Saturday, September 14, 2013

Theme 224 - Breath

From @mizarcle: 

Walls come in closer, 
Slowly but surely. 
Walls close in slowly, 
Inch by inch, creeping in. 
No way to escape, 
No door in sight. 
Then comes a point when you realise, 
With a sudden with a lightning jolt, 
That there is nothing you can do, 
Except breathe.

From @lucidillusions_ : 

She dozed off mid-conversation. In the faint light, as it bounced off her face, she looked so eternally blissful in her golden slumber. Her eyelashes danced as she dreamed of some far off land. With every breath I could see her bosom rise and fall and it was the most beautiful sight in the world.

From @thebigdowg: 

World was spinning, or was it just his head. He was confused, he looked confused, and he acted confused. It wasn’t a hangover; he was in his senses. He wanted to run, but he couldn't move an inch.
“I can’t breathe”, He said.
“Too late, we are married now”, She replied, with a coy smile.

From @roshd: 

This was only their second date. In the dark theater he held her hand for the first time. She leaned in towards him and rested her head on his shoulder. As he caressed her cheek, he could feel her breathing faster. That was the cue that led to the first of  many kisses that night.

From @OhTeri_ : 

They often fought over who would get the bigger piece of cake.
They always quarreled over who would have the prettier dress of the two.
They fought over the gifts they received.
They were twins, Raina and Samaira.
Samaira was dying of cancer.
Only if Raina could win this fight over her last breath!

From @shekhartripathi: 

He made the first move. His hand slid over her arms. Her tantalizingly tender slow thoughtless breaths on the nape of his neck told him all he needed to know.
Her eyes shut tight. Lips came closer. She exhaled in anticipation.
There was no going back.
And in that single heartbeat moment, nothing else mattered.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

She had made her decision. She would take the straight path, no matter what obstacles. She closed her teary eyes, reminiscing the past. Her dreams, their death. First came the tiny steps and then the longer strides. She walked on and on till she could breathe no more. And then the calm sea engulfed her.

From @snehzana:  

To mend the long quarrel between them, he brought her a necklace. "your breath smells of onions" she said, when he kissed her cheek. He hit her hard & said "I can leave you, bitch, but I will never stop eating onions."

From @kunalbaidmehta: 
The ploy seemed perfect. Everyone would be away when he'd break into the organisation to steal the merger papers. No-one would doubt him. But the security guard saw him sneaking in through CCTV. He ran fast but forgot that the security guard was an ex-athlete who would catch him once he ran out of breath.

From @tweettabulous:
We were very clear... No strings attached, pure lust, love was out of the question.  Every time we met, it was hot and steamy.
She, for reasons unknown, said we’d have to end it. Reluctantly agreed. 
However, wondered would I ever find someone who’d leave me gasping for breath after each kiss! Was it love after all?

From @alksmehta:  

Days of awaiting the trip to Disneyland finally ended. The countdown began and the excitement at its peak to experience the freaking Roller Coaster ride! With a jet speed, here we went all of us, screaming with its crazy turns. And before I could realize anything it came to a halt, taking my breath away!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Theme 223 - Tease

From @wekneweachother: 

I’d told you I can’t ever forget you. You thought I was such a tease. Just like in movies, here we are twenty years later. You’re an assassin. I am a private detective. Your eyes undo me. Your lips make me tremble. Do you like this game now that it’s more than just an affair?

From @PeaceOVent: 

The look that undresses, the deep throated moan, the breathless sweet nothings, the seemingly casual touch.
You arouse the sleeping demon in me. Please consume me now, engulf me. Don't be such a tease.

From @xmanisha: 

How could she not fall apart in his arms, when he opened them for her?
How could she not get weak in her knees, when he kissed her tenderly, gently putting a lock behind her ear.. How could she not fall in love with his smile.. The biggest tease of them all..

