Thursday, May 10, 2012

Theme 69 - Distance

From @TheOtherBanana: The phone pealed repeatedly, adding to the chaos in the house. Swearing under her breath, lest the kids heard it, she attended the call. Hello, the voice said, rough with sleep. Hello, she said, with bated breath. Silence. The world seem to dissolve around her as they found contentment in listening to each other breathe.

From @zaiuranjit: He wondered if he’d ever see home again. He didn’t regret leaving, he’d seen things that only a handful of others had seen. It was just that traveling through space left one lonely. He hadn’t seen another human apart from his team in years. Hurtling light years across the galaxy wasn’t the quiet life he’d wanted.

From @AWedStory: Taking a stroll through the memory lane led him to his memory palace. He looked in through the window and saw her, sitting there staring back at him with an eternal smile. Her memory from the distant past lingers and makes him sad, while physically she is only fifty five steps away on her deathbed.

From @MissBlurrii: He told her he'd soon be leaving. She smiled and wished him luck.

He told her, "Just a three hour flight and she smiled and answered, "we hardly meet when you are 3Kms away. So this should not be a problem now".

Distance may not always be  physical and such, are always hard to cross.

From @Saiyona: His work involved travel. In the last 30 days, they spent only 4 days together. She wasn’t happy but calling it a LDR would not do justice, he felt.

From @Violet_Droplet: They met, fell in love, got married & made babies. She brought him so much luck that his business boomed enormously. The speed at which his work grew left him with no time for the family. Her daughter asked, "Mummy, am I ever going to use maths in real life?". She smiled. Distance = Speed X Time.

From @abstractmadness: They were alone at last, the distance between them a matter of fingertips. She dared him to induce goosebumps. He breathed into her ear. Their fingers found each other. She gave him her soul.

From @LadyCardiidae: “Distance between lovers is a heartbreaker,” hummed Aisha. She wasn’t a saint. The moment she stepped out of the Bombay airport, she knew it was her foreverland. However, it took her three months to realize Zubair was cheating on her, three minutes to end that three-year old relationship and three seconds to get over it. 
From @Oxymoronic_Me: The little boy looked at the four circle logo of the Audi. It was parked a little distance away from where he stood with his mother. She was examining some silver bangles at a store when he pointed towards the logo and shouted, “Why don’t you buy those bangles mommy? They look better than these.”

From @My_Summer_Eyes: Her heart was pounding furiously. Her instincts screamed at her to back off but the decision had been made. The pain was too much to bear. She was standing right on the edge. Distance. One moment she was a living entity, a step later she let out her last breathing scream.

From @wickedJuliet: They thought they had two things to fight for their LDR to work. Time passed; distance stayed. Love got deeper but over the years took for granted, got distracted, in her words, didn’t “Talk-talk”. It needed them to be even more persistent and strong to fight this new enemy. Emotional Distance. But they will win!

From @aaroo4:

“Moommmmmmmmmmmy….” He screamed
“What is it, am right here, can’t you see?” she scowled
“See what i did, i called and you came running” he beamed
“Hmmm.. stop this now” she grimaced
“mommy, i missed you, that’s why i called, you were so far away in the kitchen” he whined
*Aww baby, i love you*

From @ScribblingOn: The desert Sun displayed it's fury; shining brightly, the hot winds being his accomplice. The blistered soles of her feet beginning to give away, she, although fatigued, continued her long strides, believing that an oasis would in sight, soon.  Waking up, startled, she knew the distance she had to walk under the burning Sun. Alone.

From @SaniaaSan: It’s like you’re right there, but not exactly right there. I can imagine myself floating towards you, but the journey takes courage. The thought of you waiting for me with surprises, brings butterflies to my stomach. (Pun intended!) It’s wonderfully comforting that you’ll quietly wait with bright lights until I come to you. Oh, Frigidaire. 

From @n0rwegianw00d: 

“Beta, Rajat is downstairs.”
“What?! Why?!”
A shrug.
“I hope it’s not your doing. I hate him.”
“Noted. Go meet him. It’s impolite to make someone wait.”
“Okay. But if you have anything to do with this, I’m leaving you too.”

Now to cover the distance between their hearts. One step at a time.

From @HighHeelsWaali: There was nothing to say. They had spent years together. Sharing the same cell. Using the same toilet. Eating the same food. Having the same nightmares. Jailed for being partners in a crime.
And one was getting out today. The other still had some miles left.

From @alienatedWind: She put down the phone and closed her eyes as a drop of tear made its way out. The doctors said, "We are sorry, he is no more.". But he still was there. Her father's warmth was still there. She still felt protected. The distance might have had increased, but the love could never cease.

From @Divya_Moorjani: We used to tweet occasionally, but nothing serious. I always seemed to be maintaining a strange distance with him; I know, we’re just friends, but every time he mentioned he had someone in his life, I used to sink a lil. Today, He confessed that someone is a BOT. He CRUSHES ON A B.O.T :-D

From @teejavus: 

Splash. She screams. She wakes up. Same nightmare haunts her. Drenched in her sweat, hyperventilating. 

She looks up towards the mirror. Distant land from her distant past appears. Being forced to travel beyond the looking glass.The queen banishing her to the land of mortals. Cursed forever to live, and see her loved ones die.

From @swordfish19: Teleportation transports you from one place to another without traversing the physical space in between. What good is that? One of the great things about travelling from one place to another is the journey.  Would Tenzing Norgay have preferred to be teleported to the top of Everest? I hope teleportation is never invented.

From @numbyaar: They met in college. Their paths crossed. Soon they were on the same path. Some way down the road, things however changed. His insensitivity, her ego surfaced. They then grew apart. Now it’s been 7 years and they’re indifferent to each other. They’re on parallel paths, equidistant at every point - never closer, never farther.

From @gauravjagwani: I saw the tunnel. I saw the light. There is some distance to get to where I want to be. I was always the happy guy. The guy that always got things right. For once, I wanted to take a risk. And then, I finally saw it. The tunnel at the end of the light.

From @arpithadesai: Tears sprung in her eyes as she gently held the medal to her breast and remembered the 1999 victory. She wondered if he missed the aroma of home cooked food. The stenches of dust, gunpowder and blood must be clogging his senses.

‘I’ll be home for your birthday, Ma’, he promised.

And she smiled warmly.

From @dasCapital_: IM said F**K OFF to e-mails. E-mails said so to speed posts. Speed posts to postcards. Postcards to messengers and messengers said this to pigeons. Pigeons could have said f**k off to smoke signals, but they didn’t. They were nice people, you see.

From @writingchalk: 

“Saturday is Roshan’s PTA meet. You must come with me.”    
“And haan, don’t forget, you have to buy mom a sari.”
“I also have to pay everyone’s salary on the 1st...”
“Gangubai hasn’t come in. Please take Roshan to school today.”

“Hmm? What dear?”

They sat at the same table, but seldom heard each other.

