Saturday, May 5, 2012

Theme 66 - Taste

From @zaiuranjit: He smiled in his sleep, a wonderful scent tickling his brain slowly awake. He thought it was strange that drops were falling onto his lips while he lay in bed, until he licked his lips. His smile grew wider, but he kept his eyes closed. She knew this vampire loved the taste of her blood.

From @gauravjagwani: T'was his first night at the orphanage. Seeing his face buried in a pillow while others played outside bothered her. She sat besides him, described the beautiful night sky. The boy started crying. 'Please wake me up when the sun is out. I get a taste of night all the time as I am blind.'

From @grouchyindian: She was never satisfied with the Six inches,  always craving for the Eight-Nine inches. Size mattered to her more than the TASTE, but then again, She was BIG so was her Appetite.  Being her man I had to fullfil it. Me : Hello Dominoz !!!  #PIZZA .

From @ShoesNSnooze: She got up with a searing pain in her head, and a bad taste in her mouth. Worried, she rewinded on the events the night before. She was at her friend's place with lots of unknown faces, bottles of Old Monk and thumping music. Suddenly she found the source of the taste: She had cooked.

From @Oxymoronic_Me: Meena stood looking at her field. She loved the aroma of wet soil and the feel of fresh air on her face. It was harvest time. Taking a deep breath she bent low to cut the sugarcane. Instead, she picked a handful of soil and gulped it down. The fertilizers killed her the next day.

From @ladyclonidine: With their sky-high heels they walked into the high end store, bitch mode on.Babe 1 rolled her eyes at everything, “Animal print again! So last season”, Babe 2 obediently nodded in agreement. They poked fun at people in the trial-room, “You saw that chick? That print!! My eyes!!!” 
They left empty handed, like always.

From @realfartshady: 

I had a dinner date at her place.

I was hungry and she told me to go ahead with anything in the fridge for the meanwhile.

What I found in her fridge was astounding.

It was packed with yogurt, cheese spread and cartons of milk!

"Archie, the hell is this?" I howled.

"MOOOOOOO..." She said.

From @Itemboi: Just after the new year's midnight kiss, she asks,"I know we have a great chemistry, we look cute together, we dance well, we both like each other... but tell me the biggest reason why we should get together?" He smiles, holds her by her waist and says, "Baby, we have same taste in music."

From @swordfish19: The King lay unconscious. His ministers stood around him. The physician was checking his pulse. His food was spread out on the table. He had taken just one spoonful of the curry and had fallen to the floor. The official food-taster stood, frightened, but secretly relieved. He was late that day, and the King ravenous.

From @dasCapital_: " I was drawn to the bright red apples at the grocery. The shopkeeper claimed that they were imported from New Zealand. Each had a sticker on them to vouch for their quality. I casually took one of them and looked closely and the sticker shouted at me, "OK. TASTED."

From @madrasmad: He wanted to TASTE death. He tried hard. He took to ALCOHOL to see if it would do the MAGIC, and people started GOSSIPING about him. Out of frustration and BOREDOM, he slashed his neck with a SILVER knife, and GRAVITY brought him down. The IRONY is, he was SEDUCED by his BLOODY quest.

From @tunnvi: Her tongue couldn’t quite place the taste. Summer coral sweet. The quick kiss of her lover perhaps, but no. A shy dryness and the scent of honeysuckle, a faraway memory spinning is what she felt. He grabbed her by the hand and ran into the summer twilight. Feeling the sand between their toes, they kissed.

From @chinmaynaik07: He felt sad. It felt like falling down an abyss of despair. He hadn't slept or eaten anything for days. The appetite seemed lost, for food, for sleep, for life. Yet an overwhelming desire took him over, to go back to the alternate reality that was his home, only through the taste of her kiss.

From @teejavus: Slurrp. First sip. Aftertaste was heavenly. I didn't expect this. I knew I was hooked. I always liked trying new tea. This tea was surely a world apart. It had a funny name, maybe too funny. It is confused about its root; green or black. I got addicted at first sip to this Oolong tea.

