Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Theme 196 - Rage

From @flirtingshadows: She shielded herself from the newspapers, the television and Twitter.  She was seething but felt highly inadequate. Mere rage was not enough. She itched to be brave, to shirk off her cozy existence and take to the streets like her counterparts in the capital had done. But she also knew that courage counted for nothing

From @realfartshady:

"No one cares. NO ONE!"

"Please let us go!"

The dark man swooshed in rage looking at his spiel "NO! Y"ALL ARE GOING NOWHERE! Watch. Listen. Enjoy."

The hostages cried for help as the artist picked up his glock-en-spiel to play.

From @DNRamki: TV anchors were shouting, ministers made statements, papers screamed about the incident in bold letters. Anguished women and men stood up to sticks, water cannons, teargas and brutal force. They shouted, cursed, and somehow held fort.  But he wasn’t among them. His rage was directed against his keyboard. He had an assignment to finish.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Theme 195 - Territory

From @brownicetea: You're mine. She might be your and I don't care but she must not claim you ever because of one simple reason you're mine. I am not possessive, I don’t believe in competition; it brings up beggary in a relationship. It is just that one cannot show affection towards you, you are in my territory. 

From @Adrenalyst: A national hero with medals on his proud chest, he was an inspiration to coming generations. Laying on the floor, smiling at the pain of his tortured body, his eyes opened to the sound of That bell. It was for the line that humans drew, he walked the Green Mile. It was a different territory.

From @DNRamki: The long summer vacation was over. He couldn’t wait to be back in school. As soon as he got down from the bus, he dashed to Class V A. Slowly, he pulled out his compass and etched a line on the desk before anyone saw. For this one year, this would now be his territory. 

From @roshd: It was past midnight and she tiptoed into Michelle’s room. She was fast asleep with Melwyn lying beside her. Her arm was across his chest and leg crossed over his stomach. Her territory was marked but Flavia was going to violate it. She woke her husband , careful not to disturb their 4 year old princess.

From @deescjockey: It was a mistake to come here, I thought as gingerly followed the puny laborers carrying over 30 kg of my old newspapers to the junkyard. I'd seen them before, scurrying around my building, speaking with eyes always lowered. Their gait was changed now, and I felt vulnerable under their eyes, in their territory.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Theme 194 - Judge

From @DNRamki:

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His hands trembled. His throat went dry and he ran out of breath.

She asked him the question again, but he still couldn't recollect what he had read. She looked at him with wide eyes, and then dismissed him.
She didn't think twice before she judged him ‘mediocre’

From @vidulachakradeo:
Label 1 – Pig head; look how stupidly he looks. Label 2 – Arrogant ass; who does he think he is? Label 3 – Mystery maniac; his eyes, my god. Label 4 – grey-haired furniture; forget that useless bloke. Label 5, label 6, labels endless. A man sits by himself, giving no explanations.

From @roshd:

The watchman walked towards her. Surely come to beg for more money, she thought.The last time he said his wife was seriously ill.

“What happened now? Hope no one died!,”She sneered.

With a sad face he nodded, “My wife. Here’s the money I borrowed from you madam. I’m going with my children to my gaon.”

From @vchatting:

I saw her smoke, drink...
Who'll meddle with a girl like her?
What do you mean! Girl like her....?
I mean, such a woman is not like wife material! Right?
Yes. She's too much of a woman for you to handle with your narrow mindset!
Don't judge me!
Don't judge her!

From @flirtingshadows:

I wanted us to be friends. And I thought that she wanted it too. I remember her nodding with glee when I expressed interest. I tried reaching out. But she always shot me down. Perhaps, she didn’t think much of me. I judged her for ignoring me, for being pretentious, for being judgmental about me.

From @marsdhirs:

Everyone in this world is a judge to everyone but himself. In collary you are being judged all the time. Earlier it was just physically when present but now you are judged with your emails  tweets your behavior on facebook and other  sites. If one would  introspect   and judge oneself things would be  much better

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Theme 193 - War

From @Aawara_Mann: We are like Soldiers in a War, and none of Us are back in town. I just know that victory is Mine, Before We leave this battleground. She doesn't want to leave, and I don't want to go., I don't know that how this battle goes., and I don't want to fight this kind of War..

From @swordfish19: 

“Guruji, the Gita talks about Kurukshetra, where the battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas took place. Did that war really happen? Does Kurukshetra exist today?”

“Son, your mind is Kurukshetra. The war is always inside. All the negative senses such as anger, greed and lust are the enemies. Rise above these and you win.”  

From @flirtingshadows: They stood at opposite ends of the room. Torn and hurting, but adamant. One trying to save the other from the self. A mother trying to reason, a daughter flinching. Angry words, hot tears, air laden thick with accusations and guilt. Each wants to close the distance but hesitates. They were, after all, at war. 

