Saturday, March 24, 2012

Theme 29 - Hotel

From @TheOtherBanana: Alone. All she wanted was a quiet, dark hotel room to lick her wounds in, but she had nowhere to go. She had no money, belongings, nothing she could barter in exchange for a little roof overhead. He spotted her then. Features twisting in an ugly grin, he knew he had found his prey tonight.

From @AbhiAndNow: A boy was celebrating his 10th birthday. 57-year-old man was marrying for the fourth time. The waiter was busy fornicating with the receptionist. The manager was pleading an industrialist’s daughter planning to sue them. The master chef prepared a dish containing the mistakenly chopped nail, when he entered the hotel with a suitcase-carrying time bomb.

From @OB_Noxious: They met at the hotel. She was waiting for her husband. He was with his mistress. When their eyes met, she couldn't resist. Resist thinking of leaving her husband. She knew it was time. To move on. They met at the hotel. She was waiting for her husband. And her husband was there with his mistress.

From @OyeShake: She looked at me from across the lobby. I couldn’t help but smile. She glided across the floor towards me almost like an angel. She put her hand on my knee and spoke softly, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” I cried, “Your last few days of life in father’s hotel? Not with your son?”

From @wekneweachother: He was an orphan. US-Mexico border. Tension. The Master took the orphan on a week’s holiday. Hotel Sunshine in Texas. Cheap. Bright neon lights shone at the entrance gate. The room looked shady. The Master said, “The war won’t end. You must learn to use the guns. You’ll kill tonight. First target at the border.”

From @sumitrai100: It was her 7th birthday. She was dining with her parents at Taj Hotel. Today she was alone. Two smiling faces before her teary eyes. A huge silence at Taj. This was the place where her childhood died, her parents died, her birthday died. Never again in her life she would ever celebrate her birthday.

From @TropicalAnda: “You have to stay in a hotel for few days with Watson” “Why?” “It’s DANGEROUS FOR YOU here Mrs. Hudson” raising his voice now. “Some very bad people are after me, my investigation exposed them”. “No SHIT Sherlock!” she exclaimed walking down Baker Street. An hour later Sherlock Holmes opened the door to Irene Adler.

From @IndianIdle: People knew Rohan went into that hotel. He was a CEO of a fortune listed company. Always busy, always in the chaos, always surrounded by people. Some said he went for sex, some said drugs deal. But no one knew he went there to paint. To find peace in the empty space.

From @Marwaari: Family of ten, just one room. They called it home. They shared their happiness, their sorrow, their every achievement and every failure. But, something was amiss, the privacy for the newly wed. Passion had taken its toll; all they wanted was a fair priced secluded hotel for this night.

From @GauravJagwani: A different woman by his side every day at the hotel. At night he always had the same one. He made sure of that. This was his life. Not very secretive. At the same time, not very open. That day, he wanted to be with his ‘night’ girl. So, he stayed home with his wife.

From @LadyClonidine: Room 505. He comfortably settled into the chair, pen and paper on the ancient oak-desk. His friend would be here anytime. A cold draft suddenly filled the room. His spine tingled, goosebumps erupted, eyes rolled back. His mind split into two, where he retreated to the back. 'He' picked up the pen and started writing

From @vivekisms: He came once again to the hotel bar. The drinks were cheaper. He knew the bar-tender. Jack did not even know her. Nothing struck him more than when he saw her behind the counter serving drinks. She would not know. He listened to the music she liked and mourned her like a lover might.

From @mizarcle: People come and people go. It is a place of wonder and care. Where every need is taken care of. There is room service and there are spas. There is the concierge and the maitre d’. It was the place he grew up in. Riches didn’t matter if you had no place to call home.

From @shawnlewis: The drawers were all empty. The lights barely came on. As I walked I could sense the partial dampness within the thick wool like carpet that is sold at the 99cent store. It led me to the corner cupboard. I struggled, but it opened and just then there was a knock on my hotel door.

From @roshd: Two days to Radhika’s wedding. Ex, though married, was blackmailing her. Mohan was cool. “Ask him to meet you at hotel Grand Room No.104 tonight.” He called next morning, “Ex agreed. In return I promised not to show the photos I had to his wife and kids.” Mohan could do magic digitally with pictures.