From @tweettabulous: 

Work. Home. TV. That is all life was. Until one day, she suggested 'it', convincing me to try it. I was shy, wasn't sure, but it was too hard to resist. 
Shedding my inhibitions, I ventured into unknown land.

My senses - ECSTATIC!

Then... it stopped.

This #55WordStory is such a tease, I tell you!

From @CruciFire: 

The sensual oil massage.
The post bath drying off.
The playful salsa steps.
The bumpy bike ride.
The movie lounge.
The tight hug.

All just tease-rs, to the mind-blowing climax, of a steamy movie!

From @SugarsNSpice: 

A fresh morning, Wet strands of hair, Your fingers sliding down from my arm, and the I, that escapes the hold. As I smell my wild orchid shower gel, you tease me, in an intermix of love and lust. This is how bliss has been defined, in my books, of dreams, filled with only you.

From @CookyDoh: 

You bite my lower lip. I draw in closer. We kiss even harder. You do it again. I'm excited. I pull you closer. I hold you by your waist, touching your bare skin now. You smile coyly, brush that curl off your face, turn suddenly towards the door, put on your slippers and leave. Tease.

From @the_lie_lama: 

Every morning while dressing up, I used to look outside the window to find her being conscious of me ogling at her.

We started enjoying each other's gall attention. 
That day I noticed a dead squirrel on my window sill when I reached back home... and I knew that the tease was over...forever.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Theme 222 - Adversity

From @Kanakkupullai: He looked about. Everybody was writing, some with their head down, some with a serious look. He didn’t know what to write, for he didn’t know the meaning of the word given in the ‘Essay Writing contest’. He was stuck in a paradoxical situation. Little did he know about the adversities in writing on ‘adversity’.

From @Sourcasm: Despite knowing he would face adversity from every corner if he took this risk, without listening to any advice he made a move and came out of the closet. "I am gay and I am proud of it" he finally told his family and friends. People said what they had to, "Thank god" he said.

From @Drun007: 

"India is a land of unity,
In all its shades of diversity,
And more so in times of adversity,
But let's keep it till eternity."

The lines my grandfather helped me write for a school project, when I was 10.

Why did it have to be that word that is prominent today?

From @meticulousBlues: He was a successful man. Never alone, busy faking friendships with social chameleons. He was respected, never loved. Bored fate yawned at him. He lost everything in a blink. People he called friends vanished into thin air. He was finally alone.  Adversity has a profound way of showing true colours.

From @WeirdBeardDude: It was the same routine every day. He would wake up hoping his problems would magically disappear but he knew it would take time. Losing a job and a relationship in the same week was tough, but he knew he had to get through these adverse times. This was a test of his character.

From @divigyaan: Hope and faith were the two most important baggages she took along, when left her dear home. Someone promised, made her believe, she will get better than what she has left behind. But this time, fear won. Everything turned into dust. What she got in return was the  never ending adversity and her forever-lost-home's door keys.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Theme 221 - Lies

From @PScripturient: 

Comfort, he told himself was a great fallback than being adventurous. His marriage of twelve years had started looking like the black & white film he sat watching. She tried a new recipe every day, today being an apple crumble. Nibbling his way through, he said he loved her, lying was a piece of cake.

From @weirdbearddude: 

He was worshipped by all, he was their hero.
He was made promises to by his employers and he waited patiently. Days turned to months and months turned to years, he had been lied to.
Every man has a breaking point and he did too, he decided he had had enough. It was time.

From @SummerFringe: 

From the break of dawn surrounded by rays of hope to the time you close those eyes filled with yearning. You wriggle your way out. Survive the day by being benevolent.
But the self loathing doesn't end. Because the most excruciating lies are the lies you tell yourself everyday. The lies that kill your soul.

From @preetidhingra: 

I love you. I miss you. I will always be with you. I cannot live without you. I want to marry you. You are different.

Oh my parents will not agree. Oh our cultures are different. Oh you will not fit in my family. You are different.