From @vagabondinact: The abyss of society they crossed, in love their fear lost. The  long miles of stares, raised eye-brows, wagging tongues and passing whispers, they traversed, holding hands.

Lusting only I was, he said and walked the distance back alone, whilst the lovelorn boy, aghast looked on, forever seeking.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: 

"I miss you baby. I wish you were here!"
"Don't worry, love! Two more weeks."
"See you then. Take care!"
Neha smiled at the thought of meeting him after so long.
5 minutes later.
"Hey Priya, free for dinner?"
"Only dinner?"
Neha still had the smile on her face.

From @zushk: Has it been just 3 months, I thought unbelievingly. Seeing her brought back none of the memories. Shouldn’t I be able to remember more? Why did it feel so.. far away? Even as I thought that, I smiled. What is time but the distance between 2 episodes of life, said my brain. I walked away.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Adnan proudly posted his half-marathon pictures on Facebook, and there were 55 comments. Adnan running a distance of 21 km was unexpected. People asked him when his philosophy - ‘Live to Eat’ had changed and how had he managed the weight loss. The word Liposuction was not mentioned even once by him in any comment.

From @miffalicious: 

It was always the same.

The late night traveling, the airports. The tiredness, the discomfort.

They asked him why he did it. Putting himself through constant motion, covering miles. They wondered if he had an incurable case of wanderlust.

The truth was, he’d lost the only home he had, and he had nowhere to stay.

From @Aawara_Mann: She called me-"I got a job, I'm moving to Pune." I venally replied- "awesome, I'm glad for you, go chase your dreams." Now our relationship turned into "Long-Distance Relationship". Same talks, Same care, Same questions, Same attention.,Only matter that changed was- Distance..

From @IndianIdle: Physically the distance was just of few inches. Always close to each other. But their thinking never matched. They were always miles away ,contradicting each other at every moment. Always battling to win over the other. The chaos created by them always put people in confusion. Mind and heart, funny creatures they are.

From @chinmaynaik07: They always had fun while with each other, were happiest together. Cared for each other, sought each other in times of darkness, need. At times missed each other badly. Overwhelmingly felt for each other often but suppressed it.They had it... the forever.And they lived right there, together, at a distance of three words.

From @JaaaChudail: Distance. Seems inessential for all relationships, yet is quintessential in most. Distance upsurges your love, whether copious or minuscule. Because then, success in anything is forever directly proportional to the amount of distance you have traveled towards achievement, or away from it.

From @CruciFire: 

*The last local to Vt has reached Thane*
*Next station is Vikhroli*
*Approaching Byculla*
*And the train reaches it's destination*

He was on track. And arriving.

From @philusophur: 

Her swift reflexes grasped the screwdriver at arms distance. The wolf of lust was feeding on her flesh with what seemed an unquinchable thirst. A blow on his neck and all his worldly craving ends.

Freedom, indeed, tastes like blood. Raping tip 37 : Never underestimate a womens sense of cruelty. Take
waxing for example.

From @binivijan: They knew it was over; long before it started. The happy couple would never be same again.The verdict was out, was unbelievable: she had a miscarriage and was incapable of conceiving again. They stared at each other blankly. The greatest distance is between two people present in the same room; who cannot express enough.

From @madrasmad: I don’t know her real name. Tanya was born last December, in the outskirts of Chennai. Nature has her own harsh and effective ways of teaching, and young Tanya had to learn quickly. In March, she set off to fly over 5,000 km to Siberia. They tell me she’ll be back this winter. I hope.

From @SugarsNSpice: A starry night it was. Celebrations for the blossoming friends. Smiles for two enemies. Then some conversations and stars shined. Love found way in silent hearts. Trespassed time and distance to overthrow barriers. It survived eternally. Telepathy spoke between them. Then life drifted fast , pure emotions cried. They found abode as one soul, embracing destiny.

From @crazyandhow: Her trembling heart waited for a familiar voice. Tensed palms clutched an unanswered phone tightly.

Hopeless love reassured her mind of the innocent promises made under the saffron skies; he held her hands;
touched her soul. Nothing will change. Nervous clouds engulfed the moonless night.

Ringing. A beautiful voice greeted; called-out,"Love, Nikita from India.”

From @aatifsumar: For some people, Distance is just 'Speed x Time'. For some it means swapping sweat with strangers for hours just to get to work. For some, it means sleeping in a rented room away from their loved ones. For some, it is a chance to start afresh and learn from past mistakes.

From @bitchwanti: She followed him in to the crowds of Bombay, to the Dilwaalon ki Delhi. She didn't stop in the Victorian arms of  Kolkata, nor in the lap of Pondicherry. No city was too far. While he married another woman, the map of her existence remained a glass boxed compass, pulling her to him.

From @sinpinklove: He quickly covered the distance between us and pinned me against the wall.My eyes tied with a silk tie and a similar one around my wrists.Slap! Slap! Slap! and began my journey of pain and pleasure.I felt guilty that I loved this humiliation but now it was too late to turn back.

From @vishalkswamy: Holding back the urge, he watched her walk away. She even took away his notebook filled with all the words he had written for her. She hadn't uttered a word save for an "excuse me" while clearing out her things. He said words were overrated. To his only question - why? teary eyed she replied "distance".

From @bhallakar: This was the last month of college. They had feelings for each other. Both knew he wouldn't stay in the city. None had the courage to confess for they were seeing their common friends breakup fearing long distance. A could be love story lost to examples of failing long distance relationships. We will never know.

From @mizarcle: I looked at the kilometres travelled on my bike and sniggered. Deep inside, I wondered if it was enough. I left my bike there and continued on foot. After that I took a bus and then a train. Finally, I was at the other corner. However, I couldn’t get enough distance from my guilty conscience.

From @minolajekar: 

Time is the space between two events and also time is a derivative of distance and speed.  So to conquer distance one needs to conquer time and the speed of travel?

But distance is quantitatively differently measured so speed can be rendered irrelevant.

Uff waiting for him to come home is the death of me.

From @SarwarBaig: 

"Hello , Rita. You open the door to your bedroom and see this grotesque zombie eating your pet kitty's legs. Show us how you'd react to that."

Rita stepped to the middle of the floor. Her contorted face trembled violently and she let out a scream that woke an old lady half a mile away.

From @arushi92: She looked around helplessly in search of her partner. In the dense jungles of Uttarakhand, Sita, the only female of the remaining tigers, was oblivious of the fact that he had been shifted to a zoo. Weeks of loneliness passed by. Her food decreased steadily. She ultimately succumbed to the depression. Distance forced upon her destroyed the forests.

From @rumna: A trivial disagreement about something neither remembered. But the talks had ceased. Their once frequent meals together became rare, filled with uncomfortable silence. One night she tweeted about her sick dog. Minutes later he was at her doorstep. Over long hours spent nursing the dog, they closed the distance their words had once created.

