Thursday, May 3, 2012

Theme 64 - Seduction

From @TheOtherBanana: He lined up all the little white pills on the counter. At the end of the line also stood, proudly, a bottle of the finest Jack Daniels. He’d been saving that up for a special occasion. He didn’t know what other occasion could be as special as this. The slow seduction of his own death.

From @LadyClonidine: He watched the actress in her red sari in some remote location. His blood pressure rose as he saw her sucking on the fruit, wishing it was an equally swollen part of his body instead. The rising of her chest, her eager mouth, seductress.....Looks like he needed a slice of alone time now.

From @xmanishaa: Standing at the door, she walked in confidentially. She was ready for today.  Her nails painted red, her legs so smooth, her scented neck, Chanel. This would seduce him for sure. He was reading, should she disturb him? Of course she should, the kids were fast asleep and she had to keep the magic alive.

From @aaliznat: She opened the notebook and noted: Out of bed hair, check. Slightly off walk, check. Bee stung puffy lips, check. Tell tale scarf around the neck, check. Run in the stockings, check. Cappuccino in hand, check.

Satisfied with her work, she smiled and closed the notebook. Afterall her thesis topic was, the science of seduction.

From @roshd: We were supposed to meet at Andheri station. She’d be wearing brown. I reached early and scanned the women coming down the over-bridge. I spotted 'her' in a simple brown salwar-kameez. She was beautiful. “God let it be her”, I prayed.  “Roshan?” “Marry me?” I thought, but said “Yes. Care for a cup of tea?”

From @aaroo4: “What are you staring at, stop it I say” she reprimanded.

“Look into my eyes, keep looking, do you see it now? Do you?” He stared on.

“I shall not fall for that look, no way,” she countered, while her actions said otherwise.

“Hurray, food, yippee, it worked “he barked running around in circles. 

From @probasibong: 

(Scene: In a hotel room-where a friend of this guy arranges a escort for him, his first time!)

He: I don't know you.
She: Neither do I. (Get her heels off)

He: But I am married, I have a lovely wife.
She: So what?

He: I have two beautiful kids.

(She pulls him towards her)

From @gauravjagwani: He was accused of rape by the lady. He defended the fact that he merely seduced her with wine and music. It was a two way street. The judge ruled it in his favour as she associated wine with seduction and not rape. He met the judge after the hearing. They cracked open a wine.

From @writingchalk: She dropped it at his feet. He frowned, looked at her and then back at the floor. A slight smile crossed his lips. “Thinking what I’m thinking?” he said, running his fingers over the floor. She kneeled down beside him, “No. But that chocolate sauce mustn’t be wasted.” That’s when she took off her negligee.

From @wekneweachother: Dressed in bright and bold costumes thrice every week, Nalini was a renowned performer in the circus. She performed beautiful stunts playing with the fire under the night sky. With heavy make-up, stadium-like lighting and cheering crowds, the fire would seduce her. She would invent new moves on spot. The fire breathed life into her.

From @teejavus: Smile. Those lips. Those beautiful eyes. They catch me soon. I look away, but reluctantly. My inside full of fluttering butterflies.  I feel a tap on my shoulder. I am in love; seduced by her smile. Takes my hand; we dance; the song now forever ours. She a Bridesmaid, I the Best-man, a love-story begins.

From @swordfish19: She was like a rose growing amidst filth. He looked at her lasciviously. It was quite by accident that he had spotted her, sitting, starving, in one of the lanes of Dharavi. She clearly didn’t belong there. He propositioned her. Food was used as bait. She accepted. Which allure was greater? Of flesh or food?

From @highheelswaali: It was beautiful. There were glimpses of green and orange. Glowing like gems. In the middle of it, there was redness with a hint of pink. The air was heavy with the perfume of it.  And his hand trembled, as he touched it. She looked up, triumphant. Her mutton curry always turned him on.

From @Oxymoronic_Me:
Shekhar was watching the movie with his mother.

(The actor caught the actress’s sari, and pulled her close to him. She smiled reluctantly as his fingers grazed her face. His touch sent shivers down her spine as he moved his lips to kiss her...)

And then the screen showed two flowers seducing each other.  Whew!

From @Dimaagi_Keeda: She was dominating, he was submissive. Seduction came naturally to her, she knew she was good. She knew he wanted her.  It was not the first time she had seduced a man, it was not the last time she would kill him after mating. The game of Seduction is fatal for a male Latrodectus .

