms: Your body is not less than a country. The valleys, the mountains and then the plains. The air that surrounds your aura and the water you signify. For just one night, I will own you. I will trace your pattern and your territories and it will be my personal atlas.

From @AskThePankazzzz: For once without caring about the what-ifs; he measured the past, scaled the sufferings & weighed the love they nurtured. The volume of tears shed, was too less to let her go. He knew he has lost her. But it was love. Clinging on with all he had, he Mapped his way to her heart. Again.

From @blahberred: A common friend had introduced them. They had nothing in common. They spoke endlessly about places they'd worked at, places they'd travelled to, where they lived...and intricacies of how to reach each others' houses...areas, roads, cities, countries...bylanes, shops, landmarks...She was geography-dyslexic. Thank God for google maps

From @kaloladeep: The diversified body parts used to look her from every angle till she used pass on from his eyes, always thought of locating her in perfect longitudes and latitudes of his heart, Till the time he decided to locate her, she was untraceable in the Map.

From @teejavus:

Prudence was a freelance designer. Her last few assignments had brought her in contact with a guy who did book illustrations. He passed on to her an assignment that dealt with designing a map for a post apocalyptic novel.

While discussing the design, the author mentions the protagonist was named Jude, and she smiles, sheepishly.

From @Marwaari:

"You're the only person who can make her stop crying" Wife said,
"Why do you want her to go to school so early?" I asked.
"Not again!!" She frowned, "Go make her smile first"

(later)"Lets go to school Mummy, Papa is going to give me a map for treasure hunt after school" She chuckled.

From @JaaTeri: It was a perfect plan. He lived as a banker - a fake identity - for months. Nobody doubted that he master-minded the fraud. A master of disguise, in the past he had been a professor, doctor and IT officer. And now that the ‘banker’ was dead, it was time to map out a new career.

From @fukat: He gazed into her deep brown eyes as he caressed her hand. It took him back through their life together. With her by his side, he always seemed to know his way in the past 32 years. It was true, there would be no map in the journey of life…she was all he ever needed.

From @madrasmad: Adam left his hotel in search of a pharmacy. After some walking around, he asked a young boy for directions. The boy laid down on the ground, and used his arms and legs to show the way. Adam looked confused. The boy slapped his forehead, took Adam’s hand, and led him down the street.

From @nimue_: She sat at the window , looking at a beautiful sunset. some faded papers lay scattered around her chair. A lot of them already been carried outside the window into the sky.  She smiled. Her words seeked a new soul to guide. The traveller was in for a surprise with such maps.

From @AGirlOfHerWords: She was lost. You could see her big eyes widening in despair. She wondered again how she lost her way, forever wondering, forever wandering. She was sure she had, finally, found her way, her way to his heart. Maps, she thought, they should make maps for hearts too. She carried on, she’ll keep looking.

From @My_Summer_Eyes:

Turning to the map marking section of her Geography paper, she smiled. They had to mark the Bokaro coal mine. She’d religiously practiced her maps. Recalling the mine location, she lifted her pencil …. and stopped! Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh? What place to mark the coal mine on, she wasn’t sure anymore.

“MAPS!” she sighed.

From @iBeingMe: She sat by the river and faked her smile. With writing a long love letter her hands felt insensitive but with a sudden thought she folded up letter into a boat. She wanted to be with him and sing him love song she composed herself. I must place a map inside the boat. She thought.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: He was my best friend. We fell in love. Love came with all the complications characteristic of it. It became a burden, a compulsion. As he said I love you mechanically yet again, I realized I had lost the map in which I had once marked the way to his smile.

From @eternalscrewup:

"Wassup bro? Where have you been?" asked Vasco.
"Dodging arrows man. These stupid maps are shit worthy." replied Columbus.
Vasco promptly added "True that. Mine said hot weather and spices but I could only find Russian women on those goan beaches."
"I hear those Google maps are badass" said Columbus as they slowly walked into the sunset.

From @BoozeSexSundry: She looked up from her deep red mehendi and wondered about the numerous uninvited opinions she got. 'You're too young.' 'He used to be an addict.' Then she traced his initials from the design on her hands. And she smiled. A sign of a kind. A map in its own.

From @drun007 : "How could you forget the car charger?  We are deep inside the forest with no GPS and zero phone reception.  We are screwed!", yelled Chris.  Kim sat with guilt. 

Sudden memory flash!  The entry ticket packet.

"Let's get back to simpler times, Chris".  She pulled it out of her handbag - the map of the forest.

From Sree: Jim and Lisa have been drifting apart off late. The passion and the deep emotions have gone. They just got used to each other. There was nothing new. Jim proposed a break. As they were about to drive away, Jim threw the maps out. "Let's get lost Honey" he said. Lisa kissed him passionately.

From @Crucifire:

He was scrutinizing the Holy Grail from the hilltop.
Two mountains and a crater to reach the treasure, marked with a V.
He encircled the tips and bases of the mountains in patterns. The landscape wriggled.
Nails jumped over the crater with a swipe and the Canyon was his.

He loved exploring her.

From @RadhikaMohandas: It started with the corner of my eyes. To the dimple, that couldn’t decide whether or not it should show itself that night. To the quivering bulge of the lips. And then, steady with arrogance, it travelled south. The lips stopped quivering. The finger lost its way. That night, your finger mapped its favourite mile.

From @NeelSheth: He looked into her eyes said “love, remember the day I met you?” She whispered “Night”. He was a gypsy, a lost soul in search of self. Full moon light showed him the way. Path to her was mapped in his heart and he just followed it; to be lost again in her eyes forever.

From @JaajaBong:

Blackbeard scanned the outer docks of Ocracoke. The Royal Navy was closing in. His face betrayed miniscule twitches of fear his infamy knew nothing about.
“Avast me hearties! Ye need no maps now, do ye?”
“Nay Cap’n! Dead men tell no tales. And sing no chanteys, aye?”
And so they sailed. The rest, is history.

From @panktimehta: He drove for hours, passenger seat empty, circling from urban jungle to exotic land and back again. Stories poured from his head into buildings, bridges, castles, rivers, into people and schools, corner stores and other cars. As long as the horn tooted with his imagination, his plastic car didn't need a working navigation system.

From @writingchalk:

Accountant. Doctor. Engineer. Research Scientist. Pilot. Programmer. Lawyer. Teacher. Writer.

So many options. So little time. I don’t even know what I want to do any more.

My future is hazy. My 12th std. results are out tomorrow. Everyone wants to know where I’m going.

Can someone please give me proper directions to my future?

From @randomWhiz:

"On entering, take a left, then a right, then another right, this will lead to the servants quarter, then the Royal Kitchen.."

As Leela read the braille map, she memorized the directions of the insides of her favourite monument.

From @khatteemithi: A parchment with a hand-drawn J.  Her father’s talisman – the map to happiness that always opened a secret door to a meadow full of dandelions. Only now the door opens to a dim-lit office harbouring dimwits. The dandelions had wilted along with her father’s pyre. The map of happiness lay cackling. Sniffing the dust.

From @Oven_Tikka: His armour gleamed as he galloped across a field of sunflowers, sword in one hand, a map in the other. After several days of riding around the wilderness, he was finally there to slay the dragon and rescue the princess. And people thought he would get lost.  As if a man ever stopped for directions! 

From @sohamsabnis: Technology has never been integral part of our lives, as it's been today! TomTom and devices help us reach wherever we want to. We are in search of a destination where mind hovers in a peaceful sky. We are searching for a map, which takes us to such a place, where we are WE, not I!

From @indianewsmonkey: Jacob grabs me from behind, spins me away from the bar. Beer froth still spraying off my lips, he yells, “I’ve found it!” We fly through the street, descend into his dingy basement. He waves a tattered parchment in my face. “It’s just a map,” I shout. Eyes dancing madly, he says, “It’s a start.”

From @tunnvi: Lots of blue lines representing rivers. The big green patch was the forest, a lot of them. Islands and seas and more land mass putting them on the world map would falsify their actual size. He looked at it gleaming with pride; it was his daughter’s first master piece “The Map of the Mysterious Island”.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Theme 75 - Woo

From @aaroo4:

“Do you remember how i kept driving past your house on the rickety cycle, you looked at me through the curtains?”

