Sunday, April 29, 2012

Theme 61 - Gossip

From @Abhiandnow:

“I finally killed her.”


“I heard that she was eyeing my boyfriend.”

“Did she?”

“Yes, I heard few of her friends gossiping.”

“What a bitch.”

“I never liked her. I don’t even like her friends as well.”

“Hey, even I was her friend.”

“Why do you think I called you to this deserted place?”

From @gauravjagwani: The word spread. Everyone in the village gathered for the spectacle. But, it didn’t happen. The following day, the same process was seen. The word spread. The people gathered. Once again, it didn’t happen. There was this rumour that something known as the telephone was to be launched. When it did launch, everyone was engaged.

From @Realfartshady: 

Kevin "chatterbox" Greer struggled in cuffs. "Let me go, please! I swear to god I didn’t say anything to anyone!"

"Plead it to the sharks, good man!” said his kidnappers muscling him off the hunch.

Chatterbox submerged.

As the cold water clogged his lungs, he started to qualm his parent's choice of pet name.

From @teejavus: 

Whispers. She smiles. Points at Meera. "That's what she said."

She had done this before. She twisted the truth into rumour. Even before the rumour mills began churning; she had narrowed down to her next victim.

The social experiment she began, was just a ruse. This was her way to appease the gossip-monger in her.

From @roshd: Rumour has it that I’m gonna take you away from him. Your family and friends hate me. Expect him to cry, grovel and emotionally blackmail you. Things will get rough. Be strong. Remain focused. Think of how I make you feel.  Remember gossip about me is generally unfounded. And I don’t wanna hurt you. Goodbye.

From @wekneweachother: Meera was a widow and yet she wore red sari, red lipstick and a big round red bindi everyday since Ravi died. She didn’t care about the widow protocols. But there were gossips of her affairs. She just sang songs on her way to grocery shops every alternate evening. Red was Ravi’s favourite colour.

From @aaliznat:

Pssst... Whisper whisper whisper...
Ahem ahem...Whisper whisper... *giggle*
Clip clop clip clop....Scrape scrape
Whisper whisper whisper.... Cough cough... Sputter... Thump thump...

Tap tap tap tap
Clink clink... Chomp clink chomp chomp clink.
Whisper whisper
scrape scrape.. Clip clop clip clop clip clop.... *giggle* *muah muah*

Clip clop clip clop... Fades away.

From @rodinsmodel:

Lips apart, breasts heaving, she made her way down the rough steps. Hennaed hands holding the sequined, red ghagra off the floor, she ran.

You could see the excitement in her shining eyes, hear it in her tinkling payals. Time was of an essence, she had to reach Aarti.

Madhu was probably still kissing Abhay.

From @writingchalk:

“How long have you had this condition?”

“A year… maybe more.”

“It says here you’ve killed about 12 people. Is that true?”


“Yes or no?”

More silence.

“Why did you do it? Look son…”

“I DON’T KNOW! I haven’t done any of this!”

“Everyone says you did…”


From @TheHeadONed:

She ignored the hushed whispers, the slanted glances, the pointed gestures, as she made her way through the crowd.The damage was done, the consequences left behind for her to suffer.

Found guilty of molestation! Caught indulging in inappropriate behaviour with innocent, fresh young’uns. In public! She cursed them for succumbing to temptation.
“Bloody Mangoes!”

From @madrasmad:

 “Do you see that guy there? He waits in his balcony every evening at this time.”

“Really! Maybe he’s just smoking.”

“No, no, no, no, no. He doesn’t smoke, I think.”

“Who’s that woman waving to him?”

“Probably a girlfriend, I’m sure.”

“Wait! I think she looks like... Hmm.. not her.”

“Like who?”

From @miffalicious:

They sat around the table, three generations of women.

"Did you hear...?"

"Yes, yes, I did."

Collectively, they sighed, tutted, shook their heads.

