Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Theme 63 - Magic

From @teejavus: "Kumquat!”, he said. Very random word. It was his key. Whenever he needed his help; all he did, was say kumquat. For me and you it was meaningless; but to him 'twas more than a word. The genie appeared and asked what the boy needed. The boy replied, "Use your magic and let me fly."

From @arpithadesai: She sat there in the closet cuddling her knees, stifling her tears so that her father wouldn’t hear her sobs. She shut her eyes tightly hoping to escape from this cruel world, believing that her teddy bear would take her to a wonderland. A spell would heal all her scars and fix her broken ribs. 

From @TheOtherBanana: Writing was the only way she could escape her reality. Her psychiatrist called it therapy. She didn’t care what it was called. She had the ability to spin dreams, weave words into textures as smooth as spun silk and as luscious as the finest Egyptian cotton. They were her companion and every word; a spell.

From @HighHeelsWaali: Trudging back home at the end of the day, with the hard-earned or rather, hardly-earned twenty rupees, he often thought about his dead wife.

Looking at the grimy notes in his hand- “How did she manage to feed five hungry stomachs with just this?”

That was her magic, passed on from mother to mother.
From @gauravjagwani: He was sick of deceiving people with his so called magic tricks. Boredom had begun to set in as well. He quit being the town magician. His wife yelled, ‘Yesterday, you had the perfect job. And today, nothing.’ ‘TADA!’ said he. And then, his wife had disappeared. You see, a leopard never changes its spots.
From @swordfish19: He was struggling to make ends meet. Very few wanted to see a man in a turban and a flowing dress showing cheap card tricks and cutting people in half.  Even the kids knew that it was nothing but an illusion. They wanted to see the real stuff – the kind they showed in Harry Potter?

From @abhikbee: Eight nautch girls shimmer under neon strobes light. Draped over their clean, fragrant hair is a sheet of deep red velvet. Eight necks elongated, heads looking heaven wards. Eight nubile bodies stand on an altar of glass. Eight virgins dressed in nothing but a sheet of deep red velvet draped over their clean, fragrant hair.

From @n0rwegianw00d: That we found each other in a room full of unknowns. That it never felt wrong to love you. That we created a new life just by the power of our love. That the newborn’s fingers automatically curl around ours. You say its science. I say it’s magic. Too bad you don’t believe in it.

From @writingchalk: She was completely engrossed in the book. Every night she’d go under the blanket, say ‘Lumos’, turn on her torch and read. One night when she uttered ‘Lumos’, the bedroom lights came on and her heart skipped a beat...Her happiness was short-lived, as her mother pulled off the blanket and stared at her sternly.

From @LadyClonidine: The door bell rang as the plates were setting themselves, the bottle poured the wine. The chicken baked to perfection, popped out of the oven and flew onto the table.  Samantha grabbed an apron and welcomed her husband home. After the scrumptious meal Darrin said “That was magical”, “Magical” she giggled and twitched her nose.

From @aaroo4:
Abracadabra! Swish swish swish

“What are you doing Ro?”

 “Trump’s tail refuses to stand still, so am putting a spell to freeze it into place. He goes about breaking things around the house, for which I get yelled at”

“Tsk tsk... I know it’s you, don’t blame Trump”

Well, so much for that!

From @Saiyona: He stood there with his head hung, fiddling with a test-tube, staring at the floor. With an exasperated expression, she screamed this time "Tell me Stu, why did the liquid change into gas?". With blankness all over his face, he blurted, "Magic?!?"

From @_Nehu:Everyone adored Niharika which made her mother-in-law jealous. She used to curse:"You ill-fated have done some black magic to my son, since the day you arrived nothing is going fine".

She gave her best to win family's heart but got worse. Niharika cannot take this anymore, her solution was: Suicide. Black Magic worked on her!

From @roshd: It wasn’t a good morning. Too much pending work in the office today. Feeling low. Need help. I kiss my sleeping 8year old giant baby Rylan and whisper, “Dad needs some magic now”. He wakes up, gives me his toothy grin and hugs me tight. I am ready for anything life can throw at me.