“How i used to come over on the pretext of asking if you got any of our mail? and you would coyly reply No”

“Yes” she smiled frail and tired on the hospital bed.

From @bassyc: Wooing the puppy was his sole intent, and it came to him wagging its tail, with love. All in the hope that the little thing's pampering will woo him to seek life, someday.

From @blahberred: She couldn't bear to look into his eyes. Couldn't laugh or cry with him. Irritation caught up with her for no reason; forcing her to burst forth in anger till she snapped. She was not unhappy though. She remembered they had been perfect for each other...till the world wooed her away.

From @Gods_Evangelos: It was the time of winters. He was her regular customer. She fell in love with him. For him she was just a mere toy to play with. She was feeling something different when he did it. He felt inside, her feelings. One morning he said, “Suman, will you marry me?” They lived happily thereafter.

From @JaajaBong:

“She is a technophile, no?” “What?” “I mean she loves gadgets, right?” “Well, yeah, Didi loves them. Shiny toys are better than teddies, she says!” “Good.”

“Youth dies in failed robbery attempt in the wee hours of this morning, right in front of the Apple Store in Downtown, LA”

Death is the unrivaled wooer.

From @SugarsNSpice: It was one dark night.  The rock show we organized was finally over.  You came all drunk and smelled of smokes once again. Best friends we were but today my anger reached the zenith.  The task to make me smile was taking my heart away.  You never wooed me, yet I stand today, in love.

From @woohoochild: It was a frozen winter when he first met her. From her neck hung a sign that read 'Free hugs' in poor handwriting. It was such an honest attempt at keeping warm. His hug was too warm for her to let go of. She stuck to him forever and there was no wooing required.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: The deer ran again. Seeing it closer made him run harder and harder. Atlast he fell, exhausted. Within a few hours, eagles were feeding on the corpse. Another creature, wooed by the mirage, had fallen prey to its cruelty.

From @m_saik: "You frandsheep me?", he asked. "Learn English", she said. "Your lovely like a snowflake", he wooed. "You're", she corrected. "Love you more than anything else", he stammered. "Cliches,UGHH!", she frowned. She left him and married a poetic genius, lived unhappily. He became a modern day Shakespeare, "To woo or not to woo?" killed him.

From @kaloladeep: The aloofness between them was affecting the kid, The transcription they opted for wasn't the solution to make that kid happier. She always thought, he was the reason behind that, He always seek to gain momentum to make it normal, but the kid went too far, time taken to settle by both was too much.

From @RiddhiAswani: Tiny fingers moved swiftly on the keyboard, their speed a testament to how often the boy wrote this letter. Soft pleas and loud wails, hidden in the clever camouflage of words. What’s going on?' Dad asked. The boy turned, 'Writing to Mummy, asking her to come home from the war. I promised her my toys.’

From @sinpinklove: She was strikingly beautiful and well aware of it.They came with roses, chocolates and small gifts.They made sweet talk but she never indulged. They called her a snob but she did'nt react.One day she fell in love . He did what others could not. He made her smile.

From @writingchalk: He handed her the engagement ring in an elaborate looking box. “What’s this ugly rock?” she asked. As she tried to force it open, her boyfriend stopped her, “Honey, that’s extremely rare metallic ore from the Moon. It’ll explode.” “That is out of this world!” she screamed. Being an astronaut has its advantages, he realised.

From @teejavus:

He cooked her favourite. He set up the table. He felt the cold ring in his pocket. He waited for her to return from work.

His phone rang, "Sorry love, still stuck at work."

Annoyed with her, he finished his dinner,  thinking about the girl he saw in the library,  wondering who she was.

From @sohamsabnis: Mother earth has witnessed evolution; she never dropped water from her eyes. She has seen trees dance romancing with the wind, skyline holding dense clouds in trance, only to woo the rains! Life Continues, even after mega extinctions.

From @madrasmad:

Woo would’ve expected the boy to kill?
  Really? Wu knew?
Woo Wu?
  I don’t know. You tell me.
Allo! Ow can I tell when I don’t know woo you’re talking about?
  Oh, shit! I see what’s going on!
  Holy shit, man! Holy shit.
Shit appens, dude.
  Ha Ha Ha Ha!
A a a a!

From @iBeingMe: No one seemed concerned for her apart from the drunken night staggered on the moon. She and Wednesday hummed the same old song. Lamp was given light with hope. She was badly in romance with fireflies but she doesn’t know why they stopped visiting her since last year. Summers are lonelier without them. She sighed.

From @my_summer_eyes: They turned her to face the window. The nurse cautiously removed the gauze covering her lately operated upon eyes. Taking in a huge breath, she opened her eyelids. For a moment it scared her. She blinked and then let herself be wooed by a moon lit sky of which she’d only heard stories uptil now.

From @SermonsinStone:

He brought her a nut. She made a face and turned it down. He brought her a nice, big mushroom. She sniffed it and grimaced. He made her a bouquet made of twigs and leaves. She smirked and looked away.

Then, he took a break and saw the Kit-Kat ad.

Thereafter, it was a cakewalk!

From @Crucifire: “Dude, how do I get Aarti interested in me?”
“Ask her out for coffee. Send her a handwritten note. Send her a rose bouquet. Take her to the beach for a walk.”
“How do you know so much man?”

“I AM WOO-MAN!” *he makes a “Woosh Woosh” sound and flies away*

From @anjana_murali: He was not sure whether his mother would remember that he had not given back the money that she had given him the other day. But he knew that he should take something for Nidhi for her birthday. The shopkeeper smiled as he saw the young boy of seven already trying to woo a girl.

From @anushreekejriwa: He tried to woo her with the swanky BMW his dad gifted him. She was happy with her boy who had carve a niche for himself in the world of writing. However, she couldn't resist the temptation of being with a rich bloke. Love lost and they lived peacefully ever after.

From @drun007: Rakesh was the Chief Engineer and Anjali was a college intern. When he professed his love, she turned it down cos he was older. Years roll by and she meets Rakesh at a conference.  All she can think of now is wooing him back into her life.

From @TheBigDowg: Stupid arguments. Unwarranted tears. Angst. Extended family members. Annoyance. Nothing matter anymore as wife & I set off for yet another vacation together. It's been seven years and I still don't know whether her like for my surprises is more than my like for the surprised look on her face.

From @vchatting: She almost hated him; wondered why he bothered asking her out for coffee, from time to time. When he’d called today, she’d been disturbed over her recent loss of  job and welcomed this distraction. Over coffee, he talked about this opportunity at his office. Somehow he seemed more likeable as the evening ended !

From @vishalshriyan: Fought his way to the front of the crowd. Barged into the incoming train and rushed to the end of the compartment. Thank goodness there were bars he could see through. Combed hair, wiped face. She'd board in the next compartment soon. Willed steel into his spine. He'd decided to give her a smile today.

From @catpricious: She was surprised at first when she met that girl at the bar. But after the flowers and the mix tape that she received by mail,  it became pretty clear. When her boyfriend came across a greeting card, he said "I'm glad you've found a good friend among all those 'woo girls'". She only giggled.

From @NeelSheth: She smiled, my heart skipped a beat. She opened her arms, I ran towards her. She stirred my soul, made me feel alive. I felt blood rushing through my veins. Sparkle of eyes, a moan of ecstasy; took my breath away. She smiled again, my heart didn’t respond. Finally, she wooed me; Death.

From @JaaTeri:

"I wasn't ready to run away from home."
"In the next two days your dad did everythng to woo me back. He turned up disguised as a milkman, electrician and a professor! I had to agree. We kissed. That night, we eloped. You listening?"
"Love marriage! Parents didn't understand. Children won't listen. Sigh."

From @mizarcle: She was wooing me.  I wanted to play hard to get too. She there with her alabaster skin sitting there. I could see sitting behind a glass window. It was almost like she was there to tempt, on display. I finally gave up, looked up and ordered that cheesecake. Believe me, she was amazing.