From @AnOddYellow: The thought of her on his lips drove him mad. The aroma was intoxicating. He gingerly placed both his hands on her waist to steady himself. The heat emanating was warning enough. The concoction was brilliant and he couldn’t resist the beautiful cup of Swiss hot chocolate, he sipped it and nearly burnt his tongue.

From @SarwarBaig: Each night he prowled the lonely highways , looking for his next prey , much like a serpent tasting the air with its darting forked tongue. He'd gladly offer rides to hitchhikers. By the time the newspapers came to call him The Highway Butcher , he'd already strangled and mutilated thirteen people. They never caught him.

From @wekneweachother: German woman. Indian girl. They met at a railway station in Varanasi. She’d come to visit the Ghaats. Girl had just bought two hot jalebi’s from a food vendor. Seeing the woman’s pale face, the girl offered her a jalebi. “How does it taste?” She smiled, “Like hope.” Some encounters give you hope, you know.

From @miffalicious: We heard her humming quietly to herself as she methodically assembled her ingredients.

This was her daily ritual, and no one was allowed to disturb her. It was like she was remembering our grandfather, who’d taught her the recipes.

And yet never once did she sample her feasts. It was her offering for his love.

From @kunalbaidmehta: It seemed like a case of murder for robbery, but the autopsy report revealed poison in his blood. The police found no evidence of poison in the house. They didn't check the wall plaster that was coming off. His brother knew he loved the taste of chalk from childhood and hadn't given up as yet.

From @GleeBee_: A gusty wind blew. She watched the waves, rising higher and higher as they crashed against the bedrock. A thunderous sound cut through the dense air. It rained. The smell of damp earth rendered her tingly. She could almost taste the liquid sunshine. Overwhelmed with emotion, she felt aware of her being. She felt alive.

From @anjana_murali: 

“How is it?” she asks her husband excitedly.
“It is delicious” he replies.
She goes to answer a call. He empties the dish in the waste basket.
She comes back and exclaims, "You finished it so fast??"
"Yes, I couldn't resist".
"Wait, you should have more then."
“Sure”, he says thinking God save me!!

From @AmanjotKSandhu:She decided she won’t go down without a fight. He attempted to force her to submit quietly. She landed a heavy punch on his face. Taken by surprise, he slapped her hard. She kicked him in the groin. He fell. As she ran away, she tasted blood in her mouth. The taste of victory!

From @crazyandhow: Tempting; slurped staring at the forbidden fruit. *maybe its yum*

Watery; his tongue dripped saliva and curiousity knew no bounds. *The coast is clear*; his sly eye had moved around the room.

Leaning forward; he happily grabbed and swallowed. Smile. 2 yr old Aaquib felt weird and panicked at tasting his shiny coin.

From @whimsytales: He never really liked her taste in music. But he was glad that she had one. He'd listened to her songs to know her a little better -the lyrics that touched her, the melodies that she hummed, hoping that maybe some day, he'll figure her out. She was happy knowing that he tried.

From @shekhartripathi: I ran towards the exit of the Lucknow Airport; boarded a cab and reached home within minutes. It was 3PM and I wasn’t too hungry but my olfactory senses could smell awesome food cooked by Grandma. A small piece of roti dipped in paneer. It felt like Heaven!! Surely Grandma knows sorcery!!!

From @violinraindrops: Mariam hated being a part of the elite. Married to an affluent businessman for money and not love, her story was common in the society. But today was going to be the end. Walking towards the exit—“I’ll be back” she said. With one last glance at her old life, she was already savouring freedom.

From @_Nehu: Against his parents wish Rajiv left home to find his own career. They wanted him to become a doctor or engineer like normal kids do. Today they are proud of him, he is worlds number one... His job was to seduce the taste bud of the people. Yes He is a chef. He tasted Success.

From @dhavalmehtas: "she started new life..which she always wanted to live-in but couldn't make it.jogging,gym,swimming,yoga,playing guitar and ofcourse writing blogs,reading novels which was her Passion before getting into his life,life has no more complications short she enjoyed her brief taste of INDEPENDENCE after getting dumped by him."

