Monday, March 12, 2012

Theme 16 - Party

From @IndianIdle: The election was finished. They had won it by a huge margin. He had a grin on his face, but deep down he knew the prices paid for victory. There were bloodsheds ,money scams, hooks and crooks. Lives ,and reputations always on the line. No one enjoyed the mayhem, but they still called it PARTY.

From @Abhiandnow: “Raju, they're so stinky.” “We’ll wash them later. Now go, search for some dolls and cars.” “Look, I found a Hot Wheels car and old sketch-pens as well.” “What are you guys doing in the junkyard?” The security guard questioned.
“Looking for gifts, kaka. Today, like those rich people, we’re giving Rani a birthday party.”

From @theslumdawg: The word 'Party' has lost its meaning. "Salary aa gayi? Party de", "Oh! New phone? Party de", "What? You're not single anymore? Party banati hai Boss!", *Blah blah blah blah.* Soon, There will be a time when people will ask you "Abey, Potty karke aa gaya? Party de." Please, Don't kill the word 'Party'.

From @dimaagi_keeda: The sound of music, The color of lights, The energy of people, It was just right. The Boys were having Fun, Booze flowing, The madness was showing, Some were even carrying a gun. All eyes, set on her, the women let out a jealousy purr, as she entered the Party, A cougar at Forty.

From @DaSoothSayer: Their eyes met across the room. Amidst fleeting glances and tinkling champagne glasses they fell in love. Entrenched within the bounds of society they stood. Silent and longing. The world ceased to matter, for what mattered was just them, in that one moment of togetherness. They believed. It was a party like no other.

From @Sinful_Reveries: Music. People. Liquor. Dance. The aura. This place has it all. Our friends are celebrating their engagement today. We are right beside them, recognising the same enthusiasm in their eyes. Glitter. Joy. Energy. Emotions. Fire. The Passion. We had that, once. I hope theirs lasts an eternity.

From @iamafairytale: Christmas eve and Ivys bakery was filled with hullabaloo.The fresh aroma, brought in many customers. The little bunch of urchins awed the shop. The face brightened and mouth watered. But no one bothered a look. A tap and they froze in panic. It was Ivy with her most delicious cake. A celebration truly Christmas style.

From @TheFookFace: Z was with her friends at a terrace party. They were high; in terms of altitude & intoxication. Music blared but none of them could actually feel it. X got up to kiss Z, Z wasn't conscious. Y always had an eye on X, he confronted X. Y died by falling from a height.

From @bitchwanti: Slowly she sank into the azure water, orange fish floating around her. They made clucking sounds as she came up for air. The birds started twittering, the breeze played a tune through the dry leaves; the water fell like tinkling bells, the butterflies sighed. His laugh was the encore. This was her party. There would be no gatecrashers.

From @menakasays: She was so shocked when she walked in, that she dropped her bag and couldn't speak. I was pleased with myself. Surprising my girlfriend isn't the easiest thing to do. How thrilled she looked seeing all her friends! I brought out the cake. Dutch Troufle, her favourite. She said, "oh! Hadn't you ordered the blueberry cheese cake?"

From @vivekisms: Nice party. I was seated next to Truman Capote. Andy Warhol was drunk. To my right, Marilyn Monroe was scandalously dressed. Across was Sridevi in a golden toga. Jawaharlal was sulking (Indian menu- Samosas instead of caviar). Jayalalitha farted. Madame Tussad hadn’t waxed her armpits. I took a second class train back to the suburbs.

From @Marwaari: The fire lit perfectly. All this would be finished in an hour's time, I thought. Gloomy eyes around, Sorrow evident with every passing minute. It finally ended."Sorry for your loss,Your wife was a good person" She said staring at me. I smiled and said, "So, Where's the party tonight? Your place or mine?"

From @anushreekejriwa: Spring arrives leaving behind barren patches of winter and the nature witnesses a carousal of colours. Tiny leaves emerging from once dry branches infuse life and refresh the season. She sees this sight and imbibes the spirit of youthfulness in her life. Refreshing herself she gets ready to dance in the party of life.

From @sshweta93: She rode back home, hoping that this year would be different. Probably, a nice family dinner. Something which she never had. Yes, that would be the best birthday gift. But noisy strangers, busy parents and blaring music welcomed her. Yet another party. Another shindig to showcase their opulence. Yet again, teary-eyed, she was lost in the crowd.

From @aiwekuchbhi: That night, she went to bed angry! They lay in bed,each with their back turned.. Both unable to sleep ...she unwilling to continue the fight! * he should not drink so much* she thought worried about his newly diagnosed diabetes ! * I'll call her tomorrow * he sighed,the girl he met at the party as he kept staring at his palm and the number she had scribbled!

