Thursday, August 30, 2012

Theme 135 - Reality

From @aaroo4: “Lets’ go away on a holiday to Greece in October?’ he said. She smiled “Imagine walking along those narrow cobbled streets, looking at those white & blue all around us”. “Oh yes, I’ll plan work so we get off 2weeks atleast” he grinned and then he woke up to see her smiling from the photo.

From @giggle_water:

Fish swam in the sky. Her blue eye saw them. The green one saw butterflies. And bubbles. So many bubbles.




She was once called Delight, now Delirium; for reasons even Destiny didn’t know. They said she was crazy. That she saw things that didn’t exist. What were they talking about, she wondered?

From @sahilbulla: Roaming around he looked at all the people around him. His peers and enemies alike surrounded him. All of them smiled and bowed down.“Is this the real life? Or is it just fantasy?” asked a confused Freddie Mercury. “A little less conversation a little more action” replied Elvis. Heaven was going to be fun.

From @swordfish19: I could see the island. There was a blazing sun above. The white sand on the shore sparkled like many tiny diamonds. The palm trees were swaying gently. The smell of the sea hit my nostrils. The boat was nearing the island. I didn’t feel like going back to reality. I kept reading the book.

From @TheScotchGirl: He knew what the lawyer said. There is no way in hell he could just get a divorce. He returns home. She smiled at him & does the wife ritual – chai / pani. He told her he had an office dinner tonight. But in reality he just wanted to be with Sam, his first love.

From @anjana_murali: As she entered the mall she was unpleasantly surprised to find a horde of reporters who rushed to her and swarmed her with questions. As a reporter yet again screamed "What will you do with the money?"  the reality of having won the biggest reality show sunk in.

From @roshd:

"You are married to Rocky, the heartthrob. You must feel like the luckiest woman in the world!”

She nodded and smiled back to signal the interview’s end.

He stumbled in at 3 am. Reeking of whiskey and woman. As usual, he avoided eye contact and flopped into bed beside the loneliest woman in the world.

From @Sneak_Speak: They made each other miserable.  Each day brought thoughts of breaking up and moving on. But they held on for dear life. “To those stolen moments of happiness,” they said. They told themselves that’s what made it all worth it. The truth? This was their only reality.  How could they conceive of anything else?

From @rainandpeace: Cracks glitter. Flaws gleam. Imperfections shimmer. Nothing is what it seems. Nothing feels real, not in the true sense of the word. Everything feels plastic, toxic, almost. It’s suffocating. It’s disgusting, gut-wrenching, almost. We carry on nonetheless, holding it together..facing a cruel cruel woman we very callously call Reality.

From @catoptronia:

Reality, it seldom makes a move. It lets you strike out pawn after pawn, lets you enjoy your illusions for a while. Because when reality makes a move, its game over. Check and mate.

The world’s a stage and the men and women merely players, remember? Helpless puppets in the hands of reality.

From @addymitra:

She ran into his arms, kissed him passionately and tears of joy flowed down.
"Superb shot Charu"..."Amazing Rehaan"..."You make the best couple"....
He held her lovingly. The shutterbugs did not stop and so did her tears.
It was the night before."Charu, don't be stupid.Abort the baby right away!!"

From @NumbYaar: Shahana tore yet another page from her notepad. She wasn’t happy with the way her novel was shaping up. She didn’t have a writer’s block, but she was slowly getting one as she had started going into depression. She couldn’t breathe life into her story; her story had started dictating her life.

From @namansaraiya: Often, early in the evenings of late into the nights, he walked by the sea. There was a strong uplifting sense the winds carried, plastering a smile on his face. After a while, closer into the sea, he would feel her slide her hand around his. He would turn and ask, "Reality? Such a joke."

From @flirtingshadows: Reality. It stung her like a bee. It left her feeling drained. Sigh. She envied the carefreeness, restlessness and optimism of five year olds. All they needed to build a castle was sand. The remaining details were mere embellishments and happiness was just a smile away. But reality was a dark cloud. An inescapable truth.

From @slokabs:

Kshitij and Pooja always fought. But now that her family was shifting to US, he felt depressed. “Not possible”, he thought. “How can they suddenly move in the middle of the academic year? What about Pooja’s studies?”

A truck labeled ‘Ease-it Packers and Movers’ halted outside his neighbours’ house.

Time to come out of denial.

From @PeaceOVent:

She can see orange and purple circles on the wall. Did she walk all the way home or is she still on the train?

The man next to her is holding her hand. She turns over to look at him. He's a  complete stranger. Her head starts to spin. The  circles move round and round and dissipate into a black hole.

She has been in a coma for 12 years.

Theme 134 - Fake

From @TheFookFace: Vijay liked to be called VJ. He did ‘rock music marathons’ on twitter. On a twitter meetup, he wore a leather jacket and boots. His newly acquired friends now started talking about those rock bands and Vijay kept his silence throughout. Embarrassed, he vowed to Google more before the next meetup.

From @AGirlOfHerWords:

A big fake world. Beating like one giant heart. The men, they walk, their footsteps echoing the heartbeat.
Fake world. Fake. With fake people. People.
Clogging its arteries, choking it. Making it harder to beat. It pumps faster, trying to keep up; trying to see what is real.
Is anything real anymore?

From @SahilBulla: She gently kissed him on his neck and moaned as she felt his fingers reach the pleasure point. She was slowly reaching orgasm and her screams slowly escalated.  Raju paused the video. He knew she was faking it but smiled as he poured some lotion on his hand and waited for the video to buffer.

From @swordfish19:
“…Milli Vanilli never existed…”
“…but their music does…”
“..but it was lip-synced..”
“…how does it matter? It’s beautiful music nonetheless….”
“…how can you say that? They cheated us, their fans…”
“…think of it this way. They were a symbol for the songs that somebody else sung.  They were a face. You ghost-writing....”

From @rohandroid: He was only 39 then. Had he declined their offer, they would have killed him; like they had already killed 11 of his other colleagues. He wanted to live. Don’t we all? So he accepted the offer and lived up to an age of 82. He had no choice. But still, he faked it.

From @slokabs: She always suspected him of adultery. He was always defensive about it – lavishing gifts on her, as if to prove his point. 3 months since he lost his job, “Time to put those gifts to good use”, Anita thought.With a heavy heart, she asked “How much for these ornaments?” The goldsmith replied dismally, “Nothing.”

From @roshd: She smiled brightly as she posed with her portly 48-year old industrialist groom.The media had labelled her a gold-digger. She didn’t care. Her hair extensions, facelift, rhinoplasty, boob-job and liposuction treatments were very successful. So was her act of pretending to be in love with him.She felt complete today. Completely fake.

From @Bwoyblunder:

"She dumped him after three years. You seem so fake now, she complained. She claimed she liked the "Real" him, with whom she had finished college.
Little did she know, she had loved only an illusion, and this was the truth. What we perceive as fake, depends on what we choose to believe is true."

From @JaaTeri:

He: “I broke up. It’s all about us from now.”
She: “How did you tell her about us?”
He: “I didn’t. I just said she was all fake.”
She: “Fake? But she is your boss too.”
He: “She was until she switched her job. I can’t use her anymore. No more love for her.”

From @TheScotchGirl:

He was reeling with the amount of praises. His colleagues were impressed.
He had achieved what he wanted the most from the time he was here – their acceptance.
They celebrated by going out for drinks. He had to leave for home early he told him though.
He goes home, to his smug father, the Managing Director.

From @MinolAjekar:

She stands there everyday, just smiling and looking pretty.
He smiles back, waves and winks at her too.
He knows, he’s being audacious, he knows he’s being a fool.
But he needs to change the games he plays, she was not going to come to life, like Kim Cattrall in Mannequin. 

From @absoluteme: Tara flutters them oft to get favours. She uses them to hide her lies. She winks and gets instant attention. She soaks them in tears at will. Sometimes she applies thick coats of make-up for even more drama. Only when she is back in her room, all alone, does she take out her synthetic lashes.

From @dopeywriter: It was the usual Sunday morning. The sun was glowing. Rajesh was out for his morning stroll, on his wheelchair. The colony kids were playing cricket on the field. Yusuf hit the ball for a six. The ball landed on Rajesh's lap. The crowd turned to him. There was a chorus shout: "Abe ball FAKE"

From @ponderpuffman:

For him Fake was a philosophy, a True way of life.
Fake sheltered him from moments. Fake helped him manipulate emotions.
He would whisper every regret to Fake and Fake would whisper back a sweet memory.
For him Fake was Truth and Truth was Fake.

He forgot himself in Fake. He found himself in Fake.

From @vchatting:

Looking vacuously,sipping whiskey like a tragic hero,he thought,"Not one stood by me in this mess. So bloody fake, this world.... I've no reason to live....."
Just then, he saw the scantily clad kid, across the street, valiantly fighting fireflies studying under a dim lamp.
An unknown hope, surged in him. "My life is real , all is not as lost as I thought perhaps..?", he thought.....

From @PeaceOVent: She talked like it was going out of style. She had an opinion on every event/subject. She could wax eloquent about the driest topic of conversation. She couldn't stop herself if she tried. What  she had were just words, no wisdom. Sadly the only thing real about her was her lack of self worth.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Theme 133 - Fetish

From @swordfish19: An indigenous tribe in the forests of Central India worships a black clay sculpture of a spigot, offering it prostrations and circumambulations. They believe that it blesses them with adequate rains helping them grow their crops, so necessary for their subsistence. However, this year’s drought makes one wonder – has the tap run dry?

