Friday, March 30, 2012

Theme 35 - Dysfunctional/Dysfunctionality

From @mitigatedlying: Her life was dedicated to him. She went wherever he went. She was his shadow. It wasn't embarrassing. She was used to people giving them looks. They read each others thoughts. Her love for him was above everything else. He was on a wheelchair. Their love was anything but dysfunctional.

From @gauravjagwani: He had a gig early that evening. They were all in splits. A girl approached him after asking him out for dinner. He obliged. They skipped dinner. Went straight for dessert. His place. She was in a different kind of 'splits' now. Ready. The stand-up comedian couldn’t get it to stand up. Erectile Dysfunction personified.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: Hand-in-hand they sat there, staring into each other’s eyes. The love so evident, so perfect that it hurt. Their voices so soothing, their touch healing. This is what the world called ‘dysfunctional’? Just because they were women? Only if they knew, only if they could see, they’d understand how whole, how complete this was.

From @theotherbanana: He moved. She stayed. She flowed, he delayed. It was as though the entire sequence was choreographed; but none so much as the argument that derailed their entire relationship. Because even when at odds with each other, they were perfectly in sync. Poetry in motion, the cliché said. Dysfunctional seemed to apply to them better.

From @IndianIdle: She was nervous, not scared, walking alone in Gurgaon at 10 pm. He came from behind, tried to touch her and got a powerful karate kick right in the groin. A few days after in metro an eunuch came near her and said, “Aye beti 10 Ruupya de”. The face looked very familiar to her.

From @Kantaap:The house smelled of alcohol. Soon, the yelling would begin, followed by something breaking. Then the tears would flow, as freely as the alcohol had earlier. She looked at her brother, the child prodigy, immersed in his books. None of it even fazed her. Down’s syndrome can be as dysfunctional as intellect or marital discord.

From @sahilbulla: He hated being in this building. With the absurd sounds, the weird people and the white walls constantly staring back at him. “I am sane” he yelled.
He was not insane, at least that’s what he thought. He struggled in his straightjacket and thought "In a dysfunctional world, normal men are considered dysfunctional". He laughed.

From @TropicalAnda: They were supposed to meet and finally bring an end to the war. A guy named “Chris Nolan” approached him with an idea of building a machine for his movie ‘The Prestige’, further deteriorating the prospect of a patch-up between the two. ‘War of Currents’ was nothing but a dysfunctional relationship between Tesla and Edison.

From @vivekisms: Ever since he could remember, Rajat had had this imaginary audience in his head. They would follow him around and watch him like he was a movie star. He would talk to them knowing they weren’t there. He wasn’t the only fifteen-year old who did this. It was their culture.

From @TheFookFace: He sat with excruciating pain and his eyes kept looking for an assurance on the display. He’d been waiting long for this. Growing impatient, he started making loud grunts and blurted an abuse, every 10 seconds. The screen blanked out every time he restarted it. The DVD was dysfunctional and he couldn't watch the film.

From @realfartshady: She was in her balcony, wondering what she could write. How she'd tell him not to see her. She was leaving today. It wasn't the same anymore.
Since the day they've met, he’d bring something fresh and nipping into her life. But not anymore! She wrote, the truth.

"No milk today, tipu bhaiya. I'm travelling."

From @wekneweachother: They’d lost their virginity to each other. A decade later, he was a banker and she was a professional equestrian. She’d launched her solo exhibition of photographs of her various horses. It was in local news. He noticed a familiar face. On the opening night of exhibition, he said to her, “You’re dysfunctional but sexy.”

From @rati7: His beefy hand tugged at her stomach as he snored, pouring alcoholic fumes directly on her face. She didn’t dare move, controlled her gag reflex and lay there. She didn’t want to repeat what happened yesterday. Her bruised swollen face was still hurting . The fear of loneliness was what kept this dysfunctional marriage going.

From @SteelySilence: She was known to have dysfunctional tendencies. Her phone sported a permanently cracked screen wallpaper and she was always carrying seven types of hand sanitizers in her bag. Signs of physical violence and emotional turmoil were sometimes visible. They mocked her during her presentation. The next day, all their computers crashed with the message “dysfunctional”

From @ThWanderingSoul: He's the boy everyone fears. Every timid limb crouches in the shadows when he walks. A menacing smile forever dances on his face. He's a bully from a broken family. The father paints his mother's and his body black & blue everyday. Psychologically, he's the victim. But to them, he's still a monster.

From @Marwaari: The date was set, as well the place. He came early to the venue. He would be an example for everyone; After all he is doing this for the awakening of the nation. Remembering god for the last time, he poured petrol and set himself on fire. The dysfunctional society stood still as always.

From @roshd: Vinay and Shalini were the perfect couple. They looked very much in love. Even after 15years of marriage and two children. “And ED”, thought Dr. Avinash, their family doctor and Vinay’s best pal. “How do you manage to keep her so happy?” Vinay winked him and replied, "When something does not work, use your head”

From @rinashah: Though she was back to the routine, there was something wrong which the family members could spot. Unusual forgetfulness, lack of ability to comprehend or understand things, miss out on details, were all suddenly spotted in her. Initially, no one could guess the reason, only later they found that hypothermia had left its side effects.

From @funny_swamy: The doctor was wrapping a plaster on his right hand. "Can I play again?" "I'm afraid, sir" "I promise doctor. I won't drink again. Please..." All his life, he wanted to be a football player. He was given a professional contract yesterday. Doctor handed him a report. 'Dysfunctional hip', it read.

From @unendingquest: Woke up in morning to find the Dysfunctional Coffee-maker. Outraged. Rushed to office. Early Client Meeting and Presentation. Day went in Jiffy. Got Headache but No Coffee. Thought will go to Coffee Shop after office, but Boss shouted, "Let's have a Drink". Reached home sloshes to wake up to another dysfunctional day without Coffee-maker.

From @bitchwanti: The kids marvelled at the big cars in the museum. The scooters. The motorbikes. The trucks. The steel birds. Now all they had were cycles and carts. "That there, that golden liquid, in that locked container? That's petrol", said the teacher. It's extinct. That's why all these beautiful vehicles here are lying, unused, dysfunctional. 2020.

From @Sanch_N: One moment they were in the kitchen, fighting and then, something changed inside her. Theirs had been a dysfunctional relationship, but they had enjoyed the last 8yrs. She was stunned by her own actions. She looked across the floor, there was blood everywhere. She gave up her life so she could save her tears.

From @sinpinklove:"What's wrong ?'' Jay asked Miraya."Nothing'' came her spontaneous reply.They were in love but there were secrets she never let him know.She was afraid to lose him.Her mother was an alcoholic.Her father had abused her as a child and her brother had watched in silence.She had a dysfunctional family.

From @pearly_swhites: Her forehead was enveloped in little beads of sweat. Clenching her fists, Sandra knew it was taking over her.The anger.The profound rage. Bloodshot eyes, her body trembled. No medication could calm her now. Helplessly, she surrendered. That night, Sandra cried herself to sleep. Her little boy had borne the wrath of her malice.

From @dimaagi_keeda: To the world he was dysfunctional. A guy that smoked weed, who had an eccentric streak about him, A great leader, a calm influence over the rest and someone who was never shy of a challenge! His unorthodox means challenged their very society. It was year 2100. The year Shiva was destined to re-incarnate.

From @Numbyaar: He was the sweet talker who could sell ice to an Eskimo. His contacts could help him out of any situation. It goes without saying that he was quite a ladies’ man. But all that came to a tragic end last week when the ‘end call’ function of his phone got delayed by a minute.

From @saiyona: She fantasized about this day since what seemed forever. She knew it would change her life forever and it did. On her 8th month and 27th day of pregnancy, she went into labour. Their first baby was on its way and when he came, he didn’t move. It left her and her husband devastated.

From @oxymoronic_me: He swam and raced ahead of his brothers. They passed through a tunnel with no obstacle in sight. The goal, he had heard, was something to live for. He reached the target, awaiting the reward. His only reward were tears. Tears of the woman who could not conceive because he, the sperm, had been dysfunctional.

From @madrasmad: The year, 1672. I had been secretly building a machine. On a platform lay a motor, connected to axles and wheels below. Two seats on the platform, roof above. I gathered enough courage to try it on the streets. What a racket! Every part of the motor-driven carriage made a noise. Except the dysfunctional horn.

From @akshayabansal: He lived like an outcast in a World inhabited by billions. He stayed away from the crowds, he was a ghost for his neighbours. The only way he communicated was via fibre-optic cables. This World didn't judge him, he could be whoever he wanted to be, away from the prying eyes of society.

From Ruby: Ann: Mom its 1st June. I would be going to Dad’s house. And she continued packing her bag. This was nothing new for Ann. Every alternate month she used to stay with her Dad. She had been doing this ever since her parents were separated. She could do nothing but grin and bear it.

From @sumitrai100: People were buzzing.He was silent.The moment came and he couldn't resist.Tears started streaming.It was supposed to be him not his father.If only that truck had stopped,he wished. But now what a shame.He couldn't stand.The lower part was dysfunctional.He rolled the wheels and set the pyre on fire.

From @life_ambiguous: 'Nine year old boy, stabbed the neighbour", she read his file. She sat quietly giving him time to talk after introducing herself. She observed the result of an affluent family of a workoholic father and a mother drowned in alcohol in parties. On first glance innocence seemed lost; but his eyes still preserved it beautifully.

From @lucifer_sam666: He danced with joy as he held his daughter and son, his wife hugged him from behind and planted a kiss on the nape of his neck. He beamed as they entered their dream home. Perfect. He smiled and shut his eyes and wondered why everyone called him schizophrenic.

From @vagabondinact: Mrs. Ganeshan patted my daughter’s head with a pitying smile, while another god-knows-who-aunty scoffed me from the next chair. I sat there, a small smile playing on my lips, feigning heedlessness to the apathetic stares around. My daughter held their gaze and in sign language said ‘fuck off’. I almost fell of my wheelchair laughing.

From @salonitia: Such fresh air,bright sunlight. Oh what a journey it has been,I ,me ,all alone,all by myself! So miserable I was. Only when I saw the ray of light did I move towards it ,using it as my guiding star,and look today I'm the only flower blooming from a pile of rocks!!!!

From @anushreekejriwa: Football was his favorite sport and he dreamt of being a footballer. However he suffered from a chronic kidney problem which rendered one of them dysfunctional. He did not lose his spirit and continued praying to be associated with the sport, he now is a commentator. The dysfunctional kidney couldn't bog him spirits down.

From @thebongbabe: 'Rosanne - quiet, trusting and weak. Rihanna - dark, brooding, with a violent streak. Both clinging to the other for their existence. Both products of an abusive childhood that had scarred them deeply.' Dr. Kerber read till that point and closed the file with a sigh. Cases of multiple personality disorders were always the toughest.

From @freelosopher: Lately his life had been in a state of painful limbo. He was going through the motions, waiting for it to end. "This too shall pass", he told himself. He could be seen constantly running in and walking out of washrooms. He told people he was dysfunctional, because he couldn't function due to dysentery.

From @kunalbaidmehta: By the time Jonathan reached fifth grade, he was cracking the mathematics problems of ninth standard. On his 19th birthday, he was felicitated for getting an IIT degree and finishing his doctorate in Applied Physics. He loved his nickname ‘Einstein’. Ironically, people called him Einstein even after he was detected with Alzheimer’s disease at 35.

From @mystiquepai: She surfed medical websites for hours on end, trying to find something that matched her symptoms. Manic depressive. Schizophrenia. Bipolar. Anxiety disorder. ADHD. Nothing quite fit. Maybe she had two of them. Maybe she had them all. Giving up, she went to a therapist. Diagnosis? Hypochondriac.

From @SugarsNSpice: “Doctor, what keeps you in the laboratory at night?” asked the inquisitive nurse. “I would no longer be here after dawn” replied the doctor. “So did you manage to invent something, doc.” “You will know when it’s time,” spoke his failure. The dysfunction Frankenstein unleashed the devil within Dr. Walton. He knocked Lucifer’s door again.