From @michramiah: She closes her eyes and listens to his voice, absorbing every word he says. He calls her name, enchanting her. She touches her cheek, which aches slightly from her incessant smile. One day soon, he'll be sitting next to her. But right now, thousands of miles and the ocean between them won't diminish her love.

From @rati07: We used to sleep in the same room. She used to slip into my blanket in the middle of the night for a story or because she was scared. I was her best friend, her secret-keeper, her guide, her everything. Until she met him.I don't think I did anything wrong in killing him.

From @blah_oholic: Between the milkywhite moonlight and my window, roar of the rain cloud and my heart, smell of the wet earth and my senses, sound of the wild and my madness; between the rhythm of our verse and my soul; as much is what separates you and me.

From @dhavalmehtas: 

"Well couldn't blame anyone,its me only the reason to let her go..
her eyes,hair...specially when she kept it tied with pin,lips...awesome....Souvenir"
"Can Hold it till death"
"its been 2 years now since I shifted to Shanghai..she told once this long distance relationship wouldn't work baccha" He accepted

From @tweettabulous: Living in different cities and coping up with the perils of a long distance relationship, was driving Pallavi crazy.  She needed Rahul to be closer. After months of contemplation she decided to call it off, she picked up the phone to call him and the doorbell rang.

“I’m home, Love”, he said.

From @BoozeSexSundry:

With every longing thought I shun, I increase the distance between us; By trying to get used to missing you.

And with every letter you send, Hope questions me if it isn't love already; Because it never is just enough.

But with 291.2 kms apart, it feels like we're drifting detached, 291.2 memories away per second.

From @UrbanChick_:

She kept staring at her phone while all her friends wished her Happy Birthday.

It sure didnt feel like her birthday without him by her side.

Just then her phone flashed.

It was from him.

'Babe I'm kinda busy. Dont call. Ttyl'.

So he didnt even remember.

'Distance' she sighed.

From @thebongbabe: Their passion flared. Awakened every sense within her - driving her senseless. She had finally found the closeness she craved for. It’s what kept her going on night’s she came home from his love-making. And curled up on one side of the bed. As far as she could get from her husband who slept unaware.

From @anushreekejriwa: She was a beautiful girl and loved admiring herself in the mirror. Everyone would try and woo her. He couldn't understand his destructive obsession towards her. He spilled acid on her face in a fit of rage. Her best friend, mirror, became her worst enemy. The distance between them would never be covered.

From @_Nehu: Long distance never works…! His words.. One day he fell in love with Rita from India on chat. Yes she was the one he was waiting for. They spend night and day chatting, mailing. He was in US.Love is above boundaries. He came to meet Rita (Fake profile created by his friend) - Prank.

From @ghaatidancer: 

He met her at a trade fair, far from home. They clicked, instantly.
She was 21, he, 35. He knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.
She said, "Not yet."
He wrote her letters everyday, for a year.
One day, a small piece of paper arrived.

From @AnOddYellow: She was always lost, never knowing which one to pick. Her mind and her heart never agreed on any matter. Her mind always practical and heart passionate, she was always confused. She waited for the day they would both say the same thing, but she could never bridge the gap between the two.

From @mydirtylinen: 

"I'm on my way". She pressed 'send'.

Nearing her destination, she felt heat gravitate to the space between her legs.

It had been a while since she'd met Sana. Images of their last night together flooded her mind. She blushed.
"Lokhandwala", she told the rickshaw driver and jumped in.

Who said planned sex wasn't fun?

From @textuallyhorny: There were few people who bonded over stories. Sometimes, writing own in camouflages. Sometimes imaginations ran wild. Cried, laughed most importantly waited with excitement. They- didn’t even know names but, were close.She- slept beside him, yet there wasn’t any wait, laughter or excitement. Distance! Probably, they should have matched their stories than horoscopes…

From @floydianbrahman:

"Challenge Accepted".
"But.. You'd be 2000 miles away. God knows when I'll see you again."
"We'd do it the old-fashioned way, with Indian Post for pigeons."
"You'd write to me? We have cellphones!!"
"Where's the romantic in you?"
"Pfft. You watch too many movies!"
"For you! Err.. we are taxiing. I know your address. Love y..

From @AbhiandNow: 

“Keep the possession guys,” coach shouted.

“Coach can I?”

“No, it’s an important match.”

“But it’s the last match of the season, and I haven’t played at all,” 12 years old Mahmood said, while slowly picking up the mud and rubbing it on his clothes, before his football loving brother came to pick him up.

From @Sneak_Speak: He told them it was over. They wept. He felt their pain. But he knew it was time to move on. They needed some distance. They needed to find their own way. Without him. And he? Well, he just wanted to get back to his old friends. He hadn’t touched them in a while.

From @xmanishaa: As he walked into the distance, her glares kept chasing him. She didn’t stop him, he didn’t stay. All she wanted was just a simple goodbye. A simple bye wouldn’t have been difficult, right? He walked tearfully, she didn’t stop him, he didn’t stay. He didn’t say bye, because some things are better left unsaid.

From @Sychlops: 

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" : He pinged
Cheshta is offline.
"Buzz me when you come online! :) :*"

919 kms away, she was invisible on Gtalk.
She kept replying to this classmate of hers.
The cute one. The one who played the guitar. The one who was interesting.
She ignored the text messages.
The Geographical distance had begun to show.

From @randomWhiz: She loved to read and write. But couldn't write regularly. Then came along the 55er. She improved daily. On the last day of it, she was too busy. She got home just before the deadline, but the net was dead. Almost as if sensing her desperation to overcome this distance, it breathed back to life.

From @kolkatabulldog: "Get up my rockstar" was the text that woke her up as usual. But the smile it always brought on her face faded as soon as she caught a glimpse of her boss. He was elder, well established and handsome.The distance between the only two capitals India ever established seemed enough excuse.

From @Freelosopher: He unscrewed the cap of his fountain pen and started writing. He'd barely written two words before he felt an invisible wall forming between his mind and his hand. His brain froze before the ink dried up on the paper. He shook his head, switched on the laptop, typed out the letter and sent it.

From @vivekisms:

"We will meet again. Won't we?" he asked.

"Yes. We will.", she answered.

"When?", he asked.

"When we build a strong bridge.", she replied, smiled, and walked away.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Theme 67 - Fight

From @Marwaari: News channels were flashing "5 killed in school shootout"

"What prompted you to do this?" The police officer asked the boy.

His bloodshot eyes stared at him blankly. He remained silent for a few minutes. Then he spoke, " I am happy for what I've done. They won't bully me hereafter." He laughed hysterically.

From @TheBigBhookad: Let me pull you up, hold my finger, let’s try to walk again. Stand up; you’re fine, get back on the field! Wake up; you’re going to be late for your board exams. Cheer up; she’s not worth it, you know that. Rise up, don’t get a new job. Start something new now. Let’s fight.