From @Oven_Tikka: She stuck her tongue out at him. He scared her with dead cockroaches. She tied his shoelaces together. He tripped her as she walked by. She told the teacher he was carrying a comic in his bag. He wrote hate notes to her. They were both six years old. They were in a childhood relationship.

From @GayatriiM: " You are so beautiful " He entered the chat message . " You've woven your words into my being " she responded. " Give me your smile" he wrote." Ask your words, they control it" she teased. Multiple Emoticons followed.Smile was wooed, words had won.

From Sree: She looked at him with Bambi eyes and he fell in love. She is way out of his league and he doesn’t like what she does. Yet there was this uncharacteristic need to hold her, take her home with him. He emptied his pockets and bought the CD home just to look at her.

From @indianewsmonkey: He was ashamed at how distant he felt from her; at how he flinched at her words. His little girl, sitting there telling him how she had grown to like Dr Luis’s presents, the touch of his wrinkled hands, his poems. It wasn’t enough for the bastard to rape her. He had wooed her first.

From @bitchwanti: Each night the balmy moon, hung-low, spreading its coppery-light, wooing the sunflowers to look and smile at it, like they did at its mean cousin, the sun. They remained motionless. With the first rays, they woke-up with dazzling smiles, heads turned towards the rising-sun, while the moon hung its head in disdain, hidden from view.

Theme 74 - Immortality

From @HighHeelsWaali: I write words and set them free. I will never die. This is my endless tale.

From @drun007 :

Ravana performed an intense penance to Brahma, lasting several years.  Brahma, pleased with his austerity gave him the celestial nectar of immortality.

Following day's top e-Bay listing read :

Seller : ItsMeRavana
Celestial nectar of immortality
Nos : 1
Condition : Original
Price : Rs. 50,900 or exchange for new iPad
No returns, Free shipping

From @Marwaari:

"Beheaded body of a Five year old found near the ghats, Culprit arrested" The wireless radio beamed.
"Why did you do this? He was like your son" The mother of the beheaded boy screamed at the culprit neighbor.
"I just followed Baba's orders. I will be Immortal. Nothing will happen to me" He laughed hysterically.

From @teejavus:

"Wisdom can't adhere". She hums those words. She remembers hearing those words when the paper ball hit her.

The words were stuck in her head.
She knew them from long ago, but can't remember anymore.

Then she remembered,  "But there's a trapdoor in the sun...immortality...  ", it was a PJ song she sang in school.

From @m_saik: It was the year end, she had just turned 263 years old. "What is the secret to your immortality grandma?",Rita asked. She took out her Nokia-1100 and forwarded "PASS DIS MSG TO TEN PPL OR U WILL DIE NXT YEAR" to ten random numbers. She put the phone away smiling wickedly at Rita.

From @writingchalk: He stepped onto the podium nervously. Adjusting his Gandhi cap, he looked at all the eyes watching his every move. He knew his words would live on, so he had to choose them carefully. And thus it began at the stroke of midnight, 15 August 1947, “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny...”

From @kaloladeep:

Suffering from Cancer had only 3 months of living, son asked Dad,
Son: What is immortality ??
Dad: It's like you live forever and never die, like your Iron Fist, Gambit, those who do good things. 
Son: I am gonna do good things and would be Immortal like them.
Dad: Hiding Tears, Ya You would be !!

From @vforvehla: The verdict had been reached, he was guilty of impiety. The world witnessed as justice was served in a hemlock tureen, as the "gadfly" stung venom, as death evanesced into immortality with a gulp of his defiant obedience.

From @bassyc: She starts missing him suddenly. By missing, she gets confused with hating at times. She realises their relationship, though dead now, will remain immortal to them - for love or for hate.

From @chillerArj:

The scent of hair lurked in the shadows of despair while the coal in the eye assured a lifeless stare

His spirit lay caged within its carcass. Beware!

Behind the closed doors of the chamber where conspiracies brew thick, immortality was bestowed upon his soul.

Silence was then beckoned to blanket the cadaver so unaware.

From @SugarsNSpice:

Cast a cold Eye
On Life, on Death.
Horseman, pass by!

The epitaph of the eternal poet leaves me wondering if life was fair to the greatest stars. I cry with failure and fear success. Empty handed, I lose nothing, in risks I take. Then I write a piece of epic poetry, to gain immortality.

From @madrasmad:

"MJ lives on."
"He’s nothing compared to Rafi."
"Who Ruffy? Did he have more fans than MJ?"
"You measure immortality by counting mortal people?"
"Don't be sensitive."
"MJ was as delicate as a bubble, and you call me sensitive?"
"But his bubble never popped."
"Yeah, right. That's why he was the king of pop."

From @TheBigDowg: Sing an original song. Write a new story. Dance to a different beat. Make more friends. Love. Forgive. Help the needy. Give people a reason to smile. Take the leap of faith. Be someone's memory. After all, memories are immortal and that's the only way you'll continue to live long past you are gone.

From @anushreekejriwa: She was detected of cancer and knew that survival will be possible beyond a year. She wanted to remain alive in his heart, but knew that the fickle mind would replace her after she went away. He kept her immortal in his heart while said 'I love you' to his new wife everyday.

From @punvati:

“A lonely Jazz singer rescued from a life of drugs and poverty. A sudden worldwide sensation, never to be forgotten.”
She snapped out of it when someone jostled her. Her brother’s funeral was beginning. Never again would she stop thinking of all that could have been.

From @@anjana_murali: Yet again she had to confront two different families. She would be like a goddess to one while the other would regard her as not even close to mankind. “Please, I am a mere mortal.” she wanted to shout out loud. Just then, “Avni, its about time we convey the news”, the senior doctor said.

From @sinpinklove: She was quickly climbing the success ladder.No one could stop her .She used everyone and everything, sometimes her mind and more often her body. She was the face of every popular brand and her face could be seen on every fashion magazine.A role model for many but only her heart knew the truth.

From @vishalshriyan: Filming his escapades had always excited him. He'd loved to linger over the expressions; thrilled, fearful, satiated, satisfying. Each time he watched he almost got a high. Till the day someone browsed through his collection. He felt sorry for her now. For she'd become immortal on a million phones all over the country.

From @bhytu: I googled a short story. I edited it my way. I summarized it in fifty five words. Low morals, lower motive. I had to be the best. I giggled. What better way to match the theme. Then I realised I had missed the "t"."Immortality" is another story.

From @nimue_: Every one wished to be immortal.  She could grant that to any or each one of them, but she was a tough goddess to please. "If they want me to re write their fate , they better learn to write a good story about it too", she mumbeled and threw away another application.

From @xmanishaa: He would stay young and immortal, she wouldn't. He would never have grey hair, she would go bald in a few days. He was a character in a book, she was here in the real world, fighting cancer.

From @3nvinyatar: The silence was oppressive. The very air seemed to crowd into his very being, permeating every aspect of his being. He could feel the tendrils of cold creeping up his fingers, snaking along his toes. The minor discomfort was but a price to pay. Darkness stealing over him, he waited till a cure was found.

From @woohoochild: He looked over to see where his long gone kingdom used to stand. The gods had granted him the unfortunate gift of immortality. There was no way back to his dead wife and son. One day at a time, he died a little by living on. Tithonus now knew the real meaning of loneliness.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: They had grown up together, shared all the pranks of childhood, all the secrets of teenage. They had fallen in love, broken up and moved apart. Now, as they saw each other after a decade, they rushed to embrace each other, as the realization dawned- their friendship was immortal, even if their love wasn’t.

From @bitchwanti: Layers of heart shaped orange petals of the marigold glinted against the golden statue. The dewy air fragranced with the soft scent of nishigandha. She stared in rapt attention, as though willing the statue to come alive and full her wish. It is through this human belief that gods gain immortality. Supernatural is what we make it to be.

From @iBeingMe: He was dead once.When they found him, labeled as child who cannot speak and left him amidst the crowd. He felt deserted, and no one understood him. Then she visited and saw oasis of emotions inside him. She gifted him ink, a pen and blank paper when she left.His words made him immortal.

