Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Theme 188 - Ground

From @swordfish19: He jumped off the skyscraper. He was magnetized by the ground and now he was falling towards it with breakneck speed.  Then there was a crunch and he just had time to take one last sniff of the musty earth. And then, there was no ground. He was floating in the ether.  He felt alright.

From @flirtingshadows: She leaned against the wall, as she heard him raise his voice at her. He was agitated. But she wasn’t sure why or how. She was running short of breath but he didn’t notice that. She took a step closer to him but again it went unnoticed. He only saw her crumple to the ground.

From @tweettabulous:

“You must taste this, it is the most wonderful Shiraz I’ve had in a long time.”
“Alright. Wow! It is amazing and very smooth. You make a fine connoisseur, darling.”

 Somewhere in a vineyard…
“Oh! You humans always celebrating, relishing divine substances and rejoicing. Forgetting how much pain, I go through while being ground. Hmmph!”

From @VidulaChakradeo:

18,000 feet in air, he felt invincible. Everything below him looked tiny. His pompous laughter belittled everything. The world below was so worthless. So full of himself, he took up on a feisty gust of wind. Slapped hard, he slammed into the ground.

The higher your ‘EGO’ flies, the harder it falls on its face.

From @writingchalk:

Started a company at 15.
Had 200 patents to his name at 17.
Appeared on TIME Magazine’s cover at 20.

All of this made him pompous.

Then, he was sued for patent theft.
Lost the case.
His ego fell tumbling from the sky.

He spent the rest of his life turning coffee beans into powder.

From @AskThePankazzzz: Ever since they learnt to crawl on the ground; they loved. They showed love. They made love. They never knew on what grounds did it become 'incest'. They stood their ground. They were grounded. Nobody knows who won between feelings & taboos, but they sleep next to each other now. Some 6 feet under the ground.

From @zoarcher: Aiko was walking home; lost in her thoughts. Suddenly she felt the ground below her feet tremble. Like a delicate leaf. Fear surged through her veins. Her heart pounded. An earthquake was descending on her beloved Toyohashi city, thought she. She looked around frantically. Coming her way though, was just a large group of sumos.    

From @divigyaan: What a hard, yummy curvy texture. It is so difficult to resist it. Really man, “no one can eat just one” but definitely, it is better when steamed and gets chewy. A nut better when not screwed, I like it whole. Love for ‘GROUNDNUT’ will never die.

From @aaroo4: Why do you say “I ground you” when i do something bad? Does that mean i have to stick to the ground? He went on staring at his parents. Exasperated, his dad replied “It just means no fun, no TV, no going out, nothing”. But why do you say” I ground you” he went on.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Theme 187 - Rant

From @QuratZafar:

There he sat at the end of the street, his hair a mess and face muddy,
‘What ails you, friend?’, someone asked.
‘I can’t ever love someone; I can’t ever be completely selfless. I can’t ever love someone. I can’t, I can’t.’

From @wistyloony:

"You don't understand me."
"You don't like me anymore."
"You never cared."
"Did you ever love me?"
"Why would you want a break from me?"
"I NEVER rant!"
"The world will end & people like you will die with it!"
"Of course I don't know what you think! Have you ever tried telling me?"

From @Ladycardiidae:

She used to go on and on about her life. Most of it was bad poetry. She preferred to call it a rant. It was just a matter of time. "When a particular phase is over, you can't even identify those words. You don't want to own them," he said. "Just like lovers," she said.

From @MirrorOfErised_ :

As  the night turned blue,
His life's evening touched a hue.
He sat on the edge,
His old age was but a hedge.
Gone were the days when he would appreciate,
He even complained about what he ate.
He was a critic,
Nagging just to prick.
He summoned for death,
Crippled by his ill health.

From @vagabondinact:

My Facebook status - 24 likes.

In the portico, between the morning coffee sips; over the breakfast table, between the morsels; across the cubicles,  around the water cooler, between the office gossip;  over the dinner table, between the sitcom updates- of the  trending topics on twitter or facebook, we rant. Our solution to all issues. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Theme 186 - Lonely

From @flirtingshadows: He remarked that she was lonely. Almost confronted her with it. She hotly denied it, feeling somewhat sheepish. Vulnerable and exposed. She retreated a few steps. Took a minute to collect herself and retorted, “There are few people I find engaging enough to have an intelligent conversation with. The rest I care two hoots for!”