From @aaroo4: Holding on to her foot, he kept running his hands up and down. She stared at him, as if to make sense of what he was doing. He kept at it, rhythmically, eyes blank. Silence engulfed them, until he heard a thud. The mannequin had fallen down, but his hands continued working the foot.

From @TheScotchGirl: He slapped her in the middle of their naked conversation. He loved how her skin bruised red under the slightest touch. She was in shock if only for a sec, slapping him back. They were meant for each other, Forever bruising each other.  She had to dress her wound somehow, her husband arrived tonight.

From @slokabs: His nighttime routine spelt waiting patiently for sufficient quiet, peering from below the bedroom door looking for signs of movement, gently opening it, walking noiselessly to the kitchen cabinet, pulling out that elusive bottle on the topmost shelf and stuffing a handful of sweets into his mouth. Now, he would finally be able to sleep.

From @JaaTeri:

Husband: “I just hit the mouse with a shoe. I didn’t mean to kill it.”
Wife: “You know how much I loved it?”
Husband: “I am sorry. Poor soul...”
Wife: “Sole? You have spoiled the shoe.”
Husband: “Oh. Hah! I mean… Let’s go shopping!”
Wife: “Two pairs. I would have 350 pairs then!”
Husband: “Done.”

From @roshd: "Go sleeveless on him” the TV commercial for the underarm deodorant proclaimed, promising to whiten even the armpits. She smiled. Almost blushed. She never wore sleeveless dresses. He loved her unshaven and natural there. And she would do anything for him. That it drove him wild, was an added bonus.

From @CruciFire:

He stuck it on a sports bike.
He stuck it on the vodka bottle.
He stuck it on his touchscreen phone.
He stuck it on the AC bus.
He stuck it on his electric guitar.

He stuck it on his girlfriend's forehead and that was the end of it.

His fetish – printed 'LIKE' buttons.

From @PeaceOVent:

Dresses did nothing for her. She didn't know how to apply makeup. Then she enrolled for ballroom dance. High heels were mandatory.

"But I can barely walk in flats.", she thought. The minute she put them on, she couldn't get enough of those heels. It was deep love. You'll never know what it is with girls and shoes.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Theme 132 - Angst

From @YearofRat: He sat patiently, watching the small car trying to make a rodent like escape from traffic, reversing in the middle of a busy highway during peak time. His passenger, watching the vein throbbing in his temple, like a rattle snake. This was going to be an epic battle of angst and stupidity on Delhi roads.

From @BhallaKar: What does the word “angst” mean? she asked. It’s a state where out of despair and a longing to be with you, I will propose you and hope that you will say yes, we both knowing that it is not going to work out later but we will still give it a try.   

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was a momentary lapse of judgment and Rajan's short-temper, which led him to hit Roshita. She went to another room and closed it to decide her next set of action between her sobs. The choice was between calling the police or forgiving Rajan. She decided for the latter by hanging herself from the fan.

From @roshd: She got his house,car and custody of their son. Post-Divorce it was the first of his monthly visits.She expected him to be seething. He came. Kissed and hugged Junior tightly, eyes closed. It was like she didn’t exist. Her guilt, in the form of a lump in her throat, almost choked her.

From @_saraU: They don’t understand the woman in me. The want to be a woman, to look beautiful. I feel isolated, different. My parents seem ashamed of me. I don’t know why? But, they keep saying “Be a Man”. Yes. There appears a man on the mirror. I fear him. There’s no end to this.  This angst.

From @PeaceOVent:

What an eventful weekend! She was entranced having seen her favourite band live. She was on the bus, going back to old questions.

Love seems simple.
Planning a career should be a breeze.
Love is agony.
A choice of profession is just that day's fancy.

She turns on her iPod.
"Maybe tomorrow is a better day".

From @CruciFire:

‘Why would he do that? He could have just bought some from our side of the road.
People are talking. Society can be so cruel.
Insects do it. Even group of humans named after insects do it.
No one asks them. Why my hubby then?
Insensitive bastards!’

Mrs.Chicken just couldn’t let go of her angst.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Theme 131 - Destruction

From @slokabs: The painted lady lay on the window sill – dreaming and waiting to dry. Soon, Sujay would varnish, frame, wrap and gift her to his parents. And then, she would adorn one of the whitewashed walls of the sprawling living room. Suddenly, she felt raindrops.Later, Sujay crumpled the canvas and threw it into the dustbin.

From @eklavyagupte: We sat outside sipping liquor brewed from the mahua fruit. Someone made a wry remark about how we were fortunate that some liquor had survived the several military raids and destruction; we smiled, refilled our glasses and dropped off to sleep under a moon we would not see for another 18 years.

From @bongbuffoon: The rain destroyed his home and his hope. As he sat and stared at the ruins, his eyes blank, his mind numb, watching the last remnants of his possessions float away on the dirty waters of the neighbourhood, the voice of a child pierced his thoughts. “Dadu, when do we start rebuilding.” And he smiled.

From @roshd: Geeta had heard Rajiv had quit his job and hit the bottle after their breakup. Serves him right, she thought, hope he self- destructs. As he sipped his scotch, Rajiv sat back content. Things were great post his break up with Geeta. He was taking up a new job in Australia. Hopefully he’d find love again.

From @BoozeSexSundry:

It was a mean, nasty world she thought. Thoughts adamant like a bratty little cancer kid who just lost all her hair. Dry skin flakes falling off her white dotted hospital apron.

'Your writing is beautiful'. He said, like a Sun providing indirect inspiration for chemotherapy. 'So much chaos.'

'I'll edit, bring a sunflower around.'

From @PeaceOVent:

The intense agony of having given birth to someone. The pure ecstasy. Her son is leaving her today. His wife finds her inconvenient.

She is crumbling, the walls are closing in on her. They reach the old age home. She moves away. This is the last time she will see her angel.

She turns around, and spots her high school sweetheart. Old, yet new.

From @filmypurna:

Boo _ s
_ _ ndom
F _ _ k
P _ n _ s
Pu _ s _
S _ x

No longer stood for:


Her innocence had been destroyed.

From @CruciFire:

Dev kept his barrel rolling till all the six rockets were loaded. *BOOM* James was gone.  
Aaron ran into Raj who flak’d him.
Millions cheered as Arjun decapitated David with a *head shot*.
Nikhil sniped Nathan as he was about to behead Rohit.
Steve found himself staring down Rohit’s Redeemer.
2012 Unreal Tournament Champions: India!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Theme 130 - Oblivion

From @WannabeSanyasin: Concrete promises made. Countless hugs exchanged.  Endless smiles smiled. They seemed to be close friends. Probably it was something more. A silly misunderstanding resulting into a prolonged silence. They knew where they belonged. Separated, drifted, and torn apart as they longed for one another. Never to see, smile or speak. Into the deepest oblivion ever.

From @swordfish19: At a time when they needed each other more than ever, they became strangers. Life was now a tangled mess of incoherent speech (not to mention the rambling), confused stares, dependence on external care, precarious steps, bed sores and the inadvertent waiting for the final moment. In one fell swoop, Alzheimer’s hit the old couple.

From @sinpinklove: Rasheed believed Sujata to be his destiny.She kept her head on his shoulder as he played with her hair.She nuzzled his neck and they had their first kiss.Their love was oblivious to society but they knew the dark truth.They took the train to Mumbai to live their dreams

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“I know you are keeping something from me.”

“It’s nothing, darling.”

“You can tell me, you know that.”

“You don’t want to listen to this.”

“I do.”

“I miss my previous girlfriend. She died this day 2 years ago.”

Shocked into silence, she was missing the bliss of the oblivion.

From @roshd: She was only a primary school teacher in a nondescript village. Very plain looking and not intelligent enough for Him. So she stayed there in obscurity and oblivion while he ruled as India’s most powerful CM aspiring to be the PM someday.She won’t talk about it. She fears for her job.

From @krishna_marathe: As an artist, he loved attention from admirers for his craft; yet because of it he couldn’t create. Oblivion was his best friend whom he sought for creation’s sake and shunned it for being acknowledged. It’s a bitter sweet relationship this one.

From @anjana_murali: She saw the little girl conversing with the dog, oblivious of the fact that it did not understand her baby language and that they belonged to different species. It was then that she threw the poison bottle into the dustbin. Life was too beautiful and precious to be wasted, she realised.

From @slokabs: Seated on the ship deck, his eyes soaked in the blue expanse. The encounter had killed hundreds, including him. No one would mourn his death. His family had disowned him the day he’d picked up the gun. A silent tear left his eye and merged with the ocean, to be lost forever...just like his existence.

From @NumbYaar: He finally created his new invention, a teleportation device! All one had to do was touch a point on a globe to reach there. He took note of his current location and went for the kill. He spun the globe and would lay a finger on his destination. It was probably somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

From @vchatting:

Shrunk,suffering incontinence, lying in a pool of urine in his corner in that dingy old-age home. He was almost a vegetable now. Helpless!
Once, he'd been the guiding light,provider,everything, for his family. How and when, did he fade into oblivion from their lives and get dumped here? His slow mind couldn't recall......

From @minolajekar: You erase me from your memory, like autumn’s discarded leaf or yesterday’s newspaper. My identify in your memory has vanished and it is like I ceased to exist.  Do people see me as they walk past, do they hear me scream? Maybe I do not exist maybe I am a dream.

From @CruciFire:

She caressed his manhood through his jeans as he returned the favour.
Blissfully oblivious to everyone outside their world, they made out passionately.
In the distance, they saw two uniformed silhouettes walked towards them brandishing sticks.

