Friday, January 31, 2014

Theme 20 - 2014 - Flawed

From @poisonaavi: 

Tears cascaded down her cheeks and onto her lap as she stared at the charred remains. This was not an end she had imagined. With trembling hands, the seven-year-old collected the cinders in her hands and threw them away.
Leaving the cake in the oven for more than an hour had been a fatal flaw. 

From @sourcasm: 

Aman and Kanika's story was flawed from the beginning. Running away from home to escape an alcoholic father and an abusive mother they looked for a family in street dogs and fellow rag-pickers; sleeping on the pavement with empty stomachs.

"I finally hit the Millennium Lottery" Kanika told her brother and then they both wept.

From @Chinnmayy: 

She was away. His best friend, his favorite enemy, most trusted, beloved of people and the only outer source of internal strength. He wanted her besides. Needed her. Missed her bad. While she was in someone else’s arms.

And he had to shut his eyes and choose to walk away. Because his expectations were flawed.

From @Jazz_CB: 

She was so perfect, he thought as he looked lovingly into her eyes –extraordinarily intelligent, hilarious and such beauty! He knew he was lucky. Unfortunately, people never tired of reminding him of that.

Finally, his confidence broke and the green monster was awoken. In the end, she had a flaw - She was too perfect.

From @WhatteKarvaad: 

"I did not believe it when my friend, Shuya, said his roommate was flawed. I dismissed his remark, saying, “Come on! He does not seem so. He seems perfect.” But yesterday, I got to know that the friend was a notorious conman who duped people off their money. He was indeed a fraud after all."

From @snehzana: 

He finally killed her.  Suddenly he noticed a black mole on the side of her neck. Of all the flaws in her, he fell in love with her mole after she died. He kept her body preserved for 5 years, staring at the mole. Some call it necrophilia while he could finally call it love.

From @kanakkupullai: 

He read into the note : "What I am reading is a flawed note, in that, it will make me stop reading it, even before I complete. The writer hated this world, and has decided to take his life." 

He paused, sweat beads poised to break loose.

"And that person has now changed his mind."

From @Ungaayaa: 

The Sun was setting in Ukhrul(Manipur). Jamini walked out, her esteem bruised beyond repair. She looked at the men that caused this barbarity on her. They were laughing. She remembered the lines 'The great Indian Army' that she'd read in school, that day. She walked away, smiling wryly.

The same night, Jamini hanged herself.

From @aalfpaayil: 

“For better and for worse, through everything,” he had vowed. “I love you. Everything about you. Your strengths, insecurities and weaknesses.The whole of you,” echoes from the distant past stung her eyes. Acceptance despite imperfections, wasn’t that how it was supposed to be? Yet he had left her for another with flawless skin.

From @donbratman: 

He erased the line thrice. Flamboyant adjectives weren't really his thing. He was trying to rephrase the sentence because something just wasn't right. Just a small mistake somewhere. He scratched his head, then scribbled something on his notepad and viola! His 55 word story was complete. Flawwless. Or so he thought.

From @MsMecheri: 

It has been a year since she survived the heartless incident. Kiran,a role model to many, has a half burnt face.

After a brief introduction the interviewer questioned, "What difference does it make to have flawed skin suddenly?"

"Just as much as it does to the aimless mind who caused this", she smiled.

From @alksmehta: 

What charmed Upasna about Mohit was his behaviour, a perfect gentleman and well groomed.Before she could realise they were married.Once she stepped into his home she realised that he was full of flaws from his unkempt surroundings to his rowdy behaviour.All that she could do now was to regret of the choice she made.

From @CruciFire: 

“Woo hoo, my first ever prototypes. This 3D printer is awesome!”
“HE is leaking confidence.”“SHE is overflowing with attitude.”
“So many of my cartridges are missing – conscience, values, morals…”
“Oh damn, it’s malfunctioning. STOP! STOP!”
The entire human race was born. None perfect.

From @mak_suri: 

He never thought he would meet her in this life. The woman whom he’d idolized through every piece of literature he ever wrote over the past 10 years. The woman who symbolized perfection for him.