From @Crucifire:

Statues. Quotes. Roads. Words. Buildings. Parks. Theories. Programs. Universities. Awards.

Die each day so that you can live on, after death.

From @BongBuffoon: His tears were not immortal. They stopped flowing after some time. In a dark, desolate cave, many years after the world stopped turning, breathing and living, lay one man praying for death. Life, for him, had gone beyond the wrinkles.  There was no one left to pray to him, or cry for him.

From @RadhikaMohandas: I wrote our names on steamed-up mirrors. On dusty car bonnets. By connecting stars in constellations I didn’t see again. I etched them in sand, which the waves grabbed away.  I carved yours on skin, but the blood dried and the wounds healed, and the scars disappeared. Maybe we lost. Maybe forever wasn’t our thing.

From @vchatting: A trek to Amarnath, she’d heard, was the key to immortality!  Seventy  and penniless  , at the mercy of her son, like a shadow in that house, she existed quietly. Sometimes, her grandson’s toothy smile crumbled her heart. Late, one night, she crept over, to brazenly steal the household money  and left …on  her pilgrimage.

From @Oven_Tikka: Centuries rolled by. Days melted into each other. Everyone they knew had long gone. Even the world as they knew it no longer existed. They spent long hours in museums reminiscing and missing the simpler times. What had felt like an invaluable boon at the time was nothing more than a curse, this wretched immortality.

From @JaajaBong: The delicate arms flailed around. Shrill screams pierced the night – the lights by the jetty flinched in fearful anticipation. He stood there, writhing in a dilemma.  Sirens came flashing. The princess was rescued by the guards and escorted back. Immortality had come and gone. The jetty lights smile, “You are like us. Lighten up!”

From @GayatriiM: Night was young.High tide rose & waves gushed to touch dainty toes of most beautiful of them all .Her laughter echoed all around the beach. He picked up the sea shell & put it against his ear. Her voice was resonating within. He had immortalised her voice as she flew away with the high tide.

From @TheFookFace: He had worked all his life and tried saving as much as he could. After retiring, he set aside some amount of money to sponsor benches in the neighborhood park. His children always nagged him about it, but he knew, the only chance he had at immortality was through his name inscribed on park benches.

From @vivekisms: He: We wanted it all. Didn't we? She: Forevers are meant to be? He: Are they? She: The immortal love? He: What? She: Love. The immortal kind. He: Let us humour ourselves.

From @Greyllusionist: immortality, n.: “We couldn’t make our love a fairy tale, let’s try and make it to the pages of history”, you said. I told them to etch this on the epitaph of our joint grave.

From @NeelSheth: He sat next to her, staring at the moon; his soul felt the void. All he wanted was to live forever in the sanctuary of her arms. He screamed silently; eyes closed. She is in his arms; touch of the cold stone of her grave. He conquered love and soul, but Immortality is killing him.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Theme 73 - Moon

From @aaroo4:

“Bright and round, like a ball of cheese
White and foggy, like a glass of milkshake
That is the moon,
Up in the sky, shining in the night
Fading away slowly, as the sun rises
That is the moon
I want to fly, to touch the Moon” , sang the little girl standing on the stage.

From @Oven_Tikka: The full moon was two days away and already he could feel his brothers look at him with fear. It had been years now, but the pain of transformation never got easier. Maybe if he accepted who he was, it would take away some of the constant ache. Oh how he hated being a wereman.

From @shekhartripathi: On a warm midsummer’s night, there I lay on my bed when something woke me up. A curvy silhouette stood by the window. She had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold. A drop of sweat went down her shoulder shining like a pearl in the moonlight. Can the moon really play tricks with you?

From @m_saik: "I want to look at the moon first, doctor", I said as he removed the bandage covering my eyes. Appa told amma went to the moon after the accident. It must look so beautiful now, I thought. I opened my eyes, a painful memory returned a truck rammed into our car. The moon scares me.

From @blahberred: You look beautiful -He said, while parting- I will always remember you when i see this moon. She blushed in the moonlight. The trees, the full moon amidst them, the stray beetle, the crushed blue flower...she remembers all who witnessed the event, she remembers the pain, the numbness...His face is but a blur.

From @Crucifire:

“Look Ma, no gravity”, Joe said as he floated around in his suit.
“Dude, check out these half moons ”, said Jack and flashed his butt at Joe.
“Gross! You bastard!”

*Jack watched in horror as Joe transformed into a werewolf*

You, reading the story, this is still better than Twilight, no?

From @bhytu:

It was a full moon night. Both of them sat together holding hands in a romantic silence.
"I need to tell you something."
"I am a vampire."
"Cool. It is in fashion. Even I am 'Robsessed'."
He smiled, his canines gleaming in the moonlight.
Twilight saga saved love.

From @writingchalk: His joy knew no bounds – he had just seen the sun at night! Imagine how jealous the others would be of his discovery! “Papa! Dekho! Raat ko suraj nikla hai!” His father took him by the hand to the terrace, and smiled. He then gave his son the heart-breaking news, “That’s just a lunar eclipse.”

From @Highheelswaali: She could see a tiny sliver of moonlight coming through the closed blinds. The windows were never opened, but she has learnt to tell the time from the rays which escaped inside. The yellow light was okay, but she loved the white light. It was comfortable. And it meant Daddy would come to love her.

From @chinmaynaik07: Since the evening they had met in the moonlight, moon had always been special to them. They used to talk from oceans apart over phones, looking at the moon to feel togetherness.But it was over now. Gifts locked away, messages deleted, music substituted, chat histories erased. Only left to be replaced.. was the moon.

From @RBtrary: Glitter of Bollywood wooed her and she ran away to become an actress. The superstar spotted her & promised to be her Godfather. Promise was never kept and she never made it to the silver-screen and ended-up becoming one-of-his-many mistresses.

She had once aimed for the moon, but even the “stars” had betrayed her.

From @vchatting: She was throwing the mother of all tantrums yet again! Yelling inconsolably, as he retreated more into his shell, refusing to engage. She hit a hard forceful punch across his frame. Decidedly, he drew her close, into his arms. Sobs suffused in him as the peeping moon smiled from the clouds that

From @AmanjotKSandhu: They sat on the beach, her head resting on his shoulder."I love you." "I love you, too."Finally, she had admitted it. It was the best day of his life. He looked at the moon. It looked much brighter and more beautiful than ever. He smiled and held her closer.

From @bitchwanti: Resplendent, she stood laughing with her friends. Her smooth youth attracted many a lovelorn glances. Till he rode up to her and flung the little vial in her face. "Now you look like the moon, my moon. Only mine", he said tenderly as she cried out in pain, beauty forever marred.

From @madrasmad: Pirlo takes the corner for Italy. Half a kilometer away, Balotelli and other teammates wait to rush towards the goal. Here comes the kick! The ball is in the air. It’s expected to land in a minute. The English defenders are quickly deciding on a strategy. I only wish they were playing on Earth.

From @sinpinklove: The moonlight sparkled on her as she lay naked beside him.He could forever admire her. Slowly , he touched her lips and she quivered in excitement.His fingers began their downward journey but their gaze remained locked. She let out a shy smile and he made her his own for eternity.

From @melittlepixie:

 ‘There’s greed, conflict, passage of time. Let’s call it ‘Dark’, David said.

‘Does the moon have a dark side?’, Roger asked randomly, staring at the moon‘There’s no dark side of the moon. It's all dark’, David said.

David and Roger smiled knowingly. In two weeks, Pink Floyd launched ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’

From @Greyllusionist: She stood centre stage, all the limelight on her, ‘twas a major achievement of their brand to start this philanthropy foundation.

Later in the night, he was called in, for celebration sex. A pitch dark room, that was the contract, he never knew who his client was.

There’s always a dark side of the moon…

From @Marwaari:

"Its frightening" She screamed.

"You have to be crazy enough to this. It takes you to an entirely different world. Try it once, come on. Don't be a pussy." He reasoned.

She put in her earplugs and it was playing 'I am flying to the moon and back'. "I am not a pussy" and she jumped out of the airplane.