He woke up sweating profusely.
Some memories never fade into oblivion, he thought and went back to sleep smiling.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Theme 129 - Labyrinth

From @karthikisthin:

The incredibly enticing aroma continued to flirt with Larry. Like a poltergeist set on teasing him, it evaded him at every turn.He stared into the new pathway. Surely this was it. Alas! Another dead-end. His anxiety turned into desperation.
Taking pity, the scientist lifted him by his tail and united him with the cheddar.

From @swordfish19: “Hey! Think of something and stay on that thought. Soon, your mind will stray. It’ll start leaping from one thought to another. Before you know it, it would have taken this street, turned that corner, squeezed through that alleyway, stopped there, resumed walking and jumped that fence. Can you come back to that thought again?”

From @Anusual:

The poisonous words coalesced and floated ahead. Their coarse exterior made them loaded and primed to damage. Twisting and turning, they swiftly approached their destination.

On doing so, they shattered into a million malicious particles and dispersed into every corridor and hallway they could find.

Who would've thought an insult could lead to brain cancer?

From @kartwose: "He walked. He had nothing else to do. He thinks, a lot. He sees in others what he doesn't own, and smiles. Blind to the voids in the lives of others, he appends to his incomplete wish list, things that could fill holes, and with that nail, draws another inner circle to his complex labyrinth."

From @roshd: After the maze of lies I wove around our relationship, the humiliation I subjected you to- I have to admit I need you. Once again, you say nothing just smile. As simple as that. You knew I’d be back. You don’t consider it my defeat. Just a victory of your love. I surrender completely.

From @CruciFire:

(Doodling on the notepad)
(Brain storming on a brand launch)
(Fantasizing about the return of the loved one)
(Pondering over why friends are still pissed off)
(Wondering about how the country is going to the dogs)
(Imagining the places he would have visited if he was filthy rich)

A labyrinth, this mind.

From @vchatting:

"Father Arjuna explained entering the impregnable Chakravyu. Little Abhimanyu, yet in his mother, Subhadra's womb listened and learnt intently. But, before Arjuna could talk about exiting from this labyrinth, Subhadra had slept!  So in the final Kurukshetra war,the brave warrior Abhinayu could never get out of the Chakravyu! "
"Maa, another story, this one scares me!"

From @ushfajk:

Neal stood at the start. Stretching himself, getting ready.
He looked at his watch. The clock struck twelve & he ran full speed.
He kept criticizing the obstacle course, thinking it was a maze & not a puzzle. 
His feet kept running, finding a way forward.
This was a labyrinth, you can't win without resolving.

From @PeaceOVent:

The biggest exercise in futility is trying to sleep when your mind is going a mile a minute.
'Did I take care of that client escalation?'
'He gave me his dazzling smile today!'
'I need to start exercising since yesterday.'
'Am I ever gonna start studying?'

Sleep tired brain, sleep.

From @Ophelia_sDream: He felt blind trying to figure a way out of this mess. Like Thesus inside the Cretan labyrinth, Adil searched frantically for the guiding thread that could get him out of this labyrinth. He struggled only to realize that he was guilty of losing that only person who had once held that guiding thread of life.

From @priyankadharmsi: "This is it-she thought to herself. He didn't seem to bother about it or maybe she thought so. But while she was packing her bags and moving out, he was still lost in the labyrinth of his thoughts unable to take up even his own responsibility."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Theme 128 - Risqué

From @CruciFire:

She stood at the bus stop, back arched, chest out tying her wet hair into a messy bun.

“Station? Sharing?” I asked her pointing to an auto.

“I would love to!”

We sat close.

My elbow brushed against her breast.

Our thighs touched too but she didn’t seem to mind.

Some autorisqueshaw journey that was!

From @kunalbaidmehta: Shoaib trudged back home after a tiring day expecting another emotionless session at home as usual. Simar looked different today and was very sweet to Shoaib, surprising him. After dinner, she switched off the TV and called Shoaib to the bedroom. Shoaib did not notice that the book on  Simar's table was '50 Shades of Grey'.

From @PeaceOVent: The door bell rang. A hot black cop was at the door. "We received a noise complaint from the neighbours Ma'am." "Oh. We had a party at the house earlier officer. Please come in." A trumpet started to play.

I wake up with a smile on my face.

From @filmypurna: Those gaping eyes made her feel naked.The goddamn man was stripping off her clothes,raping her mercilessly in his mind she imagined.Murderous contemptful looks to those perverted eyes did'nt change their focus.Just when she was about to confront him,a lady gave him his cane and helped him turn towards the exit.

From @TheScotchGirl: How could she ever want someone so bad is what she could not figure? She was happily married; her husband was the best then why risk it all? He knew about her marriage, he didn’t care, having a fling with the neighbour’s wife. He was free, she accessible & both of them wanted each other.

From @MixelRandy: Genevieve knew she was making heads turn as she swayed in, twirling her pink parasol. She smiled coyly at her admirers, but her eyes searched the lawn for Bertram. He was in the corner, watching. It was now or never. She walked towards him, stepping over a rock, allowing him a flash of her pantalettes.

From @addymitra:

The last piece of clothing fell down and there she stood in front of him.


Her eyes gleamed like suns.

Abhik slowly ran his hands around her smooth,luscious curves.

A drop of sweat trickled down his chest and he knew it.

It's Now or Never.

Harley Davidson Softail.1690cc.

Femme Fatale.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Theme 127 - Evocative

From @TheScotchGirl: The girl was pretty, but there was something about her. She was very attentive & focussed. He didn’t think she would be so easy to handle being such a big star now. He rushed to his laptop. He accessed his “Blue” folder; there she was staring out at him. Got you, he smiled, evilly.

From @AbhiAndNow: I roamed the dark alleys of our first kiss, I got drenched in the summer rain, I jumped into the ferocious Ganga from the Howrah Bridge, I glided like a kite over the Maidan and watched a couple bargain in the esplanade, as I tried to bargain your memories from those evocative streets of Kolkata.

From @roshd: The rays of the morning sun feel like your smile, the doorbell chime your laughter, the boiling  tea kettle was evocative of your anger- always simmering never explosive. This large empty bed always feels you’ve slept in it.There’s stuff you’ve left behind.  Tell me, you’ve left -what do I do with these memories?

From @filmypurna: He fake laughed when his friends mocked her, avoided her like plague,found solace in the arms of whisky,even called her a bitch.The memories,every place, song came with her attached. deep within he knew that hatred was possibly impossible to evoke.So what if she married someone else,she had taught him how to love.

From @ponderpuffman: He stood in a corner and looked at them. They all represented something. Some stood for ambition, some for compassion. Some stood for genius, some for perfection. Knowing it, they all bloomed.What did he evoke, in others and in himself? Weirdness? Depression? Impulsiveness? Ingeniousness? Apathy? Envy? Secrecy?

He bloomed. For he stood for contradiction.  

From @PeaceOVent:

Only the eyes could be seen. The Hijaab made sure of that. She was a mystery in black, darkly enticing every eye that met those eyes.

Underneath it all, she dressed in the latest couture. Prada, Chanel, Gucci - an everyday choice. It was just for them, a special-treat. The mystery came undone, for his eyes only.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Theme 126 - Chaos

From @roshd: She was the free-spirited gypsy unafraid to speak her mind. He was the reserved, intellectual, corporate type ever mindful of social norms and etiquette. She turned his world upside down. Discipline and order were replaced by chaos. Surely she would ruin his life, they said. He didn’t care if she did. He had never been happier.

From @swordfish19: His bed is strewn with books and comics. His bookshelf is packed to capacity. Tall stacks now line up against the big wall. A huge poster of Def Leppard, with a corner off, adorns that wall. His laptop sits amidst various technological paraphernalia on a table.  His mother calls it chaos. For him it’s order.

From @blublubling: He had abandoned the world. After her death he left, no one knew where to. He didn't sing anymore , he didn't play his guitar. He just lay longing for silence. He is heard to drink the whiskey each day but the intoxication doesn't get him anymore. The chaos is within , and it won't leave him.

From @Whiteness: His last words echoed in her mind amidst chaos, “...dear, you know that I’m struggling to make a living here. One can only solve the problem by thinking beyond it, five years from now I’m sure you will be happy with your married life...” 

...and then she looked at her husband and smiled for photograph.

From @thescotchgirl: The children were yet not home. The radio was playing some old hindi music, Lata was singing, all melodious. The song abruptly was stopped for some important message about a possible bomb scare. Radha listens attentively & Ashok Nagar is mentioned. She calls the school frantically, the clerk is crying, Radha can hear the chaos.

From @Pscripturient: Of all quiet places she had been to, the morgue was usually her favorite. Until the day, she had to identify a loved one. Her peace turned into chaos with her first step inside the room. What was he wearing when he left? What were his last words to her? This could be the end.

From @absoluteme: They were all standing in a row, heads bowed down; the pro's stifling a smile, a couple of new girls sobbing, one guy continually asking to go to the toilet. Finally the principal barked "Who started it?". There was a long silence; and then somebody squeaked, "Chemistry ma'am, she left the class 5 minutes earlier!"

From @CruciFire:

“ we need 2-3 mockups of the cover photo by tomorrow.”
*Story yet to be written*
“Is the SEO article for today done?”
*Story yet to be written*
“What about the postings on this brand? EOD today?”


“Jay, you alright?”

From @bitchwanti: Engineer. Then a pilot.Doctor.A musician. A painter. A singer. A dancer. In this travel through life, she wanted to be many things. "I'll be a magician, yes!" she said as she stood there in the chaos of stampeding teenagers, staring at her mark sheet, wishing she had super powers to realise her dreams.

