Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Theme 189 - Outsider

From @wannabesanyasin: The messages were abrupt. Conversations leading into absolute nothingness. Ignorance and isolation gripped me. There was nothing much to discuss but there was a lot left to be said. With distance, grew silence. It wasn't ego but self-respect. Oscillating between mere purposes and mandatory festive wishes, a friend made me feel like an outsider.

From @minolajekar:

I constantly stand here on the periphery, belonging nowhere to nobody. Stuck here at the border, too timid to face immigration, too clever to turn back, too afraid to try the new, too sad the leave the old. 
I constantly stand here on the periphery, wondering what it feels like to belong.

From @flirtingshadows: It was a traditional joint family; patriarchal, hierarchical and averse to change. The daughters-in-law were at the bottom of the pecking order, with the daughters being one step above. Its structural ties allowed little space for individual freedoms. You either submitted completely or stood out like a sore thumb or worse still, remained the outsider.

From @iyer_raman:

He was greeted with a stoic silence and uncomfortable smiles.
He ignored the boulder-sized hint, and went on to hug her.
“Not now” she hissed. “Can’t you see I am with my friends? Just go dad!”
A sharp pain seared through his ribs.
And it wasn't just the jab from a 9 year old elbow.

From @viveklectic:

After much deliberation he rang the doorbell.

Even after three years, he couldn’t get her out of his head. He landed at her doorsteps in an alien country to ask one last question.

She opened the door. A man stood behind her, his arms around her waist. She stared at him like an outsider.

From @vchatting:

The ring of that laughter....in a flash, she saw him, at the rear end of the departmental store. He still had his playful countenance, same ring in his laughter. A kid on his shoulder! "Then the lady must be his wife," she thought, absorbing their intimacy in her glance.
Mechanically, as she paid the cashier and ran out of the store,the voice in her head hammered repeatedly, "See.... you are the outsider!"

From @ghose_1988: She liked attending church on Sundays. She was willing, she was eager. It all looked so odd. Her parents were startled and amazed.” We are Hindus”, they exploded. She turned a deaf ear to them. She loved her new identity. There were words of love, encouragement and righteousness spoken over there. Life had hope now.

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