From @roshd: Today was the day he'd return home duly discharged from the army hospital after that life threatening shrapnel injury. She wondered how 5year old Niharika would react. She needn't have bothered. Father and daughter seemed to be merged into each other, so tight was their embrace. The amputated leg was no issue. 

From @LifePenCripted It was a big day for him. He had to choose between his passion and what his parents' wanted. Being the only child he had responsibilities. But it required him to do what he would never love. His mind and heart were at war. He finally chose his mind. He chose his responsibilities. He sacrificed.

From @kanakkupullai: He knew he would never be able to make it to the examination. He wasn’t sufficiently prepared, not even remotely close to completing the syllabus. Many would laugh at his failures, but, what if he just passed? His mind urged him to move on, he never could. The eternal battle for glory pushed him forward.

From @zoarcher: As the clock ticks 8.50, Laxmibai valiantly enters the daily morning battlefield. Platform No. 2. Surviving harsh elbow pushes, ruthless strangling of her dupatta around her neck, stinking armpits, she manages to board the train. Just as she wins the battle, the war begins. For an empty seat, for a place to stand peacefully.   

From @DNRamki: 

He sat across the table with an empty glass in hand, and stared at her. Third time this week, they had been hurling abuses at each other. Every word she mouthed, seared through him. She didn’t seem to care too much about that though.

He’d had enough. He calmly picked up the glass, and hurled it…

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Theme 192 - Wait

From @indianidle: She waited for many days. Every time she dialed his number, she disconnected instantly before it even rang. But today she had decided she would call him and tell everything. She called and there was a voice from the other end,”Please wait , the person you are calling is on another call.”

From @seedhibaaat: When she left, he said he'll wait. When he decided to leave, she started waiting.
And then they realised "the wait" was just a game they had started playing with each other. Sadly , no one ever seemed to win.

From @marsdhirs: Wait is a word most of us indians have not heard of. Don't believe me? Just spend a few minutes at a traffic light and if you still don't believe me come to the traffic light early mornings or late at night. I am sure u will understand what I am trying to mean..

From @Pentropy:

Soul had left last Monday; body didn’t. Felt closer to far end of heaven stair than the bed.  Their tears were confused; I slipped off. A medicine cut the story short and triggered the hypocrite certainty. I tweeted:

“Thanks to lawmakers for legalizing euthanasia. Untied wings are be better than a decorated cage”

From @swordfish19:

The violinist was playing all day long on the sidewalk. Most would pass him by, throwing an occasional glance his way. Some would linger for a while and listen to his tunes.
It was almost late evening now and his hat was still empty. He had still not given up hope though.
Patience, he thought.

From @roshd: She knew about his ladies bar habits. It was Friday and he gave her the familiar line, “I’ll be late. Entertaining some clients. Don’t wait up for me.” She didn’t. She took the jewellery, the cash and the evening flight out of the city. She had planned this two Fridays ago. Hell hath no fury…

From @deescjockey: "They wouldn't forget an old widow like me," she muttered to herself as she carefully packed the gifts for the new bride and laid her new sari on bed. The wedding starts in 4 hours, part of her reminded herself. Any minute now, she thought as she stood in the balcony awaiting the belated invitation.

From @DNRamki: “Now that your exams are over, you can relax right?” he heard her voice on the phone and he smiled. It had been a while since he smiled. “Well, yeah...” he trailed off. He wondered if he could explain, how agonizing it was going to be until the results arrived. And maybe, even after that...

From @flirtingshadows: She waited until the rage had died down, the lump in her throat had dissolved and her lips had stopped quivering. She waited until he was done with his soul-baring soliloquy. She waited until all was quiet and then quipped gently, “Let’s go to the beach and watch the sunset?” He smiled a slow smile.

From @NumbYaar: She waited for love all her life. She wasn’t ready to fall for anything that came her way. But it wasn’t long before her patience had the better of her. She gave in to an arranged marriage and learnt to live with the idea. Alas! Soon love came knocking on her door.

From @BrinjalKBaataan: The boy gazed outside the window, longingly, as his classmates ran around, full of mirth. He shifted his attention back to his imposition, immediately, when he noticed that his teacher was about to look up from her book. She glanced outside to see her boyfriend coach the children and wondered when they could leave.

From @tweettabulous:

Disdainful life and a bleak future led me to believe that living was meaningless. But morals instilled had taught me, suicide was more of a coward’s way out. I was stronger than that.Suddenly the talk about the Mayans spread. My escape route well-planned. Then he came along, that wait to end… is no more.

From @iyer_raman: Every night he puts out the lights and sits by the window, smoking cigarette after cigarette. The building he stares at is asleep. But he knows one room will light up. And she’ll appear, the stranger next door, to spend some time like no one’s watching. Tomorrow it may well be curtains, but till then…

From @MissMistreated:

Fifty years ago, you gave me a note - that final morning. No word has been sent. The enemies you left to fight with are long dead.