From @IndianIdle: I was surrounded by pretty girls, all trying to seduce me with their move. Each one of the more beautiful than each other. I was in ecstasy, then suddenly there was a loud snap and I saw that muscular TV star surrounded by girls.  I looked at my fat belly and said,”In parallel universe,dude”

From @oyeujuoye: She peeped through her curtains. The lights were still off. Then he appeared. The rugged look, his wet hair, those ripped muscles. The only thing which wasn’t needed was that towel. He stood by his window, gazed at the sky and sighed. She stood by her window, hugged her pillow and sighed.

From @venkatsrikar: "You think I can't seduce you?", she gently caressed his palm. "It's not that, it is.. umm.. it is..", he got up and walked out, lit a cigarette, puffed vigorously and text his wife, "I love you! I can even resist these females, but not this cigarette. Sorry!" Done with that, he lit one more.

From @aatifsumar: The smell was intoxicating. Cheese, taller and wider than Jerry's hairy form, loomed in front of him. He could see the steel giant attached to the cheese, dangerous and lethal. Yet that yellow mannah seemed to speak to him, and his legs moved ahead. He took one heavenly bite of pure happiness before *THWACK*

From @vagabondinact: First day of boarding school, stepping in gingerly, I was startled by my own footfalls echoing through the vast silence. Shelf after shelf stood in all solemnest. Being from a sleepy small town, had believed, half a shelf made an enviable book-collection. A temptress, the library has held me in her seduction ever since.

From @anjana_murali: “Will you marry me?” he asks. “But we know each other for just five days. And you are not playing fair, you know I can’t think properly when you kiss me like this”, she manages as he lightly kisses her palms. “Darling, I can never win you if I play fair”, he quips back.

From @tunnvi: “These are the rules,” he explained. I could see by the reflection in the glass doors of the office building that he didn’t leave until I was inside. Her tongue peeked thru to tease my lips open. She waited a few more minutes and moved back onto the highway. Not seduction, his pleasure was important.

From @woohoochild: She knew she was being watched as she lowered herself into the steamy bath tub. Scrubbing her body with the wet soap, she moved it gently around the neck. She turned around to check which one it was. Her favorite. With her hungry, insatiable eyes, she seduced him in.

From @Anoddyellow: He knew he must not fall in love with anyone, not even himself. It wasn’t for him. It would lead him to destruction. Yet when he looked into the mirror and saw the image of a beautiful man, he couldn’t help himself. The image was enchanting. And he was a prisoner of his own heart.

From @bhytu:
She saw him at the front table.

His cool glasses,hair back brushed,hot physique. Looks to die for.

She unbuttoned her first blouse hook and stretched hand.


He held out his hand in different direction.

"Hey am here. Can't you see?"

"How can I? Isn't this supposed to be a blind date?"

From @akshayabansal: A prosperous Kingdom in simpler times, hardworking people content with frugal lives. Along came the devil, dressed in white. Halo intact, he promised the people an enriching life. Seducing them with wine, slave girls and gambling, he turned the once pious land into Earth. The kindred spirits now lived with greed, deceit and envy.

From @MinolAjekar: She is seduction, seduction is her. Seduction begets her, as she begets seduction. She embodies the very essence of seduction. If you look up seduction on Google, there would be a picture of her. Positive reinforcement done, the spotlight hit her, Crystal smiled, winked and started her career at Spearmint Rhino as a pole dancer. 

From @miffalicious: He sat across from me at the dining table, holding his wine glass with the ease of a seasoned socialite. I watched him as one of his fingers caressed the flute gently, a teasing movement of seduction. He lifted the glass, placed it against his lips, and took a sip.  Then, his eyes found mine.

From @_Nehu: “Truth or Dare”, “Truth” “You lost your virginity to” Slyly Anil said “I would choose Dare”. Anu sighed as their eyes meet. He cannot forget night when Anu(best friend) was drunk and won’t let him go. Seducing kiss followed by passionate love making. Then her words: “We made mistake”. His love forfeit for her Friendship.

From @Kanwarse: This time he could do no wrong. She was there for the taking. She had looked in his direction…Thrice, if he counted it right. Just be cool, Turn on the charm and take things back to his place. Or hers.

‘Hey Baby….’, he said. “Get AWAY from me, creep!”, she said.

Always a next time.