From @TheBigDowg: She was the love of his life, the reason for his existence. She, however, didn't care for him. She was too busy circling her hot lover. Once in a while, he did manage to overshadow the hot-man & hog the limelight. And it remained his sole reason to continue loving her. From a distance. Forever.

From @iBeingMe: She gazed at the moon with longing eyes. Faraway she could imagine him looking at the sky, dreaming. The moon shimmered in the pond’s reflection. She smiled at herself. Then she thought of him and his eyes full of dreams. She remembers him telling stories while she secretly wishes to become his moon one day.

From @EatTweetBlog: On a particulate cold & lonely night, I sat at my window with a cup of coffee, overlooking a crowded street. Minutes later, I took out a blanket from an old trunk and went upstairs to the terrace. There I sat with the blanket embracing me, providing me the much needed solace, as I looked at the moon.

From @3nvinyatar: “Darkness is your friend.” The mantra taught to the regiment’s  best sniper oscillated in his mind. Camoflauged, laying perfectly still, he let his mind wander back to those days of training under The Master. They would have been together on this sensitive mission. If only he hadn’t planned that operation on a full moon night.

From @ScribblingOn: The sun of the night. Amidst twinkling stars, it sits in the night sky, glimmering, staring the world below. Lost in a trance, I gaze fixedly & wonder-'The Moon loses a part of himself everyday, only to regain it later. Is this love?' A drop of rain falls on my already wet cheek.

From @BongBuffoon: He liked giant leaps. He took a big gulp of Oxygen and jumped. And he was airborne. “Good thing I ate a light meal,” he thought. Every jump was an adrenalin boost accompanied by a shriek of delight. Suddenly, his 2nd officer says: “Neil, I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.”

From @divya_moorjani: She took a breath, but felt a chill sheath into her. She mouthed his name and her lips froze. She let out a tear, her eyes turned icy. Finally, she gave in, walked away, sat on her house-steps looking at it and thinking, May be that’s how the Dark Side Of The Moon feels like?

From @vivekisms: They told him that it would drive him crazy. It all depended on the tidal movements. He refused to believe. He fell in love that night. He could not be sane again. The low hung blue moon silently smirked.

From @parekhit: The last time he met her, it was a full moon night. She was wearing a white saree, looking nothing less than a goddess; deep blue eyes, magical smile. For the past 40 years, every full moon, he waits for her. After all, she was the only human he loved after he died. In a car crash.

From @BoozeSexSundry: She felt muted thudding. A woolen ball dripping with pain instead of a heart. An iron sponge instead of her lungs. She had the high jaw-line of her father. Pouty lips of her mother. Her longing eyes sobbing in the faint moonlight. Waiting for her parents to make up and deal with her poisoned gut.

From @nimue_: She always been in love with the moon. From tracing the various shadows on it , to following its path in the cloudy skies , there were various games she invented as she waited for his call. Meanwhile the moon added another of her games in his daily task. She had a long wait he knew.

From @_abeyaar_:

Unknown number

He picked it up. No one spoke. All he could hear was sounds of birds singing and trees rustling with some scratches.
"Nature's call?," he giggled.

He turned back to his thoughts, back in his terrace, facing her face.
No. It's the moon.

From @NeelSheth: For 33 years, he lived in a sanctuary; felt the void in the silence of the nights. They met under the super-moon. With earthy smell; the world welcomed rain. He welcomed her, smelt her; her dark hair scattered like clouds. They longed for it always; to merge under the full-moon, melt and whisper “Happy Mooniversary!”.

From @oxymoronic_me:  The boy was painting the moon. Objects of space excited him. His mind kept repeating, “New-Moon, Waxing-Crescent, Waxing-Gibbous, Waning-Gibbous, Waning-Crescent Full-Moon”, as he intensely colored the white shaped circles. Satisfied, he left them to dry. He would submit it the next day. A rat cut it the same night. His moon shaped tears never stopped.

From @punvati: She finished her model of the solar system just in time. As she sat in bus, she realized she had forgotten all about the moon. After all that work… She was about to cry with disappointment, when the strange boy no one talked to walked up to her, handed her a cheeseball and smiled.

From @randomWhiz: The lovers looked at each other under the dim constant light of the stars.  In another time, there would have been a moon to accompany their flight of love. But man had gone too far ahead, and destroyed its only original satellite. Technology had left man with a vacant sky.

From @anushreekejriwa: She wanted to shine bright like a moon and be a ray of hope in the dark lives of people. She forgot that the strong rays of the sun not only overpower the moon but remove darkness as well. Her thoughts were eclipsed.

From @TheGhostWriterr: Two Immortal lovers were cursed with mortality, the husband found a way & found a herb to make them Immortals again. Instead of sharing the wife ate the whole herb, as punishment of betrayal she inflated & floated in the sky, illuminated to be the moon. Husband became the shape shifting wolf, calling her every full moon.

From @UrbanChick_:

"Where to, miss?' asked the taxi driver.
 Looking at the sky, her eyes marveled at the beauty of the stars, the tranquility that came with it, what she was in dire need of and it was then that she spoke 'To the moon'

From @VishalShriyan: He loved the night sky. Tonight the moon looked especially beautiful as he idly played with the grass. He was at peace with life as he waited for the Express to go past. He loved when it thundered past three feet behind him everyday. This was heavenly, he thought as he squatted on the tracks.

From @laalfirangi: She: Nah, I don’t believe in the concept of love. These movies have just created a faux image which doesn’t exist. Just like Narnia.He: *smiles* I believe in you, hence I believe in love. You are my biggest reality.<insert background score> Chanda re, chanda re, kabhi toh zameen par aa, baithenge baatein karenge…

From @maruwahna: The cold night was upon, and the half moon was her only company. Looking at it, she was reminded of the golden days, her days of promise and love. Then, reality had struck and she was alone again. A tear with the moon for company, and then she jumped. Silence.

From @GayatriiM: The twilight zone was her greatest confidante. She wore the new dress and added kohl to her starry eyes. Sun was setting in,her wait shall be over soon... then the moon appeared lighting up the sky. She switched off the light and smiled. Hundreds of miles away,he too,looked up at the sky from his dark room and smiled.Twain met through the moon tonight.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Theme 72 - Silence

From @KhushaliKF: Accident. Cacophony. Big fall. Blood flow. Eyes shutting down. Montage. Mother. Love. Father. Love. Wife. Love. Children. Love. Old age home. Love. Food. Love. Mirror. Love. Brain shutting down. Silence.

From @peanutbut: It is time I let you go. You will forget, I will forget. And there will be silence. Forever.

From @eternalscrewup: He gave her a dead stare. She watched him with stone like steady eyes. No word was spoken as he lay in his bed and she stood on the side. Both still. Silence had consumed their soul, for he was dead and she was just a statue of his lady love, his magnum opus at work and in romance.

From @teejavus: It was one of those days. She decided to visit the library. She sat there in silence, eyes closed, remembering the nightmare. She felt something hit her, she opened her eyes, saw a crumpled piece of paper. She unfolded it and smiled, "You're pretty, am sure you look prettier when you smile. - Jude " it read.

From @drun007: The court was adjourned. There was noise in every corner of the room.  Naseer was not capable of murder. It was a well framed case against him.  Everyone including the jury believed that.

It was time for the verdict.  The Chief Justice pronounced a death sentence.  Now the silence in the court room was deafening.

From @nimue_: Tired of the questions served to her every time a friend or cousin of hers got married , she started adding silent smiles to her plate. A trick she learned from him. His silent kisses silenced her questions but not the hurt she found in her plate every time she talked of their future.

From @richitaaswani: Alarm. Shower. Hair drier. Pressure cooker. Microwave. Washing machine. Dog. Rickshaw. Humans. Horns. Stray dogs. Train. More humans. Traffic. Whispers of office gossip. Exchanging pleasantries with loud co worker. DOT matrix printer. Telephone. BBM pings. Palindrome. Sleep for silence.

From @EatTweetBlog: "I still haven't got my periods. I think I'm pregnant", said Ritu. Mukesh wasn't shocked. He casually asked her to get a test done and get an abortion, if necessary. Ritu asked hesitantly, "Are we not even gonna consider having it?" "Are you in your senses, Ritu?" pat came the reply. Ritu left without saying anything.

