Thursday, October 4, 2012

Theme 161 - Weekend

From @servantofkrsna: The kid had heard that weekends were a time to enjoy with family, go out with parents, have a good time. All he witnessed was his mother's depression, his father's ignorance.

From @wekneweachother: Tables turn. You and I? Such a cliché. But what a beautifully orchestrated disaster was our last weekend. Locked outside my apartment, we made out in the elevator. With you, getting lost is so much fun. But something fundamental has changed. I looked out of the window and saw you greeting Monday with love.

From @AskThePankazzzz: You keep waiting for it to happen all the time & once it actually does, it gets over even before you realize. In a way, a weekend is much like those relationships. Shortlived happiness. Eternal cravings.

From @swordfish19: You can see faint traces of it on Thursday evening. On Friday, the anticipation is like a snowball, slowly rolling down, becoming bigger and bigger. By mid-day, one foot is already outside office. As the work day ends, the excitement has reached its zenith. For the next two days you live in a different world. 

From @vivekisms: It is the promise of a weekend. He had to do it. From one website to another. Chatting. Wanting. Yearning. Love maybe? The promise that fades into oblivion soon enough. Till the next weekend comes along.

From @deescjockey: In her confounded state of mind, the irretrievably stained linen disturbed her more than the dead man lying on her bed, soaking the linen with his blood. The matter of disposing the body and all evidence before the family returned on Sunday, felt like another unnecessary nuisance. Some weekend this was turning out to be.

From @aaroo4: “Mommy mommy, I know why Saturday Sunday is called weekendend” Shia chirped excitedly. “Sweety, it is weekend, and not weekended” corrected her mom. “But, when something ends, we say ended no, so that is why when a week ends, we should say weekended” Shia grinned proud of herself.  “Ok, I give up” laughed her mom

From @iyer_raman:

“1 khamba blender’s pride, 1 khamba old monk, and maal from
Colaba…weekend set hai bhai”
“Mast! Finals ke liye poora mahol set!”
An hour and half a bottle later.
“Sorry bhai, girlfriend coming over. Can you manage somewhere tomorrow?”
The next morning.
“Aaj bhi kaam kar rahe ho? Match nahi dekhoge?” asked the security guard.

From @tweettabulous: He suggested taking a vacation, packed our bags and left. Quiet “us” time, cherishing every moment and igniting all passions. I knew, he was the one. Woke me up with a kiss, “I’d like you to be mine, forever”. 15 years later and I still fondly remember how surreal our first weekend together was…

From @naeempachapure:  Another day had been logged. Its time.  Solitude awaits her, the kind that dwells in the mind, more so in the heart. All the memories come flooding back. The lonely thought is the weakest of the dams. The yearning, the warmth, the scent, they all but elude.  And then. Monday. She is alive again.

From @TheNaique: He hated college. Life was just a long wait for the weekend to arrive. During lectures, he tried to hide the boredom by suppressing the yawns, but the tears always gave it away. One year later, results were declared. He had failed. He tried to suppress the emotions, but the tears gave it away.

From @wistyloony:

"Older siblings have it worst", reflected Monday gloomily, staring at his Twitter account. He had only 6 followers : his siblings. Even boring Tuesday had more followers than him!

The youngest, Sunday, obviously had the most, with Saturday not far behind. "Humans are weird", thought Monday, "they always prefer endings to beginnings."

From @randomWhiz: It was Friday night. She smoked her last cigarette, carefully, as to not ruin her lipstick. She saw a couple of vehicles pass by. Carefree youngsters looking forward to the weekend. She sighed. She placed a carefully waxed leg in the front, bringing a car to halt. She bent forward suggestively.  She had a customer. The weekend had begun.

From @CruciFire:

He was desperate.
Friday night was going to be their first meet at home alone.
They made love all night long.
“Monday ko subah 10 baje presentation hai dude… kal office!” – Creative Head.

He fucked Saturday.

Sunday fucked him.

His weekends were starting to become one day stands.

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