Saturday, August 23, 2014

55 Word Story - Season 2 - Theme 17 - Perplexed

From @TheScotchGirl: 

He was trying to read her face. Usually she had a face that you could never get.  Always buried in her phone or her laptop. Today she walked towards him with a bewildered expression. She was not sure what to say to him. Too much was already said last evening.

From @uditvashisht: 

“Krish, where were you?”
“Mom, I was playing with Sohan.”
“Beta, when’ll you understand? He is not one among us. Even Gupta aunty taunts that you even share eatables with a driver’s son. Don’t do it again.”
The five year old stood perplexed at the thought how a kid alike I could be any different.

From @GauravJagwani: 

They stood outside the doors. Neither of them knew which one to open. They asked the concerned people if they could have their own little door to enter to avoid the confusion. Let me tell you why. One door sign had a bikini. The other one, pants. But, she wore the pants in the relationship. 

From @JaaTeri: 

The kid got down from the rickshaw with his half eaten chocolate bar. As he paid the rickshaw puller, he glanced at the old man. He was sweating and looked exhausted.

“It’s Ramzan. Are you fasting?”

“Son, if fasting is Ramzan, then for the poor every day is Ramzan.”

His strange response perplexed the kid.

From @captain_speakin: 

They stood holding hands while the world gathered around to watch them become one. He lifted up the veil to claim her for a lifetime. Her big brown eyes were trying hard not to meet his, when they met, what he saw left him completely perplexed. He could hear everything they didn't want to say. 

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

The professional-abductor came inside by the back-alley-window. Cut the windowpane with a blowtorch & climbed inside.

The light came on automatically & he was soon handcuffed and read his Miranda Rights by the FBI.

His plan to kidnap the daughter of the Israeli diplomat went-down-the-drain.

Little did he know that his email-&-phone was being tapped!

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The little boy was confused. He looked at the idol. ‘A God?’ he wondered. Fat. Huge. Head of an elephant. Body of a human. Mommy had told him God was beautiful. He wasn’t sure now.

He turned to walk away. A laddoo rolled out of a plate. Smiling, he gulped it whole.

God was beautiful.

From @ashishshukul: 

It remains a hotly debated topic among them. Was it an act of foolishness or valor? Is there any truth in all the silly rumors? The phenomenon was unprecedented. She was truly a pioneer. Humans think it is just a joke, but birds at the farm still wonder – why did the chicken cross the road?

From @roshd: 

He was the life of the party when he had downed a couple of pints.
She hated him when he was drunk.
They were a funny couple but no one suspected anything because they put up a ‘happy family’ portrait in public.
They could never fathom:why he loved and she hated beer so much.

From @_souringpie:

They joked viciously about those dire commercials. Suddenly an oldie from the backmost row berated them. They were perplexed,both by his action and his lone presence in the vacant back rows. Eventually, they settled. 

When leaving, they found him dancing jubilantly. "Life's beautiful! Enjoy!", he said. The young Sid in him had woken up.

55 Word Story - Season 2 - Theme 16 - Nomadic

From @UditVashisht: 

“Your itinerary has been mailed; you will be leaving tomorrow morning for the tour.”
“But Sir, I got married this Monday, had plans.”
“I know, but can’t help, sorry.” and he hung up the phone.
He started preparing for being a modern day Nomad again, not for the search for the pastures but green bills.

From @Gauravjagwani: 

They were always on the run. They called no one place ‘home.’ But, to their credit, they left a lasting impression on each and every one of the places they would frequent. They would come uninvited at times. That day they came to my hometown. ‘Hi! We’re called ‘Thoughts.’ Can we stay for a while?’ 

From @HulaHoopFairy: 

Pankhuri had seen the world.

Her heart, however, longed for those rackety lanes of Benaras, where she dreamed of touring the world one day. A place she would never return to. 

The feeling of belonging to a place eluded her. Never one for a miniscule existence in a gargantuan world.

Home was but an illusion. 

From @AnuNande: 

"The seemingly unending road blurred his vision if he stared too hard. Nameless faces. The love and kindness of strangers. The adrenaline slowly overshadowed by a need for their smiles, for the innocent lisp that enquired everyday when he would be back. He closed his eyes and strummed the opening chords. The bus rumbled on."

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

The li’l one was nowhere to be seen. His mother worried incessantly about him. Finally she found him trailing behind playing with his newfound friends.

