Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Theme 217 - Privacy

From @xmanishaa: He had decided. To leave forever. Letting go is a part of love and life, isn't it? And he was ready. Ready to face reality. He thought he would grow old with her and share intimate moments. But she, she wanted privacy more than she wanted him.

From @sagarsion: 
She panicked, drawer where she kept her diary lookd tampered. Suddenly pressure built up her chest, but she choked over it , letting out a silent cry. Throwing away her body in bed, burrying her head in pillow she weeped. Anything but breach of dark space, where nobody was allowed, drove her mad to death.

From @BeingInane: She posted,on a social networking site,all about the fight she had with her boy friend.Some replies blamed him.Some gave advice.Some even made a pass.There was a knock on the door.She opened.'What happened?You look sad',her mother asked.'Nothing.Can't I have some privacy?',she exclaimed.She is too young to see the irony.

From @aaaroo4: She hid her face behind the veil; her hands trembling holding onto the lace edges. As he moved his hand towards her face, she cringed, making a sound like a hurt pup. “It’s ok, it’s just me” he said showing her the bolt on the door. Thank you, she murmured lifting the veil revealing scars.

From @tweettabulous: 

Sharing anecdotes was our thing, describing how our day was... Who cracked the silliest of jokes, who was mean and who looked like they didn't shower. One day she comes home and goes to her room, without the regular dose of chitter-chatter.Bewildered I ask her. "For heavens sake give me some privacy, maa"

From @short_byte: 

Everything was red. Her saree on the floor. Crushed rose petals on the bed. Streaks of blood on her thigh. Lipstick rubbed around her lips. Scratches on her arms, her neck. Tears on her cheeks. All red.

Nobody saw red.

'Do not disturb' the door had said.

From @zoarcher: 

Where do I go for a date?
Let's go rob a bank.
Had loved the red jacket in the store; must buy.
Got to get the gun loaded.
Chocolate and flowers would impress Arti.
Where to hide the loot?
With his evil side ever conflicting with his good side, neither had a moment of privacy.

From @Kanakkupullai: He drew a line, unable to think any further. All thoughts felt clichéd, void of innovation. Crowded, noisy and crazy people moved about his life, objecting to his thoughts, subsiding them, halting them. He longed for the confines of his room, his silent abode. Now, all he had left was an impossible deadline to complete.

From @sinpinklove: The newly wed bride giggled when her husband ran a finger over her delicate curves." Sanjanaaa..." her mom-in-law called out to introduce her to some relatives. Ravi caught her hand when the kids in the house wanted a photograph with their beautiful 'chachi'. He cringed. She smiled. Romance took a backseat.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Theme 216 - Falling

From @riddhiaswani: It was a recurring nightmare. I'd wake up drenched in sweat, my heart pounding right out of my chest as I mumbled incoherently. Try as I might, I could never remember it in the morning. Until you came along, my nightmare alive and I fell in love only to be shredded to pieces.

From @BeingInane: She was a cynic,who lived in her own world.She talked,but never communicated.She never trusted anyone with her thoughts or her heart.Then,he came along,changing everything.That's why,she felt lost and numb,when he left.She can feel herself falling back into her old abyss,her refuge.She didn't resist.She gave herself up,relieved.

From @karthikisthin: 

Abhijit adjusted his swivel chair’s height. He didn’t like it when others borrowed it & raised it to suit their preferences. It was his chair. And he liked it a certain way.
As he sat, he received an email notification. It was from his boss. He was being let go. His standards did him in.

From @roshd: Was this the woman he’d fallen in love with? Manish thought as he looked at the delicate woman lying unconscious on the hospital bed. A failed suicide bid. She couldn’t bear to live a life without him. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he squeezed her hand, so wanting her to Rise in love.

From @JediKhare: “So we’re quoting Freudian cliches to indulge in self-pity, are we? Stop whining, you could be worse-off.” “WHAT? You fucking freak, I was just making small talk. You know what YOU should stop? Pretending you understand my head. If you did, you’d know I’m better than using dreams involving cliffs to justify myself. Now sterilize that needle.”