From @bitchwanti: She sat there, pretty against the window of the grimy bus. At the streets she stared, a trance of human movements. Tongue slowly circled the lips, as though tasting the city.The saline of a tear on her mouth brought her to the present. She had lost so much to this city, she realised, as the bus left it behind.

From @cruminous: I watch as it arrives. The sight of it, piping hot, burning a hole through years of quiet preserve. That specific aroma weaving its way into my memory, daring it. I lift my fork and remember dinners, conversations, you.  As I finally eat, I find that the dish is now cold. And the taste, bitter.

From @vivekisms: The vodka red-bull kiss. The history of kisses, you said, in a jocular manner, leaving me breathless. And we danced. Do you remember? And you kissed me again. On the dance floor. This time whiskey on the rocks. We made out in the car. Hungrily. This time it was Altoids. You were cautious. I wasn’t. 

From @roshd: Raj was worried. His son Rishi was 22, brilliant but showed no interest in girls. A chip off the old block except for this. So when he saw him with Vijaya, lost in her smouldering eyes and so obviously in love, he smiled. The cub had tasted blood, he would be alright. 

From @tweettabulous: Steve was known for his handsome looks. His deep set black eyes always spoke of an untold mystery. Every woman lusted for him. That compelling smile made them, his slaves and ready to die for him. He loathed his captivating self ... But the taste of blood had driven him into cannibalism.

From @swaravali: She followed the recipe accurately, yet it just wasn’t the same.  Is that possible?  She had taken down every detail, watched it being made not once, twice but several times!!!  And yet something tasted different.  Then it dawned, there is one ingredient that would always be missing, the love her mom garnished it with.

From @randomWhiz: Weight loss was important, right, healthy. Exercise was fun, and made me strong. But my love for baking stems from my love for chocolate laden goodies, that brocolli can't quite match. So, as I sit here devouring the donut, I know there are more laps to run tomorrow. But, I know it'll be worth it. 

From @HighHeelsWaali: There was no difference between the two. The parts were the same - rump, rib, breast, thigh, shank. And the colour was similar, a pretty light pink. He didn’t think it was a crime, and he had his ways around it. He asked her to come home for a wine tasting, and sharpened the knives.

From @drun007: He had forgotten the taste of whiskey. He quit 16 years back to save his marriage.  It was well worth it. Gaurav reminisced the good times. Anita by his side, kids well settled, adorable grand kids, memories galore. First peg after so long. His throat burned. The taste was different. Life was sweet, sugar sweet.

From @rumna: He silently noted the deep color. Swirled the rich wine around in the glass, sniffed in the heady bouquet, tilted the glass took a sip, savored the wine before slowly swallowing it. Finally he smiled.
Everyone sighed in relief; another vintage wine was ready for the market, to be sold at $42,000 per bottle. 

From @writingchalk: They turned their backs to each other and walked away. It was one step at a time, very deliberate. The tea cups were delicately balanced. Suddenly, they turned around, faced each other and took a sip from their respective cups. The husband’s face contorted violently. The wife smiled, “Kyun ji, chai mein shakkar kam thi?”

From @anushreekejriwa: He's  a loving father blessed with lovely daughters. Life had been unfair to him professionally; they suffered as a result. The little angel loved mangoes but he couldn't afford them. She would quietly see others relishing. Times changed, she gets mangoes but when she offers dad, he says "I have lost taste for mangoes".

From @tanyachopra08: Naina was all set. She was smiling all day thinking about the beautiful evening that was going to follow. She was painting her nails. Glamour Pink,his favourite colour. Her cell beeped. Sorry can't make it, it read. She continued to apply the nail colour for it wasn't the first time she had tasted loneliness.

From @vishalshriyan: Yesterday he'd eaten whatever his mother fed him. Never again. The odd two legged animal who had chased him lay nearby. He had only lashed out instinctively. Now something drew him to tear open the animal's body. He tasted the red fluid that flowed out. And felt a visceral pleasure rising within. He wanted more.

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