From @Hope_vs_Destiny: It was a relationship of 9 years, knowing each other in out. Love, respect and everything a relationship craves for. Now, they understand what long distance can do to anything functional; it makes it dysfunctional. Such is their lives that in order to live happily; they have to ensure that their paths never cross again.

From @Oven_Tikka: The word, they said, was dysfunctional. He shrugged it off. Nobody understood his relationship. So what if it was different? That didn’t make it wrong. So she didn’t look like all the other women around him. That didn’t make her wrong. He was happy. She was happy. So what if she was made of plastic?

From @rohwit: They got of the car together and walked towards the elevator. He was busy with his phone. She pressed the button of the elevator, it did not respond. She pressed it again and again restlessly. She saw “not working” written on a placard. “I know” she thought and took the stairs to the councilor’s office.

From @captain_speakin: She sat by the window looking at the stars. The room was dark except the light from the tv. Some channel was playing music but she didn't care. Her phone was ringing continuously, she ignored it. She just wanted everything to stop. She was looking for moment of inertia, to jumpstart her dysfunctional brain.

From @rootkanal: She stroked his hair. 'I'll leave my husband. I will. Our marriage is an emotional disaster. It is beyond dysfunctional. He pushed me to the brink of madness. You brought me back.' She kissed him. A foul smelling woman broke the reverie and snatched the mannequin away. ‘No talking in the asylum, bitch!’

From @lady_shweta: Her father ran away with his boyfriend. Her mother ran away with a water purifier salesman. Her brother ran away to be a monk in Himalayas. Everybody ran in her family. No wonder she ran marathons. She came from a dysfunctional family.

From @_Nehu: Earlier just for chocolates she used to play with her elderly cousin even if she detested but now as she is growing, she understood the play. He used to touch her intimate parts to fulfil his pleasures. For her growing old was not fun anymore. She was embarrassed of growing as a woman.

From @JaaTeri: I was thinking of a TOPIC for the day's diary. I recalled the day's events..With a hurting back, I strolled my bike & bumped into a traffic guard. I bribed him with Rs.100 to avoid a Rs.500 challan. All this after I had walked for an anti-corruption campaign that morning. 'DYSFUNCTIONAL', I wrote.

From @VBPJS: "Wow! My workplace is in New Delhi", she exclaimed with joy. A girl from a small town in the south knew little about the dysfunctional values of the men in north. Her train was delayed by 5 hours to reach at 11 pm. By then, God made her story similar to "Jab we met"!

From @writingchalk: There she is – my delusional wife. Penny-wise and pound foolish. Then my brothers, fools who only believed in charity. My children, who cared more about the next gadget and next party. I’d never seen them together before, but it was a special occasion – the last day of my life, the day I signed the will.

From @Gods_Evangelos: He was born a bit abnormal. It seemed it’s just a normal thing and all will be fine. As and when he grew the problems increased. His parents had the same selfless love ever. They never made him feel disabled, always motivated that he is differently abled. He is now 8 years old struggling hard.

From @drun007: Gary held his newborn son for the first time. No excitement of a new dad could be seen. He checked the baby's fingers and toes. Met the doctor to reaffirm that his son was not disabled. A smile creeped in, but vanished at the thought of mental disorders. Gary just extended his dysfunctional family.

From @OhTeri_: A soon-to-be-mother, dreamt of a daughter. "I want a boy !!" said the mother-in-law. She begged. She wasn't ready to abort, like a lioness she fought.
She was hit with belt and rods; miscarriage; the baby-girl was lost. She was declared mentally dysfunctional and an asylum was sought. While, for him, a new bride was brought.

From @ladyclonidine: You could fix a dysfunctional family but what about a dysfunctional mind? Twisted & dark.Enveloped in layers of insanity you couldn't even fathom. A constant darkness with no light at the end. The racing of pulse for the worst of things. Deviant desires, lucid dreams and hazy thoughts. A kaleidoscope vault of perverse thoughts.

From @shekhartripathi: Medha (27) works for a corporate bank - doing quite well as a Manager. Draws a pretty decent salary, but is bogged by many pressures in life. Deviating from the norms of Indian social behaviour, she dreads the deficit of personal space after the wedding. She refuses to think about it, but is she Dysfunctional?

From @dhavalmehtas: "Was at roadside tea shop asked for Masala chai.saw a person was abusing.on whom?why?don't know.actually nobody knows what exactly is going on his mind.but I was sure that's what I wanted to do when he(that man with power called CTO) was barking on me in office. But suddenly realized living in the real world."

From @kingoFlames: I saw hope in every misery, sunshine in the depths of the night. I always wanted to own stars and other celestial bodies. Having a dysfunctional brain helps you become a writer. But, not as much as a dysfunctional family does. My mother is an ex CIA agent and my father's an ex Mafia.

From @sahilk: The women lot of today in Saudi. They want to drive. They want to vote. They want to work in offices alongside the men. They’re campaigning if they won’t get what they want. Next will be a ‘No Abaaya’ social media storm? For the mutawwas, the women are dysfunctional. For the world, my country is.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Theme 34 - Labels

From @akshayabansal: The stage was set for yet another gig, he was the heartthrob of this tiny hamlet. The scene rarely shifted from the village pub, until a 'suit' ventured into this wilderness. Astounded by his talent and skill, he whipped out his card and implored him. "Would you like to sing for a record label instead?"

From @Saureign: The subject of the new email said ‘Buy Books at 50% off’. I was tempted; little else made me happier than buying books at discounts. But I looked at the shelf before me, 7 new books waiting to be read. Selecting the email, I filed it under the ‘Read Later’ label. Ironically, it made sense.

From @sahilk: There a few Arab fashion weeks. Of course, none in Saudi. But I wonder what’s the point. To model for your husband or wear them at a womens-only mall? I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing abaayas with patches, embroidery, Swarovski and the likes. I’m sure there’s some fashion label with a dedicated abaaya department.

From @michramiah: Emo. Plastic. Goth. Punk. Fat. Skinny. Fake. Disturbed. Preppy. Poser. Jock. He licked the labels and stuck them onto each jar containing his victims' teeth.

From @SteelySilence: Emo, slut, nerd- she loved being labelled differently in every new college she attended. It gave her a sadistic satisfaction of possessing a flexible personality. The behaviour patterns she had mastered over the century were useful to avoid detection. She looked at the teacher blankly. This year, she was going to be the dumb slow-girl.

From @tripteased: I will take you back to the roots when you start drifting. I will help you see in yourself what has been blinding you so far. Wandering in timelessness with me,I will show you what you need to see. Come to me. Together,we will 'BE'.

From @Marwaari: It seemed to be a romantic night, filled with passion and lust, of vanishing loneliness. A night, remembering the time spent together. A night, when all the mistakes would be forgiven, He thought. Never knowing that women forgive but never forget. He had the last sip of his favorite label of scotch laced with poison.

From @zushk: “Why do you have that accent?” he asked the bobby-haired girl. “Whath accenth?’ she gaped at him, her ten-year-old eyes round. “You live in India, and you still behave like you’re from Tibet!” he snorted with laughter. “Leave her alone, Sam. She has a bit of a speech defect.” “Oh, ok. See you later, Tibbatti!”

From @hankypanty: A boy called Cairns was dyslexic, he sued Lalit for Label. He didn't know the meaning of dyslexia.

From @NumbYaar: The younger brother made millions by methods, very few knew. The elder one honestly earned a hand to mouth existence. The younger only had scotch, the elder settled for beer. That day they met after ages. A few drinks down, they drank from each other’s drinks. They were kids again, in a world sans labels.

From @rati7: The faces turned, the eyes popped, the moving life seemed to have come to a standstill as he lowered his lips to his life, his boyfriend, his everything. Wolf whistles and slangs echoed in the background. For the onlookers these were labels, for him it was just the plain old simple love.

From @funny_swamy: It was Neha's tenth birthday. They went at that expensive mall again. She chose a beautiful gown. Her eyes were twinkling. His eyes were searching the label. He saw it, and smiled. She knew that smile. "Another dress, please?" she asked the vendor. A tear broke out, he smiled again; the proud father.

From @gauravjagwani: We were at the beach party. All of us decided that the best way to celebrate our graduation was with alcohol and a bonfire. So it began. Towards the end of the night, everyone labelled me a liar. Yes, I told stories. But, they were all true. Then I realised my pants were on fire.

From @ladyclonidine:

"Father am I evil?"

"No ofcourse not!"

"Then why are they cruel to me. Call me names like Freak, Monster"

"Oh son they fear you because they don't understand you."

"but I just want to be accepted!"

"Frankenstein you were not created to you fit in. Your curse is that you will always be special"

From @wekneweachother:

Venue: Subway, Britomart, Auckland.

“And any sauces for you, Sir?”

“Just Mayo, please.”


And accidentally she put some Ranch dressing as it looked off-white too in a translucent bottle. He came in an hour later and asked her out as he loved his Chicken Fillet 6” sub with Ranch. Sometimes, lack of labels help.

From @UnendingQuest: She was a young, innocent, small town Girl. A guy followed her everyday from college to home. She melted and agreed. He took her in a field. Behind the tree, he tried kissing her. She was pushing him hesitantly. Few Men walked by staring at them. That day onwards she lived with the Label "SLUT".

From @rachitmaya: They called me a slut, At times a whore. I ignored it for long, Couldn’t take no more. Got tired of these names, Labels they had tagged. My identity I lost, every moment I was nagged. Got myself a gun, Learnt how to shoot. This time on Holi, Made them look like Bhoots!

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: It was beyond love, what she felt for him. He was her family, her pillar of strength, her God, her home. He was in her blood, her veins, her breath. He’d asked once, “what does this mean?”, she had no answer. Could one really put a label to all this? Heaven maybe? Maybe something more.

From @awsmbong: "She was hard to understand. But the door to her heart was open. Some people reach a place in time where they've gone as far as they can. Place where unknowable and those who remain out of sight, collide with emotions and ambitions. While we were having tea, “no labels”, she said, smiling at me."

From @sumitrai100: How much he waited for this day.In the stillness of night when entire city was sleeping he was wide awake holding a blood-filled ampoule in his hand.The label on the ampoule read '100'-a hallmark of his excellence.The only witness to this event was now lying flat on the floor-cold and silent.

From @indianidle: Today was the first official tour of the newly opened zoo. Children chatted excitingly after passing each cage. But everyone was itching to see the most famous capture of the zoo. They finally reached there and seeing the animal they laughed and gasped in amazement. The cage was labeled 'Human', Roboworld's biggest catch.

From @mitigatedlying: She looked for his name in the mortuary list among the labels. It was there. She sighed and smiled. Satisfied, she left to live a new life with the billionaire. Her lover was out for the night. Alone in her bed she heard footsteps. He was back.She was dead.

From @rootkanal: 'I'm feeling much better, Dr. Acula! The reports say the cancer is still growing, but I feel good!' Dr. Acula smiled and went back into the tiny room lit by only a swinging bulb. He peeled the label off a bottle of what he called the ‘rapture drug’ and hastily scribbled ‘Placebo’ on it.

From @eattweetblog: She was 15, straggling with the usual teenage problems and dealing with her father's sudden demise. Guys took advantage of her vulnerability. She gave in to their sexual demands, thinking that it would fill the void in her life, making her feel loved and important. All she got in return was the lable 'Slut'.

From @sinpinklove: She was sticking labels on the bottles in the warehouse when he approached her.She gave that naughty smile that lit up the dark warehouse.It was their dirty secret and a secret they wanted to keep it.They loved the dark dusty dirty warehouse and the labelling was only an excuse.

From @pearly_swhites: Donning his gray apparel, he thought, ''This is it.'' David had finally made it large. The small town lad had grown to become one of the biggest businessmen, the world has ever known. Tonight, he was amongst the clique. The Blue Label drinkers. Just like the scotch, David was now exceptional. A prestigious rarity.

From @realfartshady:

"I buried the gold here!"

"You sure?"