She breathed a sigh of relief and in her unspoken way, glanced unappreciately at him rebuking him for the folly.

He winged & came into her fold.

From @zoarcher: 

He moved all his life. From one beautiful stop to another. While the colours around were different every time, the food flavour was similar. He never counted his stops. He loved the fact that there was a song in his heart as he moved from one flower to another, staying with no one...loving everyone.

From @tweettabulous: 

After 9/11, life has been on a roll... I moved from one foster home to the other. I've no complaints.

Everyday is a new journey, that gives me an insight into different cultures and ancient folklore. Like Rachel Wolchin says, "If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots not feet."

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The old actress lay on her deathbed. Reminiscing the past, she smiled. Everything had been easy. The fame, the money, the lovers. She looked at the people standing around her, shedding tears of sorrow. They did love her after all. Everything remained like before.

The only thing that never stayed was ‘time’. It killed her.

From @aseemrastogi2: 

“Run! Run! They are attacking us from all sides. We need to get to the hills as soon as possible.”

With heavy artillery and strong foot soldiers dressed in military fatigues, they were always ready for an intense gun battle. We had become nomads moving from one place to another trying to escape their mercilessness.    

From @roshd: 

It doesn’t feel like a journey but the destination. But am I not a traveller? I believed that that I’d quench my thirst at a new spring, eat my meal in a new oasis and sleep in a new tent every night. What became of the wanderer? Or is this just an unusually long halt?

From @vishalshriyan: 

'Average performer' he'd been called. He smirked as he remembered their snooty faces. He'd left them far behind. He gloated over the wealth he'd accumulated over the years. Not by stepping up his game. Simply by changing his workplace over and over at the right time. His nomadic approach had served him very well indeed.

From @ashishshukul: 

He navigated his bike through the narrow dirt road between soaring mountains and steep gorges. This road trip with his buddies was like a dream. Looming landslides didn’t intimidate him. Barrage power point slides did. Sitting among his rambling colleagues in the board meeting that day, he felt like a nomad waiting to break free.

From @_souringpie: 

"Hey what's that?" "Oh, that's a human." "It's gigantic! What does it do?" "Nothing, It chases some false hopes all the time, eventually missing out on simple and pure joys of life." "Can't it just fly and wander around this beautiful world?" "They loath our nomadic life but secretly envy it." "Glad I'm a butterfly!"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

55 Word Story - Season 2 - Theme 15 - Solitary

From @AnuNande: 

It was her last sandcastle of the summer. The sun was already soft, muted as if resigned to the inevitable. B lounged on a towel like every other day since graduation. Two kids ran squealing to their parents behind her, melted ice-cream down their elbows. She smiled, turning to the next page of her book.

From @AshishShukul: 

It was 5 AM on a damp  Sunday morning. He was the first one to get there. But others would be there soon. The fights were unavoidable. They all wanted one but it was always in short supply. No other fish would do. A Bengali not eating Hilsa is like a fish living without water!

From @GauravJagwani: 

They were best of friends. ‘What are the two things you would bring, if you were stranded on an island?’ asked Tom. ‘You guys,’ replied Harry. ‘Yeah, same,’ said Tom. ‘What about you, Dick?’ He thought for a bit and then replied, ‘My girlfriend and my guitar.’ Like I said, they ‘were’ best of friends. 

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: 

The fan creaked, tired from years of running. The old notebook sat there, waiting, desperate, screaming in silence – dog eared pages, torn at the rim. The coffee stains so permanent, you couldn’t guess there stood a table beneath.

The pen lay there – throat parched, breathing its last, paralysed. Solitary had been a way of life.

From @writingchalk: 

“3 weeks in the hole for that little stunt, asshole.”
No light, and cramped in a 5x5 space.
Most inmates felt claustrophobic and even threw up in there.
Not me. Except for an unkempt beard, I looked and felt good.
“How?” they asked.
I pointed at my head and heart, “I got Mozart in here.”

From @_souringpie: 

He lay on the beach. Alone. Quiet. Accompanying the scarlet sun signing out. Suddenly a gentle wave caressed his feet giving him a sense of a familiar touch. He smiled and whispered with closed eyes 'Happy Birthday love'. 

Every year he comes here, to meet her, to talk, to cuddle, to relive the solitary celebration. 