Truth. Lies. I'll never know. Life will continue. With you or without you. Adios!

From @Greyllusionist:

He returned home from work, but there wasn't anyone waiting for him that evening anymore, except a note on the tea-table folded in a perfect square kept under that diamond ring which seemed quite heavy with this abrupt responsibilty...

"...if only brick and mortar could have buried the lies we built this home on..."

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Theme 220 - Write

From @visshy_it: They tell me I am too opinionated, too full of myself to be a good journalist. Probably it is time to rest these opinions and take a fresh perspective. Then I put my pen to paper and write. And I forget what the world yaps around.

From @meticulousBlues: 

He: Why don't you write about us in your next book?
She: I'm scared.
He: Of what?
She: Of our love not being understood. If I give our story a page to write itself and leave it in the open,I worry people may call us cowards and our love hopeless.
He: Write,anyway.
She: I may, someday.
From @discopiggu: Her memories revolved around the Gulmohar tree. She bought a new diary to pen down her thoughts. Her childhood, adolescence and her married life was always followed by a beautiful Gulmohar tree standing tall in the garden. Sitting in the verandah under its shade; her old feeble hands held a pen. But words failed her...

From @PennyKinned: 

Take syringe. Insert in vein. Draw deep-blue liquid. Release into ink pot.
Take knife. Carve under heart. Remove rib. Fashion into fountain pen.
Take tray. Breathe soul into it. Bake until sheet is set.

Your instruments are now ready. Write until your eyes water, your heart breaks, your spirit aches.

Tonight, you will write.
From @weirdbearddude: Every night she would just lie there, wishing something would change, nothing ever did. She would just sit there motionless, listening to their fights and write it in her diary. That was all she had really, the only thing which listened. A book with empty pages brought solace to her empty life.
From @Sourcasm: As she sat down to write the memories they had shared together, her eyes got wet thinking of all that had faded away in time. Searching for a meaning in their story, hoping to find the answers that she was seeking. Experience will explain to her later that her questions were wrong all that while.
From @alksmehta: Aryan's mind lingered with thoughts and memories that had once given him life and reasons to live.Today he wanted to write to his love,once again,a last try,may be.But the rolling tears had blotted every word,blurred his vision,as he remembered losing her to cancer,his dreams unfulfilled forever!
From @VishalShriyan: The stories bubbled within him. Flooded his mind, coursed through his blood, filled his very being. Poverty had done little to dull his imagination. If only he could write, he thought as he looked at the stumps of his hands. A tear escaped his eyes for the umpteenth time.
From @HideASky: Thoughts weighed down by lead. Blunted even. Diary of painfully sketched memories. A chronic ache highlighted with any passing association. A tattoo etched in permanent ink. Bound, till he threw away all the letters she had written to him
From @Aaliznat: 
Write to forget. Write to remember. Write to laugh. Write to cry.
Write your story. Write your dreams.
Write down your ambitions. Write down your failures.
Write a love letter. Write to yourself.
Write for someone else. Write for no one else.
Write till you can't write anymore and then write some more.
Just write.
From @zoarcher: Ashish’s worst fears had come true. His name was dragged into the raging realty scam. Much was written about his involvement in the case. In newsprint. On social media statuses. On blog posts. The written words were overflowing with cries for justice and sensationalism. Only one thing was lost in this clamour. The truth. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Theme 219 - Ennui

From @zoarcher: 

The family’s alarm clock. The constant hummer. The chef in a rush. The tot’s daily masseur. The occasional singer. The mothering wife. The girlfriend. The ma-in-law’s woman Friday. The damsel in distress. The unpaid, overworked home manager. The spontaneous vacationer. Peppered with interesting little twists, could Sapna’s daily routine ever feel mundane?

