Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Theme 109 - Privacy

From @RuthSaldanha: ‘Next Station, Dadar’. I grasped my bag closer. 80 people in a compartment for 50. Triple that number would get in. Squeezing closer, pressing in, invading space. Bodies sweaty, flush against each other. Spooned together more intimate than 2 lovers – or six. Yet, no eye-contact. In my mind, I am alone. Here, I have privacy.

From @krishna_marathe:

She hid only to be sought.
Her face changed when she was distraught.
Emerging frequently from her niche hollow,
She ran only when she wanted to be followed.
Inviting trouble, drama and emotional arson
She knows she’s not really a private person

From @swordfish19: “Come sir, here no one will see you or hear you, the walls are sound proof” A woman, garishly made up, was sitting on the bed. He started undressing, eyeing her. She will do he thought, feeling his member pulsating slightly. Outside, the tickets for the peep show were being sold. There were five slots.

From @TheScotchGirl:

Jade: Yo, did you see a blue pouch?
Sam: Err no.
Jade: Alright (with an alarm going off in her head)

Sam leaves for class.
Jade (On Phone): Fuck I can’t find it Joe, just hope Sam hasn’t seen it!

Sam: Well your roomie’s a bitch!
Jade: Y would she take it?
Joe: Go figure

From @MinolAjekar:

He permeates every inch of her in the most intrusive way. He invades the innermost sanctum of her life without knocking or prior permission. 

He was everywhere, he never left her alone, and now she was sleep deprived, he was overtaking her dreams too.  This falling in love left no room for solitude. Sigh!

From @writingchalk:

Teeth, brushed. Breakfast, had. Paper, read. TV, watched.

If the events of last night were anything to go by, this was a very mundane morning. Nothing was happening.

She checked Twitter. Saw a picture and this tweet: THATZ ME GIVIN HEAD TO MAH GF! LOLZ!

She laughed... then realised. It was her boyfriend. And her.

From @PeaceOVent:

The train was crowded, there were screaming book sellers, shouting fruit vendors. Inane peddlers of trivial wares.

Ann stood at the door, oblivious. Today she was an ocean of calm. Today he had left her for another soul, or was it just another body?

The train halted over a bridge. She jumped. Into another ocean.

From @pranavvk: Me: Is it too much to ask for some privacy? I am finally free from the internet, facebook, email, phones, socializing, meetings.  All I want is some time to myself, some time to think and ruminate on my life. I thought I finally had privacy and some me time. Him: Zombie!!!.... RUN for your life!!!!

From @shruti_says:  The credit card advert was telling him how money couldn’t buy everything. What did they know…Ajay looked at Rhea as he pulled the curtains across the window. He shuddered as he was reminded of the cramped room he used to share with his brothers. Money had bought him what he craved the most - Privacy

From @visualization: The temperature was on the rise. He started feeling hot. Cooling himself was a priority. So he goes to the washroom with water and soap. All he had was a desire and hope. After getting caught with foam on the bone, the ill effects of No Privacy was clearly shown.

From @ChaaluChapaati: I think he had a recent heart-break. His tweets sound like that. Also, he’s a Scorpio – November born – so vengeful. Maybe that’s why he keeps posting Gotye videos. Just like me, he loves rain, Murakami novels, Goan food and Mad Men. I feel like I know him inside-out. But he doesn’t know who I am.

From @slokabs: Karan was distraught. He had lost his first tennis match in years. He regained his composure just in time, climbed onto the stage and collected his certificate. “Winning and losing are all part of the game”, he said stoically in his speech.Once home, in the confines of his room, he could let himself cry.

From @roshd: It was 11.30 pm and his two sons were fast asleep beside him. Even his  father was snoring on the couch. Shekhar caressed wife Reena’s cheek and shook her awake. He held her as they walked into the kitchen . In a 10x10 Mumbai chawl the lack of privacy was no hinderance to their love-making.

From @vagabondinact:

Status Update: 6.37 pm: am so happy…he finally asked me out! Yeeeee*blush*
                       7.05 pm: Dinner it is at 9!!!  sooooooo gladJJ.My lovelies, what should I wear*nervous*:P 
                       8.55 pm:  haven’t decided which shoes yet..byes..soooo loonggg...
                       9.41 pm :  @Trident, with …. u know whoJ;)

Timidly she says after a while, I am a very private person!

From @maruwahna:
“LOL yaa, I also totalllyyy love pink heels <3 .So hott they are!“ .
Someone peeks.
“I need an easy friend,
I do with an ear to lend“, says Kurt Cobain on youtube.
Someone peeks.
“Hehe, yeah, Saurabh is so adorable<3.We should totally date! “
Someone Peeks.
Mummy, do you mind ? says Anisha, thoroughly irritated.

From @ponderpuffman: I see white waves of mist around – constantly changing its form. It seems as if I am floating – no burden, no responsibilities.  Suddenly out of nowhere a glowing white elephant glides in. Our eyes meet. I see my reflection in him. He places his warm trunk on my forehead. He hides this thought from me. 

From @CruciFire:

“As you can see behind me, thousands of Indians from across the globe, working in online security companies, detective agencies, home security companies, private security agencies have descended onto New Delhi for the 4th edition of this convention which will go on from Jan 7th-9th.

Ramesh reporting from 'Privacy Bharatiya Diwas' for NDDTV”

From @namansaraiya: He stood in front of the class and narrated the story of his life he had lived over the last couple of months. It was dark, gloomy and there was no ray of hope. Everyone clapped at his character sketch assignment. She sent him a text later in the day. "What about my privacy, moron?"

From @TheFraudMallu:

She said “I know nothing about your thoughts”
“What about them? Nothing worth..” he asked and moved towards the bed
“I feel deprived” She retorted
“I can’t explain” He said as he stripped
“Sorry for barging into your privacy” She frowned
“It is more about solitude” he said as he walked naked into the shower.

From @JaaTeri:
Actor: "Look at those homeless people. They live and die on the street. They are like me."
Secretary: "Mam, the interview is..."
Actor: "No privacy. The magazines, the TV, it's all out there. You know what makes us different?"
Secretary: "You are the best in.."
Actor: "They can live without a care for the world."

From @vchatting:

Date : 5th Sept,1999 -Something strange happened when I saw her today, I still don't like her but ...
" What're you doing with my diary?"
 "Told you, don't touch my things. At 13, I've still no privacy, with a stupid elder sister like you! "
"Shut up! Wait till I tell Dad, about you and 'her'!"

From @rohanvbapat_ : He literally pushed his father out of the door and shut the door with a bang. Sigh of relief, free to do whatever he wanted. He had no complaints with his parents but still kinda liked this feeling which he wasn't mature enough to name, the feeling to which grown ups refer to as "privacy".

Monday, July 30, 2012

Theme 108 - Drama

From @krishna_marathe

They made Vanilla after studying his life. He liked plateaus. Successful marriage meant no ups or downs. But as a doctor, a plateau on the heart monitor meant the patient was dead and that drama would soon ensue. His marriage had plateaued long back. His wife hadn’t resorted to drama. It was too late.

From @TheScotchGirl

Alfred: Did you figure what you wana do?Mason: No man I've no fucking clue what to do (exasperated)
Alfred: I think you should come clean man
Mason: Am not sure how that’s going to go down
Alfred: Please ?

Late evening:

Mason: Mum/Dad – am Gay
(Mum faints)
Mason: What drama (eyes rolling)

From @NumbYaar

Vases and glasses lay broken on the floor as they cuddled on their bed. They had finally kissed and made up after 2 long hours of screaming and throwing things at each other. It was the calm after a storm. Unfortunately, also the calm before yet another storm.

From @slokabs

Meira was busy clicking photographs and didn’t notice the feline eyeing her, getting closer every moment. As she turned to board her jeep a gain, it started the chase. Meira ran for her life. Suddenly, she collapsed. It came uncomfortably close. She didn’t dare breathe. She kept still and the tiger walked back into the jungle.

From @ushfajk

He rolled his eyes.

“Stop crying. Why does everything have to be a drama?”
“It’s like you’re dead inside when we’re making love.”

She grabbed her bra from the floor.

“It’s sex. And I thought this was supposed to be no strings attached…remember?”
“All you men are the same, you just … want … sex!”

From @MixelRandy

The portal opens, and out stream the minions. They pour out, weapons clashing against their armour, faces twisted into snarls of pure hatred. Transfixed, the citizens can only stare.


Nita looks up, momentarily disoriented, and hears the couple fighting, hurling objects and abuses for the third time this week. She goes back to reading.

From @swordfish19
He was out of work for months. The rent was long overdue. He was working odd jobs to make both ends meet. They say the “stage” sometimes reflects life or is it the other way round?  Anyway, when he did finally land work, it was to play the role of a struggling actor.

From @karthikisthin:

“Where’s the last Maggi Nimish?”

A snot-covered finger pointed to his protruding belly.

Ashish flared up and launched into his brother.

“I was saving that for ME!”

“But I was hungry Ash.”

“You don’t even live here anymore, you pathetic FREAK!” He spat at him and took a wild swing.

Day 53 of solitary confinement.

From @TheFookFace

Asking her to get out of his house, he tried to burn her degrees and all their photographs. He looked for a sharp object & got his hands on a pair of scissors to threaten her with. When their son was back from school, they sat down together for dinner. Just another day at home.

From @MinolAjekar

So he was doing the unmentionable, going through her stuff while she made breakfast. Everyone does it, nobody talks about it.

Underwear drawer first, purple cottons with lace trims. Sensible yet girly, the back of which read Drama Queen.

That explains the theatrics last night, in the club and in bed, well nobody is complaining.

From @roshd

She stood there tossing her thick mane of hair stylishly. The exaggerated gestures and motions of her hands made her steel bangles and bracelets tinkle. Her lips were covered with a glossy red lipstick. Words like Ossum and Eww were mouthed with expressions to match. All of thirteen, my niece Steffi is a drama queen.

From @vchatting

The neighbor, a recluse, kept to himself, within the confines of his flat.  Till the day he died, which the watchman alerted the rest ,about.  Endless stream of neighbors trooped in, to look at his body.  Then, considering it their prime duty, they sat and wailed, celebrating  his death, whom they knew nothing about!

From @vagabondinact;

Did I give birth to you to see this day? Haven’t I gone through so much trouble to rear you already? I wish I had died before having to hear this from your mouth, she shrieked, yet again! 

