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Theme 26 - The Cafe/The Coffee Shop

From @gauravjagwani: I asked her out for drinks and dinner. She said she rather did coffee. We went for coffee the following day. She didn’t order anything. I told her that it was her idea. ‘I rather do drinks and dinner, instead.’ I ordered a sandwich and a mocktail. ‘You’re just not my cup of tea.’

From @ghaatidancer: She went to the cafe every evening. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or partners. Sometimes with a book, sometimes a journal, in which she would write furiously. The servers knew her by name and always reserved the table by the window for her. One day, they weren't there. It didn't feel like home anymore.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: Prakash saw him sit there every single day for the last four years. A book in hand, an untouched cup of black coffee. Every single day. He wondered what his story was. But more than that, he wondered if he’d ever get the courage to tell him that HE was his story. Prakash’s story.

From @_wbrodrigues : He sat there, with the teacup. He waited for this day for the past 4 years. “Now I can get some closure” he said to himself. Here it was where the memory first was reality. She walked in, smiled, followed by her son. He said to him “Here, I met your mom”

From @RealFartShady: "How did you do in Finance class today?" "Met a cute guy, gave him my number." "Ok but did you learn anything?" "I learnt where he’ll be this evening, Starbucks coffee." "Oh God of Hope! Did you learn anything about the subject?" "I did. I can make him pay for coffee!" "You’re a genius, daughter."

From @anushreekejriwa: Sitting amidst the hills in a quaint cafe we share a cup of coffee. His piercing eyes make me shiver; the ambiance of the cafe is a perfect backdrop to the brewing story. We talk to our hearts content until the tray trotter pokes me and asks me to leave. What a perfect dream.

From @SahilBulla: Espresso Talks: A blast of myriad scents and sounds hit her as she entered the coffee shop. Jonathan smiled and watched her pretty features relaxed and her lips parted to speak. She said nothing. His eyes gently observing the minute gestures her hands created. In a place of conversation, he loved the sound of silence.

From @nishant_kaushik: The guard at the café requested a customer to clear the restricted parking space. The unyielding customer mocked the guard for his petty insistence. His ego injured, the guard recalled a discourse about sincerity reaping dividends. He stood in the heat watching the customer sip on his smoothie, realizing his credo had wronged him.

From @TheOtherBanana: At exactly 7, she’d saunter in and order an Irish Coffee. She’d take the same seat by the window, every single time. She’d read, or look out the window. Sometimes, she’d just sit there, trying to freeze a moment that was so desperately trying to run its course. But she would never drink that coffee.

From @Gods_Evangelos: That moment we were stuck staring in to each other’s eyes. It felt like nobody around was moving, the cupid had was flying around us. We could feel it that we were made for each other and this is the final destination. But everything failed between us but that café still runs successfully till date.

From @kaloladeep: Love on Net. She sat on the table, awaiting her perfect match, pretty in red. When he arrived their eyes met across the crowded Coffee Shop. As he sauntered over to her, his smile quickly faded. "You told me you looked like Brad Pitt", She said. "You told me your were a woman!", he retorted.

From @Kneeche: That smile, that waving. She spoke to him about her craving. She knew she would pay for what she was about to do....He promised he would give her all she wanted. She replied "Thank You!” playfully taunting. She said to her friend, "I've ordered the chicken" as the waiter disappeared into the cafe's kitchen

From @IndianIdle: He was the star of the coffee community in the city full of the posh cafes. But little everyone knew that once in a while he skipped those chains to go to a secret place. To enjoy the sips of his favourite 'masala chai' of the tea shop where he worked as child.

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: There was a time when I was the symbol of class, of good food, of someone with taste, of good times and a part of your memories. However, as I grew older, younger and smarter kids took over. There were 300+ of me once and now barely 20 odd - Your friendly neighborhood Irani Café.