From @visshy_it: 

"A dry circle of tea stain remains on my desk, the computer screen flickers as if it were alive. A telephone in another cubicle rings incessantly. The ennui of sitting here, having achieved nothing, engulfs me with every passing yawn. My cell phone buzzes. It is her. I smile."

From @The_Lie_Lama: 

They loved running into staircases and secluded corners just to steal a hug or a few kisses. Happy as kids, they'd speak a thousand words just through a brief eye contact. It was a strife between the good times with love out of wedlock and the unbearable ennui at home with their respective spouses.

From @aaliznat: 

She pushed her food around the plate. Sighed, got up and threw it in the bin. Looked down at her toenails and decided to paint them another day. Strolled to the window and pulled open the curtains. Something glinted. She ignored it. Because this ennui was what she wanted to lose herself in. she did.

From @PScripturient: 

Socks rolled up, skirt pleated in impeccable falls; she’d be reprimanded if she uttered a word. Matilda sat with her tutor with endless forks and knives, fingers droning with perfection that she was forced to master. Her legs thankfully, under the tablecloth, were pirouetting away a dance, her only escape from such fine dining ennui.

From @meWant_food: 

Nothing much to do and nobody to really talk with,took a troll on her.She tried everything to keep herself occupied.Nothing worked.Gone are the days,she believed.She started living her past.She relived the good times,cried over the sad ones.Present and future seemed insignificant.Empty mind combined with an empty heart can get dangerous.

From @divigyaan: 

(door opens)
Boy: Aunty, “do you know what are stem cells?”
Lady: “No”
Boy: “You want to know?”
Lady: “No”
Boy: Please…please…please…
Lady: “Why are you behind my life?”
Boy: “I am waiting for my girlfriend from past 1 hour”
Lady: “So?”
Boy: “I want to relief my ennui”
Lady: “Bloody idiot”
(door banged)

From @nautanki24x7: 

"Why", she asked, tears swelling from her ashen eyes, "I thought you loved me. When you held my hand, our fingers entangling, i forgot what it was like to be alone. When you kissed my forehead, i could see the colors more sharply around me. If you never loved me, then WHY?"

His cold, raspy voice broke her soul, "Ennui".

From @vidulachakradeo: 

It was born as a boat. Then it became a plane; changed its avatar to become a bird.  Bird became elephant. And no one knows when it became a grand castle. Google power had given me a powerful weapon to kill time. Hail Origami!  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Theme 218 - Remains

From @oxymoronic_me: 

She lay in bed thinking about him. He was no more in the world. She lost the track of time. Hours passed without her moving out of bed. Phone-rings did not bother her. And then, she jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. Puking incessantly. He remained in her. His baby living inside.

From @CrazyHumanKid: 

Empty her of all the feelings.
Empty her of all the anger.
Empty her to leave a void.
Empty her of her soul.
Time tells her who she is. And who she was.
She's emptied herself of all her life and her life remains.

From @Aarom_Ramsey: 

Everything was gone - the optimism, the love, the dreams, the happiness, the smile. He thought he was meant to be alone. Isolated from everything and everyone he cared about - the price for reaching the very top. His sanity fixated to the last remains of her memory. That is all that kept him going.

From @ofmywalkinglife: 

It had been close to a month since that fateful day. A month since she didn't see him, or hear his voice. What surprised everyone was that she hadn't yet shed a tear. She unlocked the other side of the cupboard today, and all that was left was his remains – and she finally broke down.

From @dangertoon: 

This would be the tenth year. Since his passing. 

“Guitar, check.”

He loved the guitar.

The annual trip to his grave. She hates this. 

The grief disappears for some time. Reappears like an unwelcome visitor at the emotional door.

She fights it. Fails miserably. Every single time.

Pain never goes away. It recedes, but remains.

From @meWant_food: 

My Niece:I want a honest answer.What happens when we die?
Me:OK.Nothing happens.
Me:We die.Just.Even our ashes won't remain.
Her:Nothing remains?
Me:Don't be sad.You asked for it.The thing is,nothing physical remains.
Her:What do you mean?
Me:The people,whose lives we've touched,will decide.If we are important enough,in their thoughts,we will always remain.

