Saturday, September 29, 2012

Theme 157 - Illusion

From @gauravjagwani: She saw them all rise and applaud. She joined. To her surprise, she easily got to the backstage. On meeting the man, she said, 'That was some magic.'They are all mere illusions', said he. 'Does it matter? You got a standing ovation!' 'Exactly! Mere illusions. You are the only one backstage, no?' She was.

From @vivekisms: "We live with our illusions. Don't we?", he asked him. Waiting for a response. Something to hang on to. Goodbyes need something to hold on to. "Yes we do", he responded, smiling, knowing what his answer meant.

From @maruwahna:

Now why did the local area network stop working? Bah , battery backup issues , they claim. Hogwash !
I start fiddling around with the wifi settings.
Connected and google chrome opened.
*Please enter your credit card details to start using the internet.*

From @brownicetea: Been ugly for so long that when called pretty she feels uncomfortable. From that tiny cocoon to the caterpillar it was a tough journey to be a butterfly. She is used to the fact of being ugly. Now that colours have been splashed on her, she is scared a bit. All of this seems like a lie, just an illusion. Everyone is going to end up Ugly.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Samir woke up with a startle.
Was this a nightmare? Or was this real?
Was he really lying on the hospital bed? Or was that also part of a dream that he was still having?
What was reality and what was an illusion was something he had to decipher.
The hash brownies had played their trick.

From @quratzafar: She contemplated the syringe infront of her. The drug would get her high and grant oblivion. She knew it wouldn't be enough though: that man had made her feel loved and protected and no illusion felt better than that.

From @viveklectic:

The chimera of money was more attractive than the living world around him.

Running after his dreams like mirages he lost his first love, then friends, family was the last to go.

Sitting all alone at the mahogany table of success the old man reflected at the illusion of life.

From @nefritri: Simon was the world’s greatest illusionist. He could walk on water, be invisible. One day he saw her standing across the road, he rushed to meet her & was hit by a car. Before dying, he saw that it was just a life size poster of her.  The illusionist was killed by an illusion.

From @tweettabulous:

His charm captivated me. He stirred emotions that were long gone, made me believe in love again. Those endless conversations, the passionate love making and blissful moments spent together.
I caught him with another woman.
Mind fucked.
Psyche shattered.
All a facade.
Realized, I was just his muse and he played the perfect “Grey Illusionist.”

From @lucidillusions_ :

She closed her eyes, she knew they were deceiving her. She could still hear him, commanding her. She opened her eyes and he looked at her angrily. She could never realize how her hallucinations could be so lucid.

Never once did she thought that she herself was an illusion, and he the reality, the creator.

From @Greyllusionist: You exist. Right behind my ears, whispering amidst the noise. Hiding behind the clouds, keeping the silver line lit for me. In the ripples of my bed, infusing dreams in my sleep. They’ve garlanded a frame of yours but they aren't aware you come alive for a red rose and that fav chocolate of yours…

From @divyasangwan:

Meher & Sameer had dreams of seeing their only daughter, Syra,a pretty girl,getting married to a guy of their choice.

One fine morning, Syra was missing from her bedroom. she was searched everywhere, only to be found later that she had eloped with her boyfriend.

Alas! Her parents were living in an illusion.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theme 156 - Romance

From @aaroo4: “Please don’t tell Earl about my illness. We have made plans to go to Venice this month end, ride on the gondola during sunset under the bridge of sighs. It is said your love will be eternal if you do. I want to die cherishing the romance, the 60yrs of togetherness” she told her doctor.

From @Pscripturient: The doctor’s waiting room boils with pain and joy. Open bottles of chemistry, the cackling of impatient phones, and heartbeats of their anxious fortnightly meetings. He pretends to work on a dead phone; she reads a magazine upside down. They are both here to talk of broken hearts. A new romance is in the offing.

From @swordfish19: We reached Mirik and walked by the lake, our hands held together. She wanted a horseback ride, but I wasn’t up to it. So we took a boat ride instead. A dense cloud of mist had gathered on the lake. We could barely see beyond a couple of feet. Our hands were still locked.

From @quratzafar: The air is thick with romance and it feels right. He with his peppered hair and haphazardly buttoned sweater, a book lying beside him...but does he feel it?

Nah, he's in love with my sister.

From @wannabesanyasin: Two whole years. She might have called her a friend but it certainly wasn't just that. She saw her. Hugged her real tight. Looked into her eyes. Tears trickled down. Their breaths merged and she started shivering. She held onto her, tightly.  As the alarm cried out loud, she found herself romancing, in her dreams.

From @flirtingshadows: Dear Ganapati, Thank you for helping me rediscover the joy and romance called Bombay. I’ve relished the food, prayed with fervor and reveled in the devotion. But I loathe the cacophony we subject you to, as we celebrate your arrival, presence and departure. Promise you’ll do something about it the next year? Much love, Me.

From @roshd: It was the fairytale wedding of the century. Heir to the throne marries the beautiful 18year old girl. What killed the romance? The return of his ex-girlfriend or her unreal expectations? The truth crashed in the tunnel chased by the paparazzi. He remains the heir. She has long since been canonized ‘The Queen of Hearts'.

From @dneha: "Romance is a delightful playlist of lovers. Each story has its own peculiar OST. Each lover/maestro immortalizes his tune with her. 2002– Talk Tonight by Oasis, 2005 – Fake Plastic Trees by Radio head, 2010 – Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone. She leaves them with a nonchalantly honest 29 yrs by The National (2002-present)"

From @monathais:

Her sweet tongue was circling the words, while her lips honeyed them out in a musical string.

Les plantes de l'amour - les aphrodisiaques et leurs usages.

The man in the front row was undressing her with his eyes. His heart had been conquered.

Her striking beauty was hiding in the Romance language she spoke.

From @slokabs:

Sunshine, flowers, butterflies and birds;
Darkness, candles, soft and special words;
From see to sense to touch to feel;
A sense of belonging, every lover's dream!
Happiness in conversation, comfort in silence,
Solace in togetherness, a divine confluence;
Maybe a kiss or a hug or simply a fleeting look;
Each time, the emotion, privately understood!

From @asteroidosmic:

"Let's blast it."
"No! That will only create more debris."
"Let's deflect it."
"With an impactor"
"We've never tried this before. How big an impactor? What if we fail?"
"Sorry we cannot fund you."
The asteroid hit Jupiter. Our silent, ever vigilant guardian. Of course it remained unaffected, big fat giant that it is.

From @whiteness: They met in painting exhibition. They exchanged smiles and got acquainted quickly. They decided to have a conversation over coffee, in restaurant they touched each others' legs and behaved casually as if it happened accidentally. They discovered that they both love classic films and European languages. By evening, they had drinks and then kissed goodbye.

From @nishantways: He goes to the beach often these days. Alone, you can say. There are lots of couples walking the beach, hand in hand. He doesn’t envy them. He has someone with him always. Up there. He smiles at her. She romances with him every moment. Can he be alone? No, he can’t. He is never.

From @ponderpuffman: Summer Insufficient words. Fulfilling silences. Curious touches. Playful distances. Purposeful hurts. Accidental cares. Attentive ignorances. Carefree gestures. Pleasant abuses. Awkward pleasantries. Winter Delicate trust. Robust hope. Secret whispers. Loud affections. Forever breaths. Momentary arguments. Rains One umbrella. Infinite cups and saucers. Long poems. Short naps. French songs. Unexplainable vows. Same love. Different kind of romance.

From @absoluteme: The skip in her stride The chuckle in her laughter Did you notice it? Her desk got tidier You could hear her hum all the time So apparent! She started loving kids She even complemented the canteen cook! When inquired, she just smiled shyly. But she went overboard when she wore pink glasses to office!

From @Greyllusionist: romance, n.: You called in for the flowers and candles and the aromas for the evening. I came absolutely empty handed to the twinkle of your eyes, sparkle of your smile and the scent of your sweat.