From @nautanki24x7: The force of gravity pulls me, just like your glassy eyes that pulled me into this beautiful mess. Even my screams are stuck in my larynx, all that escapes to my lips is your name. I fall through the air, like a bird with broken wings, my tears scattering into the wind, carrying my story to the end of the world.

From @drun007: 

A bookworm in school, a nerd in college, a double doctorate and a professor of Physics  - Karan was indeed a loner.   He still wonders how Anukta said yes to him.
Since then, his ice-breaker with every new class has been, “You can't blame gravity for falling in love!”.  The laughter continues through the years.

From @kanakkupullai: That most beautiful moment, when a fall is loved, is when you get the taste of the fall right in your mouth. That moment when you topple to bottle over your mouth, and it flows, heavily at first, and gently so, filling your tongue with flavor that lasts long… Oh honey! You are the best!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Theme 215 - Hundred

From @riddhiaswani: The generals foretold the result. Five against hundred, the outcome was practically written in stone. And as arrogant Duryodhan stood sentry, his massive bulk a mountain protecting his siblings, he was sure of victory. In the great war, numbers were everything. Except when fate decided otherwise and a hundred fell before five.

From @BeingInane: 

'Life hits me in the face,in the most unexpected times',groaned Ayan.
'That is the way it works,man.You think you are the only one?',retorted Deeksha.
'I want happiness.How much is it's price?',said Ayan,hopelessly.
'A Hundred',Deeksha answered.
'What?',asked irritated Ayan.
'Chocolate glazed doughnut',smiled Deeksha.
'That's happiness enough,for the time being',thought Ayan.

From @SaniaaSan: 

One, two... So he really wants to do this. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen. Can’t control his emotions, that fool.  Thirty-three, thirty-four. Has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Fifty-nine. Sixty. Sixty-one.  And now I must succumb to such stupidity. Eighty-three, eighty-four, eighty-five. Can’t back out now. Ninety-nine, hundred.
Wow, I really need to quit smoking.

From @divigyaan: She couldn’t stop herself from bargaining. Never did she buy anything without a haggle. “Miss bargain” was her second name and this quality made her the star in her college. But, as said, “pyaar pe kiska bas chala hai.” she didn’t hesitate to spend rupees hundred on a single red rose for her darling valentine. 

From @snehzana: She trembled in fear & closed the door. she knew there was someone in the house to kill her. After all, she should know it better,it was the side effects of watching 'hundred days' for the hundredth time.

From @zoarcher: Chotu eyed it hungrily. The green paper on the road held the promise of meals for a week. But his heart nagged him, it wasn't his to keep. So he ran after its owner. Jeet shooed him away, only to realise he was returning a Rs.100 note, which was obviously a fortune for the urchin.

From @tweettabulous: 

I'm tired.

I have a headache.

It's that time.

We never talk.

Lemme read.


Please take a shower.

I've sent the curtains to the dry-cleaners.

The neighbours have their parents over.

Enough of the cliches, women pick up this big hit called "101 innovative reasons to say NO to sex, with your husband"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Theme 214 - Technology

From @aaroo4: 

“This GPS with voice navigation is very cool, I love it” he beamed. He had made this statement half a dozen times since they’d left home towards Ranganthittu. Suddenly, the system went blank. “Oh no, we are lost” he panicked. “Look ahead, you see the board, turn right” She stated calmly with an evil grin.

From @BeingInane: 

'What were you doing online,that late?',he asked his sister.
'Nothing,why?',she asked back.
'You aren't supposed to',he said.
'But,you always stay up late',she smirked.
'That's different.I am a boy',he laughed.
Technology,sure,broadened our horizons.If only,it can broaden our narrow minds too.

From @anushreekejriwa: 

He said he would always be with her. He was. Whenever she needed him, he was quick to bbm and mention her. She felt that he was the right one. They had never met. One day he got engaged, when she questioned he replied "reality is different sweet heart". Clearly she was bitter heart.

