Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Theme 24 - 2014 - Covet

From @RootKanal: 

I glanced at him. He had eyes just for me. We were lost looking at each other as the sun went down and rose again several times over. Then, a shadow whizzed past me and I broke contact, tempted by the unknown. I coveted the darkness while he stood in the shadows, waiting for me.

From @aalfpaayil: 

There was a knock on the door.

John. Her friend’s husband. She desired him with every cell of her being. She knew he wanted it as much as she did.

“You left your phone at our place,” he gave it to her.

His hand brushed hers and in that one insane moment of temptation, they lost all control and gave in to their primal urges.

From @PoisonAavi: 

"He was irresistible. Dark, strong and delicious. Preeti could barely contain herself; his mere presence at the table was intoxicating. She wanted to wake up to him every morning.

But, he belonged to her best friend Anita. Alas, she sighed, going back to her tea. Anita’s coffee was Preeti’s only to covet, never to drink."

From @zoarcher: 

Wishes make people do the absurd. Like, casting a Rs. 100 note in the so-called blessed 'Wishing Well'. People came in droves, every day. And when night fell, Ravi dived in to retrieve the day's collection from the secret box he had built in. With this plan, his deepest desire to make easy money came true.

From @hinnaz: 

It was the same routine as always,
A take away coffee, and a donut to eat here.
He waited for these 10 minutes every day.
As usual she looked up smiled at him and went back to licking her fingers.
The dream lived on, she would be his one day.
He only had to ask.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Theme 23 - 2014 - Adultery

From @eBubbleWrapped: 

Lust sat in the shadow of the candle's flickering flame. His head hung in shame for he had committed adultery. Love stepped out of the bedroom bags in hand, while Selfishness and Fear creeped up behind Lust and whispered in his ear, "we told you so".

From @Anandloki: 

A poster girl for SEX walked into my class. My dick threw fidelity out the window. My high was her youthful body, hers the wrongness of what we were doing. Adultery was our game, revenge was my wife's answer.  The nymphet paid with her life, I - with my freedom

From @donbratman: 

"Fuck!!! I just heard a car", she screamed. "It could be my husband. Hide!!! Quick!!!" Before Sam could understand anything, she shoved him into a cupboard. A hand touched his shoulder and he was startled. "Hello. I'm Nick", said the man who seemed to be hiding too. "Hey wait. I'm your husband", Sam yelled out.

From @Ungaayaa: 

George came home earlier than usual from work, that evening. The house was locked. He wondered where his wife was. As he pulled his phone to call her, he heard a strange noise from the terrace. He ran up to stand shocked there.

"How could Tommy cheat Lucy for a stupid stray dog?" sobbed George's wife.

From @scene_party: 

They had warned her this would happen. She had been so naïve, so trusting. And yet there he was, seated opposite a gorgeous blonde, his hands in hers, his coffee virtually untouched. She felt breathless, dizzy. Her heart ached. A tear rolled down her cheek. She exhaled, deeply. Starbucks had taken her most loyal customer.

From @Jazz_CB: 

They had broken into the shop to prove that something was being mixed in the milk. They had succeeded.

However, they were suddenly interrupted by a woman’s scream. It was a half dressed woman, lying on the floor with the shopkeeper.

She was not his wife.

The pun induced laughter nearly ripped their stomachs apart.

From @snehzana: 

What’s the meaning of adultery?" Muniya asked Mrs.Para. "A person having a extra marital affair with a married person." "are we committing adultery, then"? Muniya asked.

"No, my darling" Mrs.Para said "we are lovers." And she kissed Muniya. "but this is adulteration." Para replaced real saffron  with artificial flavour in Khalu jaan's pudding.

From @_souringpie: 

“Wait, what? You installed Windows XP on your Mac?” “Yes. There’s this software which was incompatible with OS X. I needed that badly for my project to be productive and complete by tomorrow.””But dude, this is adultery!!”“ROFL. It’s engineering.”“Great! Carry on. I’m off. Adios...!””Bye.”

Logging out, he opened ********.com & typed Adultery.

From @arpithadesai: 

After a few drinks, she led him to her hotel room. As he pushed the door open, he saw the gold band on his finger. He surreptitiously slipped it into his pocket. But then it struck him- his source of glorious intoxication was waiting for him at home.