My mother came out of the room, crying, a tiny suitcase in hand. They watched her leave with small smiles on their faces.

That was the last time I ever saw her.

From @harichakyar:

Ria: How long?

Ansy: Thisss long.

Ria: And thick?

Ansy: The middle of a Cornetto cone.

Ria: Whoa, so did you…

Ansy: What do you think?

Ria: Chicken.

Anna: Shut up bitch, we did!

Ria: All the way?

Anna: Umm…

Ria: Strapon or battery?

From @swordfish19: “So, how’s your love life nowadays? Seeing anyone?” asked Keith. He was dressed in a black suit. “No man, it’s hit rock bottom…after I broke up with Jane…” replied Mike. He too was wearing a black suit. “Friends, We are gathered here today to pay our last tributes to…” the priest had started speaking....
From @anjana_murali: She stares dreamily at Prof. Anuj throughout the lecture. During the break we five gather in a circle for our daily gossip session. “Look, he is cute, but married, that too to an ex student!!” a girl announces. "Wish I was born some years back ", she mutters and we all giggle. Teenage years..

From @randomwhiz: She walked, and a hundred pens spurned a thousand tales. She talked and everyone was kept guessing. Her new cleavage revealing outfit was the first page of tabloids. She kissed a man, and there were fireworks. She was everyone's open dirty secret. She was Silk. Living Gossip.
From @Sneak_Speak:

Glasses clinked.

“To us.”

“Yes, to us. “

“We’ve been through so much this year.”

“Boy, I’ll say! What with the divorce…”

“The abortion…”

“The affair, the threesome…”

“The drugs, the drinking problem…”

The Ropers looked over at Janet, Chrissy and Jack through the window and smiled.

“We’ve heard it all!”

From @Sychlops:

"I bumped into her at the food court. He was also there."

"They're just good friends."

"No.They like each other !"

"No they don't."

"They couldn't get their hands off each other. I bet they're having sex."

"But I hear she's dating someone else"

"What? Who's the loser?"


 Then a long awkward silence followed.

From @SarwarBaig: 

Hey, man, what's up? Did you see how sexy Aarti's looking in her new haircut?

Seriously?! She's sleeping with Vinay? How do you know? It would be nice if you told me.

Hey, man, how's everything? You heard about Aarti and Vinay? They're sleeping together. I saw them groping in the elevator. Don't tell nobody.

From @BongBuffoon: It was 8.30am and suddenly they were everywhere, an explosion of colour and cacophony. Women of all shapes and sizes dressed in loose, ill-fitting nighties congregate at bus stops, fences and balconies. This was gossip hour, when the air was filled with conspiratorial tones, shocked expressions and grating giggles. And it had a dress code.

From @sausagetangdi: She saw a woman with a flashy handbag in her usual 09:09 local. She told her fellow passengers about how the silver tinsels were hurting her eyes. She told her colleagues. She told her neighbor. She told her husband. She told her teenage daughter. The next morning she stood beside a pair of shiny slippers.

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“She lives alone. Isn’t that weird?”

“She comes home late. Maybe she brings people with her.”

“I don’t let my girls talk to her.”

“That day I saw her drunk.”

The housewives were talking about the corpse lying in apartment #346, from which life had left two days ago and no one still knew.

From @anushreekejriwa: She couldn't contain in her stomach and loved talking. People called her a gossip-monger as she knew the secrets of everyone. She took it in her stride and decided to make it her profession. Gossip was her medicine, cure to all problems. Today she is the most sought after page3 reporter.

From @meetdeek: They were not just friends. Nor a couple. Extremely happy and incredibly close. They were clandestinely afraid of being separated after college but distinctly nonchalant on the outside. Rumors were something he loathed. One evening while chugging beer, he kissed her on the cheek and whispered “Let's give those fuckers a reason to gossip”

From @ChhotaRecharge: She desired him; her friends knew it. He lusted her; his friends knew it. Everyone in college knew there's something fishy, but no one played cupid. Neither had the courage to confess their true feelings to the other. A possible love story, lost amidst teenage gossip!