From @music_keeda: She jogs on. Staring into oblivion, the body devoid of pain, the mind opaque to thoughts. Her past’s been tense, future, imperfect. No lover to embrace her loneliness, no friend to laugh with, no family to share the meal with. She runs. Incessantly. When people compliment on her good health; she smiles.

From @vivekisms: It all started with a kiss. He did not see it coming. A kiss and some more. A touch. A fleeting smile. The promise to keep in touch. When everything fades. Memory is short. Loneliness is a vast nation.

From @swordfish19: His loneliness engendered the doppelganger. At first, he used to talk to it about stuff in general in the confines of his room. The doppelganger was subservient at first, but then it turned rogue. So much so that it became he and he became it. He’s almost lost now. And it isn’t lonely.

From @whackydjavi: He, a person who loved crowds. Talking and chatting to one and all. Could start conversations with anyone whether a friend or stranger. One day he started talking to her. Awesome conversations they would have. Soon he found that he could be amongst hundreds, but if not talking to her he always felt so lonely.

From @TheQuietBelle_ : Recklessly mean, shamelessly conniving, excessively jealous and a despicable person in general - that's how her friends actually defined her. They just dressed their dislike in a facade of affection in her presence. They hated her but often pitied her too because she was oblivious to the self-inflicted loneliness she was heading  towards.

From @monathais:

As always her favorite hours in the day came.

When she could speak her heart out, when she could let love pour like rain during summer, when everything that had previously happened to her was explained and commented. When jokes were told. When warm and beautiful smiles were given.

As always the room walls remained mute.

From @tweettabulous:

Perfect compatibility - the oneness, the love, the similar thought process, the zeal for life and each other. Soul mates to the truest meaning.

You, fill my senses with sheer happiness and pure bliss by just being there.

But, the fact remains  you’re not really mine. We are together, yet I am all alone.

From @writingchalk:

“On your marks... get set... go!”
 A million racers. For ONE prize.
 As the winner approached the finish line, he turned around.
 The rest had dropped dead. Only he survived.
 His eyes welled up with tears. What will he do now?
 “There’s no time for sorrow!” said the egg, as it consumed the last sperm.

From @aaroo4: Saya sang aloud “am off for the weekend, leaving by the 10am bus & back Monday night”. “What? Who is coming with you?” asked her mom. “Nobody mom, just me” Saya replied. “You are going to be so lonely and bored” her mom grunted. “Alone is not lonely mom, uff ” Saya retorted in frustration

From @VidulaChakradeo: Born in Chinatown, he changed the way American films showed Asians. His kicks, punches were said to be faster than the shutter speed of a 35mm camera. The Asian star who’s blockbusters like Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury punched the whites-worshiping 70 mm world. He was the lone Kung-Fu king. Lone Lee – Bruce Lee!     

From @zoarcher: Uff. Me, such a pretty thing, colours dancing on my curvalicious body; sitting lonely on a virgin beach. The sound of crashing waves makes me shiver. I sigh, but no one hears. Suddenly someone caresses me. Picks me up and strings me with other beauties. Till now alone, I am now part of jewellery.    

From @divigyaan: How can someone rely on someone else for their own happiness? Waiting and longing for his arrival. His smile made her happy and his words made all the difference. Finally, the door bell rang, wait was over and loneliness escaped. She opened the door only to hear, “Miss Rita, your double cheese burst pizza” enjoyyy!

From @shark_speak:

The Princess felt lonely in the dungeon. There had been muffled voices from beyond the walls, but that was all. Surrounded by darkness, she felt like she hadn’t even opened her eyes. Now, as she got pushed out of her prison, her heart leapt with anticipation at never being lonely again.

“It’s a girl.”

From @lucidillusions_ :

It opens it's eye and sees it's dark outside. It's time for it to step out. It takes the first step. Gently glides out. Click.

It's blinded. It feels a hand. Slowly its eyes adjust; sees her.

"I finally found the tiny monster !", she screams. "Now I can have a friend to share secrets with."

From @MissMistreated:

Watching the drunken snowflakes dance, I lie in bed feeling like a child in this king sized beast. I wish upon the falling star, knowing it will not be granted, for I cannot be where he is. Wishing and waiting, I try to squeeze the life out of his pillow.

But pillows don't hug back...