"Yes master, I labelled the spot with a giant X. See."

After few hours of digging.

"We’ve dug deep, but no trace of gold!"

A kid enters the scene.

"What the hell is going on?"

"We are digging for gold."

"No sir, you're ruining my game of tic-tac-toe."

From @nimue_: She was a grade ahead of others. "Smart", they labelled her. The first in the family to earn, to live alone, and not find it odd; "very modern" they commented. She married the guy they found for her. "How traditional" they said. She divorced soon after. Earning a new label.

From @vivekisms: The actress shook with laughter. The diva that she was. She thought of the new scandal. Its vulnerability and somehow comical intimacy. How was it possible? She knew she was alone, of course and yet the papers went on and on, not giving her a chance to deny it.

From @_Nehu: After 3 months of marriage first time Samir woke up early and prepared the morning tea for her. She woke with bed tea served. Both took the first sip of tea then threw up and started laughing. Since then she puts label on Salt and sugar box. This story became unforgettable part of their life.

From @HelenofAhoy: Sara was labeled as a “fatso”. In two years, she was labeled as "that girl who’s dating Rahul”. In some time, she lost weight and was labeled as “the hot-stuff”. Today, they label her as a typical SOBO girl. What makes me sad is the fact that she lost the label of “my best friend”.

From @quratzafar:

Sweat trickled down her neck: today it would all begin. This was her first customer and there would be many more to come. She told him that; he panicked. He was new at this too.

“Run away!” He urged her.

“I can’t.” She said with a sad smile.

“I’ve been labelled a prostitute since birth.”

From @rbd_sqrl: The new patient arrived. The hospital attendants have seen a lot of lunatics but this man, he was different. He had that spark in his eye. He smiled like all the others. But this particular patient frightened Dr.Spivey. There was more to him than his outward lunacy. His assistant asked, “What file?”. New label,”HAPPY.”

From @OhTeri_: A label, bouquet of flowers. Love story blossomed and went high on tide. The shy smiles, romantic dates and breakfasts at his place. "Soon to be married", the friends did trace. Some past, some lies; she deceived, he cried. They fought, distraught, they parted their ways. Wrist slit; in morgue, labelled 143 he was brought.

From @roshd: They called Leah easymeat, item and loose. She was through many boyfriends who spun their own tales about the ‘fun’ they had with her. The really vicious or bitter ones even called her slut and hoe. All she wanted was love. All she got was lust. And the labels. I gave her one too. Lover.

From @captain_speakin: She shared with him thoughts that she didn’t dare to think aloud. He told her his deepest darkest secrets even when they had never met. Those were magical conversations. What they had didn't fit under any labels; they weren’t lovers, or friends, or acquaintances even, just two perfect strangers with a connection at the soul.

From @saiyona: She replayed the hour long ‘arrange marriage’ interview from the morning in her mind once more. ‘Love is it? Can it happen in just an hour?’ she questioned herself. Smiling, she pasted his picture in her scrapbook and stuck an empty pink label below it and scribbled on “I am marrying him.”

From @jhanvidhawan: She was one of those, wide button-eyed Arabic beauty who wished for nothing more than World Peace. But, in return she was only accessorized with Bullets, Bombs and Blood! The world always picked on her for having a Gangster father. Her name was labeled by his.

From @anushreekejriwa: He was a possessive lover, it seemed as if he had put a label of ownership on her and controlled her life. She felt shackled by his love and wanted to get rid of the label of being a puppet but did not want him to stop loving her. She was in a quandary.

From @dark_gal: She reached me while I was cutting the papers. Everyone has secrets and mine hid under the basement. I stacked zombies. More like pets. The number was growing. I couldn’t identify my dolls anymore, I pondered. That’s when she asked me, ‘What are the labels for?’. I smiled.

From @rinashah: She always preferred a low key profile. She was a very renowned scientist but never showed off. She never fancied owning brands. She was always clad with cotton sarees, very minimal or no jewellery, regular comfortable footwear and a purse which could hold things she wanted to carry. She always loved to be this way.

From @mydirtylinen:

"A one-night stand?", she asked as I snapped her bra open

"A fling?", she asked as I unbuttoned her jeans.

"A pseudo-relationship?", she asked as I peeled her panties off.

"A girlfriend?", she asked as she perched on the platform.

I buried my face between her legs.

That shut her up.

From @madrasmad: During a slow, after-dinner walk, she asked her 55 year old father, “Did you really like working as a stuntman?” He merely smiled, and put an arm around her shoulder. As a young man, ‘Macho’ Rahul’s friends loved him for being brash. His pride didn’t allow him to be caught reading books, his first love.

From @theghostwriterr: I entered the room with huge cupboards and wide drawers, they all contained stories. Albeit, with different endings. Some of the stories were romantic, some adventurous, some tales of irony. Now, all of them lie silent, tagged with labels on their toes waiting for one final journey. A final farewell, amidst tears of beloveds.

From @ghaatidancer:

Her little black dress was a perfect fit. Hair swept-up, heels and a bag. She was good to go.

"Where are you going?"


"You're a fucking liar."

She smiled and looked at him.

As she walked out the door, he called after her.

"Who are you tonight?"


From @tweettabulous: Kartik and Saiema were neighbours, almost of the same age. They were best of friends. Shared secrets; cared, protected, nurtured and loved each other like siblings, at times like parents and sometimes, soul mates even. Friends teased, parents worried. When asked about their relationship, they just smiled. Pure joys in life need no labels.

From @vagabondinact: He looked at the world around; a forehead screamed bitch, a tag read jerk, a gesticulation indicated queerness, a surname indicated shrewdness, a symbol meant faith, while another meant hate. He pondered what his unobvious, yet apparent label says and why it mattered, oblivious that his label, which the world saw, did not define him.

From @SugarsNSpice: She panicked among the shivers as the clock dimed once again. The markers teased the shimmers as papers interlocked with each other. Poetry was lost in its own maze as the scrap book acquired the love label. The pictures smiled within words rhymes, making cartoons shine. No one knew it was their last celebration together.

From @Life_Ambiguous: She was a smart, independent woman living alone. They saw her drinking and partying. Women envied her, men fantasized her. Nobody talked to her, they talked about her. They called her 'loose'. One day her 'gentleman' landlord and his wife had big fight. She had found the 'loose' woman's undergarments hidden in his cupboard.

From @roshd: My wife was fed up of feeding my little son. He would tire of any food.Quickly. Saturday was dad's turn to feed Rylan. Pasta. He hated it."Sonny I'm gonna feed u pipes" I said. He grinned his toothy grin. He loved new names and labels. I loved feeding him. Tomorrow would be 'snakes'. Noodles rebranded.

From @ritukarthik: Lil stickies popping out of her purple book. Some in yellow and some in orange. Everyday I watch her while she gets her coffee. Talking, thinking and scribbling things, turning pages. So organized I think. She forgets her lil book on the counter and Curiosity becomes me. I peek in and it's all blank!

From @ipurplicious: Father. Mother. Sister. Brother. Friend. Girlfriend. Maid. He put them in plastic boxes & labelled them. He played with them & then neatly and carefully put them back in place. The neighbors lived in fear. They never entered Would you dare to knock at the risk of spending the rest of your life in a box?

From @Social_Outcast_: It was his first date. He was a bit naive, so he googled what he should do to make this special night even more special. When he met that girl he behaved like a gentlemen and even gave her a gift. That date ended right there as he forgot to remove the label from that gift.

From @VBPJS: She was witty. He was intelligent. She used to have fun. He used to balance life with work. She was adventurous. He took calculated risks. She had an outgoing personality. He was reticent. The bonding between them was beyond a relation that could be named. But society referred her as 'Clown' and him as 'Nerd'!

From @theslumdawg:He was a fun loving guy, he use to laugh at his problems all the time. He was the most entertaining guy at his workplace, People laughed when he joked. Few of them were jealous. They bitched about him, People started judging him. Boss labeled him unfit to work there.

From @shivangiyadav: It was the epitome of luxury. The glitzy mall housed the most premium products that money could buy. Every international brand worth its name graced these floors. Most people came to look and stare. Very few shopped. For Shanti, the cleaner, it epitomized only one thing. Her children would never sleep hungry ever again.

From @salonitia:

"No no,what do you mean"

Frustrated and confused she looked at them.

They again repeated their question,but,she had a blank look on her face.

It was a simple question. "What is your name?"

Then they heard a voice ,"Label 55 ,Who are you talking to? No talking to strangers in this orphanage "

From @bitchwanti: She liked talking to guys. She preferred them over girls. Girls never understood her. The boys liked her as well. She was not stuck-up, she was beautiful, intelligent conversation was her forte and laughter was her gift. The girls were jealous. They labelled her 'the slut'. She was raped. "The slut deserved it", they said.

From @freelosopher: Ed Hardy placed his Boss Hugo's Apple in the Red-Box and hid it in Pepe's Jeans in The Loft. The Old-Monk named Sam heard Whispers on the WoodLand and saw the Footloose Abercrombie wearing Orange Billabong shorts, Fastrack towards The Loft. Sam Sung loudly. Police heard him and arrested Abercrombie, trying to Loot Hugo's iPad.

From @oxymoronic_me: Ours is the only family in the village that celebrates the birth of a girl child. I am 12 today. The cacophony of women and music is intoxicating. I see the old woman pick up the needle. She tattoos the beautiful paisley on my thigh. The label that flaunts the new whore of the village.

From @abstractions_: She has been living alone for almost 10 years after she left shimla and moved to Mumbai for work. Even with her parents she lived alone until they got divorced. Tonight was one of those many nights when she spent hours sitting on that bar stool alone. she looked up and said "One large black label"

From @kaloladeep: She always was more fascinating about the labels, easily flip into it , That was the time everyone tried to wreck her. But what no one knew was her identity bracelet of labels she gets to turn on. At end everyone falled into the den of her and she perfectly murdered their ambition of taking advantage.

From @Oven_Tikka: She hummed softly as she made her favourite grilled cheese sandwich. Reaching out for the salt, she stopped. Three unnamed jars stood together, each seemingly containing salt. Smiling, she picked one. It was the same every day. If she told anyone, they’d think she was crazy. But she’d never picked the jar of poison. Yet.

From @Gods_Evangelos:“I am from a middleclass family”, he said. “Sir, nowadays to buy things on installments is so easy. Let me show you some possibilities of purchasing it easily”, the salesman replied. I was still in dilemma. I had to make her happy this birthday anyhow. I was staring at that gigantic figure growling INR 1,50,000.

From @writingchalk:

“How dare you break my daughter’s toy!” he said, continually whipping me. I tried defending myself, but that only angered him further, “you value NOTHING, you low-life, degenerate pig.”

I had enough – I tripped him and smashed his skull in with a vase. I never had to feel bad about being called a ‘nigger’, ever.

From @JaaTeri: Friends. Just friends. Good friends. Best friends. These are just labels. just like Everyone else, Kumar too had all kinds of friends. Once he needed them, but some were busy. Some, not all. The one who turned up in time of need was the one - that one friend everyone wants. They need no label.

From @lady_shweta: As she walked among the deserted streets, she couldn't understand why she was being labeled as unfaithful. Her husband had deserted her, a newly wed wife. And was it her fault that she found that same love in someone else, in a ghost. As she walked, the ghost quietly sang in her ears"dheere jalna".

From @Kantaap: She cut the brown paper down to perfect size and neatly wrapped it around her new school books. It all fell on her little shoulders in the orphanage. With society labelling one parent ‘queer’ and the other parent a ‘psychopath’, it was no wonder she left the brown paper on all of her books bare.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Theme 33 - Chemistry

From @Mitigatedlying: It was like titration. I kept adding love till I got that wine red color. It was bliss. That sparkling color. I was ecstatic. But it faded away for I had gone overboard. Too much isn't good either, they say. I withdrew. We fought. I spat out acid. And so, it all fizzled out.