From @MissCandyFlaws: An elite house-warming party, hundreds of guests in their best attires. The house buzzed with echoes of laughter, the ladies gossiping. She was excited about the party as she eagerly waited outside for it to end. She collected the left-over food they thrashed and rushed back to the footpath to feed her 2-year old daughter.

From @WickedWeirdWitch: There was so much to get done for the party. Hardly any time left.Cake was finally in the oven. Door bell. Starters & main course delivered. She was in a big hurry and multi-tasking like hell. Single handedly she managed all.
The clock struck the magic hour. And she cooed to herself "Happy Birthday"!

From @TropicalAnda: Cigarette in one hand, drinks in another..Ogling every member of the opposite sex passing by. “Look at that hot bod!” exclaimed one. “Love to grab that fucking ass right now”, stomped another. Stubbing out the half burnt cigarette walks up to him, makes a move..“HI, I am Neha & she is Olivia”

From @SomyaSingh24: Sam and Ria, the newlyweds, came out of a fancy restaurant, holding hands, relishing the tender moments of matrimonial life. “Wanna grab a beer?” “Sure.” And they dumped their lavish dinner in the first waste bin that they saw and headed to the bar. The juvenile paupers across the street had a feast that night.

From @Gods_Evangelos: Hey check that chick, man she’s so hot. Just check her out yaar, where are you Ahmed? I don’t want to see any chick man, you enjoy and he gulped down the 10th bottle of beer. Are you okay? He asked. Yes I am fine and his heart said “Holy shit, What i have done?”

From @akshayabansal: "Should I?" He wondered. "She will be there, with him! Going alone isn't an option, it will seem like I'm still wallowing in pain. Isn't a party meant to be fun! Isn't love meant to be everlasting? Can't handle this trauma, so I sit at home, being evasive yet again."

From @ladyclonidine: Pink? No, too cute. Maybe green scoop- neck dress? Too slutty.
Definitely wearing the blue pumps. Hot! Can dance in them also, Sneha will be so jealous!Okay, black lace dress it is. Haha! Can't wait to see Sahil's face!I'm feeling... red lips, curls, chunky gold necklace....Shit! Don't have one. Can't wear this.

From @eternalscrewup: There was trash everywhere. Her house had graffiti strewn in every nook and corner. Her wandering eyes saw him across the hall. He had waited for the past few hours while she was busy managing guests at her party. He walked up to her, leaned in and kissed her. He left when their lips parted, for all he had wanted was to wish her.

From @Aawara_Mann: "Party at FarmHouse, far away from town, without parents consent. An adolescent, never ever drank, got his first opportunity, snaffled it.. Loud Music, Everyone fuddled, Calls neglected, Continuous calls from mom; 37 missed calls already.. He Forgot the World for Party, Mom forgot the World for him."

From @GaaliMan: “I’m going to be late.”, She said. It was her husband, waiting for her at home, with all her loved ones, to throw her surprise birthday party. She was driving back home, ashamed with what she had done, her promiscuousness, manifested into tears of guilt which befogged her vision. She wasn’t going back home.

From @sarcogenic: It was my best friend’s bachelorette party. Champagne, chocolates, lingerie. And the hottest stripper ever. Satin black shirt. Musky cologne. Broad shoulders. Sexy hips. Women drooled all over him. His eyes flirted with mine. He took my hand. And held me close. And that kids, is How I Really Met Your Father.

From @thebigdowg: Eight people, high on booze, were making enough noise to scare off the brave Spartans. We had waited for this moment for the longest time. Our dream was finally coming true, a dream that we shared with billion Indians. And then it happened, live on the big screen. "INDIA IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!"

From @April_Phool: He remembered her silvery milk teeth clicking together when he left for war. My fragile daughter...Now he lay bleeding through his armour, overhearing curses soldiers of his party shouted. One day before his impending win, they had attacked at night. As his soul encircled his body, He heard her sing a song of victory.

From @khatteemithi: A day when 'almost' everything went wrong! Missed the bus, tore my sandals, spilled coffee on boss - and a deadline looming that very day! Killer headache. Lungs screaming for nicotine! Sneaked out of work to buy a pack - Damn! no notes in my wallet! But then - something saved my day - tinkling 'chillar' party in my pocket!

From @islejazz: She was never a party person, but she was here for her best friend. The atmosphere of the disco was suffocating her. She made her way out. Outside the moon and stars were shining bright. This was what she loved. This was party for her. Amidst the twinkling stars and moon. This was pure bliss.