From @alksmehta: 

Lata's married life had been in doldrums ever since the first day till she met Rohan.He understood her and her needs.With him she felt like a woman. Their liking for eachother grew to an intimate relationship and there was no stopping.For the world it was adultery for them 'Love' for eachother!

From @byaatri: 

They knew it was a scandal. But that is what it made more passionate, irresistible and an exhilarating experience. It was an addictive and necessary evil.

And suddenly they heard an unexpected knock on the door. She rushed into the wardrobe with her belongings. He felt as if he was hiding a smuggled priceless diamond.

From @ajaw_ : 

John was the English skipper. Vanessa was his team-mate, Wayne’s girlfriend. Wayne switched clubs, Vanessa switched loyalties. She split up with Wayne, as her friendship with John turned passionate.

John and Wayne met again on the pitch. John extended his hand, Wayne refused.

A lot of water had flown under the ‘Bridge’.

It was Adul-‘Terry’! 

From @arzvi: 

He had been entering her for days together. Their life was good. Abruptly the next day he entered her sister. She was fatter, but smoother. Next week-  her second sister, she was rough, but he did the deed. Ubik called him adultrator, Ulysses called him slut, Moby-Dick called him a dick. He called himself Kramkoob.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Theme 22 - 2014 - Bookstore

From @PoisonAavi: 

He had first laid eyes on her at a bookstore. He had been, back then, ten years old. Love came later, only to be dispelled by other temptresses too soon in his life. Now, he sat against the windows, holding her in his arms again. 

He smiled at Rowling's The Cuckoo's Calling. "Love," he sighed. 

From @sourcasm: 

Baani had been visiting the bookstore across her office during lunch time, for two weeks now. She felt comfortable surrounded by tall towers of books, hidden behind those words. Even though she didn't stay there for more than 15 minutes, it was therapeutic and helped her stay calm during the day. It was her little secret.

From @scene_party: 

Their hands met, slowly, unsteadily, their fingers grasping at each other’s. It was dark, but perhaps that was for the best. They were aggressive, perhaps even violent at first, but gradually became gentle. Their palms were sweaty, their gasps audible. He fumbled for a second. She smiled. The last copy of The Luminaries was hers. 

From @Kanakkupullai: 

Ah! Books. He loved them all! What would he buy! This fiction? That Comic? Or this thriller? Maybe this non-fiction for some contemplation? Indian authors are magnificent. 

This or that? 

Damn! He felt like a girl in an apparel store! Overwhelmed and dazed, he walked out empty handed! 

His laptop bag weighed unusually heavier though.

From @Numbyaar: 

There was dead silence in the room. They were all standing crammed in rows with no breathing space and all their stories and emotions contained within. Every time they heard noise around, their hopes would go up, longing to be picked by their spines and released.

From @donbratman: 

8 year old Akash didn't understand what the big deal about books was. He was always playing in the playground or the streets. His friends, on the other hand, spent their free time reading books. He wanted them to like him. So he went into a bookstore for the first time and said "bhaiyya ek tinkle."

From @_souringpie: 

He was ten. Shy. Offbeat. They relished the playground, he cherished the bookstore. He would spend hours flipping through books for stories of his liking. His colourful relationship with his uncle’s bookstore lasted momentarily. A glittering 5-star hotel erased it. Today, it was the venue for his book launch event. He felt enchanted, wistful, humble.

From @Jazz_CB: 

I ran down the hallway, sweating profusely, hoping I wouldn’t be caught. Nervously, I peeped out from behind the bookshelf.

“So this is how I die, in the bookstore on the corner!” I thought to myself. The Ring Wraiths closed in. Suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder and I screamed.

I have some weird dreams.

From @eBubbleWrapped: 

He sneezed running a finger on the layer of dust settled on the books. Torn covers, dog ears, food stains and faded prints. Every book in this old bookstore had another story to tell than the words imprinted on those pages. 

From @hinnaz: 

Was years since she’d last seen him.
These visits took away so much from her each time.
He came for his entertainment, enrichment and hearts full of love and left.
All she did was file these moments away.
Who knew, some day she’d write it all out and have volumes selling in every bookstore.

From @TheExceptionull: 

A girl was falling in love with a beast. A blind man was ecstatic because for the first time in hundred years he could clearly see everything. A Mafia Godfather was about to be shot down. A group of middle Earth living beings were about to start their epic adventure. This all was happening right at the corner of the street, in the magical land called the Bookstore.