From @ThWanderingSoul: She strode in her stilettos like she owned the place. 'No one dumps me', she fumed. She didn't bother to talk to the receptionist She already knew where he was and with whom. Or so she thought. She banged the door open. He was in the bed, naked. With another man.

From @ramyadelhi: The happy newly-weds. The old retired couples. The reunion gangs. The noisy naughty children. The crooks. The escorts. The businessmen. People here for work. People here for pleasure. People here for solitude. The multitude of people- I have seen them all– The man who opens the door to THE Hotel!

From @rbd_sqrl: “Any messages for Margaret Mitchell”, she asked the reception. The girl behind the desk nodded in the negative. She signed and walked back to the room. Her manuscript lay on the bed ready to be published. Her wait was not to end. “A few days more “, she thought as she patted her brain child.

From @kaloladeep: Roaring like that of a jet engine, accompanied by violent shaking of the bed and hotel room awoke her at Midnight. Earthquake! It continued for several minutes. With heart pounding, she couldn't go back to sleep. Her thoughts were like, "I must sleep or I will have bags under my eyes in the wedding photos.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: Late shifts. Insomnia. Chronic backaches. Dark circles. Make-up hiding the ‘imperfections’. Unwashed uniforms. Tired looks. Hungry stomachs. Even more tired bodies. High heels cutting into their feet. A pay cheque worth half the work done. Fake smiles. Great hospitality. Great feedback. More late shifts. Welcome to a day in the life of an hotelier.

From @RealFartShady: The people who lived in what was idiomatically known as the Mutants of 31st street Holiday Inn were pained spirits. They were annoying, they ate their toenails, they performed their 'Yes, thank you' and 'No, thank you' with hand signs, but never with their eyes. They were on loose now, but never saved.

From @ChhotaRecharge: "Room 1808" the sms read. It was their wedding anniversary. "I'll get her flowers on my way back" he decided. He knew his wife had extravagant plans. What he didn't know was that his dearest wife had read the message too. That night, he had two women waiting for him in the same hotel room.

From @akshayabansal: A dozen pillows, a couple of duvets, lots of laughs and boxes full of chocolates. Torches in hand, tottering along the wooden floor, they determined to erect the most grandest structure. A soft knock on the 'door' brought them cookies and milk. But their mother couldn't step inside because this hotel was only for kids.

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was past 2 am and the party ended abruptly. Neighbours had complained and police had landed at the door. People started leaving reluctantly when suddenly the speakers started blaring ‘Hotel California’. Saif wanted to have the last word as this was his success party and Chhote Nawab did it in style before getting arrested.

From @Ad_Coelum: "The wrong room in the squalid hotel in the unspoken part of town. A forty year old woman. An eighteen year old boy. Silence hangs heavily amidst the tobacco mist. Assumptions brew. Fear and desire sulk in the afterglow of neon beams. With bated breaths they wait for the professional to make the first move."

From @cheesewiththat: He checked in, tired and queasy. Welcome to Trident Sir, said the receptionist. I’d like a seaside view please, and a do not disturb sign. Sure thing Mr. Barrington said the receptionist. The excited bellhop rushed in, eager to carry his suitcase. Bullets ricocheted left and right. These were to be their last words.

From @proudlyabsurd: He felt her near him, he longed for her touch. He woke up in a pool of sweat. He was tired of looking, of being lonely. This had happened every night for the last eighteen years. His only love, his wife was dead and this was just another hotel room. He longed to be home.

From @_Nehu: Her profession: every night new client, new hotel. Today as she proceeds to the hotel room, the door was open. He shouts: “Come-in, I am taking a shower, you undress yourself.” From behind he grabs her naked body and then a sheer silence. Next day: A brother and sister committed suicide in hotel.

From @pbkulkarni: She read the words "Country Motel" and her hands clutched the purse real tightly. Heart started pacing, beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. She asked him in deep voice, "You said HOTEL, not MOTEL". He didn't show any expression. She understood this relation isn't going to be a long term, like she had thought.

From @drun007: Shiv's eighth week at the Hampton Inn. Smelling of cologne and dressed in his best clothes, he dialed housekeeping impatiently. "Has Garcia come in yet?" Disappointment in the eyes. Knock, knock..... There stood 65 year old Garcia with flowers and a homemade cake. 'Happy 24th birthday, mi son'. Shiv dint miss home anymore.