I conceded, yet again.

I could already see the crocodile tears leading way to a triumphant smile.

From @absoluteme:

She is different. She never needed a guy to feel special. When she found someone, she knew she could never behave like typical girlfriends – keep tabs, fight, expect... But here she is, listening to all this in her head, while she lashes out at him for not calling even once in the last 30 minutes!

From @CruciFire:

“I want to eat pani puri RIGHT NOW!”
“We just had pav bhaji..”

“OMG, I want that green saree right now..”
“You just got one last week..”

“We will have a garden/swing inside our bungalow. Puppies too.”
“What on earth!”

Only boyfriends know the true meaning of 'Drama.'

From @EternallyLate

The phoned buzzed, again, and in spite of dissecting her own thoughts a million times she couldn’t decide whether or not she wanted it to be his text. Just when she had managed to make herself believe he had left for good, he turned around and barged into her life like nothing had ever happened.

From @writingchalk

He circled his deadliest enemy carefully. How should the attack be? Quick finish, or a slow, painful death? Decisions, decisions...

Suddenly, he said out loud: "...And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you! Ezekiel 25:17"

He threw his fork away and stuffed the revolting spinach down his throat.

From @bitchwanti

"Shy, why did you do this to yourself. Why did you cut your hair like that?" he asked the moment she opened her drugged eyes.
Shayonee just smiled.
"What is life without a little drama, love? Pass me the mirror will you?" she said.
"Aaah, now I look dramatic. Bald is beautiful!" she sighed happily.

From @PeaceOVent

It was dimly lit when she entered. The air smelt like  cigarettes and disillusionment. There were a couple of other curious souls like her but otherwise was hopelessly empty. She sighed at the sad state of it all and took a seat at the back. The play began.

From @sagarsion

She lay taught on bed. ER doctor was called in. "wats her age ? 22, newly married, oh well ". Now he was half as panicked. From distance, he observed the head turned one side dramatically. Torch of light confused her eyeballs. Relatives were asked out, rest was upto ether swab, she sprang to senses.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Theme 107 - Free

From @krishna_marathe

Likes, comments, updates, statuses, tweets, RTs, MTs, hashes, friends, strangers, timelines, photos, follows, followers, trending, YOLOs.

And the train chugged into a really long tunnel and he lost his internet connection on his phone. At last he was free.

From @Stupidiotica

The bullet had pierced through more than half his brain by the time his nervous system had registered it and burst through the other side of his skull by the time it gave a reaction. He was dead before his body or the gun he had held hit the floor. Rather, he was free.

From @writingchalk

“No, no, just leave him and he’ll come to his senses.”
“I’m telling you, call the lawyer…”
“Are you mad? First make sure!”
“I say take a gun and BOOM! End it!”

I didn’t know what was worse. My cheating husband or these women. Did they have no work to do?

From @vagabondinact

Entrapped in a body that displeases its owner, shackled with expectations, hope weighs me down. Motley of emotions constrain my thoughts, the mind tangled with details needless, surrounded by boundaries self made. Oh! How pleased would I be, at the ruin of this body that ensnares me, I the free soul, bound to subsistence.

From @roshd
Schemes on Offer:-
Take a politician get corruption free
Take Anna get fasts free
Take a woman get her tantrums free
Take a man get his roving eyes free
Take India get drama free
Take Shahrukh get KJo free
Take Congress Party get Dynasty free
Take BJP get RSS free
Take (on) Modi get trolled for free

From @MinolAjekar

Sir Churchill’s (supposed) argument on the Indian Independence Act :

“..................Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. All Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles”.

From @vchatting

His wife had been bedridden for years.The day their son returned, she showed signs of a collapse. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was declared 'brought dead'.
While the son took care of the arrangements for the last rites, he returned home and slept. Peacefully. Finally, the relief ! He felt free.

From @slokabs

They hadn’t eaten since three days. The water cup was empty but their seed bowls were untouched. Pari had been thinking about it all night. It was difficult but she had to do it. She hesitated for a moment, then opened the door to the cage. They gleefully flew out happy to be free again!

From @kunabaidmehta

Rajan invited his secretary Rita for lunch at the Taj and asked her if she would like to get promoted.
“Sure Sir” replied Rita
“But you know Rita, there are no free lunches” grinned Rajan.
Rita knew he was another one of those creeps to be avoided at all costs. She decided to quit soon.

From @ChaaluChapaati

She fingered the locket feeling its smooth surface with her thumb. Her beautiful eyes lit up, mesmerised, when she thought of what its engraved insides may have held. She then caught the salesman staring at her intently. "How much is this for?" she asked. His brown eyes blazed with desire. "For you madam, no cost."

From @Anusual

The shrill alarm tone at 4 AM awakens the puffy eyes, chapped lips and dishevelled hair. Cracked heels partner detergent allergies. Cooking and packing lunch for 3 before dawn but not before the 7 attempts in waking up the family. Washing, drying and vacuuming. Restoring order. That riveting novel at 3 PM was her window.

From @karthikisthin:

Smita returned to her uncomfortable wooden chair after collecting the sheets and herself. “QUIET!” she yelled before reviewing.

Most of them were lazy renditions of flying doves or the waving Indian flag, with dozens of saluting stick figures surrounding it.

She lingered on the one with only a simple smiley that had unwittingly captured sarcasm.

From @maruwahna

Hairpin curve ahead. He didn‘t care. Drove his Porsche like his life depended on it. The car was screaming under his torture.Didn‘t care.Reached his apartment . Goddamn hell ! Lift wasn‘t working. Three flights of stairs and he was in. Entered the room. Thank you, his free bladder said.

From @bitchwanti

"Lelo Didi. Lelo!", insisted the perfume seller.
He opened the little vial of liquid fragrance and tried tempting the lady at the stall.
"Nahi chahiye!" said the exasperated woman.
"Ek k saath ek free hai!" he declared as he observed interest in her eyes.
"Give me four bottles of those!"
He had made his kill.

From @The_Lie_Lama

They were 'happily' married for forty years. No one knew he died everyday in that odious relationship. She left no chance to persecute him ever.

That night he slept never to wake up. The free soul now haunts her.

From @PeaceOVent

It is time. What's next?
Is this one of life's eternal questions? What am I to do with my life's lessons? Have I been dealt the right
cards? Am I playing the wrong game?


Attempting to summon all reserves of optimism and playing along.
Starting summoning now..

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Theme 106 - Kill

From @rati7

The Red slinky Number she wore with the thigh high slit looked as if it was painted on her. Her poker straight hair swished her bare back. Her red lips curved and her kohl lined eyes searched for the shutterbugs as her golden heeled clad feet descended the stairs. She was dressed to kill.

From @TheFraudMallu

SHE was the only reason why he couldn’t be with ‘other woman’. SHE loved him and SHE would never let him go.  He decided to kill. One night after making loveless love, he stabbed SHE. He killed SHE. Years later, now with ‘other woman’, he realized he hadn’t killed. SHE still lives in his head.

From @karthikisthin

The rubber felt smooth and satisfying as he tested its elasticity. He stooped to pick up a pebble and blew away the superficial dust.Nestling the pebble dead centre in the slingshot, he pulled it back and squinted at a sparrow nipping away at its wings. The pebble slayed both the sparrow and his innocence.

From @absoluteme

One summer afternoon, Me heard Mom shriek. Me rushed! Mom screamed again “Come fast!!!” Me tip toed in to the master bedroom with a broom. Mom pointed at the door shivering. Me opened it and saw a teeny-weeny lizard, its heart beating out of its chest. Me uttered “Aww! I can’t kill that.”

From @kunalbaidmehta

For miles and miles, all one could see was the pure white expanse of snow like a canvas. The mountains stood tall and proud with no hubris or arrogance.

But it all changed 13 years back with blotches of red spoiling the pristine beauty and taking away the silence.

Kargil – something we will never forget.

From @vagabondinact

I sat there looking down on them, gloating, wallowing in my superior living. However much they could try, they would not be able to reach here, be me. Mocking them came so easily to me. All they could do was scorn in silence, for they had been thought not to Kill a mocking bird.

From @roshd:
Another blazing row another weekend shot, he thought as he took out the pack of Marlboros and lit one. The warm smoke always killed the rage in him. He’s doing this just to bug me because he knows I hate him fagging, she seethed. Another argument loomed. This would be a long weekend.

From @DMysticFille_

She dreamt of success at night. But unconscious enthrallment under the spell of cocaine drove her days to an umimagined land. The twelve months slipped away in stupor. Eventually, the results brought her back  to congnizance. She had killed her time, her dreams, her morale and then, the grisliest of all happened. She terminated herself.

From @bitchwanti

She sliced it slowly, carefully, to perfection. Every piece had to look the same. "Mommy! You just killed a potato to make those finger chips!" he squealed.

From @Thats_so_Sana:
They knew only they two could fulfill each others needs. When one was killed due to excessive use, the other was needed to carry out that sacred process of resurrection. One stormy nite, they needed each other, there were no raging hormones. Mere need. The charger was connected to the iPhone and the charging began.

From @writingchalk

This was the first time they were going out. He waited endlessly for her to get ready. “Hurry up!”

“In a minute darling!”

She came out… he wished she hadn’t.

“What ARE you wearing…?”

“It’s called FASHION!”

The moment they entered the party, all boys stared at her.

Where’s that gun when you need it?

From @The_Lie_Lama

"My work? I kill for money", he sloppily echoed.

"Haha, I know you've killer looks. That's why we're in bed together. Still, tell me." She asked with all seriousness because he figured in the future she dreamt of.

He finally showed her the gun he was about to use on her.

From @slokabs

Dennis entered home and walked to the refrigerator. As he picked up the water bottle, he noticed the purple packet lying there – sensuously inviting him. He imagined the sensation of the creamy brown chocolate melting in his mouth. ‘Stop, you just got diagnosed with diabetes!’, his guilty conscience said. And he unwillingly killed his temptation!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Theme 105 - Sin

From @Dimaagi_keeda: He died at a young age of 36. His sin? Like All great musicians, he sold his soul to the devil for becoming the greatest ever, the greatest there ever will be. One man who  fought for and united a Nation, Bob Marley. RIP

From @AskThePankazzzz: 1.Sloth 2.Wrath 3.Greed 4.Gluttony 5.Lust 6.Envy 7.Pride. She read, and wondered, as to how 'TRUST' was not not on the list of Seven Deadly Sins.