From @Ophelia_sDream: The amalgamation of honking cars, screeching tyres, buzzing bike caught in the traffic snarl had turned the world outside into utter chaos. She searched for an escape. She looked up at the radiant sky, smiled and thought of him, their love, their world.The world around turned beautiful again and she found peace in chaos.

Theme 125 - Sight

From @TheScotchGirl: All her friends kept telling her to let go. He was just not worth it no more. It’s been three years since he left her. But no Michelle just could not let go, too much has happened between them. All her friends told her was “Out of sight, out of mind” & he’s gone, forever.

From @PeaceOVent: She was 4 when she found out she was getting a new sibling. She resented this alien invasion. Why should she share her toys, Ma and Pa with this person? The dreadful day dawned. Ma had cried. Pa was holding her, scared. They went in.  He was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. She would love that baby boy forever. She was 5 now. All grown up.

From @swordfish19: He had an ambitious plan. He wanted to make literature available to the visually challenged people of the world. So what if they couldn’t consume books through sight? Nothing should get in their way of doing so through touch. He wanted to create a Braille equivalent of each book (worth reading) ever published.

From @CruciFire:

A club of voyeurs with high-powered binoculers, night vision glasses and a Handycam.
They love observing couples, video taping their 'immoral' activities and using it against them to 'protect Indian culture.'

We are hitting Shivaji Park today.

“The first rule of 'SIGHT CLUB' is that you do not talk about the sight club. ”

From @BluBluBling:

"You are beautiful" he said .
 She turned a crimson red and looked away to avoid his face.
"How do you know ?" she asked fetching for compliments. " My eyes , are they pretty or my face ? " .
He remained silent , picked up his dark glasses and reached for his cane.
"Those I can't see, I see what is inside you."

From @PScripturient: Freud said it would take 21 days to convert anything into a habit. She was trying to forget him for 2 months. She still remembered his touch, his warmth, his voice ringing inside her head, as fresh as it was on the day they accidentally met. Out of sight, was definitely not out of mind.

From @BoozeSexSundry:

Out of sight, out of mind.
Eyes are overrated, he used to say.
The real sensory organ is Heart, he used to say.
He either got his heart changed or maybe he was just wrong, and I was blind.

Out of sight is out of mind, they say.
Ask me, my heart says.

From @karthikisthin:

“The rain monster messed the roads last night. Mr. Whistle Blower is irritated. Oh! What’s that awful...? Lady, that’s a bad choice of perfume! Whoa! Nice spoiler. Hey what’s that shiny...?”
As the light turned green, Rex’s attention returned to the zebra crossing ahead, courtesy a gentle tug on his leash from the wheelchair behind.

From @mixelrandy: The slits from the bamboo blinds made linear patterns on the contours of her body. He traced the lines from her hip up to her shoulder, onto the lines of her tattoo. He saw how her coloured streak of hair shone. He blinked, realising he hadn’t removed his lenses. Clarity had never been so enjoyable.

From @bitchwanti: Tenderly she shook herself, releasing fragrances to assail minds. He watched awestruck at her dew laden body and smiled wide. "Oh what a pretty sight these two make!" thought Ananya, as she watched the rose brush softly against the sunflower under the first ray of sunlight.

From @vchatting:

"Hey I'm coming over on the 10th for a week to Delhi!"
"Oh! But, I'm travelling then, from 10th till the 15th.."
"Yeah! Sorry"
His promises to marry her since years had made her an object of his  wilful entertainment.Just lip service! But, now her sight had cleared. She'd decided to move on..

From @Ophelia_sDream:

She, “Why don’t you call me anymore?
He, “I was busy. Tell me why are you calling?”
She, “You were so busy that you couldn’t even call me once in two weeks? Earlier you called me every day and messaged all day long!”
He, “Do you know what out of sight out of mind means!”

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Theme 124 - Lost

From @anushreekejriwa: I found the shell by the shore, pristine white it caught my attention. Trying to find a pearl in it, it slipped away and went to another shore. I lost the pearl but hope someone gets it and cherishes its beauty.

From @Pscripturient: After running for days my shoes gave way to a peeping toe. Shoes found outside a shrine. The hole made it difficult to maintain pace. I left them, making the remaining journey barefeet. Soles burning, I started thinking of the flag. While finishing, I remembered my shoes were lost, realizing I don’t need them anymore.

From @PeaceOVent: Chance meetings are the cruelest accidents of nature. One look at him and she knew she had made the biggest mistake in letting go. He was content, in love with another. She was happy for him. He was the nicest boy she had gotten over. Oh well, "Never mind, I'll find someone like you".

From @maruwahna:

Her wiry frame hugged him hard.

Baba,Mumma was wearing those red bangles.I too want to look beautiful !
But you‘re already beautiful,princess.
*lad bazaar*
Beti , which color did you want? Beti ? Beti?
Anisha stared at the faces passing by, no one smiled at her like baba did.She felt alone.

From @vchatting:

"Omg! The bag is lost! Have you seen it ? No? It had all Credit cards, license, everything... Now....? " The search continued.... Finally, an FIR, registered ; card companies, intimated.

Next morning, as he shut the room, to dress up for office, he found the bag,hanging from the top hook behind the door, quietly mocking at his forgetfulness!

From @kunalbaidmehta: The year was 1995. Rajeev's father had got him a CD player from his US visit and Rajeev wanted to show it off in school. In all the excitement, he forgot it in his classroom that day. He tried checking the 'Lost and Found' section next day but he knew it was a lost cause.

From @BoozeSexSundry: We clip onto each other like silly little magnetized paper clips. It's 4 in the morning, we're hungover as hell. Not remembering what the other's last name is. We smell of hookah and whiskey, little guilt and more want. It's 4 in the morning and we're waiting for the other to take their toothbrush along and leave.

From @roshd: They sat close to each other as they solved the crossword in the newspaper. Stuck on a four letter word starting with ‘k', he looked up at her and seemed lost for words. “Kiss me”, she wished fervently. “The word is kiss”, he exclaimed triumphantly, threw away the paper and matched the word with action.

From @karthikisthin:

It was somewhere behind the ketchup bottles and mixer grinder, probably closer to the knife set, soup spoons and the special ‘guest’ tumblers.

Though, she could’ve sworn she last saw it in her cupboard drawer, close to her wedding bangles and meagre life savings.

Truth is, her talents abandoned her the day she married him.

From @Ophelia_sDream:

They always stared at her; she was looked at with great curiosity, not because she was weird or eccentric but because she possessed a special power that they didn’t.

She had the power of being lost in her thoughts, in her world of oblivion, oblivious to the world full of agony that breathed around her.

From @michramiah: She searched everywhere. On every crisp page in every book. In every television show or movie. On every website online, trusted or sketchy. She travelled the world, interacting with every person she came across. But it couldn't be found. Her ability to love was lost forever.

From @CruciFire:

A walk, post lunch.
A song, in between briefs.
A dramatic fight before meetings.
A sarcastic taunt before the brainstorm.
Not all who wander are lost.
Little moments of joy that power you through the day!

From @TheScotchGirl: He wanted her bad. She didn't want him, but was her mind playing tricks when her heart skipped a beat on noticing him today?  He slyly looked her way, not even a second glance he realized. His mother was waiting for his decision today about Mr Varma's daughter.  He looks up pleading for help.

From @tazeenzafar:

She lay there on the green grass gazing up the sky.
‘So how does it feel?’ I asked.
She was silent. A tear trickled down her cheek and fell sideways.  She seemed lost in the starry sky; the one she had seen for the first time in her 20 year old life.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Theme 123 - Disappointment

From @TheHappyNoodle: The days' last rays of sunshine burn holes in the imperceptible time that passes with me not re-imagining your myriad looks of disappointment. It's immeasurably sad. There’s a shift in things; you know so little about them. When you've a good thing going, you don’t want to be reminded of things that could end it.

From @TheScotchGirl: Mrs & Mr Cardoz looked at their one bedroom with a dumb waiter fitted into the corner.Never did they in their wildest dreams think this was how Sid was going to repay them. The boy Friday comes in to state lunch is ready. Thank God the homeless shelter offered them two meals at least.

From @jumidas1: She uploaded her new facebook profile picture and went to sleep. Next night, she logged in...106 likes ! With a smile she started checking out the names of people who has liked her photo. His name was not there. She changed back the profile picture to the earlier image and went to sleep.

From @roshd: Rajiv had called to say he’d be late again. It was her birthday. Sneha was disappointed and angry.Just then the doorbell rang. Rajiv had sent her an exquisite diamond ring as a birthday gift. She was happy again. “A small price for peace”, thought Rajiv, as he lay with Aparna in a hotel room.

From @swordfish19: Do animals feel disappointment? Does the concept of disappointment exist in the animal kingdom or is it a purely human phenomenon? Take an ant. Do you think it gets disappointed when it loses a grain of sugar? It starts finding another one. Disappointment is not programmed in an ant. It’s either working or not working.

From @BluBluBling:

"I love her Maa"

Reema's words rang in her mother's ears. Ree, her lovely girl, loved another woman. She couldn't understand how that could be. She wasn't raised this way. All the sleepovers were becoming clearer now. My daughter and love a woman , what a disappointment she thought as she put a garland over Reema's photo.

From @PeaceOVent:

Age 5: Smile. Don't slouch in your seat. Why do you drag your feet?
Age 15: Who are you meeting all dressed up like that? Be nice to your parents. She is better than you.
Age 25: Marry a nice boy before you're too old. Do you want a career? Don't go there alone.

Just one constant across ages, constant letdown.

From @Pscripturient: I had never been outside home. Until mother fought a conservative father to let me attend post-graduation in Ahmedabad. Mother was a college drop-out, victim of early marriage. I remembered her strife everyday, as mother kept losing memory back home. My convocation, brimming with happiness, coincided with mother’s leaving. This was disappointing, in the least.