From @vivekisms: He couldn't leave him. He didn't expect him to leave his wife. The situation was strange and yet there was love. No morals. No judgment. Just the idea of a walk on a beach. Accidental touching of fingers. Or maybe not. Just.

From @tweettabulous: Every time I rose in love. There's no falling I believed. Some affairs were casual, others meaningful passionate ones, few were short-lived just for the heat of the moment and the rest provided solace to the soul.

Each in their own way have made me who I am today.Books how much I cherish thee.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Theme 155 - Gesture

From @krishna_marathe: They met at the party. He remembered her as the woman who knew what she wanted. She wanted to walk away; she did. Silver lining from clouds reflected in her tresses now. She smiled and hugged him...tight. it wasn't a gesture, it was SOS.

From @slokabs: The traffic cop directed the unruly traffic with his hands.  A woman coyly winked at someone across the road. He waved and nodded!  Another woman scorned, pretending to slap a rickshaw driver on almost getting hit. Nayan’s view from the pavement was abruptly blocked by the white van marked “Sunshine school for the deaf and mute”.

From @swordfish19:

Karim stood stranded under the awning of a shop and watched the rain fall heavily. He was just two blocks away from office.
“Would you care to walk with me?” A man with a large umbrella asked him.
“Thanks” beamed Karim.
Outwardly, a nice gesture, but little did Karim know that he was a pickpocket.

From @xmanishaa:

They met. Fell in love. Were happy. Everything fell apart suddenly. Cancer came in their way.
He loved her a lot. Never made her feel like they would ever part.
She always remembers him while putting the reddest of roses on his grave.
A small gesture made him feel loved while being in heaven.

From @roshd: The couple was seated at the next table at the restaurant having a rollicking conversation, laughing uncontrollably. Her eyes were moist with mirth and she was glued to each word coming from him. I felt like such a retard sitting there, watching them, yet not understanding a word of their beautiful sign language.

From @deescjockey: The woman placed the padded ring on her head and another labourer started piling the bricks over it. She had five more trips to make to the first floor of the building under construction. Her two-year-old picked up a broken brick and started toddling along with her. She laughed at the useless but well-meaning gesture.

From @bright_eclipse:

Hello. You are gorgeous. I am sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I adore your beauty. I am usually not an extrovert... but the frown on your beautiful face was very disturbing... so I thought of sharing a little bit of my happiness...

The mute boy went on and on. The blind girl simply didn’t care.

From @tweettabulous: My friends called me stupid. But I couldn't let go of him.  He was married. There's no future they said.But he managed to soothe the mayhem of my soul, bring happiness to my mundane life and provide tranquility to the mind. His daily messages kept me sane... How could I give it up?

Theme 154 - Disgrace

From @slokabs: She walked like a princess, twirled like a dream. The audience watched, awestruck by her beauty and poise. Suddenly, without warning, her bustier gave way. Grasping it just in time, she scurried backstage. The audience murmured in disbelief. No applause, no sympathies. One dark moment had brought the curtains down on her illustrious modeling career.

From @roshd:

“This Peter turned out to be a disgrace even in death”
“Why is that? What happened? How did he die?”
“Well, he fell from grace.”
“Yup. Lily refused to marry him”
“Grace Apartment is the 12 storeyed building where Lily lived”

From @purplebrains: We are all guilty of having disgraced our ten year old selves. In having forgotten and sold off our many dreams, wishes, hopes and faith, we became what we had tried to deny. Becoming skeptical of rainbows and imaginary friends, we no longer remain children of any God. Therein lies our punishment for each sin.

From @tweettabulous:

We longed for it. It came. It blew our minds. It taught us beautiful lessons.
It gave others hope. The world went gaga over it.
His immense talent was the talk of the town. New Superstar.
We were proud. We had finally made something “different”
Till the videos came out and it reeked of plagiarism.

From @PeaceOVent: She danced to the tune of the beats. She moved like she was being tamed by a snake charmer. Everyone was riveted. All eyes were on her. Then the song ended. The patrons came to her and threw Rs 10 notes at her. The life of a bar dancer.

From @eklavyagupte: The freedom speech that you delivered was incomplete without your head on our shoulders. Yet you chose to run away the exact moment when we needed you the most. You told us that heavyweights fight for power and that lightweights fight for freedom. I am sorry to say you were nothing but a disgrace.

From @rajaet: Amidst the market ,she clutched the cleaved penis in her hand. Hands and clothes, flushed in blood. The dead manhood-less body of the man did not completely satisfy her vengeance for the disgrace he brought upon her.
The people around could only talk about how disgraceful was it for a woman to be so gutsy.

From @mitchellez: She knew pure love. She had known it since she was six. She had accepted Him as her spouse and was not afraid to say it out loud. She abandoned her family, riches and fame. She sat among sages and danced on the streets. She was in love with Gopal and her name was Meera.

From @deescjockey: 'Honour' might sound like an abstract thing to you, growing up in your pretty little homes with nothing to ever question your sense of who you are. You never spent your days scraping your life together, an abstract idea of honour the only thing keeping you sane. Of course, my disgrace means nothing to you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Theme 153 - Fall

From @aaroo4:

“Listen to me carefully- close your eyes, and fold your arms on your chest” he instructed her.

“Ok, now what?” she asked impatiently.

“Now, remember, no questions”, he said in a tone that meant business.

“Hmm” she mumbled.

“Just let go & fall backwards”, he said.

“What the …”she stopped herself, landing  into his arms.

From @swordfish19: It was a strange day. First there was snow. Then it rained, turning the snow to sludge. Then there was hail, large pellets of it. We stayed indoors. Then, just before night fell, the power went off in our suburb. It was as dark as the inside of an infidel. We fell asleep somehow.

From @MsTitli: Aadi was the perfect guy for her. They were best friends until Aadi realized his part of love.Today after 30years of marriage, he still gives her a rose everyday saying "a rose for my beautiful rose". She never aimed at falling in love, she wanted to rise in love, and she rose!

From @slokabs: It was storytime for class 3-D of Sunshine High. The teacher was animatedly relating to her students the story of Hitler. Some listened intently, some pretended to. She didn't notice little Abhay's head lilting sleepily. "And thus, he fell, only to rise!", she completed the chapter. At that precise moment, Abhay’s forehead hit the table!.

From @deescjockey: Grandpa sighed as I wheeled him around the ruins. "I shot some of my best scenes right here. You won't believe how young girls fawned upon me..." We did this every year, visiting the old studio, reliving his days in the limelight. This visit in 1972 was to be our last.

From @visualizashan:

I fucking hate when your questions question my answer to your question. I hate when my sensible explanations don't make sense,when you move your face away when I try to kiss you.  May be you no longer have the value and respect that you once had for me.

Today's word is 'Fall' not 'Hate'.

From @tweettabulous:

He was known as the King of the share market, had amassed a huge empire with grandeur assets.His judgments were trusted blindly. Friends would entrust their hard money with him. He’d always given them profits.That autumn brought sheer misfortune. He filed for bankruptcy and was forced to sell his possessions.

TIME:  The Fall.

From @roshd:

“OK I’m an unemployed drunkard but your mother’s no angel. D’you know what ‘work’ she did? She was a whore”, he spat on her as she sobbed.

Ravi hugged and kissed  his mother.

“I’m even more proud of her now. If you’re still here after one hour I’ll strangle you to death you worthless pimp.”

From @MinolAjekar:

It was meant to be casual. Booty call. Friends with benefits. No emotionality. Fun and games and sex.  A plus one for those hard times.

Falling in love was not the plan of action, in any way or form.

From @vivekisms: He was forewarned. He was told. He had gone through it before. And yet it happened. Once again. Yet. Logic was shown the window. He fell in love. One more time.

From @ladycardiidae: "This is my fall from grace," she said. It was the death of her self-respect. The last of it. "I let them undress my conscience," she said, as she gathered her belongings into a tethered carton. As she stepped out of the 9-5 whirlpool, there arrived a blue envelope which pushed her back into it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Theme 152 - Furtive

From @roshd: It's open house day in school. He is chatting with other parents. She looks at him furtively from across the room. Looks are exchanged. After their respective turns meeting the teacher they go their own separate ways. Not all games are played to win. Some are played for the love of the game.