From @TheScotchGirl: He in the elevator, coming down from the 33rd floor.She gets on the 20th.

She scans him head to toe as he is the only one that stays out with a pierced chin. Her lips turn up slightly as their eyes meet. She hits 15th, the pool floor. They both get off at the 15th.

From @riddhiaswani: 

They dragged her in, rough hands leaving bruises on her skin. Lascivious eyes devoured her, judge and jury nothing but salivating hyenas with piercing eyes. She could read their thoughts, her punishment spelled out in those soulless depths.

"What charge? What sin?" asked the booming voice of her pervert judge.

"Being a woman," she replied.

From @swordfish19:

“Let us see,” said Chitragupta to the new soul “you have led quite a virtuous life. There are the odd sins…like there was this time when you used to kill flies…”
“…but that was a harmless thing..I was a kid then…”
“It wasn’t harmless for the flies. Don’t worry though, Heaven it is, this way….”

From @shruti_says: 

They were best friends but also fierce rivals. From examination scores to the number of facebook friends, everything was a competition.

It was her last move. She took a sip of the coffee and placed her tiles on the board.


Thank God for plurals and triple word scores! She couldn’t be beaten at scrabble.

From @ponderpuffman: 

He crosses his legs and lights up a cigarette.
He collects his thoughts for her genuine curiosity – “Who are you? I want to know you. Tell me everything.”
He silences his fears and ignores his thumping heart.
He bends towards her and looks straight in her eyes. With a soft whisper, he answers.
“I am...”

From @jumidas1: She realized she has committed enough sin to last a lifetime. She can afford to sin no more. She put away the regular and picked up a diet coke instead.

From @slokabs: There’s a saying in Hindi - “Sau chuhe khaake billi chali Hajj ko” – which mocks a cat that seeks salvation by turning holy after spending its whole life eating mice! Paritosh had not heard it. He polluted the holy Ganges, like many others, with his frightful sins. Was he purified? He’d know on Judgement Day!

From @_Nehu: It was because of them we are here. The world would have been the simple place to live if Adam and Eve did not had that sinful apple. Their greed to know more, their lust for future, tossed the world all around. Our origin was sinful and our karma?

From @writingchalk:

Lustful sex with one goddess wasn’t enough for him.
His greed wanted more. And he got more.
But gluttony gave way to sloth. He passed out – of sheer exertion.
The goddesses left him for better men. How he envied them!
His pride was hurt, his wrath sought vengeance.
But God passed His final judgment.

From @MinolAjekar

The neon strip, the bright lights, the water fountains, the hotels, the casinos, the gamblers, the shows, the showgirls, cabaret dancers, burlesque dancers, call girls, escorts, hookers, drag queens, mafia, Godfather, cops, murder, death, food, gourmet food, street food, Trump-tower, tigers, snakes, love, sex, rock and roll.
Welcome to Vegas darlings, the original Sin City.

From @Sugarsnspice: "It's a sin", shouted her conscious. He was everything she desired, but not single. He came close to the disoriented her. Before she knew, they moved towards a dark terrain, where lust overpowered love.  She fought herself to trust the instincts . Today he is her only best friend. Ironically, married are they, to different people.

From @ushfajk:

The door opened and slow footsteps echoed.

“Close it slowly! They might wake up.”
They tiptoed across the hall.

“Open it!”
“Why me?” He looked worried

“Because we agreed before!”

“Here’s your share. But seriously are we committing a sin?”
“Just shut up and eat the chocolate, buddhoo ... before mom wakes up...!”

From @roshd:

“Master the law says she should be stoned to death because she has committed adultery”
“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.
The mob of cowards quietly dispersed leaving the woman with the Master.
“ So no one condemns you anymore?”
She shook her head.
“Neither do I. Go and sin no more”

From @DMysticFille_

“You’ll rot in hell for your sins!” She wailed and cursed her son’s killer.

He began to walk away in all his might. His pallid face blushed with stains of blood. The ghastly thoughts of his assaulted daughter haunted his mind every minute. His heart, a graveyard of memories, finally lay satiated with immoral morality.

From @karthikisthin:  He inhaled a remorseful breath. Staring at the marble floor, he caught his own reflection.
He felt a tremor through his body and felt his throat tightening. He looked back at his reflection and whined. His tail curled between his legs, he laid his wet nose against the floor.

He considered breaking a vase unforgivable.

From @absoluteme:
“Let’s start! English. One word. Three letters...
You. What are you? Okay... Bad. Horrible. Angry. Dog. Mouth. Watering. Greedy. Err?
Slow. Sleepy. Extra lazy? Cool. Celebrity. Mmm... Arrogant. Eyeing something, somebody? Jealous. Eating. Hogging.
Hmph! What are you trying to say, man?”
“OK! Cancel all. Sun. Okay, break it. Remove ‘U’. Eyes. One. I? Add...”

From @Crucifire

He slides his hand over Sonali's slim waist thinly veiled by the light blue saree she is wearing.
“Are you crazy, Arun?”
“I am, for you!”

*smells her long tresses and kisses her nape*

“This is so wrong”

*she turns around and smooches him*

“Gauri is waiting at the altar... GO!”

From @krishna_marathe

She whipped out her iPhone and dialed-up her past.
“Hey sorry! I called by mistake. I wanted to call someone else but…”
“And I was waiting for this mistake. How’re you? Or wait. Meet me for coffee.”
She decided to go to mass this Wednesday to confess the sin she was about to commit.

From @JaaTeri

Killer: Didnt I tell you last time, I wouldn't murder anymore. I want to live with respect.
Agent: I will pay you double of what you got last time.
Killer: Okay. This would be my last contract.
In the path of sin, change is not easy.

From @Greyllusionist sin, n./intr v.: I was present there when you sinned against me which you presumed to be supposedly behind my back. They say witnessing a sin counts as a sin too... but what do I call this?

From @maruwahna

Om bhur bhuvahaswaha ,the revoltingly fresh faced priest chanted mantras to please Him.
A few miles away, om bhur bhuvahaswaha, chanted Anisha , from the confines of her home.
Ananya was a low caste , she couldn‘t go to the temple. Ananya didn‘t care. She rang the sacred bell. She had sinned, but was sure He wouldn‘t mind.

From @TheFraudMallu

She was his teacher but he wasn’t sure if it was Mathematics or her beauty that made him sit through hours of learning. His eyes were watching her lips and moving down to her naked skin against the red blouse. Suddenly her hands touched his fingers and she said “The formula for Sin = Opposite/Hypotenuse”

Theme 104 - Anger

From @deescjockey: I swear that measly kitten was smiling at me. An entire week’s work lay ruined on the table, the milk flowing away with blue streaks of washed-out ink. I vaguely remember holding it by the neck and tossing it out in the pouring rain. If only it came back now; I have really cooled down.

From @RiddhiAswani:

Lightning flashed across the dark sky in a blinding streak of furious light. It was poetic, the way it reflected my rioting emotions. My legs pumped fast, one foot falling effortlessly in front of the other as I ran.

"Give me that cell phone back," I shouted angrily, chasing my brother through the house.

From @TheScotchGirl:

The kettle was whistling aloud. The water was nearly jumping and making sounds.

She was trying her best to look away, after all one should conduct herself like a lady.  This man was just pushing the right buttons. She flew across the kitchen & flung the kettle at him. He went too far, this time.

From @slokabs: The students were learning expressions in the drawing class. “Class,” started Ms.Smith, “Today, you shall draw an angry face.” Little Ansh innocently and spontaneously asked, “Ma’am, could we use lot of colours?” “Sure, why not?!”, she replied! “Good”, said Ansh, “because mummy’s cheeks go from pink to red to crimson to purple when she’s angry!”

From @swordfish19: Anger? It is the emotion that we feel when things don’t go our way. Sometimes, we implode; sometimes we erupt, like a volcano. The root cause of anger is desire. You want them to act a certain way. You want them to do this or say that. Don’t expect. Just accept.  Aum shanti shanti shanti.

From @AskThePankazzzz: She made out with her boyfriend's best friend. The boyfriend had his own way to resolve. A bullet each, for both heads. Point blank. The third bullet was wrapped with his own death. Nobody knows what killed them all. The betrayal. The trigger. The regret Or the wrath. But, together, they put anger in danger.

From @chicabeingme: "I wish you would be angry with me. That would certainly be a lot easier to handle. I find your forgiving nature just so unnerving. It doubles my guilt. Scream, shout, rant. Something. Don't just sit there with that look on your face and that caring smile. I crave a frown. A grimace. Disgust. Anything but love."

From @pallavipinakin: She laughed with delight, sweeping tendrils of wayward hair away from her face with a languid hand. He seethed with rage at the temerity of the men drinking in her luminous beauty, hanging on to her every word, making her giggle helplessly. The end was inevitable. He married her and locked her into a tower.

From @numbyaar: Thanks to backbiting, office politics and a failed relationship, the murderer in him was gearing up. He was yet to shortlist on the victim. As he started to plot his first ever murder, the bastard next door switched on the radio. He called off his plan and started dancing instead.

From @prawncis: Anger is blue. Anger is bubbles. Bubbles rising fast. Thousands of bubbles, rising desperately. Anger is thrashing desperately below the surface. Anger defeats fear. Anger overcomes desire. Anger is white hot adrenalin pumping poison into your brain as your fingers clench. Anger is soft flesh stiffening and floating slowly upwards. Anger?  Anger is death.

From @shruti_says: It was unusually quiet. She dried her hands on her apron and went to Arjun’s room. She found him surrounded by PVC pellets, carefully refilling the beanbag. “Please don’t be angry Mama! I’m putting them back. I wanted to see what was inside.” Priya suppressed a laugh. How could she be angry at his innocence?

From @FateMarfatia:
The sage gave his two disciples a weapon each to eradicate felony.
The First returned in a day, with thousands of dead criminals and proclaimed, "The world is free of mortal sin!"
The Second returned after decades, with nothing and submitted, "The world has learnt this weapon's use. To kill the enemy within not without"

From @writingchalk:
Snip. Tear. Cut. Rip! Crack! Crush! GRIND. POUND. HAMMER. WHACK! BLAST! BOOM!

Arkham Asylum was torn to shreds. Out came Killer Croc and Bane. 

“Where is BATMAN?” they screamed in unison.

“I’m here...” said Batman, behind them.