His life stopped when she summed up his writings in one word. Flawed. That’s just how she saw herself too. Flawed. 

My Favourites: PoisonAavi, Sourcasm, CruciFire, Snehzana. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Theme 19 - 2014 - Social Media

From @sourcasm: 

"I am the undisputed king of social media.12673 Twitter followers,  6742 friends on Facebook, 63821 Instagram followers, 81623 Tumblr followers. All this within 2 years" he said, as he cut his birthday cake alone in his apartment.


From @Jazz_CB: 

Social media is terrible! Now I know what you are thinking. There are umpteen examples of Twitter helping the needy, starting revolutions etc.

When I hear “social media”, I imagine this horrifying scene – Arnab Goswami asking you a question at a party because the “Nation wants to know”.

Congratulations. You now hate social media too.

From @LungFakeer: 

He studied the alphabets on the screen. ‘Committed’, the word they formed. He grew uneasy, indignant. He looked high up in the skies, stared at the sun; and let go of a high pitched roar. The stars were aligned together, they mocked his misery. Downcast, he tried to lull the mind to sleep. Again.

From @donbratman: 

"Guilty" was the unanimous decision. There were no facts, no arguments. The concept of a jury never existed and no lawyers participated in this trial. Judgement depended merely on the mood of the judges and the opinion of the people around them. Trial by social media is perhaps the swiftest and most painful of them all. 

From @abi_da: 

"You're late."
"Sorry dear... I just came back from college."
"You forgot about our date? We're suppose to watch my movie today!"
"No noo, I didn't forget. I just got caught up with stuff in college."
"Ok, shall we start?"
"Awaiting your command."
*same movie started playing on respective laptops*

From @Ungaayaa: 

"Dude, give me a life. It wasn't my fault. It was the truck guy who rammed into me." he ordered.
"Sorry son. Whatever's happened has happened. Can't reverse anything now."
"Don't 'son' me, moron," he clenched his teeth. "Give me internet access at least."
@_DeadManTweeting tweeted "I'm dead now. God, #Yousuck" to his 50k followers.

From @aalfpaayil: 

The verdict had been passed by the "experts" and "leading panellists." He was guilty until proven innocent. The days ahead looked bleak- long battles, dreary fights and avoiding the hounds. He smiled ruefully as he thought about all those who had chosen to side with men whose only concern was TRP rating and pulled the trigger.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

I knew I wanted to do something like this. There was always the urge, but wasn't aware of the source. A place where like-minded people could talk on a similar topic but with different perspectives. Social Media  got me on Twitter and made me find the #55wordstory theme and have been addicted to it since then.

From @MsMecheri: 

“Ma, I’m going to meet my friends.”
“You wouldn’t know. They’re college mates I’ve not told you about.”
“Never mind, come back soon.”
“I will!.”

Shravya checked into foursquare: “Tweet up with @Madraslou at CCD”

“Hello!”, said a familiar voice from behind.
“@Madraslou”, grinned her dad.

Tweet from @Shravya221: Also, #FML

From @qwzrs: 

She wanted her work to be famous. But wherever she went the producers rejected her. That's it, she had had enough. Proud of her talents, she decided to turn to the people directly. To hell with the establishment, let Social media decide, she thought. She became a sensation alright.Friday, Rebecca Black. Worst song ever.

From @kanakkupullai: 

"Hi! We meet. Finally.."
"Hi.. Yeah.. Finally.."
"Landmark is a good shop, no?"
"Yeah, good books."
"Um.. we were more talkative on the net, weren't we?"
"Haha.. yeah."
"So, yeah, you hungry?"
"No no, just wondered."
That night :
"Hey!!!!!!! Awesome meet up!!!!! You looked cute!! ^_^"
"Hey yeah!! Was fun!!"

From @BrewingMocha: 

Social Media had let one word replies shift to never ending conversations. Concealed identities had let me confide in him my biggest secret. Little did I feel I know this person, as if a long lost friend. Reading his signature in the e-mail that day, I realized who had duped me with a fake identity.