From @Abhiandnow: She was just 21 when I was 15. I wanted her to help me with Physics, to build our chemistry. A door works on the principles of physics, and our feelings on the principles of chemistry. When I pushed open the door, she was in bed with him. Knife’s blade is a chemical compound, right?

From @vivekisms: She reads books. He doesn’t. He loves the opera. She detests it. She thinks a picnic would be nice. He would rather sit at home and play bridge. He wants to take a walk along the beach. She hates sand in her shoes. They sleep together at night, sharing the same dreams. The same life.

From @unedingquest: In School, Chemistry was not my cup of Tea. In College, at the dance floor my chemistry with "That Cute Guy" melted many hearts. At Work, my unorthodox and my boss' orthodox approach, made Chemistry extinct. In Love, it developed gradually after many permutations and combinations. Well, that's the History of Chemistry in my Life.

From @Marwaari: She was beautiful and mirror was her best friend. It acknowledged her, appreciated her and complimented her. Their chemistry was unique. But now, she despises the presence of mirror. She wants to remove every sign of mirror's existence, because it makes her realize the ugly acid burnt face she has, courtesy her jilted lover.

From @_PWN: He had been asking her out for 3 months. She liked him, but was hesitant as she barely knew him. A broken past didn’t help either. But when she saw how persistent he was, she kissed him. She wanted to see if they had chemistry. They did. He lost interest instantly.

From @gauravjagwani: The chemistry they shared was evident. The love they shared was evident. They considered meeting at the laboratory was a blessing. They fell in love at that very place. Today, they are still in love. However, it’s a different kind of love. The chemistry they shared was evident. The crack shared and produced was evident.

From @SupraMario:

They had nothing in common; yet, for twenty years, he put up with his wife’s nagging. One day, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he smashed her head against a wall. He called in sick at the laboratory, knowing he’d have to dispose of her body.

All he needed was a flask of hydrofluoric acid.

From @_wbrodrigues: “This physics thing was nerve-racking. She walked in the room when he was concentrating the most. He looked at her, she didn’t but sparks flew. Suddenly the experiment was a success, everyone cheered. She walked out but before she left, their eyes did meet and rest is history’. That’s how I met your mother.

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: “What do you do?” “I am a Chemistry graduate and do my own experiments” “What kind of experiments?” She asked, inquisitiveness growing. Chemistry Experiments back in 1938 weren’t very popular. “Try this” he said, and gave her a small cube of sugar to pop. It was the first time Albert Hoffman was testing LSD. History.

From @Tropicalanda: 5 minutes into the exam. I gazed around to see if anyone else was screwed too. Frustrated with the findings, I scribbled questions on the answer paper. “Ma’am, I’m done” ensuring everyone hears it and what started next was a chain reaction. I was not alone after all. Bonding in engineering students, Sigh!

From @NumbYaar: They could understand each other’s silence and talk with their eyes. Yet so much remained unsaid. They looked great together and loved being that way. Still, they grew apart. No one knew how and when things ended. It must’ve been chemistry, but they’re history now.

From @wekneweachother: Dr. Yakubovich went to the university a little early that day. He rushed to his lab and immediately walked to the bottle containing two writhing worms. News of unrest in Serbia caused his wife nightmares last night. Holding the bottle in his hand he thought, “What a cruel world. One rarely dies a peaceful death.”

From @rachitmaya: As I inserted my tube, straight into her funnel,I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel. But something was strange, there was a mystery. All in all, we had an awesome chemistry. But Chemistry was boring, English was my thing. That’s why I write, this fifty five word story with zing.

From @pearly_swhites: There was something about him. A certain charisma that lured her. Those appealing dimples. Those enticing eyes. They drew her to him like, iron to a magnet. She felt an inclination, so passionately intense. A temptation, so seductive. A chemistry, so magical. He was her ultimate fascination. She loved him. Sometimes, he did too.

From @Oven_Tikka: She chewed on her dark braid as she pondered her situation. She was 23, single, and babysitting her nephews on a Saturday night. This was not how she’d pictured growing up to be like. Something needed to be done. The next day, she woke up ready to have more fun. Thank god for hydrogen peroxide.

From @madrasmad: He had a heart of gold. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. They formed a lovely bond in no time, periodically making love on the table. But, her family formed the nucleus of her life, and he didn’t react well to this. Their bond eventually broke, and he turned to alcohol.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: He couldn’t see. Neither could she. Their first interaction was a conversation in a restaurant. He couldn’t help smiling at the sweet voice talking to the waiter. He’d always been a good judge of character. He knew it that instant. It wasn’t love at first sight. It couldn’t be. Instant chemistry they called it.

From @realfartshady:

She was appealing and beautiful. Our eyes met. She shyly smiled.


"I’m sorry, I can't."

"Aah. Married?"

"Not that. I’m not programmed to move from this spot."

"What the.. you're a robot?"

She shook her head slyly. "No idiot, I really have to pee real bad."

We laughed till we cried. The chemistry was hard to miss.

From @RootKanal: Soon all this pain would be gone, he wrote. Soon I'll master my destiny. His old back bent over the worn out wooden table. He continued mixing the ingredients over the burner, his long, white beard danced dangerously close to the fire. ‘Why do you elude me thus, eternal life?’ wept the broken alchemist.

From @Koquettish: “Don’t worry my little one, this won’t hurt a bit” he said as he took her hands in his. The stench of his chemistry lab congested her senses but she sat still, waiting. He took some concentrated acid, poured it carefully all over her hands and said, “You always wanted black nail paint, didn’t you?”

From @quratzafar: Ah but chemistry is a fascinating subject: the chemical formula of the nylon dress you wear was made simultaneously in New York and London. For days there were claims from both sides and then a wise man arbitrated: he gave both cities credit and named the polymer "Ny-Lon" making both cities, both nations very happy.

From @saiyona: He studied chemistry in college while she was marketing. He was a geek and not in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she would end up dating one; but he knew his chemicals well and had created just the right potion to get her hooked onto him. She was crazy about him thereafter.

From @steelysilence: He felt the heat rise and sizzle and grinned in excitement. A swish of long black hair and his hand slipped. They all saw the mini explosion and his burnt hair that followed, emitting sparks. She, however, smiled apologetically. He might suck at one type of chemistry but the other one made up for it.

From @swaravali: My Chemistry teacher in grade 9 was a smart young guy. All the girls would vie for his attention. Someone would spill the acid, another would mix the wrong solutions all so he would come to their rescue. He kept his cool in the midst of all the pandemonium. He had able lab attendants.

From @IndianIdle: He didn't like the potions before he got that magical Gothic book. Like a spell he was amazed by the unusual methods and wonders. He learned and took the same path and made mends in his fields. He never found that book in libraries nor about the author. Still sometimes Sherlock Holmes thought who was Nicholas Flamel.

From @Sahilbulla:


Understanding the chemistry between people is simple. Every person is a volatile liquid who possesses unique properties and formula, constantly combining and reacting with others. Some reactions basic while some quite acidic. However we only long for that one other liquid, the one who can help them avoid the problem and together become a solution.

From @Gaaliman: Your sight soothed my parched vision; your fragrance triggered my olfaction; your smoky voice, echoed through my heart; your warm touch, was tender love. You sparked in me, a reaction, a lethal concoction of emotions, something so intense that I couldn't handle. You were my opiate, I was high on you. You were my dopamine.

From @sahilk: Sulphuric acid and water, mentos and coke – they are chemistry experiments for kids. That’s what I learnt on my Europe trip. The ones with a better taste of experiments go to Fat Duck or Noma. Style, flamboyance. Whipped pork fat with apple aquavit and scratchings. Goodness. Dad shouldn’t find out that’s what I ate.

From @anushreekejriwa: Mixing was her passion and hence she chose chemistry in high school to experiment with chemical mixing. The smell of acids attracted her and compelled her to work towards inventions. She burnt her hand with concentrated acid one day and developed a phobia. Not giving up on her passion she now experiments with bases.

From @Freelosopher: He was a bright kid who always stood first in class. Science being his favorite subject, he would participate in and win every science exhibition and quiz. The teachers loved him and he was much admired for his intelligence. He went by the name of Chetan Mistry, more famous amongst his friends as 'Chemistry'.

From @sumitrai100: Poor Birju had finally bought a frock for her little Munni. How content he was. Good crops had yielded him sufficient money. Ammonium Nitrate felt proud on his little contribution to crops. The joy was ephemeral. Five blasts rocked Delhi.30 died, 130 injured. How ashamed NH4NO3 was on this feat. No one asked about his feelings.

From @TheOtherBanana: She got up and wriggled into her clothes while he watched. She was in such a hurry that she didn’t even bother to bid him goodbye. He knew he meant nothing to her. Their night together was devoid of anything remotely resembling emotion. Their chemistry lab encounter was meaningless. The irony wasn’t lost on him.

From @swatiitweet: It happened almost everyday. She cleaned them carefully under the tap water and put on her glasses. She cried as she cut through them or as she peeled back the skin. Yet, it was important for her to add them in every meal. She knew it was chemistry with the sulfuric acid of her onions.

From @irrationalnumb: “You and I will be like concentrated sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate. Every time we’d meet would be a subtle reaction with immense heat and passion that’s invisible to the eye”, K said proposing her. “I’m tempted but I worry about the explosive Manganese heptoxide that the reaction would produce” she smiled and walked away.

From @akshayabansal: Made for each other, they were inseparable. He was her pillar of strength, she looked out for him. They could rely on each other, he knew what pleased her, she made waffles for him. Love, laced their banter, but things were left unsaid. He loved her, but for her, he was just a dear friend.

From @randomWhiz: We talk in enclosed messages, this friend and I, about the most random things. Met almost by accident, yet the interactions so perfect, it might've been deliberate. The yin, the yang, the black, the white, all in perfect balance as we communicate. The right chemistry this is, conversations with this friend. Nothing should change.

From @MinolAjekar: Anya held her trophy high and her eyes met her Dad’s moist eyes, shimmering with pride. The youngest woman to be awarded, in the male dominated field of Acid-Alkali Analysis. The day her Dad brought her that “Chemistry Made Fun” board game was the day she declared I will be a scientist. Child’s play no-more.

From @SugarsNSpice: Merriment was our quotient even as books called forth. We were buffoons in our own times trapped among X-rays and messy dissections. Then, test tubes busted among slap pats in chemistry labs. I giggled watching your appalled visages’. We whispered in silent corners to share secrets. Dancing to tune of our own, we strengthened bonds.

From @vagabondinact: Irritated, she turned the pages of her book. Frowning, he sat their wondering what his girl had meant by “chemistry missing”. She asked him why understanding organic chemistry was difficult. Deep in his thoughts of reviving his lost physical chemistry with his girl, he ignored his sister’s predicament, until her chemistry book thumped his head.

From @ritukarthik:

I sat down, to interview him:

It was a mistake you see.
The explosion, it was awful.
It blew the building apart.
Into a million pieces he said.
If I had been alive, I dont think you would have found even a finger.
They call it spontaneous combustion. However, leave that for another day.

From @theslumdawg: Chemistry? For me, It was the way two individuals relate to each other. For her, It was the chemical composition and properties of an object.
"Our chemistry was wrong from the beginning, We hated each other."

From @WickdWeirdWitch: Finally the duo were alone at home. She looked into his melting brown eyes & he held her gaze. He pulled at her stray hair & she leaned towards him & kissed him. Suddenly he twitched a wee bit & sighed. She said, "Time to change his diaper!"The mother-son chemistry was just electric!

From @kunalbaidmehta: Rajan was confused. He asked Sanjeev with a puzzled look "Please explain this article. 'Shahid Kapoor and Nargis seen together in Goa! The chemistry between them was evident.' How can that be? When two people come closer, it's the force of attraction. That's physics and not chemistry. Isn't it Dad?" Sanjeev didn't have an answer.

From @rocker_chd: Love indulgence and complex chemistry of relationships had knocked him down. Like a wind he would drift from one lane to another. Until there was a reaction with her spontaneous smile and his heart glowed. Until now their chemistry is just fine...

