Saturday, April 4, 2015

55wordstory - Season 3 - Theme 4 - Fervent

From @sanchoagarwal:

Parsottam Yadav, fervent supporter of the Communist party, decided to shoot the visiting MLA. 
Hid himself in the field;
Was about to shoot when he heard a bell ringing.
Ran for his life ,the farmer, fearing he had been spotted.
Turns out it was Radha, the cow behind him.
Saved by the bell, I say!

From @WickdWeirdWitch:

A fervent whisper,
a hushed smile,
accidental touch,
twinkle in the eye,
a sly wink,
a blushing lass,
a footsie try,
a “oh, stop it” knowing look,
an appreciative glance,
a somehow-managed flying kiss,
a paper aero-plane bearing plans for the evening,
an affirmative acknowledgement!
Romance in the library is only for the passionate souls!

From @meetumeetu:

Mrs. and Mr. R worked together. It was a love angle. She loved him, he loved his work. She wanted him to talk to her. He would talk to her – about work, fervently. The more he did that, with equal passion, the missus wouldn't want it. She found a new love - her adorable baby.

From @PennyKinned:

She tossed and turned restlessly, with fervent dreams of spinning trees and jagged wind and broken moon. A moan of fear escaped her lips, jolting her out of her sleep. 

Elsewhere, a storm of celestial proportions tore the woods apart at night. Like a fever dream, it came on swiftly and went just as suddenly.

From @oxymoronic_me:

She looked at the farmer from above. She knew he wanted her. The land below his feet was draped in cracks of drought. She saw him pick the knife and slash his wrist. She had waited for this. She laughed at her power and lashed down, drenching him and the land below his dead body.

From @auspicee:

He was upset, feeling like a subject in this objective world. He had pissed of these transfers and friendless zones.

“To get a stable job seems filing an application for heaven.” He sighed and peered outside the window. He got numb with teary-eyed. There was a kid on wheelchair waving at everyone, laughing fervently, alive.

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