From @_souringpie: 

It was the “Elite Social Media Bonfire” night. Twitter came in with fresh wood. Facebook brought some dry leaves. WhatsApp entered,chattering. MySpace started playing music. Looking at Instagram click randomly, YouTube smirked. WordPress added some fuel. Everything was set except those capable of igniting the fire was missing. Books were busy somewhere,showing someone their magic.

From @ajaw_: 

“Today’s theme is Social Media.” read his whatsapp text!

“Hmmm..” >>> wwwDotgoogleDotcom >>

 "Social Media Explained"
Twitter - < I need to Pee! >
Facebook – < I peed! >
Foursquare – < This is where I Pee >
Quora – < Why am I peeing? >
Youtube – < Look at how I Pee! >
LinkedIn – < I’m good at Peeing >

>> “Now, I’m going to write a 55 worded story on it and of course pee!”

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Theme 18 - 2014: Excess

From @dude_macha: 

There was a decision to make. She thought for a second. There was no decision to make. She left the bag containing the rest of the souvenirs behind, took the bag of gifts she’d ever so carefully picked out for her son, and gently placed it on the weighing machine. No excess baggage. Perfect.

From @donbratman: 

He was the happiest man in the world. He was famous and people worshipped him. TV and Radio channels played his songs all the time. Fame had finally reached his head. So Kurt Donald Cobain, pointed a shotgun to his head and pulled the trigger. "Too much of anything is not good", his dad always said.

From @Ungaayaa: 

"How do I, Vikas, become this finicky monster, the day you decide to tell me you're going to be engaged to another woman?" asked Divya.

"Come the fuck off it. Stop over-reacting," he underplayed.

Divya threw the water from her glass over him.

"What the .."

"Ex-cess" said she before storming out of the restaurant.

From @Jazz_CB: 

Being with her was all he lived for. Her smile always turned his stomach into jelly. He loved her so much, some said, too much. Some, were right. He lay there, broken without her. He summoned that final bit of strength. A loud bang and splattered blood was all that remained of his broken heart.

From @podidosai: 

I have always played by the rules in my life, whatever the situation. People call me "Rules Ramanujam". Says it all doesn’t it? But this situation has forced me to break a rule. I have no other choice as I have drawn a blank. How much ever I tried, there was just one word in excess!

From @qwzrs: 

Hi, why was my entry rejected?
      Sorry, the words were in excess.
Excess? Impossible. I counted 55!
      "Didn't" is two words, not one.
Jesus! It is one word man! Even if it were not, it is a technicality.
       Sorry buddy, rules are rules. Be careful and better luck next time.
Shit! This is outrageous!

From @captain_speakin: 

He loved her more than anything else in the world. .He built her a palace with beautiful gardens around it. They dined on delicacies every night then slept on satin.His passion knew no bounds. He hid her from the world and kept her just for himself. She hung herself one night. She died of excess love. 

From @_souringpie: 

Positive attitude is important in every aspect of your life.”He yawned.“It helps you with confidence and enthusiasm. You can learn, succeed and grow better.”He yawned,again.“It keeps you healthy and mentally fresh.”He yawned once more.“There is no such thing as excess of positivity………Only excess of yawning, isn’t it, Karan?”Everyone turned back. Karan stood up,yawning afresh.

From @snehzana: 

Last reply to Ishita- 3.25 pm.Last seen on whats app- 3.30 pm. Last active on Facebook-3.45 pm. Last tweet on twitter- 3.50 pm. He was active on all media platforms & yet no reply to her. Is he ignoring me,Ishita thought. Excess of communication platforms leads to excess of miscommunication too.

From @_curses: 

"Behenji", she heard them giggle.

She stormed out of the gym in tears, her petite frame trembing in anger, wondering why she was being judged for working out in a churidar.

She clearly overcompensated the next day, working out in a tiny body-hugging tee and a barely-there pair of shorts.

It was an exercise in XS.