From @TheOtherBanana: The last bell finished ringing in her head as she took stock of her situation. Cornered, she had no weapons, except for a really sharp nail file. He would be at least fifty kilos heavier, she mused. As he took a step toward her, her survival instincts kicked in. It was fight or flight now.

From @NumbYaar: He was a born fighter, but he found himself helpless then. He would always give his best shot, only to fall prey again. On that fateful day, he decided to give it his everything. He picked himself up, dusted himself off and finally quit. Today it’s been 2 years since he overcame his cigarette addiction. 

From @writingchalk: “Commit suicide!” As he walked towards the edge of the cliff, that line kept repeating like a stuck record. Vultures circled overhead. His stomach was paining, severely. As he was tipped over, his stomach exploded... “Woah!” he exclaimed.

These nightmares kept attacking him. He couldn’t stop them. Someone had planted suicidal tendencies in his subconscious...

From @Ladycardiidae: If only she would let me go. If only. "I can't put up a brave face every day," he thought. “ERIC, “she yelled. “Yes, coming honey,” he said as he flushed his addiction down. Reeking of it, he ran down the stairs, tumbled and fell. “I won’t have to fight no more.” His last words.

From @teejavus: Punched. Knocked out. He lost again. He used to win. Everyone told him to quit. Losing one match after the other. No one knew why he kept returning.

He had lost so much more to life. The ring was his solace, he felt at home. Those fifteen minutes inside the ring, everyone acknowledged his existence.

From @AWedStory: Two years, that's how long they had been married. They were still so much in love, but there was something she always missed. One day she finally decided that enough was enough, and started plotting. The plan worked and they finally had their first fight. It wasn't the fight she missed, but the makeup sex.

From @dasCapital_: He was killed. He was killed because he talked and thus did not follow Rule no 1 and Rule no 2.

From @LadyClonidine: They’d been standing in the same location for 2 episodes, talking to themselves with exaggerated expressions. No actual fighting had commenced.

Finally, he readied himself with the sphere of energy, usurping Ki from all around him like King Kai had taught him.

The energy traveled slowly, magnifying, hitting Kid Buu as he crumbled into pieces. 

From @zushk: She lowered her camera and gasped. Ten feet away the lioness stared at her, a dead bird carcass in her mouth. As terror seeped in, a random thought flashed in her mind - she was experiencing something from her psychology textbook! The ‘Fight or Flight’ syndrome in humans. She decided, turned, and ran for it.

From @zaiuranjit: A blinding light shone from above. Frantic voices surrounded him. Someone was making a count. He could taste blood in his mouth. His face hurt like hell, as did his the rest of his body. A familiar voice was shouting out his name, telling him he needed to fight, to win. Suddenly, silence. “He’s gone.”

From @JhanviDhawan:

At 9:00 am.

Me: “Mom…. M O..o..o..o..O M”.


Me: “uhh…ermm.. uuhh… Mom.. Just wanted to say that I am leaving for office… Bye :/ ”

From @gauravjagwani: We went through bottles of alcohol, a couple of friendly fights, but I woke up with those words in my head. Words of that cheesy song. I fought the pain and walked into the bathroom to wash my face. I yanked the post-it that was stuck on my forehead. And, the words weren’t there anymore.

From @MrNarci: Childhood fights were fun. Shaheen would hit Zeenat with pillows, slap her across the face till Zeenat would cry and come scratching back at her. They never stopped until Mother pulled them apart; bodies red. As grown-ups though, they maintained silence. They missed each other’s voices, but they’d rather die than talk. It hurt more.

From @Saiyona: He was in Delhi. She was in Mumbai. This long distance was taking a toll on their relationship. One day, while they were in the middle of a heated conversation, the line went blank. Her ego got a kick when he hung up. Same was for him. Stupid Vodafone connectivity!

From @IndianIdle: They were from two different religions. They came to this busy street in the helm of afternoon to do make everyone available cool drinking water. Nobody noticed them. Until one day they started to fight. Everyone gathered, shouted, swore and laughed.  Someone who knew them saw the irony of the situation and said,”Satyamev jayte”.

From @madrasmad: 

“What a bright idea to fight, son!”

“I just couldn’t stand her plight, dad. They had her tight in that alley with slight light.”

“And you were her knight that night?”

“I hardly know her, dad. And I don’t fear might. I just know that what I did was right.”

From @chinmaynaik07: They felt lost in lives. They wanted to be more than their individual selves, something to bind them, hold them together through the roughs. They chose the alluring idea of worshipping together an infinity, Gods, even chose liberty of choice. Things were best. But feeble were their minds. And now in His name they fight.

From @crazyandhow: 

Quietness; broke with the shattering glass.

“That’s all you care. You have do more for this relationship.” Aarvi sobbed.

Assertive; Rajat held her tightly in his arms and planted a kiss on
her forehead.

“I will make us work. Promise sweetheart.”

An indifferent silence poisoned his last marriage.

Life’s different today.

They fight; they love.

From @sinpinklove: We fight for everything; who will clean the room, who will pick the mail and who will open the door; who will get the bigger piece of cake, who will sit by the window in the car and who will use the new pink toothbrush.But we both know that we have each other-Sisters !

From @vishalshriyan: Everyday he stood on the edge of the doorway. The train pulled in, and he barely glanced at the faceless people speeding by. Just saw an empty spot and jumped. Rushed home like a madman to meet the deadline for his story. Some might think him crazy. But to him it was worth the fight.

From @shantusharma: "She came down on him and pulled him with all her might. This woke him up and he tried to climb again. But she was successful to claim her place. Now, it was boy's turn to pull her and get his seat back. The twins were fighting for the best place on their mother's lap."

From @anjana_murali: The minute they step inside the studio, they transform into perfect divas, shaking hands and giving air kisses. But their assistants who had witnessed the same two women trying to kill each other just minutes before were not surprised. After all, catfights are a way to gain stardom; they had heard their bosses say.

From @oxymoronic_me: She fought love as always. Love was not something you gave yourself to. It cut your soul. It made you forget who you really are. All it did was give you pain. Make you its slave. She deleted his number. Cut-off with all contacts. Left the city.

Lust would rule her life better. Fight over.

From @anushreekejriwa: She suffered from a mental disorder and had no control over it. She suspected that someone was trying to harm her; the mind was playing games and she was constantly fighting to defeat the invisible. Mind was the residence of devil while heart was of faith. The fight still continues while she loses herself.

From @bhallakar: 

He: yaar, we are always fighting.!
She: that is good nooo? If i am fighting that means i love you and this relationship.
He: but, all for silly reasons. Why?
She: chill, relax

Two weeks later;
She: we are always fighting yaar, i cant do this, i am tired of it.
He: huhh?
She: goodbye

From @kanwarse: We were best friends.  Had grown up together, shared dirty magazines, had fell for the same girls, lied & taken blows for each other.

Now, he was in front of me, bloodied and weak.  Yes, I was going to kill him. His people had done worse to my family. He was a Hindu.