From @michramiah: She walked through the school corridors, handcuffed. The hushed voices and stares made her tingle. For the first time in her life, they knew her name. She was the main topic of all gossip. It was worth confessing. She didn't know who really killed the teacher, but she didn't care. It was her moment.

From @jaaachudail: Heads joined in discussion. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. Murmur. That’s all the surrounding was filled with. Hence the saying: Gossip is to women what fodder is to cows.

From @swaravali: The store was crowded that day. All the ladies were pretending  to shop. Romour had it that THE Rekha would be coming to Gossip Sarees to choose her kanjivarams. After three hours,  the woman folk finally  gave up and got into their Mercedes and Volkswagens not before creating interesting reasons for Rekha ditching them.

From@laalfirangi: They enter the canteen, everyone steals a glance. Everyone knows that something's different about them. They share plates, wipe the gravy off the nose, exchange a secret kiss. And they walk out bobbing their head in unison. "Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche harr zubaan par, sabko malum hai aur sabko khabar ho gayi..."

From @dhavalsmehta:

"Is that true??" he asked

"no" she replied,

"don't lie,heard people were talking about you" he said.

"yes,they were talking about me only because.."pause for a minute.."because??" he asked..*angrily*

"because we have been locked the physics lab whole night where actually nothing happened,its all rumors" she broke silence finally.

From @salonitia: They were just gossip partners ,they  met over coffee ,indulged in some harmless jokes and laughter. One thing let to another ,till they themselves became the talk of town.
What had they done ?They had just fallen in love with each other, so what if they were both still high school girls !!!

From @UrbanChick_:
'So, did you know that Tanya dumped Rahul yesterday?..'

It was their date.

But, that didn't stop her.

'Why do girls gossip so much?' he wondered.

After coming back to his dorm, he woke up his roommate. Pretending to not notice his irritation, he went on 'The girl I went out with had ugly teeth..

From @Spankiet: He used to keep a journal; each volume, a prized possession.  When the class bully called him FAG, he wrote it.  When his first love wasn’t returned, he wrote it. When the scars on his wrist stung, he painfully wrote that too. Today he's traded in his pens for the whir of the printing press. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Theme 60 - Silver

From @TheOtherBanana: The silvery shafts of moonlight threw into sharp relief the unmade, unoccupied bed. She was awake, waiting for him to come home. In what state he would be in today, she knew not. Dinner was on the table, just as untouched.  She waited up for him because he’d sworn he’d come back home to her. 

From @salonikap: She glanced around the store, fascinated by the guns and ammunition. The shopkeeper looked at her skeptically and asked how he could help her. "One gun and silver bullets please" she said as she remembered his bright eyes and snarling mouth. "What are you hunting? A werewolf?" he laughed. "No someone much worse... My ex-husband".

From @aatifsumar:

"The entire school swim team should be ashamed of themselves"

"But Sir, we tried really hard and gave it our best"

“Bullshit. It’s all about WINNING. Either you’re first place or it just doesn't matter. I was once in National Track Meet, and the winner was THE Usain Bolt”

“What place were you, Sir?”


From @salonitia: He came back to her, she knew it was not gonna last forever, so she made the most of it. They made love the entire day, hungrily exploring each other’s bodies. When satisfied, he left. She looked at the silver vase next to her bed with roses, time for another cleaning and fresh flowers!!!

From @bhytu:

"You require a gold ring with a ruby to cure yourself of all the troubles."

"I do not have that much money."

"Only gold ring will do."

"I cannot afford."

"Silver ring?"




"Get lost. You have no troubles. You have to afford them first."