From @IndianIdle: He was a big shot musician. His sounds were so different that people believed that he is not from this planet. But when he started he never found those tunes. He always failed to create a symbiosis of sounds. Until that one day, where he went to that place where there was only one sound,"silence".

From @TheBigDowg: He asked for dowry, she kept quiet. He insulted her family, she kept quiet. He slapped her, she kept quiet. He became an alcoholic, she kept quiet. He slept with other women, she kept quiet. He hit their children, she broke her silence. Today, she sits alone in a prison cell - quiet as before.

From @writingchalk: It wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard I tried. Like a vicious banshee, it kept screaming into my ears. I flapped my arms wildly, and even tried screaming myself. But all I could hear was a deathly stillness. The world was as good as a mute, irritating companion, now that I’d lost my hearing.

From @purplebrains: Arushi walked by the metal factory sounding the siren for lunch. Her home sat on the edge of the road. Decibel after decibel of noise buzzed past her ears. Among all the symphony of confusion, there was one characteristic sound missing. Without the welcoming bark of her beloved dog, the world stood still and silent.

From @sinpinklove: Every time he abused me he was even more apolegetic. He would get me expensive gifts and I would believe that everything would be alright but the scene would repeat itself, everytime. I called it hope but it was my biggest crime - my silence.

From @thefraudmallu: Silence was echoing in the darkness, anxious for they knew it was bound to happen. Nothing but his touch broke the silence, love was made. No words were uttered but sounds of passion filled the darkness. Legs wrapped around, lips against skin and they sighed together. Tired and once again they found themselves in silence.

From @JaaTeri:

The contestants sang. Every performance ended with applause.

Now it was her turn. The little girl smiled. Music started playing. She didnt sing! She rose her arms in stead.

She gestured. Her movements 'sang'.

They paused before applauding. A pause when they stopped to think, "Her silence can speak louder than our words."

From @vivekisms: We left. No words to console. No thoughts to provide solace. The relationship was hanging by a thread. It broke. Nothing was heard. Static perhaps.

From @BongBuffoon: The noise irked her. Everytime the music would scream, the TV would scream and the son would scream. She would then go and halt it all with a scream of her own. And then the silence would scare her. Is he alright? Is he asleep? Hope he’s not killed himself? The epiphany from the cacophony.

From @Writoholic_Gal: Had she fought with the male chauvinist world, would have hampered her identity, silence sealed lips she walked around with...

From @anjana_murali: In the silence of her house, she often imagined living in a huge bungalow. Today, she visualised her garden, breathtakingly beautiful with roses, dahlias, periwinkles and all the other flowers her teacher had taught her today. As always the loud din of her parents, fighting disrupted her from the reverie. Back to reality, she thought.

From @ScribblingOn: The language she conversed in with herself, lying peacefully in the lap of mother Nature-the clouds, sky, moon, stars, digging deep into her conscience. Enemy of the Day, companion of the Night. Her only way to retaliate when hurt by his words. What enabled her to hear his rhythmically erratic breathing. Ethereal bliss. Silence.

From @Crucifire:

He was sick and tired of listening to their constant nagging. His weak body and frail limbs could not take it any longer.

He fondly remembers the time he had to bear only 4. Now, it was 72.

As the cacophony rose, he let out a blood-curdling cry,


From @oxymoronic_me: People were screaming. Talking. Making a noise about everything that was happening in the world. She heard them all. Her head spun with all the noise surrounding her. She wanted to speak out. Scream at them all. Yell. But no one would follow her. It was time to un-follow everyone. Time to silence her time-line.

From @shekhartripathi: It had hardly taken any effort to get him to school. But now he clung, not letting me go. My murmured words of encouragement failed to cheer him. Despite his enthusiasm, all he could come up with was silence. Apparently, only just then had he realised that his older brother sat in a different classroom.

From @melittlepixie: The earthquake was brutal. It had stripped the town of any semblance of life. Under a pile of debris, she breathed hard. The ghost town resounded with deafening silence. She strained her ears, praying that there might be someone else alive as well. But the only noise she heard were the voices in her head.

From @punvati: He had always been rather alarmingly practical. After the accident claimed his voice, his grief-stricken family gathered around him, preparing to console him. Brushing aside their platitudes, he shrugged and signalled to them, “Hey, now I’ll never get disqualified in dumb charades.”

From @hauntedhero: Echoes of words pass within the space, even as she just sits there and stares. Her lips remain sealed, but those eyes speak volumes. A story they tell, an emotion they express, a silent ride to her heart they offer. All in a moment of silence. Dedicated to @cheer_bubble

From @NeelSheth: Dinner done; Plates washed. She’s on TV; he’s on laptop. With each passing day what felt like a sanctuary in each other’s arms was turning into a void. Once the silence spoke; now it haunts them. What used to be the symphony of touch is now just heard in channel surfing and strokes of keyboard.

From @AbhiandNow: Silence, the only thing constant between us. As we fought, made violent love to each other, then with each other's best friends, and made up again. It's those moments of silence that kept us together, we found more comfort in each others silence than words. I guess, it's our way of saying, I love you.

From @shitgodamn: Let us be silent for those who lost their lives in the <tragedy>. The two minutes of silence we are asked to observe are the most stimulating. Imagination going wild, stepping into the shoes of people who lost their lives and the people that are left behind. Silent prayers, tears, sighs. Finally, calm takes over.

From @DementedArcher: Both couldn't speak anything. He stared in her eyes. A tear rolled down his cheeks;  "It's too late" she sighed .He kept quiet; She turned her face. Silence was killing them. Tears trickled down her face & she closed her eyes. "I Love You" He whispered; It was too late She had already died.

From @Marwaari: The game was on till she caught him stealing a glance this time. He looked down again. Those eyes were captivating, that smile alluring him to speak to her. He decided to go ahead and try his luck.

"Hi, I am Jake" He said.

"Ssshhhhhh, Silence please" The librarian replied.

From @anushreekejriwa: He lived in a house plagued with unhappiness and noise all over. He didn't know what silence was until the day he got locked in a gas chamber. Curiosity made him turn on the knob. His blood slowly absorbed the gas and made him suffocate. The silence around calmed him and he slept forever.

From @Itemboi: He was drunk. Her cleavage turned him on. As soon as she walked in the restroom, he pulled her inside the cubicle and covered her mouth. She couldn't scream... He went on thrusting harder. She bled. He forced himself more and left after 5 minutes. Ten years have past... she's still silent about her brother.

From @verturisarma: He knew how to deal with it. The best thing to do when her nostril flares up the inviting red.  He smiled to himself as he thought of those rewarding luscious lips . He waited all night but that day she wanted more than his silence. A conversation. He sighed.  Now that’s a different art.

From @Oven_Tikka: There was complete silence in the room. Not a sound except that of panicky breathing. No movement but that of furtive glances to the left and right. Heads bowed as if in deep prayer could be seen all around. And then a whisper cut through the air. “What’s the answer to question no 5 b?”

From @ibeingme: "I am leaving you," she waved her offer-letter for the position in north. He was half heatedly awake from sleep. Being dumped in the same interview was hardly ego crushing for him. "I might like the new city." She continued huskily. "Mountains, tamed and broad river banks. I am excited." He blinked, feeling heavy loss.

From @UrbanChick:

'Is he good in bed?' they inquired.
She remained silent.
It had been a day since the wedding but everyone's curiosity refused to lessen.
Only if they knew what happened last night.
'I'm gay' he confessed. 'Why this, then?' she asked.
Silence was all that he gave her.

From @bitchwanti: The thud of a raindrop she could hear. The flapping of the butterfly wings caressed her earlobes. The sigh of unfurling flowers was her symphony.There was black silence in her eyes, enough to shatter the peace of her ear drums.