From @Whiteness: “I drink vodka like water and listen to classical music every night. Often loneliness creeps into my thoughts and makes me realize I truly exist,” He continued writing after gulping down the glass of vodka and feeling the exposition of music, “I sometimes wonder, if someone would take away my existence along with my loneliness.”

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Theme 185 - Sea

From @wekneweachother: If only some of that salt could rub off on me. If only I could breathe in that organic oxygen one last time. If only soaking up that deep blue pushed my blues away. If only floating like a tiny particle, insignificant yet significant, through the years of overflowing saturation led me to the light.

From @MirrorofErised_ : "Our Castle," I said proudly looking at him. "Only ours," he conceded, looking straight into my eyes. The sand castle stayed there unbrandished by the waves. Silently, we stared at the serene sea with its waves peacefully hitting the shore. I shifted my gaze to him. In his eyes, the sea looked even more magnificent.

From @shark_speak: I stand at the docks, looking at the Arabian Sea reflecting the night sky. Inshallah, tomorrow I make my first voyage. People warn me about strange lands and sea-monsters, but... A strange sense of destiny seems to be calling out to me. My first mate asks me, “Sinbad, do we sail tomorrow?” “Yes,” I reply.

From @aaroo4: It was a welcome break. No hospitals or injections for 3weeks the doctor had said. They packed and hit the road. He drove and she sat beside him in silence. Suddenly A small voice from the back seat screamed "Thea mommy, look look, so much water". Teary eyed they looked at each other and smiled.

From @salonitia: She saw her fall ,before she could rush to pick her ,her daughter,got up and finished the race .It didn't matter whether she won or lost ,what was important was her ability to get up on her own and run again.Sea of emotions welled up in her as tears trickled down her cheeks !

From @Asteroidosmic: Tightly, she clutched the sand with her feet. The fear was rising. The Blue Monster was closing in. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. She let it kiss her feet and embrace her. She released the sand, she let go of all her fears. She felt free. She had found her happy place.

From @lucidillusions_ :

She would look up every night.  She would see bright lights in the darkness. These lights fascinated her more than anything, she decided to name them stars. Night after night she would wish upon these shooting stars.

Finally one day she gathered enough courage; decided to swim up and explore the world beyond the sea.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Theme 184 - Masks

From @AskThePankazzzz: Used his eyes as a dart to hit her straight in the heart. That momentary exchange of rings gave her wings! Like a dress of satin, she wore his skin. It was too late by the time she realized he wore many faces. Her existence now lies closed in a file of dowry death cases.

From @MirrorofErised_ : Washing her face, sealing a smile to her lips she looked at herself in the mirror. Her real, despicable self gone. Her facade of brightness and cheerfulness glued to her countenance. With an air of pretentious dignity, the prostitute walked out of the washroom. The day masked all of her soiled doings by the night.

From @lucidillusions_ :

Clink ! Cracks appear. She traces them.

She takes it off. They look at her face. They feel repelled by her beauty. She can see pain in their eyes. She looks away and notices the other mask.

She covers her face with the mask called story.
She knows, no matter how beautiful, truth when naked repulses.

From @tweettabulous:

Masquerade party to bring in the New Year. Dressed up in the prettiest red gown. He, in a well-fit black suit approached, asked me to dance. I flushed crimson. We danced the entire evening.He kissed me at midnight, the best ever kiss. And disappeared into the night.

If only I had seen his face…

From @swordfish19: The politicians were on the stage. A campaigner was talking about how he would improve things in the locality.  A man got up from the crowd and screamed “You liars! Take off your masks!”  And then, in unison, all the politicians stood up and peeled off their masks to reveal their jackal faces, laughing, howling.

From @wannabesanyasin: It was about time. But it was something she just had to do. She’d refused to come for the wedding because she couldn’t see the one she truly loved, walk away with someone else. She wiped her tears and caught the very next flight. She faced something she dreaded. The mask was on. As always.

From @roshd: Alcohol is really the truth serum. Get a man high and watch his mask slip off. See that creepy guy trying to paw the ladies- that’s really his true nature masked by sobriety. Ditto for Mr. Singer, Mr. Preacher and Mr. Dancer. The worst is that brawler. All his frustrations come out after he’s tipsy.

From @flirtingshadows: “There will be time, there will be time / To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet…” were her favorite lines. Perhaps, her favorite mode of being too. Life was so much hassle-free with the many faces she put on. A devoted daughter, a dutiful wife, a diligent employee, an ardent lover.