From @zoarcher: 

ἀγαθή ἀγκύλωσις allox bostio δέρμα γνώμων coifa esnamiare θεωρία allox esnamiare θεωρία δέρμα γνώμων coifa ἀγαθήἀγκύλωσις ἡμέρα allox bostio δέρμα ζίζυφον golda insubulus ἀγκύλωσις ἀγαθή ξίφος esnamiare γνώμων planeta κρυπτός.
Whenever Sahil spoke to her of OS, QHFD, LINUX, WIMAX, EV- DV, Suhasi felt like she was trying hard to understand Greek and Latin.  

From @tweettabulous: 

We were married off young. He left to the gulf for livelihood. We promised to write to each other every week. Our feelings took solace in words that we churned in our letters. The wait for the postman. That yearning to read his replies. The euphoria it brought... If only there was a faster medium. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Theme 213 - Sleep

From @aaliznat: 

I have wept away my sleep. And submitted myself to a blanket of sorrow. its steely arms, embrace me. And the coldness makes me numb. My eyes are weary, dry and filled with a longing that nothing can erase. My sadness becomes my ally. A way of life, a reason to breathe.

From @nimue_ : 

The night felt weird.The whole town had lost its sleep. Too much food , booze , sex , reading or gossip exhausted every one but no one could sleep. It was neither fun nor funny anymore to be called insomniac. Sleep Gods had their lesson taught in a single night. everyone slept well for ages after that

From @Kanakkupullai: 

She : “He has your eyes, your ears, and that gentle smile. He’s going to be you. Look at him sleep. Isn’t he beautiful?”
He : “Yes. He is.”
He lied down beside his grandson and closed his eyes. The sleep carried his soul through an immortal world and finally settled on the sleeping child.

From @aaroo4: 

She watched him, the morning sun sneaking in through the crack in the curtain. A single strand of hair on his forehead. Her fingers moved forward, freezing midair. A strong hold held her back. Crazy woman, what if he wakes up? This peace and quiet will be shattered, he said. Their little brat slept on.

From @abhiandnow: 

It’s a beautiful thing, it fills you with dreams, taking away all your fears. It fills you with the smiles, as your tears on the pillow cover dry. It fits in a box of wonderful unknown, where only the boxes full of sadness lie.
“Dad, what is it?” I asked.
“Sleep, it’s a beautiful thing.”

From @sohamsabnis: 

Don’t worry. Be calm. Stay quiet. No one is bothered. Listen to your deaf soul. See the blindfolds, look at the darkness. Dreams will treat you. You will smile. We all are awake, enacting a peaceful sleep. Now, India needs to wake up. OUR sleep seems timeless.

From @titfortit: 

My left foot playing footsie with the right,
My fingers caressing my belly button instead of yours.
My body wrapped in my arms, brushing against the blanket we didn’t share.
This time we’re strangers, thinking about strangers.
This time we sleep head to toe.

From @JaaTeri: 

I’m a night person. Every night I plan to sleep early. I go to bed early, only literally. Then the thoughts keep pouring in. I ponder. I read. There’s a world online. Phone Call. Messages. And then, even as the sun rises every morning, I want to sleep a little more. Story of my life!

From @BeingInane: 

It's been a week since he received the phone call.The call which informed that she is gone,forever.From that day onwards,all he wanted to do is sleep.Because,only in his sleep can he forget his misery.Sleep awarded him with dreams,dreams that aren't,yet,aware of her death.She smiled at him and sometimes with him.Sleep helped him breathe.

From @vidulachakradeo: 

“Hello, sir, Pandey ji, suniya, sahib” saying so Vinay banged the table loudly, banged a few files on the table, even threw a steel glass on the ground. Shri Ramprasad Pandey sitting across the table, in the dusty, old government office didn’t budge. “Sala kumbhkaran kahan ka” Vinay screamed and cursed him in his mind.  