From @CruciFire:

“I will kill you if you don’t tell me.”

“I am the wrong person.”


“Why don’t you understand… it would be the height of irony!”

“FUCK YOU! Just tell me what I need to know so that I can start writing my story.”

“OK FINE! The meaning of Furtive is sly, secretive. Happy?”

From @aar004: He sat there nursing his drink, the meetings were done and he had the evening all to himself. The bartender poured a shot, pushing the glass towards him. He looked up, surprised. The bartender signaled with his head. There she was! Furtive glances, waiting for a signal, a response.. He smiled coyly.. Their glasses clinked..

From @The_Bufffmaster: Those glances from her window towards the end he lived, where they exchanged stories meagrely through eyes. Those sneak outs to his room jumping through terraces while everyone was asleep, and then, grazing the stars till the morning birds sang. Teardrops roll down today while holding her ring, as she remembers those magical furtive moments.

From @viveklectic: Thoughts of revenge clouded her mind. He had used her for too long. He had forbidden her from talk about their furtive relationship.She saw the light in his room. She pressed the doorbell and waited. As she heard the shuffling footsteps inside, she felt the bulge of solid steel in her handbag.

From @MinolAjekar:

She sat on the bar stool, legs firmly clasped together, like a lady. But those closed legs held a secret, a secret that makes her cold.

She was sure her secret was safe but the guilty unease kept her on edge. She only went commando to inspire her drummer boyfriend’s debut performance.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Sitting at a cafe in Paris, Raul kept giving furtive glances to Lolita while sipping his cup of coffee.Anyone noticing this would have thought Raul to be shy and not being able to walk across and speak to her. No one knew that Raul was a detective hired to keep a watch on Lolita.

From @tweettabulous:

She was the new intern and had the deepest green eyes. Her effervescent nature got my attention and soon I was in love with her. We moved in together.She sent me a sext and I rushed home. House. Empty. Nothing left. She had disappeared.

If only, I paid heed to the brain’s warnings…

From @sinpinklove: She stood there making slight furitive glances as the police were conducting their enquiry about a lost necklace of the maharaja era. She, being with them for many years was treated as a family member and not subject to any questioning. They had no knowledge of her ailing husband and his expensive treatment.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Theme 151 - Brazen

From @aaliznat:

"I've been stuck for 2 days now thinking of an adjective that would be perfect for her open, fierce, I don't care what you think I will do my own thing personality."



"Use brazen."

"Its an anagram for a zebra with an n."

"So, the stripes have changed, that's all."

From @MsTitli: They were caught by a cop near the highway in a car. They were scared and the cop was shouting from the top. Out of anger and fear, he acted brazenly and roared, go find out your son and daughter first then search for others, and drove away!

From @roshd:

All the cute guys were self obsessed and the plain guys were well... boring. So unlike her jijaji. She was getting tired of decking up to meet prospective grooms coming home to 'interview' her.

"Maasi wants to know what she should reply to that engineer-boy's folks". Her mom called out, "Tell them to f**k off"

From @kunalbaidmehta: Having always been a topper Derek didn't want to miss it this time either. But this time it was different. He was caught cheating. Instead of being brazen about it, he broke down. The death of his mother a month back didn't allow him to prepare and his first attempt at cheating had fallen flat.

From @aaroo4: “Look at her, man- standing tall, defending herself against those hooligans. She is my kinda girl” Max beamed. “Gah, she is just being stupid, going to get hurt or scared & come back with her tail tucked between her legs” Carl smirked. “Take that, they retreated. She truly is awesome, my brazen gal” purred Max. 

From @minolajekar:  She walked tall and proud and looked into their eyes. It was like she was peering into their soul. They were the criminals here, making her parade nude, for what a biological accident of inferior birth. She could hear cries of brazen whore, but she walked taller and prouder.

From @mitchellez: She laughed at his face. He was not man enough to take her on. He drank, lost his control and bruised her with words or whatever he got his hands on. “What do you know about love, you prostitute?” He’d ask. She had had enough but decided to brazen it out, “It hurts,” she said

From @Crucifire:

2 years of their relationship and all he could muster was a 1st base, once. He was desperate. And restless.  Tonight was his birthday.

She came over, sat on his lap and let her shawl fall to the floor.

Red lingerie held up her soft, supple breasts.

He was at peace.

BraZen moment it was!

From @bright_eclipse:

He sat. She swung.
He cleared his throat. She pointed at the glass of water.
He drank. She burped.
He spat on her. She guffawed.
He offered her his kerchief shyly.
She removed her t-shirt and winked at him seductively.
6months later, the Shy Pervert and the Brazen Bitch tied the knot.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Theme 150 - Freedom

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: They clicked instantly. She talked, he listened. She expressed, he took it all in. She – the kid, he – the grown adult. She made mistakes, he forgave. Time after time, day after day. Then things changed. Now, her freedom still lies in him. His is her absence.

From @krishna_marathe: She spoke loudest of Freedom when she knew he was listening. He loved her; he set her free.  She misses the vast cage of his heart.

From @Chocophiliac: From one ruler to another, from stranger to her own, from woman to men and woman again, from clamorous through the silent, from corrupt to the anti-corrupt, from crooked to someone worse; she has been used as a slave since her birth. What she wanted was mere freedom. What she always got was thralldom. Outrage!

From @wistyloony: The match had already begun & here he was, stuck in a meeting, unable to see it despite the many hardships he had gone through to get ONE ticket. Who decides what will make us happy? Why couldn't Nature grant us magical powers? Or, atleast the freedom to live as we wanted to?

From @aaroo4: He barked; his paws went at the door scratch scratch. She opened half an eye, shushed him and went back to sleep. He continued, jumping on the bed every now and then, whining & barking. “Stop it; Misty” she mumbled dragging herself off the bed to open the door. He bolted inside, came out happy.

From @dineshkaulgud:

“He sat under the tree. The sun shone. A gentle breeze weaved through the forest. Thoughts assailed him – Is there an end? What is Life? Will I find the truth?

He shook his head, he needed to focus. Breath in, out; in, out. He suddenly realised that nothing is permanent. He was free. Enlightened.”

From @flirtingshadows: To color his hair blue and tie a ribbon around it. To paint her nails silver and purple and scarlet. To let go of all what they held dear. To give up in a heartbeat all what they had worked towards and start afresh. They dreamt of all that and more. They dreamt of freedom. 

From @swordfish19:

The convict was taken to the center of the maze by the warden of the penal colony.

“If you can get out of this maze within three days, we will release you. If not, we will still release you, but by hanging you. Your freedom is guaranteed. Here’s a canteen and some food….”

From @TheFraudMallu: He confessed to her about the other woman in his life.  Hurt, she gave him the freedom to be with the one he wanted to be with, wishing she was the one. He chose his freedom and walked out of her life. Pain held back and life shattered, she lost her freedom to his memories.

From @nabilazaidi:

Chained by your memories.
Fire in the games we play.
You left. Came back.
Came back to leave and not be back again.
I stood there, waiting.
But someone took me away.
Away to a place called green grey and gay.
But I walked back.
Searching for you in the dark.
Only to be chained again.

From @_Nehu: She was brought up as princess. She travelled world, shop without worrying princess. She was living in golden cage, not allowed to wander on street, hanging out with friends. She is forced to marry someone with more restrictions. She envied us. Freedom was all she wanted, but didn’t have courage to fight back

From @IndianIdle: Some 60 years ago they fought for us to free us from the clenches of the British. They never knew that after these many years people will be under the wrath of their own people. One of them  said,” we gave freedom to the country, but these politcians are making it freedumb”

From @vchatting:

At 23, she was the Rockstar , the world aspired to be.
But in the long lonely nights, when her work did not claim her, she yearned for love,  a lover maybe, some carefree moments of just nothingness, the ordinariness of a commoner. She missed the anonymity and freedom, all  others seemed to own ...