From @darklingdiva: 

Corporate world. Big words. Solitary lives. Hungry souls. Tired eyes. Greedy dreams. Pretentious smiles. Expensive food. Lavish parties. Fake friends. Black voids. Ugly truths. Lying eyes. Starless skies. Human machines. Unseen sunsets. Buried feelings. Forgotten hobbies. Dust-caked books.

These are not mere words. Although I wish they were. But hey, welcome to my life.

From @mmrunal: 

“There was a time when she used to love spending all her time with me. Be it any brilliant idea or a silly thought, I was the first one, she shared it with. But things have changed now! She’s in love with that sleek modern contrivance.”

Her pen lives a pretty solitary life now.

From @tweettabulous: 

He was mean, sarcastic and his bad boy repute preceded him, not everyone was a fan. Some were jealous.Some hated his narcissism and asked, "Solitary existence behind your suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?"

"Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. And with Jarvis by my side 24/7 I'm anything but lonely."

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

Chess Addict-and-Enthusiast.
Decades of practice.

A small earth-quake tremor. He winced but the tremor passed smoothly.

He continued his quest for a win but was surprised when suddenly his carefully-planned-game went awry & he lost instead.

He didn't notice the rook, which had fallen down due to the tremor.

Blindfolded-Solitary-Chess check-mated him for a change!

From @UditVashisht: 

He barely caught the last Metro. Grasping for breath, his eyes roamed around and got struck at her. They smiled at each other. Like numerous times, they moved in opposite direction and disappeared in the dark at the last terminal. In their solitude, they hoped for each other to make the first move. Silent love!!!

From @roshd: 

Well paying sales career and a deep mistrust of the institution paying sales career and a deep mistrust of the institution of marriage, Shankar stayed a bachelor. All his friends were married and had kids. And had perpetually harassed expressions on their faces. He sighed, partly content partly lonely, as he sipped Glenfiddich while staring out of his sea facing flat.

From @captain_speakin: 

He traveled a thousand miles just to see her. For the look in her eyes that gave him hope. For her touch that healed his soul and her hugs that made him feel whole again. She completed him.Those few times a year when he got to be with her made even his solitude beautiful. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

55wordstory - Season 2 - Theme 14 - Smut

From @TheScotchGirl: 

She drafted her text. It was definitely not ending at 160 characters. She thought about it. Very word was outlined more with smut than with love. He on the other was in love with her. In love with her sight. She on the other hand.

From @uditvashisht: 

They decided to walk their way back home after a splendid evening and fine dine.

“Give me all you have else I’ll shoot” a figure appearing from the dark shouted.

He resisted and “Bang”, within seconds he was lying in pool of blood.

She had nothing but smuts of blood as her first anniversary’s gift.

From @gauravjagwani: 

He was going through a dry spell. Got no action. He decided to pay for sex. So, he bought the little hooker for the night from the red light area. He did all that he could have imagined doing to her. Suddenly, the moment was over. His dry spell, too. Wet dream to the rescue.

From @LucidIllusion: 

She lacked self-control but, on the other hand, didn't mind taking charge. She took her time to change into the maid's uniform. She looked at herself in the mirror, quite spick and span and ready for the task at hand.

She went into the bedroom and bent to clean the smut deposited near the fireplace.

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 


Her eyes were flirting with him & he was replying-back-in-kind.

As her shift ended, she beckoned him to follow her.

They walked-and-kissed passionately to her abode. He lifted her up & walked up-the-stairs & headed straight for the bedroom.

His anguished cry of “Noooooo” rang out & he ran out screaming.

Thailand & Shemales!

From @ashishshukul: 

They finally bumped him. It was breaking news. Facts were sketchy, but news channels looped the story all night. Schedules were adjusted to accommodate programming on his life story. Experts were lined up for panel discussions. There was no shortage of creativity in newspaper headlines the next morning. Some called him scum. Few others, Bhai.

From @vishalshriyan: 

He lay on the ground staring up through eyes swollen shut. Her brother and his goons had thrashed him. More than the physical injuries it was the degradation of his feelings that pained him. The feelings that he had poured out, that they had shared through countless messages. How could they have called it smut!? 

From @roshd: 

He was regaling their sons and nieces with his instantly cooked up stories.He had them in splits and she knew that this would go on for a couple of hours more.

Nikhil had a way with words, whether stringing them together to spin a fairytale or whispering ‘those’ stories in her ear at night..