From @MsMecheri: 

"One peanut butter double cheese sandwich topped with mayonnaise and a chocolate cake please", smiled Kenny.

"Extra! Do you see your toes beyond your tummy? extra, extra!",shouted the paper boy on the road.

Kenny looked down at himself and choked as he gulped down water."Never mind", he sighed as he quickly walked away.

From @hinnaz: 

The sirens blared all around her, the smoke thick and dark.

It was too late now, but this was all she knew.

If control would have been a friend this would have never happened.

She now hated him as she had always loved him, limitless.

If only she could have budgeted either emotion, but alas.

From @heyman_guy: 

He was walking through Ranganathan Street with his son on his shoulder and a cotton candy vendor walked past them yelling, “10rs candy!” capturing his son’s interest. He sifted through the crowd, dug into his pocket and asked “Can you gimme for 3rs?” The vendor smiled at the son “I don’t want money, keep this”

From @kanakkupullai: 

"Are you trying to bloody embarrass me or what?" He screamed. The whole office quietened out. "Do I look like I can wear this??"

The admin was trying to suppress a laugh. The T-shirt was the smallest size out there. 

She clarified. "Sir, but you asked for XS."

"Excess, I said..excess size for me!"

From @ajaw_ : 

"The questions were specific. He was made to take the blows for crimes that were not his. He was running out of answers! ‘Empower Women’, ‘Inspire the youngsters, he blurted out repeatedly in defence. It was a serious journalist, a big stage, and the bruises; excessive and painful. He was now officially the nation’s ‘Laughing Stock’."

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Theme 17: 2014: Pristine

From @ranjanikanth: 

Sun shone through the leaves, announcing a new day, a new beginning. People had never slept through the night. They were shocked still. Nightmares and anger were brooding. A young Sikh lad picked up a handful of wet mud covered in blood. Bhagat would preserve it as a symbol of violence against his pristine motherland.

From @sourcasm: 

Ishita's love for Rohan was still pristine. They were going to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary today despite having endured so much together. From their parents refusal to society's acceptance and then their financial struggle.

"Sorry, I need a divorce. I fell in love with someone and I can't live a lie anymore" said Rohan hastily.

From @aalfpaayil: 

She remembered the first time, the ugliness and the shame. She was inured to it now. She had to be. Her body had been bought, violated and brutalized many times over the last four years. Tonight, for the first time, it was different. His touch sent shivers down her spine. Tonight, she let a man defile her soul. This was going to be hard. 

From @donbratman: 

Tears rolled down his cheek. He  didn't know how to face her. She would stop talking to him. She gave him a new clean shirt just that morning and he fell into a ditch. 5 year old Karthik went into a store, handed in all his pocket money and bought a sachet of Surf Excel.

From @ungaayaa: 

It was dark when Subhash woke up, inside his tent at a forest in Karnataka. Picking up a torch, he walked out and took a leak.

"Life regained", he said loudly when he realised a lone elephant standing to his right. Shaken, he did the unthinkable; he flashed the torch light into its eyes.


From @qwzrs: 

The weary Bedouin wiped off his sweat. Three days he had wandered the desert without water. His heart leapt when he sighted a distant oasis pond, in all its pristine glory. Life itself! As he ran, despair replaced delight as the pristine pond evaporated before his eyes. The desert pulling its oldest trick –a mirage.

From @snehzana: 

The dreams about her grandma, books and chocolates haunted her. She knew she had to do something about it.  Next day, she went  to  storeroom  & finally found what she was looking for. The old, yet pristine cookbook of her grandma. She knew that her recurring dreams would stop & her life rescued.

From @Jazz_CB: 

He looked around. All he could see was trees. They’d journeyed 15 kilometers, mostly on foot, to arrive at these beautiful pristine surroundings. The smell of nature hovered in the air, and he paused, to take it all in. He turned to his partner and said, “everybody will love the new mall we build here”.

From @_souringpie: 

“You are divine like sunshine! Elegant like god’s own design! Glowing like a pearl,pristine! Evergreen like Christmas pine! Perfect like Picasso’s line! Mesmerizing like an old wine! Oh dear <insert name>,will you,forever-and-ever, be mine?How’s this?”