Just as they were about to battle, I heard, “COME DOWN AND HAVE DINNER RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!”

From @Minolajekar:

She sat in a corner holding a packet of frozen peas to her steadily darkening eye.
He lay on the floor, crying, begging for forgiveness.
“I swear darling, I will enroll in counseling, I can’t understand my rage”.
She rubbed her now-empty womb, reminiscing the last rage.
She tousled his hair, and it begun again.

From @shantusharma:
"I won’t talk to Papa ever if he doesn’t show up today."
Neeru's sadness had engulfed her anger. Soon tears rolled down her eyes. Sobbing she fell asleep. After sometime she felt familiar warmth on her cheek and woke up.
 She screamed and hugged him tightly. Joy gave way to all other emotions instantly.

From @RootKanal: Her breathing was labored, she exhaled in short, sudden bursts. Her stomach tied itself up in a knot and her throat hurt from keeping her tongue trapped shut inside her jaw. "You call this a report? Your insane!" "'Your'?" She snapped. The well aimed stapler hit him right between the eyes.

From @godjustsignedin: They stood at crossroads! After years of being together, the inevitable falling out finally happened. He tried his best to keep them together, but their relationship dangled through a slim thread. A long break later, they came up with a solution, ‘St. Anger’.

From @karthikisthin:

He pressed his pencil as hard as he could into the page and continued writing. The lines were strong enough to cause depressions across the next few pages.
With his lower lip engaged in a muscle-numbing pout, his eyes darted from his friends outside to his mother who was vacuuming in the kitchen. “Homework first.”

From @Crucifire:

“Hey, this is something you should definitely be pissed about”

“It’s not big a deal, just let it go”

“You had cleared it up with her right? How could she?”

“Oh yes… OMG that bitch!”

“Now go screw your guy’s happiness.”

“ROHIT, stop talking to Priya, that bitch wore the same top to the wedding.”

From @sinpinklove:

She slapped him hard. He hugged her tight.
She pushed him back. He caught her back.
She glared. He smiled.
And then he caught her hands and kissed her hard. She was angry the kiss got her off guard. Slowly she responded and kissed him back first gently and then with rage.

From @vchatting:

The power-cut suddenly turned the room dark.Scared little Arjun,rushed, but forgot that the door was closed, hitting his head against the door! He screamed with the impact of this assault. Just then, the electricity returned.
Angry Arjun, punishingly, hit the tightest slaps he could, at the mute door before him!

From @_Nehu: They fly and fight, they are cute and tough at same time… They are in different colors and everyone loves to spend time with them; you carry them with yourself on cellphone. The game, the brand – Angry Birds! Angry? Angry on us to ruin Mother Nature but they still entertain us. Strange!!

From @stupidiotica: He sat motionless on the floor, it's stinging coldness failing to register in his brain. Tears still streaked his face but his eyes resolute. In the other room, rigor mortis had begun claiming who once had been his lover. The anger still caused him to shiver involuntarily. The blood on his hands was partly clotted.

From @Bongbuffoon:

“Why are you angry?”
“She rejected me.”
“So? You’ll throw acid on her.”
“Why? Did she ever say she loved you?”
“But you loved her?”
“So, you’ll show your love with acid?”
“How will that solve anything? Why will you destroy her life?”
He shrugged and said: “I am a man.”

From @roshd:

ShriShriShriGuruji Maharaj finished his discourse on the futility of anger amid full media coverage.

Sushil - Guruji, my brother’s girlfriend’s father disapproves of him.They wish to elope.Please advise.
SSSGM: Her father’s anger is misplaced. Tell him to go ahead with my blessings.
Sushil- Thank you Guruji. He’s now your son-in-law with your blessings!

From @_saraU:

Laya was 12 and famous.
She was all over on TV.She was the big bee.
She went to her teacher, who had once assured the class, that Laya would fail the fourth grade.
“I couldn’t wait to remind you. I was angry. So I proved.“
She smiled.
“I’m glad, it made you angry.”

From @alienatedwind: Why would you push me back down every time I have to rise? Longer I am inside, crazier I get on the outside. Misconstrued I am. No, violence is not always what I rise for. Your well being also needs to be fought for. Anger I am. Not a foe, a friend I can be.

From @maruwahna:

I‘m sorry beta, but this cannot happen. Our family honour will be lost.

What‘s wrong with Anisha ? She‘s educated, pretty good looking and she
loves me ? What else you want ?

All that is irrelavent, you‘re from a different gotra.
Like red flames on a dark night, his eyes said it all.
Go to hell.

From @pranavvk: Please don’t look at me that way. I know it was wrong. I know intentions cannot forgive actions. Please don’t cry. It was a mistake. An unforgiveable moment of weakness . Please don’t look at me with those empty eyes. Please don’t look beyond me at a blank landscape. Please, just be angry at me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Theme 103 - Stories

From @TheScotchGirl:

D: But J have put so much behind us.We have overcome all our obstacles.
J : Well am not sure what exactly we have overcome and faced. By the looks of it, those were just make-believe.
D : Whats that supposed to mean??
J : Those were all stories and situations manipulated by you for us to be together. You liar.

From @swordfish19:

“I don’t like Kafka”
“Most of his stories are.. you know…incomplete…look at Trial…or…or…Castle…and what was that other one…Meta something….”
“His stories don’t need to be complete. That’s the point. “
“What do you mean? Every story has to have an end”
“No. Not his”
“I suggest you stop reading Kafka”

From @featheringhigh: She had grown up with them. They were her constant companions through heartbreaks, love, sleepless nights, moments of turmoil and moments of solace. They still were except now they were just hers no one else could hear them or understand them. Her story did not have a happy ending like the stories she had read.

From @TheFraudMallu: She was in love with his words ~ She pursued him for his anonymity ~ He kept away for his own reasons~ She was determined ~ Love happened ~ He unlike his stories turned out to be shy and silent ~ She felt betrayed and she questioned him~ He smiled and answered “They were stories”

From @shruti_says:

“Papa! A wolf ate up Grandma. You have to believe me! He wanted to eat me too but I ran as fast as I could.”

“Arya, it’s only a nightmare. Shhhh… It’s ok.”

He put her back to bed and watched her sleep. Weren’t fairy tales supposed to make good bedtime stories?

From @slokasays: Kanha left the old suitcase near the community trashcan with a heavy heart. As he turned to leave, he examined one last time, the colourful stamps covering it – evidence of his exploits around the world - the missed flights, business trips, the honeymoon, family vacations. 35 years, 80 countries and countless stories, told and untold!

From @karthikisthin:

“There was once a big bad wolf who…”
“No! Not that one. Tell me another one.”
“Okay. Once upon a time, there was a frog who lived in…”
“Nooo. That one’s boring!”
“Fine. In your closet right now, Pete - a one-eyed monster with a grumbling tummy - is waiting for me to leave. Good night!”


From @ControversyCat:

Swami Agnivesh makes kids drink their own piss.
Pinki Pramanik - Man? Woman?
Mayawati has how many statues now?
Kasab has shellfish allergy? Oh oh. Call in the country’s top doctor to assist the country’s top chef to remedy this national crisis.

This is “Generic Indian News Channel” and we present to you India’s top stories.

From @anjana_murali: The children came running out of their huts the minute they saw their ‘didi’. She gave them a smile, went to her usual place, removed her books and started to read Cinderella’s saga. The children listened, captivated. They were illiterate but lived their life and dreams every day during the two hours of storytelling.

From @pudworks:

He ran his fingers delicately on the paper. “55 killed in landslide”
His thumb jerked. He clutched the sheet tightly and continued. “Fuel rates hiked again”
“Freak manhole accident kills mother and her child.” He cringed.

As the little bumps fed him the news, he felt glad that he couldn’t see the world around him.

From @writingchalk:

He searched frantically. Like a madman, he barged into houses unannounced, searched under coffee tables, climbed like a thief through windows and frisked people.

When the police finally caught him, they asked, “What the hell were you searching for?”

He showed them a scrap of paper that read – ‘and so he lived happily ever after.’

From @deescjockey: Watching films in the local cinema was exciting, as was the lunch hour next day, recreating the latest potboiler for the benefit of our friends. We’d garnish the story with our own imagination, add peppy lines to tickle our juvenile humour; we’d blush at the mention of love. Films have become too accessible these days.

From @QuratZafar: She stubbed out the fifth cigarette and looked at the raw manuscript in front of her, threatening to swallow her life in a flare of publicity. The decision was made. She wasn’t brave enough to own her life. Her story would sit on the bookshelves as yet another piece of fiction.

From @SugarsNSpice: The smell of the ancient pages reeks out just one thing-Stories. Some written million years ago, and few were scribbled just yesterday, but they still inhabit my mind. There lies one string which ties them all together- words weaving some timeless imaginations . I sit here surrounded by them and wonder, "What will my story tell?"

From @_Nehu: “Ram left pregnant Sita in jungle to prove his nobility to his kingdom.” Ramayan Story annoys Nisha – Why we respect Ram instead of Sita? Ram could have left his kingdom, for his pride poor Sita had to suffer. Who knows Ram exists or was epic but Sita yes we have lot of them around us.

From @Stupidiotica: The psychedelia around her faded away into reality. The incomprehensible melodies gave way to sounds that she was now saddened to hear. She blinked and looked at him, sitting across her in the uninteresting room. He had stopped speaking, and was wearing another of his charming smiles. Another of his delirious stories had concluded.

From @sinpinklove: Palak would wait for the day to end. Every night her grandmother told her different stories - Ramayan , Krishna's childhood and village tales. She would listen excitedly and dream about them all through the day. Tears flooded her eyes as she saw the last of her grandma who had made her life a fairy tale.

From @roshd:

Bedtime stories my boys love :-
1. The dracula who drinks pepsi because blood is so impure
2. Casper - rude because he can’t scare anybody
3. Santa turned into a postman because nobody believes in him
4. Rudolph having rhinoplasty because the reindeer still laugh at him
5. Witches making soup because their spells don’t work

From @RootKanal:

"Back from school? Have lunch and sleep a bit."
"Which story are you going to tell today, Daadi?"
"Akbar Birbal?"
"The story will be ready soon, your highness!”
Lunch was hurried and I ran to see Daadi. Only, she wasn't sitting there with a story anymore. She had become the story I told everyone.