From @SimplySilly_ :

With his hands on her waist, hers on his shoulders and eyes glued to each other, they kept dancing to the music without caring about anyone else in the hall.

At midnight, they took off their mask and kissed. Amongst the loud noise of the crackers, he whispered in her ear, "Happy New Year, love!"

From @writingchalk:

“Oh hi! You look gorgeous! Is that a Manish Malhotra?”
“Yes darling! And you have gone international. That must be a Prada!”
“Gucci actually. But do tell me what you’re doing with your skin! It is GLOWING!”
“Some other time my love. See you...”
Peck on cheek. Backs turned.
The grim facade continues...

From @vidulachakradeo: Every 30 secs they tell her she is the un-pretty shade of darkness. Male adulation isn’t her destiny. A 4-week miracle, shade after shade will get her dark self off. She’ll be epitome of beauty. Message stays same. What changes – name of fairness cream. When’ll women deny this fake fairness mask and wear some dignity.

From @shark_speak: The pain was unbearable. Ashish lay quietly as his torturer leaned over him, his mask hiding a sinister grin. The naked bulb right over Ashish’s eyes notched the torture a degree higher. A final drill and then… sudden silence. The torturer took off the mask and smiled. “See you in six months,” said the dentist.

From @ItsNerdvana:

The water turns crimson red as it falls into the sink. He wipes his brow with a smug expression that only his eye in the mirror can see. It’s done…another one, laid to rest.

The clock tells him it’s time to pick up his son. It’s time for “The Father”, one of his many masks.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Theme 183 - Numbers

From @roshd: The home loan was finally paid off. He was tired of his job chasing numbers month after month. He could do what he truly wanted now. Be a writer. Then he came across a great property going cheap. As he estimated the EMI and fund requirement, the dream was buried for a few more years.

From @eyolous:

That one night we kissed just once but our mouths pressed each other for infinity. Our tongues fumbling;  Searching, reaching out for our love kernel. Five times. I know.

Our heart beat deafening the night sounds—1,2,3…1,2,3… That one night, a million pangs more joy than pain. One night. Lost.

From @DNRamki: He wore a crisp white shirt, ironed trousers. Pulled on the white lab coat. The stethoscope went around his neck. He pinned his card, and slipped his feet into those polished shoes. Today he was becoming the family’s first doctor. But to the examiner, just another 6 digit number he had to mark.

From @veturisarma: The head aligned with his left foot and the weight transferred effortlessly on to the front foot. The bat met the ball in a pristine straight drive and he felt he still belonged. They wrote 137. First hundred in 22 Months and some more numbers. Now that was something he was never good at.

From @michlliii:

Blistering morning sun and there he was; tensed, rugged look, tall and watching me walk upto him like a Hawk.

As soon as I met his eye, he told me he was leaving. Leaving forever. It all came down to count the number of days left, that we would try to relish and cherish.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Theme 182 - Abyss

From @thechildscreams: Whatever we had seems like the black hole to me now. The day you walked away, I saw this fog in the way. It was all dreamy until I realized I was standing all alone. I kept thinking about where I was. The dark abyss that it was, the space seemed to stretch infinitely.

From @mitchellez: “How do I define pain?” He asks her, “Shall I compare it to the hollowness of a bottomless pit or the vast abyss of a desert? Shall I weigh it against the unfathomable chaos in the heart of a saviour, walking the route to Calvary?” “No” She gently retorts, “Pain is the offspring of love.”

From @swordfish19: There is a well with no water in it. If you stand at its edge and look down you won’t see its bottom. If you throw a rock in it, you can stand there for ages, but you won’t hear its thud. The well is deep. In fact, some believe the well has no bottom. 

From @wannabesanyasin: It was raining very heavily. She sat by the window enjoying the breeze and with every droplet that soaked her face, a realization settled in. The emptiness woke up with a start. Suddenly, the phone cried. The message said, 'I'm leaving. Meet me?' And she finally knew what mattered. What resided deep in her abyss.

From @slokabs:

Bikes and cars zoomed past. Busy pedestrians went about their business candidly, not looking around to admire the rainbow or smell the air.

Asha’s life had been plunged into depths of silence since birth, but at least her sense of sight and smell made her appreciate bounties that people with all five senses often missed!

From @viveklectic:

Their togetherness had just been a mirage. Like a staring contest which he lost the moment he blinked. She was gone and with her lost was the utopia.