From @quratzafar: I met many men after him but none of them had gentle brown eyes that lit up every time they saw me. He said I had disappointed him; I was not what he expected me to be. But I was hopelessly stuck. After being the center of his love, how could I contend with anything else?

From @_Nehu: Whenever they visited mall, she would stop by jewels shop and view beautiful necklace. He worked hard, saved single penny and gifted her expensive necklace. She was more than happy, now she wants another one; to his disappointment she valued money than anything else. His love went in vain; her greed grew day by day.

From @slokabs: The clock ticked the minutes by. Yet, everytime she looked, the hands had barely moved. His favourite food was becoming cold; She, hungry. The elevator's feeble music grew louder till it stopped on her floor. "Finally!", she thought. The bell didn't ring. The phone beeped."Going out with friends. Not coming home for dinner tonight."

From @flirtingshadows: The taste of defeat lingered long after the fight had ended. That and the deafening silence, which threatened to engulf them both. The chatterboxes they were, they were not used to them silences. She professed an apology, if only to banish some of the silence away. He brushed it aside. The room reeked of disappointment.

From @ponderpuffman:

She died without letting him know.

There were many stories to whisper. There were many promises to make.
There were many more jokes to crack.
He had one more kiss for her. He had one more silence.
The day before she died, she had asked for pink hibiscus.

He held on to all these, disappointed. 

From @The_Buffmaster: Seconds seemed hours, minutes seemed days and days seemed months. He had his left eye stuck on the pendulum and his right eye focused on the mobile screen, waiting for it to ring and just hear “YES”.  A wait, he just couldn’t bear. A zillion thoughts flowing amongst his mind, in which “disappointment” was none.

From @vagabondinact: I hoped. Hope gave wings to my thoughts. They soared. They flew, gathering expectations.  Expectations strengthened the wings.  Reinforced, they flew further and farther, amassing desires. Desires wedged  the wings. Wings failed and beliefs plummeted crashing into life, crippling it forever.

From @vchatting: Nothing he did, ever got him his father's approval.He strived though, everyday, for an acknowledgement of his worth,in his father's eyes. Triumphantly, he announced, filing the patent ! Father's reaction was the same, habitually disdainful!That moment, he got over a lifetime of disappointment, for how could he've expected appreciation from a limited, ignorant person?"

From @visualizashan: I was overjoyed that she finally wanted to meet me. I have met her before but this meeting was special. I was very excited and was thinking what to do and how to do.Before I could do anything, She asked my hand………To tie a RAKHI.

From @ushfajk: He started running as fast as he could. Fear clouding his confidence, he looked behind. Ten years old and a smile on his face, he ran harder. The finish line beckoned his feet. Nearly there… The towering figure scowled at the silver medal hanging from his neck. “What a disappointment …” his father murmured.

From @Ophelia_sDream: She never had much expectation from him. He never ceased to be his obnoxious self.  Many times she had let her heart rule her mind but not anymore.  She was not disappointed that he didn’t turn up for their wedding; her only disappointment was that she would not get to live in his sprawling mansion!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Theme 122 - Escape

From @TheScotchGirl: How could he get rid of this sinking feeling? They were together 7 years. 7 years my friend is no joke. Why did she have a change of heart, she did accept the ring no? He could not see her with anyone else. This was the ultimate escape, he thought staring down from his terrace.

From @swordfish19: It was a regular burial service. There was the grave, the coffin and the crying relatives. However, a few mourners nearer to the boundary of the crematorium were seen to be in high spirits and giggling. It had something to do with the tanker that had passed by, leaking nitrous oxide a.k.a “laughing gas”.

From @roshd: Dressed in a spotless white robe, Guruji addressed the throng of devotees gathered to listen to his discourse. His gentle voice, feel-good preaching was like balm to their weary souls.  At 9pm, after the last devotee had left, Guruji retired to his room with Angrezi scotch and Desi consort. They were his escape.

From @AskThePankazzzz: They could never understand as to why they were answerable to society for their sexual orientations. Not like they planted a bomb or something. They were trapped. Between love & revolt. Together, they escaped. To the terrace. 10th floor. They felt free. Together, they jumped off. They felt free-er. Together, they died. Happy & gay.

From @sinpinklove: Lets forget the world we live in and think about only 'us'.Lets smile a little more and explore each other like never before. Lets keep our blackberry's back and talk directly on the face.Lets hold each others hand and slowly walk a mile.Lets escape reality, only for a while.

From @haemlet: He held her hand and moved closer. She could feel his breath, and it made her heart race. He was smiling. She knew he had something planned.  Looking into her eyes, he said ‘I love you’, and suddenly, he was holding a ring. She was sweating. There was no escape now.

From @FateMarfatia:

She was born in a family that was the nouveau riche of the Island. Alas, the golden spoon became a mouth gag. What with a misogynist father and an ailing mother.

Every night, the towering mansion absorbed her ear-piercing cries. By the day, an obscure corner in the mansion provided enough sunlight for her to read.

From @ponderpuffman: He lights up a cigarette. He inhales slowly. The smoke reaches deep inside him and his every nook and corner. It unearths and unwraps: Father’s punches, mother’s hopes, bitter promises, pointed regrets, sleepy dreams and unpolished genius. One exhale at a time, the puff carries away these possessions.  He has become lighter. He has escaped.

From @karthikisthin: Two floors down, he felt free. Three later, freedom gave way to panic. He was immediately filled with regret and began yelling into the thick air. Five floors later, he tried to find balance amidst terror, the air now deafening. As he safely bounced into the thermocol heap, courtesy a passing truck, he breathed again.

From @slokabs: There was heavy knock on the door. “You are under arrest”, said the officer.3 months later. In court. “Your Highness, this proves that my client was not even in India when the murder happened.” As he walked passed the victim’s brother, Dhaval gave him a sly toothy smile. The wily always find a way!

From @Pscripturient: A 16x16 obstacle cell. Beat myself at this maze yesterday even. Seven seconds has been my best. I will reach Finish with eyes closed today. Why do they make me do it daily? I don’t get extra cheese for running maze. Maybe I am doing it to find the secret door that lets me escape.

From @CruciFire:

“...sorry for not being able to be a good husband and a good father. I failed as a son so I guess this was bound to happen. You've always doubted my prowess as a software engineer so here is my final piece of code.”


The wall adjoining the PC is splattered with blood.

From @PeaceOVent:

The father yelled obscenities at the mother. The elder brother was indifferent. The younger sister was crying. She was the calm one. Her trick was to hear but not listen. Every time their parents fought, she would play The Beatles in her head.

"All you need is Love"

"Let it be"

It was her oblivion, her only escape.

From @flirtingshadows: She was tired of being disciplined, of being told to behave, of being docile. She longed for a vent. One that wouldn’t reprimand or tell her to shut up or lower her voice. One that would simply let her be. One that would let her celebrate her mistakes and imperfections. She longed for an escape.

From @vchatting:

"You know, this is not working, right? I mean , our relationship..?
"We need to talk it out. When you're sober , which is hardly ever, you clamp up, or you are drinking 'our life' away..."
"Say something. Anything. Talk. It's our 'life', definitely 'my life', at stake!"
Aloof, he turned,to pour himself a drink!

From @NumbYaar: They were totally different people stuck together. They shared a weird love-hate relation as they had to bear with each other day in and day out. They ran into each other, screamed for help and got restless. The one thing they desperately needed was a way out. Alas, they hated being voices in a head.

From @Ophelia_sDream: The door slammed on her face as she fell back in shock, flummoxed at the recent developments in her life. She could hear him rush down the stairs.The looming black clouds outside the window seemed to reflect her current state and the only though that engulfed her mind was that there is no escape.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Theme 121 - Window

From @Pscripturient: In 2004, she stood by her window, trying to find network on her phone, as the screen flashed ‘Calling Mumma’. It’s been four years now, and nobody answers that number. She still stands by the sill, dialing into a screen soaked in tears and raindrops, hand outstretched, trying one more time to reach her mother.

From @TheLostCause_: She sat by her window, staring at the world moving by, picturing herself as one of them. Her world was confined to the walls of her house. Everyday, she yearned to be out there but, wistful thinking took her nowhere. Sighing, she got up and faced her world, the place she called 'house'.

From @slokabs:

Thunder. Lightning. The skies tore. Torrential rain poured down.

The nurse and cleaning lady had stopped coming since long. Thick layers of dust covered everything in the house, where Bharti lived alone.

She wheeled herself into the living room. The rain lashed against the panes. She smiled. She could finally resume her favourite pastime again!

From @PeaceOVent:

She was engaged to be married. He was in a blissful long term relationship.

They met. Sparks flew. He broke up with his girlfriend. They slept together. She awakened his senses. He breathed her in. She was oxygen.

A month later, she was married to the fiance. A window of opportunity for some is just a window for some fun for others.

From @TheScotchGirl: Karan wanted out of here desperately. Mrs Rao was a young divorcee.  She wanted to adopt. One Tuesday she showed up at the same boy’s centre Karan was. He brushed against her as he walked out. She felt a tingle. Once done, she dropped her card near the gate, near him. This was his chance.

From @vchatting:

4 o'clock : Strict Mummy, wouldn't let him play.
He posed to study, like everyday. But actually, looked out of his window to watch, his friends playing cricket.Except for the distance and silence (which he carefully maintained!), he was an active participant in each game.
6 o'clock : Running at breakneck speed to join them, at 'his' rightful time to play !