From @_souringpie:

“No, was busy cleaning the filthy smut off the kitchen tiles and ceiling.”
“Ah, good. Now our band can again bond over the barbeque.”
“No chance.”
“Hon, I don't wanna fight my landlord again.”
“She's such a smutty bitch!"
"Teri kismut hi smutty hai"
"What the smut!! Smut off you smut!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 13 - Undress

From @TitforTit: 

Two days after I asked for your tomorrow, I asked you if you still planned on seeing me yesterday. “Yes! I need to get ready, give me another day.”

I know she'll put on her best gown. She’s the kind of girl who dresses to undress.

From @uditvashisht: 

“Undress quickly, we have little time.”


“Dress up, gotta go.”

I hurriedly followed him through the crowded corridor of the motel. He had zeal and sense of satisfaction on his face. I wondered, when would he undress me beyond the nakedness of my flesh to reach my soul? That divine orgasm, I wish for!

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

Civil War. Army Coup.

Violence. Bloodshed. Unrest. Atrocities.

Citizens running away to safety.

She reached the border with her documents to flee. The officer took away her documents & leered at her.
Bereft of her documents, even though she was fully clothed, she felt as if the officer had psychologically-undressed her & she was stark-naked!

From @ashishshukul: 

“This is so embarrassing.”
“Why are you so coy? Just look around.”
“Hmm…let’s see…tuxedo, gown, jeans…oh, and sherwani too!”
“Isn’t it cool?! And you’re looking so dapper.”
“Yeah, right! Dunce would be the right word.”
“What’s your problem!?”
“My problem is this week’s theme. What’s the point of an ‘undress’ theme in a nude club?”

From @lucidillusions: 

She coyly turned around as he helped her put on the corset. Next he helped her with her nylon stockings, after kissing her legs. She loved how he would kiss her from head to toe while dressing her up. 

Even though he was part of both the process, he loved dressing her more than undressing.

From @vishalshriyan: 

He felt the familiar sense of thrill. His palms tingled. Fingers itched to feel the touch, do the nimble work of opening the ties. Although most people rushed past this part, he savoured it as much as what lay within. His ears took in each note of the lovely rustle as he unwrapped the book. 

From @Cortevez: 

"What is the price of tomato ?" enquired zudin.
"It's Rs.80/- per kg little boy." replied the shopkeeper.
"The prices have risen on a sudden note. Even without tomato I can manage my cooking." zudin told in curiosity to him.
"You cannot eat a bananana until You undress it. Likewise you cannot manage cooking without tomato."   

From @Jonty_Pinto: 

Everyone in the room was in a cold sweat.

The thought of being the next made them anxious.

As the hands came closer, there was a race to escape, while a single chicken got caught.

All of them looked at the pathetic chicken while it was undressed in hot water and fried.

“Kentucky Frightened Chicken”

From @TheScotchGirl: 

She slowly undressed herself. He sat staring at her, what felt like an eternity. He didn’t want to use force. He gave her choice. She didn’t have a choice. She was at his mercy. She was his daughter after all.

From @darklingdiva: 

A river of emotions flowing through her mind. It was too much to take. She knew she'll break. She wiped her tears as she picked up the knife. And that's when he pulled her in his arms. She was suddenly home, at peace. The storm inside her head subsided as he silently undressed her worries.

From @gauravjagwani: 

Our night of pleasure was overdue. I rushed home that day. And there she was. Perfect in every way. Without much hesitation, I undressed her and started playing. My moment was cut short when the electricity went. So I took her, put her sleeve back on her and let her rest amongst my other records.

From @tweettabulous: 

"No mom! I can do it myself. I'm a big girl now." That's the first time by six year old refused to be touched by me. It sends a plethora of concern. Did something terrible happen.

"What's wrong hon?"

"Does dad help you undress? No right? Grow ups can manage." I turned crimson and smiled.

From @mmrunal: 

“I wish I’d be there. These rains call me to kiss the nectar off your sweet lips. Teasing you with my breath in this dim-light of dawn, as your beautifully moulded structure tingles, I want to dive into your eyes filled with love.”

He undressed her with his words and made love to her soul.

From @roshd: 

They prepared for bed after their long reception and an even longer after party. Their friends threatened to never leave and had to be literally pushed out. Rhys changed into his pjs while Silvia was still in her wedding saree. He wanted to undrape her on their first night. She blushed deeply at the thought.