From @laalfirangi: Will you put up with all my tantrums? Will you be my baby and my slut? Will laugh at all my jokes no matter how bad? Will you blow me every-day? Will you be the item for my every tharki song? Will you *pauses* marry me? *goes on one knee and shows a silver ring*

From @NakedWetHungry:

"Mom, why does the moon wax and wane?"

"Why do you ask questions?"

"Mumma...!!" :(

"Because little girls like you around the world are dearest to the moon and it keeps decorating their barbie crown with its silver lining."

"Why isn't my crown decorated yet?"

"Because you still haven't finished your milk."

In one go.

From @aaroo4:

"Every cloud has a sliver lining" Jed answered excitedly.

"Jed, it's Silver not Sliver.. Now say the phrase again please" said the teacher.

“Sure ma'am, every cloud has a sliver lining" he beamed.

"Jjjjeeeeddddd... I said Silver... Say it right... Silver" she howled.

"Sliver". Jed chimed

"I give up... No marsk for you" she yelled.
From @teejavus:

Howls. Birds scatter. Blood runs cold. They spot the predator. The marksman takes the shot. The predator, about to attack, falls. They finally killed it with silver bullet.

He lies there, holding his breath; completely still.  He attacks them when they look away from him. Death by silver was only a myth their kind fabricated.

From @Realfartshady:

Greez the robot had punched a hole in the front entrance whilst polishing the human ethic of knocking.

"Enough, next time use the ringer." Dr. Murphy, Irish scientist, yelled through the hole.

Calmly, greez saw a silver button on the right and bashed it, making a hole in the wall.

From @gauravjagwani: Very few survived the lava from the volcano. The little boy was one of them. He was at the gaming arcade when it happened. He walked out unhurt. He started putting the gaming coins around the gathering of ash. On asked why he did that, he replied, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’ Innocence prevailed.

From @roshd: Sean had nicknamed the one-legged blind beggar, who begged outside the church with a parrot, Long John Silver -after the famous pirate from the classic Treasure Island. His fertile imagination would run wild imagining how he may have lost his foot and sight. Then one day Sean saw him in the ticket queue at BigCinema.

From @Ladycardiidae: “Do you know anything about silver dreams?” She said. “Do you mean dreams full of love and happiness?” he asked. “No, It’s about dreams which come true,” she said. “Umm, No. It’s been a while,” he said. They were deeply in love when they jumped off the cliff. Sliver Dreams come true. Don’t they?

From @UnendingQuest: Obsessed with Silver jewelry; She was addicted to Shop Lifting for Fun. She lifted an Anklet from Antique Shop. It was cursed, cursed of Loneliness. She spent rest of her life in the shades of darkness. Her silver oxidized to dark black just like her life deteriorated from the color of youth to old grey.

From @writingchalk: The lungs gave way. I couldn't feel my knees. A river of sweat ran down my back. My bones were making all sorts of noises. Just a little more to go, I said.

All that effort was for nought. Standing on the podium, I absent-mindedly scratched my medal, hoping it would turn to gold someday.

From @Oxymoronic_Me: People sure have peculiar turn-on’s. So had he. The minute he looked at her, he knew he had to have her. It would not be easy to seduce her. But he was a player. He looked at her, wondering how to approach her. 55 year old women with silver streaked hair turned him on. Big-time.

From @woohoochild: She could not forget that face. Her childhood had been scarred beyond repair. Though she tried, she could not erase those whispers, that touch. Sometimes, she'd cry herself to sleep in the dark room. Nightmares of his bony fingers and the silver grey hair had made her afraid of falling asleep.

From @gautamrulez: They were roaming under the sky with a silver lining. They argued & fought under the sky with a silver lining. She cried under the sky with a silver lining. He comforted under the sky with a silver lining. They fell in love all over again under the sky without any silver lining. Sun Smiled!

From @anjana_murali: Michelle’s legs quivered as she saw Price Ryan approaching. He held her face between his hands and was just about to kiss her when she heard a loud din. She looked down to see the dusty silverware on the ground and a rag cloth in her hand. Sigh, she had been daydreaming yet again.