From @salonitia: Both the countries obviously had some chemistry between them. But, they were always at loggerheads with each other, always. What could be done to solve this....we had cricket matches, movies, music and fashion shows together, now what? Nothing, just let the hostility exist, for without them both will just have no chemistry between them.

From @HelenofAhoy: 11th grade. Ryan was my lab partner. He was dumb, I was smart. He was cute, I was not. He didn't get his chemistry journal one day. He asked,"Can we share?" I felt chemistry, he meant chemistry.

From @rbd_sqrl: Three creatures sat in a circle. Throwing in ingredients and muttering spells beneath their breaths. They used their chemistry to conjure spirits and to foretell events to come. The venomous cocktail had foretold the arrival of the king. The once thane of Glamis was on his way. Preparations were to be made. The chants continued.

From @ThWanderingSoul: The only chemistry she knew about was the one that existed in relationships. She was the girl they eyed in the bar. She laced their drinks with lust. She played with their hearts like a vixen. Now her face is veiled with bitterness. They say her lover cheated on her. Beauty is a bitch.

From @_Nehu: Chemistry between her and boss was perfect. He would appraise her, allow her to leave early. Timely bonus, incentives, promotions, everyone in office use to envy her. She was beautiful, sexy and charming. She was his fantasy till date a new girl arrived in his team. For her life changed, for him it’s same.

From Ruby Mathew: It was the last dance performance for the day. Everything was perfect. The costume, choreography, song selection, their moves… There was only one thing lacking – Chemistry between them which once upon a time worked wonders. Divorce had culminated the eternal bond of togetherness and ultimately it was the end of their magical performance.

From @TheGhostWriterr: I sat beside them in a café & yet didn’t see the chemistry, the blushing, the meeting of their eyes & soft embraces. It was only when my wife left me, I had understood that he had fallen for her all women’s soft-ball team mate & deserted me for her. Love can happen to anyone!

From @roshd: She was 27, he was 40 and divorced with two kids. She was a khandaani successful actress while he was the scion of an erstwhile royal family and an average actor. They shared an amazing chemistry. It was not evident on screen. All their movies together bombed. Maybe it was time to marry he thought.

From @floydianbrahman: It was the last day of school. Four years they sat in the same class, sharing the same notes, laughing at the same jokes, eyeing one another. Hesistation, maybe trepidation. Not today. The lab was at the farthest end of campus. Time lost its meaning. Love bubbled over a long walk to the chemistry class.

From @Gods_Evangelos: Her English was pathetic. She had long hairs. The last benchers made the class a canteen by filling up the benches with packet foods and cold drinks. The moment she turned to teach, everyone was like munching and chattering making the class a café. It was a nice memorable time spent though in 12th Std.

From @shivangiyadav: Periodic sounds of whoosh emanated from the room. Every possible shelf housed beakers, filled with liquids of varied hues. He whistled as the solution turned perfect red. Even after all these years, this made his heart sing. It was normal work day for Cupid. After all, love was nothing but a chemical reaction.

From @bitchwanti: Acid. He put a drop on the mouse in the box. It looked back pleading as its fur burnt. He smiled. He would burn Aradhana's beautiful face tomorrow. That's what he had spent his life studying chemistry for. Revenge. "How dare his mother run away with another man", snarled the 13-year-old.

From @whimsytales: Neither the roses, nor the texts. Neither the closeness, nor the sex. Neither that white shirt, nor that signature cologne. Not even those million conversations on their outdated phones. It's how he completed her, how he knew every expression she wore. She wont miss him much, it's the chemistry she'll miss so much more.

From @lady_shweta: I want to be loved, inside and out, rape my soul, tear me, take away my thoughts but love me. And today i feel so high, like a bird, i can fly freely in the sky.." She jumped off from the high rise building and died. She failed in chemistry and psychedelic chemistry took away her life.

From @ipurplicious: "Aye, you! Stop making noise up there. I'm trying to sleep!", said Roentgenium. "Aye ji, suntey ho, let's get our own place & end this daily drama", Gold said to Silver. Platinum PoinTed & laughed at lonely Mercury who was busy stealing you from flats 112 to 118 to get a HuG. No chemistry anywhere.

From @Life_ambiguous:

Anuradha: "Doctor says I have a problem. And I am imagining that your mother wants to kill me."

Raman: "She doesn’t."

Anuradha: "But I saw her hiding the knife?"

He was looking far away from the window.

Raman: "It’s due to faulty brain chemistry."

His mother entered his room, “Whom are you talking to son?”

From @alksmehta: Mohit and Tanvi's eyes met, time froze.They could feel their hearts connect instantly. The countless meetings brought flood of ecstacy,bestowing passion and different hues of love.Forty years of companionship turned fatal with an accident but in their deathbeds the chemistry between them was still like the fusion of two but one indivisible soul.

From @abstractions_: Adiya was sitting in the front row of the college auditorium at her daughter Nidhi's annual cultural show where she was to perform. Nostalgia had gripped him. He had atteded same college. The place hasnt changed much, Aditya thouht to himself. Same night Nidhi got award from Miss Banerjee, his chmistry professor and first crush.

From @Baba_Bakwaas: They were together for 62 years now and still spent each day, like it was their first. They could barely walk, but together they’d travelled miles. They grew fond of each other every passing day and couldn’t stay off each others’ arms for a moment. They’d kept their love, their romance, their chemistry alive !

From @JaaTeri: Trust me, Chemistry must be a female. After school I thought we'd broken-up, but it would'nt let me go. Every time I fell in love, Chemistry would do wonders initially. Just then this J chemistry would disappear. Then? Another break up. It happened with Ruhi, Juhi, Mona & Lisa. So, Chemistry & I? It's complicated!

From @rinashah: She was a research scientist and kept experimenting with chemicals and studying chemical reactions. She also knew water compositions and different states of water in different temperatures. She had also read on how humans could survive in ice cold water. That is why she could survive from hypothermia that she got in that rafting accident.

From @oxymoronic_me: She entered the well-known coffeehouse. The aroma of coffee permeating all around her. But no. Today was not the day for coffee. She ordered the much talked-about strawberry smoothie. Sitting in the corner she sipped the pink drink. Little knowing, that it was all a part of chemistry with the cochineal beetles extract at Starbucks.

From @ladyclonidine: They didn’t see it like she did, the delicious complexity. How bonds could break and be established. New entities formed that could play havoc or heal. Precise moment, when perfect crystals of wondrous colours and shapes were borne. Tricky groups that could impart shocking behavior. The heat, the energy, sublime. Organic Chemistry, her true love.

From @VBPJS: "How will I know unless you tell it?" Her friend appeared to be ignorant. "Didn't you notice our behaviour?" He reiterated. Though the chemistry was evident, it was the words that mattered to her friend. This was his last chance. He was left with no option but to take the difficult decision of speaking out.

From @OhTeri_: "Chemistry; mystery which nobody knows, once the reaction completes, the history unfolds." Similar were the stories of Chandan and Sunaina. Nobody knew why they were always together. Some doubted they were dating. Some thought they were just flirting. Little did they know, they were meant to be soul-mates post-DEATH. Together, with an accident they met.

From @kaloladeep: It was the time when everyone had their self deception against both of them, The reason was their chemistry, But they both knew that they are not made for each other, after words they decided to be apart and make good chemistry, The result was girl topped in the subject and boy found someone special.

From @writingchalk: Open air makes me claustrophobic. When I’m with you though, in that small, round tube of a place, there is a sense of tranquillity. That’s when I know – I don’t have to explode in anger. The very scent of oxygen hurts me, so I need to be with you forever, Kerosene. With love, from Sodium.

From @drun007: Ashok was out and out an arts student. Parental pressure got him specializing in science. He hated everything about his class - lectures, lab, projects, except Sharanya. He put up with it all only to woo her. She finally fell for him. Final year results were out. Ashok flunked in all subjects, except Chemistry !

From @dhavalmehtas: "went to coffee shop for relief.had ordered cappuccino.there were just one couple in the coffee shop.was about to finish my last sip,she entered (seated two tables far from me)took the menu started flipping it.meantime that couple started fighting.(can't they do fight at their home)at same time she looked up at me and smiled as she got me. Chemistry I said :-)"

From @tweettabulous: They met through a matrimonial site and started talking to each other. Thoughts matched and so did their passions in life. After months of social networking, they decided to meet and seal this bond. They met at the bar, smiled lovingly, held hands and instantly knew they were destined to be just good friends.

From @ghaatidancer: He combed the last strand of hair into place and took one last look in the mirror. He went down the stairs and held his mother's hand as they walked next door. It was her 10th birthday and the day he'd follow his brother's advice and tell her he thought they ''had chemistry''.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Theme 32 - Holiday/Vacation

From @Abhiandnow: “We are on a vacation, going somewhere we don’t know. Who cares, we are on our own. We’ve this minibus, and we’re off to find happiness. We’re drunk, we’re drugged, we’re on a vacation.” Those were his last words before he hit the car and killed a family. He’s going on a long vacation today.

From @tropicalanda: "No more; no more will my spirit be crushed and patched up. No more will I travel to the edge, only to be dragged back by energy so irresistibly pleasing and yet so vice.” There it was when standing on the deck of a cruise ship I opened my laptop and typed, “I resign”. Send

From @gauravjagwani: They were having issues. Constant fighting. The mind was never made up. What made it worse was that there was no middle ground. One said work is important. The other said play. It was never going to be work and play. One day, he ignored the voices in his head and went on a break.

From @SteelySilence: It was her first vacation abroad when she met him. They ate, drank, travelled and eventually slept together. The next week, she left for home without any promises of another meeting, disappointing him. “How was your vacation” her husband asked as she unpacked. “A journey into an alternate universe” she replied with a mysterious smile.

From @MitigatedLying: All she needed was a break with someone who was around but didn't have a say. A peaceful place with lingering silence. A loved one she could count on with her dark secrets and sinful deeds. She needed a holiday. She opened the drawer and took out the syringe. Nothing better than a good-ol' drug.

From @ToobaFazlani: The last vacation he'd been to Simla. He found her there. Beautiful, charming, elegant, flawless. Love at first sight! She worked at the local grocery. At night, when he went to talk to her, what he saw was heart-breaking. There by the corner of the building was his girl in torn clothes, bleeding to death.

From @IndianIdle: Rajat came home from office, tired and bathing in sweat. His brother Pinak was lying on the sofa watching TV with a beer in hand. ”What did you do whole day, lazy ass?” “Nothing chilled at home, bunked today” said Pinak. Rajat kicked him mockingly. He missed a holiday in disguise.

From @zushk: The golf buggy dropped us off. The first thing we did was jump into the abnormally large pool. Three hours later, we were cycling down the green slopes with water-logged ears. Dinner was a late, long affair that night, under Orion the Hunter. Nobody would have guessed that we were meeting after 11 long years.

From @wekneweachother: In the flight to Hamilton during Christmas, our son innocently asked: ‘Mom, what’s that smell?’ Puzzled, I turned to him and he yelled: ‘Smells horrible!’ I looked at my husband to check his expression if he’d farted but he seemed OK. I looked at my mother-in-law seated beside our son and she winked at me.

From @drun007: @drun007: Aman planned this perfect holiday ten years back. He never had time for a vacation. There was always work. Now living his dream he thought about his parents who were no more, kids who preferred being with friends, siblings & friends and their own lives. Looking into Neha's eyes, he saw his life so imperfect.

From @QuratZafar: For thirty years Ghulam Rasool worked, hoping that one day the pension would afford him and his wife a vacation. When he finally sent his son to collect the money, he brought home a gold set for his wife. He said his parents were almost dead: they might as well give something to their children.

From @rootkanal: She laughed, I grinned. She ran across the pristine beach with her long, flowing dress flying behind her. I followed. She promised me the world. I knew her's was here. She swam towards the sunset, her eyes asked me to follow. As I watched the waves embrace her, I knew my vacation romance had ended.

