Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Theme 21 - 2014 - Runaway

From @_souringpie: 

“Runaways should be prevented from running away on the wrong runways of life for them to have brighter future and emerge as runaway winners of their destiny.”“Don’t know about runaways, but after reading this I feel like running away from here under an airplane running on the runway.”“Don’t run your mind, Runvijay.””Then let’s run.”

From @donbratman: 

"But.. But you're dead. I was the one who pushed you", she said and immediately regretted it. "You should have waited for two minutes. Here I am, back from the grasp of death", he said. She started trembling. He took out his gun, shot her and waited for 2 minutes. Just to be sure.            

From @arzvi: 

Once Sun proposed his love to the angel of night, the Moon. She declined saying she’d die of his heat. Earthlings rocketed and insulated the moon. Alas, the insulation being made by Microsoft, worked once every 20 years that God of heat and angel of night ranaway every time after making love, eclipsing the sky.

From @snehzana: 

He dyed his hair in soft hues of gold & red. He pulled up his corset tight, looked in the mirror & smiled. He was the famous drag queen model. He ran away from home to become a runaway model & to set the woman inside him free.

From @sourcasm: 

The driver of the speeding train was trying his best to warn everyone to steer clear from the railway track by pulling the whistle again and again. Brakes had malfunctioned and the already overloaded train would runaway as soon as it reached the..


From @tweettabulous: 

"Is it a yes or no?"
"Lemme think!"
"If you need to think then maybe it's a bad idea."
"No, I mean what after this... Where to... How will..."
"Do you love me?"
"Trust me?"
"Wanna be together?"
"Let's do it. Let's runaway!!!"

From @aalfpaayil: 

She forced herself to stop thinking about the children. She had made her decision. She owed it to herself. She had to get out of this humiliating marriage. “Runaway wife"- she would be met with derision; yet she had never felt stronger. The children returned to find an empty house and a note. They had been wronged by someone’s right.

From @ajaw_ : 

“Life just goes day to day. I wonder where the next meal is going to come from, where I’m going to sleep. Running away seemed the only option. After a while, I couldn’t handle it and I started crying. But then there’s nowhere to go..*sobs*.. I prefer the terror of the street to life back home.” 

From @DeDiViNe: 

Ten thousands of blistering blue-green-red-yellow barnacles, thundering typhoons everywhere. Krish was turning sweaty, fear welcomed him with an evil smile. He kept stepping forward in the smoky atmosphere telling himself “Light it and runaway”. He ran as per his thought and there, for the first time he saw the crackers bursting infront of him,what joy! 

From @hinnaz: 

“So how did you and my wife meet? “
“At a play, last year sometime.”
“really? Hmmmm”
“oh yes, a monologue I guess.”
“really? She hates those. Wait aren’t you Anand? I thought you guys went to college together.”
“Oh! yes, yes that too. Ummmm I need another drink.”
He gulped. This was it. Finally.

From @Jazz_CB: 

He had to run away, for the sanity of everybody. For too long, he had toyed with their intelligence. For too long he had made them wish they could go back in time. No more. He had to go.

At that moment I woke up. Dr. Ilayathalapathy Joseph Vijay had not run away. I cried.

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