The partition changed everything.

From @_Nehu: He was fighting for freedom. He had conquered the cruel people by non-violence. We call him Bapu father of our nation, Gandhi.That was taught to little Baburao who lived in village. He wanted to see India with bapu’s eye. Today he is fighting against corruption on behalf of us. We call him Anna Hazare. 

From @whimsytales: He never really liked her taste in music. But he was glad that she had one. He'd listened to her songs to know her a little better -the lyrics that touched her, the melodies that she hummed, hoping that maybe some day, he'll figure her out. She was happy knowing that he tried.

From @Crucifire: You don't understand my feelings. You don't get it when I am down or sad. I have to look after you, our kids, parents and work.

All I want is some peace and quiet. Is that too much to ask for?”

“Fine, you want 3 cubes of sugar, take it."

From @tweettabulous: In a red polka dotted bikini and armbands, Tia wasn’t yet ready for her first swimming lesson. She held on to daddy’s hand, nervous. He gently shoved her in.Her darkest fears were coming true, as she fought to stay afloat.

“That’s how we all learn, darling.”, he said, by the three feet deep end.

From @binivijan: 

“Not before the right time”, she said.

“But I am eager to meet him”, I insisted in vain.

I followed my sister to see the guy she was secretly dating. It was Joy, love of my life.

It dawned hard on me that our innocent childhood fights were better than the chaos surrounding us today.

From @rumna: I reached home first, walked the dog, changed, picked up a book, read the same lines over and over. I heard him come in, and pretended to be on the phone. The house filled with sounds of the tv, the fridge door opening, a bottle being uncorked. Our first fight. Who’d make the first move?

From @amanjotksandhu: The hugs were tighter, the kisses more passionate. They were lost in each other’s eyes. Nothing else in the world seemed to matter to them. They had just made up after a fight.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 8.01 am. The fast local to Churchgate was packed. A push here and a shove there was leading to arguments and fights. This was the kind of opportunity Suleman looked for. Picking pockets in such a scenario was pretty easy. He did not know that CCTVs had been installed last night on the Western Line.

From Prema: The fight was on, for a tiny piece of bread. Half of it pulled to one side, and the other half to the opposite. Suddenly, the ants ran helter-skelter.

Human legs thumped across.

The ants were back, munching away even as they pulled.

From @randomwhiz: They were brothers. They fought over love. One ended up killing another. Sacrificing one relationship for another. For betterment. For evolution. Their names were Kane and Abel. And the rest is religion.

From @realfartshady: 

“Thank you, appreciate your love fellas!”

“Get off the fucking stage!”

“What? You wanna go right here?

“That’s right scum! Fight me funny guy!”

They fought whole night. The comic won.

“Go ahead make a joke.” said the harasser.

 “I don’t wanna mess my punchline.”  comic ignored..

From @minolajekar: 

Jostle for space in the local train.

Argue with the cabbie for the short ride.

Shove in the elevator.

Bargaining with the fleecing vendors.

Calm the kids down.

Pacify the neighbor over the parking.

Make peace with the partner about yesterday’s tussle.

Sleep, wake-up, repeat.

When  did everyday urban life turn into such a fight?

From @BoozeSexSundry:

I start cold blue flames which ruin your leather jacket.

You, rage filled red flames which shred my shorts.

I look down to evaluate the damage.

Bloody knees. Blistering feet. Scorching heat. Your heart-crushing glare.

I hear sirens at a bay.

A fire which won’t satiate any other way;

Until the end of two worlds.

From @vivekisms: It had been three years. Anxious three years. Quite nice to begin with, and then the downfall geared its ugly head in the form of abuses and dominance. A bruise here. A torn shirt there. A plate broken and an anniversary forgotten. They called it off over a beer. It was hot alright.

From @bitchwanti: The traces of the kiss stared at her, on the shirt she had gifted him this on their first date. "How could you do this to me!" She screamed,fighting,tearing at him. "This was the mark of your kiss.I never washed that shirt. Happy anniversary",he said,drained with her heated words.

From @SarwarBaig: 

Rangbaaz Raju wheeled on the heels of his boots and landed a skull-cracking blow on the back of his aggressor's head. His henchman rushed in with switchblades to avenge their fallen boss and were dealt blows that broke ribs and knocked out teeth. Exploding cars leapt up into the sky and thunder rolled.

"Cut !"

From @violinraindrops: Heaven? Is this hell? Where am I? Maybe, nowhere yet. ‘There’s still time for that’ his mind spoke. Hues of yellow, orange and a hint of red filled the canvas. "Beautiful" was his response to the touch of black clouds that now beautified the painting. The flames reached his flesh. “Finally” the battle was over.

From @dhavalmehtas: There have been number of fights between both of them,but that evening was not an ordinary when she said you son of bitch,illiterate small town fellow.he lost his control,with his trembling hand he picked up acid bottle from shop near by.. thrown at her...killed his love and life both.

From @namansaraiya: I stood with the rum for company, on this lonely night. There was a strange sort of camaraderie. We were both intoxicants, of different kinds. One striving to make you miserable, the other divine. This had to be done, one way or the other. All of it was due tonight. Else, there'd be no fight.

From @AlreenaPinto: 

Make a trip to Paris. Check.Attend a concert. Check. 

Sitting on her bed in the hospital, amidst the smell of disinfectant and medicine, she was ticking things off her list. 

“Two months. You have two,” said the man in the white coat. 

And now life was a fight. A fight to live, to conquer.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Theme 66 - Taste

From @zaiuranjit: He smiled in his sleep, a wonderful scent tickling his brain slowly awake. He thought it was strange that drops were falling onto his lips while he lay in bed, until he licked his lips. His smile grew wider, but he kept his eyes closed. She knew this vampire loved the taste of her blood.

From @gauravjagwani: T'was his first night at the orphanage. Seeing his face buried in a pillow while others played outside bothered her. She sat besides him, described the beautiful night sky. The boy started crying. 'Please wake me up when the sun is out. I get a taste of night all the time as I am blind.'

From @grouchyindian: She was never satisfied with the Six inches,  always craving for the Eight-Nine inches. Size mattered to her more than the TASTE, but then again, She was BIG so was her Appetite.  Being her man I had to fullfil it. Me : Hello Dominoz !!!  #PIZZA .

From @ShoesNSnooze: She got up with a searing pain in her head, and a bad taste in her mouth. Worried, she rewinded on the events the night before. She was at her friend's place with lots of unknown faces, bottles of Old Monk and thumping music. Suddenly she found the source of the taste: She had cooked.

From @Oxymoronic_Me: Meena stood looking at her field. She loved the aroma of wet soil and the feel of fresh air on her face. It was harvest time. Taking a deep breath she bent low to cut the sugarcane. Instead, she picked a handful of soil and gulped it down. The fertilizers killed her the next day.