From @Greylllusionist:

We were adults. We could have done whatever we felt like. Walked around naked. Invent new words. Make love on top of an airplane. Wear each other’s sweat. Wander on an island gifting each other to the sea and expect it to gift back.

Then came a word, hypothesis and that’s not how it is…

From @Crucifire:

I gave them good grades. I gave them my first salary.
For them, I gave my dedication. I gave them my nights. And weekends.
I gave her undying love. I gave her a ring.
I gave them a grandson.

I gave up my dreams.

Free will was a farce. Freedom was never mine.

From @absoluteme: She will tell you that it tastes like monsoon breeze, candy floss and lemon drops. That she no more tries to tame the twirls in her frizzy hair or control the words tumbling out of her mouth. And all this while she'll be laughing hysterically through her salty tears. She has relieved herself of judgments.

From @bright_eclipse: Today, while complaining about my cold Vada-pav, I saw him digging the garbage. Shabby clothes, rough entangled hair and bruised skin adorned him. He picked up some rubbish and took a bite. He relished his snack. I didn’t. I thought of offering him some food. But I couldn’t. He was free. I wasn’t.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Theme 149 - Bite

From @aaroo4: Her hands stirred the pasta while her mind was blank. She panicked. In the pan, tomatoes & garlic were bubbling away. Was it ready? Blank. Did she add salt? Blank. What did the chef say in class? Blank. She tested the pasta, it still had a bite. Al Dente. She smiled. Everything came flooding in.

From @shakwrites: It was her favorite time of the day. The wedding sounds echoed everywhere. She could hear drums, pipes and chatter. She also smelt delicacies. Soon the large crumpled green leaves full of leftovers would appear. She knew she had to be quick. Else she would miss out on getting her one bite for the day.

From @kaulguddinesh: Mukund sat cross legged waiting for Mita to serve him food. But was she the one for him? She looked ok except for the birth mark on her cheek. Mita served the food. Mukund picked up the Gulab jamum and took a bite. It melted in his mouth leaving a sweet syrupy taste. Yes. 

From @tweettabulous:

I was ecstatic. She had given me the "sign”.  I waited for all to leave so that I could meet her alone. The desire to make animalistic love to her was driving me insane.Picked up wine and whipped cream."Baby, I'm all yours.”

She slapped my face hard. But, but, the seductive lip bite…

From @Chocophiliac:

"Tear, Munch, Cut, Part, Piece, Part, Share, Slice, Clamp, Crush, Eat, Gnaw, Masticate, Nibble, Pierce, Ruminate, Chomp, Chunk, Sever, Teeth, Corrode, Consume, Decay, Decompose, Deteriorate, Dissolve, Engrave, Erode, Etch, Rot, Rust, Slash, Tingle, Rust, Sear, Injure, Chaw, Chew, Chump, Gob, Itch, Lacerate, Nip, Pain, Pinch, Prick, Sting, Hickie, Wound, Burn, Edge, Spice, Zip, Zap, Bite."

From @whiteness: Once upon a time there lived a happy couple, but their only biggest worry was that her husband had strange habit of biting sari every night, she tried hard to stop this but it was out of her control. One day clergyman suggested them to use toothpaste with salt and they lived happily ever afterwards.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Theme 148 - Touch

From @flirtingshadows: He was wary of her touch. Her voice was a caress, her breath, a relief. But her touch was altogether a different matter. It made him flinch and squirm and recoil. Her aged, gnarly fingers, which had kneaded a dough too many, had lost their maternal touch. She ached to reach out. He, to escape.

From @Chocophiliac:

She was sitting on the bean bag, enjoying her daily routine of late night TV shows. I went and sat next to her, kept my chin over her shoulder and wrapped her in my arms. My breath was starting to break. Unexpectedly she turned around and kissed me.

Touch? She touched my soul that night.

From @dopeywriter: Akash was the breadwinner of his family. Death of his father had turned him into a man overnight. He had conviction in his mind yet naive at heart. The day he professed his love for Radha was the day he was into pieces. There's a price one has to pay for loving village khap's daughter.

From @MsTitli: I couldn't hold back my tears when I saw her. She looked like an angel, her  little lips, cute eyes, pink face and her aroma made me kept her adoring. I took her in my arms and touched her gentle hand. She immediately responded by holding my finger. Here I felt my world complete.

From @tweettabulous:

It’s considered taboo to date your lecturer. Ours was such a “hottie” and I secretly lusted after him.
College trip to Goa and he was our guardian. While partying on the cruise, totally drunk I decided to tell him how I felt.

I looked at him sexily and uttered, “zara zara touch me touch me…”

From @absoluteme: You choose "it" yet scream and run away. You hide, breathless and anxious. You poke and make noises. You giggle so hard you feel the insides of your tummy. You run so hard your legs feel like spaghetti. Your hair is all sticky yet you celebrate. And then it touches you and you become "it".

From @JaaTeri:

"Something was different," he thought. "It was not like other times. She held my hand. She hugged me. She touched me! This feels special. Has she fallen for me finally?"
After a while he blurted out, "I must stop thinking too much."
He hurried out of the room as people turned to look at him.

From @CruciFire:

The intentional brushing of her arm on the stairs.
The playful tap at the back of her head during lunch.
The frisky twisting of her ear on the way to the washroom.
The quick peck on her cheek while leaving the conference room.
The delicate pinching of her waist when no one's watching.
Our foreplay.

From @ponderpuffman:

She was someone else’s. He was no one’s.

They lazed on a terrace where fireflies bloomed.
As stars gazed at them, with crickets they whistled a tune.
They weaved stories with weed. They sipped each other souls.
As it rained, lips glued.

They drifted, but with a touch that was held on for a lifetime.

From @numbyaar: The peon stood there shaken as he was being scolded for placing a tea cup touching the mouse pad. Ankur had become highly irritable off late. He would lose his temper on the most trivial of reasons. All he needed was her touch again. But he couldn’t let anyone know, he was a man.

From @looonytoon: A tiny head was hanging out frm 'gateway-to-world'. "kheechna mat, tear baithega". Perspirated n exhausted she tried her best push but as tummy gets toneless n it was her 4th. "chal abhi idhar aa, support dat tummy with a fist". Stuck shoulder slipped. She said "pls let me touch the baby!!"

From @Whiteness: Orangey bulb in the room made her skin look luminous. “I have come here to feel the human touch” he said, caressing her legs. “Everyone says that I’ve got smooth legs, It’s a god’s gift... can you please massage my back? I’m tired.” She said with a sigh. He was reminiscing while in noisy train.

From @whackydjavi: She read to him every night. Her voice soft as only a mother’s can be.His head resting in her lap. Her book cradled on her knees.The lights turned off so he could sleep.Her fingers did the reading for her. Her eyes could never see.Thank you God for the gift of Touch.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Theme 147 - Collect

From @MsTitli : Everytime they met, she used to take home everything they used and bought. From empty bisleri bottles, chocolate wrappers and flowers, she even collected the movie tickets to cherish the moments. He always teased her for behaving like a kid. But these collectibles made her feel closer to her love, and their lovely memories.

From @Chocophiliac:

"Hey, do you remember the nights we spent together staring at the sky?"

"Yeah...and I wish we did something other than just lying idle over there!"

"...but our silence used to speak the unsaid, right?"

"Isn't it doing the same even now?"

They're still lying there, staring at the sky, recollecting old memories. Silent.

From @MinolAjekar:

She cannot believe it is her reflection in the mirror, she looks like she could walk the ramp at Bridal Week.

Getting over him was hard, but not letting go would have led to insanity. She was marrying a nice guy.

Her phone rings, she answers it, “ Will you accept a collect call from......”

From @tweettabulous: Tall, lanky, impish smile. Regular elevator rides became our serendipity. We ended up taking the same salsa classes. Maybe it was fate’s way of bringing us closer. From strangers to dance partners to best friends. He became the reason for my smiles. Beautiful memories amassed. I know he still manages to make me smile… from up there.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Theme 146 - End

From @simbly_menon: "No Kutty, God has his own mysterious ways," said Mummy, as she combed my hair all from the side parting, the way she usually does, the way I usually dislike. "It's a big jigsaw puzzle, but it all comes together at the end."