From @aseemrastogi2:

“Do you realize the gravity of your condition? If she hadn’t brought you here in the nick of time, you wouldn’t have survived this horrific car crash.” The nurse was literally yelling her lungs out.

She undressed me without warning, dressed up my wounds and gave me a couple of medicines to soothe the pain.      

From @_souringpie: 

"Tell me baby, which dress should I wear?" "Whatever babe, Coz I'm gonna wildly rip it off your hot body after the party!" "Ohh babyyyyyy.." And then few short kisses would later turn into some rigourous, horny half hour extravaganza. 

He eagerly undressed himself when buffering completed, but alas, the powercut ruined his promising night.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 12 - Asocial

From @gauravjagwani: 

People labelled him as being completely inconsiderate. Yet, he was seen with people all the time. He saw people from all walks of life. Yet, no words. That day, he came home and spoke to his wife. ‘I finally did it.’ ‘You managed to speak to someone?’ ‘No, I quit my job as the liftman.’ 

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

“This dress  is so pretty!”
“Will it look good on me?”
“Yes! Certainly. It’s sexy.”
“I could wear my new aqua-blue necklace & the fuchsia-pink lipstick.”
“And those new pink stilettos’”
“Oh Yes!”
“Your Birthday outfit is complete!”
The world thinks i am asocial-and-crazy talking to myself like that.
But, am just being mE-me-and-Me!

From @MMrunal: 

He, who used to be a social-kid, chose to completely cut-off from the outside world. He sat all day-long, alone in his chair. Smiling, crying simultaneously.

Some said he was depressed, others thought he was possessed by the witch. Only few understood he fell in love with someone who turned him into a living corpse.

From @roshd: 

William used to be called a very funny guy. Now he’s just a rich drunkard. All that merchant navy money going up in smoke and drink. 

Last night he rapped on my door and yelled out “Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”

“Hooch is not there, I drank it all!”

Like I said, he’s a funny guy.

From @AnuNande:

There was no hate. No fear. No anger that bubbled over, colouring his interactions with the world. Words were his friends. He created sounds he would never vocalise. A gift that spoke of a deep understanding of the natural rhythms of speech and dialogue. When would strangers understand that his silence was not a choice?

From @elwingt: 

Sarah passed by her son's room and paused to look. His laptop showed the familiar blue and white screen. She could hear him giggling softly. Sarah was so worried about that boy. He never got out anymore. He hadn't had a party in months. So asocial.

Gary's screen was full of instant messages, 1140 friends.

From @ashishshukul: 

Fourteen days was a long time, even in this age. “I’m not going to let him get away easily today,” she thought, as she saw him approaching their block. He had barely parked his cycle when she charged out to confront him. “Where is the letter from my new pen-friend. It has been two weeks?”

From @vishalshriyan: 

All the smiles and the handshakes. The laughter and the conversations. The incessant socialising that he excelled at. That had made him the youngest marketing head of his company. How he hated it. But he had to fake it to keep his job. He took solace in knowing that in his mind, he was forever alone.  

From @tweettabulous: 

What do you mean there's more to life that this? What could it have better? Everything I need is at a button's distance. Friends. Food. Fun. Why would I ever want to step out? Leave my sanctuary and mingle with noise, air and people pollution? It took long to master this art, why ruin it? 

From @uditvashisht: 

Hello, I am an Embryo. Look at these cheerful faces, they came to know about me today. That man jumping with joy is my Papa and the lady blushing is my Mommy.

Few Weeks Later

I am a foetus now, rejected female foetus, lying on heap of waste. I was certainly asocial to this society.

From @_souringpie: 

She seldom left home, barring temple and doctor's appointment. Without friends, she hardly interacted with people. They labeled her asocial, mental. But nobody knew of ADHD she developed over the years after her husband deserted her for his mistress. She's more expressive now, after 20 years, coming back to life via books, blogs and birds.

From @darklingdiva: 

She has no friends. But she has me. Her mother. Her best friend. How my shy little princess talks to me for hours!

Oh, stop it, you people! She's just resting. But why is she on the floor? Why is she so cold. Why wouldn't she wake up? Why wouldn't she talk to me? Why?

From @thenesseffect: 

At the word go, they went for it. Once there, each was on his own. He was different, a loner; he didn't follow the crowd. They laughed at him. 

Away from his mates, he found his - a misfit like him. None of the other alliances survived, but this one did. A new life was conceived.