From @roshd:

Mischievous Rishi,11 was explaining the Rapunzel story to his 5-year old cousin Sara:
“Do you know why Rapunzel’s hair was so strong that she could let it down the window and have the prince climb up using it?”
“It’s just a story, not real”
“It’s because she used Garnier Fructis Shampoo. Remember the TV-ad?”

From @vagabondinact: Nights she sat by me, watching the stars, the morning she clung to me, seeing them carry her dad in the coffin, the evening she peeped through me, to see her knight on a white horse, the late nights she paced by me, waiting for her son’s return. Mute witness to her life- her window.

From @singhlicious: She was our new neighbour, we talked through eyes at first,she smiled, after sometime threw a letter to her from my window,got a awesome reply & lesson as well next day 'A smile & an eye contact doesn't mean that girl is in love with you'!

From @dimag_Se_paidal: "Jab garibi darwaze se andar aati hai, pyaar khidki se bahar ho jata hai"  the filmy hero said. Story of their life since Zen suffered a huge loss in his business. They looked at each other. She kept looking at him, as if apologizing for not being able to love him the way she did.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Theme 120 - Captive

From @TheScotchGirl: Sneh blamed her mother for everything. So, when she got married off into an arranged marriage, Sneh had no choice. Mrs Chowksi didn’t have too much of a choice here either; the boy was paying for Sneh after all. Sneh enters their bedroom on the wedding night & her eyes widen. The whip lay silently.

From @slokabs: They had witnessed her unenviable life. Encased in her succulent face, they held her secrets for posterity. Clear and translucent, they hid nothing. They would say wordlessly, all that her determined mouth wouldn’t.Let him read them, if he could!He walked in. She fidgeted.He stared into them, at once arrested by their glance.

From @pranavvk: He could not let go. He had to see it through. But it had no end. There was only a new day. Everyday. Forever. But he could not stop. The world would not let him. He was captive to his own creation. And so each day he repeated the words “Today’s #55wordStory theme is   “.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Salil had visited so many countries, but there was not a single picture to show.
Many people asked him the reason, and his response always was "Nature is meant to be enjoyed with your naked eyes. You cannot make them captives of your lens and think that you would be able to enjoy them later"

From @roshd:

So who was the tyrant and who was the prisoner?They interchanged roles so deftly.
She:After all I do for you and the children you still hate me.
He:You are a nag and are here only for my money
Her rage leads to a seizure. He grabs her and holds her lovingly trying to revive her.

From @chinmaynaik07:

He had protected her.
Cared for her.
Prayed for her.
Respected her.
Cherished her.
Touched her.
Held her.
Felt her.
He had breathed for her.
Breathed her.
Loved her.
Lived for her.
Lived her.

And one day they broke up.
She said she had set him free.

In his mind though, her memories held him captive.

From @vagabondinact: Lost in my thoughts, I walked far beyond return. Thoughts, my sole companion slowly became my Master. They commended, controlled and ruled me. One day a sole, meek thought of breaking free, escaped from their hold and they commanded me to stop thinking. Thoughtless, I wander now, in the unbroken captivation of the lost thoughts.

From @dimag_se_paidal: Sachin tendulkar was looking in the form of his life displaying a variety of shots. Rahul didn't let anything come in between him and an amazing innings. Whereas priya was in a playful mood, she wanted rahul to leave sachin and come to her. But rahul was glued to the TV. Disgusted, priya picked up the remote and off went the TV.

From @PeaceOVent: It is the first day of school. The last first day. He hopes he gets the courage to come out with the truth this year. The words. There are so many words. They jump around on the page. He can't even tell if it's 'b' or 'd' sometimes. The words chain him down yet they are dying to burst through

Friday, August 10, 2012

Theme 119 - Consequences

From @TheScotchGirl: She hid all her bare essentials in a small bag. She had only around 1000 INR collected over 6 months now. No jewellery, no assets, nothing. Zilch was her entitlement. He left for Delhi as planned. This was it. No more cringing at his touch. No matter what the consequences, she was leaving her father.

From @swordfish19: He had just undergone an intense chemo session. He felt nauseous. His hair was coming off in clumps.  Even a simple act like going to the bathroom left him drained. How did he get here? It was that day in college when he took his first drag. The rest just followed.  Like a Domino effect.

From @roshd: There are always consequences to bear. Commitment to friends not honoured- loss of face. Targets not met in office- threat of job loss. Wife not taken care of (her point of view, of course!)- live on ice. But there are no consequences to being a corrupt politician. Nobody will take away your ill-gotten wealth.

From @PeaceOVent: Zenia was a wild child. She lived in the moment. Did what she wanted, who she wanted.  The drugs, the endless parties, the faces. The many faces. It was all a thrill. Then the stick turned blue. She was late. Karma caught up.

From @karthikisthin:

Every dawn, he takes a shower and prays to the deity near the kitchen’s switchboard.

He then visits the local shrine and appeases his gods for long hours. As a pre-pubescent teenager, he had sworn lifelong commitment to his religion.

The concrete block that killed him was accidentally dropped by an atheist 8 floors away.

From @MixelRandy: The marble counter glistened invitingly. She watched as he readied the sashimi. While his back was turned, she hopped onto the countertop, silkily removed her red obi and gown and lay down. He turned around to find her completely bare, waiting to help him plate up. He was so glad he had won the bet.

From @RuthSaldanha:

Work. Coffee. Insomnia. Tossing, Turning. Tiredness. Headache. Crocin. Acidity. Pudin-hara? Paan-wala. Cigarette. Inhale. Pollution. Smog. Zero-visibility. Accident! Partial-Paralysis. Physio-therapy. Pain. Recovery. Elation. Bills. Despondency. Work. Coffee.


From @slokabs:

“Not now, I’m busy.” Today, he’s free. But his grown-up children are too busy for him.
“Should I tell him or not?” She never did. He never realized.
“If I had one chocolate from the box, no one would know”The burglar sat in jail.
Life is but a result of the choices you make!

From @TheLostCause_:

"What do you want?" she asked.
"Money, I want money!" replied he.
"I don't think I owe you. Besides, I don't have any. Go away from our lives!"
"You'll pay for this. Just you wait!"
Without thinking of the consequences, she slapped him. Little did she know that the slap would cost her, her life.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

The liftman closed the lift even after noticing her come.As soon as he came down again, she shouted and abused him a lot.
He didn't say a thing. Two days later, her body was found with a slit on her neck. She didn't know the consequences of a small incident would be so fatal.

From @ponderpuffman:

Eyes meet. Conversations are overheard. Skins touch. Warmness is felt. Bodies and senses merge. Souls dwell. Hurt is shared. Happiness is divided.

Silences are cultivated.

Thoughts residing in the back of the mind collide. Then they both move away. Shadows are left. Time burns them. They both wander. They both get lost.

Eyes meet. Again.

From @vchatting:

Years of working,to support her family; tied to routine,like a machine.
They were,affluent now, touch wood! With children abroad, small,big comforts, life looked worth, giving up her youth for.
Finally, she decided, soaking in the pleasures of "retired life". But, with nowhere to go, nothing to do, she stood stranded in her new life..

From @absoluteme:

She peeped cautiously. One way and the other.

She waited for the boom of heartbeats to ebb a bit.

Finally she started tip-toeing, aware of the cracking sound of her toes. A pause. The cracking again. She opened the candy-jar, took a fistful and stuffed them in her mouth not caring if mom had woken up.

From @vagabondinact: Gaily you bloomed into my life one spring and like a shedding leaf of winter, you disappeared. Why then, does your shadow linger? Shadows of memories and of hopes, dark, uncomforting, blinding my heart to the approaching spring. How do I tell my shadowed heart that you were only a consequence of my life’s cycle?

Theme 118 - Hedonism

From @TheScotchGirl:

Jill was dating the football jock school heartthrob Gerald.
She was a junior but everyone loved her. The attention was a high.
She didn’t bother about her friend’s thoughts or feelings.
Sam was new to school & very cute, a junior.
Jill leaves her friends & heads to his table.
He’s yummy, mine to have.

From @karthikisthin: He shut the blinds, drenched the towel and tightly wrapped it around his neck. He brandished the rusty butter knife and licked its end. It shone a muted red from the zero watt bulb overhead. He took a deep breath and smiled into the mirror. Reopening the stab wound took him to his preferred dimension.

From @swordfish19: Mr. D___, 43, lay dead in his living room. A life spent drinking, smoking, womanizing and enjoying the myriad pleasures of life had had its toll on his body.  The empire would naturally go to his only son, M____, who was sitting solemnly beside the corpse.  The “limited edition” designer coffin from B_____ was awaited.

From @sinpinklove: He kissed her toes and slowly moved upwards,at the same time using his hands to caress her breasts.His lips found her  tender flesh but he did not stop there.When he felt she was aroused he entered her slowly and then with force.All he lived was for pleasure. 

From @flirtingshadows: The whirring ceiling fan above her head told her that she was in a familiar place. The fingers kneading her scalp, forehead and cheek bones made her feel otherwise. Not to say she didn’t enjoy that sensation. She was just unaccustomed to it; flinching and itching to curl up into a ball at every touch.

From @slokabs: He looked in the mirror. A groggy-eyed, sorry figure stared back at him. He lived an android’s life – doing what was told, communicating thoughts that were not his, day in and day out. If those few minutes of ecstasy allowed him to dissociate from the overpowering world outside and be himself, was his action condemnable?

From @roshd: They were an odd-couple to the world. She playing Meena Kumari to his Sharukh Khan. He, pleasure seeking, she almost an ascetic. It was a miracle that were still together. The world had no way of knowing they were made for each other. He brought her happiness. She kept him rooted to terra firma.