From @Crucifire:
Wolves howled at a distance as she mixed her chemicals in the huge cauldron preparing for the ominous night. She cast her spells with passion and precision as the paste in the cauldron got thicker and darker.

“Time to ship this, enslave the humans and spread my evil”

Hypermarket shopping rack:  Sona Chandi Chyawanprash. 

From @miffalicious:

They hugged tightly, and she breathed in his scent, a heady mix of skin and soap. He, one of the chosen few, was leaving on his mission.

Two weeks later she received two packages in the mail.

In one, a simple band of silver, asking for her hand in marriage.

In another, his death certificate.

From @madrasmad: The German stood next to me on the podium, barely looking at her 4th Gold medal, relief written all over her face, and proudly listening to her National Anthem. The girl from Suriname was euphoric. Crying, laughing, waving, shaking her head in disbelief, clutching her Bronze. A glittering curse hung from my neck.
From @quratzafar:
The decipal claimed money meant nothing. The Guru smiled.

"Go, give this pouch of silver coins to that man: he lost it yesterday."

The decipal returned with questions.

"The man wasn't happy!"

"And he won't survive it..." The Guru replied grimly.

After three days, the man died: the loss had been too much for him.

From @ghaatidancer: In the sweltering afternoon heat, he served them chai in small tumblers. Sitting on stools outside the shop, he learnt how they did business. Today, he's known as Maalik. He deals in pure silver jewellery. You could almost miss his tiny shop in Colaba, but it's his world.

From @inaniya: The sea waves had their own way of seduction, she noticed. They will come up to her feet, touch her silver anklet, tease her and fumble back to the unseen depth. She laughed in the moonlight. He used to be the same. The one who gave her the silver she wears with pride. She lost him to sea.
From @mydirtylinen: 

They moved to the bedroom, fumbling with the buttons on each others' shirts.

In the midst of their lustful fervour, she smiled.

"You're exotic. Exquisite."

She ran her hands through her hair and looked at her fingers wistfully.

"You've streaked them with silver. They'll never be the same."

From @donbratman: Everyone bullied him. He was a nerd. He sat alone on a bench and didn't notice the new girl sitting by his side. "People make fun of both of us. Why can’t we be friends?” she said. Every cloud has a silver lining, he thought. That was how he met his wife!
From @meetdeek: He wondered how the silver pendant came to be with him. It was hers. She hated gold. And the idea of dowry. In fact it was his gift. Silver looked great on her. That reminded him of awesome bike rides, million-dollar laughter, kisses in the moonlight and the fact that she was gone. Fuck.
From @SugarsNSpice: It was the same coffee shop that we first met. Years have passed transforming this city. I was nervous to see him after years fearing his first glance even now. I thought how wrinkles had taken away the youth. “You are still beautiful, even with silver hair”, said the smiling him. Sparks of love blushed.
From @_Nehu: It was their silver anniversary, 25 years of togetherness was celebrated in 5 stars, Anju was showing her Rado watch with 25 diamonds studded as gift. Everything looks perfect, business family, Rich and royalty on flip side Anju and Ravi had no children, Ravi was gay, married just for sake of society. “Perfect Couple” Huh
From @Gods_Evangelos:

“Are you coming with me Mithu?” I asked.

Where? She asked me a bit baffled, as she put up her shining nightie.

“Are you in or not just tell me that?” I asked as we hugged tight.

Okay, if you say so honey and she leaned.

Let’s remove all the silver linings from the clouds.

From @akshayabansal: Embers burned from a once raging fire. The balmy air lashed against our naked bodies. Her fragrant locks mesmerized me as the silver sand stuck to our glistening sweaty skin. Under the starry sky we tossed and turned; laughed and teased. In the lap of nature, we felt a spark ignite. Our souls connected.