From @lucidillusions_ : 

He walked further into the cave. It looked like another dead end. He stumbled and lost his footing. As he fell, he accidentally pulled on the lever and found the entrance. He continued his journey and reached the chamber where he found the remains. The king was pointing towards the map sitting on his throne.

From @shekhartripathi: 

The stage lights still worked. Reds, blues, blinding yellows.

I could not feel their heat on my skin anymore though.

All I had to do was mesmerize the crowd as always.

Shocked!! Stunned!! Read the next day's newspaper. This audience reaction still remains etched in my mind.  

I, a famous actor, had forgotten my lines.

From @nautanki24x7: 

It creeps up on me, silently. It seeps through my skin, filling me up with memories that make my heart ache. Who doesn't have regrets huh? I would like to meet that person. Ask him whether he has ever loved. It's the only logical explaination, isn't it? I mean, eventually, only regret remains, right?

From @eklavyagupte: 

We were looking for some clues that could lead us to her. She looked so effervescent in her pictures, a brightness that could not just disappear without a trace. Her desk was littered with perfumes, handcream, lipstick and a torch. The torch was powerful and like those silver earrings of hers, they could blind you.

From @ushfajk: 

The stare across the table. Those legs trapping me when no one was looking. Those hands that wouldn’t let me go. I wonder if we could have saved anything when the ocean washed us back onto our respective shores. All that remains lies with us. All those lies are all that remain with us.

From @short_byte: 

"Over my dead body," he said. His slipper snuffed out the life from my Marlboro.
The cold metal urn stood on the mantle.  I took the last drag and tapped the cigarette on the bronze brim. Orange embers swirled down and blended into the two-days old ashes below.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Theme 217 - Privacy

From @xmanishaa: He had decided. To leave forever. Letting go is a part of love and life, isn't it? And he was ready. Ready to face reality. He thought he would grow old with her and share intimate moments. But she, she wanted privacy more than she wanted him.

From @sagarsion: 
She panicked, drawer where she kept her diary lookd tampered. Suddenly pressure built up her chest, but she choked over it , letting out a silent cry. Throwing away her body in bed, burrying her head in pillow she weeped. Anything but breach of dark space, where nobody was allowed, drove her mad to death.

From @BeingInane: She posted,on a social networking site,all about the fight she had with her boy friend.Some replies blamed him.Some gave advice.Some even made a pass.There was a knock on the door.She opened.'What happened?You look sad',her mother asked.'Nothing.Can't I have some privacy?',she exclaimed.She is too young to see the irony.

From @aaaroo4: She hid her face behind the veil; her hands trembling holding onto the lace edges. As he moved his hand towards her face, she cringed, making a sound like a hurt pup. “It’s ok, it’s just me” he said showing her the bolt on the door. Thank you, she murmured lifting the veil revealing scars.

From @tweettabulous: 

Sharing anecdotes was our thing, describing how our day was... Who cracked the silliest of jokes, who was mean and who looked like they didn't shower. One day she comes home and goes to her room, without the regular dose of chitter-chatter.Bewildered I ask her. "For heavens sake give me some privacy, maa"

From @short_byte: 

Everything was red. Her saree on the floor. Crushed rose petals on the bed. Streaks of blood on her thigh. Lipstick rubbed around her lips. Scratches on her arms, her neck. Tears on her cheeks. All red.

Nobody saw red.

'Do not disturb' the door had said.

From @zoarcher: 

Where do I go for a date?
Let's go rob a bank.
Had loved the red jacket in the store; must buy.
Got to get the gun loaded.
Chocolate and flowers would impress Arti.
Where to hide the loot?
With his evil side ever conflicting with his good side, neither had a moment of privacy.