From @unendingquest: That unexplainable vacation she took to her dream destination with strangers. Bizarre and Astonishing. She saw someone getting mugged, someone drowning, someone dying, someone traumatized, that fear in someone's eyes, crying and shattered souls. She saw more than she signed for. But she met LIFE. She initiated her quest for soul searching and humble living.

From @roshd: It was the most mind-blowing sex she had with him in two years, while vacationing in Kodaikanal. Rajan had ended his affair with that bitch Renu and Shirley was glad to have him completely to herself. Eyes closed, Rajan wondered if he would be able to make love to his wife without fantasizing about Renu.

From @Realfartshady: "Oh-Oh!” yelled mom as she saw the weather update on her phone. "It's gonna rain on Sunday, our barbecue plans are spoiled!" "Calm down." I told her. "I'll wind away all the mist with my huge propeller." On Sunday, my propeller bulldozed earth into a different orbit, which even scientists from NASA couldn't do.

From @swaravali: At the peak of winter we got into our suv, heater on, hot chocolate, some lovely music. The overnight drive took us to our destination. The sun peaking through the fog took our breath away. We walked around the whole day, drove back home all night. Are holidays merely about the location and duration?

From @michramiah: She unzipped her suitcase, and unpacked her clothes, toiletries and books. She glanced out the window, checking the view this time. She hopped onto the bed, and waited. She was there so often, it was like her vacation spot, her second home. The nurse hooked her onto the drip, and went to call her doctor.

From @supaarwoman: She left it all behind her. Her phone was switched off; she had no access to the Internet. “Heaven,” he smiled, inhaling the cold wind. Meditatively, she stared at the sky, her thoughts drifting through several subjects. Bunnies, pink motorcycles, Rohan, his lips, deadlines. “I’m on vacation!” she sighed, switching on her phone. “Hello boss?”

From @Saiyona: Her 24th birthday had to be special but his flight got delayed and suddenly all plans seemed to be crashing. He pulled a few strings and made it just in time. This dream was real. Just the two of them. A weekend getaway. Goa. A Nude beach. Candle-lit dinner and a whisper, “Happy Birthday Love”.

From @vivekisms: It would be a long vacation, he thought to himself. No one would go back mid-way and there would be no cancellations. There would be wine, the summer sun, food, and lots of trees. He would make this a vacation to remember. He wistfully looked at the packed trunk of books that would accompany him.

From @NumbYaar: He’d seen the highest mountains and the deepest sea; his wanderlust had taken him places. Yet this time, he felt like never before. It wasn’t the prettiest or finest destination. Yet it evoked inexplicable emotions. He was back to his birthplace after 25 years, without the vaguest recollection of what it was like.

From @ladyclonidine: It was their 25th Anniversary honeymoon- Bahamas. She sat alone in the hotel bar. A gin & tonic stood before her. She imagined how it would burn her throat, how that tingle would spread and numb the pain. So thirsty. She lifted the drink, inhaled the pungent vapour, took a sip and said his name.

From @TracyDeSouza: On reaching home, we found notes like “I’m going on vacation. If you need more sugar, tea or rice, the pantry is well stocked.” This is how we knew she was going, but we didn't know where or for how long. A week later they found her body.

From @sumitrai100: The paper listed 30 items for 30 days. She could serve only 13.War terminated all vacations. Her son had to go. Years rolled. The paper got framed and was now hanging on the wall. The old, wrinkled eyes kept watching and wished for another vacation, another chance to complete it. The list remained unfinished.

From @Marwaari: It’s been so long we had our good time. I miss our being together. Remember, the last time we met at Simla. Those three days were bliss. The best time I ever had in my life. Let’s take another holiday. Do reply. *SMS sent* FUCK, I'm DEAD!! I sent that SMS to Wife!

From @theslumdawg: Wake up at 8:30am. Reach railway-station to catch 9:25am train, Reach Grant Road by 10:18am, Reach workplace by 10:30am, Spend 10 hours at workplace, Reach Grant road to catch 9:25pm train, Reach Borivali by 10:28pm, Reach hotel by 10:45pm to get drunk, Reach home by 11:45pm, Go to sleep at 12:30am. I need a vacation.

From @purplebrains: The townspeople remarked about the slightly bad odour coming from the rosewood cottage on the forest lane. It was a home-for-hire and the new tenant had stepped out only once. He came around to purchase fava beans and chianti. Perhaps the residents of this peaceful hamlet were unaware that Hannibal Lecter only took working vacations.

From @MinolAjekar - Papa said it was a real vacation. Maybe, but padded walls, jacketed uniforms, styrofoam cutlery? Well room service was good and meals were hot and on time. Back to playing with Laura, delightful playmate. She only plays with me because she says only I truly see her for what she is. I am not complaining.

From @mildnarcissist: With her heart in a jar, she headed to a land unknown. She thought she’d set it free. She dreamed and she was sad. Even cried sometimes. Tremulous and waiting to let it all go with the flow, to build a new sand castle of hope. Only to return to the land of known.

From @designerfoo: It felt as a nightmare of a resigned dream. To her, it was all there and nowhere. Her footsteps lead up to her. She knew the waves wouldn't let them be. Yesterday, she was walking with another’s' footsteps. But yesterday was a vacation and today a reality.

From @madrasmad:

The rock band was writing their next song.

“Let me take you to the cabin by the stream, where nobody can hear you scream”

“We need something more tender.”

“Let me take you to see my grandma, who..”

“Just came out of a coma?”

“Let me take you far away, you’d like a h-o-l-i-d-a-y”


From @akshayabansal: I wish to write something dark and morbid but happy thoughts engulf my mind. Oh, how I aspire to be different from others, but I fall flat on my face every time. Constructing verses shouldn't be this cumbersome, I've done this all my life.... Maybe I just need to retire to the countryside.

From @_Nehu: Arrange marriage and first vacation together. Introvert he was, she was shy. He offered his hand, she trusted him. Hand in hand they walked on a lovely beach. Silence broke into words, words into feeling and then it turned in Love. Love which would never lasts. Vacation to cherish lifetime - the honeymoon.

From @swatiitweet: She slipped her henna laced fingers through his as they lay on the sands of the Caribbean beaches. It was the vacation they had planned since long. She looked with pride at her lover who stole her heart and the groom’s money. He remained locked somewhere in the hotel bathroom on their supposed wedding day.

From @jhayu: Fight with me, nephew, he said. We'll crush them, he said. Oh, look at me, I'm the almighty Cron-dog. I'm going to win. Idiot. Now I'm stuck here, keeping grandfather from getting laid. Fuck this job. Fuck Zed. Fuck his little punishment assignment. I'm out of here. Atlas shrugged.

From @sshweta93: The office bustled with people. Sitting in her cabin, Emma observed how her colleagues couldn't contain their excitement. Christmas was just a day away but Emma never understood what was the hunky-dory all about. Grim, humorless and a workaholic, she had no family. For her, the 25th was just another date. A mere holiday.

From @TheFraudMallu: In an excitement he rushed out of the examination hall like every year to celebrate his summer freedom, forgetting how this excitement had orphaned him last summer.

From @Sanch_N: She stepped out taking in the crisp spring air. Midterm holidays had begun and she couldn't wait to see her boyfriend. She turned around and saw a blue-jeep stop before her. A handsome man walked out, he looked at her and said, "I'm sorry grandma, but we have to take you back to the asylum."

From @rbd_sqrl: His subconscious mind flirted with reason. Opium had taken logic prisoner. He could see it all. The incense-bearing tree and those yellow spots on the green grass. A spot his possessed mind had devised for him. The pleasure dome and the damsel stood before him. He started scribbling away about the virtual vacation – Kubla Khan.

From @sahilk: While heading to the airport I had always seen road signs with symbols for goats and camels. Never had seen a herd until today. We really do have Bedouins. I wonder if their kids go to school. No school means no summer holidays. But a holiday for them would be from one oasis to another?

From @SugarsNSpice: It was a vacation I promised myself. A soulful conversation I waged within to actualize. Splintered were the wings when I took the step. I am still wandering like a vagabond. All I gained were smiles, gathered on way, from strangers of time. I lie on the sand to breathe the breeze carrying lost tales.

From @anushreekejriwa: It was their first holiday after wedding, a time when they could understand each other the most. The picturesque locales set a perfect backdrop for a fairytale. However, she met someone there who made her feel complete and they fell in love. It wasn't meant to be but what was it meant to be?

From @ipurplicious: He worked, through his teens, to provide for his widow mom & unmarried sister. Couldn't go to college and get a fancy degree like his colleagues but managed to work his way up to a respectable post. Once, he decided to take a day off. Fate has different plans. That day, he won the million dollar lottery.

From Ruby Mathew: Summer Vacations always reminded her of family get-together. It was a time when all the cousins used to meet, laugh and play all day, get pampered by uncles and aunt’s, bedtime stories by grandma…. But the frequency of all this reduced as time passed by. She still misses them.

From @rohwit: He picked up all the bags (smiling all along) knowing that he would finally get a day off. He got to the right compartment and stormed in. Putting those bags in the railways compartment he waited to get a tip. A tip that would ensure he takes his mother to haaji ali, in a taxi.

From @vagabondinact: The phone cradled on her left shoulder, she looked over her right, to check the screen, again. The red insistently blinked on the phone while her whole desk vibrated with the incoming on her mobile. It was 1.00 pm; eying the untouched breakfast on the table, she sighed at the advent of another holiday season.

From @salonitia: Clouds all around me seemed as if they were talking to me, nice and fluffy, so soft. I laughed and giggled. A bird flew by, ignoring my presence, I did it miss me, did it not get cared, what happened? Then I looked below and saw my body, I’m on a permanent vacation!!!

From @irrationalnumb: “God must have created you in His vacation”. He was smitten from day one but she only married him after he wrote an insurance policy. They were vacationing in Pacific. She pushed him and sharks had nice dinner. “God’s never on vacation. I ensure it. It was in fact my vacation”, the devil laughed.

From @theghostwriterr: I met Celine during my holiday in Ireland. Chemistry worked & passion flowed, promises were made only for us to part ways 3months later. Some people come in our lives only to help us turn over a new chapter; End of a chapter doesn’t mean we stop writing. There’s a fairytale for everyone to write.

From @rinashah: The ice chilling water of Beas and getting ready for the white water rafting was so exciting for her that even though she was dead nervous, she was all set. They started sailing, water splashing and she was enjoying, shouting with the thrill, suddenly her life jacket lock broke and she went into the river.

From @kaloladeep: Holiday plans were entrenched, Just in few moments all the dreams of making it big was about to start, But don't know what went wrong, A thought struck his mind and dream of it took hours, Till then exams completed and time to submit the supplementary started, plans ruined with a FF in last exam!

From @tunnvi: She was back home to her loving dog. She was back home to mashed potatoes and steak for dinner every night. But the first thing she did was to take a bath. The vacation soothes the mind but a shower cleanses the lingering residue of the days after the vacation. And that’s what she believed!

From @bitchwanti: The gnarled roots caught around her ankles as she climbed the hill. Scent of Nilgiri leaves drifted into her nostrils. Up-ahead, his hair shone against a rising sun. She felt happy after a long time. Startled, she opened her eyes, when someone shook her. Mortified, she looked at the boss. "On a vacation?” he asked.

From @Life_ambiguous: She heard the waves dancing on the shore. She ran on the sand, letting it feel her feet like a lover. She moved embracing the naughty wind. Few fisher men looked at her and she blushed as if caught with her lover. This vacation was different, she felt content as if after making love.

From @Freelosopher: Bal-Krishnan Murugan was a devout Hindu. He would undertake the pilgrimage to the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple located in Tirupati, every year. He would seek Lord Venkateswara's blessings and get his head tonsured as an offer to Lord Balaji. Meanwhile, Bal-Krishnan's combs would enjoy a two-month vacation after each of his annual visits.

From @mizarcle: I promised I would do a “Eat. Pray. Love” I would go to places undiscovered to discover myself. Instead, increasingly I found myself doing the “Drink. Play. F@#k.” On the downward spiral, I promised myself it would end. I would go on that vacation. Well a promise is a promise. Even when it is broken.