From @roshd: Karishma strode into The Café wearing a tight top and skirt, looking hot. As she walked by, Jai, wearing his designer shades, exclaimed “Bvlgari Omnia spicy perfume. Sexy skirt too!” “Wow! You are good”, she said and took a seat across the room. She didn’t see him leave using his white-foldable cane to guide him.

From @QuratZafar: The city's best cafe is situated right there in the once forbidden part of city: the part where prostitutes reside. As the owner tells the new customers that the seats are filled, he smiles to himself recalling those people who told him that for a bastard, the doors of the society would forever be closed.

From @sumitrai100: Last day of college, last cup of coffee. At this coffee shop he had spent his classes, ragged, got ragged, fell in love, broke-up and fell in love again. Deep-down, a sense of gratitude surged within him, choking his throat. He crushed the cup, threw it, paused and picked it up to remember this place.

From @wekneweachother: He took her on their first coffee date. He was 32. She, 5. “Dad, where are we going?” “A café, love.” He asked her what she wanted to have. She was puzzled. “You can have muffins, pancakes, or hot chocolate?” “Hot chocolate? Please?” “Just that?” “I like it.” “Okay, love.” He fell in love again.

From @OhTeri_: Life would change soon. Arranged marriage. She loved her dreams, finally living it. She loved coffee. "One black coffee, please !", and she looked towards the voice. Mesmerised. Love at first sight. She waited for the next few days on the same bench. All in vain. MARRIAGE. Kids. But, the heart was gone; pain remained.

From @khatteemithi: Kolkata. Coffee house. The old greying waiter stared at the table. Utpal, Aparna, Manna, Satyajit cooing over Ritwik’s latest script. 5 cups of coffee. The usual 12 anna “bakshish” from Aparna di. His cataract-brazen eyes scrunched up, trying to brace reality. Only now it’s Vicky, Pri, Rahul, Sheena, Roy discussing the latest trend setter #bikinipandey.

From @Marwaari: Jolly Parties. Surprises. Laughter. Happy Couples. Loneliness. Secrecy. Anger. Diplomacy. Proposals. Happiness. Heart Breaks. Gossip Mongers. Silent Observers. Educated Fools. Avid Readers. Hyper Girlfriends. Emotional Boyfriends. Best Friends. Crush. Love. I see all these emotions , Everyday. None I can ever enjoy off. Yours truly, The orphan opposite The Coffee Shop.

From @cheesewiththat: He walked in a beaming smile, winked at the waitress who blushed by. It’s a date she had said; I’ll meet you at 5..At that place you know I love, and deeply admire. Past 6 in his watch now, his smile had vanished to zero. She was at Esquires and him at Café Nero..

From @Sanch_N: The coffee shop down her block was her sanctuary. She often joked it was the only place she could think straight. One rainy afternoon, she looked up from her laptop and saw him enter through the door. Drenched. He looked at her and smiled. She knew she had found her soul mate.

From @labellagorda: “Would you like another cup of coffee ma’am?” he asked, jolting her out of her reverie. She glanced at the door once more before nodding “Yes” to him. This scene was not new to him. That’s how his café made money; selling hope in the form of legally allowed addictive in tiny yellowed ceramic cups.

From @sshweta93: Raghav was anxious, but hopeful. He ordered her favourite, Chococcino. Sipping her coffee, she looked around helplessly. A glint of doubt in her eyes. He could see her making an earnest effort. Reaching for her hand, he smiled. ''This is where we first met.'', he said. She responded with a nod. She couldn't remember.

From @featheringhigh: He loved coming to this place. Everyone was always so happy, so full of life, eating and laughing, no care in the world. He never wished to be a part of it though. No, his tiny hands only begged for some food maybe a rupee if they could spare it. Yes, he liked coming here.

From @milapthakrar: Ek ladka tha deewana sa ,jo roz Coffee Shop jata tha just to see the waitress whom he loved ... Vaha jaake kehta tha yeh Coffee kaise banti hai-2 ... Aur roj vo ladki uss ladke ko Coffee bannane ka tarrika battati thi and aaj Vo Ladkaa CCD ka maalik hai ... :)

From @irrationalnumb: He owned the city’s most famous cafe. “What makes our coffee addictive?” his son asked. “It’s Mrs. Chatterjee”. The old woman had served him for 29 years. “She mixes her tears in every cup”. “Dad, she will die soon. How will we manage then”? “Don’t worry, world will never be devoid of tears”, he grinned.