From @zoarcher: 

"Now if you divide the amount got by multiplying the value of x and y by 5, and then add the value of x, subtract the individual value of y, would the result be a prime number?" When Prof Shetty turned from the blackboard, he realised he had put most of his students to sleep.

From @shekhartripathi: 

I couldn’t sleep. Too much to think about, to process. Shattered dreams, teary eyes . It was one of those rare, yet inevitable moments when you realize that life is different now.

A door has been shut and from this moment forth, nothing will ever be as it was.

Smiled!! Time now for new dreams.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

Neha said to her six year old son, “Shona, now that you are a six year old, big, strong boy; wouldn’t you like to go to bed alone?”

Aditya looked into his mother’s eyes and said, “Mamma, you’re 36 years old but you still sleep with Papa. I won’t sleep alone until you do too”

From @vivekisms: 

When I am aware of you lying next to me. Soundless. Breathing my existence. I am at ease. 

From @divigyaan: 

Married to a Chinese, divorced the very second day. Running away from someone. Bumping into Khali. Falling from the 10th floor but all bones still intact. Stranded on an unknown island. Enjoying party and was just about to s… Boom! I am wide awake. I soon realized it all happened when I was fast asleep.

From @PoopDudePoop: 

Tick. Black horses; fly with me. Tick. Roses; kiss me. Tick. Television; lie to me. Tick. It's cold. Tick. Painters; mock me. Tick. Colours; amuse me. Tick. Guns; save me. Tick. ...I wake up. 

From @tweettabulous: 

"So jaa, gudiya rani."

"Its late. Goto sleep right now."

"When do you ever sleep? You are always online."

"Lets goto bed, hon."

"Work doesn't let me catch up on my much needed rest."

"Doc, I'm not able to sleep. Give me some pills, please."

"He's finally asleep...for forever."

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Theme 212 - Anxiety

From @JediKhare: 

He woke up with a swinging jolt, slightly befuddled. The early sun, that epitome of metaphors for hope, just gave him a dull ache. As the train chugged on, that raw feeling of elation he'd felt last night had all seeped out with the adrenaline. After a lifetime in the town of Samarpet, running away to Bombay seemed overwhelming beyond words.

From @BeingInane: 

She looked herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time.They've known each other for years,but it's been a year since the last time they've met.And she very well knows what time can do to people.She changed a lot,yet she wants him to be the same person,she once loved.She looked at herself,one last time and started walking towards him,trying to conceal her anxiety.

From @Kanakkupullai: 

She was waiting at the door. It was raining hard outside. News channels were screaming of raging thunderstorm.

He was returning home to his sweet daughter, when a tree suddenly crashed onto his car.

She was waiting at the door. He had promised to take his sweet daughter to movie that night, come what may

From @TitForTit: 

Grabbing onto thin air, hoping to suck in every molecule and make beauty of it. Your knees on my shoulders, crushing me down to the ground, as I crawl towards you shattered and disgraced. May be your hands are there just because I stretched out mine first. May be all they do is tremble. 

From @chaosparticle: 

His boss Ang Whu wasn't half a concern as his job was. He wanted to write stories. Here he was becoming one. And a country where people walked slowly and talked loudly. He decided he'd resign at her supper invite. The butler accosted him at the door. "Ang's high tea?" Jai stuttered anxiously. "You figured?"

From @tweettabulous: 

Do it be red or maroon nail paint? Straighten the hair or let the curls flow? How much make up is crossing the line. Stilettos or wedges? Strappy or a chic top?  Jeans or a skirt? Wear Tommy girl or Jadore? Oh must wax legs, you never know.

*giggle* the jitters of a first date.

From @lucidillusions_ : 

She looks across the room. Fifteen more minutes to five. Time passes by very slowly. She hears a soft whisper. She is startled by him. Her heart skips a beat. She looks at him anxiously. He takes few more steps. Her eyes look past him. She nods and signals her. The sniper shoots him down.