From @_saraU:

“What do you like?”
“I can read a story written in your mouth!”
“...and then! He removed the thorn! The dragon of Teethiopia cried out of pain.”
“He immediately inserted the magic potion and the dragon of Teethiopia was relieved of pain...”
“Here is your tooth!”
"I love Mr. Dentist Story Teller!"

From @shantusharma: Every night we would cuddle up around our grandma and coax her to take us to wonderland. Her tales of fairies and beasts amused us no end. Since then, many winters have passed. Grandma has grown frail today. She hardly speaks. Sometimes, she asks for my attention. But now, I find her stories boring.

From @vagabondinact: Into your words, I wove my dreams, the ones I saw with open heart and closed eyes. So vividly I saw them, bound together into a tale- the one I hoped would be told for ages, not as a myth, as a memoir of our life together. Wish I knew, you were just selling stories!

From @CruciFire:

I'll make you laugh. I'll make you cry. I'll seduce you. I'll commit blasphemy. I'll surprise you. I'll educate you. I'll impress you. I'll disgust you.

I'll push your contemplation and interpretation skills beyond comprehension. 55 words. That's all I need.

From @maruwahna:

Come beta, have some food .
No granny , I‘m not hungry .
Nonsense, you‘re a growing boy.
Okay granny, if you insist.
More gravy ? Have a second helping.
Okay granny, if you insist.
Come , put your head on my lap. I‘ll tell you the King and goatherd story again.
Okay granny, if you insist.

From @riddhiaswani:
He weaved each word intricately, crafting epics out of ordinary tales. 

And yet whence time came to unveil his craft to the world, hardly anyone understood what he really meant to say. His words, like those of many others, were lost, his name merely a hit on Google.

Writers often die an obscure death.

From @The_BuffMaster: An eternal rose that once blossomed, still spreads an enchanting fragrance attracting wanderlust bees that search for nectar. A rose, he remembers in every moment of his life. A rose, which now has no physical form but something more than that .Blurring between the words, hiding behind the sentences, she still dwells in his “stories”.

From @bitchwanti:

He loved stories, they took him away to a different world. "Finish the milk for a story", his mother would him.
"Sleep, I'll tell you a story."
"Complete your homework, a story awaits."
"Eat the spinach, if you want to hear a Story."
She died unexpectedly.
"Wake up, mommy! Who will tell me stories?" he cried.

From @vivekisms: We can create them, you said. Out of thin air, I replied, with a smile on my face. Yes. Out of thin air, you said again. How? I asked. Through us. Our stories, you answered nonchalantly. The grin is plastered on my face. Just like that day.

From @IncompleteWaste: He loved sharing his experiences in the form of stories. Sometimes exaggerating, he concluded every story with a moral, hoping they'd learn from his mistakes. The older he got, the more stories he shared. Even on his death bed, he attracted all his fellow patients. Life is full of anecdotes, creating a novel at death.

From @NabilaZaidi: From bedtime stories about Red Fairies and Little Elves to reading out horoscopes to him, every Sunday. From introducing me to Blyton to me understanding Faiz from him. He was wrapped in stories, of others' and his own.
His soft wrinkled fingers felt my tiny ones for the last time. They said, 'Bones decay. But stories - each one, only half done."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Theme 102 - Pure

From @deescjockey:

She cleaned, scrubbed and washed every nook and corner of the flat before everybody stirred out of sleep.

Then she took her bath and entered the kitchen in her cleanest sari to prepare breakfast. That’s when she heard the shouting:

“But Maa, she’s been up since 4 am!”

“I don't care. She’s polluted my kitchen.”

From @ushfajk:

"Pure was her love for me.

Pure were her eyes, when she smiled.

Demure were her steps as she walked towards me; knees buckling, so she sat down.

I loved our love and she loved me. But a rational man is a hungry man, and love is an agreement that holds the ambitious back.


From @ponderpuffman: Ala stumbles at the table. Shaking, she lights up and puffs in. Her breasts are still burdened with his scent.  As the window shrieks out the city, she stares at an old picture of her innocence. With tears trickling out, she steps in the glow and inhales the afternoon. She’s blessed with a pure moment. 
From @IndianIdle: The joker was very popular in town. He made everyone laugh with his expressions, he called his show 'Pure emotions'. One day a mother came to him with her child. She asked the joker to make the crying baby laugh. He failed to make the child laugh, she smiled and said,”You don't have pure emotions.” 

From @shruti_says: The thin muslin had filtered out the sand. A few drops of glue and it joined the others in the fridge. Later in the afternoon he exchanged the bottle for a crisp ten rupee note. She twisted the lid open and gulped the water. The bottle said it was pure. Why would she think otherwise?

From @writingchalk:

Are you kidding...?
Nah, not hot enough...
I’ve had better...
I don’t think so...”

He stopped midway through the line-up.

“I like that...!”

“Yes sir... perfect-bodied 16-year old... hasn’t been touched. She’ll cost you...”

“Money is no object.”

Who wouldn’t want a cask of the world’s finest whisky, aged in American Virgin Oak casks?

From @anjana_murali: He remembered the various times during the twenty years that he had stolen small threads while sewing, sometimes hiding it in his mouth, to create it. Today, when he looked at his daughter at her wedding, he felt that she looked like a goddess in the beautiful red and gold kanjeevaram- the purest silk.

From @wekneweachother: I often talk to myself on the way back home from work or I will commit suicide. Early evening and there’s a power cut in the colony. I freshen up. I light a lamp and open the main door. Moths keep attempting to devour the flame. Pure desire leads to death eventually. I am amused.

From @designerfoo: It was raining, the sun was shadowed by the clouds with no silver lining. He gazed up, trying to seek out any warmth. Wishing, hoping for some warmth. It was only getting darker, and he had a feeling that he wouldn't be seeing any light, anytime soon. Nothing around him felt pure or untouched.

From @_Nehu: Parents used to set her with guys for marriage and she used to reject. She met doctors, NRIs, Lawyers, Businessman, millionaires... what not. One fine day she says yes to an ordinary guy. He seems to be ordinary in looks but with extraordinary charm, kind soul and above all pure heart …!

From @TazeenZafar: She looked back and saw them approaching near. Three men were chasing her, laughing, enjoying the terror in the girl's eyes. She looked ahead. There was no way out. This was it. She turned back and saw them right behind her. That’s when she decided she'd die pure.

From @Stupidiotica: The craze of the gold rush was fast fading. Excited cries of gold stumbled upon were becoming increasingly rare. Oblivious to the degenerating situation, a toddler entertained himself by the banks of the calmly flowing river. Barely feet away from him, a walnut-sized nugget of gold lay stuck in the soil, dazzling, yellow and pure.

From @vagabondinact:

The unadulterated innocence of childhood.
The unscathed hopes for the children. 
The uncorrupted aspirations for their lives.
The unsullied thoughts of their doing.
The unblemished satisfactions of  their being. 
The untarnished world for their living.
All a pure fiction of this age.

From @slokabs: Pavitra dropped the vase to the floor and it shattered into thousand tiny pieces – just like her life had three fateful years back when he had mercilessly robbed her of her dignity and virginity. She walked into the streets and felt the raindrops drenching her, washing away the blood stains. And she felt pure again.

From @CruciFire:

You got down and dirty with Ravana, didn't you bitch?”
“No dumbass, I was saving myself for you and your Maryada Purushottam dick. I just came back from Lanka, let me have some water first!”

*She pukes after taking one sip*
*heavenly voice* “Get Kent. Ismein RO, UV aur double filtration hai!”

From @sinpinklove: His dad bought him a cadbury as five year old Saransh had finished first im his school circuit race.He hugged his dad and kept the chocolate im his bag.Next day he shared the chocolate with Kashvi his best friend and got a kiss in return.Truly innocence is the purest form of love.

From @shantusharma: Acid attack left half her face charred and all of her heart scarred. Her own husband did this to her on suspicion of adultery. Few NGO came helping and forced the husband to live with her again. She put a knife to his throat the first night after conciliation. Her revenge was still incomplete.

From @_saraU: He was called the man of all spiritual wisdom. Each day to him, was a reminder of his cravings, to enjoy the worldly pleasures, to experience a human bondage, and to make mistakes and be imperfect. He knew he was cheating his genuine self. He was tired of being the epitome of purity for others.

From @maruwahna: Sitting on the terrace , Anisha‘s head in his arms. Stroking that long,floppy strand of hair . That smile of hers could melt iron hearts, Anisha knew that. She could do better,but she loved him. But as the azure sun set, the doubts in him rose. So, are you, like, pure ?.

From @drun007 : Their first date.  She dressed simple.  Her natural beauty was captivating. Those big eyes, supple lips, glowing skin and silky hair. They held hands.  It was magic.  The breeze blew her hair over his face.  "Your hair smells so good", he said.  With a cute smile she replied, "It's Parachute - 100% pure coconut oil".

From @pallavipinakin: He was innocent, unsullied. He still believed in justice, and the inherent goodness of people. He reminded her of clean snow, just waiting to be trampled upon. So she put on her muddiest boots and went to work. “Why?” he asked later, helplessly. “You asked for it,” she said, savagely. “Sitting there, being all pure.”

From @bitchwanti: The first drop of sweat rolled down her arched back. She quivered with renewed energy. Gracefully her arms moved, like a carefree bird in the sky. Eyes moving like the gliding movements of a gold fish. She finished with a jump. Was there anything as pure as the exhilaration on her face, as the audience went in uproar of applause?

From @roshd:

She was singing along “I want love, won't break me down,Won't brick me up, won't fence me in … That's the love I want..”
He: Don’t take his lyrics seriously.. such love is beyond us
She:Why can’t we have such maturity and purity?
He: Because sweetheart, Elton John is gay

From @absoluteme: They told me not to enter his house, touch his things or even talk to him when I am ‘impure’. That it would disrespect and anger him. I complied because I need him, may be even love him. But I have always wondered, isn’t He the purifier.

From @dopeywriter:
He couldn't differentiate between caste, creed or religion.

He didn’t judge people on the basis of their skin. You can say that he was colour blind.

At the age of 3, his mind, heart and soul were free of impurities.

And then, in the hubbub bin of our sanctimonious society, he had to grow up.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Theme 101 - Blue

From @aprils_daughter: It was written on her face. It was imprinted on her mind. Long gone were the days when she even remembered the gay days. She overheard a conversation saying she was blue at bay. "Blue" she thought to herself, "was always such a happy colour." Why do people then associate it with sadness?