In the bottomless pit where the memories dwelt of a past that could not be, he found his solace.

From @vidulachakradeo: I stared at a blank Word page for long. So many topics tried to write themselves on the blank canvas. The chaos before creation, the deep darkness of guilt, Insanity of John Nash’s ‘Beautiful Mind’. Alas. Topics were mercilessly pushed down the endless blank of a writer’s block. Did they find an end? Who knows?    

From @roshd: She was spiralling into an abyss accelerated by the vodka which was her constant companion. He had moved on. She felt pangs of jealousy as he mingled with the girls at the party.  Then he walked over to her and snatched her drink saying, "Beautiful women don't need to poison themselves." Suddenly there was sunshine.

From @snehzana:

Dear abha,
With you in my life, my abyss will be filled with happiness. Be with me, I need you.
She threw the letter away. Abha couldn't read English.

From @RaspberryDolly:

It was a black pit. An abyss. Not a tunnel. And there was no light at the end of it.

There were tears streaming down her face. And gusts of wind billeting her body.

But she was rising. Not falling. That’s all she could remember as she was jolted back to life.

From @flirtingshadows: I’m trapped in an abyss of memories. Of the times you held out your hand while crossing the road, the places we visited and the nights you stayed up with me to confront my fears. I feel indebted to you. And I want to rid myself of this feeling. Without belittling you or your emotions. 

From @PeaceOVent:

The depth of red shocked her. She closed her eyes and still saw red.

He was oblivious to it now. His blank stare was her jubilation. She raised the knife and made another deep cut. There was no looking back from here.

From @vivekisms: They knew it would not be easy. The road would be tough. It wasn't accepted yet. The loving of two men. Yet they endured. They took their chances. They had to freefall. The abyss of love they said.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Theme 181 - Soulmate

From Basanti_Returns:
He would understand without her talking,
Hand in hand they would silently keep walking.
Distance couldn't rip them apart,
for the connect was not of the bodies, but of the hearts.
Her body burnt to ashes, eternal was her soul,
He endlessly waits for her, his story untold.

From @swordfish19:

“Will you meet me in our next life too?”
“What do you mean?”
“See, the soul was never born so it can never die, it just changes bodies.”
“But how will I meet you in my next life?”
“Just wish real hard for it. Your wish will get fused into the soul.”
Then they kissed.

From @flirtingshadows: She was six. But her best buddy was closer to thirty. They chatted, played and bonded every day. Akin to a mother and daughter. Except they were not. She fondly called her didi. We’d ask about what about when didi moves away? Pat came the reply, “I’ll marry her son and go live with her!”

From @VidulaChakradeo: A Google page is opened. Two words are typed in the search bar. 2,960,000 results are found in 0.35 seconds. How amazing? Some are free tests. Some quizzes. Some quotes. Some calculators. Some definitions. Technology takes over the matters of heart. Once, the heart knew how to find a ‘soul mate’. Today, Google does.

From @monathais:

A strong perfume makes her startle. But the room hosts just her solitude. She keeps typing a story on her blog.

“I have all the reasons to love my wife. Then why the longing?”

He clicks on a random blog, leaves a comment. She reads, smiles, replies.

The divine keyboard.

From @vivekisms: There were be plenty of men, he thought. So many, who he considered being companions, and may be more. It would turn out differently. They  would love. Ways would part. Soul mates? he thought and reached out for the next read.

From @divigyaan: White gown, black tuxedo, his mother, her father, friends and relatives. One motive, one thought- ‘they are Soulmates’. Vows are ready to be read and that one question will decide their fate. But when everything is going great there is a silent voice screaming inside, what if she says, “No, I don’t”.

From @zoarcher: “He’s The One”, said a warm voice. “Who”, she wondered. No one was in sight. “He’s on his way”, reassured the voice. Her eyes searched, her heart waited. Then she heard them, the sound of hooves galloping. No one came. The sound grew louder and didn’t stop. Till she didn’t shut off her morning alarm.

From @ghose_1988: God’s will for relationships is excellent if His will is followed. A soul mate is God’s gift. The level of understanding in this case, is often good. But since no one is perfect. Relationships have to be worked upon. Sacrificial understanding is must. After all Love is Blind, Marriage is an Eye opener.

From @AnOddYelllow: They had spent all their lives together, traveled the world and seen legends come to life. No story was complete without them as they were like the narrator of every single tale told in the world. They were soul mates because pen and paper were made for each other to let people live forever.