From @zoarcher: 

After exams and before the results. Between Roohi's yes and her no. While riding the elevator and when he first met his boss. As he delivered his first speech and while he waited outside the delivery room. The sweaty palms, increased heartbeats. Today as those memories randomly flashed in his mind, Anish burst out laughing.

Theme 211 - Cold

From @TitForTit: 

The taste of her coffee and music was all he remembered of her. 
He kept her sixteen year old heart in a box that was blue and black.
Soulmates are not always lovers.
And being cold was the only way she could stop her heart from melting.

From @shekhartripathi: 

Her hand reaches up my back, under my tee.
“Okay, just breathe.” I follow her orders.
Cold hands.
Ohh! Such soft hands.
Makes me go all fuzzy inside.
She smells so wonderful.
I grip the table tight.
She looks up. “Your asthma has improved!”
I wonder if my doctor knows about my crush on her?
From @BeingInane: 
A serial killer.That is what the papers called him.He kills for the thrill of it.He feeds on the victim's agony.And so on the article read.After 2 years of deliberation,the court ordered a death penalty.His last words read,'I am nothing.There are much more dangerous people out there'..That brought chills down my spine.Suddenly the world seemed a cold place.
From @tweettabulous: 

“God Bless you”, he smiled.

My heart skipped a beat; the new guy at work whom I had been coquettishly ogling at, from a couple of weeks spoke to me. Oh, his lovely smile makes me beam. My mind was somersaulting in glee. This was such a “dear diary” moment.  Thank you, common cold.

From @VidulaChakradeo: 

“Achchoo, achchoo, achchoo, aaaachchoo...aa, aa, aachchoo, achchoo, achchoooooo.” “You have got cold?” “No, I am trying to shoo the fly away with the power of my breath.”  

From @zoarcher: 

He entered the room
His heart’s temperature: 37°C
He moved closer
His heart’s temperature: 20°C
He put his hand in his pocket
His heart’s temperature: 10°C
He removed the shining knife
His heart’s temperature: 5°C
He plunged it into her heart
His heart’s temperature: 0°C
He stabbed her again and again
His heart’s temperature: -20°C

From @drun007: 

Stuffy nose and the perpetual sneezing. Samar was sleep deprived. To top that, Sana dint bother checking on him. No calls, just text messages.  Something was not right.

"You haven't come to see me, Sweety.  All ok?"

"You will hate me if I told you the truth.  Just dint want to catch your cold, Baby."

From @aaroo4: 

How do you like your coffee? With milk? Take any sugar?

Yes milk, no sugar. Would you happen to have demerara sugar?

Say what? What on earth is that? So, there lies the answer. No I don’t have it, I have only regular sugar.



I like my coffee hot

Jeez… here you go!

From @AbhiAndNow: 
Her fragrance still lingers by your bedside, her memories still make you smile, rains still whisper her stories in your ears, stars still ask about her every night, and the winter sun is still as cozy as her fingers.
She is everywhere, but in your arms. You can be anywhere, but in her cold heart.

From @aaliznat: 

Cold icy fingers trail a path, trying to find the center. The center of love. To thaw, to be alive, to feel the warm blood coursing through again. To know what the planes of your body are like. Where do they dip, where do they curve. To absorb every tremor, every quiver. And they succeed.

From @vivekisms: 

It is just there. Bare and needy. This hope. This much needed desire. Cold and absolute. Like us together. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Theme 210 - Nothing

From @QuratZafar: Another stray leaf under his feet, another winding road that led nowhere, another lonely traveller...nothingness meant having no one to love, not even himself.
From @kanakkupullai:

He picked the polythene covers from the garbage, and put them into the bag.

“Some things in life are just worth nothing. Some things in life are worth everything. A pretty contrasting moment, when nothing becomes everything. After all, what is one man’s trash is another man’s cash.”

He walked on to the next garbage.

From @AbhiAndNow:

There was sand below, a starry sky above me. There were ghosts gossiping about the time, and their stories floating in the air. I plucked few and clenched them in my fist.

There were few nomads, singing songs of love, songs of longing. And then there was me, a puff of star dust, a nothing. 

