Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Theme 196 - Rage

From @flirtingshadows: She shielded herself from the newspapers, the television and Twitter.  She was seething but felt highly inadequate. Mere rage was not enough. She itched to be brave, to shirk off her cozy existence and take to the streets like her counterparts in the capital had done. But she also knew that courage counted for nothing

From @realfartshady:

"No one cares. NO ONE!"

"Please let us go!"

The dark man swooshed in rage looking at his spiel "NO! Y"ALL ARE GOING NOWHERE! Watch. Listen. Enjoy."

The hostages cried for help as the artist picked up his glock-en-spiel to play.

From @DNRamki: TV anchors were shouting, ministers made statements, papers screamed about the incident in bold letters. Anguished women and men stood up to sticks, water cannons, teargas and brutal force. They shouted, cursed, and somehow held fort.  But he wasn’t among them. His rage was directed against his keyboard. He had an assignment to finish.

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