From @roshd:

As they headed back from the hospital, Shyla squeezed Reuben’s hand tight. Her friend, Pushpa, was absolutely devastated after her malignant breast was removed.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure counselling will help her”, Reuben consoled her. “You were so much stronger after your mastectomy.”

“That was because I had you for a husband. Pushpa doesn’t”.

From @mitchellez: The unrest in her life made him uneasy. The darkness in her life brought clouds in his. The shadows that consumed her left him breathless. To call them friends would do no justice. Friends betray. To call them lovers would be flawed. Lovers change. Their relationship personified divinity. Their souls were not two but one.

From @tweettabulous:

Even from miles away, temperaments gauged. A simple hi and the facets of the mind is like an open book
The warmth, the care, the love, the bond, the jokes, the giggles, the comfort, the connectivity, the serenity, the elatedness & the craziness; we share, keeps me sane.

My sister, my best friend, my actual soulmate.

From @aaroo4: "Why aren't you married yet?" He probed. "Well, lets just say i am yet to meet my man, my one, my soulmate" she replied with a dreamy look. "Gah, what is all this soulmates nonsense? Find someone to settle down" he grunted ready to walk away. "And that is why you are divorcing?" She sighed

From @tunnvi: He was IP  She was God of war, 1, 2 and 3. NFS. Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Assassins Creed. Minecraft. FIFA. Their life revolved around videogames. That’s all they did all day. They didn’t mind being called loners. They met on LAN while playing Counter Strike. They were meant to be. Soulmates. Forever.

Theme 180 - Argument

From @aaroo4: He opened the door and peeped through the little crack. His grandma was making gestures shouting something. He couldn’t make out the words but it sure looked like a heated argument. His father just stood there, staring at her. Dammit, why did his room have to be so far off? He couldn’t hear a thing

From @RadhikaMohandas:

“You’re always trying to prove me wrong.”
“Cedric was Ravenclaw.” “No, Hufflepuff.” “Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe.” “No!”
“Why HIM?” “I couldn't stop him!” “YOU WANTED IT TOO!” “Well, NOW I do!”
“Why’d you remove the bookmark?”
“What are you talking about?” “Drop it, please?”
“You never put off the lights.”
“Just hug me, won’t you?” “Okay.”

From @swordfish19: They’d been married for thirty years now and had not had a single argument. Not one. How could they? Both were born mute and deaf. It’s not possible to argue with your eyes, right? I mean how much can you scowl? They once tried to have written arguments, but their hands ached. They gave up.

From @VidulaChakradeo:

You are really mean. You shouldn't have said that to her. I am not mean. It was she who started it. Of course you are. You know she isn't like that. Listen, I know her better. She is exactly what I said she is.

When Guilt and Self-defense argue, peace-of-mind is a bystander who suffers.  

From @ArmchairPsycho:

We balanced on the wire and waited. His beady eyes darted between her and me as she stepped out of the pool. She slowed down on purpose, pushed her hair back allowing the water to glimmer down on her skin.

"Mine!" I cawed and fluttered over her.

Plop! My empty stomach had marked its territory.

From @flirtingshadows: She sat huddled in one corner, with her quivering lips, irreconcilable differences and tumultuous emotions. The room reeked of disappointment. But she was too spent to care. An apology could wait; she murmured and reached for a sip of water. But he sat in another corner, in wait, for another argument festering over her indifference.

From @deescjockey: He walked along the shimmering beach in the pouring rain, thinking of the argument they had earlier today. Claps of thunder resounded, and the few people who were still outdoors were closing their shops or running for shelter. He dragged his feet, wondering if the coming storm would be bigger than that raging at home.

From @evansrebello:

No more. It’s done. You’re gone. Crawl home.

We argued bout for bout, I took a long time to figure it out,

I can't do it alone, you took it away.

From @TheQuietBelle:

Every night was the same, only the issue differed. What started as friendly debates would turn into heated arguments because every opinion she expressed was subjected to mockery and laughter.

" You think I'm just a silly child, right?" , she would ask burning with anger.

" No I just think you look ridiculously sexy when you're angry."

From @zoarcher:

They never saw eye to eye on anything
Thick headed and thick skinned, both of them
Every debate turned ugly
No situation seemed pretty
Their sanity was at stake, and so was an indecent amount of money
Finally, they agreed and went their separate ways
Once, long-time business partners
They now were aggressive competitors.