From @wekneweachother:

“Nothingness as a fresh start. Nothingness as a Monday hangover. Nothingness as looking at a painting by Rothko and finding the meaning of life. Nothing is more profound than something. It is a void or maybe even a Black Hole.”, a 65 year old tattooed woman wrote in her diary on December 31, 2067.

From @BeingInane:

From when she was born,there was someone to tell her what to do.She never complained.She didn't know she can.She lived her life,passively.She was an outsider in her own life.Then she got married but it's the same.The decision makers changed,tats all.And now after all these years when she tries to look back at her life,all she can see is a void.A big nothing.

From @AapChutiyeHain:

“He is the one, the one I have waited my entire life for, All my friends would be so jealous when they see us together, We’ll keep making out in public places and scandalizing people all the time, and fuck like jackrabbits the next Goa trip”

“What’re you grinning like that for?”

“Kuch Nahi”.

From @MirrorOfErised_ :

"What's up?" 


That bleak 'nothing' was a lie. So many painful stories she held back. Her tears had moisetened the screen of her phone. She looked for solace over her contact list but in vain when realisation hit her. She could share audios, videos and pictures but technology could not let her share emotions.

From @tweettabulous:

Love like the one I never knew. Promises of a lifetime of happiness. Foresee growing old together.

Then he cheats and walks out on me. Stripping me of every joy. Taking away the urge to breathe. Ripping my soul apart. Leaving me comatose.

Wondering what am I without you… but obsolete.

From @chaosparticle:

That distance made the heart grow fonder was as convincing as his own state of self-denial all along. Now that they had begun a life together, he had found his calling. Tears followed debate. Reason followed revolt. Once the plane took off to new beginnings, he closed his eyes. And then there was nothing.

From @randomWhiz:

I had to clear my head. To tell it, that nothing is absolute, and can be changed. That alone has had me going all these years, facing challenges. But to believe that, my head needs to be absolutely empty first. From nothing, will come something. Something new

From @ponderpuffman:

She was expecting a child.
She was expecting warm hugs around the neck, whispers of dreams, listening skills, a rebel and melody.

But she was also not expecting.
She was not expecting someone heartless, moody, a black-coffee hater, an evening person and cold kisser on cold nights.

She delivered.
And all she was left with.

From @absoluteme:

With you, I am clingy. I crib, I get jealous. I think too much. I bitch. I act unreasonable. I cry a lot. But I also laugh. I get drunk happy. I start dreaming. With you, I feel more vulnerable, more joy, more me. I feel more human. Without you? Without you... Nothing!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Theme 209 - Surrender

From @BeingInane: She did all she could.She stopped listening to the songs that reminded her of him.She switched channels when his favorite movie is playing.She got rid of everything that had his mark.She even started seeing other people.Yet,when she is alone and when the urge to be with him leaves her helpless,all she wants to do is swallow her pride and surrender

From @Raingirl: When she got engaged, she thought the only thing that she will have to surrender will be her last name. But no one had told her that it was a package deal. Name, freedom, happiness and dreams - all were exchanged with the vows around the sacred fire and burnt till there was no trace left of her. 

From @eternalscrewup: He was almost out of bullets, he panted. Sweat dropped into his eyes, he shriveled. His camp had been attacks by cannibals, a group of savage killers. He couldn't decide if he ought to kill himself, or surrender for a gruesome death or wait for a Messiah, of whose arrival he was unsure of, he shuddered.

From @AbhiandNow: He ran. There were mountains, deep seas, dangerous jungles, and then there was this fire, constantly burning inside him; it was constantly burning insides of him. He had two options; to surrender and die, or to let it burn him out.

He chose the option that others rejected, and the last man on Earth ran.

From @kanakkupullai: He looked up. It was dark. There was a continuous ringing around him. He searched in the gloom. Down by his head was the alarm. He had to go for a walk. He woke up, brushed, got ready, and looked at his bed. Meekly, he surrendered to it’s tempting call. There’s always an alternative, right?

