Saturday, February 25, 2012

Theme 2 - Cars

From @themodestninja Sipping the aged bottle filled with new vodka, tears in his eyes, he had been running away from that cursed vehicle. A speeding red blur knocked him down. Pain. He saw red. The red car, the blood. More pain. He thought he heard the driver come out. Even more pain. And then he was gone.

From @textuallyhorny They were the last two to leave the parking everyday but, never spoke. One red Beetle another, Honda City. That day the Beetle broke down. He offered her the backseat while he drove. Yes, rearview mirror was where it all happened. Their first conversation, first glance. “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”.

From @oneblackcoffee She always hated the abandoned garage. She was disgusted by the rows and rows of lifeless cars. The landscape never changed. Day 35. There was something different today. She knew there was someone else. “What a sad place,” someone whispered in her ear. “Want to make it make it more provoking?”

From @vivekisms Cars crashed. The accident took place. Like love, between them. There was nothing left. The debris of the relationship would be cleaned or not, no one knew. They went to the second-hand car lot. To sell the spare parts. To sell what was left of their relationship – nothing at all. The car crash happened.

From @gauravjagwani : A broken heart is still beating. That would be my heart. She left me when I was at my worst. I see her crossing the road. I’m behind the wheel. I can run her over. But, I’m much bigger than that. She caused my heartbreak. But, my heart brakes for her. Doesn’t it? Awkward silence.

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