On my deathbed, I decide to unlock the mystery.

“I will return”, your handwriting says.

He waits as I do, anticipate my rebirth. I feel content.

He will come.

From @shark_speak: Even before the cobwebs of sleep had cleared from his mind, he checked his phone. No unread messages. “Not to worry,” he told himself, “she will call soon.” The majestic sun travelled its long distance across the sky. He dropped dead on his bed. No unread messages. It had been two years. The wait continued.

From @divigyaan:

"Love you baby" she said this expecting a "love u too".  Whats app showed him 'online' and this didn't let her hope die. Waited for fifteen she finally said,"I always knew you never loved me back :(".

After few minutes her phone buzzed. The message read, "I was last seen in the loo, my stomach is bad" :(

From @vchatting:

Hi, you home. How nice! See, my nails, i got them done for the party tomorrow. And what about "my" joblist? Were you able to call the mechanic, deposit my cheque?, or was office as busy as usual!

Honey, can you never wait....; I've just returned. Sometimes, can you just let me breathe...in peace..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Theme 191 - Chocolate

From @IndianIdle: He wanted to take revenge. She had humiliated him very bad. He took all her chocolates and put it in a jar, and then placed the jar on the high shelf. She would see it but not get it. Slow torture.

From @LadyCardiidae: "Hey, how come you called me clingy," she said. "Why? But it's true," he defended." But all she ever did was make him feel special, make him feel loved. All he ever wanted was his space. So she gave it to him and went back to eating chocolate and clinging to her weight. Bitter sweet.

From @roshd: She was from Delhi very fair, beautiful and intelligent. He was a South Indian- dark, thick-set and spoke with a typical accent. He made her laugh but was strong, smooth and made her feel heady and in love. Just like chocolate. Incidentally she loved Bournville.

From @swordfish19: The young girl was the sole survivor of the plane crash. It would be some time before the search team would reach the crash site. Her tears had run dry. She espied a bar of chocolate amidst the ruins. She opened the wrapper and sniffed at the aroma of the slab. Grief was momentarily forgotten.

From @tweettabulous:

Eleven years of marriage and the sex life was nonexistent. Work woes had taken over sweet nothings. We tried to spice things up by drinking champagne and teasing with strawberries. He then poured melted chocolate on me, began licking slowly. Perfect seduction by the rule-book.

We woke up the next morning. Another futile attempt.

From @vivekisms: He remembered his first gift from him. It was a chocolate that he had wanted to eat. The first memory. The first bite of joy. It stayed with him.

From @flirtingshadows: Chocolate always elevated her to a happier plane. It induced her “Cheshire cat smile” and many giggles. The thrill of unwrapping the foil carefully to avoid the spilling crumbs and the joy of the impending sugar rush was a heady combination. Consuming it was a blur. Twas over before she could pause and relish it.

From @vidulachakradeo: Lost in reverie, her tongue runs. Up, down, up, down. Aahhh! A happy shiver runs through her. Her enticing lips lick the fingers, one at a time, then the hands. Quickly she goes up, bites. Once. Twice. "No, I shouldn't." "Stop, stop...I can't". "Darn you chocolate ice cream". 400 calories devoured. "Made me a sinner".

From @iyer_raman: “Can I have it?” pleaded the beggar. The kid pointed towards the solitary coin in the beggar's bowl, and said “heads me, tails, you”.The beggar handed it over and prayed. And lost. He wanted another chance, but the kid had disappeared. The trophy still remained, sealed in glossy purple that gleamed in the evening sun.

From @lucidillusions_ :

She went to the garden. Dug a small hole in the shadow of her favourite tree. She fished for something in her pocket and placed it in the hole. Covered it with soil and poured some water.

She ran inside to her brother. "Soon we will have a huge tree of chocolate." she told him.

From @vchatting:

"See, I have some special chocolate sauce for our special night,tonight,you game?"

"Ahh! I had a tough day at work ; really tired. I know it's the night you've been waiting for,but will you mind, if we just slept..in a cuddle?"

"Oh ok", she said, pouring chocolate sauce all over her dessert plate , with a vacuous, faraway look....

From @shark_speak: Mlinzan twitched nervously. Boss Zoltan had made it clear he would leave Mlinzal back on Earth if he didn’t manage to snare at least one earthling. Which is why, Mlinzal had camouflaged himself as a human in this hideous “shopping mall”. As a female walked towards him, he gently offered the tray to her. “Chocolate?”

Theme 190 - Fiction

From @lucidillusions_ :

"She smiled at me.", he told them, " even though she was crying blood.".  The psychiatrist looks at his mother with no hope.

She leaves the book on the table and walks to the window. She looks towards the mirror and sees tears of blood. She wipes them; realizes some facts are stranger than fiction.