From @moonsez: “Why do you always…?” She asked raising her voice. “Why don’t you ever…?” He shouted back. “Do you always have to accuse me back?” She retorted sharply. “Why can’t you give a straight answer?” He lowered his voice. “What’s your question?” she asked tentatively. “Will you marry me?” He blurted, surprising them both.

From @tweettabulous:

“No, but I like this color.”
“It won’t match the theme.”
“I don’t care, change the colors there. I’ve made up my mind.”
“But, it’s been approved and ordered already.”
“Damn it, it’s my wedding I want everything perfect.”
“Love, it’s our wedding… You know I’d do anything as long as it makes you smile.”

From @DNRamki:

The flow was almost irrepressible. Let the right side go on a bit, and you would scald your skin. Whereas letting the left side go on, you would keep shivering for hours.

Every morning he woke up to settle this argument in the shower, setting the right temperature was just that important!

From @slokabs: Harsh words were spat. Long accusatory fingers were pointed at each other. "It was your fault, you were speeding”, said one. “Why should I? You never honked before overtaking”, barked his opponent. In all this chaos, a youngster missed his exam, a pregnant woman gave birth to a still-born and an old sick man died.

From @roshd: This argument wasn’t going anyway. No matter what she said, he had the perfect reply. She raised her voice, he started to get irritated but didn’t abandon his damned logic. It was still her fault. As usual he was winning it. So she burst into tears. Now he was where she wanted him to be.

From @divigyaan:

Boy: Do you love me?
Girl: no
Boy: why?
Girl:don't feel the same
Boy:any reason?
Girl:that is the reason
Boy: is it enough?
Girl:more than enough
Boy: then no point arguing but i wish I could.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Theme 179 - Opinion

From @preetidhingra: I always exclaimed my opinion doesn't matter. No one really cares about what I think, they are going to do what they want to, even if it mattered me. But now I'm firm. I know what I want and no one can force their opinion on me.

From @slokabs: It's 4:55," said Ray politely to the woman beside him who wanted to know the time. "No, it's 5:05", his friend John said. "You've set your watch ten minutes ahead, you egghead!” Ray teased. "Haven't," John replied obstinately. Everyday truths - Everybody’s watch shows a different time, yet each one believes his watch is right!!!

From @precarious_me: 'A cute little girl named Opinion was born to the proud parents Ms.Belief & Mr.Attitude.Though mostly perceived as judgmental she is a free spirit who mingles with all kinds but is the most preferred among the top brasses and hence is the most favorite amongst her entire progeny.'

From @aaroo4: "I will not eat that. I want something else, something interesting" he pushed the plate away.. "Oh no, I can't deal with one more person being fussy. You don't get to have an opinion. It is something you love, so just eat it Max" she retorted. Shaking his head, he walked away, tail tucked in.

From @flirtingshadows: There are too many of them floating around. Opinions, we call them. Governing, influencing, dictating. She felt trapped and claustrophobic in their web. Belittled, punished and cornered. Her mind was a maze of questions. Who to pay heed to, whom to ignore and disregard? Until she realized that it was pointless to care and fret.

From @roshd: Two hours and four shoe shops later,she had still not found the pair she was looking for. I had already tuned out 110 minutes ago. I kept up an enthusiastic look by thinking of that chilled beer I'd have at home. 'How's this pair?', she asked. I hated it.'Very Refreshing', I answered thinking of the pint.

From @moonsez: "Why don't you say anything?" he asked in exasperation. "Because I don't think my opinion matters.” she replied, a little resigned. "Yes, it does. To me, it does." he responded, not quite knowing how to reach out to her. "Sometimes, I don't have an opinion." she confessed softly. "That counts too." he smiled.

From @eklavyagupte: She was a selfish girl who liked the sound of her voice. But a lot of people were like that. There was more to it. My main issue was that I just couldn't get myself to love people who with a straight face could say they had no regrets in life. That was it.

From @ghose_1988: Since childhood Mona had a desire to learn ballet dancing.  She had failed in convincing her parents’ .In their opinion, She was too fat to dance .Criticism had snatched her happiness. But  Mona had a persistent spirit. As soon as she got employed. She  joined ballet dancing classes. She practiced well and became an expert.