“Wow!”“Is this final,sir?”“Yeah, but what does <insert name> mean?”

“ You #$%#%#^&!! How could you even get a girl?”

From @Kanakkupullai: 

She was crying. "I'm depressed Abhi, it's all over! I hate this life!"

He stared at her. He held Ram's hand, shoved Ram at her, "Look at him!"

Ram was smiling, tugging at his shirt clumsily, drooling. 

"This boy is our life. Do you hate him?"

She cuddled Ram, "I'm sorry Ram, I love you!"

Theme 16: 2014: Ink

From @icebrutiyer: 

He was not impatient, just running low on resources. He had waited long enough for that perfect photograph, his finger trembling on the button. His instinct told him that now was the moment, he clicked. SPLOOSH. In a giant cloud of ink, the majestic octopus plunged away in to the darkness of the bottomless ocean.

From @sourcasm: 

While cleaning the cupboard, Aisha found her old school shirt. Even though the ink had almost faded along with the memories, some lines of those signatures were still visible. On that last day of school all of them had promised to stay in touch with each other, but life obviously had other plans for them.

From @brahahamin: 

It had been seven years since they spoke. She realized it was her mistake. She wanted to write to him- a journalist now- but decided to call him instead. It was a lengthy conversation. She cried, but still decided to write. He received the letter. A smudged blot of red ink on a white paper.

From @NumbYaar: 

She woke up with swollen eyes. It was three days since her husband went missing. On that fateful day, the police came knocking and informed her about a dead body floating in the nearby river. The face had bloated beyond recognition, but the scorpion tattooed on the right elbow gave her the much dreaded news.  

From @TheExceptionull: 

He inked her with all his love, all over her body, from the nape of her neck to the curve of her hip. With each touch of his fingertips, she became his more than she ever was. Melting with each kiss, she could only think how good it would be if this was not just her fantasy.

From @AbhiAndNow: 

“Long time ago, while creating the earth, God started writing stories in the sky that’d slowly trickle down with rains and merge with the ordinary lives, thus making them extraordinary.

However while writing them, his pen broke down, and the dark ink spread all over the sky.”
“And then?”

“That’s how night came into existence.”

From @deescjockey:

The shop assistant gaped at me stupidly, as if trying to decipher what I had just said. Then he shook his head tentatively, not quite sure if they did not have this ‘ink’ thing I spoke about. All of 15, he had perhaps never seen a pen that needed to be fed with a dropper.

From @hiway: 

"I met her during the war, my rifle pointed at her, her teared up eyes piercing my heart and shredding it to tatters. It was love at second sight, we hated each other at the first" he sighed, "I had to leave, but two things kept us together till the war ended: paper and ink."

From @vidulachakradeo: 

It’s always the ink that gets blamed for writing wrong. Never the blank page. 

From @ChiknaVakeel: 

The mahogany desk had witnessed longer nights; the nib got some time to breathe. She gave him a smoke signal by putting off the flame to sleep. Darkness fell on her shoulder to make up for the receding fabric.  Sunlight found their ink smeared entangled bodies, taking a long break.

From @zoarcher: 

The fluid was ready to shape into words
To bring a million thoughts into this world
Itching inside the plastic cage
It worried it might just die there
The blank page seemed to be calling out loud
Flapping itself here and about
But what could the blue fluid do
When Zeeshan’s mind refused to move

From @captain_speakin: 

She had learned to walk with eyes on the sky and feet firmly in the ground. She flew with her dreams so often, even the clouds had her footsteps marked on them. She always had wings in her spirit, now she's got them inked on her chest and etched them deep into her soul. 

From @aalfpaayil: 

It was five minutes to 12:00. Five minutes to freedom. It had been strenuous, this board exam phase. He sat smiling to himself. This paper had been a piece of cake.

“You may submit your papers,” the invigilator called out.

He got up, eager to leave. He knocked over the half-closed ink bottle, and stood transfixed as Ink erased one year of toil.

