Saturday, August 23, 2014

55 Word Story - Season 2 - Theme 16 - Nomadic

From @UditVashisht: 

“Your itinerary has been mailed; you will be leaving tomorrow morning for the tour.”
“But Sir, I got married this Monday, had plans.”
“I know, but can’t help, sorry.” and he hung up the phone.
He started preparing for being a modern day Nomad again, not for the search for the pastures but green bills.

From @Gauravjagwani: 

They were always on the run. They called no one place ‘home.’ But, to their credit, they left a lasting impression on each and every one of the places they would frequent. They would come uninvited at times. That day they came to my hometown. ‘Hi! We’re called ‘Thoughts.’ Can we stay for a while?’ 

From @HulaHoopFairy: 

Pankhuri had seen the world.

Her heart, however, longed for those rackety lanes of Benaras, where she dreamed of touring the world one day. A place she would never return to. 

The feeling of belonging to a place eluded her. Never one for a miniscule existence in a gargantuan world.

Home was but an illusion. 

From @AnuNande: 

"The seemingly unending road blurred his vision if he stared too hard. Nameless faces. The love and kindness of strangers. The adrenaline slowly overshadowed by a need for their smiles, for the innocent lisp that enquired everyday when he would be back. He closed his eyes and strummed the opening chords. The bus rumbled on."

From @WickdWeirdWitch: 

The li’l one was nowhere to be seen. His mother worried incessantly about him. Finally she found him trailing behind playing with his newfound friends.

She breathed a sigh of relief and in her unspoken way, glanced unappreciately at him rebuking him for the folly.

He winged & came into her fold.

From @zoarcher: 

He moved all his life. From one beautiful stop to another. While the colours around were different every time, the food flavour was similar. He never counted his stops. He loved the fact that there was a song in his heart as he moved from one flower to another, staying with no one...loving everyone.

From @tweettabulous: 

After 9/11, life has been on a roll... I moved from one foster home to the other. I've no complaints.

Everyday is a new journey, that gives me an insight into different cultures and ancient folklore. Like Rachel Wolchin says, "If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots not feet."

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The old actress lay on her deathbed. Reminiscing the past, she smiled. Everything had been easy. The fame, the money, the lovers. She looked at the people standing around her, shedding tears of sorrow. They did love her after all. Everything remained like before.

The only thing that never stayed was ‘time’. It killed her.

From @aseemrastogi2: 

“Run! Run! They are attacking us from all sides. We need to get to the hills as soon as possible.”

With heavy artillery and strong foot soldiers dressed in military fatigues, they were always ready for an intense gun battle. We had become nomads moving from one place to another trying to escape their mercilessness.    

From @roshd: 

It doesn’t feel like a journey but the destination. But am I not a traveller? I believed that that I’d quench my thirst at a new spring, eat my meal in a new oasis and sleep in a new tent every night. What became of the wanderer? Or is this just an unusually long halt?

From @vishalshriyan: 

'Average performer' he'd been called. He smirked as he remembered their snooty faces. He'd left them far behind. He gloated over the wealth he'd accumulated over the years. Not by stepping up his game. Simply by changing his workplace over and over at the right time. His nomadic approach had served him very well indeed.

From @ashishshukul: 

He navigated his bike through the narrow dirt road between soaring mountains and steep gorges. This road trip with his buddies was like a dream. Looming landslides didn’t intimidate him. Barrage power point slides did. Sitting among his rambling colleagues in the board meeting that day, he felt like a nomad waiting to break free.

From @_souringpie: 

"Hey what's that?" "Oh, that's a human." "It's gigantic! What does it do?" "Nothing, It chases some false hopes all the time, eventually missing out on simple and pure joys of life." "Can't it just fly and wander around this beautiful world?" "They loath our nomadic life but secretly envy it." "Glad I'm a butterfly!"

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