From @ghaatidancer: His favourite film was 'The Lion King'. His favourite scene, the one where Mufasa shows Simba his kingdom and promises it to him. Ali asked his father, "What will be mine in years to come?" His father swept his hand around the little, run-down hotel they owned. "This." Ali's chest swelled with pride.

From @ritukarthik: She couldn’t wait to get home, toss away her high heels and sink into bed. She suddenly remembered they had friends coming over and she had forgotten to call home. Things needed to be perfect. The party, hosts and she the perfect wife. She dialed home. Click, The Armani Hotel. How may I help you?

From @Gods_Evangelos: It was an average room. Dust everywhere, it had to be cleaned. I was just watching that ticking clock up there. Two hours later, “Tring Tring, Hello” I said. Sir you have a visitor, should I send her up? Butterflies in my stomach danced. The first meet finally, we hugged on the door for eternity.

From @floydianbrahman: Justin had checked into a hotel for the first time and was utterly confused. He calls the concierge:

J: "How do I exit this room?"
C: "Sir? Use the door!"
J: "Which one? There's one to the bathroom and cupboard. There's a third that I haven't tried. It has a 'Do not disturb' sign hanging.

From @mental_Aunty: Food-his life, spices-oxygen, pleasing people-necessity. For what? To be ridiculed by the owner, hotel staff, to hate his passion for food? His degree from The Cordon Bleu? Sinking into the abyss of his failure, he sipped wine as he watched the food go out. It had a special ingredient tonight, Rat Poison.

From @MinolAjekar: Radio One played Hotel California and took Rashmi back to her first love Abhijeet, with his black Megadeath t-shirt and long curly hair. His guitar and his voice surrounded by the usual gaggle of giggly girls. Ashish to her right, crew cut, polos and a CA. Life changes like songs on a radio station’s playlist!

From @whimsytales: Room 454, still fresh in his mind. The smell, the furniture, the crisp sheets of white. He also remembers her moans, her screams. That pretty black lace on her dress's seams. How that sheet turned red just when the clock struck two! This is where it all began. But this was the full stop too.

From @tunnvi: “This is it!” she put the book down and stormed. He didn’t know what was wrong. He asked her all day but she never spoke a word. At night while lying on the couch he picked up the same book, it read “Best hotels all over the world”. They had never been on a honeymoon.

From @anushreekejriwa: They play in the park beside the hotel. They see their counterparts playing with gizmos and talking about the latest trends, while they play hopscotch and marbles. They want to enter the hotel, interact with them but are thrown out by the guard. With an innocent wish they hope to see their children there.

From @irrationalnumb: The couple was crushed to death by the huge chandelier that crashed down on their bed. It was the 5th tragedy in that hotel. They all occurred on the same floor. “Humans! Morons! They skipped me when putting the numbers up and thought they punched a hole in the number line“, 13 laughed out loud.

From @Dedhshaani: She cleaned the blood on the knife on her brassier and hooked it around her bosom. He was lying on the bed, lifeless. She got into her clothes and put the weapon in her hand-bag. It was 3 am by the clock behind the sleeping receptionist's desk as she walked out of Hotel Comfort Inn.

From @awsmbong: A beautiful evening. The Ritz, Paris. Kate arrived in a luscious red gown. William is nervous. On one knee, he popped “the question” at dinner. Right across was, Diana and Dodi. Having a meal. Much to William’s surprise. She asked little Kate, “are you pregnant, honey?” Catherine Middleton’s first encounter with the mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

From @Oven_Tikka: The first time he saw a hotel he’d thought it was a palace. He’d even thought that the moustached doorman was king, seeing his turban. How scared he was to touch anything for fear of leaving a fingerprint. Ironic. Because 50 years later he was still polishing door handles. Only this time he was moustached.

From @lady_shweta: I checked into Tokyo Hotel. For the umpteenth time, for the same reason to give into someone and to lose myself dissolving into long spells of despair. And I still don't understand why my being in love always made me land up in hotel rooms. Love me, don't lust for me.

From @SALIGIAsinner: Friday’s are usually busiest. But on Saturdays she is hired for her exquisite tricks and hence earned more income. It all paid off and all she needed was one “big” client. One well executed night and fly to LA, live the dream. She checked the camera and waited in her favorite room in “The Plaza.”