From @ladyclonidine: With their sky-high heels they walked into the high end store, bitch mode on.Babe 1 rolled her eyes at everything, “Animal print again! So last season”, Babe 2 obediently nodded in agreement. They poked fun at people in the trial-room, “You saw that chick? That print!! My eyes!!!” 
They left empty handed, like always.

From @realfartshady: 

I had a dinner date at her place.

I was hungry and she told me to go ahead with anything in the fridge for the meanwhile.

What I found in her fridge was astounding.

It was packed with yogurt, cheese spread and cartons of milk!

"Archie, the hell is this?" I howled.

"MOOOOOOO..." She said.

From @Itemboi: Just after the new year's midnight kiss, she asks,"I know we have a great chemistry, we look cute together, we dance well, we both like each other... but tell me the biggest reason why we should get together?" He smiles, holds her by her waist and says, "Baby, we have same taste in music."

From @swordfish19: The King lay unconscious. His ministers stood around him. The physician was checking his pulse. His food was spread out on the table. He had taken just one spoonful of the curry and had fallen to the floor. The official food-taster stood, frightened, but secretly relieved. He was late that day, and the King ravenous.

From @dasCapital_: " I was drawn to the bright red apples at the grocery. The shopkeeper claimed that they were imported from New Zealand. Each had a sticker on them to vouch for their quality. I casually took one of them and looked closely and the sticker shouted at me, "OK. TASTED."

From @madrasmad: He wanted to TASTE death. He tried hard. He took to ALCOHOL to see if it would do the MAGIC, and people started GOSSIPING about him. Out of frustration and BOREDOM, he slashed his neck with a SILVER knife, and GRAVITY brought him down. The IRONY is, he was SEDUCED by his BLOODY quest.

From @tunnvi: Her tongue couldn’t quite place the taste. Summer coral sweet. The quick kiss of her lover perhaps, but no. A shy dryness and the scent of honeysuckle, a faraway memory spinning is what she felt. He grabbed her by the hand and ran into the summer twilight. Feeling the sand between their toes, they kissed.

From @chinmaynaik07: He felt sad. It felt like falling down an abyss of despair. He hadn't slept or eaten anything for days. The appetite seemed lost, for food, for sleep, for life. Yet an overwhelming desire took him over, to go back to the alternate reality that was his home, only through the taste of her kiss.

From @teejavus: Slurrp. First sip. Aftertaste was heavenly. I didn't expect this. I knew I was hooked. I always liked trying new tea. This tea was surely a world apart. It had a funny name, maybe too funny. It is confused about its root; green or black. I got addicted at first sip to this Oolong tea.

From @AnOddYellow: The thought of her on his lips drove him mad. The aroma was intoxicating. He gingerly placed both his hands on her waist to steady himself. The heat emanating was warning enough. The concoction was brilliant and he couldn’t resist the beautiful cup of Swiss hot chocolate, he sipped it and nearly burnt his tongue.

From @SarwarBaig: Each night he prowled the lonely highways , looking for his next prey , much like a serpent tasting the air with its darting forked tongue. He'd gladly offer rides to hitchhikers. By the time the newspapers came to call him The Highway Butcher , he'd already strangled and mutilated thirteen people. They never caught him.

From @wekneweachother: German woman. Indian girl. They met at a railway station in Varanasi. She’d come to visit the Ghaats. Girl had just bought two hot jalebi’s from a food vendor. Seeing the woman’s pale face, the girl offered her a jalebi. “How does it taste?” She smiled, “Like hope.” Some encounters give you hope, you know.

From @miffalicious: We heard her humming quietly to herself as she methodically assembled her ingredients.

This was her daily ritual, and no one was allowed to disturb her. It was like she was remembering our grandfather, who’d taught her the recipes.

And yet never once did she sample her feasts. It was her offering for his love.

From @kunalbaidmehta: It seemed like a case of murder for robbery, but the autopsy report revealed poison in his blood. The police found no evidence of poison in the house. They didn't check the wall plaster that was coming off. His brother knew he loved the taste of chalk from childhood and hadn't given up as yet.

From @GleeBee_: A gusty wind blew. She watched the waves, rising higher and higher as they crashed against the bedrock. A thunderous sound cut through the dense air. It rained. The smell of damp earth rendered her tingly. She could almost taste the liquid sunshine. Overwhelmed with emotion, she felt aware of her being. She felt alive.

From @anjana_murali: 

“How is it?” she asks her husband excitedly.
“It is delicious” he replies.
She goes to answer a call. He empties the dish in the waste basket.
She comes back and exclaims, "You finished it so fast??"
"Yes, I couldn't resist".
"Wait, you should have more then."
“Sure”, he says thinking God save me!!

From @AmanjotKSandhu:She decided she won’t go down without a fight. He attempted to force her to submit quietly. She landed a heavy punch on his face. Taken by surprise, he slapped her hard. She kicked him in the groin. He fell. As she ran away, she tasted blood in her mouth. The taste of victory!

From @crazyandhow: Tempting; slurped staring at the forbidden fruit. *maybe its yum*

Watery; his tongue dripped saliva and curiousity knew no bounds. *The coast is clear*; his sly eye had moved around the room.

Leaning forward; he happily grabbed and swallowed. Smile. 2 yr old Aaquib felt weird and panicked at tasting his shiny coin.

From @whimsytales: He never really liked her taste in music. But he was glad that she had one. He'd listened to her songs to know her a little better -the lyrics that touched her, the melodies that she hummed, hoping that maybe some day, he'll figure her out. She was happy knowing that he tried.

From @shekhartripathi: I ran towards the exit of the Lucknow Airport; boarded a cab and reached home within minutes. It was 3PM and I wasn’t too hungry but my olfactory senses could smell awesome food cooked by Grandma. A small piece of roti dipped in paneer. It felt like Heaven!! Surely Grandma knows sorcery!!!

From @violinraindrops: Mariam hated being a part of the elite. Married to an affluent businessman for money and not love, her story was common in the society. But today was going to be the end. Walking towards the exit—“I’ll be back” she said. With one last glance at her old life, she was already savouring freedom.

From @_Nehu: Against his parents wish Rajiv left home to find his own career. They wanted him to become a doctor or engineer like normal kids do. Today they are proud of him, he is worlds number one... His job was to seduce the taste bud of the people. Yes He is a chef. He tasted Success.

From @dhavalmehtas: "she started new life..which she always wanted to live-in but couldn't make it.jogging,gym,swimming,yoga,playing guitar and ofcourse writing blogs,reading novels which was her Passion before getting into his life,life has no more complications short she enjoyed her brief taste of INDEPENDENCE after getting dumped by him."

From @bitchwanti: She sat there, pretty against the window of the grimy bus. At the streets she stared, a trance of human movements. Tongue slowly circled the lips, as though tasting the city.The saline of a tear on her mouth brought her to the present. She had lost so much to this city, she realised, as the bus left it behind.