From @SarwarBaig: At the dinner table, the candlelight danced in her hazel eyes, framed by her luscious eyelashes. Her lipstick left a red mark under the wine glass's rim. Afterwards, in a hotel room, he undid a couple of buttons, exposing her shoulder and tracing its contour with his fingertips. The delirious, feverish seduction of Hollywood noir.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Ice cubes: Check. Strawberries: Check. Honey: Check. Chocolate sauce: Check.

Ragini was pleased with her shopping list. Rajan looked at it and smiled. “I am impressed sweetheart and am looking forward to a night of passion and seduction".

"Oh Shut Up Rajan. This is for the birthday party of our four year old." Rajan sighed.

From @madrasmad: This time, she chose to seduce him in broad daylight. She made no secret of her intentions, and half the world was getting ready to watch the ritual. She kept her word, and voyeurs in chosen regions watched the spectacle through tinted lenses. The lights dimmed, and the Moon had the Sun all for herself.

From @lady_shweta:
He :- got the book..How did you do it ?

She :- I talked all artsy to him,I seduced his brains, i seduced his little willy...

He :- He gave you the book then...?

She :- No, so i drugged him & stole his precious book. Billy boy, seduction doesn't help you always.

From @Crucifire:
*Tiptoes up behind her*

*Moves her hair to a side and breathes over her nape*

*Arms slide down from her shoulder as he bites her ear*

*Left hand wraps around her waist, right one caressing her hand all the way to the mouse*

Thanks for reading my story, can I kiss you?

From @RBTrary: 

“My seduction techniques didn’t help.”

“What techniques?”

“Licked her body- started from her cheek to the neck… towards shoulders… but was hit by a pillow… Then, her husband walked in. I hurriedly ran out and saw the door close behind me”

“For these women ‘All-men-are-dogs’ but can’t accept ‘Dogs-as-men’…” replied the angry-Labrador to the grumbling-Pomeranian.

From @binivijan: 

“You take a left, a right and sway yourself”, he announced.

“You are too close for comfort”, she seemed surprised.

He took her hand on his own and placed the other one on her waist; grabbed and swung her across to complete a round.“The art of dancing is nothing else but seduction, my love”. 

From @bitchwanti: Like the string of the bow, like the concave dip of a wave, like the stroke of a lazy artist's brush, the gentle curve of her waist as she lay there, sunlight glinting off the bronze skin, seduced him.

From @abjt: That liquid melt. A velvet itch on an unrelenting tongue. Pour it on, hot and healing, Dripping in cold clash, tear it off, sinking teeth. Stiff and silver it slips in, guided by mere fingertips it dances verbatim. The exit wound is new passage for the stretching spit bridging the divide of taste and cake.

From @cruminous: Her eyes never left mine. Silently locked in the steady rhythm of our bodies, back and forth. She walked towards me. I shifted, then stayed. Our faces gave nothing away - our eyes, everything. Now close, she said, “Not your regular Thursday”. The train pulled-in and she got off. I couldn’t help it, I smiled.

From @Abhiandnow: When the city slept, she used to wake up. Walking down the winding streets protected by the trees, leading towards the dark alleyways where she seduced them into her lair. The guards of those streets feared her and always traversed in packs.

People in nearby buildings complained about the sudden barking of dogs around midnight.

From @SausageTangdi: Through the bottle of gin, she saw her. Her luscious red lips, her jawline carved to perfection, the eye liner not smeared a bit, her head lowered all this while. The same table was now the same bed, her sweat was now her's. Smuged black and red was now the night's color. They lingered.

From @melittlepixie: Her voice was like whiskey. Smooth. Raspy. Like a rich dark-gold that seared from the inside out. Her voice was his ecstasy. He’d make love to her voice every night. That night, he called her as usual. His pulse quickened as the phone rang. ‘Welcome to Vodafone…’, the automated voice machine said. He smiled contented. 

From @_kautilya: she had a chance from her master to prove herself, she has to go to the kingdom of forbidden land for the information her master craves, she knew this can only be done by seducing the king into her charm, as she getting into the act, the king asked her brother to perform the act.

From @anushreekejriwa: He wanted to escape the harsh reality of life and settled in a small hill station. Never did he know that the hills would transform him. He was beguiled by their beauty; the first ray of the sun provided a soothing effect to his soul. The inveiglement made him write, nature enlivened him.

From @Gods_Evangelos: 

“I think we should try women on top” she said.

“Let me at least wear it properly” he fumbled.

She started tickling him with her long nails.

