Monday, October 22, 2012

Theme 172 - Brain

From @ghose_1988: Earth has cycles of day and night. Everything in it spins beautifully in its own timing for example the fluttering of the butterflies, the raging of the sea. Amazingly even the  human brain is subject to awake -sleep cycles inside it due  to  the hormone Melatonin .It is also known as the "Hormone Of Darkness".

From @roshd: Sourabh looked dead serious. When he frowned this much it only meant there was one more PJ getting served.“I’m telling you guys my mind is screaming out shit in a very raspy voice. Who does it think it is? A rockstar? A Brain Adams?” The response was a mix of abuses and loud guffaws.

From @kaloladeep: Watching her during the lectures as of only heart pays attention into the reality and brain becomes numb when she comes in front of the eyes. That day I was in the best moment which I could be in my imagination, suddenly her friend brained me with a rolling pin and dragged me into reality.

From @swordfish19:

“Your honour, this man has had a long history of arson related felonies, but has never been convicted. A sugar factory in Chira Bazaar, an oil mill in Nagpada, and…”

“But, my lord, it’s not me, it’s Mr. Pink, he makes me do all this stuff…”

“Who’s Mr. Pink?” boomed the judge.

“He’s up here..”

From @aaroo4: “Ouch, why did you do that? Dammit it hurts” whined Tia as she massaged her arm. “And what are you smiling about” she asked Han. “Nothing, just happy to see your brain is back to sending right signals” Han replied with a smile. “yes, the surgery went off well, thank you for asking” smirked Tia.

From @slokabs: The party was on in full swing. This was no mean feat for her. She had finally proved all those jeering neighbourhood children and her detractors wrong! Everyone who walked up to congratulate her couldn’t help beaming at her childlike-sprightly demeanour. She had finally graduated. She was 50. Shelley held on to her lollipop, smiling gleefully.

From @iyer_raman:

“How much do you charge?”
“Starts from 10,000, and then depends on the type of service.”
He enjoyed her services worth 25,000 for 15,000.
“How much do you charge?” he asked.
“Starts from 30,000, and then depends on the type of service.”
“I don’t have …”
“Tough luck!” said the automobile engineer and hung up.

From @agentgreenglass:

She reaches inside her body,
Past slippery membranes
Till she finds her uterus.
And then, like the waxing girl at the salon, rips it out of her body in one go.
A trail of blood runs down her hand.
Instead she sighs
And orders butter bheja
It always comforts her when she has her period.

From @tweettabulous: Modern age “Meena Kumari” is how I am known. Friends can only empathize. Each time I have my heart broken, I vow to never listen to it and fall for its foolish ways again. Practicality to be my new mantra.He comes. He goes.The mind simply smirks…

From @Freelosopher: "I want to lick your brain", she said. He remained silent. His lack of verbosity and perfect jawline made him irresistable to her. She slipped the long, black dress off her. He sat on the cold steel chair, bound, gagged and rapt. She was wearing nothing underneath, except a sabre holstered to her thigh.

From @thenewbnb: Peering through the glass, inching closer, the boy looked confused. His eyes traced along the tangle of wires and tubes of the life support system. That is your daddy’s new brain, the doctor had said. He turned to his mother and said, “Is Daddy coming home with the machine? ‘Cuz I think it looks cool.”

From @evansrebello: They think his rhyme skills don’t fit the bill, typecast as a black run-off-the mill. So he gets on stage, mic in the hand, “pull the cord” he don’t need no band; a capella flow that sells the show. They say they’ll give him all their money and more. The kid got brains y’all know?

From @CruciFire:

“Let's remind him of topless pictures from last night.”
“Let's add some emo into it... how about broken friendships? One-sided relationships?”
“Let's also remind him about the interview he was supposed to schedule.”
“Cool. I feel even tensions related to his engagement/marriage should be reminded.”

My Brain. My Favourite Troll.

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