From @zoarcher: “Look at that Greek God”, Preeti sighed. All the girls gushed and blushed. Their eyes followed him till the food counter and back. “Wish he’d join us”, muttered the girls as he sat with his friends. “Trrieee theesse snakes, peoples”, he said . And the girls wished to be miles away from the girly boy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Theme 178 - Imagine

From @TranceWriter:

"Imagine the future, when you are a renowned writer, you are attending the release ceremony of your new book. I will be standing right in the front row to cheer my hero, would you like that?"


"Don't give up writing, for that vision, if nothing else."

From @aaliznat: I fell in love. I looked for you in the books I read. I found you in between the lines. I breathed you in like the scent of a new book. I wandered in the library of my dreams and traced you like a book's spine. I imagined us together. I read you.

From @roshd: Imagine India didn’t have to pay obeisance to one family. That it would not support the twisted logic of hate mongers dividing people on religious lines. That people would not litter, spit or double park on the road.  OK, I’m asking for too much. It’ll be easier for Karan Johar to get married. To a girl.

From @tweettabulous:

Well read mind, an innocent smile that reaches and lights up those naughty eyes, broad shoulders for me to fit perfectly in warm embraces, mind blowing sex and a good sense of humor harmonized with articulation to keep me and my whimsical mind engrossed.
My work of fiction, my imagination… he, strangely now my only truth.

From @tweeting_anu: "How could you imagine me betraying your trust when I said I love you,The boy which you saw last evening with me in the mall was my cousin.Thank you for not trusting me,Its all over now" said she to her Boyfriend and walked away forever.

From @DNRamki: She stood at the door, careful not to disturb him. She watched intently as he introduced his stuffed tiger to his latest possession, the “Transmogrifier”. He stepped into it, shouted a few instructions and stepped out.  To himself and Hobbes, a transmogrified Tiger. To the rest of the world, same old naughty little Calvin.

From @Erotalgicholy: "Come here, let me take you to a world of real virualities; a world you’ve always dreamt of being in. Look through this peephole. You can fly like Superman, and breathe underwater like Aquaman. You are nothing, but everything you desire. Come, imagine with me. He kept the pendulum inside and took every child along."

From @flirtingshadows: For a few moments every week, I allow myself the luxury of slipping into a make-believe world where you and I can pretend that the rest of the world ceases to exist, where I can pretend that you are mine, only mine. I imagine a time when your time becomes ours and we become us. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Theme 177 - Drown

From @swordfish19: He was fed up with his life and wanted to end it. Drowning, in the sea, he decided was an effective method. On the way, however, he slipped into a bar and started drowning his sorrow in alcohol. A fellow drunkard said something, but he couldn’t hear it. The bar was noisy. It was Friday. 

From @aaroo4: “Oh no, i cant help you..HELP HELP!” he screamed. “What happened, what is all this commotion for? You can't even take a bath quietly?, reprimanded his mom. “Ma, but Tigger is drowning, he does not know swimming… my hands are covered in soap, I was calling Winnie to come help” explained 3yr old Tanay

From @A_Humorist: Tears rolling down her eyes. Doctor said he is in coma but she knew she betrayed the one who loved her the most & He, drowned in the thoughts was lying on the hospital bed.

From @ghose_1988: Jia’s life indoors was not time bound .One year back she had decided to dedicate herself into painting fulltime. She loved it. The whole house indoors was sprinkled with colors. The relationships she shared were flaccid. But this never bothered her. Nobody knew she existed. She had blissfully drowned in her own small world.

From @DNRamki:

She climbed on to the ledge, precariously. Her flowing gown being of little help. Just as she was about to jump, he called out. And stopped her. His name was Jack, from the decks below.

It meant nothing to her anymore. Long before the Titanic sank on that cold night, Rose lost herself in his eyes.

From @slokabs: "The higher you go, the harder the fall. Do take it slow!" – they’d told him at his party that night. But he was busy enjoying his newfound success and fame. And then, one day, when he was at his peak, he fumbled. One mistake, and he had spiraled into to abysmal depths, never to re-surface.

From @roshd: We studied in the same school. Completed 12th in the same college. Enrolled in the same engineering college. Ended up as roomies for two years till we split. Unknown to his mom. Now I was taking him home in an ambulance.Death by drowning on holi. What do I tell his mom?

From @vivekisms: They fell. Freefalling. That is what this was. Love and the other. Love and its mishaps. It struck when it did. Notwithstanding. Nothing mattered. Nothing did. They fell. Water entered the lungs.