From @lady_shweta: "The first one in the family to go abroad for studies, i am so happy" Maithili's father said proudly. "This is just a welcome home party for her.. she completed her 1st year of college" Maithili's mom said. Maithili quietly wondered how will she tell her parents, that she has left the college.

From @ChhotaRecharge: Dressed to impress, she got into the car at her doorstep. Once inside the lavish hotel, she dissolved in the swarm of unfamiliar faces. Keen but not excited, cheery but not happy…she strolled through the crowd, meeting and greeting, waving and beaming…always on a lookout for prospective clients. Shyla’s daily routine, just another Page3 party!

From @SugarNSpice: It was in one of those rare diplomatic parties that she saw him first. He was everything that can be categorized as ‘uninteresting’. He was old, arrogant and superficial. He wore an enticing beautiful cloak hiding reality. Then fate twisted when a 55 year old man fell in love with a 20 year old girl.

From @sukhkarni: It was the day after the wedding. Guests galore, tired sleepless eyes all around. After the night-long celebrations, nobody was game for another bash, as 'they' came in, to perform. Their delirious dances were welcomed by raised eyebrows and cynical looks. Paid of well, 'they' blessed the couple and left. Life isn't a party for EUNUCHS.

From @freelosopher: "We had a plan! You know how many strings I had to pull to get you an entry there? If you don't get in today, it's the end of the holidays for all of us. Now listen carefully. There are two parties to this contract and I say I want the President dead. Tonight." The Vice-President hung up.

From @riddhiaswani: "Surrounded by a crowd of people, he stands alone. In a throng of pulsing beats and softly swaying bodies, his soul remains untouched by the splendor. He eyes the superficial connections and fake kisses with disdain. If we're all alone in a crowd,even when we're with someone- why do we risk our vulnerable heart?"

From @vagabondinact: It was his corner of the street, he was not willing to share, not this night of the year,when cheer was in air and not many bargained. He shooed the new kid away and occupied his spot. He barely heard the ticking over all the merriment around. The kid felt the tremors next block.

From @awsmbong: "A Saturday soiree. Two strangers at the bar exchanging clandestine glances. Ah, monsoons. Love. The delectation. At her place, they ended up. Love was a savage language that night. In the morning all that left was, a wad of cash on the dresser. She never got that breakfast. A Sunday brunch maybe. Now she sleep."

From @geeroo: A hundred whiplashes, a loud voice boomed. The whips were brought out. The noise of whip cracks filled the air. The skin of his back was starting to peel. Besides him two others were meted out a similar treatment. Their faces were glowing with pleasure. The masochist party was in full swing

From @rbd_sqrl: “My party. The one that I’ve planned for so long. And those bastards don’t even show. They couldn’t find time to call and cancel. Fuck them. I’m gonna have my own little party. Me and you. Now. Here love, have a glass. We are gonna get so drunk. But wait, what if they come ….”

From @whimsytales: One cannot imagine how sexy she looked in that little black dress, cherry lips and those curled tresses. She was the host today, she ought to stand out. Also, he'd be there soon, the life of the party in her party of life. She dressed up- only to make him want to undress her later.

From @CaptnJellyBelly: “Let’s get out of here.” He said to his now-official fiancĂ© at their engagement party. She looked at him in amazement and sarcastically asked him “Do you really want to leave the jarring music, psychedelic lights and annoying relatives?” He nodded and they downed 2 glasses of champagne each. Thus, began their dream journey.

From @Oven_Tikka: She sat in a crowded room, looking but not seeing, her vacant gaze making people uncomfortable. Her smile, innocent and childlike seemed incongruous, out of place on her lined face. Every once in a while she would nod and mumble something. There was a party going on in her head. And no one was invited.

From @Shwetasque: The Media was there . So were Scholars,Pickpockets and Beggars .The Police was on high alert .These were vulnerable times. The smoke of marijuana filled the air .The atmosphere was electrifying .The commoners waited curiously . The camera's flashed. "Har Har Gangey "The Nagas had arrived at the Mahakumbh .The party had only begun.

From @caramelwings: “Hey, what plans?”, “Just at a party”. “And you didn’t call me?”, “It’s private.”, “Whatever!” She hung up, angrily rushed home only to find him lying on the couch watching the match. “GOAL!!! Now THIS is what I call a party! Also, could you grab me another beer?”, “Ughh! Men!” she got him chips too.