From @AbhiandNow: He had seen all the shades of Blue and Blues, but the sky always fascinated him. He hid his dreams in  the stars and secrets in that bluish abyss. He sent messages to his beloved on the white clouds, and the black ones used to come back with the rains full of memories as replies.

From @shruti_says:

She made a gorgeous bride.
They said it was normal to be nervous. If only she could push her pride aside and tell them..
She wore a designer wedding gown, her grandmother’s silver tiara and her best friend’s watch. Hidden underneath was the bruise from last night.
"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

From @deescjockey: “A little lighter, and somewhat brighter,” she urged, as the hapless salesman pulled out another shade card for her to choose from. She tried to picture the walls of her room, the single window looking out into Mr Batra’s kitchen.“I want it to be the colour of the clear sky,” she tried to explain.

From @anjana_murali: He ran after it with such an enthusiasm that he left the others far behind. As he picked up the beautiful blue kite that he had just managed to defeat, he remembered his father’s proclamation of him being a good for nothing. No Pa, I am good at something, he thought with a smile.

From @Stupidiotica: The silence that now attacked their ears was the loudest they'd heard yet; past emotions and ordeals now lay neglected at the back of their minds as the three men simply stared at the glass, beyond which, against a deep, velvety black stained brightly, with distant suns, an orb turned slowly, glowing a welcome blue.

From @The_Buffmaster: It goes back to the time when school was a metaphor for playground, games were just building sandcastles, driving was just paddling tricycles and television was just watching cartoons. Blue those days just symbolized two phrases, “Blue, Blue God Bless You!” and “Blue Blue Chaddi Flew!” Today, the same old blue brings nothing but nostalgia.

From @karthikisthin:

The magnificent seven are nature’s pride. Always radiant when found, spreading joy is their calling. They spontaneously generate wealth too, even if only in a manner of speaking.

A picture of contentment, they are. Well, almost. The unwavering path 6 of them want will never be followed. The third brother will always have other plans.

From @sinpinklove: Miraya's eyes opened wide with surprise as she saw the room lit up with a hundred candles.As she entered , there was a shower of rose petals .Then when she saw him he was on his knees ."Will you marry me ?" ."Yes" and he slipped the saphire into her finger.
From @bitchwanti:
Light, cerulean, powder, prussian, royal, peacock, turquoise, so many shades of blue! "Don't wear blue, it doesn't look good on you", she said.

That evening at the prom, she saw her in his arms. "Oh that traitor!" she screamed with poison in her eyes. "I could commit blue murder right now!"

From @roshd: I watched her as she walked into the wedding hall with a classical plain blue saree draped classily around her body. It really flatterred her figure. My favourite colour and garment. I was almost ogling at her.It took my wife to bring me down to terra firma. Back to the blues.

From @menakasays: His wrist ached and his neck felt sore. His eyes were burning and his head ached. He stared at the pages he had written. His pen lay forgotten on the desk, leaking blue. Blue lines danced in front of his eyes. He took a deep breath and collected his thoughts. The book was complete.

From @absoluteme:

Blue were her brown eyes
So were the night skies
Blue were her dreams surreal
When reality hit, blue was her squeal
Blue was all she owned
Everything she ate, listened or donned
Oh! How she loved the hue
That she even dyed her dog blue

From @tanyachopra08: Their first date. In real. She felt all jittery in her new navy blue one piece.  It was time. So, how do I look?, she asked with  highest level of curiosity. Aaaah! Black suits you, he smiled. Sudden realization hit her. And with a heavy heart, she dealt with the fact he was colour blind.

From @nabilazaidi:

“Hey! You still call me that?”
“And you still respond to it?”

She giggled like the girl he knew fifteen years back.

“How are you?”
“Blue!”, she winked.
“Blue, you look! That is not what smoking does to your lips.”
“Guess, only you do.”

He laughed like the old charming devil she knew, as they walked out of her Electromagnetic Therapy.

From @shantusharma:

He easily climbed up that cliff at the shore. After reaching the top, he stared at the sky. Then he gazed down. No difference. Suddenly he realized he was still wearing the denim she’d gifted. He turned on his ipod and walked back.

 “Da ba dee da ba die… ”

He was not ready yet. 

From @anushreekejriwa: They loved each other a lot and the girl was fascinated by the colour red. She associated it with passion. The boy was an astute cricket fan and would follow the game religiously. He bled blue during matches while the girls face would turn pale because of blue.

From @minolajekar: The look on his face as she walked down the stairs would be worth her week’s wages on the dress. His favorite shade of blue which he said made her eyes look like the ocean on a good surf day.

Now the dress is soiled with blood and the skies will never be blue.

From @ChaaluChapaati: She looked at her dying grandfather - gasping, trembling, delirious from the morphine and lack of oxygen. She closed her eyes and turned them upwards in silent prayer. When she opened them, she saw that the sky was a beautiful, deep indigo - reflecting her mood, yet strangely hinting at a new dawn. One full of promise.

From @maruwahna: Seven year old Anisha was  running around ,her petite frame , bulletlike. Random safari suit uncles and Kanjeevaram aunties were discussing her elder sister‘s marriage .

Anisha‘s green eyes spotted a cookie for the guests . She snatched it and ran . Mother hit her . Anisha sat in a corner,those green eyes ,blue with tears.

From @jumidas1: I will ask papa to change my school. Teacher does not know anything. She told us that the sun is yellow, the moon is white! Papa has told me that both the sun and the moon are blue; my favourite colour, the colour of my blind but beautiful eyes. Papa's heart is also blue.

From @_Nehu: Raju, 5 year old was counting days because once in a blue moon his dad used to visit them. This time he would not let him go. His dad was speeding to meet family and ignoring the overweight goods placed on his truck. Splash!! His truck drowned in river. Raju – He is still waiting..!!

From @AlienatedWind: It was all red when you and I started this journey together. But something now is not right. You fight. I cry. You demand. I resist. Only blame. No forgiveness. Where are we headed? Why are we letting paranoia take over? This insecurity has turned all that was red, into something that is so blue.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

It was the first art class of the six year olds. The teacher asked them to draw and colour a  river.
Everyone except Ameya coloured the river blue. He coloured it black.
When asked, he replied, " But madam, I've always seen the Yamuna as black and never  blue. My house is on the river bank".

From @vagabondinact: With such passion did she turned her sapphire eyes towards cerulean skies that, he, the navy clothed being, sheltered beyond the blue oblivion was forced, to seek her thoughts. Her heart reflected, as clear as the azure waters in his pristine pond. Oblivious to his probing presence, she sighed, her heart plummeting into darkness again.

From @BongBuffoon: I was depressed. The blues, they call it. As I struggled to rewind to a happier time, to clean the macabre black ink of bitterness, an empty feeling began to grow in the stomach. As I pondered the futility of my existence, she appeared at my door, out of the blue. And the ink vanished.

From @CruciFire: 

*..I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...*

“Shut the goddamn music dude!”
“Why so serious?”
“Monday blues.”
“I gifted my girl the blue gown she's been wanting since months and I didn't even get a BJ man!”
“You blue it, huh?”
“And she didn't!”


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Theme 100 - Supernatural

From @RootKanal:

The wind slammed against the windows and rattled the hinges off the door, its eerie sound only to be topped by rustling leaves. The wooden floor creaked ever so softly with heavy feet treading over them carefully.

She woke up and the hair on her neck prickled, “Dean, is that you?”

From @menakasays: She remembered sitting together at the balcony and watching the rain. Ironic how the same rain killed him in an accident. A misplaced breeze moved a strand of hair away from her temples. She'd felt this before, "Are you still here?" She felt the fingers loosening the knot that held her hair up. She felt her tresses bounce around her shoulders. Tears rolled down her cheek.

From @vchatting:

He hated Karate but, for his mother's insistence. He'd do anything for her. Arrived, the championship day. He was frail; his hatred for karate made it tougher!
He tried. Tears streaming down his face,taking punch after punch, from his opponent,he stood his ground. Such love and courage in a seven year old? Supernatural!

From @swaravali: A 7-year-old had to write a few lines in a creative writing class.  "Supernatural??? super+natural = much better than natural !!! But how can anything better than natural?  What is closest to nature is the best. Right Ma'm?" 

From @karthikisthin:
Anuja delicately adjusted her infant’s head, as she held him close. She liked feeding him; she liked the control. Eyes closed, she hummed her favourite tune and gently ran her palm against his back. His body’s warmth matched hers.

His tiny fingers then traced out the letters M, O, R and E on her tummy.

From @CruciFire:

When they say Yes, they mean No.
When they say Fine, it means it isn’t.
Logic ain’t important, extreme emotions are.
Fights happen on assumptions.
History is their arsenal. Memory, their firepower.

Girls might think they are super natural. I think they are supernatural.

Witches from Hell.

From @Nabilazaidi:

Like the whiff of wind he walked in promising to save not just a day, not just a life, but me, forever.

I was stripped off my reality. My being, shaken. My loss, unaccounted. My worth, questioned.

All that felt, was not natural. All that he did, was die under the krypotonite.

From @jumidas1:

He: You want to marry me just because of my money. Forget about loving me; you do not even believe in love!
She: Ofcourse I love you. And for me love is God.
Two months later, they are married. 3 months later he learnt that she is an atheist.

From @JeeveSobs: He walks in, drunk, and goes straight for her room. Her complaints get silenced by his slap across her face. His abuses making her cry even more. Across the room a young kid watches silently, in shock, at the supernatural scene of his loving, doting father being converted into a devil.

From @bitchwanti: Clouds moved in endless circles. The swirls a solid, unchanging grey. Characterless, they merge into one another like faceless days. Her melancholy grows, like a slab of cement. It would take something supernatural, spectacular to drag her out of this place.

From @anushreekejriwa: We are made up of the five elements of nature and ultimately get mixed with them. There was a supernatural element in his nature....he could smile his way through his problems. Problems said "we won't leave you buddy", he said "neither will I leave you.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Everyone thought that Karim was alone and lonely. He did not think like that. He had an unwanted companion with him for years.
It seemed as if there was some supernatural power that ensured that he was never alone and pain was his constant companion.
Karim longed for solitude, at  least without this companion.

From @drun007:

She could foresee people's future. With an impressively large client list and a jam packed calendar, her predictions were much spoken about.

When her close friends ask about how she didn't predict her own messy life, her reply always was, "You can't be right about everything, everytime. You've got to leave certain things to fate!"