From @Kanakkupullai: He drew a line, unable to think any further. All thoughts felt clichéd, void of innovation. Crowded, noisy and crazy people moved about his life, objecting to his thoughts, subsiding them, halting them. He longed for the confines of his room, his silent abode. Now, all he had left was an impossible deadline to complete.

From @sinpinklove: The newly wed bride giggled when her husband ran a finger over her delicate curves." Sanjanaaa..." her mom-in-law called out to introduce her to some relatives. Ravi caught her hand when the kids in the house wanted a photograph with their beautiful 'chachi'. He cringed. She smiled. Romance took a backseat.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Theme 216 - Falling

From @riddhiaswani: It was a recurring nightmare. I'd wake up drenched in sweat, my heart pounding right out of my chest as I mumbled incoherently. Try as I might, I could never remember it in the morning. Until you came along, my nightmare alive and I fell in love only to be shredded to pieces.

From @BeingInane: She was a cynic,who lived in her own world.She talked,but never communicated.She never trusted anyone with her thoughts or her heart.Then,he came along,changing everything.That's why,she felt lost and numb,when he left.She can feel herself falling back into her old abyss,her refuge.She didn't resist.She gave herself up,relieved.

From @karthikisthin: 

Abhijit adjusted his swivel chair’s height. He didn’t like it when others borrowed it & raised it to suit their preferences. It was his chair. And he liked it a certain way.
As he sat, he received an email notification. It was from his boss. He was being let go. His standards did him in.

From @roshd: Was this the woman he’d fallen in love with? Manish thought as he looked at the delicate woman lying unconscious on the hospital bed. A failed suicide bid. She couldn’t bear to live a life without him. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he squeezed her hand, so wanting her to Rise in love.

From @JediKhare: “So we’re quoting Freudian cliches to indulge in self-pity, are we? Stop whining, you could be worse-off.” “WHAT? You fucking freak, I was just making small talk. You know what YOU should stop? Pretending you understand my head. If you did, you’d know I’m better than using dreams involving cliffs to justify myself. Now sterilize that needle.”

From @nautanki24x7: The force of gravity pulls me, just like your glassy eyes that pulled me into this beautiful mess. Even my screams are stuck in my larynx, all that escapes to my lips is your name. I fall through the air, like a bird with broken wings, my tears scattering into the wind, carrying my story to the end of the world.

From @drun007: 

A bookworm in school, a nerd in college, a double doctorate and a professor of Physics  - Karan was indeed a loner.   He still wonders how Anukta said yes to him.
Since then, his ice-breaker with every new class has been, “You can't blame gravity for falling in love!”.  The laughter continues through the years.

From @kanakkupullai: That most beautiful moment, when a fall is loved, is when you get the taste of the fall right in your mouth. That moment when you topple to bottle over your mouth, and it flows, heavily at first, and gently so, filling your tongue with flavor that lasts long… Oh honey! You are the best!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Theme 215 - Hundred

From @riddhiaswani: The generals foretold the result. Five against hundred, the outcome was practically written in stone. And as arrogant Duryodhan stood sentry, his massive bulk a mountain protecting his siblings, he was sure of victory. In the great war, numbers were everything. Except when fate decided otherwise and a hundred fell before five.

From @BeingInane: 

'Life hits me in the face,in the most unexpected times',groaned Ayan.
'That is the way it works,man.You think you are the only one?',retorted Deeksha.
'I want happiness.How much is it's price?',said Ayan,hopelessly.
'A Hundred',Deeksha answered.
'What?',asked irritated Ayan.
'Chocolate glazed doughnut',smiled Deeksha.
'That's happiness enough,for the time being',thought Ayan.

From @SaniaaSan: 

One, two... So he really wants to do this. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen. Can’t control his emotions, that fool.  Thirty-three, thirty-four. Has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Fifty-nine. Sixty. Sixty-one.  And now I must succumb to such stupidity. Eighty-three, eighty-four, eighty-five. Can’t back out now. Ninety-nine, hundred.
Wow, I really need to quit smoking.