From @purplebrains: The three devils of St. Andrews School. Brought up together, the three musketeers of mischief. Always wreaking havoc in the corridors of college; always living in the moment. Married for love, divorced for the money. Laid to rest under the same tombstone. Both life and death, was their idea of an exclusive party for three.

From @__l_____l__: He woke up after sleeping late working on a project. A Sunday morning. His busy life needed a break. His girlfriend, actually a friend with benefits arrived from Bombay. Surprise visit. They spent the whole day together in his flat. Old college friend visited in the evening. They drank, smoked, watched old college gathering videos.

From @ChoteyDilWallah: The party was on adrenaline. People drunk and getting drunk everywhere. She was following the woman around with her eyes the whole night long and now that everyone was leaving, the woman was coming her way. With her best seductive smile, she asked "Yes?" "Have you seen my husband? I can't seem to find him."

From @dinkypinkybrain: A hot day was reaching noon. Spying an open door he darted! Floppy ears fanning him, a panting tongue tasting humidity. Drunk on glee, he dived into messy mud. Tangoed with dirt. Served severed buds for brunch. Twister was played with printed paws and a blackened bottom. Cooling his belly, he had his garden party.

From @Itemboi: She wasn't to the manner born. There was nothing great about her. No red lipstick... No make-up. Yet, she was in demand. She let her love handles do the talking in those tight tops. Her days started in the night. Like a hawk she spotted her customers. "Aye chikne, mere andar party karega aaj raat?"

From @laalfirangi: “I will do it!” she said and unzipped, took it out, wiped it clean and placed it between her lips. I didn’t think she had it in her. But once she started blowing, I was shocked. Pleasantly shocked. I’d obviously underestimated her talent. I bet she had taken mouth organ classes. What a drunken party!

From @textuallyhorny: It was the success party of their company at a plush disc in SoBo! Happy & happening they were partners in both business & life. He left around midnight to an “important call” while she dialed someone and came back to her Merc. The bouncer got richer by ten grand “tip” that night! Nightlife!

From @nash711: 'Let us not talk for sometime' are all the words it unexpectedly took to end a bond that was not only a promising one but the best that had been. Ever. The memories created worsen the repercussions. It didn't have to be this way. But the crossroads are visible. If only we make it there.

From @OhTeri_ : She was new. She was beautiful too. The place was tempting. The glasses too. She came down with a group of friends; well, she knew only few!! Maybe, she thought, for the night they would do. Glasses of wine; oodles of fun. She forgot her past; that rape attempt. That party, made her LIVE again.

From @PeachBiscuit: It was going to be his first party at the penthouse. Picturing all the elegant ladies and gentlemen there had made him nervous. He rang the doorbell and the domestic answered. He entered and stood there, shocked. Through all the cigar smoke rings and naked children, he heard the host announcing: "Welcome to the party!"

From @probhaduri: The lights strobe but no one blinks. The Disembodied dance to an arcane beat. The wine flows but the lips are forever parched. It’s a full house but the doors stay open. This Party has been on for untold aeons. No one ever leaves it. And the music never stops. Because Death is the DJ.

From @sahilk: Dad’s not getting me a driver’s license until I’m in college. So getting a multiple-entry visa for Bahrain or Dubai is pointless and I can continue dreaming about the clubs over there. For now, our parties consist of shawarmas and Bebsi. Not sure if mentioning non-alcoholic beer instead of Bebsi makes us sound any cooler.

From @dushtumey: “She was looking at me through out the evening”, he thought to himself. “And I’m pretty sure she smiled too”, he blushed. He entered his room & headed straight to the mirror. “She finally noticed how handsome I am”, his reflection smiled back. Then, he saw the zipper in the mirror; gaping, teasing, and baring.

From @violinraindrops: The birds sang and her eyes struggled to open. Yuki lived alone these days but missed her dear ones. Especially today. She lit a candle in front of the idol. She was religious. Yuki wasn’t expecting much from today. At 6pm she returned home to find Kiyoshi waiting. “Happy Anniversary” he said with a smile.

From @sweetchillly: The Party began as she walks in. She grinned at his glance, sliding her fingers through her hair. He asked her out for a dance, led her on to dance floor, holding softly by the small of her back, neither too high,meant 'just be friends',nor too low, meant 'grab some ass'.Her husband sure was a Perfect Gentleman.

From @gauravjagwani: The chemistry was undeniable. ‘If we weren’t meant to be together, then why does it feel so good?’ These were the thoughts in her head that day. She finally found the one. This was it. Screams in her bedroom. Suddenly, a knock on the door. Dildo in off mode. The party in her pants concluded.

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