“Baby, let the tigress go slow” he said in a growling manner.

The lights were dim and the machine sprayed the alluring scent.


From @vishalshriyan: Every morning she was by his bedside. He would hold her with trembling hands. Feel a thrill run up his spine as she reminded him how potent she was. His eyes would run over the contours of her thoughts, over her supple prose. He surrendered to her afresh every day as he read her column.
From @n0rwegianw00d: Piya’s every touch sent Aliya into a tizzy. Her fingers discovered contours and sensations she’d never known. The two were now moving together, relishing the pleasure. Much too soon, Aliya’s soul rose with her body. Spent, she collapsed outside Piya’s bedroom door, through which she had been peeping in. Just as Piya had hoped.
From @dhavalmehtas: 

"I am an innocent,love writing/reading or you can say its my passion,emotional mostly while drinking" I said.

Its first time we spoke over the phone,till day we were chat friends.

"I am quite ...." She started her intro..

"So.. SEDUCTIVE" somebody played 50cent song in background.... and laugh spreads over the phone.

From @nikita_tuli: Power was the breath of her nostrils, it was the only thing she craved and lived for. Yes! It was seductive .. All means,fair and foul were acceptable to her to achieve insurmountable power... Love, ethics, family were hollow words to her until she was left all alone... A perfect denouement.
From @realfartshady:
"You find me seductive?" the mermaid asked the sailor.

"Unconditionally" he beckoned.

"But not a single merman did." she sulked.

"Cause?" sailor asked. He couldn't believe her.

"My body....I’m not sleek." she said.

"Oh, that's why humans only see mermaids with bosomy and curvy figures?"

"Yes, we go where we’re loved."

From @Sychlops: 

It just wasn't normal for her.
The hottest girl in school. A guy not liking her back was unheard of.
She'd bend down to tie her shoe laces when he was around. Use innuendos whenever possible
Drop hints about when her parents were out.
He took none.
He liked someone else.
Another guy.

From @BoozeSexSundry: Her hips were magnet. Swaying them like a hypnotizing candle flame; Moving her belly like candy floss machine. And the air was poison. His eyes were intoxicated and her soft collarbone inviting. He was bound to fall and she was bound to regret. But the trade was their guilty pleasure and the bargain was made.

From @textuallyhorny: They were married. All she wanted sometimes was to get stripped by his eyes while he craved for her touch. An accident took away his eyes and her arms. Sex was all about trust and comfort.

In the multistory beside their slum, that newly hooked up couple however climaxed by blindfolding and handcuffing each other.

From @thehumerus: An assortment of green and yellow danced for several seconds in front of Lumi’s eyes. The glint in her eye did give away her joy, as Rumi stopped dancing and winked at her. Even when in a cage, the two budgerigars did know how to live life.
From @Incompletewaste: He named her Angel, after his dead wife. No matter how tired he was, she always succeeded in seducing him. Her curvy-licious body was enough to make him kneel. 'Play me' was written all over. Boy, she was smooth. She was an electric. He played her for hours, achieving multiple orgasms. He and his guitar.
From @scribblingon: Books. Yes, books seduced her, loving her more than any lover. The library made her feel home, her world revolving around words. In the worst lows, books comforted her as she wept. They were her cocoon; her little world thrived in them. Selflessly they kept all her secrets, never wanting anything in return.
From @crazyandhow: He whispered in her mind. To her desires; her fantasies. Chuckle; how he would naughtily play with her hair; her lips. Devour her with his hungry-eyes. Anger; Pounding heart needily gave away to his pleading face. Puppy-dog. He was drug in her veins. Sonam sipped her wine; dark red; staring at her fiancĂ©’s best friend.
From @AmanjotKSandhu: She lowered her gaze when he noticed her, bowed her head a little in greeting. He acknowledged it with a smile to himself. She got up to go, the tinkling of her anklets playing the messenger. Her dupatta said a silent goodbye to him. He blinked furiously to make sure it wasn’t a dream. 

From @drun007: PR manager of a multi-national bank.  No matter what she wore or what she said, she was the talk of every party. Her killer looks and eloquence won her the top clients. Seduction was written on every card she handed out.  Was her name a blessing or a curse? She's yet to figure it out.

From @MystiquePai: She'd seen it all, done it all. Fucked in a hundred different places in myriad positions. Tried every kink in the book. She'd even fallen in love a couple of times.

But she'd never been seduced.  

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