From @snehzana: 

A boy asks the shopkeeper” do you have a Condom? “Can’t you see this is a bookstore, get out!” the shopkeeper shouts. After sometime, “do you have a book on kamasutra then?” boy asks again.  “OUT!!.” The shopkeeper shouts again. He gently removes his erotica paperback wrapped in cover of 1Q84 & starts reading.

From @arzvi: 

During an interview with bookstore owner….
How are you different from  say… other shops?
Shops sell to people what they need, we sell to people what they want.
They TRY saving lives, we save imagination.
Say….. a CA?
They save monetary wealth, we save intellectual wealth
Say…. A politician?
We don’t perform democratic genocide.

From @arpithadesai: 

She picked up Simone de Beauvoir and said, 'Non-fiction is reality. It's better to read something that is true rather than made- up.'

'You can always dream of a utopia', he twinkled and picked up Gaiman.  

'Never judge a book by its cover' she thought to herself.

From @alksmehta: 

Meera immersed herself in books,a solace,after her breakup with Manav.After years she met him in a bookstore and the memories flooded with tears flowing down her eyes.They came closer to eachother only to see their favourite book 'The love story' in both their hands which brought back the lost smile to their faces.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Theme 21 - 2014 - Runaway

From @_souringpie: 

“Runaways should be prevented from running away on the wrong runways of life for them to have brighter future and emerge as runaway winners of their destiny.”“Don’t know about runaways, but after reading this I feel like running away from here under an airplane running on the runway.”“Don’t run your mind, Runvijay.””Then let’s run.”

From @donbratman: 

"But.. But you're dead. I was the one who pushed you", she said and immediately regretted it. "You should have waited for two minutes. Here I am, back from the grasp of death", he said. She started trembling. He took out his gun, shot her and waited for 2 minutes. Just to be sure.            

From @arzvi: 

Once Sun proposed his love to the angel of night, the Moon. She declined saying she’d die of his heat. Earthlings rocketed and insulated the moon. Alas, the insulation being made by Microsoft, worked once every 20 years that God of heat and angel of night ranaway every time after making love, eclipsing the sky.

From @snehzana: 

He dyed his hair in soft hues of gold & red. He pulled up his corset tight, looked in the mirror & smiled. He was the famous drag queen model. He ran away from home to become a runaway model & to set the woman inside him free.

From @sourcasm: 

The driver of the speeding train was trying his best to warn everyone to steer clear from the railway track by pulling the whistle again and again. Brakes had malfunctioned and the already overloaded train would runaway as soon as it reached the..


From @tweettabulous: 

"Is it a yes or no?"
"Lemme think!"
"If you need to think then maybe it's a bad idea."
"No, I mean what after this... Where to... How will..."
"Do you love me?"
"Trust me?"
"Wanna be together?"
"Let's do it. Let's runaway!!!"

From @aalfpaayil: 

She forced herself to stop thinking about the children. She had made her decision. She owed it to herself. She had to get out of this humiliating marriage. “Runaway wife"- she would be met with derision; yet she had never felt stronger. The children returned to find an empty house and a note. They had been wronged by someone’s right.

From @ajaw_ : 

“Life just goes day to day. I wonder where the next meal is going to come from, where I’m going to sleep. Running away seemed the only option. After a while, I couldn’t handle it and I started crying. But then there’s nowhere to go..*sobs*.. I prefer the terror of the street to life back home.” 

From @DeDiViNe: 

Ten thousands of blistering blue-green-red-yellow barnacles, thundering typhoons everywhere. Krish was turning sweaty, fear welcomed him with an evil smile. He kept stepping forward in the smoky atmosphere telling himself “Light it and runaway”. He ran as per his thought and there, for the first time he saw the crackers bursting infront of him,what joy! 

From @hinnaz: 

“So how did you and my wife meet? “
“At a play, last year sometime.”
“really? Hmmmm”
“oh yes, a monologue I guess.”
“really? She hates those. Wait aren’t you Anand? I thought you guys went to college together.”
“Oh! yes, yes that too. Ummmm I need another drink.”
He gulped. This was it. Finally.

From @Jazz_CB: 

He had to run away, for the sanity of everybody. For too long, he had toyed with their intelligence. For too long he had made them wish they could go back in time. No more. He had to go.

At that moment I woke up. Dr. Ilayathalapathy Joseph Vijay had not run away. I cried.