From @cruminous: I watch as it arrives. The sight of it, piping hot, burning a hole through years of quiet preserve. That specific aroma weaving its way into my memory, daring it. I lift my fork and remember dinners, conversations, you.  As I finally eat, I find that the dish is now cold. And the taste, bitter.

From @vivekisms: The vodka red-bull kiss. The history of kisses, you said, in a jocular manner, leaving me breathless. And we danced. Do you remember? And you kissed me again. On the dance floor. This time whiskey on the rocks. We made out in the car. Hungrily. This time it was Altoids. You were cautious. I wasn’t. 

From @roshd: Raj was worried. His son Rishi was 22, brilliant but showed no interest in girls. A chip off the old block except for this. So when he saw him with Vijaya, lost in her smouldering eyes and so obviously in love, he smiled. The cub had tasted blood, he would be alright. 

From @tweettabulous: Steve was known for his handsome looks. His deep set black eyes always spoke of an untold mystery. Every woman lusted for him. That compelling smile made them, his slaves and ready to die for him. He loathed his captivating self ... But the taste of blood had driven him into cannibalism.

From @swaravali: She followed the recipe accurately, yet it just wasn’t the same.  Is that possible?  She had taken down every detail, watched it being made not once, twice but several times!!!  And yet something tasted different.  Then it dawned, there is one ingredient that would always be missing, the love her mom garnished it with.

From @randomWhiz: Weight loss was important, right, healthy. Exercise was fun, and made me strong. But my love for baking stems from my love for chocolate laden goodies, that brocolli can't quite match. So, as I sit here devouring the donut, I know there are more laps to run tomorrow. But, I know it'll be worth it. 

From @HighHeelsWaali: There was no difference between the two. The parts were the same - rump, rib, breast, thigh, shank. And the colour was similar, a pretty light pink. He didn’t think it was a crime, and he had his ways around it. He asked her to come home for a wine tasting, and sharpened the knives.

From @drun007: He had forgotten the taste of whiskey. He quit 16 years back to save his marriage.  It was well worth it. Gaurav reminisced the good times. Anita by his side, kids well settled, adorable grand kids, memories galore. First peg after so long. His throat burned. The taste was different. Life was sweet, sugar sweet.

From @rumna: He silently noted the deep color. Swirled the rich wine around in the glass, sniffed in the heady bouquet, tilted the glass took a sip, savored the wine before slowly swallowing it. Finally he smiled.
Everyone sighed in relief; another vintage wine was ready for the market, to be sold at $42,000 per bottle. 

From @writingchalk: They turned their backs to each other and walked away. It was one step at a time, very deliberate. The tea cups were delicately balanced. Suddenly, they turned around, faced each other and took a sip from their respective cups. The husband’s face contorted violently. The wife smiled, “Kyun ji, chai mein shakkar kam thi?”

From @anushreekejriwa: He's  a loving father blessed with lovely daughters. Life had been unfair to him professionally; they suffered as a result. The little angel loved mangoes but he couldn't afford them. She would quietly see others relishing. Times changed, she gets mangoes but when she offers dad, he says "I have lost taste for mangoes".

From @tanyachopra08: Naina was all set. She was smiling all day thinking about the beautiful evening that was going to follow. She was painting her nails. Glamour Pink,his favourite colour. Her cell beeped. Sorry can't make it, it read. She continued to apply the nail colour for it wasn't the first time she had tasted loneliness.

From @vishalshriyan: Yesterday he'd eaten whatever his mother fed him. Never again. The odd two legged animal who had chased him lay nearby. He had only lashed out instinctively. Now something drew him to tear open the animal's body. He tasted the red fluid that flowed out. And felt a visceral pleasure rising within. He wanted more.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Theme 65 - Irony

From @swordfish19: Ironies abound. An eraser is manufactured to clean up after a pencil. The eraser owes its life to the pencil. However, from the moment it’s born, slow and certain erosion starts which eventually culminates into non-existence.  That which is the cause of life also results in the taking away of life. Ironies abound. Look around.

From @roshd: Boy meets girl and falls in love. Thoughts of her drive him crazy. He would do anything for her, even marry her. He proposes. She demurs. She’s not sure of his commitment. She has been hurt before. And actually both want the same thing. If it’s meant to be, love will find it’s own way.

From @gauravjagwani: He kept falling prey to that bottle of wine. He had it in him to beat it. However, he never did last more than three weeks sober. His problem wasn’t serious for rehab. But, he was no lightweight either. He stayed a whole month sober. To celebrate his new high, he poured himself a glass.

From @n0rwegianw00d: 

Incessant rains had lashed the city since morning. But Rameshwar was a happy man. He had worked hard to ensure that the drainage system was in top condition. This year, there will be no complaints. With a big smile, he left for office.

His phone rang. “Rameshwar, where are you?”

“Sir, my society is flooded.”

From @IndianIdle: He was geek from his childhood. He fancied superheros and their suits. Always wanted to be like them and shine in the glitz and glamor. He grew up to achieve his dream, and got that nearly too. Now he also built the suit. And Ironed them in his shop. His friends called him 'Irony Man'. 

From @dasCapital_: 

The nuclear bomb destroyed  Loki’s army alright, but he landed on another planet. Paralysed neck down and thinking of a way out, some kids came near him and inspected him. 

“Let’s make him into a toy. Looks irony enough.”

“Irony!! Bah.”  So thought Iron Man and started waiting for Hulk to come and rescue him.

From @teejavus: She could never trust anyone, life has always been unfair. He seemed nice but she could never understand why. She whispered her fears into in his ears. Faced him, "Is it clear ?", she asked . "As clear as mud", he said. She was blind from birth. She tugged at him. He kissed her. She smiled; blissfully. 

From @madhavisud: We all know Life isn't fair, but did we know it is full of irony? I always wanted to work in the Finance Domain. Finally, when the opportunity knocked my glass cabin door, I had long lost interest, due to my own confusions, and accepted it reluctantly. I can deal with unfair!! What about irony??

From @chinmaynaik07: 

She had wanted him to love her. Madly.
Now he does.
However, it is too late.
She is hurt and has retreated to her old world. She only wants to be with her friend in him right now.
But his love has only grown.
And now they can’t be, because he loves her too much.

From @anjana_murali: He had lost it all finally, the splendour, the wealth, the princedom when his elder brother had returned from the dead. The irony was that the girl he had loved but not married because of his greediness and her commoner status had been his brother’s saviour- now the princess as his lawfully wedded wife.

From @bitchwanti: Everyday she laughs when she types "angel" in her email id. Her innocent face once gave her nick name. "Bitchwanti",she keys in on the user name slot of twitter. That's when the irony hits her.

From @Crucifire: 

Power goes off.

“I WILL SAVE YOU!”, a caped crusader breaks in through the window.
“I am IRONYman”
“IRON MAN? In MY home?”
“No no IRONYman. Lady, my cape got creased while coming in, could you please iron it?”


From @Realfartshady: 

"Did you see that new deal on tv yesterday?"