From @drun007: Smell of freshly brewed coffee. Tobacco in the air. The day's chatter and gossip. Music filling the non-existent silence. Men, women and kids sipping their beverage with a snack. Hustle and bustle of the businesses around. A board on the bark of the banyan tree read : 'Velmurugan Tea Stall'. Puliyur's exclusive coffee shop.

From @ToobaFazlani: Funk's Café was where they first met. Where their love bloomed. The first day he stepped into the new cafe in the locality, he saw her sitting by the window, engrossed in her book. Soon, they fell in love. Today, after 5 years he was here, alone. The nerd he loved was getting married tonight.

From @The_Lie_Lama: Shikha's husband loved the coffee there, but could never visit the café at the next cross because Shikha didn't like it there. Sigh, marriage changes everything. Just a couple of months back Shikha was planning to elope with Anil who ran that café. Sure, marriage changes everything!

From @Itemboi: I host a lot of strugglers. Budding filmmakers write their scripts and starlets come for their ‘appointments’. I can write a thesis on relationships. From the first dates to the nasty breakups; I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen friendships brew and spill over coffee beans. Loners come home to me. It’s me and their space.

From @SugarsNSpice: The buzzing crowd of the place seemed a reverie. Rhymes intermeshed with tales in scribbled words. Silence of the music cubicle smelled of papers, filling beauty in the air. Smiling at the serenity of the sea, I rushed to sprinkle some cinnamon flakes. A dream was a reality. Book café congratulated the chef in me.

From @iamafairytale: I was as usual late, they were waiting at the coffee shop, and it was our first tweet-up. I was a little nervous and excited. We met. They welcomed me with a smile, enough to express be comfortable. I was silly and stupid but they gave me the best memories to cherish forever.

From @captain_speakin: He sat alone having a beer at the café by the crossroads. He had finally decided to go ahead with it. He was there to make a deal with the devil, selling his soul to be rich, so she could be happy and fall in love with him. In that moment it all seemed worthwhile.

From @Freelosopher: Old Jack had been shuffling into the same coffee shop every morning at eight am since the past fifteen years. A creature of habit, he'd order one cup of tea with two slices of bread. That morning, to the utter amazement of everyone present, he ordered coffee. He had met his son after fifteen years.

From @parekhit: I wish I could talk to you all. Tell you how much I love to see you talking endlessly, sharing sorrows, joys, victory, and failure. I wish I could cry with you all, when you come here to let each other know that you need to part. Unfortunately, I can't. I am just a cafe.

From @caramelwings: 15th July. It was his birthday. And this was their ritual. Every time they would end up at this coffee shop where they met on the day they started going out. A small kiss happened, and she walked to the restroom. Soon, he followed. Making out in the Café bathroom was their annual birthday ritual!

From @narinderkapur: He looked up and surveyed the scene in front of him. A poet humming (in ababccxyz patterns) to his left. Two screenwriters [Ext: Screenwriters sipping coffee] on his right, and another author on the other side. This is wasn’t a coffee shop, he mused, taking another sip of his Darjeeling Delight. This was a mirror.

From @BoozeSexSundry:We intertwine in each other like cocoa to make coffee and give away an aroma that enchants all. He kissed her goodbye and left her smiling. She was overflowing with love. She saw a woman in her forties crying. She approached her. 'You're beautiful' she said. 'Let's talk over a coffee.'

From @ChicnManiac: I’m there where I wanted to be. I’m rich and famous. I’ve become who I wanted to be... At a cost. While I live in 5 stars; while I drive my Lamborghini; while I dance at the parties; while I face the media, I miss the person laughing with her friends at the coffee shop.