From @wistyloony: "Its over" read the note, stark and cold. There wasn't any punctuation and the paper seemed to mock her in emptiness. A little square of pulp decided her fate & 5 years of togetherness reduced to two words, meeting its end.

From @indianidle: He was going to end it all today. Death was the only escape. He stood near the edge of the cliff. He looked far, he saw the sun rising which warmed his body, he heard the music of birds. And just when his faith in life was restored, he farted hard. And boom!

From @shakwrites: It was the day he had been dreading. The gooey mess on his exteriors had become a cage. He struggled in desperation. Gasping for life he fought back. He clawed at strings that bound him to this misery. It wasn’t the end he wanted but here it was at last. He was becoming a butterfly.

From @swordfish19: The old Parsi, feeble and helpless, lay on his bed, in the hospice. He remembered his wife, long dead, once in a while. He had stopped expecting any visits from his son. As he looked out the window at the open sky, he could see a kettle of vultures. Or was it his imagination?

From @monathais:

„What do you think?”
„It’s long.”
„Silky smooth and thick.”
„Brownish and playful.”
„I like the way it feels on my lips.”
„It gives me the right pleasure.”
 „Can I swallow now? I cannot resist anymore.”

The Quality Manager smiled. The tasting of the new chocolate batton had the expected end.

From @nimue_: 

are we not meeting tomm? she messaged.
got some work.
Ok.See you later.

She wasnt happy , but they had decided to take a break. She decided to read to pass time, when another sms came :

Wanna have a  drink tonight ?
The break saw its end before it even began,she thought and laughed.

From @absoluteme: People get restless before they see the light. They have complaints, so many things could have been done better, it should have had a happily ever after, been more realistic. Most of them walk out sluggishly much before the climax. Some wait smilingly. There's a parallel between the end of a movie and a lifetime.

From @JaaTeri: "My journey began with holy shrines. I went to every place of worship in the country. In the end, I bathed in the Ganga. Now I am free of all sins. A pure soul," said the preacher. "Clapp!" he clapped, killing a fly that had been bugging him all through his speech. End of sins?

From @Greyllusionist: end, n/v:  We crossed the finish line years ago. Stayed blind. Stranded in the maze. Going around in circles. It seemed never ending but, when we look at it now from a distance above, the end was very much where we started.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Theme 145 - Strangers

From @simbly_menon:

He could never stop staring at strangers. It was an obsession, a compulsion almost. Some people ignored him, some stared back. Some winked, but that was rare.

Anterograde Amnesia does that to a person.

From @shakwrites: It was the first time their eyes had met. The two little girls. One, strapped to the car seat her mother had chosen. Other, strapped to her mother’s helpless back. Each safe in the only versions of life they knew. They then smiled at each other. A lamp of familiarity sparked and lit their space.

From @ponderpuffman:

As he comes inside her, a tear pours out of her.
As she dismantles his chest, he merges her two breasts.
As he breathes himself in her, she breathes herself in him.
As they become one creature, the bed-sheet muffles them.

Then on his pillow, he dreams of aquariums while she dreams about someone else.

From @dineshkaulgud: I sat in the train compartment, surrounded by strangers. I could feel the tears threaten to make an appearance – how could he do this to me?My head hurt as the train hurtled towards the horizon. The old lady looked kindly at me, ‘Beta, are you ok?’ She looked like my Grandmother. I smiled.

From @indianidle: She was newly promoted today, this thing came as a surprise as she came office today. She was shocked. Her pay was raised, she had got a new cabin. But when she looked towards her closest bunch of friends they stared in disgust like strangers. She sighed and thought,”Corporate!”

From @shantusharma: They knew each other for two years. One day, he asked her out. She readily accepted to come. But somehow, she couldn't make it on that day and apologized sincerely. Her apology didn't go down well with the boy. Now, more than two months have passed. They don't know each other anymore.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo:

Strangers. Instant attraction. A whirlwind affair. Inseparable. Broke off their engagements. Eloped. Good money. Lavish house. Great car. A lot of travel. Two beautiful kids.

Instant attraction. To someone else this time. Another whirlwind affair. Cheating. Lying. An empty flat for bored nights. Caught. Fights. Screams. Shouts. Blame. Hurt. Strangers.

From @JaaTeri: He despised pavements and zebra crossings. He walked on the road. He didn’t care that a vehicle could knock him down. He didn’t care because he trusted strangers. He knew they are waiting for him. Waiting to hurl abuses with ‘strangerly affection’ and still do everything to avoid hitting him. He was a proud jaywalker.

From @roshd: They sat next to one another but could easily have been in different continents such was the iciness between them. Talking directly to the counsellor without acknowledging the other’s presence. Such indifference was only possible between strangers. Or, as in this case, a couple who knew each other so well that they end up in the family court.

From @bwoyblunder: That person who willingly guides you while you’re backing up your car. That person who lets you have his seat in a bus. You would call him a stranger. But he’s not strange, he’s just like you. The people you claim to know, might be stranger than him, just see them when they are alone.

From @monathais:

“What a cleavage!“
„What dark eyes!“

“Your round knees make my knees melt!”
“Your restless fingers make me gulp!”

“I wanna lick that drop of sweat!”
“I wanna jump in your lap!”

“Be mine!”
“Take me!”

The two strangers in the train compartment had no idea their thoughts had already started to make passionate love.

From @vivekisms: You were just another stranger to me. Someone whose name I did not know. Someone who might have just forgotten me by now. I do remember your wrist, as you quietly slipped your watch on it and left, right after we had sex.

From @tweettabulous: Torrential downpour.  Crazy traffic.  I saw her standing under a tree soaked to the bone. She was too pretty to be left alone…I neared her, rolled down the window and asked if I could drop her home.She leaned in and cheekily said, “My mother warned me about getting into cars with strangers.”

From @minolajekar:

Do I really know him? I know how my black thong sends him in frenzy. But do I really know him? I know he loves his peanut butter toasts for breakfast. But do I really know him?

Well he currently rocks my world and I will try and live without really knowing him.

From @Greyllusionist: We fell in love and grew old in it, together. It was such a proverbial relation at all stages. Contempt, an obedient child of familiarity; we had to grow apart, inevitably… finding comfort in the pillows and closeness in the mirror, counting days for the roof to split and walls to build. Take care…

From @AbhiandNow:
Coffee is amazing. But coffee houses are even better, because that’s where I saw her. Sitting just across the table, she was sipping her brew and I was too.

A coffee, that’s all we had in common and the smile as well. Mine was for her, while hers was for the guy standing behind me.

From @Crucifire:

“Jack, Milky Way Galaxy. You?”
“Sia, Andromeda.”

“This Venus pub is cool but Saturn is the real deal.”

“Have we met before?”
“You feel the same?”

A million years ago on Earth.
“Back from office Sia baby”, screamed Jack as he picked her up and smooched her.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Theme 144 - Kiss

From @IndianIdle: It's funny that even being married now, when they seek the sea of the memory they always found this floating on surface. Shy boy never told her, one day they were out in a disc had a brawl and when they reached near car she said,”Give me keys,fast”. And that was their first kiss.

From @deescjockey: She knew the game, and she was in charge when the party started. She knew he'd make a move; he did. She knew he'd sneak her out to the terrace. She knew what he'd say. She knew he'd kiss her, and she'd let him. But she didn't know what the kiss would do to her.

From @swordfish19: He kissed her feet. He then kissed her knees. Her skin was soft. Further up and he kissed her shaven pussy. Still up and he sucked at her navel. She smelt like roses. He licked her nipples.  As he went further up, he saw a hideous worm eaten face. He woke up with a start.

From @shantusharma:

“A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I approached you. I don’t know if you never realized this or plainly ignored me. I needed a home but you wouldn't open your heart.”