From @RiddhiAswani: The listless hair turned shiny and smooth, the blues of her eyes accentuated to sapphires. Her ruby lips glistened exotic and her elegant dress hugged the contours of her curves. 'Fairy godmother', she gasped in wonder, disbelieving that she too could look enchanting.  'That'll be 4000 rupees' said the beautician, breaking the spell.

From @IndianIdle: They were going to see the falls, he packed his digital camera, laptop and all gears to stay connected. She forbade him to take it.  He wanted to tweet, share and instagram. They went without gadgets; he saw it, felt it.  He turned to her and said,”Magic”. She shook her head and said,”Life, Unplugged”.

From @woohoochild: He was visibly nervous to drop his pants in front of her. She was much too experienced for him. Laughing at his shyness, she made the first move. He succumbed. An hour later, while pulling his zip up, he finally understood the magic of lust.

From @thealienatedone: Her imagination ran wild. A little magic, and her problems and stress could disappear. Such thoughts brought an evil smile on her face. Until, her imagination ran so fast, that the magic burst through her imagination and entered into reality. The sudden surge of power was now horrifying. If only she knew, imagination fueled magic.

From @InsidiousBrain: Few minutes left before the curtain draws, before the show begins. On the other side is a group of children suffering from AIDS. Hope, Magic, Miracle, these words would have no meaning in their lives. I know my magic can't cure them, but bringing a smile on these faces is no less than magic.

From @Numbyaar: He fell from the sky and landed next to a fully grown immature imbecile with six fingers. He was blue in colour, had three fingers and would keep screaming ‘sunlight’ in an irritable monotonic voice. The six fingered imbecile and his friends were awe-struck by his tricks. They named him… What was today’s topic again?

From @punvati: The news report said the 11 year old had fallen out of a 2nd floor window. He was found holding onto a broomstick and had a gold coloured plastic ball that had once contained Gems, clutched in his hand. What brightens the lives of so many kids had just ended one.

From @wekneweachother: Driving early in the morning on the way to work, I was listening to radio and there was discussion about stranger friendships that blossom while people try to look through each others’ cars and catch each other trying to peek in. That moment holds so much power because magic is revealed. Strangers get connected everyday.

From @shekhartripathi: All day I thought what I could write for 'Magic' and as I sit on my black leather chair in my office cabin, chatting with my sister on Gtalk, words magically start flowing and complete my 55 word story. But now I ponder, is this story appropriate? “Ohh!! Magic, please help me complete my story!!!!”

From @bhytu: Tired of life, he climbed up the hill unhappily. They say God grants at least one wish of anyone. "What rubbish" As he reached the top he saw a bird. He laughed. "Wish you were human!" "You should have chosen wisely.", the bird said aloud as it transfigured and walked away.

From @JaaTeri: "Abracadabra!" the magician raised his wand again. The egg had transformed into beautiful flowers. The grown-ups seemed disinterested. The kids were excited. They clapped, jeered & laughed. Later, the magician - all of 11, went around asking for 'rewards'. "Hey! Don't disturb the passengers," the TC shouted. Smiling, the magician left. Another day another train.