From @AbhiandNow: The bullets were whizzing past his silhouette, while he sipped the piping hot coffee. Those fatal bits of metal already conquered three lives as the blissful fragrance entangled him in the most beautiful of thoughts. The café was under a terrorist attack, but that coffee had already taken him beyond the realms of this world.

From @thebongbabe: She was worried. He had never been this late before. Everyone always said you could set your watch by him. Plus he loved his Sunday morning dates with her. He had to turn up. And so the corner seat in that small café waited for her 70 year-old companion. She never heard about the heart-attack.

From @VijCheers: A tumultuous downpour. Four scattered strangers waiting for Kalka express. The local chotu selling his coffee in the chilly weather. ‘Chotu ek idhar’, all four shouted. Soon four of them were sitting together, dipping Parle-G in the local coffee-cum-chai. He pulled his guitar and she started humming without inhibition. Welcome to Chotu’s Chhotasa cafe.

From @sahilk: Because of these Americans, new things keep coming to the country. If Starbucks hadn’t started here, we’d be happy spending five riyals on a shawarma and a Bebsi. That’s called a meal. A cup of latte for the same price is no meal. Guess it’s the Redbull for working professionals. Seven litres of petrol.

From @kunalbaidmehta: I finally got the collage ready. Choosing the best ones from the lot was quite easy. The day I held her hand for the first time, my first appraisal, and meeting her parents to ask for her hand. Yes, these three formed a perfect collage of the memories that I had collected at various cafes.

From @EatTweetBlog: Sitting in a corner inside an expensive coffee shop, Shilpa felt petty in her shabby looking salwar-kameez and her oily hair, intimidated by the girls around, in branded clothes, giving her mean looks and laughing at her. Suresh sensed it, took her hand in his hands and said, "Red makes you look even more beautiful."

From @Adrenalyst: After years of hesitation, he made that call, one she waited each day for. Today, there was hope again. Their divorce was an extremely painful one, justified only by the undying love there was before. Today, they met here again. Theirs was just another. Each table had a different story to tell. -Café Leopold, 26-Nov-2008.

From @TheGhostWriterr: Life is full of surprises & a lot can happen over a coffee. I met her in the same café when my ex broke off with me. A year later, we sat in the same place as I slipped her a Bracelet & confessed my love. Kids, & that’s how I met your Mother.

From @jhanvidhawan: I remember sitting with him here, when he secretly held my hand on our family’s approval for our wedding. Now, after thirty long years time has recreated the same atmosphere. Just, that our families have been replaced by our lawyers. We both call it off at the same place where it all started, the café.

From @baavri: He kept staring at me, unrelenting, that beautiful man. I was not interested. I wondered what caught his fancy. The coffee on his table lay untouched. I stole glances. He got up and started to move towards me. He moved past me. I turned and saw him hugging and kissing the guy sitting behind me.

From @thebigdowg: Most cafes, full of the lovey-dovey teenagers, make me puke. But then, there is one place which is different. A recent discovery, it puts me at peace. The Underground Coffee Society. People here make this joint special. The only place where you can bring your own booze. UCS is home. P.S. I hate coffee.

From @pbkulkarni: Both were sitting in front of a counselor, discussing their marriage, the difficulties and ultimately the option of divorce. The counselor asked them to write down the answers to his 3 questions. Both gave the same answers for two of them - "The Coffee Shop". And the counselor got the key to save the marriage.

From @iPurpilicious: They met at the cafe. "Sugar?" "One." While stirring the cup of coffee, she captured his attention with her perfectly almond shaped eyes & sensual lips. She grazed her heel against his legs & flirted deviously. As soon as he finished his cup of coffee, he started coughing blood. She smirked & said, ''More sugar?''

From @Baba_Bakwaas: She still visited his favourite coffee shop, praying the lord that this time, he’s late. But unlike those times, he wouldn’t. She waited there for hours, for the miracle to happen, but like always, it didn’t. She left with a pain in her heart and tear in her eye as the attendants bid her goodbye.