From @captain_speakin: They had planned it together, every minute of it. All she had to do was take that flight to where he was. She didn't show. He didn't ask. She had reasons, he didn't want to know. She held on, even when he let go. The vacation she didn't want to remember but couldn't forget.

From @abstractions_: She remembered how they met some 22 years ago on holiday with their respective families. Fell in love and everything that followed. She was busy making pasta for son who is coming back tonight from long holiday in UK. She came out and looked at that smiling photo on the wall. Time flies.

From @lady_shweta: you should always write, what your heart strongly feels about" he said. "What should I write.., that I never had any fancy holidays..." I said. He interrupted "Do you remember that summer vacation when your cousin kissed you for the 1st time ?" "Ah..that" I said and started writing.

From @dark_gal: I was happy. It was a change. They called it a miracle. They thought I mend my ways. I liked the irony. I played along. I kill for a living, not just a phase, I said. Yes, my swords, knives, hammers and nails were packed away. They are on a vacation, and so am I.

From @Kantaap: The doctor entered the patient’s room. “Heart attack, eh?” asked the doctor. “So they say. Truth be told, it was life’s way of asking me to slow down. Lying in bed, having someone look after me? Best vacation I’ve had in ages.” The doctor smiled. He’d cancelled his holiday when the emergency call came in.

From @Oven_Tikka: She was tired of being stuck in one place for so long. As romantic and enchanting Paris was, she couldn’t wait to get out and explore the world. There was only so much you could look at the Eiffel Tower, she thought bitterly. But she remained standing where she was. In that snow globe forever.

From @lucifer_sam666: She returned like she did every year for 9 years for a holiday to their favourite destination. It was after all her daughters birthday today, she was beaming joy and headed straight to the river to be with her where she had lost her 9 years ago.

From @Engineus: He entered the room just as the nurse tiptoed away. The boy was lying still on the bed as his parents gathered around. The mother started sobbing silently as the father held her. It was time. As the machine numbers steadily dropped, he smiled to himself and thought, “This boy is lucky I’m on vacation.”

From @tweettabulous: Summer vacations were the highlight of his young life; a trip to the hill station at his grandparents’ cottage. Exams finished and his thoughts filled with beautiful apple orchards, playing with the vacation-friends and being carefree. Fate had other plans though; terrorists attacked the town and killed everyone. Vacations made his skin crawl now.

From @MystiquePai: I'm on an island. Sitting on the deck of this beach cottage with a beer, blinding blue ocean as far as I can see. It's beautiful. No work, no deadlines, no stress. I've been here for a month...and I'm BORED. I need a break from my vacation.

From @writingchalk: “Toro! Toro!” I yelled as the bull raged at me. Its hard, pointy horns were literally staring at my guts. I provoked it to no end, until I felt its horn piercing my arm, drawing blood like water. “Where to today?” the doctor asked, applying cotton. “Barcelona. Tomorrow, it’s France. What do you say, doc?”

From @Gods_Evangelos: I named the Album “Engineering Ends with a Bang”. I was just back from the trip to Mount Abu. The two day trip along with Dad was just fantabulous. I got a permanent tattoo which said “Om Shanti”. Dad always took care of such short trips whenever mugging up for exams had exhausted me completely.

From @JaaTeri: As Ruhi's father ran towards me, I could see fire in his eyes. I had married his daughter against his will. I figured out his motive as he threw something at me. I hit it straight for a six. Team Juniors won! Cricket with family is so much fun when you are on a holiday.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Theme 31 - Deception

From @gauravjagwani: It was not meant to be. Their relationship tore apart when the truth was revealed. He believed in it. He thought it was going to be the last. The one. However, his partner did not reciprocate. His partner did not emote any feelings. You can't expect from a lab clone. It was not It.

From @Oven_Tikka: Sweat rolled down her brow and into her eye. “Ow!” she yelped, frustration making her stamp her feet. Whoever said this was easy was not right in the head she thought. Hands on her hips, she let out a string of colourful expletives and got back to the deceptively simple task of making round chapatis.

From @TheHummerus: She could feel the cold steel brushing against her, as she realized she was pinned to the track by a force that only wanted her to be still till the train arrived. As sweat trickled down her forehead, the salesman switched off the light and asked: “Did you like the new projection system?”

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: Jeff kept walking around trying to look for Joey. This had become routine for Jeff. Joey would put Jeff on a wild goose hunt every day. “Where are you?” thought Jeff. He then saw something move gingerly on the curtain rods. It was Joey, his pet chameleon the Master of Deception, Camouflage.

From @WickdWeirdWitch: She was hi-profile cancer doctor. He came for biopsy. It was love @first sight for her. He was devastated when she told him he'd six months to live. He'd no family. She became his pillar of strength. She proposed. He was escastic. Wedding night, she confessed "To get you, I faked your biopsy reports."

From @wekneweachother: Let me put on some red lipstick and I’ll show him what I’ve got. Talking to herself in the mirror left no chance of illusion. Her mind was calm and her intentions were crystal clear. The reflection looked like a witch and she immediately smeared the lipstick. I’ll play victim for him. All hail deception!

From @Marwaari: Murder was nearly perfect. "Do you have a suspect?" The commissioner asked. "Yes. We will have the murderer on our hands in few minutes" I said. The moment the husband of the murdered lady arrived, I ordered the arrest. "I never told him the place of murder. He arrived on his own" I said slyly.

From @quratzafar: Bile rises in her throat, her heart is fluttering like a caged bird but her breasts are running dry, her child is wailing and this infant, this little child will die of hunger with her. She has to sell her daughter to monsters. The biggest deception is that the girl thinks she is getting married.

From @Life_Ambiguous: Ananya felt his lips on hers, opened her eyes. She tried to accept the reality. He called every alternate day from there, said "miss you." Ananya was left only with questions. Three years of closeness and suddenly he met Nirali. He was there on honeymoon. Ananya was perplexed, "Whom is he deceiving; me, Nirali or himself?"

From @IndianIdle: Death was circling over him. He could not even ask for help as his had been parted from his herd. Running from his demise he saw a tree, he ran and climbed over it. He closed his eyes, hoping for a miracle. Perplexed, the Eagle went away. The baby chameleon learned the art of deception.

From @SugarNSpices_: His eyes emitted deception. All she saw was love. The naiveté met her beguiler to lose the chess of life. He was a clever one, convincing of a ‘she’ as a family obligation. She believed in the souls. One day, reality stuck, lies exposed wide open. The liaison ended. She broke, He fell in love.

From @funny_swamy: He is deceiving wife and kids. His ailing mother is bedridden for five years. He has stopped mother’s medicines for two weeks. He isn’t tired to wipe her tears every day, but can’t stand her painful eyes. Medicines are, after all, just painkillers. He knew, doctors knew, mother knew but his wife and kids didn’t...

From @roshd: Lokneta completed the second day of his indefinite fast. His selfless crusade against corruption in the government had captivated the nation. The press hailed him as the Father of New India. Pandit from the right-wing opposition was closeted with him late that night as he sipped nimbu-paani. “Here’s new dope on our Coal Minister”.

From @mitigatedlying: Age had deceived her. But that was least of her concerns. What lied ahead for her sons concerned her. They stood there, drenched in blood. Her heart was drenched in wine. To kill them or not was playing in her mind. She proceeded with a knife in her hands, a smile on her lips.

From @RootKanal: ‘No love, that’s not true! I love you!’ tears streaming down her face she kissed him delicately and looked him in the eyes. ‘I wouldn’t believe for a second that you loved someone else,’ said he. She whimpered and snuggled against him. ‘Thank God’ she thought. ‘Thank God she doesn’t know’ thought he.

From @mizarcle: Enchanted by the stillness of your sheet covered naked body, I want to tell you the truth. Dig deep into the abyss of my heart and tell you the truth. This is fun. This is good. For me. For my ego. I have to lie. I deceive myself. Lips quiver. Eyes open. “I love you.”

From @Abhiandnow: “Can I also play?” Chotu asked. “But he’s a servant’s kid.” They all thought. “I think we should play hide and seek,” Abhinav suggested and winked at everyone else. Chotu was excited; he knew a perfect place to hide. He is still hiding there from past 15 days, waiting for someone to find him.

From @UnendingQuest: No, he wasn't that bright a kid at school. Yet, he tricked his way to a better living. Deception was his occupation, his faith, his religion. He thought he owned the world. The little he knew that there's "God Almighty-Master of the game". He had all the pleasures of life but he also had AIDS.

From @MissBlurrii: She begged her brother to give his abode. The youngest that he was, happily sacrificed it for her. Today he stands alone in a tiny home; while she moved on to fill her 2nd home. Miss Itsy bitsy was dealing with her pricey possessions; whereas he was left with a bunch full battles.

From @sahilk: The deception is as good as the art of perception. Make someone truly believe something and you’ve got them eating off your hands. Like how it’s more convenient to live here with the tax-free income, air conditioned houses, cheap petrol, Chevrolet taxis and the likes. There’s no point in telling them about the expensive mangoes.

From @sshweta93: He was the epitome of treachery. Creating illusions was an effortless task. Disappearance was a skill, he had mastered. Cheating death was his favourite game. Camouflage; his best weapon. No one was aware of the surprises he could conceal. To deceive, was his job. He was never unveiled. A charming enchanter; a magician, he was.

From @NumbYaar: She woke up with a start. Something just didn’t feel right. She switched on her laptop to get the shock of her life. Her timeline had vanished, no ‘twitterati’ found. Her controversial tweets flashed, the ground beneath her was gone. Twitter and ‘tweeps’ never existed. She had fallen prey to a well planned deception.

From @melittlepixie: They met at a masquerade party. He was the masked demon. She was the veiled witch. Obscure conversations mixed perfectly with scotch and wine. After which, they headed towards his place. The man took off his mask. ‘Your turn’, he said with a smile. ‘I’m not wearing a mask’, she said with an evil laugh.

From @Neelanjana_B : "Whenever he came on stage, he claimed it. You know the art of conquering with just a tint of smile? He was its unique master; magician of them mortals. A mere ticket was their stairway to fiction and the spotlight, an incarnation of his monarchy. The affair lasted till they paid; deception was always intended."

From @thebigdowg: She was a spy on mission. He was kind & an easy target. She gave him all pleasures of life to gain entry to his country. He proposed. She accepted. They went to meet her family for blessings. Next day, she & her family were found dead. He was a spy too. Mission, accomplished.

From @Hope_vs_Destiny: There were two voices from within; he wondered whether to press the SEND button asking her out to coffee. He finally relented to a voice within. Reply came hours later, NO with excuses that made no-sense. What his heart assumed as mutual was only one sided. Deception of his own heart, a lifeless stone now.

From @kingoFlames:

Commissioner Gordon.

I'm not a man of many faces. The Mask I wear is one. Nobody knows my reality. I hide it, with this mask. This mask defines me, rules me. I'm nothing without it. But, Batman is my true identity. Everyday, I deceive, none save myself. I've mastered the art of Deception.


From @TheOtherBanana: A night as lonely as the moon. Silver splinters of light filtering through the trees. Dark pathways, unbound by the weight of travellers of yore, for it was freshly etched out. The drag of my body in the silence of the wind. You said I would be safe. But the dagger you held said otherwise.

From @tripteased: She had become a known quantity to him,though not in aspects she'd have wanted. She never took it in the quintessential womanly way of thinking.It wasn't a thing of emotion for her,despite all the liking for him, a thing of being perhaps. What started with as a means of self-deciet, had come a long way.

From @DMysticFille_: Despondent. Deceived. Languished. Afraid yet fearless. Indecisive. She decided to give up on life. And there she stood at the edge of the terrace of that skyscraper. She opened her hands wide, closed her eyes and welcomed death. She opened her eyes again after eight months. Death duped her too.

From @swaravali: He saw her on the road, ducked his head and drove past. Why was he avoiding his own mother??? He was seeing her after many years even though they lived in the same city. Then it dawned on him that when guilt gets the better of you, it is nothing but deception.