From @SugarsNSpice: I stood still watching the grandiose of you. Magniloquent you are, for decades, even in lost shines. New tales are written daily, defined by Love or Lust, Fights or smiles, Loneliness or selfishness. Some make it home, some pass a fleeting moment. It lovingly welcomes all. He is ‘Hotel Grand’.

From @RootKanal: Reception? Any calls for me while i was gone? Its been days since my wife called. Doesn't seem like she misses me anymore. No one seems to. Not even you. You were here that night, weren't you? You remember the crimson flood and the blank stare. Is the line clear? Do you hear me? Reception?

From @bitchwanti: The strings were taut. Shayoni's stark green nails glowed against its rich wooden neck. Hair fell forward on a sweaty forehead, the lips curled into a slow smile as the haunting notes of 'hotel california' rang in the silence of her backyard.

From @narinderkapur: Hotels were the biggest reminder of the fact that he was not at home. There was something strange, almost surgical about the crisp bed sheets and the always full bottles of water. It was not home.

From @ChicNManiac: She'd been to all the luxury hotels in the city. A new one, every Saturday night. "I think he really loves me! Why else would he take me to such expensive places?" Just when she thought she was the one for him, her little dream was crushed by the girl he took his home to.

From @sahilk: There’s this popular in-real-life meme: Saudi men are gay. Can’t blame the world. After all, when you go out to eat you’re to sit in the ‘regular’ section unless you have someone from the opposite sex for company – only then can you sit in the family section. For the record, I am not gay.

From @BoozeSexSundry: A dark night. One where everything is plunged into the deep abyss of wrongfulness. She rechecked her fake Gucci. Empty. Like her stomach. The clock in the reception-area showed five minutes to 11. In around 2 hours and 5 minutes, she'd be able to buy herself some food. Then a hoarse voice, 'Where's the escort?'

From @swaravali: My nephew loves staying in a hotel. Once my brother's house was being renovated and we moved into a hotel. Didn't mind being cooped up in a room watching TV, playing board games and for a change going up and down in the elevator. Those small pleasures of childhood. Will they seem ridiculous when he grows up?

From @unendingquest: This is a Hotel built on his grave. Yes, I abhorred his presence, his touch. He asked me then "Will you come to see me". I said, "I will always be there". Now, I am at peace as he is stomped on by many footsteps, day & night, on his grave, in this Hotel.

From @HelenofAhoy: Shraddha Shetty was listening to Hotel California, and thought, "Hey, I am a Shetty, and nobody in my family owns a hotel! Awesome!" She was happy by the thought of being different. She was not a stereotype. She later changed her mind. Her father works in Dubai. So she was a stereotype like me afterall.

From @mydirtylinen: “How wild are you?” “Sit on my face, grind against me until you cum in my mouth. I’ll fuck you right here. I’ll make you scream with my hand inside you. I’ll stick my dick in your throat until you choke.” “Where?” “There’s a hotel around the corner.” She walked away, disappointed.

From @jhayu: It was a different place every time. He drove three hours or more; looking for a hotel he hadn't already been to. He was ashamed of what he did, but couldn’t stop. Same story, every time. Mess up the bed, call for room service. And then just watch the maid.

From @Capt_Ck : The "hotel" was where they made passionate love everytime they planned to meet! She adored him and loved him like crazy, yet when the time came he said his only memory of her was standing at his hotel door next morning like a spent whore!! She never entered another hotel room ever!

From @tweettabulous: He was ignoring me from months; I sense he's seeing someone else. Upon confrontation, he asked me to meet him at the hotel, where we had our first date. I drove there in anger, noticed the hotel was renovated and strangely had the same name as me. He held me and whispered, Happy 25th Anniversary.

From @aiwekuchbhi: A bullet went through her body, glancing her kidney. The gunman kicked his body and shot him in the head. Anna hid the frightened 2-year-old inside the bathroom. Took them mere 3-minutes to brutally kill my parents. A grief I’ll never be able to cope with, he recalled and the hotel I'll never visit.

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  1. Bandstand's Seaside and Marine Drive's Sea front, Juhu beach's openness and Aarey Colony's greenery, Water Kingdom's wetness and Powai lake's beauty, The Lonavala trips and National Park's loneliness, Sion fort's scenery and Madh Island's secrecy, The terrace meetings and the corner seats at theatre, Hotel is not the only secluded place in Mumbai.