Sunday, February 10, 2013

Theme 214 - Technology

From @aaroo4: 

“This GPS with voice navigation is very cool, I love it” he beamed. He had made this statement half a dozen times since they’d left home towards Ranganthittu. Suddenly, the system went blank. “Oh no, we are lost” he panicked. “Look ahead, you see the board, turn right” She stated calmly with an evil grin.

From @BeingInane: 

'What were you doing online,that late?',he asked his sister.
'Nothing,why?',she asked back.
'You aren't supposed to',he said.
'But,you always stay up late',she smirked.
'That's different.I am a boy',he laughed.
Technology,sure,broadened our horizons.If only,it can broaden our narrow minds too.

From @anushreekejriwa: 

He said he would always be with her. He was. Whenever she needed him, he was quick to bbm and mention her. She felt that he was the right one. They had never met. One day he got engaged, when she questioned he replied "reality is different sweet heart". Clearly she was bitter heart.

From @zoarcher: 

ἀγαθή ἀγκύλωσις allox bostio δέρμα γνώμων coifa esnamiare θεωρία allox esnamiare θεωρία δέρμα γνώμων coifa ἀγαθήἀγκύλωσις ἡμέρα allox bostio δέρμα ζίζυφον golda insubulus ἀγκύλωσις ἀγαθή ξίφος esnamiare γνώμων planeta κρυπτός.
Whenever Sahil spoke to her of OS, QHFD, LINUX, WIMAX, EV- DV, Suhasi felt like she was trying hard to understand Greek and Latin.  

From @tweettabulous: 

We were married off young. He left to the gulf for livelihood. We promised to write to each other every week. Our feelings took solace in words that we churned in our letters. The wait for the postman. That yearning to read his replies. The euphoria it brought... If only there was a faster medium. 

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