From @CruciFire:

His only wish in life was to watch a movie in Shahrukh's private theater, with the superstar.
He won a nation-wide contest run by a multiplex conglomerate.
“Hey Jude, congrats and come in man. So, which movie do you want to watch?”
“Do you love Sunny Leone, Shahrukh?”
“You bet!”

From @vagabondinact:

I stroll under the moon,
I bask beneath the sun,
I sleep till its noon.
and worry about none.

She loves me, why else would she be married to me?

Why should I toil,
When he in my love
spends all his spoils.
I,Me and Myself are happy in my cove.

From @monathais:

I moulded the voodoo doll and I poured in it tears, pain, years, helplessness, sadness, disgust, and self-loathness.

My body flourished and my soul rejoiced. The greedy youth plunged me into a sea of inexpugnably pleasures.

I was orgasmic, while the doll ragged.

A sudden slap on my head:
“That’s my story, bitch!” said Oscar Wilde.

From @vchatting:

DINKs, they were called, in marketing parlance. Limitless hedonism to celebrate life, of getting ahead in some delusional race. Foreign travels, countless friends, ruled their days; living a lifestyle far beyond means.Parties,drunken brawls,hangovers at work, performance suffering...
The realisation, of living as two strangers, in a home, bereft of soul, .......too late!

From @mixelrandy: We stood on the balcony, blowing dense clouds of smoke into the starless night sky. It was muggy. Sweaty. I played with the buttons on his shirt as I kissed his marijuana’d mouth. He broke away to take another drag. Another sip. Another kiss. This time, I pulled away. And pulled him into the bedroom.

From @ponderpuffman:

They all took a corner.
She went and sat next to him. With gleaming eyes she said, “I like you”.
They were always friends, but it was slowly turning into something else.
He knew this conversation would happen. He wanted it to happen.
“I think we shouldn’t meet anymore.”
He walked away with a smile.

From @PeaceOVent:

He was deathly quiet under the long grass. She was weak. In a minute, he would have her. He would feast on her flesh.
She sauntered in, long, meek and graceful. He braced himself, raring to go.
He pounced.
She crouched.
The rapture of prey complete.

The tiger was no match for the deer.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Theme 117 - Catharsis

From @deescjockey: He painted the colours of the Flag on his cheeks, donned a white topi and kick-started his Splendour. The red signal does not matter today; fifty bucks took care of the policeman and he reached in time to join in the war cry against the Corrupt System, to fight for his country, to feel pure.

From @TheScotchGirl:

He could not handle this situation.
He was running out of options to save this.
He was always in control. Why now?

Let me sleep on it he says to himself.
Next morning, his mind is purged of all memories.
He’s decided; let her take a fucking walk in the park.
He no longer cares.

From @slokabs: Vasudha was undergoing teenage crisis. She was falling behind in school, hormonal changes got irritating and peer pressure was having serious repercussions. Worse, everyone gave advice when all she wanted was for them to listen! Feeling strangled, venting out her frustration on her best friend was rejuvenating. It almost recharged her to face the crap!

From @FateMarfatia:

Sunny almost emptied her box of tissues watching Alice’s dying father on television.

A sudden blabbering of Crazy Frog ended her reel life induced misery as she reached for her phone.


“Your father is out of danger!”

Sunny quickly grabbed the last one left in the box.

Tears are cathartic, hers were also versatile.

From @vagabondinact:

Angel: You cannot enter. You do not belong here.
Man: Why not?
Angel: All your life down there, you sinned, you were the demon.
Man: I regularly went to temples, I prayed, I even shared my spoils with your master, every Tuesday I abstained, wasn’t that enough Catharsis?

From @CruciFire:

His heart was heavy.
His soul bled.
His body had to follow someday.


A tear ran perpendicular to the red line trickling down his arm and his dimpled cheeks made way for a contented, self-assuring smile.

'I will be free again. Pure. Clean.', he thought.

If only it was so easy.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

As a kid, putting pen to paper was like a catharsis for him. It allowed him to escape to a make-believe world from the stress of his boring life.

But things had changed nowadays, as all the writing  was happening through keyboards and screens.

Who had the time to find a pen or a paper?

From @roshd: Do  machinations, bribes, black money, power games, naked ambitions, gamesmanship, corruption and greed end up completely polluting the person? I mean physically? Is it possible that the rot sets in so completely that the liver is poisoned beyond repair? I am yet to hear of a liver transplant that can heal the soul.

From @vchatting: He looked the bored introvert co-passenger on train. More settled in the journey, she randomly asked him if he was married? His broken marriage tumbled out, trickling perhaps, years of bottled up pain, in two tears. He'd been tell someone, anyone... She'd been cathartic for him, served her reason to be on that journey.

From @loonytoon: She spilled the beans before making soup out of it. Arts sophomore she was. Painting was to catharsis to her. How long was the question. From one to another, ricocheted, blunting was in effect. Then she finally drew her lines that  held colors. A somber piece held in a tight snog..

From @vivekisms: It had not been easy for him. He remembered when it had been. The joy rushing through his veins. The uncontrolled happiness. He pondered. The times he could have jumped off a cliff. He knew he would never feel like this again without her and so he did what he could. He cried.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Theme 116 - Girls

From @TheScotchGirl:

He knew why he was doing this.
This is what the city does to you.
When he needed help – no one came to his rescue, so why should he care?
His mother had abandoned him so he believed these girls deserved what they were getting.
He checked the men waiting out in line & smiled.

From @almost_humane: She wasn't sure. He was her boyfriend. They were watching TV.  he held her hand,She felt good. He gently kissed. She closed her eyes. And then she felt his hands pull her lowers and place it there. She wasn't sure. He was her boyfriend. She pushed him and went away. She was only 17.

From @deescjockey: The teacher had lectured the class blue in the face on how again, this term, girls had performed much better than the boys, and how the boys just weren’t taking studies seriously. Post lunch, someone had scribbled on the blackboard: Girls, you can top all your exams. You will still end up in the kitchen.

From @Thats_so_Sana:

"That girl was my best friend and first love. She rejected my proposal and fucked up my life for four weeks. I was depressed and dejected. Then, I resolved to get even. Every relationship of mine ends with the girl getting a heartache."

A casual conversation, for him.

An insight into his psychology, for me.

From @slokabs:

Male standpoint
Nagging, irritating, yet loved and revered,
Mothers, sisters, wives and daughters;You are awesome, we know that,
Yet we can’t help staring at others hotter!

Female standpoint
Shopping, fashion, gossip and emotion;
With women, make the best connection;
Evolving with times, brain over brawn,
Vulnerable but strong, we are always proving men wrong!

From @visualizashan:

“Push Push, don’t stop.”
“I can’t, I am tired now.”
“No! I know you can.”
“I am not a Superman.”
“But I have started to enjoy.”
“Idiot I am just a normal guy.”
“But Rohit does it for 15 mins.”
“Because he takes Proteins.”
“Ok stop, I am getting off the Cycle.”

From @roshd:

The girls at the orphanage were tense. The minister was here again and would sexually abuse someone tonight. Shanti,13 was most at risk. He fancied her.

Actually, mantriji was also at risk because unknown to him she was armed with a vial of concentrated acid smuggled in to her by the gardener Shambhu kaka.

From @flirtingshadows:
She had been blessed with too many of them. Three, to be precise. Daughters, they called them. She wasn’t particularly fond of them, except probably the first-born. The first-born had been her husband’s favorite. Had modeled her life to that of a son’s. Short hair, a masculine gait and a second name she held onto.

From @Crucifire:

I like you. You and you too.
You, on the other hand, are really pretty and I want you to know that.
I would totally do you. And her too.
I would love to collaborate with you.
And you, I want to feel those lips... just once, I promise.

So many girls, so little time!

From @sinpinklove: We sit together for lectures. We eat each others lunch boxes like we have never seen food before. We tease each other. We sing songs together. Our topics of gossip are endless. We take each other for granted and know that we are always there for each other. That is my girl gang - my bffs

From @vchatting:

"She got better marks , the teacher favours 'girls'!"
"She got the job because, 3 men on the interview panel, obviously!"
"She got the promotion. You don't know?, she's sleeping with the boss !"
In any story, where she's ahead, 'she' is a looker / hooker/ hustler/ fixer/ ditcher/ gold-digger, never deserving, never on merit !

From @DMysticFille_ :

“Why did you marry me?” she asked.
“I was captivated by the twinkle in your eyes.” He replied with a smile. She smiled back, appearing convinced. “Why did you marry me?” he asked.
After some thought she said with a mischievous grin “I was captivated by the twinkle of the diamond ring you got me.”

From @absoluteme:

She bites her nails so she is never tempted to paint them. Heels make her dizzy, she always wears shoes. She still participates in burping competitions. She indulges in pedicures but never in lacy lingerie. She opens doors, hails taxis and travels alone.

She is not a tomboy, but obviously is not one of ‘them’.

From @dimag_se_paidal: "Girls i tell you.." said Omi with his usual notorious expression. As soon as he said that, his friends gathered around him in anticipation. This happened every time he returned after dropping a girl back home. But today was something special. There was no story to be told. She was the love of his life. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Theme 115 - Direction

From @DeeSCJockey:

“I believe in destiny.”
“Good for you. Still, if you had to go east, would you turn west and let destiny take you to the right place?”
“If I had to go East, I’d go east.”
“So destiny or no destiny, you do what is needed, to get what you want. Everything else is rubbish.”

From @TheScotchGirl:

Sarita lost all their money & her family. They had nothing.
Raj was a good catch she thought to herself. Her parents were proud too.
He kept leading her on about his money, property & his effluent family connections.
He only wanted her for the money. He had nothing to offer. No life, no direction.