From @Capt_Ck: "Deception" was an art in Air Combat, he learnt it too late!! He pulled hard right at max "g" forces deploying chaff/flares, he thought he fooled the missile for a few seconds until the missile warning beep grew louder and it was all over in a flash! He said "Ya Allah"..!!

From @_Nehu: Her deceptive smile caught his attention in a crowded pub. He went to the parking lot following her, miraculously the seducing look on her face changed to violent one. With gun she shot him to take revenge of her sister's death. She broke into tears, tears which were waiting for this moment.

From @ThWanderingSoul: Dear diary, He beat me up thrice today. He even slapped Bani once. What was her fault? She was only crying out for her mother. For me. Do i blame my mom? Yes. She told me he'll keep me happy. She told me i'll be fine. I'm not. I'm miserable. She knew. She lied.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Gareth was a VIP at Casino Royale. Blackjack was his game. It was his seventh visit and he had lost 10 lacs till now. The House loved such clients. If only they knew that he was nicknamed Lucky Seven in the Las Vegas circuit as that's when he would swipe the House clean in one night.

From @anushreekejriwa: He was told that hard work bears fruit and the world rewards talent. He was craving to make a mark for himself. With confidence he went ahead just to realize that nothing speaks more than power and money. He felt deceived and confused. He now sits disillusioned trying to decipher between right and wrong.

From @irrationalnumber: He met K daily with the 55-word story theme. He was a nincompoop so his witty friend K conjured up stories for him. Today’s theme prompted him to unveil it. He wanted to ask him to spell a secret delving tale but couldn’t locate him, even after standing for hours in front of the mirror.

From @thebongbabe: Her eyes conveyed her passion. Her full lips curved tantalizingly at the sight of him, the deep blush speaking volumes about her feelings. He felt blessed to have met her - gorgeous, intelligent and so in love with him. He shared his heart and soul unreservedly. She waited for him to share that bank account.

From @steelysilence: The sword slices the beautiful curved flesh without a drop of blood on the lustrous wooden stage. Gasps follow as the shiny weapon is pulled back and the body comes back to life, bowing and smiling. Children laugh happily as their horror has been defeated, it was just magic! Deception was his bread and butter.

From @Ad_Coelum: The guy selling pipes at the chowk in Mcleodganj sold it to me. He said ”You sure?” I smiled, took the packet and set off for the trek. Sitting at a rocky edge, I rolled and lit one. Surprisingly, I coughed..blood. Clutching my throat, I rolled off the edge spraying crimson stains on the sky.

From @shawnlewis: I was 12 when I first saw a dead body. I had only seen them on the television before. Men wearing black suits stood all around as the pallbearers carried the coffin towards the cemetery. They prayed and threw mud into the grave. That was also the first time I saw a 12 year old being buried.

From @dark_gal: I have four hands, a couple of eyes and strive on Titanium. I was 118 last year, and in the next 15 months, I’d be 42. The microray oven doesn’t fit anymore in the closet and neither does my wife and husband in my pocket. If you’re wondering why, stop thinking, I just deceived you.

From @captain_speakin: The black dress Jane chose wear that night made her ivory skin glow. She went around talking to her guests, smiling and laughing like she always did. She was the perfect hostess. The deception had worked again; No one had noticed the story her kohl laden eyes were telling. She had mastered the art.

From @Freelosopher: The Holy Trinity of l, 1 and I have been at it since ages. S has 5 and many of us dancing to her curves. But when it comes to the art of deception, no one does it better than that irresistible duo of O and 0. Thankfully for us, 0 has been exercising regularly.

From @akshayabansal: Racing through the alley, looking over his shoulder from time-time, as Police sirens pierced the air in the peace of midnight. A bullet forced its way into his chest as a shadow lurked around to recover the heist. He looked up to see, his partner standing there with smoke emanating from his Colt45.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: On one hand was a path he was meant to be on, and on the other was his family, blissfully ignorant of the dilemma. A choice between living his reality and living their dream. Between telling them that he’s in love with another man and marrying a woman of their choice, what would he do?

From @vagabondinact: She squinted her eyes and looked harder. It was so near, she only had to stretch out her hand and it would be hers, forever. She did. Suddenly, she was plummeting down. The blotter in her hand fluttered down with her. Her ‘trip’ lasted 17 seconds and ended with a thud. Games, the mind played!

From @vahishta: She ran, using her brains, guns and her magnificent, genetically modified physique to defeat the traps set by the mysterious, mocking voice. The thought of her reward kept her going, till she made it to The Place Behind The Walls. “What do you mean, the cake is a LIE?!” She screamed as the song played.

From @ritukarthik: An accomplished person you’d say. He had everything going for him and almost everyone he knew was envious of his life. Beautiful loving wife, lovely kids a booming business. His pretty perfect life. His thoughts kept wandering to that one night. That gorgeous man in his arms. For how long could he keep deceiving himself?

From @Gods_Evangelos:He was from a middle-class family. Always lived a satisfactory life and in name of God he believed. His wishes were none just a life of happiness. One thought of earning wholesome perturbed him and he lost INR 2 lakhs. It was a huge amount for him. His savings were doomed. He still smiles doubtlessly.

From @alksmehta: It was love at first when Gauri met Ibrahmin that evening. Marriage followed and thereafter the sexual encounters. An expression of love suddenly changed to sexual harassment adding to Gauri's trauma each day now. One day the news of a nymphomaniac killer on the run devasted her and deception took over love!

From @HelenofAhoy: He was her almost lover. They were meant to be together. But fate deceived her. He is gone. Forever. Just last night, they had a fight. She yelled, “Go to hell!” and he left. She still believes he’ll come back. She knows, she's deceiving herself. Denial is keeping her alive right now.

From @ipurplicious: "Let me GO! What have I done to you? Please don't rape me.", she screamed. As Karan came closer, she screamed louder. He heard someone unlock the door, got scared and jumped out the window. Her husband saw her traumatized and called 911. The doctors found a tumor in her head which caused the hallucination.

From @tunnvi: For the traveler, the perception is exacerbated by the absence of deceptively reassuring routines, typical of sedentary, which make us believe that there is going to remain as is for some time. He believed every moment was last because it was unique. She closed the book and said, "Even I wanna see that world someday".

From @ladyclonidine: After months of pursuing, tonight he would bury himself deep within her. Fine dining and back to his place. He kissed her aching breasts, flat stomach and slowly moved down. To his surprise instead of something wet and welcoming, he found something hard and throbbing. She smiled nervously and said “Your baby’s got a secret…”

From @Itemboi: Finally the day came. After months of online rendezvous, they met. She was five drinks down when he asked her 'your place or mine?' She smiled and whisked him away to the restroom. Vacant to engaged. Lust was in the air. He kissed. She went down. Unzipped. "Bastard! Liar! You said it was eight inches!"

From @shivangiyadav: The phone pinged. She knew it was him, knew what he would say. They went through these phases of furious texting. She would get upset; he would try to woo her back. She knew they were on a journey to nowhere. So what was she doing with him? Deceiving her loneliness, she replied.

From @TheGhostWriterr: Liz a Poetry Major ended up being a single mom & a nursery teacher for all the money she could make in a day’s time. Little did people around her knew, she doubled up as a Stripper at night to support her child. In an Ironic way she had to master the Art of deception

From Payal Parmar: Self deception is the worst deception in this world. She kept telling herself that she was not in love with him. Definitely not. She simply liked the way he caressed her. The way he looked at her and lazily smiled. The way his smile would sometimes turn into a full-throated laughter. Just that. Not love.

From @salonitia: Is that really it? I can't believe it !! Is it an illusion? It can't be so deceptive ?No no no no!!! Yes,yes,yes!!! I rub my eyes again, and again ,and again! A room full of chocolates! A room full of sweets ! Oh the life of a twelve year old boy,full of deceptions!

From @drun007 : Newly wed Bharat and Anju reached Goa. Anju suddenly seemed upbeat. Since the wedding three days ago, she's been unwell. She wanted to talk. Bharat was thrilled. "Am sorry, Karan is the one I want to be with. He is here to take me." Even before he learnt, Bharat had forgotten to love a woman.

From @bitchwanti: The gold necklace glittered. It shone, like a ray of sunlight itself had descended into the water. On a snow white towel is glowed. "Here's your necklace, madam, as good as new", said the salesman. Ananya glowed with happiness. A few days later, the necklace lost its sheen. The chemical had robbed it of its life. All that glitters is not gold.

From @VBPJS: H liked S & S had the same feeling towards H. Destiny made them to part and they agreed to remain in touch. S was on the way to travel very far & H could not resist trying contact S only to realise that dreams appear to become true until being deceived in reality.

From @JaaTeri: She stood there stark-naked. Images from the past ran across my mind - a friend's warning, "something is wrong."; my dog's bark; "I'm not what I seem to be.", she had once winked. This was worse than a nightmare. Few years back, this lady was a man! Well. "We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves."

From @milapthakrar: He was goin on his brand new bike wearing Varsace glares ... He saw her , she Deceived him such by closing one eye of her on him .... He was flat and hit a old man ,who was her father .... And the story ends before starting ...;)

From @sumitrai100: She has died 25 times in last week. She left home for him and he sold her to pimp. Faith was butchered. She never expected a deception from him. But here she is caged in a room. Only thing she hears is her own tears falling on the floor. The door opens. 26th death has arrived.

From @kaloladeep: Element of surprise on the exam desk! He was moving first time in rhythm towards the completion of course book, A friend guided not to go through, because of its obsolescence, He thought it was his self deception that's acting. At End, realized he was true, till then nothing left except sleeping 3 hours. Blank!

From @tweettabulous: Being seven and forever sick ain't fun, Ria missed playing outdoors with the other kids. Her mother had told her she was very weak and couldn't risk being out. Red, blue, yellow and green pills kept little Ria alive. Little did she know those were M&Ms; her mom wanted her safe from the cruel world.

From @vivekisms: Their marriage needed something else. They decided on a threesome. That should get it going somewhere, they wondered. The date was set. The time, fixed. His best friend was invited. He knew every pore of her body well-enough.

From @Kantaap: He’d see her from across the street. Everyday, he’d smile and wave and she would too. Everyday, he’d imagine a thousand possibilities, his own esteem holding him back. After picturing the scene over and over again in his mind, he finally approached her. It was up close that he saw the ring on her finger.

From @xmanishaa: Coped up with their own respective jobs, they had everything. She was a big doctor, he worked in a bank. They were a perfect couple. Well, that's what it seemed like.

From @Anjana_Anjaanii: Dark as the night with her never ending legs displayed- gorgeous isn’t he- thought she- and juicy too. The moonlight came flooding in silhouetting his hairy outline. The familiar thrill of anticipation caught up with her. There was no hesitation left- ‘walk into my parlor?’ she softly said.

From @KonfusedKhopadi : The innocence of childhood , villains who were dumb , superheros who were always there to save the world . I realise it was all a deception when I walk in this cruel world .

From @Dooffuus: You think you can get away? With all these words? These stories? From restless minds? And broken hearts? You think I cannot look through you? You believe God? You think He cannot deceive you? Only the devils do? Or are you the one who thinks who deceives? Well, I have just deceived you now. Go figure!

From @madrasmad: Nothing like watching a live concert! We drove about 50 km to get to the auditorium, and finally made it to our assigned places, just on time. What lovely hits they belted out! I was euphoric! And then, it happened. The lead singer and guitarist fell off the stage, but the vocals and music continued.

From @VijCheers: He was excited and why he wouldn’t be, it was his first night after marriage. The bride was there, sitting on rose-laden bed veiling her face with embarrassment supported by her lovely wedding dress. Without arguing with the boner he slowly unveiled the bride and there she was … with her crossed-eyes. Ultimate KLPD!

From @lucifer_sam666: Her pupils dilated with every inch she moved forward straining to discern the figure, searching for any familiarity as they came closer she wondered if she too was looking at her, scrutinising every contour on her face one by one, they met, their eyes, in her reflection like strangers.