From @RBTrary: Morning’s incident flashed before his eyes- He was lying there in a helpless condition, unable to move. Head was spinning and the pain was unbearable. Suddenly, his butler entered with the ‘magical fluid’. Miracle happened. Hangover lost the battle to a-cup-of-COFFEE. Scenes disappeared with the sound of ice-clinking-against-the-glass. “Cheers!” he said, and gulped another one.
From @nikita_tuli: "Wish you happiness and magic”. That's how she blessed everyone around ... Some people found it funny for they didn't know that Magic was a connotation of Love for her... Amidst the darkness of the world she held on to the light of this magic which led her to great heights and extraordinarily wonderful people!
From @VishalShriyan: He was a tiny spark of light, glowing with quiet, steely determination. Forever searching for a magical land. Where he knew he would see other sparks, glowing bright above the gloom. He would reach out to them, their shared light forming a warm brilliance. And one day he finally found it. Twitter, it was called.
From @miffalicious: You wove a spell over me with your simple words; charming me not with flowers, and chocolates and gifts, but commas, and metaphors and alliterations. We made love over books, ideas and arguments, you and I. You were the magician of an unknown language, and I, your loyal follower, disciple. Then, I fell in love.
From @Dayadarwazatodo: She breathed life into anything with her smile, her exuberance unmatched. People who knew her couldn’t go a day without seeing her, having her around. But, tonight was special. Tonight she, all of five feet two, walked tall, confident. Tonight she danced, lost in the rhythm, lost in the music. Tonight she was magic.
From @anjana_murali: Matt had never meant to fall in love with her. He tried assuring himself that Emma was ‘just another girl’. But his heart never failed to stutter whenever she caught his hand, touched him involuntarily or kissed him. For him, who owned the fourth largest company in the world, those moments were pure magic.
From @madrasmad: I gifted my daughter an iPhone when she turned 14. There was magic in her eyes! She touched the screen... there was magic in her fingertips! She spoke to her best friend... there was magic in her voice! The magic didn’t end there. She looked at the logo, and smiled. I’ve hated mangoes ever since.

From @vagabondinact: Drenched in his daughter’s blood, her ear in his hand, his anguishing scream stifled the piercing ambulance siren, as he saw her life ooze out. Week before in jest, he had pulled a coin from her ear. That evening, overhearing him speak to his friend, troubled, asking for money, she had decided to help.

From @Crucifire: Kids clapped innocently as the magician turned his hat inside out.  He expected a GIJoe. She expected a Barbie. He expected a gun. She expected a unicorn. He expected a car. She expected a tea set.

“Say hello to my bunny, Bugs!”  The Audience was stunned.

“Thank you kids. My name is Life.”

From @AmanjotKSandhu: Tears were flowing down her cheeks. She looked like nothing in the world could make her happy again. Her lollypop had fallen in the drain. Just then, mommy came and handed her a new lollypop and wiped her tears. The smile that lit up 2-year old Vidhi’s face was nothing less than magic.

From @Realfartshady:
A gladiator found a genie’s lamp. "For setting me free, I will grant you one wish." Genie said.

"I want a sword that can go through anything."

With a wave of genie's hand, a sword tuned-up before gladiator. As soon as he reached for it his fingers passed right through the sword. "TA-DA" Genie smirked.

From @samosapaav: There was once, a magically weird boy. He never believed in magic. Magicians were called cheats by him. He mocked at fairy-tales, because they were mindless, according to him. He despised Hindi-Films, because he believed that they gave false hopes to everyone. Eventually, Real Magic, was done by God. Yes, he found love.
From @rumna: He graduated quickly from pulling coins from behind the ears to pulling rabbits out of hats. He studied the methods of Copperfield, Blaine and Angel, wanting to outdo them all. Her love for magic propelled him to greater heights. Till she married his best friend. Now all he pulls is a cork off a bottle.
From @SausageTangdi: Nobody knew if there was anyone who had heard her speak. Her wrists brown with wounds of dried blood. Those blood clot eyes alarming mothers to protect their children. Being called as the Black Magic Woman for her stained black robes. If only someone knew that her husband and sons were martyrs of this country.
From @sanoop_s:
He took his father’s frail hands and walked him to the lone bench in the hospital compound. The old man’s eyes gleamed as he looked up at the clear night sky.

 “What are they?”


“How do they shine?”

“Long ago, you told me it’s magic”, he replied. “Magic indeed”, his father nodded approvingly.