From @heyman_guy: 

Parasuraman was standing at the court room charged for murder, with moist eyes. The news was all over the ink. He just slapped his student Karan, who splattered ink all over him. The judge sentenced capital punishment, as the ink thinned out and broke the pen before inking his name, Karikalan Sathyamoorthy at the end.

From @Kanakkupullai: 

Politics, he hated the mere mention of the damned word. He hated all that political parties stood for, those fake promises, cunning faces and disappearing public money. He had decided what he'd do. He walked in, and walked out. He hadn't voted anyone in particular. But his finger bore a proud mark in indelible ink.

From @ungaayaa: 

Ten-year old Anitha didn't know the answers for questions 8, 9 and 10. It was her moral science test. She looked around her and then began writing an answer for Question8:

Good morning Miss. I really know the answers for all the questions but I don't have any ink in my pen.

From @donbratman: 

He enjoyed killing people more than anything else. Today's victim was a 45 year old businessman. He waited for him patiently and shot him in his own elevator using a silencer. He went back to his den and asked his buddy to ink the name Ken Adams to his leg. It was his 87th such tattoo.

From @MsMecheri: 

The trial dragged on for 21 long days now. Ram and Ramya were nervously waiting for the verdict. The opposition was too strong. They had nothing left to save themselves. The court remained silent as the judge inked the final word,"Guilty". Ramya wept profusely,"why would we kill our own daughter!"

From @Stupidiotica: 

He, adept at calculated, geometric patterns; she skilled at abstract, convoluted strokes, now stood near a corner of the sprawling canvas silently admiring their completed collaboration. For many years to come, the stains of India ink on their hands would be their happiest memory together to cherish.

From @podidosai: 

Seventy five years of existence, yet this was his first time. His hand had never held it before. He had a sense of satisfaction, a sense of achievement, a sensation he had never experienced before. Tears rolled down his cheek, seeing his name in ink, written all by himself.

From @_souringpie: 

“Ma’am, pour some ink on this white cloth and I shall wash it with 4 different detergents.” She did the same only to find out the stains hardly cleaned. “What’s this? Useless.”” Ma’am, it’s our new Hamilton ink. Powerful. Reliable. Reasonable.””I thought you were selling detergent.” She moved to next stall, laughing. He stayed stunned.

From @ajaw_ : 

Nothing has changed. The alternatives are familiar. The dilemma is something; I’d hoped would be put to rest. Betrayed, hurt and annoyed; I’m still braving the sun and the long queues, in hope, that it would be different this time. I’ve done my part, in inking my index finger. It’s up to you to do yours!

From @qwzrs: 

The virgin Hero was ready for his first experience. Stories from friends hadn't prepared him for the feeling he got, as the juices coursed through his innards, to the very tip. This was the moment. His pulse quickened as the blue ink climaxed onto the paper. Fuck! He wanted the moving hand to keep moving.

From @TheQuietBelle_ : 

As she locked eyes with her reflection, a mixture of kohl and saltwater stained the caramel of her skin an unflattering black. Removing the shirt off her slender form, she observed the name tattooed on her chest. The memory of his betrayal flooded her with anger. She began scrubbing the tattoo and continued till her skin turned scarlet. He was gone. But the ink was permanent.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Theme 15: 2014: Delete

From @Sinful_Reveries: 
Pondering upon the thought of deleting him. There are superficial talks making it ugly. Have you ever let someone walk away from your life? I have and curbed myself from bringing them back. 
An absurd decision but very necessary. Letting all the cacophony vanish. Letting him go. Pressing delete, again.
From @TheBigDowg: 
Since childhood, he was loved by all. Politically correct, socially active and ethically perfect, he was admired by most. He seemed to have life sorted out.

A split second changed everything.