From @roshd: His book ‘Love after Love’ was a runaway success. At the celebration party, Khalid, that cranky Times critic, walked up to him. “Frankly a very weak story line. Hard to believe an ex-lover can be so supportive.” Roy smiled. Reena, head honcho of Pennyville, his publisher, was his ex- girlfriend. Truth is stranger than fiction.

From @flirtingshadows: They knew little of each other. But with a few conversations, two individuals with fictitious names got a wee bit less lonely. She enthralled him with the details of a fabricated life and he was a patient listener. The life she was recounting was never hers. But he eagerly lapped up everything she had concocted.

From @Mitchellez: At the café, accompanied by coffee and loneliness, she sat gazing out of the french window.  People walking down the avenue. Lost in thought. Lost in their own little world. Not stoping to look at the brokeness around. Oblivious to the clamour tugging at their sleeves.  The café, just like life, was another movie theatre.

From @iyer_raman:

“Sorry Somu, you have to go today.”
 “I don’t want to die! What will happen to Yoshi? And the kids! They need me!”
“Just shut up now and let me think of a way to kill you.”
The writer lit a cigarette, and worked out several possibilities.
The keyboard waited patiently to script Somu’s end.

From @vchatting:

My teacher said, we will read fiction in class, tomorrow. Maa what is fiction?, wide eyed, asked my little son.
That, which is not a fact, is fiction, I said unmindfully...
And what is a fact?
Fact is a truth, which exists, which you can touch and feel.
Like "food" is a fact but "eaten" is fiction? Right maa....?

From @tunnvi: Mad as a hatter. Liar like Pinocchio. Honest like Jiminy the cricket.  As evil as Cruella De Ville.  Obsessive like Miss Havisham. As genius as Sherlock. Wrong doing just like Michael Henchard. Charming and intelligent like Hamlet. A child at heart like Tom Sawyer. Yes, he was stranger than fiction.

From @quratzafar:

She cries big tears and holds back her fears.
There is a world inside her, a world meaning to be discovered.
But till she can find it, it's fiction.
And we all know fiction is unreal.

From @zoarcher: For as long as she could remember, Dipti had heard and seen stories of heroes fighting villains single-handedly to protect their beloved one. Today, as she stood surrounded by hooligans, she wondered when her knight in shining armour would come. In the next few minutes, she learned that life was not a work of fiction.

From @absoluteme:

He, a storyteller. She, a rationalist.
He has imaginary friends she doesn't mind; and she makes sure they all brush their teeth before bed.
He tell tales and she's all ears.
He's fabulous. She keeps him from becoming fabulist,
He weaves life-like fables and she dwells in his imagination.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Theme 189 - Outsider

From @wannabesanyasin: The messages were abrupt. Conversations leading into absolute nothingness. Ignorance and isolation gripped me. There was nothing much to discuss but there was a lot left to be said. With distance, grew silence. It wasn't ego but self-respect. Oscillating between mere purposes and mandatory festive wishes, a friend made me feel like an outsider.

From @minolajekar:

I constantly stand here on the periphery, belonging nowhere to nobody. Stuck here at the border, too timid to face immigration, too clever to turn back, too afraid to try the new, too sad the leave the old. 
I constantly stand here on the periphery, wondering what it feels like to belong.

From @flirtingshadows: It was a traditional joint family; patriarchal, hierarchical and averse to change. The daughters-in-law were at the bottom of the pecking order, with the daughters being one step above. Its structural ties allowed little space for individual freedoms. You either submitted completely or stood out like a sore thumb or worse still, remained the outsider.

From @iyer_raman:

He was greeted with a stoic silence and uncomfortable smiles.
He ignored the boulder-sized hint, and went on to hug her.
“Not now” she hissed. “Can’t you see I am with my friends? Just go dad!”
A sharp pain seared through his ribs.
And it wasn't just the jab from a 9 year old elbow.

From @viveklectic:

After much deliberation he rang the doorbell.

Even after three years, he couldn’t get her out of his head. He landed at her doorsteps in an alien country to ask one last question.

She opened the door. A man stood behind her, his arms around her waist. She stared at him like an outsider.

From @vchatting:

The ring of that laughter....in a flash, she saw him, at the rear end of the departmental store. He still had his playful countenance, same ring in his laughter. A kid on his shoulder! "Then the lady must be his wife," she thought, absorbing their intimacy in her glance.
Mechanically, as she paid the cashier and ran out of the store,the voice in her head hammered repeatedly, "See.... you are the outsider!"

From @ghose_1988: She liked attending church on Sundays. She was willing, she was eager. It all looked so odd. Her parents were startled and amazed.” We are Hindus”, they exploded. She turned a deaf ear to them. She loved her new identity. There were words of love, encouragement and righteousness spoken over there. Life had hope now.