"Yep, I did."

"Says we can get internet for 20$ a month!"

"Ain't it sweet."

"So, should we get it?"

"Hell, alright. How?"

"They say 'order online'."

"What’s ‘online’?"

"Fuck if I know!"

From @sarwarbaig: "We armed them and funded their war because we wanted them to thwart our enemy's attempts to gain a foothold in the region. We cheered them on. They grew to hate us for other reasons and hit us unexpectedly and catastrophically. Now we've been bombing them for eleven years to bring them freedom."

From @writingchalk: After years of battling with cancer, she was at peace. Relatives poured in grieving, offering condolences. Her 5-year old daughter was blank. She took the picture of a crab to her father, “Daddy, if this made mommy sick I want to beat it up.” In the midst of this gloom, everyone managed a little smile.

From Ruby: Finally the moment had arrived. He kissed on her forehead while she was taken to labor room.  After all it was a much awaited moment after 10 years for them. Shelley had planned loads of things for her unborn. Even the name was decided. Apparently the doctors could not save her. Irony of fate.

From @madrasmad: He was born to open. Politics and jealousy kept him out of district, state and national cricket teams, but he was one of the best openers that critics knew. He later worked as a bartender for a few years, but kept forgetting to close those bottles. Today, Unlockeshwar Reddy works as a toll-gate operator.

From @_Nehu: Famous social worker, his job was to save girl child. He wanted world with no dowry, no sati, no rape… He worked for women empowerment. Every night he sits beside her daughter(Photo) and proudly tells success story with tears.Irony of his life 10years back his daughter was burnt to death for dowry.

From @HighHeelsWaali: Her son had done nothing wrong. She was so sure of it. There had to be a mistake. Her blood could not be a rapist and a murderer. The girl must be to blame. That shameless tart.
She conveniently forgot that the girl was of her blood too. 

From @akshayabansal: His dearest friend had a deep scar on his face. Fate, their families separated during the air raids. Often, he wondered about his friend. Now, 30 years later, a man stood before him. Same scar, different name. His unmistakable smile was the giveaway. How ironic! For I was to send him away again.. 'Life imprisonment!' 

From @mydirtylinen: I could stare into your eyes forever, but the heat between your legs beckons. I could lazily run my tongue down your thigh but I must taste you now. I could whisper sweet nothings in your ear, but I love having you moan for me. I could do this all night, but I ache for you.

From @miffalicious: They called him the brave warrior, the fearless leader of a ruthless tribe. Strapping lad with his broad shoulders, huge, rippling muscles and furrowed eyebrows. Yet, he had a strange habit of avoiding the sunshine, to the curiosity of his tribespeople. What they didn't know was, he was afraid of his own shadow, you see. 

From @hilonee: Each year she worked harder than the previous believing she would make it. But her belief proved wrong for 3 consecutive years. She decided it was now or never. She rehearsed day in and day out. Non-stop. Her hard work earned her the coveted seat. The mental and physical stress earned her dysphonia. Ah! The irony!

From @vishalshriyan: His brow was furrowed with the absolute concentration only a child could have. He ran his finger along the doctor's report which finally identified that thing he suffered from. He had thought what ailed a seven year old would have a simple name. Ironically it was the hardest word he had ever read. Dyslexia.

From @ghaatidancer: They'd vowed never to make promises. They'd discussed polygamy. They'd gone on 'breaks' to 'figure things out'. They'd both had dirty little secrets. They'd sworn never to speak of commitment. They lived together, separate, yet as one. They were the only ones who really lasted.

From @rumna: We yearned for the land of milk and honey. We wanted it all, generous salaries, a Mercedes parked in front of the town house, a summer home in Maine, wild parties with exotic food, rich wines. We have it all now, yet pine for love, warmth, family, friends who matter, a wish to belong again.

From @aaroo4: “ADULTERY”-  Yippee.. Oh wait,  i get only  9 measely points. Cmon, pick up the missing tiles already, i am going to play my turn.. watch out. “MARRIAGE” – Gosh, i wonder how many points that is… 1..3..6.. 9..10, dang only 10 points. Oooh, my turn already? Nice… Here it comes…
“IRONY”  ha-ha.. How about that!. Ouch!

From @randomWhiz: 

'We guard you for your safety.'
'There is a big bad world out there.'
'The people out there want to do bad things to you.'

Just when she was pondering about all the above, her uncle slipped in and locked the door from within. Her prison of safety doesn't guard against the inmates, apparently.

From @melittlepixie: After a heated argument, Adrian was slapped by his step-father. On an impulse, Adrian spat on him, kicked him in the groin and walked away. When he returned home, his mother was hysterical. ‘Adrian! How could you spit on him, you son-of-a-bitch?’, she screamed. Adrian smiled. His mother never saw the irony of calling him that. 

From @dhavalmehtas: Although he had had great opportunity in b'lore choose Bombay...he pays visit to her home,almost every weekends ...he had something to tell her..but failed everytime. "Thank-you" she said... "For what??" he asked "Your support..and you suppose to be Congratulate me first" she said. he didn't understand.."I am engaged....." she said.

From @sausagetangdi: Sleep with them to control your sexual desires, bathe with them to attain Bhramacharya. Don't talk to them to refrain emotional attatchement and you shall reach a stage of self actualization,the most important in psychology. He told his followers, fellow human beings bound to cheat. Ironically, the father of a developed nation,to be. 

From @Oxymoronic_Me: Satisfied, the man looked around him. The house looked beautiful now. He remembered how decrepit it had been a month back. He had scraped it, filled the cracks, smoothened it and colored it brown. He turned to the owner and returned the house keys. It was time to go home. Back to his thatched hut. 

From @Sychlops: 

It was epic.
Just the prospect of it.
A superhero who didn't like being called superhero.
A super-villain who used to be a super hero.
Marvel vs DC.
Iron Man vs Magneto.
They'd stick together for ever.
Cancelling each other out.
They had Superpowers.
But the Laws of Magnetism still applied.

From @philusophur:

The irony was the same fullmoon and the same enraged feeling called love. Only this time, backed-up with fanaticism.

' I love you, the same way, I always have...Deep, Pure and Mad. and if you can't be mine, I won't let you be anyone else's. '

The butcher had his advantage.

' Maybe next-time. '

From @anushreekejriwa: He was a successful man in terms of work and money. The world was at his feet. He married the girl whom he dearly loved and was blessed with a beautiful daughter. He didn't have time for the angel, when he retired he was in a quandary; ironically then his daughter didn't have time.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Growing up in a middle class family with limited means had made Michal stingy. This nature of his caused a lot of stress in his marriage to a girl who liked to live the good life. Michal has changed now and he indulges and pampers himself often. Ironically, this change happened after May left him.

From @vivekisms: It was supposed to last. The forevers had to be achieved. It was promised after all. So they should have stuck to it? Love is forever. Love is eternal. Love is meant to be. They outgrew love.