Remaining words stuck in my throat when tears rolled down my eyes.

She didn't say anything… just drew me closer.

From @radhikmohandas: Ma noticed it. I doubt she saw the millimeter-wide blood-clot on the upper lip, to the left. But I kept pulling my lip in and biting it a little. Reviving the sensation. Reliving that bumpy autorickshaw ride. Scents and a stubble. All while trying to keep a straight face. But Ma noticed it anyway.

From @Whiteness: He looked into her bright eyes with winsome smile, while she was having a dark chocolate that he just gave her. It was a perfect magical moment and a sudden feeling that they had, and felt their hearts pounding. That day, every time he breathed he could feel the whiff of chocolate in his mouth.

From @roshd:

Too caught up in work and twitter, I’d been neglecting her lately..

“Do you even notice I’m alive? After all that I do for you you take me for granted. You just don’t love me anymore. You..”

I got the message. Pinned her against the wall, pressed myself against her and kissed her hungrily.

From @tweettabulous: She kept looking at him with anticipation, wondered what had gotten wrong, why the indifference? The separation had taken toll, left her almost lifeless.  When all around her had given up hope, prepared for her to go… He came down. Kissed her parched lips slow yet passionately and reawakened her.

Rains, you complete me - Earth.

From @laalfirangi: Nice moves. Can I buy you a drink? Here's my number. Call me, maybe? Hey, it's me from the bar. I'm glad we met. Where's the vaseline? I kinda like you. You must meet my friends. Will you marry me? YES! We must meet my parents. Cancun it is. You may now kiss the bride.

From @CruciFire:

She was busy cooking.

He slid his arm around her tender waist, caressed her navel, squeezed her breast, and pulled her close. He spun her around and leaned in for a wet, passionate smooch.

“I’LL MISS YOU… bitch!”

He murmured the last word under his breath as his house burst into flames.

A Judas Kiss.

From @bright_eclipse:

I was ogling at her display picture. My heart skipped a beat each time I imagined myself kissing her breasts. She ties rakhi to me damn it!

I scrolled down to avoid battling my conscience. Sigh!

That’s when it popped up.

She: Hi!
My heart stopped.
She: Miss you loads. Hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Theme 143 - Noise

From @dineshkaulgud:

What does it sound like?’ said Varun. 

‘Varun, It sounds like being trapped inside a closed drum in a waterfall or like you are in a room of angry firecrackers surrounded by fish sellers fighting to catch your attention,’ said Ritesh.

‘In that case, thank God, I’m deaf,’ guffawed Varun.

From @deescjockey: Engrossed in thoughts of seeing his wife after 5 years and the child whom he'd never met, the soldier is disturbed by the wailing of a kid in the adjoining room and the mother's incessant yelling. The hotel manager, afraid to offend a solder, tells the woman to vacate. You know where this is going...

From @swordfish19: He loved the sound they made. It was music to his ears. He could discern from a distance whether it was a Junkers or a Hurricane or a Spitfire.  But, now, he lay in a hospital bed, with two stumps for legs.  The silence was deafening.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Rajeev: "I am buying lots of noise making crackers for my son Sid. After all Shor Na Machaya toh Mazaa Nahin Aaya"
Sail: "That is good but ask him to be careful. I still feel sad for Rahim. After last year's incident, the deafening sound of silence is the noise that bothers him a lot."

From @roshd: Friday night. I come home late. My boys, seated on the couch, are watching Hancock on TV. Not my scene. I take off my tie and shoes and glare. They pay no heed. I let out a loud yell, leap on the couch and take both down.There’s noise and chaos. Now I’m at home.

From @dumbcharades:

Little Lilly adjusted her new hearing-aid as she sat one rainy evening with her dad, "I love the sound of rain."

Her dad nodded, "Doesn't take much time for a sound to turn into a noise."

"What's the difference?"

"Well, for grownups, usually what we want to hear is sound; rest is noise."

From @JaaTeri: He began his act. No song played. Only faint music could be heard. At a corner stood his guru, thumping foot and clapping to convey the music to the child. Moved, the audience stood and applauded with watery eyes. One man's music can be another's noise. For this deaf kid, it was neither.

From @vivekisms: We were supposed to be happy together. Happily. Then it all began to change. The plans. The caresses. The love. Your voice is now noise. Cliched? Yes? And that's all we have become. Like the noise.

From @Greylllusionist: noise, n/v.: You lie there, somewhere, deep down in my mind, but evident, even if mildly as there are several other thoughts, conflicting in the background, constantly buzzing with something perennially undecided between them, striving to inhibit you to rule my senses. Yet, there exists some resonance that shivers me up every now and then...

From @CruciiFire:

“Why aren't you starting something of your own?”
“What if your Dad doesn't approve of her?”
“Why is that colleague behaving like an ass?”
“Do you have any friends left?”
“Which idea are you proposing dude?”

I plugged my ears but they wouldn't stop.

From @tweettabulous:

One needs to be really strong here. We aren’t allowed to speak or even use sign language. If caught the punishment is severely shocking.

They believe a silent environment can help heal. I know I shouldn’t be in,  I’m perfectly alright.If only, I hadn’t told anyone about the loud voices in my head…

From @laalfirangi: "I can't afford to hear you & make my life's decision. I can't let you take control. You were my life, operating word being 'were'. You lost your chance. I deserve my happiness and a better life. Much better than what would've been with you. Once a sweet song, everything you say now is mere noise."

From @AbhiandNow:


He smiled, for finally doing what he wanted. He dreamt about that moment for what seemed like an eternity. It was finished; the torture was over, just like the way he planned.

He would finally be able to sleep peacefully, without the constant late night bickering of his now dead neighbours.

Theme 142 - Platonic

From @flirtingshadows: She was his early morning wake-up call and late-evening, after-work chat. She exasperated him but he never forgot the days she made him smile. It tore apart the illusion of platonic love with the opposite sex. It took away from the innocence of a warm friendship. Yet, it made him feel terribly good about everything.

From @DrNiravParmar:

Deep in love,
Looked great together.
But he had elder sisters unwed,
She was passing the marriageable age in her community.
'Love is not in holding what you love, its in letting Go.'

He found her a nice guy.
She stayes in touch with him.
He's still unmarried.
Her children call him 'uncle'.

From @minolajekar:

She sat on the table buttering her toast, even making that innocent little breakfast routine about sex. She sips her juice and smacks her lips.

He re-checks the napkin on his lap to avoid unnecessary height.  He visualizes hurting himself with a butter-knife when she replied to her mum, “no he’s my buddy it’s platonic”.

From @whiteness:

“Well, uh-um, you know that I’m married and you are less than half of my age, I think we should stop chatting. Really it’s hard for me to say."
“Don’t be silly, can’t we just love each other without giving any name to our relationship? I think sex is overrated.”
Then they exchanged smiles.

From @NumbYaar: Sameer sat on the first bench only during Social Studies class. He would do his homework and read every chapter before it was taught. His agenda also included dropping the pencil intermittently and studying the teacher’s voluptuous body. There was something inexplicable about the fourth grader’s Platonic lust for Mrs. Anne.

From @roshd: She wore the pants in the house and brought home the bacon. He kept their house tidy and took care of their son. He was kind and faithful. He didn't excite her. His brother did and they started a roaring affair. She made him believe their relationship was platonic. Good housekeepers were hard to find.

From @tweettabulous: Rahul and me, the closest of friends… he, my 4 am person. Every first date, crush or heart break he'd there with whacky ideas or ice creams. When we moved in together, the neighbours frowned upon us. It wasn’t “ethical” they termed. Who cares? Love, in its purest form is what we share…

From @Greyllusionist:

Is it love?
Will she listen?
Or shall she chop off all touches?
Ah, touch! The word sounds so unfamiliar here…
Will I ever touch her? Do I at all want to? Does she?
Ah, so confusing and they call it love, hah! Nonsense!
But, how does Plato feel to be pioneering this perplexity?!