From @BongBuffoon: He saw her after ages and she looked the same. The mind said ignore her, but the heart has a mind of its own. His parched eyes drank in the scene. The sharp nose, the infectious smile, the sensuous neck. And gold on the finger and silver in the hair. He went home. To loneliness.

From @randomWhiz: It was a day before the race."I can't wait to see who wears me!" the gold medal said. "Me too!", said the bronze, "He will be happy that he won something at least!" The Silver sighed and said, "My wearer will feel jealous of both your wearers and hate me." A silver tear rolled down.

From @RodinsModel: His footsteps echoed on the cold stone floor. His breathing was even, his steps measured. He could hear their footsteps in the next room. A slight smile on his face, he pushed the door open. The metal bolt in his chest was unexpected. He fell to the floor, the bloody tip glinting in the moonlight.
From @tweettabulous: He adorns me, enhances my beauty and brings good luck. I am incomplete without his presence. I wake up looking at him lovingly and sleep after I kiss him goodnight.  Handed over to me after being my grandma’s love and now, has stolen my heart.

My most valued possession, my precious… my silver ring.

From @sarwarbaig: When he woke up this morning, his arthritic joints kept him wincing for forty five minutes. His enlarged prostate makes the simple act of taking a leak a humiliating experience. On the silver screen though, he's a cyborg who can take on an entire foreign army singlehandedly and drive a supermodel wild with animal passion.

From @minolajekar:
Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Ghosts, demons can be injured by silver sharp objects.

Werewolves can be killed only by a silver bullet thru their heart.  Damn, better keep looking for my lost silver anklets, never know when I would need them to bribe someone, or hunt the supernatural or need money.
From @crazyandhow: Adjusting the black rimmed spectacles on his wrinkled nose; he analysed the peculiar trend on the charts hanging in his old office.

Despised; short gains, impatience, corporate show.

He invested in 130million ounces of Silver at 18yrs low-prices. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathway was to become the richest man in the world a decade later.
From @kaloladeep: The notorious person of class, from being absurd to few mates, teachers and finally ending with some of the fights which should not be done, becomes simple, quiet and gentle during the examination days, not because of pressure that led by, but a requirement of helping hand to cross him the boundary of passing marks.
From @swaravali: They had silver taps in the house.  Almost everything metallic was silver including the cutlery.  The building kids came around collecting money for a visually impaired school and all they got was  25/-.  Appalled, I left, shut the main door, very discretely  unscrewed the handle, latch and every piece of metal for the kids.
From @BoozeSexSundry:
'So either you're gay or there's no water in the men's room' she grinned as he closed the door behind him.

'Ravenous' he sneered. 'Ravishing' she corrected.

'Take it off.'

'Silver not good?'

'Tch' he shook his head.

She knew he was different. Supernatural. But she would go for a trust fall.

'Ravishing', he smiled.

From @Sychlops:

That guy. Something was just different.

It was difficult to point out. He came to college in an Audi.

Wore brand most others knew from movies. Visited places others couldn't afford. Ever.

The usual rich kid.

Something was still different.

On closer inspection, they found something in his mouth.

A spoon.

A silver one.

From @rumna: The competition was stiff. Both candidates were equally qualified.  Over drinks one evening, he casually let slip that it had been rumored she was a PETA member.  

Weeks later, after his acceptance speech, she congratulated the new COO of the haute couture furrier and asked, “Hope you received your 30 pieces of silver, Jude”.

From @drun007: 10 pm and the devil is back home. "Is something wrong? You are never home this early", the wife exclaimed. The devil drags her to their new-born baby's room and pulls out a silver string. "I found out that tying this around his waist will protect him from all evil" Mr. & Mrs. Devil smile.

From @anushreekejriwa: She was dark in complexion and would get taunted by her elders. Everyone would suggest her methods to get a fairer skin but no one tried honing her drawing skills. She was could give life to the paintings. Art was the silver innate in her which was not polished and eventually got tarnished.