"Mr. Pramesh Yadav


Late Shri Pramesh Yadav died last night. Cause: Drunk driving."
From @ChandniT: 
Her hands trembled as she opened his email, a wedding e-vite.. He was getting married, to someone else.  A lump in her throat, she couldn't believe her name was on the 'to-list', not his to-be list. She stared at the screen, cold. Courageously, pressed delete, gone from her mailbox. In her memory, he still haunts...
From @WannaBeSanyasin: 
The messages kept pouring it. She loved it as long as there was someone she could talk to at 3am. Seasons went by. Time passed. They obviously found someone else. Someone “better”. So much, that her conscience compelled her to erase it all. After a prolonged silence, she did it. She pressed the DELETE button.
From @TheExceptionull: 
They fell in love. But when they grew up, they also grew apart. It started with deleting his number. But forgetting someone isn't as easy as deleting their contact number or that photo from that time when they went to that hill station. She couldn't just forget him. He was always there. Sometimes in her memories, sometimes in her curses and sometimes in her longings.
From @Kanakkupullai: 
Seething with anger, she started typing the letter to end it all. Through clenched teeth, she was breathing rapidly, adrenaline coursed through her veins as she intended to break up this relationship.
When she looked up, and saw him at the doorway, she cried. Deleting all that she had typed, she ran to him! 


From @dude_macha: 

He needed an escape route. He was running out of energy. He spotted the exit and ran towards it, fast as he could. He was almost there, but suddenly felt himself being frozen to the spot. In another universe, the boy watched his creation, and as he neared the exit, he hit “Delete”. The end.

From @AbhiandNow: 

The emotions revolted and the words bolted, out of the page, running down the edges of the diary, and off they went, around the corner.

Writer tried hard to stop them, but well you know these words, the more you try, the more easily they disappear into the thin air. 

Today, this story deleted itself. 

From @ungaayaa: 

Waiting at the restaurant for him, Priya was typing a text "I'm beginning to fall for you, Ram" till she heard "Delete that". She turned around to see Ram being thrashed and dragged away.
"The asshole was right behind me, video-shooting my cleavage, Savita. I trusted him so much", wept Priya over the phone.

From @trishnanta: 

“A long drive would do the trick”, she thought and slammed the accelerator. Everything seemed morose. The sun-kissed lanes, the cheery neighborhood garden, nothing helped her today. She controlled the urge to break down profusely when the phone beeped. That name popped again. “If only there was a way to delete him from my mind”

From @donbratman: 

"Hey you are getting married tomorrow. What are you planning to gift her?", asked Akash. Ram looked at Akash smugly and turned his laptop towards him. He clicked on the folder 'Devotional Songs' and the porn folder opened. He pressed 'Ctrl+A' and hit the delete button. "Best gift ever!!", Akash exclaimed.

From @abi_da: 

"Send me a pic plsssssss," he texted. She thought about it for a minute. She replied, "Wait". Then, she spent at least 10 minutes snapping different angles and poses. "You must delete after looking at it. Ok?" she typed again. "Ok," he replied. But he never did. Still a part of his collection till today.

From @_souringpie: 

“No, that scene must be put here.”“It doesn’t fit right into this situation.””God! It’s perfect. So real and effective. It’s the best scene of all.””It’s dull and tacky.””Are you drunk, Mr. Editor? Just add it and sync with the music.””Wait…..Shit! I think I Shift-deleted it.” “ What? Seriously? Bastard, How could you be so ..””Bazingaaaaaa!!”

From @ankitsharmatup: 

The sun is high, the dream is empty and my sleep is over. I have survived this harsh month of loneliness. A month has gone and those two glasses of wine lies in dust. A tale has finished and the memories associated with it can't be deleted.

From @MsMecheri: 

Karan was furiously working on numbers. He dragged the cursor through the column and voila there it was. Just the way he wanted the result to be. 


The power went off, battery down and he didn't save his excel sheet. He swore in high volume, "Special place in hell for you, TNEB!"

From @YehHaiSparta: 

He wiped the cover to reveal "DIARY 2009". Flipping through the pages, he smiled as he stumbled upon a story he'd written years ago. He laughed while correcting his own spellings. A tear trickled down his cheek as he read on, realizing that bit by bit he'd deleted his own past.