From @SomyaSingh24: She would sit there everyday for hours, lost in thoughts, playing with the sole ring she wore. One day, while passing by her table, I spotted her ring and picked it up. When she came to the café next evening, I approached her with her ring in my hand. “Yes, I will marry you.”

From @whimsytales: They first met at the local cafe and hoped for the best. Eyes met, conversations flowed, and doubts were put to rest. She said, "Meet me at the club tonight, and we'll see what we can do". For a lot cannot happen over just coffee, you need a little vodka too.

From @jaaachudail: Strutting and inconsistent, he walked back home from the rick. A night of immense fun, but of immense sin too. He thought of the hangover, tomorrow morning. And then, a black translucent liquid engulfed him in. Coffee, what'd I have done without you?

From @tanyachopra08: Oh My!!! He's is so cute!!! Her girlfriends giggled, Ryna pretended, still craved for his attention. 4 days- similar act. Then!! All she knew was, her eyes longed to see him. With every cup of coffee, she had a dejabrew -a feeling she's had this coffee before. But HE no longer visited that coffee shop.

From @tunnvi: So many pretentious orders today she complained to him, “A nonfat no foam decaf latte with a shot of sugar free vanilla!” “How about an empty cup instead, because you don’t want caffeine, flavor, or anything else that makes a latte good”, he laughed it off. They had fallen it love at the same café.

From @theslumdawg: Before visiting a Cafe, I use to think "Yaar, Yeh bada mehenga lagta hai! Bade log yaha Laptop lekar meeting karte hai." After visiting a Cafe I came to know, "People go there to kill the time because, They get FREE Wi-Fi!" And I'm sure, People who LOVE Coffee visit Cafe's rarely."

From @Life_ambiguous: They sat for hours together, talking, blushing, dreaming; left together holding hands. They sat for hours discussing, planning, calculating; shook hands and left. They sat for hours laughing, teasing, sharing and left, all on different paths. They sat on the same table, but felt they were too apart; left in silence. Connecting them- The cafe.

From @lady_shweta: Lingering aroma of coffee, At a south Indian coffee house or a plush cafe, Exchanging life notes sometimes through paper napkins or through eyes, Conversations with self & conversation with others, Memories engraved in heart, Sometimes I feel that life is a cafe too.

From @akshayabansal: Dwarfed by tall buildings on either side, this quaint coffee shop was a treat for sore eyes. Rattan chairs dotted the floor; their almond cheesecake was to die for. Coffee and conversations were on everyone's mind and time slowed down once you were inside. Their warm smiles always had you coming back for more.

From @nicarus: He had loved her since he saw her. Her smooth brown skin had glistened in the morning sun. They grew up close, transformed, travelled together yet there was this unfathomable distance, until today. They shared a cup and freely embraced, until that pair of waiting lips swallowed them. Their fatal date in the coffee shop.

From @_Nehu: Blind Date: "How would I identify you?""I'm wearing white shirt and blue jeans,sitting in corner table of CCD".She was late asusual, found him. A formal handshake and the order "Cappuccino" both said at same time. Apart from their choices, their interests, opinions everything matches. Few months later She marries him.

From @nimue_: Every morning, on way to work, she would pass that cafe. Every time, she would look for him. Days she noticed him, were the only ones she had coffee there. Everyone at the cafe knew it.

From @RadhikaMohanDas: Gaurav watched Meera from behind the cash counter, as Beanie’s was about to host yet another date. She kept resetting her hair as she waited with an expectant smile and a steaming cup of coffee. 3 hours later, he heard a crash as her hand accidently hit the cup and she woke up alone. Again.

From @abstractions_: The corner table was occupied by them. He: Are you sure? She: Yes, it should end here. Within seconds the chairs were empty and paid bill was lying on the table with unused cappuccinos. Two shadows were walking on the same road in opposite direction under the street lights. The dusk had turned into night.