From @cheesewiththat: Last August he had asked for an year to get his life back on track, his finances up to scratch, and her. He had asked for a year, from himself, to get rid of her image from his head. He is on the pavement, begging for spare change, her memory as fresh as ever.

From @swordfish19: The traveller had reached a crossroad. On the left was a road bedecked with flowers. On the right was a gravelly road. The road in front looked a lot like the one he had travelled. He had to choose one. Turning back was not an option. There was no one in sight to guide him.

From @roshd: He looked nervous till he looked in my direction and our eyes met. I gave him my most cheerful smile and a thumbs up with an admiring glance. It worked like a steroid and my 6year old son went on to recite what was to be the prize winning poem at the inter-school fest.

From @anjana_murali: Frantically changing directions, she ran towards the other side. She realized that she was lost but had to find a way out. Suddenly, she spotted the unmistakable red ribbon before her. As she inched forward, the sound of her thudding heart was lost in the cheers that the crowd gave her, the gold medal winner.

From @CruciFire:

“Feel the softness on your cheek. Yes good good. Now, pull that back and lick it. Lick it from bottom up, feel it. Use your fingers if you want to. Yes that's the way... Perfect! Now look at me like you will eat it up.”

Newspaper headline – AMUL signs Sunny Leone

From @kanakkupullai:

Anticipation : “There is a big bomb blast in Mumbai! The market will plummet! I have sold the shares today and will buy them back tomorrow!”

The next day:

Reality settles in : “I don’t understand how this works. A big bang and still the share prices soar upward. What direction does it really take?”

From @slokabs: Disha was at the proverbial crossroads of her life! Science, Commerce, Humanities? Medicine, Engineering, Business, Jounalism? Choices, choices everywhere! And the difficult part – she had to make them herself! Having always followed instructions, Now was time to pick her paths and navigate her life! No compass, no GPS. She was the captain of her ship!

From @visualizashan: For 24 years my Mom told me how to do Right, later my Girlfriend taught me how I Left the Right.  Following opinions and suggestions has made me what I should not have been.  Today, I feel like a pinged pong which is Left with no Rights.

From @vagabondinact:

Take a left, another left and another left from there. Walk a bit and you will be there, he said.\

Wouldn’t I then be back here, I asked.

Such is life’s journey, he said.

Pointless then, I said.

No, directions are worthless; never ask another, for a journey that ought to be yours, he said. 

From @sinpinklove: She was inexperienced, a virgin but the moment she saw him she knew it all.She needed no direction. She gave her sultry smile and gazed deep into his eyes. The effect she had on him shocked her. Not leaving his gaze she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall on the ground.And then . . .

From @ushfajk:

His mother screamed at him, “your life has no direction!”
His friends told him not to lose direction.
His boss said he was misguided.
His girlfriend told him there was no turning back if they broke up now.
He looked at his reflection in the icy cave & smiled.
“I’m not lost, I’m just exploring.”

From @unsocialshadow:
He lost all sense of life when he lost her. It was as if someone had given him the wrong directions, an incorrect road map. He couldn't fathom how he had lived before her.

He had no idea how to live now. Or whether to live at all.

From @NumbYaar: He was walking aimlessly as the road suddenly disappeared. He had been following a big contingent but there was no trace of his comrades either. And watching him Little Ramesh told Little Suresh ‘See, once you erase the line, the ants get lost’.

From @vchatting: Crawling,toddler steps, learning to walk, walking briskly, running top speed,  turning left, right, hitting the dead end, reversing my way, missing the stop, the shortcut, trusting the wayfarer, getting waylaid and  losing my soul on way to his heart. Sitting alone, thinking where was I going and where did I reach...

From @MinolAjekar:

“We are lost Mohan”.
“But sweetie, the GPS says turns right after two kilometers”.
“But sweetie, it has been making us turn right for the last five kilometers”.
“It’s a straight highway honey, we will be fine”.

From @dimag_se_paidal: Nothing had ever seemed so difficult. shouldn't they have discussed this? surely the affirmative. But for now, Accepting the fact that both of them desired different things from life was getting tougher by the day. different directions, different paths. Seperation was the only option left. it was like a hindi movie except for the climax.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Theme 114 - Hope

From @PeaceOVent:

"Why should I hope? You can't live on hope."
"You can't. But it sustains you."

From @roshd: Today would be the date he’d propose to her. He looked at the long-stemmed rose in his hand. She loves me, Loves me not he muttered as he peeled off the petals.The last petal was peeled off to She loves me not. Ever the optimist, he broke the stem exclaiming triumphantly She loves me!

From @bassyc: He used to carry an extra baggage everywhere he goes. It was heavy, burdensome. Still he did. He still feels the void at the core. He still carries that baggage called hope. Even after knowing that she won't ever come back.

From @slokabs: Every morning, the old man woke up, bathed, wore a crisp white kurta-pyjama, combed his hair, wore his watch and finished breakfast. He spent the rest of his day in the lush gardens of the old age home –on a cane chair or wood bench – waiting for his son to come and fetch him home!

From @anjana_murali: Sharp from 5 in the morning, loudly calling out, she sells snacks throughout the day in the locals and makes a decent living. Years before when she was a victim of the flesh trade, she did not have an ounce of what people called ‘hope’. She fought back just once and won it.

From @minolajekar:

I have a dream, that politicians will do more good than bad.
I have a dream, that people will be judged on their achievements.
I have a dream, that people will be bias-free.
I have a dream, that humanity will supersede all other religions.
I have a dream that I can still continue to dream.

From @UnsocialShadow:

They were meeting again after a gap of endless months. She didn't know what to expect, and every second from her home to his door, her heart oscillated between hope - and dread. For what if his eyes didn't mirror her heart?
He opened the door.
She lost all hope.

From @writingchalk:

Sweat poured in buckets, down his forehead. It was as if someone held a shotgun to his forehead.

The pressure! What would the press say? How will he handle the questions?

“THIRTY-FORTY!” the umpire bellowed. His opponent was on match point. If he lost, then never again…

He served an ace! DEUCE! Maybe, just maybe…

From @vchatting: How could she have been so selfish to think of suicide? Who would bring up, her little one? His precious life,held promise. She couldn't afford to give in, to the ruins of her life, she resolved, unmindfully caressing his cold nose.His unintelligible drooling gurgle of joy, reaffirmed, she was, his 'only' hope.

From @TheScotchGirl:

She left without a notice.
He walked into an empty home.
The note lying on the floor, fluttering due to the wind.

Clock strikes 00.00HRS not a call or message.
No communication. Days go by.
He is practically living out of a suitcase because of work.
He comes back every 15th, the same date.
From @dimag_se_paidal: She felt her steps getting havier as she approached the airport lobby. With the hopes that the first world would treat her well, she stepped out of her father's 3rd world shoes, too heavy. She was made to believe that she was born to make it big, but her father never believed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Theme 113 - Equations

From @TranceWriter:  He had suffered all his life, struggle for survival had worn him down and he lost his ability to see light, completely given over to darkness. She took it upon her to compensate him for lost years, she would make him happy.

From @slokabs: She added to his joys, reduced his sorrows, multiplied his responsibilities and shared them too. When they were with each other, they didn’t need anyone else. When they weren’t with each other, it didn’t much matter whoever else they were with. Their equation was what all couples shared and yet it felt unique and special!

From @TheScotchGirl:

He never loved anyone like her. She didn’t love him. Simple.
The whole plan was perfect, why were her equations going wrong now??
Stabilize him. Once better, walk away gradually. End it. Nicely.
Why the fuck is he on his knees now??
She was not up for this. It sucked the life out of her.

From @dimag_se_paidal: The bond I shared with my step brother(brother from a different mother) was something out of this world. Dad was still single, because of his violent streak. The streak that made us come as close as we were. We couldn't thank the violence enough. It gave us the strength to run for our freedom.

From @RuthSaldanha: 'No!!!', her 13-year old daughter shrieked, 'I will not tolerate that tramp! She is NOT my Goddamned "Other Mother"!!! I want my father back!!! God!!! I hate you!!' As she watched her daughter storm out, her new wife glanced up over her paper, 'Well, you did upset the equation...'

From @roshd: I remember life when it was a linear equation, highest power was one- me. Then I got married and it grew into the quadratic form- the highest power was two. A few years down, life is now in the stage of simultaneous equations which need to be resolved together to get the right answer.

From @PeaceOVent: Sparks flew when they met. He was positive but she was a double negative. They were explosive when apart, strong and powerful when together. The canceled each other out yet, intensified their existence. Tailor made ions, hydrogen loved sulphurous, becoming one, corrosive but stable acid.

From @sinpinklove: She sat dreamily admiring Prof. Anuj as he was teaching her favourite subject, costing.He gave the class a challenging sum.She got the equation right and timidly gave the answer.He looked at her sternly and then gave his rare but heart taking smile. She had a story to narrate.

From @writingchalk:

Why ex…?

I don’t need her. If SHE wants to come back to me, so be it.
We never hit it off anyway.
I wonder how we got together.
Our relationship was an unusual problem.
That’s why I never went looking for my ex.

My thoughts were interrupted, “… find the value of x, students!”

From @vagabondinact:

2+2=5 he said. She rolled her eyes, sat next to him and corrected. He was 6.
2(a+b)=2Abs he said. She patiently explained to him. He was 16.
C2H4+H2O= Alcohol he said  mischievously. Impishly, she leaned over his shoulders and wrote the answer for him. He was 18.

He had learnt young that pretty girl+act little dumb=life set hain boss.