From @divigyaan: She couldn’t stop herself from bargaining. Never did she buy anything without a haggle. “Miss bargain” was her second name and this quality made her the star in her college. But, as said, “pyaar pe kiska bas chala hai.” she didn’t hesitate to spend rupees hundred on a single red rose for her darling valentine. 

From @snehzana: She trembled in fear & closed the door. she knew there was someone in the house to kill her. After all, she should know it better,it was the side effects of watching 'hundred days' for the hundredth time.

From @zoarcher: Chotu eyed it hungrily. The green paper on the road held the promise of meals for a week. But his heart nagged him, it wasn't his to keep. So he ran after its owner. Jeet shooed him away, only to realise he was returning a Rs.100 note, which was obviously a fortune for the urchin.

From @tweettabulous: 

I'm tired.

I have a headache.

It's that time.

We never talk.

Lemme read.


Please take a shower.

I've sent the curtains to the dry-cleaners.

The neighbours have their parents over.

Enough of the cliches, women pick up this big hit called "101 innovative reasons to say NO to sex, with your husband"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Theme 214 - Technology

From @aaroo4: 

“This GPS with voice navigation is very cool, I love it” he beamed. He had made this statement half a dozen times since they’d left home towards Ranganthittu. Suddenly, the system went blank. “Oh no, we are lost” he panicked. “Look ahead, you see the board, turn right” She stated calmly with an evil grin.

From @BeingInane: 

'What were you doing online,that late?',he asked his sister.
'Nothing,why?',she asked back.
'You aren't supposed to',he said.
'But,you always stay up late',she smirked.
'That's different.I am a boy',he laughed.
Technology,sure,broadened our horizons.If only,it can broaden our narrow minds too.

From @anushreekejriwa: 

He said he would always be with her. He was. Whenever she needed him, he was quick to bbm and mention her. She felt that he was the right one. They had never met. One day he got engaged, when she questioned he replied "reality is different sweet heart". Clearly she was bitter heart.

From @zoarcher: 

ἀγαθή ἀγκύλωσις allox bostio δέρμα γνώμων coifa esnamiare θεωρία allox esnamiare θεωρία δέρμα γνώμων coifa ἀγαθήἀγκύλωσις ἡμέρα allox bostio δέρμα ζίζυφον golda insubulus ἀγκύλωσις ἀγαθή ξίφος esnamiare γνώμων planeta κρυπτός.
Whenever Sahil spoke to her of OS, QHFD, LINUX, WIMAX, EV- DV, Suhasi felt like she was trying hard to understand Greek and Latin.  

From @tweettabulous: 

We were married off young. He left to the gulf for livelihood. We promised to write to each other every week. Our feelings took solace in words that we churned in our letters. The wait for the postman. That yearning to read his replies. The euphoria it brought... If only there was a faster medium. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Theme 213 - Sleep

From @aaliznat: 

I have wept away my sleep. And submitted myself to a blanket of sorrow. its steely arms, embrace me. And the coldness makes me numb. My eyes are weary, dry and filled with a longing that nothing can erase. My sadness becomes my ally. A way of life, a reason to breathe.

From @nimue_ : 

The night felt weird.The whole town had lost its sleep. Too much food , booze , sex , reading or gossip exhausted every one but no one could sleep. It was neither fun nor funny anymore to be called insomniac. Sleep Gods had their lesson taught in a single night. everyone slept well for ages after that

From @Kanakkupullai: 

She : “He has your eyes, your ears, and that gentle smile. He’s going to be you. Look at him sleep. Isn’t he beautiful?”
He : “Yes. He is.”
He lied down beside his grandson and closed his eyes. The sleep carried his soul through an immortal world and finally settled on the sleeping child.