From @blahberred: For him, it was essential to keep talking. She listened, and played along. Am I boring you?, he would ask during gaps in conversation. I am comfortable to walk with you in this silence, she said. Wow, he said impressed. To think, bitter years ahead would leave behind but only the unbearable, echoing silence.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Theme 71 - Sanctuary

From @IndianIdle: It happened again. The clashes, the sparks. The couple was firing barrage of wordly bullets on the old man. The kid slowly walked towards the old guy, and held his hand. He looked into those wearing sad eyes and said," Grandpa, you should also find a sanctuary like those animals. You will be safe there".

From @EternalScrewUp: For a baby it's a mother's bosom. For a child, his dad's shoulders. For a teenage, the alcohol store. For a young fellow it's his mistress' house. For a businessman, his work station. For an old bloke, anywhere around his kids if they let him be. For me, it's my mother's lap some thousand kilometers away.

From @kanakkupullai: Jail was bad. It always reminded him of the one place that mattered most. The times that he spent doing nothing. He was released from jail for the crime he never committed. He was going back to the one place that mattered. The Sanctuary. The Home. His mother had been waiting for him there, right?

From @SugarsNSpice: “I always knew you were stupid, but this is insane”, “Such decisions do affect your family”. These accusations were heard since morning but she never retorted. Sitting in this sanctuary of books, she knew her dreams were finally here.  She titled her dream project, “Noble”. These risks were all set to make history one day.

From @teejavus:

Explosion. He stares. Dead bodies everywhere. Sea red with blood. Clouds shaped like his comrades. Gun shots ringing in his ears. People killing one other, without any thought. In the middle of this chaos, she's standing.

He wakes up, sweating, the war still haunts him.

She holds him tightly, with her there, it's his sanctuary.

From @Crucifire:

Cynicism. Skepticism. Sadism. Rebellion. Madness. Sarcasm. Hate. Disgust. Pain. Suffering. Beasts. Demons. Skulls. Swords. Mutants. Vampires. Warriors. Anti-heroes. Violence. Black. Grey. Red.

They say it’s my Dark Side.My Mind. My Sanctuary.

From @thatbhandaguy: The company had Sibal'ed the live streaming websites. The Mrs. had promised to Kunder him if he went ahead. His kids Hazare'd him if he didnt help them in home work. He needed the Euro more than Greece. Although a teetottler,he went to a Sports Bar just to find other refugees.

From @sinpinklove: Easy accessibility, clean air and friendly neighbours - my parents were excited about shifting to our new house. I had left behind my friends , my comfort zone and my life. Only you were there for me, always listening to my problems and weakness , never complaining.You gave me sanctuary, my dearest diary !

From @writingchalk: She couldn’t take her parents’ fights. She started running away. Where to? She didn’t know. After running about 5 km, her lungs started giving way. She fainted.  When she woke up, a horde of garishly-dressed women surrounded her. One of them said, “Don’t worry dear; we’re here to help. Kamala, get her dressed right away!”

From @anjana_murali: Today he had almost killed a boy because of his temper. Frustrated, he looked up at the sky and yet again asked God why he was given a psychic talent which could harm people. He ran home and cried in his mother’s lap. He was a wild child and his mother was his only sanctuary.

From @anushreekejriwa: The dense swampy area was his house, he was the king. A roar was enough for a look of consternation on the face of his mates. Humans intruded, killing happened. Another made it a sanctuary. The waters got divided and his movement got restricted. He is now a caged ruler, his roar scares him.

From @TheGhostWriterr: I was home after 5years of war, The memories of War had haunted me. Ghosts of My murky past followed me, Until I found love. In her arms I found solace, She was my sanctuary. Lost in her eyes,I took a plunge in her love & everything changed forever.

From @catpricious: The cats' feeding time was the happiest part of her day. She was glad she could make a sanctuary for them, for herself. But one day, the youngest one, a black and grey tom, escaped back to the streets. She'd forgotten to shut the window. And that this was her happy place, not necessarily theirs.

From @jhanvidhawan: It took me a minute to believe that I am still alive. Last, I remembered the windscreen bashing my face… I woke up shouting in pain. He came close to me, held my hand… licked off my tears. I looked into his eyes till my pain ceased… That was my sacred place, my sanctuary.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: “I’m so lonely. Nobody loves me. I don’t feel like talking to anyone. Daddy won’t play with me. I should leave home and go. But who will pack my clothes? “ Little Priya was thinking such thoughts as she heard, “Mummy’s home!”. She ran into her mother arms. “Mommy, let’s play Hide and Seek?”

From @vivekisms: My Sanctuary?, he wondered. Your arms, he replied.

From @thefraudmallu: She knew they would leave her there, amongst many her age, until she was no more. They told her it was for her own good, to be taken care of and to be safe when they are away. Uncertain she felt for this new home that seemed like a sanctuary. Protected yet not her home.

From @writoholic_gal: He remained an atheist till the time he didn't lose her... Standing on the shrine he prayed, for her comeback... God proved his existence... Gave him the love of his life back

From @AbhiandNow: Sun was beating down at its fiercest best; dehydration was playing wicked games. Suddenly out of nowhere he saw a sanctuary; so beautiful as if it's the real residence of god. Wiping off the streams of sweat, he mustered up some energy to knock at sanctuary's door.

"15 Rs. for 1ltr water bottle," shopkeeper said.

From @NeelSheth: The daily drill was about to begin. He closed his eyes, felt her and stood there smiling. They flocked every day to see him; the sane wanting to see the insane. His type was extinct; He was the last of his kind. As a Self-reminder to themselves, they built the sanctuary for man in love.

From @TheBigDowg: He roamed with great pride in lush greens of life. No responsibilities. No expectations. No worries. He had everything, except a home.

She was his menace. She gave him a reason to dream. She became his strength & weakness. She was a gatekeeper that guarded him.  She was his confidant.

She was his diary.

From @Oven_Tikka: He was hidden from the outside world. Nothing could get to him here.  He didn’t think anyone even knew of this place.  But you couldn’t take risks and as he heard footsteps coming towards him, he adjusted the rifle in his hand. “Here, have your milk”, came a voice. Unfortunately his pillow fort wasn’t motherproof.

From @woohoochild: She knew it was doing her more harm than good in the long run. But it was all that kept her going. She needed her daily dose of various tastes and aromas, both strong and subtle. She lived to eat. As an experience, it was 'spiritually uplifting', she'd say. She happily died of obesity.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Theme 70 - Void

From @Highheelswaali: He was running at a breakneck speed, with his lungi bunched up around his knees, rubber chappals squishing over plastic bags and vegetable peels.He was out of breath and desperate but he still ended up being 6th in the line. This daily morning haste, just to get a place to void.

From @IndianIdle: There were cobwebs, in that room and in his mind too. It had been 15 years since he set foot in this room. He picked up his pen, he had to fill the void with the words. There was a spark and they began to flow. He realized how he missed writing.

From @_wbrodrigues: He saw them walking down the street, hand in hand, PDA was on full effect. She smiled when he cracked a joke. Next they parted away. “Dad, what are you thinking?” He looked at his son and then to his wife. “Looking at what I thought I would have and what I got”, he smiled.

From @SteelySilence: It was when he reached the gate that he suspected foul play. The football stadium was void. An elaborate prank, he realized as  his blood boiled. But then, he heard the click of heels and took in the violet eyes. Death shot through him. Not a prank, he thought before slipping into void.

From @SugarsNSpice: Lost thoughts, empty inside. A dark room, a lone chair. Suicidal attractions, a wasted life.  The phone vibrated. “Yes”.  A word to change destinies. Void of your absence sailed away. In alien lands of the mind.  The manuscript sees the limelight. A smile ameliorated past wounds. Words filled the vacuum.  Rejoicing in excuses to live.

From @par7h: Defeated he sat on a steep hill. Waiting for the winds to give a final push. Love of his life had abandoned him and some voids can't be filled he thought. Until he saw the distant tea stall guy throw the stale tea out of the cup, refill it with fresh-hot and serve someone.

From @gcmouli: Wandered the empty floor. White walls so glaring. The mood not quite bright. Someone had just left this world. Sadness. A Void.

From @purplebrains: God reigns still even if the faith can no longer support him. Rain clouds rumble even as they stand emptied. Love hangs on even if the lover is nowhere to be seen. And the feeling of being without. You may try but voids remain inescapable. Even the absence makes for a void of its own.