From @KonfusedKhopadi: A couple was fighting , a worried girl simultaneously looking at the watch and door, another couple where the boy was constantly eying another girl . Waiting for his best friend he observed this and kept back the love letter he had written for her. He thought “lot can happen over a coffee".

From @Ajinkye: I was tired while leaving office. "Let's have a coffee!" He said. I nodded. Next day again, he took me to the same cafe. It continued for another 2-3 days. I wondered why he visited same place everyday! "I wanna be a mayor." He said. "What?" I asked. "On foursquare." He replied, like a boss.

From @_abeyaar_: I'd been here yesterday—here in this coffee shop, with my girl right next to me, spending hours with her. Felt priceless. Today, Here I am again: secretly downing my second cappuccino—sitting in the kitchen—chick-watching from the window when the café manager—my new boss—is away, feeling penniless.

From @dinkypinkybrain: The coffee bar was a portable blue cart on abandoned railway tracks. A shady tree conditioned the air. Cold coffee? The brew, you parted your lips and blew strongly into. A space that brought us, kept us together. There we dreamed about the mundane and the extraordinary. About freedom and choice. Cravings and coffee.

From @BreezyBeer: Getting together on holidays. Accumulating bucks for the expensive chocolate cake. Singing a song, together and lovely, as embarrassing as possible. Cutting cake, like small children. Throwing it at each other and depositing on faces of all mates. Brown, sticky face, messed up cafe and angry manager. That's how we celebrate birthdays.

From @bitchwanti: The beans roasted, the perfume enticed. In hot milk it swirled and wafted on the air, caressing, spreading warmth, beckoning the tired souls. Across the coffee skinned boy sat on the street, watching the comings and goings, hoping he would polish enough shoes to earn the mysterious drink someday.

From @catpricious: Sitting alone at the coffee shop, she made quiet a sight. High-heeled shoes, laptop, lipstick stained cigarette butts in the ash tray, even a book on the chair. A little girl passed her table holding her mother's hand, taking it all in. Yep, she said, she'd finally made it. From that little girl to superwoman.

From @KingoFlames: I suppose I've seen her before. Highly possible, since I work at the coffee-house. She was looking tensed. But, her eyes were so appealing. A man comes and sits into the adjacent seat. A few moments of silence. "I'm pregnant." The guy walked out. As they say, "A lot can happen over a coffee."

From @SavioJoseph: Everyone wants their time. This busy world makes it even tougher to get that. Since a few of years I fight and get that time for me at least once in two weeks. It’s that one coffee shop I go to. Sit with my Grande mug of coffee and smoke. It’s just me and I.

From @sohamsabnis: Why Costa? GREAT coffee – Super PLACE – Awesome CONVERSATIONS – Excellent place for MEETINGS – Good staff – AMAZING creative vibes – On my way – Cool Stop-by – *PEACE*

From @Pomegranatee: It was a warm lazy Sunday afternoon. She sat on her side of the bed. Naked. A empty bottle of Jack Daniels they finished last night lying around. She loved how the white satin sheets felt against her soft skin. ‘Coffee’s ready ', said her lover. Her own private Barista in her own private little cafe.

From @ShivangiYadav: Burnt-out at 35, she rediscovered herself in kitchen. She chopped, churned and brewed, new dreams germinated. Quaint Cafe, her baby, gained repute for its special blend. 5 years later as she signed the contract to take Quaint national, she wondered if this was the right time to tell everyone that she had always hated coffee.

From @ramyadelhi: They went to an Austrian café. Glanced at the menu- ordered what seemed like the simplest choice- ‘café-klein’. They need more sugar-in the relationship and the coffee. They pick up a shaker from the table and add. Another sip-yuck. The sweetness is lost, it was salt. The blame game starts and the bitterness prevails!

From Sneha Madinur: The allegory ‘if you are not poor, you are rich’, made him rich, but couldn’t afford a coffee at the Café, next to which was his stall. He did earn more than 28 Rupees a day! Sitting under a tattered umbrella, which once screamed the cafes’ name, he would look at all the titter inside.

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