From @aaroo4: 

She watched him, the morning sun sneaking in through the crack in the curtain. A single strand of hair on his forehead. Her fingers moved forward, freezing midair. A strong hold held her back. Crazy woman, what if he wakes up? This peace and quiet will be shattered, he said. Their little brat slept on.

From @abhiandnow: 

It’s a beautiful thing, it fills you with dreams, taking away all your fears. It fills you with the smiles, as your tears on the pillow cover dry. It fits in a box of wonderful unknown, where only the boxes full of sadness lie.
“Dad, what is it?” I asked.
“Sleep, it’s a beautiful thing.”

From @sohamsabnis: 

Don’t worry. Be calm. Stay quiet. No one is bothered. Listen to your deaf soul. See the blindfolds, look at the darkness. Dreams will treat you. You will smile. We all are awake, enacting a peaceful sleep. Now, India needs to wake up. OUR sleep seems timeless.

From @titfortit: 

My left foot playing footsie with the right,
My fingers caressing my belly button instead of yours.
My body wrapped in my arms, brushing against the blanket we didn’t share.
This time we’re strangers, thinking about strangers.
This time we sleep head to toe.

From @JaaTeri: 

I’m a night person. Every night I plan to sleep early. I go to bed early, only literally. Then the thoughts keep pouring in. I ponder. I read. There’s a world online. Phone Call. Messages. And then, even as the sun rises every morning, I want to sleep a little more. Story of my life!

From @BeingInane: 

It's been a week since he received the phone call.The call which informed that she is gone,forever.From that day onwards,all he wanted to do is sleep.Because,only in his sleep can he forget his misery.Sleep awarded him with dreams,dreams that aren't,yet,aware of her death.She smiled at him and sometimes with him.Sleep helped him breathe.

From @vidulachakradeo: 

“Hello, sir, Pandey ji, suniya, sahib” saying so Vinay banged the table loudly, banged a few files on the table, even threw a steel glass on the ground. Shri Ramprasad Pandey sitting across the table, in the dusty, old government office didn’t budge. “Sala kumbhkaran kahan ka” Vinay screamed and cursed him in his mind.  

From @zoarcher: 

"Now if you divide the amount got by multiplying the value of x and y by 5, and then add the value of x, subtract the individual value of y, would the result be a prime number?" When Prof Shetty turned from the blackboard, he realised he had put most of his students to sleep.

From @shekhartripathi: 

I couldn’t sleep. Too much to think about, to process. Shattered dreams, teary eyes . It was one of those rare, yet inevitable moments when you realize that life is different now.

A door has been shut and from this moment forth, nothing will ever be as it was.

Smiled!! Time now for new dreams.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

Neha said to her six year old son, “Shona, now that you are a six year old, big, strong boy; wouldn’t you like to go to bed alone?”

Aditya looked into his mother’s eyes and said, “Mamma, you’re 36 years old but you still sleep with Papa. I won’t sleep alone until you do too”

From @vivekisms: 

When I am aware of you lying next to me. Soundless. Breathing my existence. I am at ease. 

From @divigyaan: 

Married to a Chinese, divorced the very second day. Running away from someone. Bumping into Khali. Falling from the 10th floor but all bones still intact. Stranded on an unknown island. Enjoying party and was just about to s… Boom! I am wide awake. I soon realized it all happened when I was fast asleep.

From @PoopDudePoop: 

Tick. Black horses; fly with me. Tick. Roses; kiss me. Tick. Television; lie to me. Tick. It's cold. Tick. Painters; mock me. Tick. Colours; amuse me. Tick. Guns; save me. Tick. ...I wake up. 

From @tweettabulous: 

"So jaa, gudiya rani."

"Its late. Goto sleep right now."

"When do you ever sleep? You are always online."

"Lets goto bed, hon."

"Work doesn't let me catch up on my much needed rest."

"Doc, I'm not able to sleep. Give me some pills, please."

"He's finally asleep...for forever."