From @aaroo4: Staring into his eyes, she said “So, you really are going to get me what I asked for? Promise me you won’t forget?” He replied “I promise, cross my heart hope to die.” She smiled, a smile that lit up the entire room and ran towards him straight into his open arms- “Love you daddy” 

From @divigyaan: What a little beast! Hard to catch. Behind the chair, under the table, camouflaged, time and again. He wonder where to find this little brat. He banged and tripped but didn't lose hope. Eating it became a secondry thing. Now, all Tom wanted was to hear from him, "I surrender".

From @zoarcher: After long, Raja had been released from his caged life. He had forgotten the feel of rugged outdoor. He passed a black and white beauty but felt no urge to chase her. Raja had given up his wild ways and now he was ready to live like this, in complete surrender to his new self.

From @tweettabulous: 

Obnoxious surrounding. Illogical scenarios. The harassment. Improper treatment. The torture. Mental agony. The threats. Emotional scarring. Physical abuse.

The will to fight this wretched evil is overshadowed by the social obligations and I just surrender to my ill fate... A psychopath wife beater.

From @blah_oholic: 

What I want. What I get.
Fate walking its lame path; in south of all my plans.
I refrain. Fight. Persevere. Relook. Tune. Loose.
From fancy dreams to harsh reality.
To life, I surrender!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Theme 208 - Addiction

From @kanakkupullai: 

Who would ever want to live a virtual life? It was a dump yard, time wasting, addictive and artificial. No one was what they ever seem like on the social network! Even the most celebrated celebrity could be a fake in the end! And then habitually, he refreshed the page to see for new RTs.

From @MirrorofErised_ : 

Beep. Tweep. Tring. Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail messages. Her phone was the first thing she looked at in the morning and the last thing at night. Her companions were virtual, in reality she was alone. Absorbed into the virtual world, her addiction had consumed her. This realisation hit her but by then it was irrevocable.

From @Quratzafar: 

Every part of her was aware, straining, begging for just one look, just a tiny little bit of attention that he had lavished on her once. He refused to acknowledge her.

From @deescjockey: 

"I'm giving you up," she told the empty space. No more drunk dialing, she told herself, no more "surprise" visits, no more begging to give "us" another chance - I'm starting over, without him. She would remember these words with bitter reproach the next morning, as she watched him gather his clothes and leave.

From @SugarsNSpice: 

Creativity made them acquaintances. From sharing thoughts, to wiping tears, he didn't take long to be her best buddy. Before she knew, he was his addiction for life. Sharing cute morning texts, having long conversations and flirting lusciously,  they did it all. Then one day, he moved on. She still sleep with memories, of him.

From @MinolAjekar: 

She opens the door, finds him standing there smugly in those jeans she likes so much. Hair freshly washed, his scent envelopes everything. And then he smiles.
He holds chocolates, oysters, a bottle of tequila and smokes.  Does he not know he is the only high she needs?

From @sinpinklove: 

He was sacked from work. His wife left him . She got custody of the kids. The bank took away his three bedroom flat. He lay on the roadside, a bottle in hand. He sang to himself. He laughed. He cried. Alcohol had won. Once again.

From @chaosparticle: 

Three hundred grams down in four months. Nowhere close to the goal she had set before her friends when they saw her wedding dress wouldn't fit. This chocolate mudpie at the cafe did little to help. But then, what good was the strongest resolve if it could not be impeded by the sweetest addiction?

From @zoarcher: 

Dev was where he was normally found nowadays. In his lab, working on a project, whose scale matched that of creating the world. In a way he would. By inventing compositions to free mankind from its helpless dependency on love, sex, drugs, coffee, work. But in the bargain, he developed an unbreakable bond with megalomania

From @AwaaraMaseeha: 

His flat was teeming with people. They were his friends, whom he had called for a meet. They sat and he begun “I want to make money the only addiction in your life. Think, plan, snatch, kill if needed.” They knew what he meant. But they were college students. Where would this addiction take them?