Saturday, October 6, 2012

Theme 162 - Children

From @maruwahna:

Five year old brother of mine , on a Sunday morning: “Anna , what does girlfriend mean ?“

“Go read your panchatantra raa , I‘ll tell later“ .

“Okay anna,but you have a girlfriend?You were talking to someone yesterday night at 2 o clock.“.

And then,he smiles.

We brand children “innocent“,but their knowledge astounds me sometimes.

From @kunalbaidmehta: The first raindrop was enough to send us into a frenzy. Rushing out with our  paper boats, ready to jump into puddles without a care about the world. No stress of daily rigmarole nor the rigour of the daily grind. Free spirit and a clean and creative mind. Childhood was a great stage of life.

From @roshd: As he lay on the bed, he thought of how his attitude towards children had changed since the birth of his sons. They were sleeping peacefully on either side. Rylan, the year old toddler, sleeping with his clenched fist and Rishon all of four, spreadeagled on the bed. My boys, he thought proudly, as he cuddled them.

From @DNRamki: "In that mid-summer heat a 45 minute bus journey could never be comfortable. He heard them shouting. It had been two weeks now since he met these kids. And as he entered the hall, faces of delight greeted him. Innocence and Happiness, had been just words, until now. He was tired no more."

From @Greyllusionist: children, n(pl): I hated them. You loved them. I loved puppies. They're children too, you argued. That night, it wasn't just sex, we made love.

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