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was a small seed at first. Too small to even notice. But soon, the roots took their place. With every passing day, the roots grew stronger. Uprooting them now was impossible. This small seed of 'Doubt' grew so big, that it stopped differentiating between physical relationship and platonic friendship and ended a beautiful journey.

From @vchatting:

Father's untimely death left him to fend for his widowed mother and younger brothers.His responsibilities made him vow never to marry,quite like 'the Bhishma'.
Now 69, he lived with his brothers' ,who cared for him, in turns. He particularly liked to visit his second brother's house, where he could interact all day,with his buxom niece, whom he clearly loved the most!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Theme 141 - Macabre

From @DrNiravParmar:  She was so fond of him, called him 'Chocolate Chacha'. Got a sweet everytime she passed his house near the society gate.

As I went to call her home, there was a strange smell of cooking meat. The door -- bolted from inside. Peeking through the window, Oh My God! Her frock ! !

The cooker whistled.

From @Greyllusionist: macabre, adj: Your expectations of love are so different from your definition of it.

From @deescjockey: The first line of vermilion ever to adorn the parting in her hair, glistened as she took to the dance floor with the delight and exuberance of a new bride. An hour later, the groom meekly told to stop dancing and fix her look. The vermilion had smudged all over her sweaty forehead.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Theme 140 - Nostalgia

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: A dusty knob. The door creaks. A hand impression on the window. Rusted wind chimes still making sweet music. A slight breeze. A rickety chair. Cobwebs all over. A cup that once had coffee - strong, with two spoons of milk, a cube of sugar. A tear rolls down. Life was once very different.

From @roshd:

These Mumbai rains bring back fond memories. Of school- waiting for a working day to get washed off. Of hot kanda-bhajiyas with tea to be had listening to Bon Jovi. Of my first crush- getting wet with her and that first kiss.

As it rains today I’m thinking- “Aaj kuch toofani karte hain”

From @SamridhiTrisal: It all came back. The places they used to visit together. The songs he used to sing to her. The letters he used to write to her. Those stolen kisses. Those long walks. Those beautiful conversations. A part of her knew she still loved him. But she dismissed it as nostalgia. And, moved on.

From @swordfish19: Saturdays meant getting up early, having a breakfast of eggs, bread and creamy hot coffee. And then as was our wont, listening to Beatles and crooning along with Lennon. Even today, listening to a stray Beatles song transports us instantaneously to those Saturdays. But those Saturdays won’t come back again. They are long gone.

From @deescjockey: We used to hang out in that corridor for hours. Legs stretched out, resting our backs against the ancient pillars, we discussed everything from life and career to sex, romance, movies, music, professors, religion, politics and history in no particular order. Once we rescued a puppy here. Lectures were optional. They've gated the corridor now.

From @NumbYaar: Rehan sat in a coffee shop, trying to light paper. His friends stopped him on time to snatch the lighter away. They were slightly concerned about his pyromania. Little did they know that the smell captivated him. It took him back to his hostel days when he burnt paper on a heater’s filament.

From @DrNiravParmar:

''Damn rains ! ''
roads blocked
office bunked
''how to pass day?''
''clean-up your cupboard''
lost wallet
old marksheets
first resume'
'a photo. Grainy, black-and-white. A bunch of boys in front of a school'

runs a loving hand on it
grin fades

"Honey, are you crying?"

From @ponderpuffman: Aaji’s blanket. Mother’s secret. Anna’s watch. Father’s punch.  Broken walls in town. Poems that smell brown. That breakfast in Kayani. Her last letter in a magazine. Every day he remembered a thing to miss. Every day he found a thing to miss. He drank those tears from a glass jar. He named that drink ‘Nostalgia’.

From @Greyllusionist: I still take a turn of those old left away crossroads whenever I return to our hometown... we left for different cities that night... Haven’t yet touched the last chapter of the book that you left half-read then but flip through the old read pages everyday… They say nothing lasts forever but this seems immortal!

From @PeaceOVent:

The first look. Meeting. A date. Laughter. Holding hands. A kiss. Text messages. Phone conversations. Misunderstandings. Angry tears. Bidding goodbye. Moving on.

The first look.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Theme 139 - Shadow

From @punvati: A cloud drifted over the sun. Vishnu started, glanced about uneasily, took a bullet to the head and crumpled gracelessly to the ground. If life were a movie, portentous music would have played. A kilometer away, a farmer sat down. A sigh, a weary smile. Finally, some respite from the heat. A slow, joyful lilt.

From @rainandpeace: She shut her eyes as the shooting star she wished upon was engulfed by the dark folds of the night. She wished he was thinking about her. Her whole body –each molecule-yearned for him. But, she wept profusely whilst being in the silent company of nobody but the shadows that were her very own.

From @shruti_says:
The room looked like the aftermath of a paint-bomb explosion and Anna sat crying in the centre of it.
“What happened? Why is there paint all over the place?” she asked wiping her daughter’s face.
“I was trying to make her pretty but she keep moving and copying me.” Anna said pointing at her shadow.

From @deescjockey: He kissed like an expert; he had all the right moves; he know how leave a girl breathless. She had nothing to complain about, and yet she knew she could never inspire the same passion he had for his first love. She was living with the shadow of the man she once knew he was.

From @alwaystranquil:

Pfff  goes the cigarette tossed in the puddle, aftermath of our very own Mumbai rains.  The Chai still feels warm inside.
“ Bhaiyya Andheri Chaloge ?? She chirped. Drenched and helpless.
He lets her on board. Chuckles.
Darkness enshrouds. The Shadows stretch, beyond, into the unknown.
The rain resumes its never ending patter.  Pfff goes another Cigarette.

From @swordfish19: I must smoke after lunch. However, it’s too hot here near the equator at that time of the day. So, I stand below an elm tree near my factory enjoying the fag in its shade. Or shall I say I used to? They cut the tree recently. Now I smoke in the open.

From @roshd: How could she explain why was content to remain in the background like his shadow while he hogged the limelight ? That she loved him very much? That she lived for his smile? That he was an incurable romantic who treated her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world? That he made her happy?

From @ponderpuffman:

The beach was baking us that day.
Disconnected Mai was dripping away under the straw hat. Shirtless Papi was melting away on a dune.
Her shadow was cold and formed hibiscus patterns while his was a warm kaleidoscope.
Excited to see my shadow, I turned swiftly.

I realised, a shadow cannot have a shadow.

From @NumbYaar: The rising sun brought pain. The anklets tied tightly to his legs and the excruciating light through the windowpanes made his heart sink in resentment. He hated his relatives and their remarks on his mental illness. In the earth’s shadow, he found comfort.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: She ran as fast as she could. She ran as far as she could. She ran for as long as she could. She ran till she didn't drop dead. The damn thing wouldn't budge. Like a ravenous monster, it chased her no end. She wouldn't get away with this one. The shadow it was called.

From @vagabondinact: Each night she missed him. Her whole being ached in his absence. Knowing that he would return with the morning sun, stay the day long with her was not alleviating enough. At times he was leading her, at times he followed her, but what she treasured most were the moments when he was upon her.

From @absoluteme:

He lived in a world-Black and White and Hand-made
His tools-candle light and lithe fingers and imagination

Butterflies fluttered and wildlife came alive and barren walls started telling stories
Tales were woven and unfolded and thrown as mesmerising silhouettes

The world moved to colours and hues and tones
He lives on in shadows

From @TheScotchGirl: Sarah left him because she was just not that into him. She didn’t want waste her time; it just didn’t work that for her. James on the other hand was floored by her. He killed himself. She attended his funeral, yes. But she couldn’t get rid of that feeling she was being shadowed.

From @Greyllusionist: shadow, n/v.: You cover me as the clock ticks and when you are tired I switch places... engulfed within, we draw imaginary lines and live two different lives... giving up on our individual existence. I wonder if you would allow me to merge the same way in reality, ever...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Theme 138 - Revenge

From @SahilBulla: I saw him murder my mother. The blood inside me boiled every time I saw him. The only way to attack him was when he was not looking. I rushed towards him ready to take my revenge. He saw me. He slapped me. I fell down dead.It was tough being a mosquito.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: He had fallen in love. Not once, but twice. The first time it had taken an eternity to get back to normalcy. The second time around it was God’s revenge. This wasn’t allowed. It wasn’t accepted. This was different. And different wasn’t always good. He had defied nature. He had fallen for a man. Again.