From @writingchalk:

A little boy was watching V for Vendetta. In the movie, a masked man was shot repeatedly, but didn’t die.
Even the villain exclaimed, “Why won’t you die?!”

The boy wore a Guy Fawkes mask…

“Papa, I won’t die! I am like V man…”

… and shot himself with his dad’s gun.

Fortunately, no bullets.

From @maruwahna:

Mother had told him not to talk to strangers . But all she asked him was the time . Then , ten minutes later , his darkest fear . Those blue eyes knew everything.
Ajmer. 1:30 PM . She wanted some air . He waited patiently for his turn to tell his story. She never came .

From @AskThePankazzzz: They were so much into each other, that with every time they touched, the souls interchanged places. Inside each other, they breathed. They were each other's God, each other's Satan. Like some magic, some supernatural happening maybe. Good or bad they didnt know. Yes, they were in love. They needed some exorcist, they didnt know.

From @IncompleteWaste: Cuddling on the couch, watching her favourite sitcom, she told him how thankful she was for bearing Supernatural. Later, ''Knock knock'', he said. ''Who's there?'', she replied. ''Marry''. ''Marry who?'', she asked. ''Marry you?'', he said nervously. She straightened herself, trying to kiss him, but fell off. She looked around. It was a dream.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Theme 99 - Death

From @TheScotchGirl:

He is neither your enemy nor your friend, but always around the corner.
It’s your shadow, which you never ever notice, though always Omni-present.
When on a break, it’s becoming someone else’s foe or friend?
How to react to him? You embrace him with open wide arms. Well, you got nowhere to run no?

From @roshd: "Look at the bright side, your sister always hated him, the divorce will help her move on. Let's party and get her drunk. That's all she'll be getting for sometime now haha." I was feeling wicked. I just didn't get the long silence that followed. It's not like someone died.

From @zushk:

“I need to go on a vacation. A long one.”

“You know you cannot do that!”

“Why not? I’m tired. And bored.”

“Earth is too crowded already. If you take off, don’t you know what will happen there?”

“Yes, I do. But I don’t care. No one ever thinks about me.”

From @pallavipinakin: As he was born into death, he glimpsed an ancient mouth, speaking his transformation. Later, he asked Death about it. “The words are needed to validate the end of life,” said Death. “If they hadn’t been spoken, it wouldn’t have happened. Like me. I was created because of your songs, your poetry, your prayers.”

From @nabilazaidi:

Her skin looked like softly folded sheets, collecting raindrops between the gaps. The body felt firm, like she tightened every muscle out of fear.

Those pale lips, were they ever kissed?

She stared at me with an open mouth, looking shocked and unprepared. As if she died without writing the end of an untold story.

From @TazeenZafar: Today, his family was to receive the dead body of his father. None of the family members had shed a single tear, because they knew this was not it. 'He isn’t dead, he is a martyr; death cannot even come close to him' Just then the doorbell rang. Army men stood outside with the coffin.

From @JeeveSobs: Bright yellow lights. Loud music playing. People dancing away. Walls painted with sparkling hues of red,blue and green. The Devil with a shining orange cape. Things changed in hell when a hipster came along and convinced them all that being gloomy over death is too mainstream.

From @karthikisthin:

"Where’s your god now?" the soldier yelled; the shrapnel in his throat barely allowed a wheeze.
"Tell me father..." He rolled his wheelchair closer to the altar.
"Have faith, son."
The soldier shed a solitary tear. His revolver had the word ‘faith’ inscribed on it. He offered the priest some before taking a healing dose.

From @MinolAjekar:

Yamraj, Grim Repaer, Hades, Anubis, Santa Muerte, different names same job description. The supposed light at the end of the tunnel, the guide to the ‘other side’.

A story we tell to placate ourselves maybe? But form or formless, real or myth it is how things will end.

Death- inevitable, inescapable, ineluctable, unavoidable reality.

From @vchatting:

That night, he felt a little discomfort in his chest. Died quietly, by the morning.
They'd recently bought a flat  with their savings for which  the monthly instalments needed to be paid.
Their three year old, bawling, by the bedside, for his morning milk ......the wife, laughing hysterically, at this cruel joke of fate!

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Meera and Sameer exchanged their vows and said “Till death do us apart” amidst friends and family. Theirs was a love marriage after three years of courtship.

Meera’s bad dream turned out to be her premonition when Sameer met with an accident.

The words that rang in her head were: “Till death do us apart”

From @writingchalk:

"We therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life."

The entire contingent walked away from the funeral. A little boy tugged at his father’s shirt, “Daddy, a hand came out of the grave…”

Resurrection already?

From @maruwahna:

228.25 Newtons sir ! Anisha shouted , even before prof. Bhatia completed .

IIT candidates should be like this , prof lectured .

Two years later , rank :  14076 . Prof called Anisha a disgrace , mom refused to talk to Anisha , friends
smirked at Anisha .

Anisha said hello to a rope . Atleast Anisha knew 228.25 Newtons would crush her neck .

From @FlirtingKaapi:

"Beta... get 1 rasgulla for me."

Rahim darted to the kitchen and obeyed his grandfather, covertly.

 "See that pipe near my hips? I’ll give you a prize if you cut it." He smiled, savouring each bite.

 As Abdul wheezed his last, the gathered realised they’d waited all this time for naught. The will was final.

From @NumbYaar: Vikram lay on his deathbed counting his last days. The past three months had been harsh on him. Bad health was taking its toll, and so was loneliness. His savings and fame were totally pointless, no one turned up at the hospital. He died for them the day he killed the child in him.

From @AskThePankazzzz: They were two people. Poles apart. The exact acronyms. She chased 'it' like some beautiful 'Disney' dream. He ran from 'it' like some 'Exorcist' nightmare. They met, life happened. And love, like death, spared neither of them.

From @AlienatedWind: She turned around one last time to the house never to return again. Year after year, marks of severe brutality had been added to her corpse. And for her child, she remained quite. Until one day, the wrath of violence was unleashed on her child. Alive again she was. Death of darkness. Rise of Justice.

From @CruciFire:

A dark, hooded figure stood staring at me as his scythe glistened in the moonlight.

“Is it time?”

“Yes, but not your soul.”


“Your desires and expectations.”


“Society. Loved ones. Yourself.”


“You’ve been a good boy. You need to be set free.”

I wake up the happiest person on earth.

From @PratikAgrwal: Eyes were red as if in those two hours of torturous sleep, he had butchered many. And indeed he did. It was the last art he crafted by killing his desires and the end was the final crescendo. His self's death. An art not for any audience but the applause thundered the abyss, came from his corpse.

From @vagabondinact: Companion I was since the day you were born. I was with you, taking those baby steps, riding those automobiles, climbing those mountains and trenches, fighting  the wars with you, for you. It hadn't been the time then. It is now time, I unite with you. Go-forth, take that plunge out of living, Death ordered.

From @ScribblingOn: Clad in pristine white, the color of eternal peace, she lends her slender hand to me as I stood on the edge. "Come, I'll take you to Immortality", she whispered, luring me further as I succumb to her beauty & charm. She is Lady Death, friend of Liberation & After-life. Imminent & relentless as ever.

From @bitchwanti: She smiled at her grandmother's funeral. In her child's heart, she saw end to the suffering. In her head, she saw her in a happy place, body and soul rid of pain. "See how pretty she looks, mother! So sweet in her in her sleep."

Friday, July 20, 2012

Theme 98 - Charm

From @ankitt08: We met somewhere for it was our fate, and at that event we were elected the Charming ones. You are the most charming one I ever met. Now that you are not here, I just wish to have a chance to be charmed by your charm again.

From @roshd: She WAS mad at me for being late yet again. Her eyes were blazing and if looks could kill I should have been six feet under already.  "I swear I don't do it on purpose just because I think you look even more beautiful when angry." Whew! That was close.

From @karthikisthin:

Tightly clasping the oval pendant with her left hand, she began writing.
Siddharth had taken his first steps yesterday. Her paycheck was due tomorrow. Vaibhav was opening up about his past flings finally. Her sprained ankle was healing nicely.
 “Alright, pens down every one.”
She gripped it harder. Maybe she’ll graduate on her third attempt.

From @pallavipinakin: She turned her broken heart into a pendant, threaded a silver chain through it, and hung it around her neck. Decided to wear it forever. Her lucky charm, a glimmering reminder to stay away from doomed matters of the heart. Then he walked in, and the pendant transformed. Once again, her heart began to beat.

From @AnOddYellow:

Oh Dear lord, where is my prince charming?
Oh, why do these human make up fairy tales and make it difficult for me,
Everyone wants a Prince charming.
God please send me My Charming man soon.
This one too, how do I create this fantasy charmings.
This is it.
Girls, there is NO Prince charming.

From @ponderpuffman: He was 30 minutes late. She turned the other way when he sat down. They spoke silence for a while.  Suddenly he banged his head on the table. She turned. Leeches wriggled out of his mouth. She controlled her smile. He then thrust his hand inside his throat and removed his heart.  She smiled.

From @RootKanal: Transfixed, he looked at her and nodded listlessly as she poured her heart out. He knew every expression that would appear on her face before she even thought about emoting them. He was smitten. She sighed and cursed the hold she had on him. They would never communicate.

From @Greyllusionist: charm, n./v.: Still trying to recover from the whirl you've sent my thoughts into. Touch me. Let's bring it down to reality. Drain. Show me your dark mean side. Let me believe that you're a bitch too. That's the only cure.

From @ScribblingOn: Flipping the pages of her memory book, she halted at her favorite part. Him. Chewing on her pen, she stared at the piece of paper. Sliding into a trance, she kept scribbling. Setting the paper on fire, she mused-"Being charmed by words is lethal", as a tear dropped into those flames devouring his name.

From @FateMarfatia:

The conjurer’s scar was more alluring than his tricks. Pulling rabbits out of a hat or sawing women into half had ceased stupefying spectators but his mysterious scar evoked interminable curiosity.

He revelled in it.

“When I trick them into seeing this scar disappear, they will behold the greatest magician!” He exclaimed.

He was wrong.

From @QuratZafar: Every now and again, I take out your old letters. They rustle as I reverently unfold them and trace your firm, slant handwriting. Smudges of ink where your tear dropped when you were sad take me back to a time where only you and I exist. These emails, they lack the charm; they lack the soul.