From @whimsytales: They sat around me in amazement, wondering what will happen next. Young children of four to eight, credulous, open-minded to the impossible. For rationality and logic had still not occupied their growing, curious minds. "How? why?" they questioned as I narrated a fable. "Magic" was all I could think of. And they believed it.
From prema: My brother Sam volunteered to the stage. The magician’s thick cloak covered him, and dropped. Sam had disappeared! I screamed. But, his comforting hand led me back home, safe.
From @dhavaldange:
"So, is it clear enough that there isn't any 'real magic' and everything's pure science or trick of hand?", the professor concluded.

"Sir, what about the phenomenon of when mere warmth of a mother does the trick than the best of the doctors, when we're down?"

The professor paused, "Umm.. Ok. Maybe that's magic!"

From @ItemBoi: “How can we be so similar?” “How can we think about the same thing at the same time?” “How do we get each other the same gifts?” “How’s it possible that all our tiredness and frustration goes away by just hugging each other?” He smiles and answers, “Baby relax… we’re in love. We’re experiencing magic.”
From @Sychlops:

26 May 1999. 

Nou Camp, Barcelona.
A goal down. 
Into stoppage time. 
It looked bleak. 
What had been accomplished 31 years ago looked impossible to repeat.
The fairytale would come to an end. 
"Can Manchester United score... they always score..." 
3 minutes later, they were European Champions. 
This was Football. 
And it was Magic.

From @JestChill: Abracadabra! Flowers! Abracadabra, a monkey in a top hat, doves, peacocks, elephants! The Amazingly Fantabulous Frederick... Born in a hovel, magic was his escape. He tried and tried to magic away the drunken mother, the beatings, the poverty, the didn't work. So he created his magic. In his mind. Some called him mad.
From @RandomWhiz:
"Why can't you just give her some pills?"

"Because they have an 80% relapse rate. That's why!"

"Will therapy work?"

"If you make it work, it will."

And so, with family therapy, mutual support and step by step healing, they managed her ADHD.  Anything is magic if you truly believe in it.

From @tweettabulous: He helps me down the jet, unties my blindfold and I look at the magnificent Eiffel Tower, lit up in all its glory. He goes down on his knee and proposes. I smile and say yes. We kiss. A loud thud wakes me.  Was that magical night, a dream? Oh, wait, a new ring…

From @hilonee: 'Son, when you grow up you will realise there are few genuine people around. Your work colleagues will try to pull you down. Sometimes people you trust will disappoint you. You will fall in love and rise in pain. When all of life's tragedies depress you, remember the Magic of Belief will get you through.'

From @UrbanChick_: Sweaty awkward & formal. That's how it felt. Every night. On most days there wasn't even foreplay or a smile shared. But tonight as he was preparing to embark inside her, a voice echoed 'I can't do this anymore' What's missing? he asked

From @SarwarBaig: Ever since the car accident two years ago, he'd descended into a waking nightmare. He'd see her smile at him and touch his face lovingly, and the truck would smash into their car. His psychiatrist prescribed pills that did nothing. And now, this company that called itself "Clean Slate: Erase the Pain." Works like magic.
From @scribblingon: She was dying. He could feel it as he sat by the hospital bed, holding her hand. She, clad in pristine white. "Don't go", he pleaded. Silence. "Don't leave me", he begged; little realizing she lay on her death-bed. Still no answer. The tiny ray of hope thrived on miracles & magic.
From @_kautilya: She was standing, at the door waiting for the magic to happen, she was tired seeing her friends leaving for new life, she knew with a severed limb she needed a miracle to be selected from menu of healthy children in the orphanage.
From @dhavalmehtas: "its possible only if god helps!! it'd be magic if it actually happens" he said. people have had started rushing to Exit. enthusiasm of opponent team is Growing...he hit the ball out of the stadiummm..looked at umpire "NO BALL"..they were in need of 7 runs in one ball..Thank God he said.

From @bitchwanti: Dark circles under the insomniac eyes. Blemishes with many a warm day spent under the sun. Lips chapped with nervous biting. She looked at the vanity box. "This make-up will transform you like magic", said the beautician with a twinkle in her eyes.

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