From @flirtingshadows: The stage was set and the characters were in place. Everything had happened on cue. She only had to pull the strings and all would go according to plan. But somehow she just didn’t care. Her heart wasn’t in it. The idea of taking revenge had been more enticing than the actual act of it.

From @PWNeha: She often wondered about revenge. So far she’d refrained. But it wasn’t easy anymore. Those memories, those toxic memories… made her blood boil. Perhaps revenge would bring comfort.  Perhaps revenge might bring back her ability to trust. Better than running away from anyone who loved her. Or perhaps she was asking for too much.

From @mizarcle: She sat there making the perfect plan. She would wait until he got back from work. She looked at her bruises, he would pay for them. She smiled that evil smile.  He will have no place to run or hide, her hickeys will be avenged.

From @swordfish19: In the fish town, “manning” was a popular recreation. It involved sitting on the bank of a river or lake putting a long rope in the water, with an eatable attached to its end and waiting. Eventually a man would bite and he’d be pulled up, struggling.  He would then be fried or taken home.

From @TheScotchGirl:

James was abandoned when he was 6 years. He knew pretty well who his father was.

When he was younger, his father was an errand boy. Now he was this big shot business man. James was now head of the Administrable Offices for licenses. He saw the Fernandez application on his table. He smiled.

From @Whiteness:

“Thank you.”
“Oh, please don’t say that, I feel like a whore!”
He got up from the bed. She lit her cigarette thinking about her husband.
“Are you feeling sorry about it?” he asked.
 “I don’t believe in monogamy anymore” she replied, exhaling smoke.
"Why didn't you let me kiss on your lips?" he questions.

From @RBtrary: "His trembling hand slid into the bag and pulled the box out. From one-hand-to-other, the box was soon with the guy at the other corner of the room. The class-bully’s lunch-box was successfully hidden. He cried through the recess and the others enjoyed the Malpua after school. Revenge tasted ‘sweet’, and was served ‘cold’ too…"

From @JaaTeri: Blood dripped from the tip of the knife. He went for another strike, cutting the wound deeper. He seemed so pleased at seeing blood oozing out of the body, he didn’t care if it was dead already. He cut the body into pieces. Today, his revenge was complete. The dog that bit him was dead.

From @SpinandSwirl:

Hurt? She was used to it. Every dog has its day. There would be backlash. Ties broken. Names slandered. Public displays of defection. It reached a point where she almost expected it.
This one, was different. This one went deep. It commanded a unique requital. Silence, it would be. After all, indifference always trumps hate.

From @roshd: They were the local thugs turned politicians lording it over everyone else. Kishan was waiting on their table. They were drunk and abusing him for being an 'outsider' and a bhaiyya. But he got his revenge. He peed in the next round of beer. And served it with a smile.

From @Greyllusionist: You used to refuse sex on those trivial tiffs we had initially. And those mighty mute treatments which probably felt like mutinies in love. You won, I lost. I won, you refused. Yet, they were magnetic. There was a hysteresis in the hysteria. But, why the sleeping pills? It was my turn…

From @alienatedWind: With the knife she made another scratch. Avenge was all she could think of. Blood started to appear. It seemed she had finally got rid of the pain. It seemed revenge had been taken. But then darkness appeared. Realization was made. Those cuts and wounds were on her own flesh, and never ever on his.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Theme 137 - Sex

From @TheScotchGirl: Could it just be her or was she suddenly just needed some TLC. She didn’t have a boyfriend, was not dating.  Men in her office - MEH! She dialled her chuddy buddy; she could always be open with him. He listened and asked her what he always wanted to. “Night cap at my place tonight?”

From @QuratZafar: I’ve tried but lust never quenches thirst. Whenever I attempted to lose myself in another woman, whenever I burrowed my face in her hair, it was your scent that snaked to my heart and caused a physical pain. What do I do, Anita? Each part of my body clamors for you.

From @Greyllusionist: It was the first time we met, I was there for a job interview. "Come inside.", you said when I knocked at the door. We both knew there couldn't be anyone better, as I gave just the right response you were looking for, every time, as you questioned with your each move, on the table.

From @JaaTeri:

We were into a discussion on designing a questionnaire.

"In the profiling section, we should replace 'Gender' with 'Sex' and provide options as 'Had' and 'Never Had', I joked.

"Sorry, I didn't get that. Speak louder," said the smart girl.

"Sex. HAD or NEVER HAD," I repeated.

"Oh. Had. Had," she blurted out.

From @PeaceOVent:

She was sexual. Kinks interested her. She had read the Kama-Sutra, fascinated and repulsed in the right places.

'Bondage. What would that be like?'
'S&M, I could try that.'

'Having a threesome would be so exciting.'

Truth was she couldn't trust anyone enough to touch her like that. Pop goes the cherry. Well, not yet.

From @filmyPurna: On paper,she was a scorpion,the starsign which was supposed to be best in bed.Practically,she was 23 and had zilch experience.Her mom thought she was hot.A prude,marriage would unravel many secrets,would it live upto the hype,or would it be marital rape.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Theme 136 - Change

From @TheScotchGirl: She could not believe her mother wasn’t going to think about her! Dad had passed away, what just 2 years now & she’s already engaged WTF! How could she do this to me or Dad!  She had no choice; she had to accept this slimy Mr Mehra as her step-father. She felt unsafe & exposed.

From @The_HappyNoodle: That space under your feet is now ominous. I can’t remember what you moved like. Some say like a storm, and some say death. But I remember the bends in your brain, your stillness, and your absence. And the way you wrapped yourself in sheets like a cocoon, waiting for change. Are you still waiting?

From @swordfish19: We went fishing once. At one point, I slipped on the river bank and my clothes got soiled. Having no change of clothes, we decided to head back immediately. On the way, we had tea at a roadside stall. After taking our change we realized that we had a flat. We had a spare though.

From @tanyachopra08: “What would it take for me to truly be bold with my dreams?” she thought to herself.  She was 24 and it was the most difficult phase of her life yet. She was fancy, single, and footloose. Beautiful. Still her inner world was a contrast. Unrequited love, wonderment, emptiness! All she needed was... A Change!

From @flirtingshadows: “To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” An old friend, whom she longer was in touch with, had shared this with her. But it was a litmus test for her. To gauge the state of her mind. Her mantra for life.

From @roshd:

I looked at him on the hospital bed looking sick.
"Relax man it's only a bad case of food poisoning"
"Just hope so. The pain is unbearable"
Incorrigible hypochondriac, I thought. "You worry too much.Time to change.Let go"
That night he was operated for an ulcer. He is OK. Maybe I've gotta change.

From @dasCapital:

“Look in the box there.”


“The dashboard, then.”


“There isn’t any in the wallet?”

“No, baba.”

“Sorry Bhaiya , aage badho. Change nahi hai.”

“Behen ke *****, Teri maa ki *****, Behen****. 5 min se khada kar rakha hai. Nuksaan kara diya bho***ke.”

The light turned green.

Change , as they say.

From @NumbYaar: Rajiv had 2 minutes to his interview. He had been hoping to get the job for a while. And finally when he was close to achieving what he so badly wanted, he was running from pillar to post. He hated his helplessness. If only autowallahs carried change.

From @PeaceOVent:

The cool breeze enticed her. Marine Drive was home. She had come there to end the internal struggle.

It was time for a life makeover. New job, new haircut. If she was lucky, new love.

From @absoluteme: People come to me with aspirations and confusions, hopes and reservations. I get to know them as they stand bare whispering prayers and curses to forces unknown. I give them refuge and audience, and change-the one thing they all seem to want. I, on the contrary, think it's over-rated. I am an 8x10 fitting room.