From @tazeenzafar: His friends said he had lost his charm. He himself could not believe the life he was living. A few days back, he could get any girl he wanted, and now he could not even properly talk to woman. They wondered what was wrong with him; a month later they realized it was love.

From @shantusharma:

"You were exercising your heart out yesterday and here you're binging on ice-cream today?"

"Yeah, I want to be strong, look good and I don't want to miss out on the second most charming thing that life offers- eating."

"What's the first thing?"

"Sex. Told you I want to look good and be strong... "

From @vagabondinact: A little charm, unhinged, went unnoticed, as she slithered it the loops of her pants, the exotic brass and steel belt entwined, together with little charms.  Hopping into the already overcrowded bus, pushing her way in, her unhinged charm, hinged itself to his watch.  He didn’t even have to charm his way into her pants!

From @maruwahna:

I had a wonderful time tonight , did you?
Yes, Anisha .
The boat ride cuddles were romantic. What say ?
I looked amazing tonight,right?
Yes,Anisha .
‘night then .
‘night , Anisha. I love you .
A simple smile as the eyes met . The charm worked perfectly .
The eyes met,again .

From @TandooriCutlet: He was running late. Slightly out of breathe, he reached the counter and handed his ticket across.  “Sir, you’re very late.” “Well, take me out to a firing range and shoot me”, he said, eyes crinkling as he smiled. She blinked twice, supressed a grin and checked him in. Bag, baggage and oodles of charm.

From @writingchalk:

Today was his day. Outside edges flew over the slips, inside edges went past the stumps, he was bowled off a no-ball and an easy chance was spilt by the opposition’s best fielder.

He was finally dismissed for 100. Walking off to thunderous applause, he smiled – and instantly, about 100 women at the ground swooned.

From @AskThePankazzzz: She: Will you ever leave me? He: Never. She: How so sure? He: You fought & left your place, your people, your life because of me. So, you see, I'm your bad luck charm.

His reason was invalid. It made absolutely no sense, but the conviction he said it with, made her fall for him. Again!

From @AlienatedWind: He would covince her to stay when she tried to leave. He cheated on her. Not once or twice, but many times. Yet he justified every time how he wasn't at fault. He persuaded her of his love. With her eyes closed, she would fall in love again. That was how strong his charm was.

From @bitchwanti:

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Why do you blabber like Rajdhani express? Articulate, breathe, pause, punctuate! That is effective communication, Alok", she said.

"Look at Snape. Now that's what you call charm. In the slow, meaningful press of every syllable. Creepy, but charming", she said slowly.

From @The_Buffmaster: The gushing water from the shower stopped. The door slid and steam vaporized, as she came out in an untied satin bathrobe. Water droplets rolled from her wet hair to her bare shoulders and further, down under. Walking ahead, partially exposing her bosom and spreading her tantalizing charm, she neared him and kissed his lips.

From @anushreekejriwa: She fell for his eclectic charm and gave her body and soul to him. They were passionately in love with each other. With every failure, he lost his fame and thereby his charisma. People asked her to leave him, she said "he has nothing to lose, he can only gain and grow".

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Theme 97 - Watch

From @servantofkrsna:

"They say that a woman who's not loved by her husband, never gets her due from her children either.", She said with a sad smile, staring up to the heavens.

"Just wait and *watch* , maa. I'll prove them wrong."

From @tazeenzafar: She looked at the broken watch and remembered it all. She remembered leaving her family for him, she remembered all the promises he had made to her about their life together, and then, she remembered the night he had beaten her like an animal. That was the night the watch had broken.

From @UnendingQuest:

She looked like a Goddess of Love and Purity; gracing down the stairs.
He was awestruck. He wanted to turn it into a fairytale. He pondered, and as she advanced to last few steps he shouted, "WATCH YOUR STEP"
She trembled and twirled, landed in his puffed arms. Then, they lived happily Ever After.

From @bhytu:

The jailer boomed at the gate keeper.
"Yet again three prisoners escaped from here. Were you sleeping? Didn't I ask you to keep a watch?"
"I did,sir."
 He stammered.

From @FateMarfatia:

The sound of Shakuntala’s feet, killing the deathly silence of the night. Running away from her despicable existence. From her husband.

Suddenly, a gang of prowlers, made her stop in her tracks.

Run? Fight? Plead?

Miraculously, a distant siren bellowed a warning warding off trouble.

Shakuntala looked up at the sky, “Father, was that you?” 

From @AnOddYellow: She sat and looked at him, stared at the beauty and wished and sighed. Her friends thought she was in love. Her eyes followed him everywhere he went and his hand was the center of her attention. Masculine and strong with the best watch adorning it. Oh! How she wanted to own that beauty.

From @anjana_murali: She left her house in a hurry, afraid that she would be late. She juggled past the various people on the road effortlessly, with years of practice. Finally she reached and then to her dismay found out that she had to wait. After ten minutes, she was back on routine. On her 9.31 ladies local.

From @karthikisthin: The toddler clutched her heels and giggled uncontrollably. The baby sitter pressed the toy and the oinks evoked peals of laughter, again. A tasty aroma wafted into the room. She checked her wrist; it’d been 2 minutes since she’d added the masala to the noodles. When she returned, the toy was missing; the pulse, gone.

From @shruti_says:

Grandpa’s desk had always been sacrosanct. Anita ran her hands over the polished wood and felt a tear trickle down. The box was in the top drawer. Inside was a note and an emerald studded pocket watch nestled in silk.

“Dear Anita,

This is everything my grandfather had when he left the palace.


From @dholudancing: I saw a guy waiting for someone, smart, charming but restless. I kept watching him and unknowingly became a part of his wait but unlike him, I was not patient to wait any longer. Then, finally I got to see what I was waiting for, my bus. I forgot I was waiting for that too.

From @The_BuffMaster:

2.34 A.M.

Sleep was conquering him. His mind was getting heavy, and even heavier were his eye lids.  There was a turbulent storm of thoughts whirling in his head. It had been fourteen long hours. He thought of quitting, but his subconscious mind convinced him not to.  Perils of a last day preparation they were.

From @sinpinklove: Her NRI neighbour got her two huge boxes of assorted chocolates, those innocent looking oreo cookies called out to her, the panipuriwala below her building gave her a warm smile, someone at work treated everyone to samosas and ice-cream.Her mind was playing games the moment she decided to watch her weight.

From @ChaaluChapaati: Daya could walk this route with his eyes closed. Night vision was his specialty anyway. SINGHS would be followed by the BANSALIS followed by KAKKADS. The Kakkads had that big dog at the gate that started at his whistle every night. Daya always smiled at him. After all, it was just him and his stick.

From @3nvinyatar: Rain pelted into his exposed face. The thin plastic barely shielding him as he walked by the fence.Lightning threw his tense features into sharp relief. His searching eyes, pursed lips, hands clenched around his rifle. Night or day, sun or rain, Christmas or Diwali, they stand at the borders, keeping a silent watch.


From @drun007:

Atul glanced at his watch for the nth time.  I knew that only 25 minutes had passed.

He paced up and down the corridor, restless.  Wanted to smoke real bad, but did not.  Fear, anxiety, thrill, hope.  A myriad of inexplicable emotions is all I saw, of this dad to-be.

From @CruciFire:

9:37 am - Do you love me?
10:45 – No sms yet... are you angry Anu?
10:50 – Need time Raj
2:30 pm – Love is so complicated - Anu's FB
4:10 – Yes or No?
5:30 – 'In a relationship with Vishal' – Anu's FB
6:15 pm– Watching my world crumble – Raj's FB

From @MinolAjekar:

I watch the birds fly.
I watch the rivers flow.
I watch the sun rise and ebb.
I watch the moon wax and wane.
I watch the flowers bloom and the leaves change color.
I watch people walk and times change.
Thanks to Max whose seeing eyes let me watch all the time.

From @maruwahna:

Seven am , she leaves her shoulder length hair open , throwing on a pair of ancient denims and  a white top with a hint of cleavage .

Bye papa , she cooes, giving him a hug . Bye Anisha, be careful , he says, watching from the corner of his ey
as she leaves.

From @AskThePankazzzz: 11 am in his new wrist watch: Two men in Black coats blabbered. A man, then hit the table with a hammer & said, "Divorce granted". He couldnt make out a word, & stood there watching Dad leave in another car.. He was 8, too young to understand that his world has fallen apart in an hour.

From @anushreekejriwa: He lost his business in a bet and stopped wearing his watch. His wife asked to why did he do so. He said "the watch reminds me of the good times in the bad times and deters me from working hard. I will wear it the day I get it all back".

From @parekhit: Lying on the bed, he was a frail comparison to his yester years. Wrinkle skinned, deep hollow eyed. She sat by his side and held his hand, with love. He knew that the time had come. Slowly and painfully he slid his watch and passed it on to her. He didn't need it anymore.

From @bitchwanti: The sky on the easter horizon turned a faint grey and then with a splash of faint pink the sun came up. It traveled overhead and men lined up for lunch. The dipping of beacon of light marked the hour of evening snack. As it turned in, the sky a deep black

From @roshd:

I was really mad at her for arguing with me in front of everybody in the supermarket. The iciness during the drive back was arctic. I drove like a maniac and swung into my stilt parking slot.

“Watch out!”, she yelled.

And that’s how I got that awful dent on my new car. Very Unhappydent.

From @shantusharma: She agreed to come out with him after much persuasion and all he could manage was this one crowded mall. After randomly wandering for some time, they found this secluded spot when he put his hands on her waist and started to lean on her. Then he saw. A CCTV camera was lurking on them.

From @Scotchaholic: He got a mail from his father. It says, "Got the gift son." A Rolex. Only he knows how hard it was for him to buy that watch, gift it to dad, and not keep it for himself. Anyway, his heart is happy now. Mind, not heavy.  Wallet, penniless. And his wrist? Still, without a watch.
From @writingchalk:

As he walked down the aisle, he realised this was going to be a memorable day for him.

He thought of his life. The world was his oyster. He had no responsibilities – not a care in the world.

But today...?

At the end of the aisle, there was a noose. The executioner said, “It’s time.”

From @namansaraiya: A text would light up his day in November. Closer to a year, on a calm summer afternoon, there was another meeting. Coffee, gloom and make-believe. A closer look into the screen of her mobile phone, of a familiar, happy time. Hold my hand, and let's watch this together. Like old times. Of strange tides.