From @n0rwegianw00d: He was a guest -- an uninvited one. He couldn’t have overstayed his welcome. He knew and he obliged, handing me a gift of a lifetime -- memories. His temporary home now lays bare, void of all the dreams and hope -- of a life that could have been. Today, a part of me died.

From @Marwaari: The argument shifted from living in a nuclear family to the choice of school. Everything was being refuted with an example and comparison with other people in the society. Aamir stood up, put across his hands over my shoulder and said "Dude, she's your wife. All your arguments are null and void"

From @3nvinyatar: The little boy ran outside. He’d just heard the bus turn the corner. He waited to see if it would stop before his house. It did not. Just like the past six months. Not since the postman delivered the Telegram. He ran back in and tugged at Mommy’s pants. “When will Daddy be back?”

From @aaliznat:

Day 1: nervous
Day 20: expectant
Day 45: unsure
Day 90: forlorn
Day 100: depressed
Day 110: jailed
Day 120: teary eyed
Day 130: mindfucked
Day 140: bruised
Day 150: broken
Day 160: resolving
Day 170: determined
Day 176: collecting
Day 177: packing
Day 178: silent
Day 179: stoic
Day 180: null and void

From @RBtrary: The aged-couple’s long expected telegram finally arrived. Not one, but two instead. Their son, a soldier in army, was now father to a baby.Other telegram was read. It was to inform the martyrdom of the son.Damage is irreparable, but God in his own ways fills the void; at-least with the air around it.

From @jhanvidhawan: How much I love the birds' chirping, that joyful voice of kids, the warm rays touching my face and my feet drinking the cold water droplets from the grass, But… If only I had no black void in my life, if only… I could see all that I feel, if only… I had Eyes…

From @the_last_m: Sometimes ,I wake up because waking up is the last resort. Such days don't have much to them. After all, what choices does one have when there are no options? Maybe if I had a reason to wake up, everything would fix itself. Today, I'm tired of finding it. Today, I won't be waking up.

From @ScribblingOn: Void. An unfathomable void. Well camouflaged beneath layers of masks worn each day, taken off at night. Bared. Jerking the Void back to life. Deep enough to drown her existence. Plunging into it, she discovers a part of herself she never knew existed. 'It's my Void, I'll live with it", she mused one night, smiling.

From @Writoholic_Gal: They fell in love and then felt worlds apart, his picture always in her heart, memories held hard... The moment he held her hand, the void in her heart was full of love, the void which was never filled, now overflowed... With memories and love that never did last, void in her soul remained unchanged.

From @Greyllusionist: void, adj.: That what you forgot to take along with you when you were leaving. I didn’t notice it then. Dusts of anger covered it and kept it away from our gaze. I wonder if you have found mine with you, now.

From @Rati7: Her barely open eyes were burning because of the brimming tears. Blood mingled with the salted water slithered down her cheeks. He was coming towards her, inching closer with every minute. Why was she with him, why did she bear the pain every night? The void where her heart used to be didn’t reply.

From @woohoochild: They took my G.I.Joe away from me. I watched my Lego house get broken down. I was no longer the Dragon Master in Dungeons & Dragons. I saw my shelves get filled with Barbie dolls and glossy makeup and frilly frocks. The void grew. I rebelled. They no longer saw me as a child.

From @MissBlurrii: For the past 45mins I wrote and I scratched it off.I tried to express void in words. I tried expressing how I felt. I tried giving instances and I tried dotting down experiences. After all the failed attempts I realised that this inability to do so, is the void itself; and this is my story.

From @xmanishaa: An ice cream, a chocolate bar,  the rainbow, the sunshine, everything she used to love. But now- nothing could fill the void he left. Not even time, as everyone says.

From @teejavus: "Mwah !". They kissed. "It is over.", he whispered to her. He walked away from her. She stood there looking at him. Part of her felt the world end. She felt her head implode, her heart explode. She returned home, went to sleep, haunted by dreams.She wakes up, holding him tight, but the void remains.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: She could not see. Still her dreams were colorful. Then she met him. Her dreams became brighter. He completed her being.One sad day,he met with an accident and died. Now in her mind, there were no colors, not even darkness, just an emptiness.

From @RiddhiAswani: They make me stand in front of a crowd admitting my sins shamefully. Inside my mind, protected by smoke lies a sinister presence, cackling in glee. He nurtures my addiction, protects it. I confess, 'there is a void in my life. I fill it with vodka. My name is X and I'm an alcoholic'

From @anushreekejriwa: Standing tall right in the middle of our lawn, the banyan tree was an eye catcher. Home to many twittering birds, an umbrella during the scorching summer and a keen listener of all my problems. Death is inevitable, its roots couldn't hold him and one day he died, leaving a void in my heart.

From @AbhiandNow: He looked towards the pollution filled creamy sky as once again he had stepped out of his comfort zone. Carrying his bags, he slowly walked on the deserted road fighting the loo, which was crippling his body just like the voids in his heart. Fortunately, this time he has dreams to fill them up with.

From @deceitful_angel: "Is it legally binding?". Nervously she raised her hand and almost heard her heartbeats when she answered, "No, its Void Ab Initio". "Yes, absolutely correct. That was a tricky one". Mentally she was dancing. The law Professor was her secret crush. She answered each of his questions only to make a fool of herself.

From @Oven_Tikka: Every month she waited with a prayer in her heart and unvoiced hope in her eyes. Each time she saw red, a small part of her died. Until that day when it all changed. She smiled. They waited. It kicked she said. No one believed her. It’s been 13 months. A phantom fills her void.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: A half-smoked cigarette, a smile on her lips, with hazelnut eyes, she sat there as usual. Pretty as an angel, purer than honey, looking calm, though battling a sea of emotions inside. They envied her for being so sorted, not knowing what's happening within; a void there was, and she knew not where to begin.

From @theghostwriterr: She tried to fill the void left by him. Socialized with friends & family, dated again but it wasn't just the same. She wanted only him,And People came to know how desperate she was only when they found her in a pool of blood with slashed wrists. Now they would be together again.

From @writingchalk: He felt numb as he sat on the bed. After years of fighting for the country, taking bullets on the chest and enduring enemy torture, he returned home to find his wife had eloped. He put his face in his hands – but a few missing fingers gave him a clear view of his wedding snap.

From @NeelSheth: He was bleeding. No one could see his wounds. It was his soul that was torn. He wandered in the woods, both green and concrete, couldnot find it. 33 years of life passed through his eyes in a blink. He woke up, panting. She was on his left, holding hands;

His void just got filled.

From @UrbanChick_: Amidst the clatter of half baked conversations flying around the cafe in rapid proportions, she sat by the window staring into the nothingness. Trying to drown the voices, she tried embracing the silence instead. But even the silence seemed too loud now. Filling his void was going to be harder than she thought.

From @vivekisms: The emptiness will be none like any other that I have experienced before. Theere will be anguish. There might be pain. All of it and more, and yet I will never learn. I will be back for more.

From @eternalscrewup: "Your voice is void of any sur or taal. It feels empty on the inside." The contestant replied "Ofcourse, not everybody's nose can be crammed and blocked uptil the brim like yours sir." Agitated Anu Malik summoned his nasal twang and recited a preposterously horrifying shayari thereby killing entertainment like Agent 47.

From @khatteemithi: The old wrinkled hands caressed my cheeks as the train hooted off. I felt at peace that my granma was off to Dhaka, finally to know her roots, her origin, her country she had fled from at a tender age of ten. A void in her otherwise satisfied life. A void still in mine.

From @TheBigDowg: I miss how we shared this balcony for many nights. Gone are the times when I touched you softly, put you on my lips & let you in me with every breath. You were my closest friend in toughest of times, but it had to end. It was either you or I.

Cigarettes, I miss you.

From @Radhikamohandas: I will forget, eventually. This isn’t optimism, it’s only natural. But when they ask me, and they will, about the first kiss, that first touch – my words will try to hop past that shallow crater that forms in my breath. A hollow that will have the memory of you around it, which cannot be filled.